Sentinel 1st January 1955 L p3
New years honours I W Cumberbatch West Mids chairman gets the CBE 50 years service to the coal industry

Sentinel 3rd January 1955 L p5
Output and manpower down in the West Mids and North Staffs

Sentinel 4th January 1955 LF p10
The N.C.B. will consider moving extra coal by canal if the rail strike goes ahead

Sentinel 10th January 1955 LF p5
Parkhouse colliery new record for 1952 of 323,292 tons. Out put per man shift up from 28.77cwt to 31.47cwt. The Sneyd arms Tunstall hosted annual dinner colliery and group officials enjoyed the celebrations. Mr D Ayling Overman proposed the toast to “the colliery” while Mr R Tipper Deputy proposed a toast to “our friends”. Mr R Bennett AGM and Mr LW Fletcher Sub Area Agent represented group management.

Sentinel 12th January 1955 L p10
National Coal Board give notice to Biddulph Council that they intended to extend the underground workings at Victoria and Chatterley Whitfield.

Sentinel 13th January 1955 L p10
A presentation was made in Longton to Mr S Barker (Special Duties) of Mossfield Colliery. Mr Barker had worked nearly 50 yrs in the mining industry. He also served in the First World War. There was more information in the Sentinel on the 17th Jan late edition page 1, and a photograph in the late edition page 8 on the 18th Jan

Sentinel 13th January 1955 CF p1
Article and photograph of a 107foot deep shaft found after a path collapsed outside the front gate of 8 Elgood Lane Goldenhill, The N.C.B. refilled the hole with pit dirt.

Sentinel 20th January 1955 L p5
An appeal was launched for financial help for Mr J Mountford of Tunstall who was badly injured following a roof fall at Chatterley Whitfield. Mr Mountford is married with six children. It was hoped to raise £1500. Same addition page 7 there was a report of an accident to Mr A Banner again at Chatterley Whitfield. He was described as rather poorly with spinal and leg injuries.

Sentinel 25th January 1955 L p7
Report on another hole that appeared in Murray St Tunstall. Officials from the N.C.B. sealed it off.

Sentinel 25th January 1955 LF p5
George William Cordon Age 56 of Wellington St Hanley was killed At Berryhill Colliery on this date. The report said he was crushed by tubs that had come up from the pit. He had been employed at the colliery for 22yrs. For the last 8yrs he had been Bank and screen foreman. He leaves a widow.

Sentinel 28th January 1955 L p6
“Day by Day” This years Midlands’s miners gala is to be held at Tamworth castle on the 11th of June. It is expected that 50,000 will attend. Some of the events to be included are swimming, boxing, tug of war, darts, and the selection of the coal queen.

Sentinel 28th January 1955 L p7
Mr Roy Spendilow, age 23 of Back Meir View, Longton, was killed at Florence colliery yesterday. Mr Spendilow was working on the coalface when he was buried by a fall of dirt. He leaves a widow. Further details of the accident can be seen in the Sentinel of Feb 2nd late edition page seven.

Sentinel 3rd February 1955 L p10
Article and photograph on a water drainage culvert that was being driven at Bucknall. The tunnel was some 600 yards long, encountered 4 coal seams during its construction.

Sentinel 7th February 1955 L p8
The death was announced of Minnie Pit Disaster Alderman hero Mr Arthur Roberts of Halmerend. Mr Roberts was an overman at the time, and his knowledge of the colliery was invaluable to the rescuers. He was present throughout the incident, and was a witness at the inquiry. Later he received the Carnegie Award.

Sentinel 7th February 1955 L p8
At an old folk’s dinner held in the canteen at Stafford colliery on the 5th Feb, long service certificates were presented to Mr A Shenton 60yrs, Mr D Cartlidge 58yrs, Mr T W Price 53yrs, Mr E Durber, Mr H Myatt, and Mr J P Williams all 51yrs. Mr William was still working. The two oldest employees, Mrs Power age 78yrs, and Mr Wilcox cut a special cake. There were approximately 180 people present.

Sentinel 8th February 1955 L p7
Output per man shift in North Staff fell in the first 4 weeks of the year compared with last year. Output fell from 84.9cwt to 84.3cwt. Over the same period average manpower rose by 247 to 19,951.

Sentinel 8th February 1955 L p7
Mr L W Fletcher Mining engineer gave a talk at the North Staffs technical collage Stoke. The subject was the new “stowing” system on the Moss four feet Holditch Colliery.

Sentinel 10th February 1955 L p5
West Midland director of Labour said the mining industry needed another 5000 men. A shortage of housing was making things worse.

Sentinel 15th February 1955 LF p6
A talk at the North Staffs Technical collage by G J Rogers on the instalment of new fans at Hem Heath. Mr Rogers thought peak production would be in 1960.

Sentinel 15th February 1955 C F p
Briton was to build 12 atomic power stations. These would reduce the need for coal by 5.6 million tons per annum.

Sentinel i6th February 1955 L p7
Mr Samuel John Jones was killed at Berryhill colliery yesterday. Mr Jones was 38years old and lived at 37 Shelbourne St Stoke. It appears he was struck by falling dirt. Details of the inquest can be found in the Sentinel on page 6 of the late edition 19th Feb.

Sentinel 17th February 1955 L p5
Article on local boxers appearing at the N.C.B. finals to be held at the Victoria hall Hanley. Among those mentioned were Tony Cotterill from Parkhall Colliery, P Brindley Hanley Deep, and Gordon Lythgoe of Chatterley Whitfield.

Sentinel 18th February 1955 L p13
A wonderful article on children going to the new infants school on Coalville est. The children can be seen in the classrooms, having dinner in the canteen, and walking to the school through the snow. The headmistress Miss I M Brown said the first pupils started in January, by the end of the first week there were 175, now there are 216.

Sentinel 23rd February 1955 LF p7
Mr Harry Kirk an electrician age 69 was killed at Glebe colliery on the 22nd Feb. Mr Kirk lived at 80, Baskerville Rd Hanley and had been employed at the colliery since 1913; there is a photograph and obituary in the Sentinel city final on this date. He had been crushed between two Tubs. Details of his inquest can be found in the Sentinel in the L F 25th of Feb page 16.

Sentinel 25th February 1955 L p1
Heavy overnight snow causes Foxfield Colliery to cease production. Many miners were unable to get through the Drifts.

Sentinel 28th February 1955 L p7
many local boxers win championships at the N.C.B. tournament. There was Tony Cotterill from Parkhall, Harold Brown and Alec Atkin from Chatterley Whitfield, Ernie Ball from Victoria, Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton, John Stanway from Berryhill, G Cataldi from Stafford, and George Shufflebottom From Glebe.

Sentinel 4th March 1955 L p9
At the Hem Heath colliery welfare AGM, auditor Mr H Clutton said, “A Healthy balance was being maintained”. Secretary A Illsley said “During the last 12 months 150 special grants were made, 97 funeral grants, 200 long service presentations, and 200 Russell hotel grants had been made”. Also in attendance was Mr J Warren, president.

Sentinel 8th March 1955 L p9
Out put and man power figures for the first four weeks in February. 544,465 cwt were produced, this was slightly down on the previous year, however, and manpower was 239 higher at 19,944. The bad weather at the start of February was one of the causes of last production.

Sentinel 15th March 1955 L p9
There was a photograph of 80-year-old James Gibson of 2 Knypersley Road, Cornhill Norton, he celebrated his birthday at work. He is currently in charge of the service conveyor system at Norton Colliery. He has been at the colliery for 38 years. A keen churchman, he attends the Norton Methodist Chapel.

Same edition, page 9. Photograph and article of residents complaining of the smell, and fumes from pit mound at Hanley deep colliery.

Sentinel 17th March 1955 L p9
At a meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mechanical Engineers discussed greater use of underground battery powered locomotors. The speaker was J H Laithwaite chairman and the managing director, of William Neil and Son, St Helens.

Sentinel 21st March 1955 L p6
Day by day. The mayor of Newcastle, Miss Ethel Shaw was to visit Holditch colliery to see miners at work photograph in the sentinel on the 22nd of March, city final page 1

Sentinel 21st March 1955 L p7
Mossfield colliery workers presented with long service certificates and a cheque from the benevolent fund, for 50years service. The recipients were Henry Brassington, William Radcliff, William T Wood, Samuel Pitstock, and Henry Salt. Mrs T Mosley accepted an award on behalf of her late father. Area manpower officer Roland Bennett made the presentation. A further presentation was made to Samuel Barton, undermanager for 27years. The dinner was held at St Chad’s Hall, Sandford Hill. The new colliery manager, Mr A Wardsley was welcomed. A photograph of the recipients can be seen in the late edition of the sentinel, page 5 22nd March

Sentinel 22nd March 1955 L p1
Joseph William Fisher age 20 of 31 First Avenue, Butt lane, was killed at Glasshouse colliery. He was buried under a fall. Mr Fisher still lived at home, with his mum, and family of 6.

Sentinel 24th March 1955 L p12
At an inquest the coroner paid tribute to glebe colliery ripper, John Henry Roberts who collapsed and died at work, on the 21st March Dr E G Myatt, said the cause of death, was bronchial cancer.

Sentinel 28th March 1955 L p6
Photograph of North Staffs colliery managers annual dinner. On page 7 of the same edition, there is an article concerning the annual dinner. On page 10 a photograph of Mr A Horner, at the N.U.M. miner’s conference.

Sentinel 29th March 1955 L p1
Re-organisation of colliers in North Staffordshire to be speeded up. Mr I W Cumberbatch speaking at the AUM annual conference at Stafford said “Florence, Hem Heath, Chatterley Whitfield, Berryhill, Hanley deep, and Park Hall were all mentioned”.

Sentinel 29th March 1955 L p7
The burning coal tip at Hanley Deep was discussed in parliament. Stoke MP; Mrs Harriet Slater raised the subject with the minister of fuel and power Mr Geoff Lewis. Same pages, NUM conference at Stafford, discuss the poor pay of face workers. Sentinel 29th March 1955 L p1

Sentinel 30th March 1955 L p1
Photo of pit visit to Hanley Deep, by lord mayor, Mr L A Barker. Article on page 12, of the late edition, on 31st March.

Sentinel 31st March 1955 L p13
Photograph on the long service presentation Hanley Deep. Three men, Mr George Howe, Harry Jones, and Fred Rigby with 155 years service between them.

Sentinel 12th April 1955 L 7
Upward trend in north staffs for production and manpower. In the 5 week March period, tonnage increased by 15,156 tons to 263,064 tons, and manpower up by 232 to 19, 932 the figures were given by Mr J W Cumberbatch

Sentinel 13th April 1955 L 6
Editorial on west midlands chairman Mr I W Cumberbatch. He is to retire after a lifetime in the industry, more information and a photo is in the city final, page 1 and page 6, same day.

Sentinel 16th April 1955 L 5
William Brockley, age 56 of 44, High Street, Halmerend, was killed at Holditch Colliery on the 15th April, A ripper, he was struck by a rope. Inquest in the sentinel, 20th April, late edition, page 7.

Sentinel 18th April 1955 L 5
Article on NCB housing, over 2,000 have been built in North Staffordshire, also photograph of the brown edge estate.

This year is still being researched