All National Grid references shown thus G.R.999666

John Ward 1838. Norton Park Colliery, Charles Hales owner.
Shown on a map of 1837 at G.R. 893 519. app.

NORTON.( and Biddulph collieries.)
Directory 1834.
Richard Dean coalmaster, Norton.
W. Harrison coalmaster, Norton.
Colliery shown at Norton on the Index to the tithe survey 1837.
Slater's Directory 1851.
Adderley and Dean.
Joseph Fletcher Agent.
Joseph Coe, Norton in the Moors elected 1873.
Edward Thompson Norton in the Moors elected 1872.
The Ford Green ironworks was built by Robert Heath and Sons about 1880 and so was predated by the colliery.
Two early sites were the Intake and Pinfold which closed in the 1890's.
The 1890 O.S. shows several collieries connected to the Ford Green works by mineral railway. All south of Whitfield colliery.
523 892, 521 891, Pinfold 513 889 and a colliery at Smallthorne 502 884.
1896 Norton Colliery, Robert Heath and Sons Ltd.
Manager James Lockett undermanager Robert Hill.
475 u/g, 80 a/g.
Coal, Hardmine, Cockshead. The Ford Green ironworks site became the site of the last Norton Colliery.
In 1929 Robert Heath and Lowmoor was in financial trouble, ironmaking was abandoned and Norton and Biddulph Collieries was formed from the profitable parts of the group
1931 Norton and Biddulph Collieries Ltd.
Chairman and Joint Managing Director James Cadman J.P. Walton Hall, Eccleshall.
H. A. Ramsden Greenways, Macclesfield.
James Cadman J.P.
H. A. Ramsden
F. W Lardner F.C.A. Tillington Hall, Stafford.
J. F. Cunningham 65 Fenchurch Street, London E.C.3
G. C. Neilson 83 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, London.
W. Simons Penglan, Court, Cardiff
G. H. Downing Clayton Lodge, Newcastle, Staffs.
Sec. E.W. Emler A.C.A. Chief Engineer J. Vickers.
Manager T. C. Maynard. ( Norton.)
950 u/g, 250 a/g.
Manager H Maskry. ( Biddulph.)
930 u/g, 220 a/g.
Seams worked, Holly Lane, Cockshead, 7 foot, Bowling Alley, Hard Mine, Winpenny.
475000 tons p.a
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Norton 6245 Coal, 7 foot Banbury. Ab June 1910.
Norton Coal, Ten feet, Holly Lane, Sparrow Butts or Hard Mine, Bowling Alley. Ab. 1862.
Plans R. Heath and Lowmoor Ltd.
Norton, Nettlebank Old. Coal and ironstone Burnwood Ab. 1879.
Plans R. Heath and Lowmoor Ltd.
Norton, Pinfold Coal, Old Whitfield or Rough 7 foot Ab. 1862.
Plans R. Heath and Lowmoor Ltd.
Norton, Laura, Institute, Albert and Middle.
Coal, Bowling Alley.

NORTHWOOD COLLIERY. See Hanley and Bucknall colliery.
John Smith until his death in 1840 owned coal pits in the vicinity of Northwood Park.
C.J.H. Homer 1837 1893 owned Hanley and Northwood Colliery.
1896 Northwood, Hanley Colliery co. Ltd.
Manager George Scragg undermanager George Whitfield.
334 u/g, 109 a/g.
Coal, 10 foot, Bowling Alley, Yard, Holly Lane, Hard Mine, Banbury.
1900 Hanley Borough Colliery Co. Ltd., Hanley, Staffs.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Northwood 1930 Coal, Ash or Rowhurst Ab. Prior to Aug 1886.
3807 Holly Lane May 1897.
6568 Ten foot 30 March 1915.
7223 Bowling Alley 30 June 1911.
7325 Banbury 15 Feb 1916.
9322 Mossfield 1879, Ragman 1887, Yard 1886, Rowhurst ( Rider ) Moss 1879,
Hard Mine 1889.
12SW 1926. E 9. F 7.8.9. G H 8.9.10.

NABBS.See Silverdale.
1896 Nabbs Numbers 1 & 2, Butterley Co. Ltd.
Coal and ironstone. Standing.
See Kidsgrove section.

NABBSWOOD NUMBERS 1. 3. 4. 6.Footrails. Abandoned 1923 to 1928.
No. 1. Top Two Row Ab. 12 1 1923. 6SE 1926. E 9.
No. 3. 7 ft. Banbury Ab. 7 6 1928. 6SE 1926. E 8.9.
No. 4. 8 ft. Banbury Ab. 27 6 1926. 6SE 1926. E 8.
No. 6. Two Row Ab. 24 5 1827. 6SE 1926. F 8.

NELSON. See Kidsgrove section.
Probably pits in the area of and named after the Nelson engine used for pumping during the driving of the canal tunnel at Kidsgrove.

Pits in the Madeley Leycett area named probably during or just after the Napoleonic War.

NELLYDALE.Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. S-on-T.
Coal, Bullhurst 1890, Winpenny 1892.
12SW 1926. H 12.
18NW 1926. A 12.

NETTLEBANK.Smallthorne. G.R. 884 502. app.
1900 Robt. Heath and Sons Ltd.
1905 Geological Survey.
Mr. Stobbs attention was recently drawn to the debris lying on the spoil heap from a sinking at the Nettlebank Colliery, Smallthorne.
--- That the fauna has proved so rich is due to a stoppage of the sinking operations for several months,
so that an opportunity was afforded of a more thorough working out of the fauna than was possible than at Longton. ( Speedwell.)
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Norton, Nettlebank Old.
Psh. S-on_T.
Coal and ironstone, Burnwood. 1879.
Plans Robt Heath and Lowmoor Ltd. Biddulph.

NEW ENGINE PIT.Biddulph Valley Coal and Ironworks. (Heath's )
1905 Geological Survey.
The Biddulph engine pit is about one mile south east of the Tower Hill Colliery shaft.
Manager J. H. Coe.

NEW PIT, FORD GREEN.Robt Heath and Sons, Norton Colliery.

NEW HEM HEATH. See Hem Heath (New).

A 500 exposure 1974, tested but failed on quality, not worked.

NEWCHAPEL.White's Directory 1831.
Samuel Dale, Coalmaster, Oldry lane, Brerehurst.
Post Office Directory 1860
John Bromley, Coalmaster, Newchapel; Samuel Dale mine agent
Aaron Cleobury , Newchapel, Tunstall. Elected 1872.
W. S. Coe Newchapel, Tunstall. Elected 1873.
Jacob Myatt undermanager, Newchapel Colliery, Elected 1890.
1896 Newchapel numbers 1 & 2, Tunstall.
Robert Heath and Sons Ltd.
Manager James Lockett undermanager Jacob Myatt
140 u/g, 56 a/g.
Coal and ironstone, Burnwood, Rowhurst.
1900 Newchapel, Robert Heath and Sons., Biddulph.
Colliery at G.R. 865 547. app., mineral railway to Heath's works.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Newchapel 7096.
Coal and ironstone, Rowhurst, Twist, Burnwood . Ab. May 1929.
6SE 1926. D 12. E 11.12. F G
7SW 1925. C 1.2. D 1.2. E 1.2. F 1.2.3. G 1.2.3. H 1.2.3.
Newchapel Bent.
Coal, Winghay.
Ironstone, Rusty Mine, Brown Mine. 1876.
6SE 1926. D 12. E 12.
7SW 1925. D 1.2. E 1.2. F 1.2. G 1.2. H 2.

NEW HADEN COLLIERY Cheadle G.R. 993 423. app.
1908 Bassano Bros. Ltd.
Manager Henry Leighton.
154 u/g, 81 a/g.
1918 James Slater, London.
Manager J. Cowcill undermanager Thos. Dobson.
490 u/g, 199 a/g.
1931 Berry Hill Collieries Ltd., New Haden, Cheadle.
Manager C. H. Dixon.
625 u/g, 293 a/g.
Coal, Dilhorne, Woodhead.

NEW HAYES. G.R. 883 508. app.
Between Smallthorne and Bradeley.
Not in the Cat Ab Mine Plans.


NEW UBBERLEY. See Ubberley Hall and Ubberley.
The New Ubberley pit of the Ubberley colliery had a vertical winding engine installed by C.J.H. Homer whilst he was manager of Chatterley Whitfield.

NEWFIELD Biddulph.
White's Directory 1851.
Yates, Whalley and Chadwick, Newfield Colliery.

NEWFIELD.1880 Newfield, Mellor and Scragg.

NEWFIELDS. Tunstall G.R. 854 525. app.
Simeon Shaw 1828.
"The very valuable mines of coal with which this estate, ( Newfield ), is enriched, were increased in value during the minority of its present possessor, ( Smith Child ),
by a sewer from the low level of the canal being run up under them to drain them most effectively.
In fact the whole of this property was greatly improved by the very judicious management of J. H. Clive Esquire. ( 1781 1853 ).
White's Directory 1851.
Newfield Colliery Co., Hollywall. Agent, J.S. Armour.
1869 Newfield , William Adams
1869 Newfield , Tunstall Coal and Iron Co.
H. Sherratt, Newfield Colliery, Tunstall. Elected 1872
Emmanuel Lovekin and Charles Shaw took some pits, ( as butties ), at Newfields in the late 1860's under Messrs. Challinor and C. Leigh. Mr. Kelker was manager and Mr. D. Hancock undermanager
Evening Sentinel 4 5 1974 . S-on-T Council to reclaim land at Newfields, estimated cost 19k to 25k. Nine known shafts to be bored and filled.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Newfield 155 Coal and ironstone, Red Mine, Half Yards. Abandoned Dec 1874.
356 Ironstone Prior Sept 1875.
11NE 1925. C 10.11. D 10.11.
Newfield 939 Coal and ironstone Blackband Oct 1878.
11NE 1925. C 10.11. D 10.11.
Newfield 8093 Coal and ironstone Bassey Mine 14 April 1925.
Hoo Cannel 1911.
Great Row 16 April 1925.

NEWFIELDS. Chesterton.
1880 Newfield, James Bentley and Co.
1896 Newfield, Newcastle.
James Bentley, Red Street, Newcastle.
Coal, Standing
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Newfield 7474.
Chesterton.Coal, Little Row Ab. June 1922.Newfield,
Chesterton Coal Great Row Ab.1877. Peacock Ab. 1879
Ironstone Brown mine Ab. 1880. Plans Chatterley Whitfield, Tunstall
Newfield or Red Street, Chesterton.
Ironstone Bassey mine Ab. 16 5 1891
Newfield or Red Street, Chesterton.
Coal, Peacock, Great Row. Ab. 1896

NIGGAR FIELD.Harecastle collieries Ltd.

NEW SPRINGS. G.R. 818 531. app.

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.Newbold 6870.
Biddulph, Newbold Astbury.
Coal, Mountain. Ab. Sept. 1918.

Slater's Directory 1851.
Newcastle colliery, Tunstall.
Jeremiah Goodall.

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