All National Grid references shown thus G.R.999666

RACECOURSE. See Knutton section.
George Clarke and Emmanuel Lovekin sank a pair of pits at the Racecourse, Silverdale for Mr. Benjamin Viggars and Co in 1870. ( Also a water pit.)
This colliery was sunk to replace Knutton Farm colliery or "the Merry Mick."

Originally Williamsons, worked in conjunction with Ashwood colliery, ( same area different seams ? ).
1896 Ravenscliffe, Tunstall, Goldendale Iron Co Ltd.
Manager Emmanuel Lovekin
83 u/g, 17 a/g.
Coal and ironstone, Bassey Mine, Great Row Cannel Row.
Cat Ab Mine plans 1929.
Ravenscliffe 5923.
Psh. Kidsgrove, S-on-T.
Coal, Spencroft or Ten feet, Great Row, Cannel Row. Abandoned March 1902.
Ironstone, Bassey Mine Abandoned June 1899.
Ravenscliffe Mining Co Ltd. Registered 1890, voluntary liquidation 7 Oct 1898. Final meeting return registered 8 April 1903.

1949 Lowlands Colliery Co. Ltd., Chatterley, S-on-T.
Ravenscliffe No. 3. Coal, steam, Winghay . 29 u/g, 9 a/g.
Ravenscliffe No. 4. Coal, steam, Rowhurst 5 u/g, 2 a/g.

RED CROSS. Biddulph.
Thomas Sherratt, Red Cross Colliery, Biddulph. Elected 1874/5
John Sherratt, Red Cross Colliery, Biddulph. Elected.1874
1905 Geological Survey.
An old colliery 200 yards east of the cross roads. Another old shaft 100 yards north east of the church went down to the Winpenny.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. Biddulph.
Coal, Bullhurst 1879, Winpenny 1877.
Plans Robert Heath & Lowmoor, Biddulph.
7NW 1900. G 5.6. H 5.6.

RED HALL. 856 560. ? app.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Red Hall New 2499
Psh.; Newchapel.
Coal, Winpenny, Bullhurst. Abandoned 15 9 1890.
6SE 1926. A 11.12. B 11.12.
1949 Dales Hall Co Ltd.
12 Price Street, Burslem, Staffs.
Red Hall, Dales Green.
Coal, manufacturing, Bullhurst, Winpenny.
Manager A. Birchall.
49 u/g, 9 a/g.

A large ironstone footrail on the old Black Bank above the Schoolground farm.
The area was not leased to Stanier but the footrail was worked by the Midland Company for ironstone for the Apedale furnaces.
The relatively shallow workings caused considerable subsidence problems , but were eventually filled by the farmer.

RED LION 3315.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929
Psh. S-on-T.
Ironstone, Bassey Mine Abandoned July 1890.
11NE 1925. A 10.

RED SHAGG. See Woodhead.

REMINGTON.See Woodhead.

1896 Ipstones.
Edward Scragg, Ipstones, Staffs.
7 u/g, 2 a/g.
Coal, Standing since May 1896.
13SE 1925. B 5.6.7.

RED STREET. See also Talke.
1880 Red Street Tomkinson and Bentley.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Red Street 7215 Chesterton. Coal , Great Row. Abandoned 13 2 1921.
11 NE 1925. F 4. G 4.
Red Street 7503 Chesterton Coal; Little Mine Abandoned 20 5 1922.
11NE 1925. F 4. G 4.
Red Street. Audley, Ironstone, Bassey Mine.
11NE 1925. D 5. E 5.6.
Red Street, Bells Hollow. Audley.
Coal, Great Row 1883, Peacock 1872.
Ironstone, Brown Mine 1872, Chalkey Mine 1873, Little Mine 1883.
Plans R. Sneyd, Estate Office.
Plans R Sneyd Keele Estate office.
11NE 1925. D 5. E 4.5.6. F 4.5.
1931 Red Street Colliery Ltd.
Directors, W.J. Bates, C.P. Bates, T. Birchall, T.M. Powell.
General manager S. Lockett. Sec. C.P. Bates.
9 u/g, 2 a/g.
Seams worked Spencroft. (Developing only. )
Red Street Footrail.

Opencasting in the blackband horizen 1976. Ground stabilisation prior to building the Mitchells Wood housing estate.
Both sides of the road opencasted, also under Waterhays village estate prior to development.

Coal and ironstone, worked by Robert Heath and Sons, supplied ironstone to Heath’s ironworks.
Connection to the Biddulph valley line ( opened 1862. ) Colliery worked c.a. 1863 1877.

RECOVERY, NEW See Apedale section.

ROOKERY. Audley. See Bignall Hill
11NE 1925. D 1.

ROOKERY. See Hulme Bank.
1896 Rookery, Longton.
Hulme Colliery Co. Longton, Staffs.
Manager P. Kirk.
55 u/g, 21 a/g.
Coal, Banbury, Cockshead.

1905 geological Survey.
Old Shafts near Rookery.
Eli Jones b. 1899. Loco driver Birchenwood.
It was possible to enter Birchenwood colliery via a footrail from the Rookery.
On Saturday mornings inspection teams went down either Number 4 or Number 18 pits and about lunchtime some of the men would emerge from a footrail at Rookery.

1896 Henry Warrington and Sons.
Manager Timon Barker undermanagers W. Plant and W. Plant Jnr.
175 u/g, 48 a/g.
Coal, Ash, Knowles, Spencroft,Cannel Row.

ROSEMARY HILL. See Silverdale, Knutton. G.R.829 460. app
1896 Rosemary Hill Colliery Co., Ironstone , Standing.
Slater's Directory of the Midlands 1850. William Brough, Brickmaker, Rosemary Hill.
About the year 1875 Mr. J N. Peake took a place at Silverdale called Rosemary Hill and sank a pair of pits there.
Emmanuel Lovekin was for some years the manager of The Tileries and Rosemary Hill collieries, being supplied with a pony and trap to travel between them.
Rosemary Hill was worked for ironstone and the blackband coals were used in the brickyard and tilebank, which continued for many years after the colliery closed.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Rosemary Hill, Ironstone. Red Mine Abandoned Nov. 1895.
Blackband 1882, Red Shag 1884.
17NE 1926. B 4.5. C 4.5.

Tams and Howell.

ROWHURST COLLIERY. See Shelton collieries.

ROWHURST NO. 1 & 2.S on T.
Coal; Rider, Rowhurst, Winghay, Burnwood.
Ironstone; Burnwood, New Mine. Ab. 5 Feb 1909.
12SW 1926. C 4.5.6. D E F G H
18NW 1925. A B 3.4.5.

Mr. Stone, Ravensdale Number 10 shaft was near Boat Horse Lane.

Ralph Handley, born Harriseahead about 1799 died 1862. In 1851 he lived at Duke Street, Fenton and was described as a coalmaster at Railway Colliery, Fenton.
By 1853 he also worked Wetley Colliery. Caverswall. His son, William Handley born 1833 was described as of independent means, with an income derived from coal mines.
Slater's Directory 1851.
Railway colliery, Duke Street and Caverswall colliery.
Ralph Handley
In 1896 the Railway colliery was owned by Henry Warrington and Son.
Manager Timon Barker undermanager T. Roberts.
141 u/g, 39 a/g.
Coal, Spencroft, Great Row and Cannel Row.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Coal, Deep Mine, Knowles, Peacock, Spencroft, Cannel Row, Great Row.
Plans G.A. Mitcheson.
18NW 1925.G 9. H 9.

RACECOURSE. See Shelton Colliery.
Ironstone; Pennystone.
12SW 1926. D 3.4. E F G H

RAMPING. See Silverdale sectuon.

Coal; Woodhead.
19NW 1925. Probably G 11.12. H 12.
19NE 1925. Probably G 1. H 1.

1869 Estate of the late H.H. Williamson.

RYECROFT COLLIERY.Slater's Directory 1851.
Ryecroft colliery. Richard Dean.

RIDGWAYNorton in the Moors.
Coal; Banbury, Cockshead. Ab. Prior to Oct 1874.
7SW 1925. G 7.8. H 7.8.
12 NW 1925 A 8.
Coal; 7 ft. Banbury or Froggery, 8 ft. Banbury. 1866.
7SW 1925. G 7.8. H 7.8.
Coal; 7 ft. Banbury or Froggery 1872. 8 ft. or4 Cockshead 1874.
Robt Heath and Lowmoor. 17SW 1925. G 7.8. H 7.8.
12NW 1925. A 8.

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