North Staffordshire Coal Seams

From The History Of The Staffordshire Potteries

By Simeon Shaw 1828

The following is a list of coal seams from Simeon Shaw's History of the Staffordshire Potteries. It shows how rich this area was in coal. When added togeather there is about 147 feet of workable coal. The spellings may look strange but they are consistant with the time. All the work in this section has been researched over many years by team member Geoff Mould.


Red Shag Brief Furlong Little Mine Bass Mine Little Row
Peacock Spend Croft Great Row CannelRow Thirty inch Cannel
Chalkey Row Rowhurst Burnwood Little Mine Four Foot
Easling, Topmost of Two Little Mines. Church Whitfield Little Mine
Bowling Alley Undermost of Two Little Mines Eight Foot Ten Foot Holly Lane
Sparrow Butts Ironstone Coal Flatts Frog Row Cockshead
Lime Kiln Ridgway Cannel Bullhurst Badiley Edge Deep Badiley Edge


There are also several thin veins of coal lying between the above mines, which are without names, and have never been worked.

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