Evening Sentinel Jan. 1st 1949 Page 1. F.F.
Mr. Wilshaw, age 82 has been working at one pit for 71 years and claims the country’s record for long service underground. Mr Wilshaw, who is still employed by the Norton and Biddulph unit of the NCB, started at Norton before he was 12. He spent his entire working life underground and for over 50 years has worked at the coalface.

Evening Sentinel Jan 3rd 1949 Page 1. F.
About 450 people over 65 employees and ex-employees of Chatterley Whitfield colliery, were entertained by the baths management committee to a tea and entertainment on Saturday evening. Photo of cutting a three tier cake, by Mr. John Broad who has been in the industry for 65 years.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 4th 1949 Page 5.
Mining conditions and practice in Chile were described to fellow members of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at the North Staffs Technical College last night. In a paper entitled “Under the Pacific” by Mr G.H. Tabbernor. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1949 Page 1 F.
With an unofficial target of 6.900.000 tons, miners in North Staffs coalfield raised 6.707.387 tons, just short of target, but best since 1940.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 12th 1949 Page 1. F.
In North Staffs, the week’s output was 137,070 tons, an increase of 691 tons over the corresponding week of 1948.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 13th 1949 Page 6
Involved in an accident while working underground at Lycett colliery yesterday, G.F. Watson age 26 was admitted to the NSRI with foot injuries.

Evening Sentinel Jan 19th 1949 Page 1. F.
The falling away of ground at the corner of a Bucknall council house has revealed, what is believed to be a disused mineshaft. Mr. Cope was leaving to go to work when the asphalt path crumbled beneath his feet and he fell through almost up to his armpits, saving himself from fall further. Photo of public works trying to plumb the depth of the shaft.

Evening Sentinel Jan 21st 1949 Page 5.
A natural causes verdict was recorded by the coroner on Mr. T. E. Lines Age 58 a miner. His wife said he had been involved in an accident at Hanley Deep pit in 1946 sustaining severe head injuries. He was later forced to finish work owing to the effects of silicosis. Last December he was taken to hospital with severe head pains.

Evening Sentinel Jan 29th 1949 Page 1 F.
A Hanley inquest was held on 3 men who lost their lives in an underground fire at the Hesketh pit of Chatterley Whitfield colliery on December 9th 1948. E.R. Shearer age 62, S.R. Hughes age 38 and H. Cooke age 32. Inquest adjourned.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th 1949 Page 5.
Good progress in National Savings was reported from the Midlands Area. More than 350 miners from Berryhill. More than 270 from Foxfield and Holditch 600. Page 6. Speaking on electric locomotives for underground haulage, to members of the North Staffs Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at the Technical College last night, Mr. C.S. Sykes said it was now recognised that one of the reasons for low output per man-shift in British mines compared with that of the USA and Germany, was the large number of men employed on haulage. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Feb 10th 1949 Page 5.
The design and construction of underground haulage engine houses at Norton colliery was the subject of a paper read by the Secretary Mr. G.J. Downend to members of the North Staffs branch of the National association of Colliery Managers at Stoke last night. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Feb. 16 1949 Page 4.
Miners last week produced 133,775 tons, a decrease of 2,181 tons compared with the corresponding week last year.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 22nd 1949 Page 1. F.
After being involved in an accident at Chatterley Whitfield last night, A Windsor age 50 was admitted into the NSRI suffering from spinal injuries. Page 4. Professor F.B. Hinsley will speak on ventilation planning at the next meeting of North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. (Full report in March 1st page 5)

Evening Sentinel Feb 24th 1949 Page 1. F.
North Staffs coal output last week amounted to 135,783 tons, an increase of 13,369 tons in 1948.

Evening Sentinel Feb 28th 1949 Page 4
The jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. S. Hughes age 45 a packer at Sneyd colliery as a result of injuries received when he was crushed beneath a section of roof.

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1949 Page 3.
Mr. F.B. Hogg read a paper on “The Lens and the Theodolite” to members of the North Staffs branch of the Institute of Mining Surveyors. His lecture was illustrated with lanternslides.

Evening Sentinel March 18th 1949 page 5
Mr. C.W, Birks age 57 died in hospital on Monday. He had a record of practically 40 years service at Fenton colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 21st 1949 Page 1.
While at work at Holditch colliery on Saturday 19th. Mr. J.A. Green age 32 received injuries to his back from which he died. Same page. Some 1,000 workers at Great Fenton colliery resumed work today after being idle through Friday and Saturday owing to a spontaneous heating, which developed in the yard seam and has now been sealed off.

Evening Sentinel March 31st 1949 Page 1
Involved in an accident while working at the Hanley Deep pit yesterday, Mr. P. Hansbury age 21 was admitted to the NSRI suffering from a compound fracture of the right arm.

Evening Sentinel April 1st 1949 Page 1. F.
The inquest was adjourned to enable a Mines Inspector to attend, on Mr. J.A. Green age 32 who died following an accident at Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 5th 1949 Page 6.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. A.J. Green at a resumed inquest at Newcastle today. He had received fatal injuries at Holditch colliery on March 19th.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1949 Page 1.
While working at Stafford colliery early today S. Wisniakowski, a Polish subject was fatally injured. While working underground at Madeley colliery on Monday 4th April Mr. D. Anderson age 41, a contractor, was fatally injured by a fall of roof.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1949 Page 1. F.
In the five-week period ending April 2nd North Staffs produced 691.272 tons of coal compared with 632,749 tons in the corresponding period of 1948, an increase of 9.25%

Evening Sentinel April 12th 1949 Page 4.
A paper on mine ventilation has won for Mr. K. Dunn, a mining student, the Wain prize for 1949 at a meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. Mr. Dunn works at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1949 Page 5.
A scientific department to deal with data concerning subsidence has been set up in North Staffordshire area. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1949 Page 4.
A jury at Hanley Town Hall recorded a verdict of accidental death, yesterday, on Mr. W. Bellis age 36 who was fatally injured by a fall of roof at Hanley Deep pit early on Friday morning.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1949 Page 5. A verdict of death due to left ventricular failure, following amputation of his leg, on Mr F.A. Toft age 62. He had been employed at Florence colliery and stumbled against a bogey and injured his leg. He played cricket for Florence.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1949 Page 3.
The B.E.M. that was awarded to Mr. G.W. Wilshaw in the King’s birthday honours list of this year was, last night presented to him by Mr. I. W. Cumberbatch at a ceremony in the Railway Hotel, Smallthorne. Mr. Wilshaw also received an illuminated address and a wallet, gifts officials and workmen as a token of their regard. He had worked at Norton for over 71 years.

Evening Sentinel May 9th 1949 Page 4.
Fifteen North Staffs miners and their wives will be among a party of fifty from the West Midlands Division of the NCB will spend August bank holiday week in France.

Evening Sentinel May 12th 1949 Page 5.
Development of new techniques in the North Staffs coal field which will enable coal to be worked, which is at present too deep or too uneconomic to work, was foreseen by Mr. L.W. Fletcher, manager at the Hanley Deep pit.

Evening Sentinel May 13th 1949 Page 5.
Photo of Sir Ben Smith visiting Kemball pit, to open the pithead baths there yesterday. Two miners are in the NSRI with back injuries, received in falls of dirt at local collieries. They are, Mr. T. Kelly, age 38 employed at Berryhill and Mr. S. Thorley age 48 employed at Parkhall.

Evening Sentinel May 17th 1949 Page 5.
At the West Midlands Division of the coal board first aid championships held at Cannock on Saturday, Victoria colliery was second.

Evening Sentinel May 20th 1949 Page 5.
Mr A. Vincent age 50 was admitted to the NSRI last evening with internal injuries received when he was caught by a fall of roof at Sneyd colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1949 Page 1.
Boar holes have been sunk by the NCB at Finney Green from which it is calculated there is more than 22 million tons of coal in an area of approximately 400 acres readily available to Madeley colliery. Also a photo of the drilling rig.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1949 Page 1. F.
Requirements of rescue equipment, the introduction of Diesel locomotives into the pits and the new ventilation regulations have made urgently necessary to devote more effort to gas detection problems.

Evening Sentinel June 3rd 1949 Page 5.
A jury at a resumed inquest returned a verdict of accidental death on J.T. Martin, age 57 who was buried by a fall of roof while working underground at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1949 Page 3.
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas received the congratulations of a wide circle of relatives and friends on the occasion of the golden wedding. For the past 45 years Mr. Lucas has been employed at Great Fenton colliery. (Photo on page 6.)

Evening Sentinel June 20th 1949 Page 3.
Mr. E. Lees, National president of the mining surveyors, reviewed the laborious and uncomfortable process of the coal industry’s transition, from private to state ownership. He is a member of the North Staffs branch of the Institute and was their president from 1944 to 1946. (More on page 5.)

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1949 Page 5.
Mr. H. Bott age 46 was fatally injured in a fall of dirt at Berryhill colliery. The inquest is on Friday.

Evening Sentinel June 23rd 1949 Page 1.
North Staffs output of coal was more than 380.000 tons than in 1947. (More on cost, output, profits, plans and possibilities. Page 5. Write up on Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Smith on 60 years of married life. He left school at 13 and worked at Berryhill, then went to Great Fenton in 1889.

Evening Sentinel June 25th 1949 Page 6.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. Bott yesterday. Mr. Bott was caught by a fall of dirt and buried at Berryhill colliery. In 15 minutes they got to his head so that he could breath, but he appeared to be dead. He was extricated at the end of an hour, but there was no sign of life.

Evening Sentinel June 28th 1949 Page 5.
The NCB has delayed its application for permission to work other seams in the Wolstanton area, but there is no reason to expect that the application will not be made sooner or later.

Evening Sentinel June 29th 1949 Page 5.
Norton and Biddulph collieries report a consolidated net profit after taxation for 1948 of £32.073.

Evening Sentinel July 7th 1949 Page 4.
The Madeley colliery system of man-riding haulage, which has proved so efficient, that he could recommend it to other collieries in the district was described by Mr. J. Foster, president of North Staffs branch of NACODS at Stoke last night. (More on this)

Evening Sentinel July 11th 1949 Page 6.
Sir Ben Smith, chairman of the West Midlands Div of the NCB. States today that with the exception of North Staffs, where owing to manpower shortage, there was a slight increase of output as compared with last year.

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1949 Page 1.
The last two bodies, Mr. R. Hughes and Mr. H. Cooke, who lost their lives when fire broke out in the Hesketh pit at Chatterley Whitfield on December 9th 1948, have been recovered. Page 5. The second annual North Staffs area miners’ welfare athletic sports were held on Saturday at Sneyd colliery sports ground. (Full report and list of winners.)

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1949 Page 5.
Jan Chwastek was admitted to the NSRI with injuries to his head and jaw and lacerations to his face after being involved in a fall of coal while working underground at Sneyd colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug 10th 1949 Page 1.
Sir Ben Smith, chairman of the West Midlands Division of the NCB, stated today that with the exception of North staffs, where owing to the manpower shortage, there was a slight increase of output as compared with last year.

Evening Sentinel Aug 11th 1949 Page 4.
As there are no coalmines in their country, the party of Finnish scouts now visiting Stoke-on-Trent were more than usually interested in what they saw when they were taken down Stafford colliery yesterday afternoon.

Evening Sentinel Aug 16th 1949 Page 6.
Workmen today were shoring up the front wall of 187 Uttoxeter Rd. Longton, which fell on the pavement on Sunday after noon. The Weston pit and Parkhall colliery runs under Uttoxetor Rd.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 18th 1949 Page 1.
The North Staffs Association of Colliery Winders, today, discussed the latest developments to the wages dispute and agreed to adhere to their National Federation that their wage claim should go to arbitration.

Evening Sentinel Aug 19th 1949 Page 5.
Mr. F.F. Vitta, age 46 a Stoke City councillor, was killed about noon yesterday at Stafford colliery pit bottom. His head was crushed between a tub and a wall.

Evening Sentinel Aug 22nd 1949 Page 6.
Evidence at an inquest, that when a clip fell off its haulage rope, a trolley laden with iron girders ran down a dip and killed Mr. C. Edwards age 74. He had been employed at Hanley Deep for 50 years.

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th 1949 Page 5.
Twenty German coal mining students age from 23 years to 30 years are visiting this country for four weeks study of mining methods. Two of them are to start their studies in local mines in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 2nd 1949 Page 5.
Evidence that he was trapped by a roof fall in Victoria colliery, Biddulph, was given at the inquest yesterday on Mr. J.H. Kynaston age 59. He died in the NSRI 6 days after the accident.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 5th 1949 Page 1. F.
North Staffs output for the four weeks ending Aug 27th was 369,184 tons a fall of 412 tons on the corresponding period of last year. Evening Sentinel Sep. 6th 1949 Page 5.
While he was fixing a clip on to the rope attached to a row of coal tubs in the Sneyd colliery yesterday, Mr. H. Kelsal age 45 tripped over a pulley and five tubs ran over his legs. A 27-year-old Polish miner, S. Osacivk as taken to the Haywood hospital during the night with injuries to his back, sustained when he was caught in a roof fall at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 15th 1949 Page 5.
Mr. J.T. Cliff, age 47 a miner, was admitted to the NSRI with severe lacerations and fracture of the right arm sustained when he was buried by a fall of waste at Wolstanton colliery. Mr. A Burgin age 51 was admitted to the infirmary with injuries to his head and shoulders after being involved in an accident at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 21st 1949 Page 3.
After being involved in a fall of roof at Sneyd colliery yesterday, Mr. R. Langford age 37 was admitted to the NSRI with compound fracture of the Tibia and Fibular.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 21st 1949 Page 5.
While working in Victoria last night, two men were completely buried by a fall of coal and dirt. When extricated 10 minutes later, they were dead. They were A.W. Stanway age58 and S. Rowe age 36.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 22nd 1949 Page 3.
A miner at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, Mr. G. Leese age 27 was admitted to the NSRI yesterday with head injuries. He was caught by run-away wagons.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 1st 1949 Page 5.
Tribute to work mates for their prompt rescue attempts were paid at the inquest on A.W. Stanway and S. Rowe who were killed by a roof fall at Victoria colliery. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 4th 1949 Page 5.
Two of the men injured in the Sneyd colliery accident, H. Grocott and E. Stanway died this morning in the NSRI. Photo of the coroner, going down the pit to acquaint himself with as many details as possible.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 4th 1949 Page 5
The most economical methods of winding great loads from great depths were described to members of the Institute of Mining Engineers at the North staffs Technical College last night when Mr. H. Hitching spoke on Koepe winding reactions.

Evening Sentinel Oct 10th 1949 Page 3.
Production in the North Staffs area totals 659,763 tons as against 658, 290 tons in the corresponding period last year.

Evening Sentinel Oct 11th 1949 Page 1. F.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Clarke of 76 Kings St. Tunstall have lived in the present house for 33 years and not until yesterday did they suspect that just beneath the surface of their back yard, a four-foot wide shaft down into the darkness. A weighted measure was lowered down to 35 feet, but it is possible that the shaft is very much deeper. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Oct 13th 1949 Page 6.
The mystery of a missing lock nut on haulage gear at the Sneyd colliery was referred to at the inquest at Stoke yesterday on two men who received fatal injuries when a run away train of trolleys carrying miners, crashed on Sunday Oct 2nd. The jury returned a verdict accidental death, on H. Grocott age 28 and E. Clewlow age 42. (Full Report)

Evening Sentinel Oct 19th 1949 Page 1.
Two miners were admitted into the NSRI yesterday with leg injuries received in an accident at Chatterley Whitfield colliery. They were F. Chadock age 44 and D. Howell age 68.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th 1949 Page 6.
Two men were burned by an ignition of gas in the Footrail of the Dales Green collieries Ltd. Each were fined £2 and ordered to pay one guinea costs. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1949 Page 1. F.
Strong local feeling has been aroused in Stone and Barlaston at the intentions of the NCB to carry out experimental borings for coal on Barlaston downs. Page 5.When he was trapped under a fall of roof at Mossfield colliery last night, Mr. E. Billings age 48 received abdominal injuries and was taken to the NSRI.

Evening Sentinel Nov 1st 1949 Page 3.
The threat of dwindling manpower has made it essential that mining engineers should develop as quickly as possible, the mechanisation of coal face work and transport underground to the surface. This was stressed by Sir Ben Smith, Chairman of the NCB speaking at Stoke last night. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov 7th 1949 Page 1. F.
Production in the North Staffs area totalled 537,153 tons against 549,915 tons in the corresponding period last year.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 18th 1949 Page 3.
Victoria colliery mines rescue team is among the 4 West Midlands teams that go through to the divisional championship at Birmingham University.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd 1949 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mr. W.T. Archer congratulating the captain, H. Gibson and his team after winning the coveted West Midlands rescue championship held at Birmingham University (Full report page 5.)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1949 Page 5.
Three miners at Holditch colliery, who have each worked 60 years underground, were presented with cheques and NCB diplomas on Saturday. They are, Dick Simms age 77 Henry Scragg age 74 and Tom Symms age 73. Dick Simms was at Holditch for 28 years, also at other collieries. While at Apedale he helped in rescue operations at the Minnie pit explosion in 1918. Henry Scragg started at Parkhouse when he was 14, employed at Holditch for 12 years, and in 1895 he was working at Diglake and was there when the pit flooded killing 77 men. On the day of the tragedy he did not go down the mine, and still dose not know why he decided not to do so.

Evening Sentinel Dec 5th 1949 Page 5.
In the North Staffs coal field output per man-shift was 89.78 cwt as against 85.65 cwt in the same period last year.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 6th 1949 Page 4.
A paper was read at the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers on, power loading, new methods of working, and development. Same page. H. Taylor age 31 was trapped between wagons while working underground at Sneyd colliery yesterday. He is in the NSRI with internal injuries.

Evening Sentinel Dec 9th 1949 Page 3.
There was a profit for the North Staffs area of £643, 552. Same page. An accident in which a collier was fairly seriously injured was mentioned at Newcastle magistrate’s court yesterday. A Fireman was fined £1 fore failing to take precautions before firing a shot.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 19th 1949 Page 6.
The funeral took place at Norton of Mr. G.W. Wilshaw who for 71 years worked at Norton and Biddulph collieries. He was awarded the BEM.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 21st 1949 Page 6.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Payne who were celebrating their golden wedding on Christmas day received messages of congratulations. Mr. Payne worked at Lycett colliery for 52 years. Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1949 Page 6.
Pit head output for the week ending Dec 17th were; Parkhall 5,820 tons (An all time record) Parkhouse 5,820 tons (Best output since 1938) Madeley 4,822 tons Silverdale 7,203 tons and Florence 9,542 tons. All of which were the best since vesting day.

Evening Sentinel Dec 31st 1949 Page 1. F.F.
The inquest on B.J. Madden age 52, a colliery deputy who was injured by a fall of roof 4 years ago, was adjourned. He died on Dec 26th 1949.