Sentinel January 25th 1950 front page
Shaft sinking ceremony at HemHeath (photo)

Sentinel January 30th 1950
Inquest of John Byatt

Sentinel Febuary 6th 1950
Hanley Inquest on Alfred Sakers age 34 of the Miners Hostel Smallthorne.He was a European voluntry worker.he was a Latvian.bought in as Accidental death.

Sentinel Febuary 14th 1950 page 7
Report for 1948 by Mr H.Scott divisional Inspector of number of accidents reported 252. 41of the accidents resulted in the deaths of 43 miners. 21 were killed and 92 injured by falls of ground, nine killed by Haulage - Transport and 4 killed by Gas

Sentinel March3rd 1950 page 7
Photo of Carlton Avenue on Mill Farm Estate Tunstall. 500 houses,1Junior School and 3 shopping sites.

Sentinel March 6th 1950
Coal output for Feb 1950 522.898 tons.average weekley total 130,725 tons

Sentinel April 14th 1950
Coal supplies halved, in first 13 weeks of output was 1,708,171 tons which was 84,397 tons less than 1948.

Sentinel April 17th 1950 late paper
Five mining veterans, presentations at Longton.five miners who had on their retirement had between them completed over 260 years employment.

Sentinel April 29th 1950 front page
Underground fire in footrail at Holditch Colliery

Sentinel May 4th 1950 front page
Photo of new shaft at HemHeath Colliery.diameter of the shaft is 24ft Excavation will take 3 years.

Sentinel May 9th 1950
16 Wolstanton Awards,miners for 50 years list of names.

Sentinel May 18th 1950 city final
No rise in home coal price. Industrial users pay more.

Sentinel May 19th 1950 page 5
Apedale footrail to open again after fire.

Sentinel June 1st 1950 page 5
Two miners hurt in accident at Mossfield unit of N.C.B Thomas Bullock of Heron Cross. And Samuel Leese of Newcastle.

Sentinel June 14th 1950 page 4
North Staffs miners in first-aid finals the Victory Colliery Buddulph. On same page Mines Inspector on accidents rise in North Staffs in 1948 10 fatalities.and in 1949 21 fatalities.

Sentinel June 15th 1950 page 7
Full report on West Midlands coalfields in 1949.

Sentinel June 19th 1950 front page Final
Midland N.C.B.changes.High post for Mr Cumberbatch.

Sentinel June 20th 1950 page 5
Mr Cumberbatch 46 years in mining. Born in Silverdale,worked at Florance,was Manager at Staffs Coal and Iron till 1925.after at Hanley Deep Pit.

Sentinel July 3rd 1950 page 4
Pit Head baths and also Canteen opened at Hem Heath.

Sentinel July 7th 1950 page 4
Miners families to visit Sneyd Pit.

Sentinel July 10th 1950
Photo of underground tour.familys shown Sneyd Colliery.

Sentinel July 14th 1950 final
Dr Stross accuses Coal Board of discrimination about miners suffering dust diseases.

Sentinel July 19th 1950 page 5
Presentation to retired colliery worker, Mr Albert Brough of Cheadle 53 years service at Parkhall. New Haden. and Foxfield.

Sentinel July 20th 1950 Final back page
Miners seek higher bonus.

Sentinel July 24th 1950 Final page 5
Opencast coal in North Staffs. Supplies.

Sentinel July 24th 1950 page 4
31 miners at Norton Awards completed 50 years or over in Colliery.list of names.

Sentinel July 25th 1950 Final
Coal Board adds 10s (50pence) a week to min wage.

Sentinel August 2nd 1950 page 5
Dog trapped in disused pit shaft near to Mossfield Colliery, attempt to reach the dog was adandoned because of risk involved.

Sentinel August 3rd 1950 page 5
Miners at Outpatients.letter of protest about clinic at hospital

Sentinel August 3rd 1950 page 4
Mining subsidence. Letter to the editor

Sentinel August 10th 1950 page 4
Old pit mounds.interest in problems of dangers of abandoned pit mounds and fires smouldering in them

Sentinel September 3rd 1950 front page
Miners levy request to Coal Board about deduction of union subscriptions

Sentinel September 19th 1950 page 5
Stop manpower wastage in coal industry. On the same page Coal vital to defence of the country, should coal be imported.

Sentinel 26th 1950 page 5
North Staffs mining engineers problems of shotfiring.

Sentinel October 3rd 1950 page 6
Death of North Staffs mining engineer Mr J. Minshall of Hartshill.

Sentinel October 3rd 1950
Down at Last. 190 feet high chimney at Birchenwood Colliery Kidsgrove. This chimney was more than 50 years old.

Sentinel October 5th 1950 page 5
Inquest on pit fireman William James Bromley age 28 died on the 26th September 1950 five weeks after accident at Berry Hill Colliery on August 18th!950. the accident was at the new moss seam, problem with compressed air hose.

Sentinel October 9th 1950 page5
Man power in Pits still declining

Sentinel October 11th 1950 page3
Hanford ex.miner, Former Hanford miner who worked at Great Fenton Colliery Thomas Fraekley age working in London,He is in charge of a big building project Atlantic House. Near Holborn Viaduct.

Sentinel October 11th 1950 page5
Training of mining surveyors.unique opening in North Staffs.

Sentinel October 12th 1950 front page Final.
Miners given pay increase of 400,000 this will benefit miners countrywide.

Sentinel October 17th 1950 page4
Talk to mining engineers about petoleum products and dust problems.

Sentinel October 18th 1950 front page
Pit seam sealed precaution at Chatterley Whitfield the Banbury-Seam has been sealed of with withdrawn and sent to other pits to work.

Sentinel October 18th 1950 Late paper front page
Photo of Chatterley Whitfield of sand being taken down the Institute pit.

Sentinel November 1st 1950 page 3
Mow Cop miners death.Hanley inquest on Mr Levi Mountford age 55 Verdict natural causes

Sentinel November 2nd 1950 front page
Miners awarded increased pay by Porter Tribunal. The scheme to provide an increase of 5s (25p) a week in the minimum rates for adults. And 5s (25p) and 8s (40p) for youths age 15 to 20.

Sentinel November 14th 1950 page 5
N.C.B outlines its plan reconstruction of coal industry.635 million in next 15 years

Sentinel November 14th front page
Big North Staffs pit projects photo of sinking of new pit shaft at Hem Heath 24ft in diameter

Sentinel November 20th 1950 final
Dr Stross on miners disease questions on mortality rate

Sentinel November 21st 1950 final
Opencast shadow over Hanchurch.N.C.B prospecting on farm land,council protest the land was Butterton Grange Farm near Hanchurch.

Sentinel November 25th 1950
New coal warning, unless Britian produces more coal the situation in the county will be very serious, Also position of reservists called up from mines discussed at cabinet level.

Sentinel November 30th 1950 final front page
Miners urged to work longer hours, drive for extra coal.In North Staffs miners have worked volunturily on a Saturday shift for the past 2 years with the result that 7,000 to 8,000 tons extra coal per week has been won.

Sentinel December 1st 1950 front page
Miners good response to Saturday work in West Midlands.

Sentinel December 4th1950 page3
New record output per manshift for the third time this year West Midlands division of N.C.B set up new record for output per manshift.

Sentinel December 5th1950 page 4
Mining manpower appeals to the miners to work longer hours

Sentinel December 6th 1950 front page
Big Future for North Staffs Coalfield. Also same page New Low record in mines deaths accident figures for 1949.

Sentinel December 6th 1950 page 5
Wolstanton Collierys record output at the coalface.

Sentinel December 12th 1950 page 5
Less explosives in mines urged.Dr Stross on accident rate.

Sentinel Dec 12th 1950.
This is a list of men who were presented with long service certificates at St Johns Schoolroom, Longton.from the Sentinel Dec 12th 1950. The men are all members of the Park Hall Unit of the N.C.B
Long Service_ James Whitehouse.Rough Close Caverswall.
George Williams of Caroline St Longton.
J.Moffatt James Road Bucknall.
A.Whitehurst. Hamilton Road Normacot.
J.Berresford Uttoxeter Road Meir.
J.Ball Sandon Road Meir.
A.Appleton Normacot Road Longton.
S.Cotton Long Road Cookshill.
F.Burgess Wulstan Road Adderley Green.
J.Holt Wulstan Road Adderley Green.
Good Service_ J.Walker Sandon Road Meir.
J.Tams Meirhay Road Longton.
Ambulance certificates_J.Ward Lightwood Chase.
H.Pugh Parkhead Drive Weston Coyney.
Gallagher St Marys Road Sandford Hill.
A.Wright Grangewood Road Meir.
C.Mellor Prospect Place Normacot.
A.Chell Harrowby Road Meir.
W.Wood St Marys Road Sandford
J.Parkins Argyle Road Dresden.
H.Bryan Mollison Road Longton.
Welcome to Guests.The Chairman was Mr K.Walker Manager of the Park Hall Colliery.
Mr P.K.Yates sub area Agent. Mr T.Yates sen. Who has been connected with Park Hall Colliery for many years. Mr H.Lockett N.U.M Area Secretary.

Sentinel December 14th 1950 page 5
All Time record by pit a Parkhouse Achievement.

Sentinel Saturday December 16th 1950 front page
Country wide 94 pits working today,Miners Fine Reponse.

Sentinel December 22nd 1950
HOLDITCH PIT DISASTER FUND Beneficiaries under Holdditch Colliery Fund now number 12 widows and 9 children. They are to receive christmas boxes and a 20% increase in there weekley allowances. The christmas boxes are 10 for each widow and 5 per child.

Weekley Allowances to be increased from 12s 6d (63p) a week to 15s (75p) for widows and 10s (50p) to 12s (60p) for first child, and 5s (25p) to 6s (30p) for other children.

Sentinel December 29th 1950
Silverdale miner for 56years Mr Bromley now 69 worked at Kent's Lane Colliery. Celebrated Golden Wedding Anniversary. During the 1914-1918 War he served in France, and was a prisoner for 11months.