Sentinel 12th Jan 1954 City Final, page 1.
Three men working for private contractors at Florence Colliery injured in explosion. Sam Bryan, of 42 Harcourt Ave Meir (Shock and Burns). George Joins, of 76 Duke Street Fenton (Burns) and Joe Wisinski, of 43 Finstock Ave Blurton. (Burns). They were all taken to Hospital

Sentinel 15th Jan 1954 City Final, page 1.
Photo of Mrs Bennett the lady mayoress, before going down the pit at Hem Heath.

Sentinel 16th Jan 1954 City Final, page 5.
Ellis Smith M.P. had an escape while visiting the Great Row seam at Hem Heath. A large piece of coal fell off the face.

Sentinel 18th Jan 1954 City Final, page 8.
Death announced of Mr W Tellwright, a past owner of Sneyd colliery.

Sentinel 25th Jan 1954 late Final, page 4.
Photo of Mr A.J.Preston manager of Stafford Colliery making a presentation to Mr Barry Lindop N.A.C.O.D. union secretary who was leaving Stafford colliery to take up a the area secretary's post.

Sentinel 25th Jan 1954 late Final, page 5.
At a presentation dinner to celebrate the long service of Mr J Mountford Fireman (47yrs) and Mr S Leech Overman (46). The manager of Parkhouse Colliery Mr E Bedson commended every one at the pit at their record production in 1953. Annual output at 298090 tons together with there being no reportable accidents made it exceptional year.

Sentinel 1st May 1954, late page 5.
90 Wolstanton veterans all over 65yrs hold a party at the Plough Inn. The colliery manager Mr J Wood was in attendance.

Sentinel 5th May 1954, late page 5.
Miners at Victoria colliery criticise the ambulance service for taking to long getting to the pit. They want their own colliery ambulance bringing back. There is a photo of some big wigs visiting Florence and Hem Heath.

Sentinel 8th May 1954, late page 5.
Photo of the weighing at the N.C.B. boxing match held in the Victoria Hall.

Sentinel 9th May 1954, late.
Drop in output; North Staffs output for 5 weeks in May 1953 was 642908 tons compared with 456343 tons in the 4 weeks of May 1954. Output for first 17 weeks of 1953 was 2231431tons. For the same period this year it had fallen to 2162029 tons. Overall manpower had also fallen from 20348 in 1953 to 19604 this year.

Sentinel 11th May 1954, late page 7.
Mrs Brenda Bird of 24 Livingstone St, Smallthorne, was crowned North Staffs coal queen at the Majestic Ballroom. Same date and page an article on pneumoconiosis, in 1952 there were 9983 x-rays of which 3472 were found to have the disease. Same date page 9, photo of Harold Lockett Area Secretary N.U.M.

Sentinel 14th May 1954, late.
Two page article on the development of Florence colliery. Many photographs.

Sentinel 17th May 1954, late, page 5.
N.U.M. honour Dr Stross for his 25yrs service to the mining industry in North Staffs. Same day, Mr H Gibson of Victoria Colliery wins first aid competition.

Sentinel 19th May 1954, late, page 5.
Stafford Colliery shaftsman Mr Ellis Oakes celebrates 50yrs of marriage.

Sentinel 20th May 1954, late, page 1. National Coal Board made a profit of 353,000. West Midlands averaged a profit 0.21 per ton.

Sentinel 10th June 1954, late, page 1.
Hem Heath colliery foreman mechanic Mr John Warren to get M.B.E.

Sentinel 14th June 1954, late, page 1.
Victoria Colliery win tug of war at Midlands mining rally.

Sentinel 15th June 1954, late, page 1.
Chatterley Whitfield, 7 men were injured when a full man-riding trolley ran into an empty trolley.

Sentinel 16th June 1954, final, page 7.
Mr William Frost was found wandering around in a daze following a man-riding accident at Chatterley Whitfield Colliery. He was later said to be comfortable in the N.S.R.I.

Sentinel 28th June 1954, late, page 5.
The fund raised following the Holditch Disaster when 30 men were killed in 1937, has been wound up.

Sentinel 29th June 1954, late final, page 7.
Mr Alec Gibson, age 66yrs. He had worked at Chatterley Whitfield for 52 yrs. The following day there was a photograph of this man on page 1.

Sentinel 1st July 1954, late, page 1 Durham miner Mr E Nicholson given the keys to is new home on the Parkside Estate Silverdale. He worked at Wolstanton colliery and was the 175th tenant to come into the area. There is a photograph in the late edition on page 6.

Sentinel 10th July 1954, late, page 1.
Photograph of the Sneyd colliery rescue team in a competition at Glebe St.

Sentinel 13th July 1954.
Photograph of mens athletic race at Florence colliery.

Sentinel 15th July 1954, late, page 10.
North Staffs area made a profit of 573,916 in the first quarter.

Sentinel 21st July 1954, late, page 5.
The Assistant to the area manager Mr Hubert T Marsh was presented on his retirement with a gold watch. He worked for 59yrs in the mining industry.

Sentinel 27th July 1954, late, page 5.
The inquest into the death of Mr F Dale of Blythe Bridge found he had died of coronary atheroma. He had been discovered in a state of collapse at 4.30 am in Florence Colliery.

Sentinel 27th Aug 1954, late, page.
Veteran miner and his wife celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. Mr G Beardmore worked in the mining industry for 49yrs. He worked at Ford Green for 27yrs, and 22yrs at Chatterley Whitfield.

Sentinel 7th Sept 1954 (late p 1)
Photograph of students at the N.C.B. summer school at Staffordshire University. On page 8 there is an article on the school.

Sentinel 9th Sept 1954 (late p 9)
for the period August output and manpower show a fall. On the same page the area chief scientist wrote an article on Pneumoconiosis.

Sentinel 20th Sept 1954 (late p 5)
Instructors at Kemball Training Centre make a presentation of a dinner and coffee service to the unit manager Mr W I Cain, who was leaving to take up the managers position at a training centre in Cannock.

Sentinel 22nd Sept 1954 (late p 1)
Photograph of Mr Harry Furnival age 67 upon his retirement as an instructor at Kemball T. C. Mr Furnival had 55yrs service in the industry. He started Lycett in 1899. He then worked at various collieries before returning to Lycett in 1914. He did 43 years at the pit most of it as a underground deputy. In1937/8 he became president of North Staffs N.A.C.O.D.S., he was also their treasurer from 1947.

Sentinel 1st Oct 1954 (late p 1)
Phillip Edmunds age 38yrs was killed in a shot firing accident at Wolstanton. The inquest on the12th Oct, it was explained that Mr Edmunds from South Wales had been living in Knutton Hostel. His wife and children were to have moved to the potteries the day after his terrible accident.

Sentinel 4th Oct 1954 (late p5)
Mr D Alexander ex-under manager at Silverdale, was presented with a barometer and a clock, following his appointment as manager at Glasshouse and Apedale collieries.

Sentinel 5th Oct 1954
tragic accident at Mossfield Colliery. Coal cutter mechanic Stanley Newbon was killed when a Steele rope struck him. Two other men were injured. Details of the inquest were in the Sentinel of 11th Sept.

Sentinel 9th Oct 1954 (late p 5)
In an accident at Sneyd Colliery, Mr Allan Brassington sustained a Broken leg.

Sentinel 11th Oct1954
For the first 37 weeks of 1954 production in North Staffs fell by 134,000 tons compared with 1953.

Sentinel 13th Oct1954 (late p1)
40-face men stop work at Parkhouse colliery due to unsafe conditions on the Spendcroft seam.

Sentinel 18th Oct1954 (late p8)
Photograph of a presentation to a miner from Apedale and Glasshouse colliery those in the picture are Mr J Bull now the manager at Parkhouse, a Mr F Fryer and Mr R Riley.

Sentinel 21st Oct1954 (late p5)
upon his retirement from Kemball T.C. Mr H Furnival (instructor) was presented with a fountain pen by his friends from the Wolstanton Jubilee Methodist church.

Sentinel 21st Oct1954 (late p1)
Hope rise for a settlement of the strike at Parkhouse colliery. The pit lost 1750 tons following the unofficial walkout due to the removal of an allowance for working in adverse conditions on a Spendcroft face.

Sentinel 25th Oct1954 (late p5)
Photograph of the Berry Hill No. 1 rescue team winners of a West Mids competition. Same page Parkhouse miners go back to work, total coal lost 2500 tons.

Sentinel 28th Oct1954 (late p8)
Gunter Hemisz injured in a roof fall at Chatterley Whitfield. He is said to be comfortable.,

Sentinel 11th Nov1954 (final p9)
The names of the National Coal Board Boxing finalists are announced, local boxers prominent.

Sentinel 12th Nov1954 (final p12)
Photograph of local boxers, including brothers Tony and Carl Cotterill from Parkhall colliery

Sentinel 14th Nov1954 (late p5)
list of winners in the Hanley Deep chrysanthemum show.

Sentinel 30th Nov1954 (late p4)
Photograph of the oldest winding engineman Mr Vernon Weaver at Madeley colliery, making a presentation of a gold and chain watch to Mr J Broadhurst Assistant Engineer, for 35yrs service.

Sentinel 11th December 1954 (late p4)
New baths at Silverdale with 70 showerheads opened by Mr Harold Lockett N.U.M. Area Secretary

Sentinel 14th December 1954 (late p10)
Underground worker 70 year old Mr J Warren M.B.E. presented with a chiming clock by his workmates. Mr Warren has been a rescue and first aid man for 58years, he started at Birchenwood in 1898 and been on the scene of three disasters.

Sentinel 16th December 1954 (late p14)
Photograph of Mr Jack Buxton, mining student. Making a presentation of an electric shaver, to T R Barnard at Stoke technical college. Mr Buxton went on to be an under-manager at Hem Heath.

Sentinel 20th December 1954 (late p7)
Photograph of the presentation Cumberbatch cup to Mr G H Edge captain of the Holditch colliery athletic team. The team won the annual N C. B. sports championships. Same day in the city final p8 two shot firers from Chatterley Whitfield were fined by the Stipendiary Magistrates for breeches of the Coal Mines Acts.

Sentinel 23rd December 1954 (late p5)
week ending 18th of December Victoria colliery produced 12,353 tons a new colliery record

Sentinel 29th December 1954 (city finalp8)
High absenteeism in North Staffs Collieries. 59.5% of face men away. Overall absence was 45.5%.

Sentinel 31st December 1954
Report by H.M.I. Mr J Henshaw the theme was "more care would help cut accidents."