Sentinel 8th Jan 1951
production figures in tons for last three years
1950 ... 1949 ... 1948
6357657 ... 6696183 ... 6705747

Sentinel 10th Jan 1951
Tonnages for 1950

Parkhouse 271542 highest annual output in their history
Norton 419941 " " " " "
Wolstanton 309180 " " " " "
Glasshouse 37962 highest since 1940

Sentinel 22nd Jan 1951
Weekly output 133894 tons, including Saturday working was more than 10000 tons up on last year.

Sentinel 20th Feb 1951
Report on the three men killed at Chatterley Whitfield in Dec 1948. Cheques sent out to dependants.

Sentinel 29th March 1951
200 houses wanted in North Staffs, for incoming mineworkers.

Sentinel 1st April 1951.
Foxfield colliery long service certificates presented.

Sentinel 3rd April 1951
Miners to get two weeks holidays with pay.

Sentinel 6th April 1951
Norton colliery long service certificates presented. (Photo).

Sentinel 7th April 1951
John Jones Overman at Sneyd Colliery to get M.B.E.

Sentinel 10th April 1951
The loss of manpower from the pits has been arrested.

Sentinel 12th April 1951
Foxfield record output for week ending 7th of April of 4548 tons. On Thursday of that week they produced 860 tons.
Same date, the death was announced of John Watts the hero of Diglake.

Sentinel 18th April 1951
The miners union at Victoria hold a concert to raise funds for Edwin Austin of Packmore. They hope to send him to Germany for treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Sentinel 21st April 1951
New plan for Wolstanton put to the council.
Same date N.C.B. Ambulance competition the Wynne cup won by Wolstanton. Runners up were Norton with Whitfield third. In the Challenge cup Victoria came first Hanley Deep were second.

Sentinel 23rd April 1951
Three workers from Berryhill presented with long service certificates. They were Owen Williams's 66yrs service, Thomas Ellis 65yrs service, and Thomas Edgerton 60yrs service. Mr E Cope Area Production Manager made the presentations. The colliery manager was Mr F Stephens.

Sentinel 26th April 1951
Samuel Swinscoe age 62 injured at C/Whitfield.

Sentinel 27th April 1951
Two miners injured at C/Whitfield. Mr Amos Holdcroft, 133 High St Harrishead (head), and, Leonard Slaney of 23 Lea St Packmore (back)

Sentinel 7th May 1951
North Staffs tonnage for first 17 week of the year 2,178,303. In 1950 it was 2,168,150, whilst in 1949 it was 2,275,815. The manpower for April 1951 was 19157 compared with 19148 in March.

Sentinel 11th May 1951
Edwin Austin from Victoria Colliery is photographed leaving for his trip to a German clinic. His mates at the pit raised 320 towards the cost. It is believed he is suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Sentinel 19th May 1951
Photograph of Holditch Colliery F.C. winning the Newcastle League second division.

Sentinel 23rd May 1951
Two local men are selected to go to the Festival of Britain in London they were W.H.Edwards of 57 Oldfield St Fenton and J Sugden of 8 Bourne St Heron Cross. To help with the artificial coal mine as part of the Natural Resource Pavilion.

Sentinel 25th May 1951
Dr Stross The N.C.B. medical advisor for this area said the "menace of coal dust was getting worse". The figures show that over the last two years some 672 men had been added to the number who had dust disease.

Sentinel 28th May 1951
In a first aid competition at Fenton Town Hall Victoria colliery came third. The team was H. Gibson (capt) F Brown, J Barlow, T Caddy, and J Lewis reserve. J Barlow of Victoria won the individual competition, with a perfect 100% score.

Sentinel 4th June 1951
Manpower dropped in May 160 underground men fewer than April and 650 men fewer than May 1950.

Sentinel 7th June 1951page 5
There was a fire in an engine house at a disused shaft at Berryhill Colliery.
Same date The ex N.U.M.delegate from Holditch Colliery Mr A Johnson, was taken ill at work later he sadly died. Mr Johnson who lived at 1 Derwent Place leaves a wife and daughter.
Same date Mr Harry Gardiner an underground engine driver at Silverdale collapsed after getting out of the cage he died on his way to hospital.

Sentinel 8th June 1951
Photo of mock underground roadway part of a mining exhibition at Victoria Hall
Same date City Final photo of Lord Hyndley and Percy Wright N.U.M. official at Hem Heath colliery.

Sentinel 9th June 1951
N.C.B. announced the retirement of the asst to the area-planning engineer Mr B Gardine. His work history was as follows. 1902 to 1908 engineer at Florence colliery.
From 1908 to 1912 working as a manager of some small mines owned by the Duke of Sutherland in Brora Scotland.
Then 1912 to 1919 under manager at Stafford colliery
then as manager from 1919 until 1945 when he went to area staff.

Sentinel 12th June 1951 page 5
William Bennett of Royden Avenue Hanley fractured his arm in an accident at Florence Colliery.

Sentinel 14th June Page 1 1951
John Henry Lee 35yrs of age was fined 5 with 5. 15 shillings costs for fighting underground with Overman Ezra Clarke (hero of the Holditch disaster).

Sentinel 18th June 1951
Edward Allcock age 47-fractured left leg in accident at Sneyd colliery.

Sentinel 28th June 1951 page 5
On the 27th June Stanley Hilditch age49 was struck by a steel prop at Parkhouse colliery. He was taken to hospital where his condition was said to be comfortable.

Sentinel 29th June 1951 page 1 Final
Wolstanton Colliery apply for permission to mine Peacock, Spendcroft, and Cannel Row seams on certain land under N.U.L. Also the Great Row seam under other areas.

Sentinel 7th July 1951
North Staffs numbers employed in the mines June 1951 19075 compared with 20639 in June 1949.

Sentinel 11th July 1951
Alsagers Bank number 2 (small mine) 2nd place in News of the World competition for small pits output and attendance.

Sentinel 1st Aug 1951
Fatal accidents in North Staffs for 1950 show 17 killed, this is a decrease over 1949 when 21 were killed.

Sentinel 8th Aug 1951 City Final
An article suggests that mining subsidence would continue for 30 or 40 yrs.

Sentinel 9th Aug 1951
Photo of maintenance men working through Wakes at Sneyd colliery.

Sentinel 10th Aug 1951
Maintenance work at Hanley Deep Colliery. A new drum and crankshaft to the winder in the 750yd deep number 1 shaft, and new drum liners to the winder in the 850 yd deep number 2 shaft.

Sentinel 17th Aug 1951 page 5
Italians to be accepted into North Staffs pits.

Sentinel 18th Aug 1951 page 3
Football final (crocks n crazes) Photo of the late Arnold Bennett's wife and John Russell descending Sneyd colliery. For more information see 20th Aug Sentinel late page 4.

Sentinel 24th Aug 1951 City Final page 1
Photo of Italian miners visiting Kemball Training Pit.

Sentinel 25th Aug 1951
Photo of 65 Holditch Veterans on a trip to Blackpool paid for by their workmates.

Sentinel 5th Oct 1951 City Final back page
Harold Lockett overman critical in hospital after receiving multiple injures in an accident at Hanley Deep.

Sentinel 8th Oct 1951 City Final page 5
Output for the 5 weeks ending 29-9-51 was 613399 compared with 624939 in the same period last year.

Sentinel 5th Nov 1951
North Staffs output for the first 43 weeks 5,179,353 tons 63756 tons down on same period last year. Output for Oct 1951 at487006 tons were 11000 down on last year. There were 275 fewer facemen.
Same date as above page 5, Victoria colliery second in rescue competition.

Sentinel 8th Nov 1951 City Final page 5,
Following an accident at Norton colliery William Daniels taken to hospital with fractured left leg.

Sentinel 9th Nov 1951 City Final page 5,
Accidents - Bernard Mountford Sneyd colliery fractured finger. Albns Kozloskis Northwood Colliery (suspect Hanley Deep) injured leg.

Sentinel 13th Nov 1951 City Final page 1,
Hanley Deep Chrysanthemum show full details in weekly Sentinel.

Sentinel 13th Nov 1951 City Final page 3,
More homes for miners.
Sentinel 29th Nov 1951 City Final page 3,
1000 houses to be allocated to mineworkers.

Sentinel 29th Nov 1951 City Final page 5,
Hanley Deep Sports prizes.

Sentinel 3rd Dec 1951 City Final page 1.
Chatterley Whitfield miner Mr Arnold Fox was injured at 5 a m when the bus he was travelling in skidded on ice before crashing into a pylon.

Sentinel 4th Dec 1951 City Final page 6.

Area output.. 1951 ....1950
Output for 4 weeks to 24 Nov.... 499288 ....511649
Output for 47 weeks to 24 Nov.... 5678643 ....5754760
Manpower 18689 .... 18600
Facemen 6425 .... 6580

Sentinel 7th Dec 1951 City Final page1
Big increase in mineworkers' wages U/G workers 7. 04 per week. Surface workers 6.08 per week.

Sentinel 14th Dec 1951city final page 1
Coroner advise miners to get an x-ray for pneumoconiosis after the sad death of Mr Fred Riley age 68 who had worked in the mines for 55yrs the last 20yrs at Holditch.

Sentinel 17th Dec 1951city final page 15.
North Staffs pressing ahead with mechanisation. Photo of those at the dinner.

Sentinel 18th Dec 1951
Announcement of the death of Mr C.E. Wytcherley. This man had been a shop steward at Hanley Deep for 35yrs.

Sentinel 20th Dec 1951city final page, 1
North Staffs mines make 310190 profit in the third quarter.