All National Grid references shown thus G.R.999666

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Bang up and Fair Lady.
Harrison and Woodburn.
Madeley and Leycett; Dingle. Park.
Coal; Little Mine, Cannel Row
Ironstone; Chalkey. Ab. 10th March 1885..
17NW 1925. A 5.6. B 4.5.6. C 4.5.6.
Harrison and Woodburn.
Madeley, Audley.
Coal; Four ft. Five ft. Ragman, Rough 7 ft., Hams,
Ten ft., Yard, Tatchinend. Ab. 15th June 1907.
11SW 1900 E F H
17NW 1925. A 7.

1801 A leasehold agreement between Lord Crewe, Walter Sneyd, Thomas Breck, James Breck and others, ( the Silverdale Company ) being a grant of a 33 year lease of Crewe Land for the purpose of mining coal and ironstone in parts of the Madeley Heath, Leycett area.
A supply of cheap coals and royalties were reserved to Lord Crewe and the business partners were to be responsible for road or ironroad making, a coalyard, weighing machine etc.
The leasehold rent was to be 200 for the first two years and 400 per annum thereafter.
Leaseholders at Leycett
The Silverdale Company 1801 to 1833.
Thomas Firmstone 1 April 1834 to 29 February 1856.
Daniel Pearson 1 April 1857 to 1 April 1867.
Thomas Harrison 1 April 1867 to 1 April 1878.
Crewe Coal Coke and Iron Co. 1 April 1878 to 1 April 1879.
Madeley Coal and Iron Co. 1 April 1879 to 1 July 1905.
Madeley Coal Coke and Brick Co. 1 July 1905 to 1 November 1924.
Madeley collieries Ltd. 1 November 1924 to 1951.
N.C.B. 1951 to 1957.
The situation at Leycett is extremely complex, a great number of pits were sunk, particularly on or near the gutters in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries . Opencasting having removed many of the traces of these old workings.
Suffice it to say that the Silverdale gutters were taken to the low ground in the valley in which the M.6. now runs and several other gutters were driven to drain the early workings, from the Hayeswood to Little Madeley.
In 1928 the oldest, original, working engine in the district was the winding engine at the Woodburn pit Leycett which was dated 1867.
As the Leycett lease was taken in 1867 by Thomas Harrison it is obvious from where the Harrison shaft got its name.
The Bang Up shaft was reputedly named after a stage coach which was used by the master sinker, ( A coach called the Bang Up ran daily between Liverpool and Birmingham, calling at Newcastle. ) so the Bang Up and Fair Lady shafts are the older.
Harrison Shaft. Downcast, 12 ft. dia. x 446 yds. ( The Sinkings.)
(drawing ceased c.a. 1905)
Woodburn shaft. Upcast, 12 ft. dia. x 320 yds.
1893. Ventilation by Schiele fan, 23 ft. 6 inch dia. 185 r.p.m. 3 inch water gauge, 151662 c.f.m. 7 splits.
Seams worked, 4 ft., 5 ft., Ragman, Rough 7 ft., Hams, 10 ft.
Fair Lady Upcast, 13 ft. dia. x 418 yds. ( Later sunk to over 500 yds. )
Headgear replaced with the steel headgear from No. 18. Pit Birchenwood, purchased cheaply at the Birchenwood colliery sale.
Bang Up Downcast, 10 ft. dia. x 482 yds.
1893. Ventilation, Schiele fan, 12 ft. dia. 175 r.p.m. 2 inch water gauge.
128136 c.f.m. 12 splits.
Clarke's Pit. Sunk 1912 to improve the ventilation of the Bang Up pit, situated behind Leycett school.

MARYHILL COLLIERY G.R. 843 552. app.
Lawton estate ?
Drowned out January 1930. (Three lost.)
Plant sold by auction 1939.

MEIR HAY COLLIERY G.R. 919 433 and 920 437. app.
George J. Mitcheson 1834 1880 of Meir Hay colliery, Longton elected N.S.I.M.M.E. 1872 was the manager from 1867 until he died in 1880. George Arthur Mitcheson 1868 1934 succeeded his father as manager of Meir Hay and also Turnhurst Colliery, Tunstall.
1880 Meir Hay colliery, Weston Coyney, William Hanbury Sparrow.
1905 Geological survey.
In Longton, ( ref. The Bowling Alley coal ), at the Meir Hay colliery the measures in contact with the coal are stated to be strongly impregnated with petroleum.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Coal, Bowling alley, Holly Lane, Hard Mine, New Mine. Abandoned July 1888.
18NE 1925. H 2.3.
18SE 1925. A 2.3. B 3.

MILL HAYES COLLIERY.G.R. 863 503. app.
Coal and ironstone.
Mill Hayes Mining Co. Sytch.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Mill Hayes Psh. S-on-T.
Ironstone, Red Mine.
Plans Chatterley Whitfield collieries.
12NW 1925. H 1.2.
12SW 1925. A 1.2.

MINNIE. See Apedale and Podmore.
Sunk from April 1883 by W.Y. Craig. Abandoned 1930.
Minnie Nos. 3 & 4.
Coal; 7 ft. Banbury Ab. 31st March 1926.
11NW 1900. G 10. H 9.10.
11SW 1900. A 9.10.11. B 8.9.10. C D 7.8.9. E 7.8.9. F 8.9. G 8.9.

MITCHELLS WOOD.Farm at G.R. 832 510. app.
Mineral royalties were leased from the Sneyd estate by the North Staffordshire Coal and Iron Company at Mitchells Wood to provide the ironstone for the Talke furnaces.
As the furnaces were not a success and only short lived the demand for ironstone was less than expected, as a result the pits stood for long periods.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Mitchells Wood.
Psh Audley, Chesterton.
Coal, Great Row 1867, 10 foot.
Ironstone, Chalkey Mine, Cannel Mine, Little Mine 1884. Brown Mine Bassey Mine 1872, Red Mine 1867.
11NE 1925. D 5. E 4.5.6. F 4.5.
Mitchells Wood.
Psh. Audley, Wolstanton.
Coal, Pottery 10 foot or Spendcroft 1873, Great Row 1884.
Ironstone, Red Mine 1869, Bassey Mine 1876, Cannel Mine, Chalkey Mine, Little Mine 1884.
Plans held by Talke o’ th’ Hill Colliery Co. Ltd., Talke.
11NE 1925. D 5. E 4.5.6. F 4.5.
Licensed footrail.
G. Baskeyfield and Son, Mitchells Wood Farm, Red Street, Chesterton.
Coal, manufacturing, Spencroft.
11 u/g, 5 a/g.

Parish Onecote.
Copper ore.

MOSS (OLD) See Ubberley colliery.

MOSS PITS. G.R. 839 554. app.
Roughly one and a half miles north west of Maryhill colliery, connected by the same tramway to the Birchenwood site. Closed about 1904/5.
1866 to 1896 Bidder and Elliot.
1896 to 1904/5 Harecastle and Woodshutts Colliery and coke Co.
1896 Moss, Harecastle, The Lawton Trustees, Harecastle, S-on-T.
Manager George E. Lawton undermanager John Bellfield Jnr.
284 u/g, 130 a/g.
Coal, 7 and 8 foot Banbury and Bullhurst.
Probably the high number of surface workers were employed at the coking ovens G.R. 854 553. app.

MOW COP COLLIERY. G.R. 864 569. also 863 571. app.
1869 Viggars and Co.
1896 Mow Cop, Tunstall, A. Booth and Co.
Coal, Bullhurst.
12 u/g, 4 a/g.
Colliery shown abandoned on O.S. of 1897/8
1900 E. Hancock, Harriseahead, Tunstall, Staffs.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Mow Cop 5558 Psh. Newchapel. Coal, Bullhurst, Winpenny Ab. 16 7 1910.
7NW 1900.G 1. H 1.
Mow Cop 6871 Woodhead. Ab. March 1917.
7NW 1900. G 1. H 1.

1896 Silverdale, Butterley Co. Ltd.
Manager J. C. Cadman undermanager Geo. Hollins
108 u/g, 48 a/g.
Ironstone, Red Shag, Red Mine, Bassey Mine.

MOSSFIELD. G.R. 916 450. app. Shown on a map of 1837.
Slater's Directory 1851.
( 1 ) Mossfield colliery Co. Sutherland Road.
John Hawley managing partner.
John Ward 1838 Mossfield colliery, Thomas Wynne and Co.
John Ashwell, (See Anchor Colliery), bought Mossfield colliery in 1845 for £20000 and leased it to
Messrs. Hawley, Bridgwood and Goodwin who paid a certain rent of 1770 and royalties.
Slater's Directory 1851.
( 2 ). Mossfield colliery, Sutherland Road.
Messrs. Hawley Bridgwood and Godwin.
Sampson Bridgwood (c.a. 1798 1876), Potter.
Felix Hulme Hawley 1819 1891, with his brother Robert worked Foley potteries, Fenton from 1842 and was later reputed to be the owner of Mossfield and Bentilee Colliery company.
In 1896 two Mossfield collieries were in production
1 Mossfield, Hanley. ( probably 471 900 app.)
Hanley Colliery Co. Ltd., Hanley.
Manager William Scragg undermanager William Biddulph.
44 u/g, 9 a/g.
Coal, Cockshead
2 Mossfield, Longton.
Mossfield Number 2
William Rigby and Co. Ltd.
Manager John Watts undermanager William T. Cashmore.
33 u/g, 4 a/g.
Coal Birches.
Mossfield numbers 3 & 4
William Rigby and Co Ltd.
Manager John Watts undermanager William T. Cashmore.
247 u/g, 98 a/g.
Coal, Bowling Alley, Holly Lane, Hard Mine, Banbury, Cockshead.
Mossfield together with Adderley Green and Parkhall were taken over by Settle Speakman.
1931 Mossfield Colliery Co Ltd.
Chairman Sir Francis L. Joseph C.B.E. J.P. Alsager, Cheshire.
Harry Dixon Shaw Lancashire.
William W. Brierley Oldham, Lancashire.
John Carrol Mossley Hill, Liverpool.
Thomas Yates Cinderhill House, Longton.
General manager and agent Thomas Yates.
Mossfield 1,2,3,4 pits manager S.H. Berry 840 u/g, 255 a/g.
Park Hall 5, 6 pits manager J Foster 330 u/g, 106 a/g.
Seams worked, 10 foot, Cockshead, Hard Mine, Banbury, Mossfield, Birches, Holly Lane.
Mossfield was closed by the N.C.B. in 1961.

MOW COP HOLLOW G.R. 846 565. app.
Ogden's Mow Cop Hollows.

MOSS. See Hanley, Harecastle Moss, Mossfield.

Footrail. Grubbers Hill. .

Footrail. Chesterton. .

Footrail. Talke.1949 J Blood and W. H. Stone, Mount colliery, Newcastle Road, Talke, S-on-T
5 u/g, 2 a/g.
Coal, manufacturing, Cannel Row.

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929
Majorsbarn Psh. Cheadle.
Coal, Alec’s Abandoned about 1875.
19SW 1925. Probably C 11. 12.

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. S-on-T.
Coal, Little Mine abandoned 30 6 1924.
12SE 1926. D 4.5. E 4.5.

Footrail. Merry Hill nunbers 1, 4, 5, 6.
Merry Hill Colliery Co. Ltd. 1 Winton Square, S-on-T.
Merryhill No.1, Miles Green, Bignall End. Coal manufacturing, Rough 7 foot, discontinued Jan 1944.
Merry Hill Nos. 4 & 5 Abandoned July 1948.
Merry Hill No. 6 5 foot.
8 u/g, 4 a/g.

MARL HOLE. See Berry Hill.

Old pits in the Mirywood area of Apedale dating from the eighteenth or early nineteenth century.
A contemporary and friend of J.J. told him his grandfather had worked at a pit in the Miry wood called the "Liver" pit.
Mirywood Number 2, Halmerend.1949 H. Machin, Enfield, Nantwich Road, Audley
Coal, household, Cockshead.
15 u/g, 6 a/g.

MOODY STREET. G.R. 876 578. app.
1900 Moody Street.
Hall Sommerfield and Co., Biddulph.
1905 geological Survey.
The Holly Lane and Magpie coals are worked by a footrail at Moody Street.
1931 Moody Street Colliery, trading as C.R. Hall & Co.
General manager and agent C.R. Hall.
Civil engineer Arthur Brown.
9 u/g, 6 a/g.
Coal worked, household and manufacturing, Two Row, Hard Mine.
Power used, steam.
Output 2000 tons p.a.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Moody Street 5489 Psh. Biddulph Coal, Magpie Abandoned 6 10 1909.
5494 Holly Lane 2 11 1907.
Iron Mine, 7 feet, 8 feet, Bowling Alley, Two Row.
Abandoned 14 6 1915.

White's Directory 1834.
William H Sparrow.
Millfield Gate colliery, head of Hogs Lane.
W.H. Sparrow. Blast furnace.
G. Mitcheson Agent.
White’s Directory 1851.
Millfield Gate Colliery. W. H. Sparrow.
G.A.Mitcheson Agent.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Millfield Gate.
Coal, Yard, Moss, Ash, Birches, Bowling Alley, Little Mine.
Ironstone, Ragmine, Newstone, Chalkey, Little Mine. 1867 1870.
Plans held by G.A. Mitcheson.
18NE 1925. H 1.2.3.
18SE 1925. A 1.2.3. B C
12SW 1925. B 12. C 12.

MOUNT PLEASANT. G.R. 849 568. app.
Mow Cop.

MOUNT. One of the Shelton pits.

MIDDLE. See Chatterley Whitfield.
1896 Chatterley Whitfield Collieries Ltd., Tunstall.
Manager E. B. Wain undermanager William L. Hobbs.
518 u/g, 130 a/g.
Coal, 10 foot, Holly Lane, Hard Mine.

Opencast of the " Rearers"at Miles Green by N.C.B. . Contractor Earthstrip. Closed Sept. 1974.

Coal; Four ft. Ab. March 1868.
11NW 1900. H 10.

Two collieries Millbank and Millbank Pearsons.
Post Office Directory of 1868.
Thomas Johnson ground bailiff to J. H. Pearson and Co.
(Joseph Hickman Pearson, black country ironmaster and coal and ironstone master, Millbank and Gorsty collieries.
Thomas Johnson, Millbank Colliery elected 1872.
1900 Millbank Colliery, Butterley Co. Ltd., Silverdale.
1905 geological Survey.
900 yards to the south of Knutton Farm Colliery Red Mine ironstone at 172 yards.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Millbank psh. Silverdale.
Ironstone, Blackband, Red Shag. 1872. Red Mine, 1873.
Plans C.A. Clarke, Tipton.
17NE 1926. B 5. C 5.
Millbank ; Pearsons. Psh. Silverdale,keele.
Ironstone, Blackband 1900. Red Shag 1899. Red Mine 1902.
Plans R. Sneyd, Keele estate office.
17 NE 1926. B 5. C 3.4.5. D 4.5.

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. Audley.
6SE 1926. F 3.

MEADOW. Bucknall.
Meadow pits just off Dividy Road, Bucknall.

Woodshutts area.

MEGACRE.( Bug and Fluff. )
Wood lane.
One of Len Maddocks friend's father was killed at "the Bug."

1837 John Bateman.
The colliery was adjacent to the road junction at Meadow Stile.

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