Evening Sentinel. January 4th 1956. Late. Page 8.
North Staffordshire Coalfields output rose by 153,000 tons, (2.18%) last year compared with 1954, this was in spite of a loss of 154 men, 82 of them were face workers. North Staffordshire total output for 1955 was 6,331,000 tons this was made up of 5,915,000 tons from 5 day working and 416,000 tons from extended hours working.

Evening Sentinel. January 7th 1956. Late. Page 7.
About £7 Million is to be spent in the West midlands Division, and North Staffordshire would be very highly capitalised area. This was revealed by Mr. E.H. Browne the new Chairman of the West midlands Division.

Evening Sentinel. January 10th 1956. City Final. Page 7.
A fall of more than a 100 tons of dirt at Sutherland pit Great Fenton, buried and killed a Latvian miner the coroner was told today. A verdict of accidental death was returned on Veldomars Bogdanovs, a underground conveyer mover, of 24, Grove Place, Heron Cross, Fenton, the court was told that he been picking at a middle set just before the fall. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 12th 1956. Late. Page 7.
West midlands pits are among the worst hit by lack of labour. The N.C.B. has 13,000 jobs to fill. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 16th 1956. Late. Final Page 7.
M.P.s who have been pressing the Prime Minister to receive a deputation on mining subsidence are to meet the Minister of Fuel and Power Mr. Aubrey Jones on Thursday. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 17th 1956. Late. Page 1.
Photograph. Workmen excavating behind Boots the Chemist shop in Market Square, Hanley, today unearthed an old mining air shaft, it was 25 feet deep with a pool of muddy water in the bottom.

Evening Sentinel. January 20th 1956. Late. Page 5.
Mining subsidence regulations will be changed, say’s Fuel Minister. It’s necessitated by new valuations. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 24th 1956. Late. Page 5.
A shortage of pit electricians in some areas might make it difficult to ensure scheme of examining testing and overhauling electrical plant under new mining regulations. This comment was made by Mr. J. Cowen, Her Majesties Principal electrical of mines inspector at a meeting of Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Evening Sentinel. January 27th 1956. Late. Page 7.
A clock was presented to Mr. R. Deakin of 161, Chaplin Road, Longton, on his retirement after 52 years service at Florence colliery, Longton.

Evening Sentinel. January 28th 1956. Late. Page 3.
Photograph of the mining department of North Staffordshire Technical College who held their forth annual prize distribution. Page 5. North Staffordshire Coalfield potentially has the ability to be the richest in Britain it was stated by Dr. J Smillie, production Director of the West midlands Division of the N.C.B. at the North Staffordshire Technical College.

Evening Sentinel. January 30th 1956. Late. Page 1.
A inquest is to be held tomorrow on Mr. Jim Latham, aged 56, of 46, Unwin Street, Bradeley, his body was found at the bottom of No.1 down shaft at 1,100 Ft. Mr. Latham was not a Coal Board employee.

Evening Sentinel. January 30th 1956. Late. Page 4.
The N.C.B. has increased the awards of Industrial Relations Scholarships for 1956 from 5 to 10.

Evening Sentinel. January31st 1956. Late. Page 7.
At the inquest on Mr. Jim Latham it was suggested that Mr. Latham climbed over a gate, proceeded to the shaft, and jumped down the shaft. This was the only explanation which was feasible said the coroner, and recorded a verdict that Mr. Latham Jumped down the pit shaft while his mind was temporary unbalanced.

Evening Sentinel. February 1st 1956. Late Page 1
Sir Hubert Houldsworth Chairman of the N.C.B.died suddenly at his home in London today aged 66. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 3rd 1956. Late Page 1
An Overman at Hanley Deep pit Mr. Tom Morrey of 264, Liverpool Road, Newcastle, is to retire after 51 years service at Hanley Deep Pit. He has held every possible position in the North Staffordshire Branch of N.A.C.O.D.S. and for the last 16 years as President.
Page 7. A change in grading for Industrial compensation for Pneumoconiosis is made by Dr.s J.C. Gilson and P. Hugh-Jones in a report issued today by the Medical Research Council.
Page 8. Photograph of Silverdale and it’s Kent’s Lane pit covered in snow.

Evening Sentinel. February 6th 1956. Late Page 4
Photograph of Victoria colliery Welfare Committee dinner dance, the colliery manager (Mr. M. Gittins) is seated in the centre.

Evening Sentinel. February 7th 1956. Late Page 5
North Staffordshire miners dig more coal with fewer men. North Staffordshire Coalfield output was 536,052 tons last month, compared to 513,356 tons in ’55. Same Page. More cases of Pneumoconiosis were being diagnosed in North Staffordshire due to the increasing awareness of the disease, than the number of men contacting it, Mr. Aubrey Jones, Minister for Fuel and Power said in the commons yesterday. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 8th 1956. Late Page 5
The Minister for Fuel and Power Mr. Aubrey Jones say’s in a letter to Dr. B. Stross M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent Central that “We are making good progress” towards the aim of approved dust levels conditions everyware in mines. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 10th 1956. City Final Page 10
About 1,800 tons of coal has been lost at Norton colliery this week through a strike of underground workers, the strike started on the day shift on Tuesday, and the men returned to work yesterday afternoon.

Evening Sentinel. February 13th 1956. Late Page 5
Speaking at the annual dinner of North Staffordshire Branch of the Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at the North Staffordshire Hotel, Mr. E.H. Browne, Chairman, of the West midlands Division of the N.C.B. said “North Staffordshire is going to be the most important of all the 49 areas.” There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 6. Photograph of two N.A.C.O.D.S. members were honoured by their colleagues who have spent more than half a century in the service, the two were Mr. Tom Morrey 51 years service and Mr. J. Sherwin 56 years.

Evening Sentinel. February 14th 1956. Late Page 4
In a paper given last night at a meeting of the North Staffordshire Institute of Mining Engineers, Professor E.L.G. Potts, of the University School of Mines, Kings College, Newcastle on Tyne, he outlined the problems with strata control underground with new mining techniques. There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 8. Photograph of Glass House, colliery Chesterton, Long service awards at their annual social evening at the Miners Institute, Red Street, in the photograph are Mr. H. Lockett, (Sec’ of North Staffordshire N.U.M.) Mr. L.W. Fletcher, Group Manager and Mr. D. Alexander, Colliery Manager.

Evening Sentinel. February 20th 1956. City Final Page 1
The Minister for Fuel and Power Mr. Aubrey Jones said “He would shortly lay before the house an order to amend the limit the rateable value under the 1950 Act on subsidence”

Evening Sentinel. February 21st 1956. Late Page 5
Facing a campaign by North Staffordshire M.P.s the Minister’s for Fuel and Power, Labour and Health are expected to hold joint discussions of the serious problem of Pneumoconiosis, among North Staffordshire miners.

Evening Sentinel. February 23rd 1956. Late Page 7
There is to be a strong protest by Stoke-on-Trent City Council Reconstruction Committee against the proposal, to prospect for opencast coal production at Turnhurst hall farm. The City Council intend to erect houses on this site at the earliest opportunity.
City Final Page 8. Mr Wilfred Foster, aged 38, a colliery electrician of 26, Poole Street, Fenton, died in the N.S.R.I. from head injuries he received when he fell from a lorry, at Hem Heath colliery. A verdict of Accidental Death was recorded.

Evening Sentinel. February 27th 1956. Late Page 4
Former Longton High School pupil Mr. Wilmot Wilcox, who has served in numinous management posts in North Staffordshire since 1935, as been appointed to North Staffordshire Area Production Manager of the N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. February 28th 1956. Late Page 5
Newcastle Rural District Council is to consider objecting to the proposed opencast mining at Bignall Hill, because it might endanger the memorial that stands there.

Evening Sentinel. March 1st 1956 Late Page 7.
Every assistance will be given by the Ministry of Health and Local Government, to facilitate the speedy erection of 150 houses for miners to be brought into North Staffordshire from Northumberland, Scotland and the North of England. This was said at a meeting of Stone Rural District Council.

Evening Sentinel. March 2nd 1956 Late Page 7.
A drive against tuberculosis is the best way to reduce the affects of Pneumoconiosis among North Staffordshire miners, as been suggested by Dr. B. Stross, M.P. for Stoke on Trent Central. There’s more on this article on this page.
Same Page. Four year old Derek Roberts whom the police have been hunting for more than 24 hours was found in a cooling tower at Glebe colliery, Fenton, late yesterday afternoon.

Evening Sentinel. March 5th 1956 Late Page 5.
Mr. Ian Harvey, a miner of Froghall Road, Cheadle, was treated at the N.S.R.I. for a injury to his hand by a fall of dirt underground. No colliery was mentioned.
City Final Page 1 A special review of the problems of Pneumoconiosis among miners of North Staffordshire has been suggested by the Minister for Fuel and Power in a letter to Mr. Stephen Swingler M.P. for Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Evening Sentinel. March 6th 1956 Late Page 7.
North Staffordshire Coalfields output was 519,415 tons, including 34,332 tons from voluntary shift’s. This corresponds with 509,564 tons, and 34,901 respectfully in 1955. Manpower averaged 19,935 compared to 19,994 in 1955.
Page 8. There is an article on the debate in the Commons, which includes Dr. B. Stross, M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent Central, and, Miss Pat Horrsby-Smith M.P. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, on why was there is more, Tuberculosis and Pneumoconiosis in North Staffordshire area, than any other area.

Evening Sentinel. March 9th 1956 Late Page 14.
Dr. B. Stross M.P. as been allocated time in the Commons to introduce a debate on Pneumoconiosis in North Staffordshire. There’s more on this article on this page

Evening Sentinel. March 14th 1956 Late Page 1.
A miner struck an Overman with a shovel in an argument underground. He was fined £3 with £4-4s-0d costs.

Evening Sentinel. March 15th 1956 Late Page 7.
A Smallthorn Shotlighter pleaded guilty to charging a shothole before the shot was due to be fired: Charging a shothole within 30 yards: Leaving a charged shot in the coal face. He was fined £15 with £3-3s-0d costs. There’s more on this article on this page.
Late final. Page 1. Labour M.P.s are to demand more compensation for damage caused by mining subsidence in the North West of the county.

Evening Sentinel. March 17th 1956 Late Page 5.
X- ray’s for all North Staffordshire pit recruits. Dr. B. Stross M.P. was given assurances by the Private Secretary to the Minister of Health. There’s more on this article on this page.
Final. Page 1. Dr. B Stross reply to, the Parliamentary Secretary, to the Minister of Health.

Evening Sentinel. March 19th 1956 Late Page 7.
Seven North Staffordshire miners each with more than 50 years service in the industry were given long service certificates, by Mr. Fred Ball, (Berry Hill Group Manager) at the annual dinner of Mossfield colliery’s social, welfare and sports club. The reciprocants were: Mr. Percy Hollingshead, who started work at Mossfield colliery in 1903, Mr. John Thomas Hincks, who began work at Hulme colliery in 1901. Mr. William W. Burgess, Florence colliery, 1902. Mr. John Thomas Griffiths, 1903 at Parkhall colliery. Mr. Harry Forrester, Ubberley pits in 1903. Mr. James E. Lowe, Mossfield colliery, 1905. Mr. Thomas Edwin Poole, Talke o’ th’ hill colliery 1905.

Evening Sentinel. March 21st 1956 Late Page 5.
A draft order which comes into force on April 1st as been submitted for Parliamentary approval, this is for houses up to the rateable value of £50, to receive protection under legislation dealing with mining subsidence.

Evening Sentinel. March 24th 1956 Late Page 1.
A man believed to be picking coal at Mossfield colliery tip, was killed when a rolling bolder hit him on the head. A report of the inquest of this mans death, is in all the editions of the Sentinel of the 27th on Page 1.

Evening Sentinel. March 29th 1956 Late Page 9.
There is approval for 150 houses for miners, at a meeting of Stone Rural District Council, and the only possible site is at cocknege.

Evening Sentinel. April 4th 1956 Late Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo”. “The end of a rope” by W.H.C.
Late Final Page 8. “Virtually the same as last year and any normal Monday” was how Mr. Rowland Bennett, North Staffordshire Area General Manager, the miners returned to work after the Easter holiday

Evening Sentinel. April 7th 1956 Late Page 5.
A 22 year old works contractor, Mr. John Hughes, of 156, Chaplin Road, Longton, was taken to the N.S.R.I. yesterday with a suspected fracture of the spine, after he had fallen into a bunker while on demolition work at Florence colliery. He was stated to be rather ill.

Evening Sentinel. April 10th 1956 Late Page 4.
Alsagers Bank parish council are complaining that, a bank of soil left on the border of the parish churchyard, when a nearby footrail became worked out, is unsightly. There is a photograph on this page.
Same Page The increase of the labour force in the mining industry was a “Bright Spot” in the areas employment situation, said Mr. F.W. Smith, Secretary of Stoke-on-Trent local employment committee. The industries labour force was now more than 20,000 foe the first time.
Page 7. For the 9th year in succession, Victoria colliery won the Welfare shield, Madeley colliery was second, in the North Staffordshire inter-colliery first aid finals held at Heron Cross School, Fenton, on Saturday, Hem Heath won the Junior Championship Cup, for the second successive year.

Evening Sentinel. April 11th 1956 Late Page 5.
A statement on mining subsidence, as it concerns local authorities would be made shortly by the Minister of Fuel and power, said, Mr. Duncan Sandys, M.P. Minister of Housing and local government in a written reply to Mr. Ellis Smith, M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent South.
Same Page. Four employees and a former employee of Hanley deep pit, received certificates and a cheque, at a social evening organised by the Hanley deep pit, welfare society, to mark 50 years or more in the mining industry, they were: Mr. P. Austin, aged 68, (55 years) Mr. W. Moran 67, (53) Mr. D.Cliffe, 65, (51) Mr. A Wieldon, 64, (51) Mr. J. Nicholls, 65, (50)

Evening Sentinel. April 12th 1956 Late Page 5.
Photograph of the Obelisk where giant excavators are to cut 30 yards scars at the base of the Wedgwood monument, at Bignall hill, where it is expected to produce 75,000 tons of good quality coal. There were no objections from Newcastle Rural Council or Kidsgrove Urban Council, on who’s boundaries the monument stands.
City Final page 12. Newcastle-under-Lyme Council as asked the Minister of Housing for an extra subsidy to house 80 miners, for whom the N.C.B. is to bring into North Staffordshire. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 13th 1956 Late Page 1.
M.P.s hope for Subsidence assurance on Monday, the Minister may have some good news for 3,000 house owners. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 14th 1956 Late Page 8.
North Staffordshire Coalfields output was for the March period 641,163 tons, a decrease of 16,901 tons, the voluntary shifts yielded 99,721 tons compared to 132,888 tons in March last year. Men on the books averaged 20,064 compared to 19,932 last year. In the First three months of this year total output for the area was 1,696,630 tons, which is showing an increase of 16, 645 tons.
Football Final Page 1. A 31 year old Longton miner was found collapsed in Irlam, Lancashire on Thursday night, he only recovered his memory last night. He is a face worker at Mossfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel. April 16th 1956 Late Page 7.
Bring back the seven hour day in the pits, to help the fight against Pneumoconiosis, said Mr Arthur Badderley in his Presidential address at the midlands area annual conference of the N.U.M.
Same Page . Keep the costs down and the sky the limit, said Mr. E.H. Browne, Chairman of the N.C.B. at the midland area annual conference of the N.U.M. at Stoke town hall today.
Late Final Page 1. There is callous neglect, and indifference, devious, Coal Board generally, and the North Staffordshire area Board officials in particular, to low wages being earned by North Staffordshire piece workers during the early part of 1955, and before that date, resulting in men in many pits in North Staffordshire, taking unofficial action. It was disclosed in a report of the area executive committee, at the midlands N.U.M. conference at Stoke today.
City Final Page 1. New national subsidies for subsidence will add 60d to a ton of coal. It will cost £5 million a year. This was in a commons statement this afternoon.

Evening Sentinel. April 17th 1956 Late Page 1.
The Governments new subsidence compensation proposals will save Stoke-on-Trent Corporation £20,000 a year. There’s more on this article on this page.
Same page. Powder can’s which have cost North Staffordshire miners about 12s each, are now going to be supplied free by the west midland’s division of the N.C.B. at a cost of £3,000.
Same Page. A 53 year old Brindley Ford housewife, was yesterday found at a slurry pool at Victoria colliery,
Same Page. None of the doctors who serve on the Pneumoconiosis Medical Board is a member of the Medical appeals tribunal, under the Industrial Injuries Act. The Minister of Pensions and National Insurance, Mr. John Boyd Carpenter, M.P. told Mr. S. Swingler M.P. in a written answer in the commons yesterday.
Late Final Page 1. Recruiting in the pits is a little better now, stated Mr. W.E. Davis, midlands regional controller for the Ministry of Labour and National Insurance, at a conference at Birmingham.
Page 10. Criticism of coloured mineworkers was strongly rebutted at the annual conference of the midlands N.U.M. at Stoke.

Evening Sentinel. April 18th 1956 Late Page 7.
Cheaper coal for miners would be a benefit for North Staffordshire miners if the N.C.B. agreed, this was expressed by Mr. J.H. Southall (General Secretary.) at Stoke today.

Evening Sentinel. April 19th 1956 Late Page 11.
Photograph of Florence colliery Longton, new sports field, in which Florence beat Berry hill colliery 6-0 in a football match.

Evening Sentinel. April 20th 1956 Late Page 9.
The Government is understood hope to introduce legislation next year to put into operation a plan for comprehensive compensation for mining subsidence damage.
Page 14. An Italian miner who was alleged to have struck a Ripper with a spade in Hesketh pit, Chatterley Whitfield colliery was fined £3 with £2-12s-0d costs, at Burslem stipendiary Magistrates court.

Evening Sentinel. April 23rd 1956 Late Page 1.
North Staffordshire Coalfield may become one of the most important areas in the country, in a statement revealed this afternoon by the N.C.B. in which British coalfields are to get a gigantic boost of £1,000 million for development. There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 8. A new weapon on subsidence fight was revealed this afternoon by the N.C.B. To prevent subsidence near collier’s, some sort of support must be provided, within underground working. The N.C.B.s approved way is to fill in with “spoilage.” There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 10. Three miners from the North Staffordshire area have reached the National final of the Mineworkers Amateur Boxing Championships. They are Ernie Ball, Victoria colliery, Eddie Edwards, a fireman at the Glasshouse Colliery, And Harold Brown, a faceworker at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.
City Final Page 1. The N.C.B. office in London today have stated that at least four North Staffordshire collieries are to receive major reconstruction, they are, Stafford, Holditch, Wolstanton and Chatterley Whitfield collieries. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 24th 1956 Late Page 7.
N.C.B. tenants cars are making a nuisance at Madeley Moss, is alleged by a member of Newcastle Rural District Council.
City Final. Page 10. Philip Alcock aged 18, an underground worker at the Glebe colliery, Fenton, as been selected to take part in a special contest at the N.C.B. boxing finals

Evening Sentinel. April 25th 1956 Late Page 5.
As from Monday, the N.C.B. sales headquarters is being moved to Dudley, in the West midlands, from Stoke.

Evening Sentinel. April 26th 1956 Late Page 9.
The Ministry of Housing and Local Government, have asked the City Council, to consider in their housing program, of building 650 houses for incoming miners during 1956, ‘57 and ‘58.

Evening Sentinel. April 30th 1956 Late Page 5.
Photograph of the new Berry Hill Sports Ground and Pavilion, being opened. In the Photo is Mr. H. Locket, President of N.U.M. North Staffordshire Branch, Mr. Rowland Bennett. North Staffordshire Area Manager. Mr. A. Baddeley, West midlands, President of the N.U.M. Mr. R.V. Ball, No.6. Group Manager.
Page 6. Photograph of Mr. Rowland Bennett, presenting long service certificates to Jack Warren B.E.M. a foreman mechanic at Hem Heath Colliery, who as served the industry for more than 60 years. The presentation took place at the Crown and Anchor Hotel, Longton.
Page 7. Photograph of North Staffordshire 1956, Coal queen, Miss Yvonne Burgess, her father works at Holditch colliery, after being chosen Miss Burgess sang for 100 or so guests. Later on in the evening there were presentations to 14 long serving miners, six of whom are still working, the six are Mr. William Smith, (61 years Service) Mr, Jack Warren (60) Mr. Arthur Shenton, (58) Mr. Joseph Bailey, (56) Mr. P. Clarke, (56) Mr. Steward Heath. (53) The retired miners are Mr. Frederick Pointon Clare, (56) Mr. Harold Corbishley, (54) Mr. Frederick Ball, (52) Mr. John Harry Cumberbatch, (52) Mr. George Alexander, (52) Mr. Thomas Gibbins (50) Mr. George Clewes, (50) and Mr. John Thomas Adams, (50) Guests included Mr. W.G. Cumberbatch, Area Manager, Mr. E. Mawdsley, colliery Manager, Mr. R. Barker, former colliery Manager.
Page 10. The funeral took place at Christ Church, Coalville, Leicestershire, on Saturday of Mr. Joseph Edward Homer, a former colliery manager and Potteries building contractor, who died at his home at, 180 Forest Road, Coalville, at the age of 85. Son of one time owner of the Homer pit Fenton, He was born at Stockton Brook and educated at Giggleswick School, North Yorkshire. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 1st 1956 Late Page 4.
Photograph of the retiring President of the North Staffordshire Branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, installing the new President, Mr. L.W. Viggars, at annual meeting, at the N.C.B. offices at Stoke.
Late Final Page 8. Photograph of the boxers who are in the N.C.B. Championship finals on Saturday. See April 23rd Late Edition Page10. Evening Sentinel. May 3rd 1956 Late Page 7.
North Staffordshire Coalfield made a profit of £1.500 million last year, but, the N.C.B. total deficit was £36,600,000. In North Staffordshire there were 20 coal producing collieries on the 1st January 1955. There is a full list of the Coal Board statistics on this page.
Page 11. The three North Staffordshire miners who are to compete in the National Boxing Championship at the Granby Hall, Leicestershire, are to stay in the Grand Hotel, along with Australian cricket team, who are on tour here at the moment.

Evening Sentinel. May 4th 1956 Late Page 6.
Training pits are to be opened in Divisions where there is a manpower surplus, and recruits will be transferred to either, West midland, Yorkshire or South Wales, areas said Mr. James Bowman, Chairman of the N.C.B.
Page 8. Photograph of a group of Devon clay miners from Newton Abbott who visited Sneyd colliery under normal working conditions. Mr. R. Boote Sneyd colliery’s manager is in the photograph.
Page 16. The group of Devon miners also visited Hem Heath, as well as Sneyd.

Evening Sentinel. May 5th 1956 Late Page 5.
In his Presidential address to the North Staffordshire Branch of the National Association of Colliery Managers, last night, Mr. L.W. Fletcher, No. 3 Group Manager of the N.C.B. North Staffordshire Area, declared that if mining industry of the future was to be made the attraction, it had to be that, the hard and laborious day to day slogging must be removed.
Page 9. North Staffordshire Coalfield output was 492,202 tons, compared to the same month last year of 462,961tons.

Evening Sentinel. May 12th 1956 Late Page 5.
Photograph of Holditch miner’s daughter, Miss Yvonne Burgess, who has become this year’s, West midlands Coal Queen.

Evening Sentinel. May 18th 1956 Late Final Page 14.
The funeral took place yesterday at Bold Street, Northwood, of Mr. Arthur Knight, aged 45, of 44, Court Lane, Wolstanton, a under manager at Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton. Mr. Knight moved to the area four years ago from Mansfield. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 19th 1956 Late Page 5.
Photograph of derailed wagons at Chatterley Whitfield, level crossing in Scotia Road, Tunstall. Ten loaded coal wagons were derailed shortly after ten o’clock this morning, causing a complete road block for 2 hours.

Evening Sentinel. May 24th 1956 Late Page 10.
No help can now be given by Stone Rural District Council, in providing 150 new homes for miners, who are coming to North Staffordshire from Durham, Northumberland and Scotland, to work in North Staffordshire pits. The reason given was that the land is needed for agricultural use. This is a reversal of a decision given by the council three months ago to build the houses at Cocknege.

Evening Sentinel. June 5th 1956 Late Page 15.
Despite the Whitsun break output from the North Staffordshire coalfield for the first 21 weeks of the year rose by more than 13,000 tons, to 2,660, 040 tons, compared to the same period last year. In May, North Staffordshire’s output was 477,208 tons, voluntary shifts amounted to 28,333 tons, compared to a year ago of 503,050 tons, voluntary shifts was 29,174 tons.

Evening Sentinel. June 6th 1956 Late Page 4.
North Staffordshire coalfield is likely to be visited by a party of Russian mining experts, who will be on a four week visit to this country later this month.

Evening Sentinel. June 7th 1956 Late Page 1.
After a lifetime in the mining industry, Mr. Arthur Beardmore of Sunny Bank, Cheadle, as retired at almost 66 years of age. He as spent 40 years at Foxfield, New Haven and Parkhall collieries. There’s more on this article on this page.
Late Final. Page 7. Photograph of Newcastle-under-Lyme Employment Committee visiting Hem Heath colliery yesterday. In the Photograph is Mr. W.G. Cumberbatch and Mr. E Mawdsley.
Page 5. Stoke-on-Trent mass X-Ray unit is to visit every pit in North Staffordshire starting with Fenton colliery on June 18th. The unit is being sponsored by the N.C.B. and the N.U.M.

Evening Sentinel. June 12th 1956 Late Page 10.
The Funeral took place yesterday at Kidsgrove of Mr. Edwin Hadley, aged 66, of 16, Stonebank Road, Kidsgrove, who was employed first at Birchenwood colliery for 35 years, then at Chatterley Whitfield colliery until he retired. He was the son of the late Mr. William Hadley, the manager of Birchenwood colliery when it was owned by Heath family.

Evening Sentinel. June 14th 1956 Late Page 6.
Photograph of the presentation by Mr. A.E. Nicklin (Project Engineer) of a clock, wallet and money to Mr. H. Jackson, who is retiring after 52 years at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel. June 15th 1956 Late Page 5.
Nine Paraplegic ex-miners from North Staffordshire are going to Prestatyn Holiday camp for a fortnight’s holiday along with their wives or attendants and their children, under a arrangement with West midlands Division Welfare committee of the National Coal Board’s Social Welfare Committee.
Page 8. Last week Glasshouse colliery set an all time record output, the colliery produced 889 tons, this was the pits best achievement since the pre Christmas “bull” week of 1955, when 876 tons, was achieved.

Evening Sentinel. June 18th 1956 Late Page 1.
Production at Norton colliery as completely halted today, when 143 face workers joined 83 strippers who have been on strike since last Wednesday. Another 283 surface and underground workers were sent home

Evening Sentinel. June 19th 1956 Late Page 1.
Photograph at Norton colliery miners outside the canteen where they attended a strike meeting. It is expected that the men will return to work tonight.
Page 4. Four full time and five part time Doctors serve on the Stoke-on-Trent area’s Pneumoconiosis medical panel. Mr. J. Boyd Carpenter, the Minister of Pensions and National Insurance said in a written commons reply yesterday to Stephen Swingler M.P. for Newcastle-under-Lyme.
City Final Page 1. Work will resume tonight at Norton colliery, since the strike started last Wednesday, approximately 4,430 tons have been lost.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1956 Late Page 1.
There was a fairly good turn out at Norton colliery when work resumed after the strike. Page 8. Photograph of Mr. and Mrs J.W. Walters, of Holydene, Birkholm Drive Meir Heath, who have been married for 60 years. Mr. Walters retired in 1926, after being a pit deputy at Great Fenton. He started work at the age of 13 for a weekly wage of 4s.0d. Mr. Walters worked at Leycett, Holmer end, and Apedale collieries, before going to Great Fenton.

Evening Sentinel. June 25th 1956 Supplement, for Careers Page 2.
There is a quarter page advertisement including a photograph of two trainees and a instructor at Kemball training colliery.

Evening Sentinel. June 26th 1956 Late Page 4.
An appeal by Parkhouse collieries Ltd., of Chesterton, against the decision of Mr. Justice Danckwerts, that the company ceased to be a trading company on the 31st December 1946, it assets being vested by statute in the N.C.B. was dismissed by the court of appeal yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. July 4th 1956 Late Page 5.
A 64 year old miner, Mr. J. Griffiths, of 62, Henry Street, Tunstall, collapsed and died at Berry Hill colliery, Victoria Road, Fenton, yesterday. Late Final Page 8. Because of neck and back injuries he suffered 4 years ago, Mr. James Hilton, aged 50, a former colliery worker, of High Bank Place, Smallthorn, will never be fit to do manual work again, his council said at Stafford Assizes today. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. July 5th 1956 Late Page 6.
In the West midlands Division 83.1% of eligible mineworkers are members of the pension scheme. There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 12. Rejecting a claim of Mr. James Hilton, for damages, Mr. Justice Ashworth, that the accident in which he hurt his neck and back 4 years ago was entirely his own fault.

Evening Sentinel. July 11th 1956 Late Page 5.
North Staffordshire coalfields for the first six months of this year, output rose from 3,242,222 tons to 3,323,896 tons. Total manpower in June was 20,052, 352 higher than in the corresponding period last year.
Same Page. The average monthly payment to part time members of the Pneumoconiosis medical panel in the funded year ‘55-‘56 is £62. There are 39 full time Doctors on the panel.

Evening Sentinel. July 13th 1956 Late Page 6.
Of the ten scholarships awarded by the N.C.B. for industrial relations, two have been awarded to, two North Staffordshire colliery employees, they are Mr. G.E. Gosling, aged 23, of Ashlands Road, Hartshill, a managers assistant at Mossfield colliery, and, Mr. F. Price, aged 25, of 53, Wellington Road, Hanley, a deputy at Hanley deep pit.
Page 9. Photograph of Chatterley Whitfield colliery basketball team.

Evening Sentinel. July 17th 1956 Late Page 4.
In the “Letters to the Editor” column, there is a letter by a retired mining engineer, who recalls the last explosion to occur at Talke colliery in 1901, when he was a face loader. There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 5. The Minister of Fuel and Power was asked to explain why some Pneumoconiosis sufferer’s, who had Emphysema received a monetary allowance from the medical board and others did not, this question was raised by Dr. B. Stross, M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent, Central. The Minister’s reply and other pertinent and related questions are in this article.

Evening Sentinel. July 18th 1956 Late. Page 1.
Photograph of one of the Duke of Edinburgh’s study conference groups held at Hem Heath colliery today. The photo includes Mr. C.A. Harris, (Chairman of the group) Mr. W.G. Cumberbatch (General Manager) Mr. E. Mawdsley (Colliery Manager). There’s a report on this article on page 5 which includes power loading and medical facilities in the pits.

Evening Sentinel. July 20th 1956 Late. Page7.
Fear’s that compensation for mining subsidy damage might be held up caused M.P.s yesterday to defer there request that the Treasury should pay the cost, instead a deputation of M.P.s will see the Minister of Fuel and Power Mr. Aubrey Jones, to discuss the forth coming bill with them as soon as possible.

Evening Sentinel. July 24th 1956 City Final. Page8.
The Minister for Fuel and Power Mr. Aubrey Jones, has had to cancel Thursday’s visit to Florence and Hem Heath collieries. The reason given was pressure of work. The visit may be arranged for the end of next week.

Evening Sentinel. July 27th 1956 Late. Page10.
Photograph of Chatterley Whitfield colliery’s youth club, football team.

Evening Sentinel. July 28th 1956 Late. Page1.
The closing of Madeley colliery is being considered by the N.C.B. The proposal is to absorb most of the miners at Hem Heath colliery. Madeley colliery Employ’s more than 600 men. Evening Sentinel. July 31st 1956 City Final. Page1.
Mr. Stephen Swingler M.P. for Newcastle-under-Lyme is to consult with Mr. H. Lockett, agent for the North Staffordshire branch, of the N.U.M. on action to be taken following the news that the N.C.B. is planning the closing down of Madeley colliery. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. July 31st 1956. City Final. Page1.
The Minister for Fuel and Power, Mr. Aubrey Jones, will not meet the deputation comprising of M.P.s and representatives of the national standing committee to discuss the forth coming bill, such a discussion would be premature. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. August 2nd 1956 City Final. Page10.
While working under a section of Holditch colliery, a roof which he had been told was “a bit tender” John William Trever, aged 51, a charge hand stower, of 40, Vessey Terrace, Newcastle, was buried by a large fall, a witness told a Hanley inquest today. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel. August 7th 1956 Late. Page1.
Last night two gapping holes appeared in Northwood playing fields Hanley, they appeared at the centre of the enclosure as tons of rubble crumbled into the former pit shafts. North wood colliery closed down about forty years ago. Today the floodlit all weather sports area gaped a hole 12 feet wide and 20 feet deep, a second hole is more than 20 feet across and falling to an unknown depth. There is a photograph of the playing fields.

Evening Sentinel. August 8th 1956 Late. Page4.
“Colliery Cameo” “Noise and Sleep” By W.H.C.
Same Page Two former colliery pit shafts at Northwood playing field’s, are today still falling in, Corporation officials are warning children to keep away.

Evening Sentinel. August 10th 1956 Late. Page1.
North Staffordshire coalfields output for July was, 542,848 tons, against 491,758 tons, last year. Average manpower was 6,655 against 6,808 last year. In the year so far output was slightly up on last year, 3,866,744 tons, compared to 3,733,980 tons. Average manpower was down, 6,753 compared to the previous year of 6,900.

Evening Sentinel. August 13th 1956 Late. Page5.
The N.C.B. office at Fenton was broken into at the weekend and property to the value of, £8 5s 6d was taken.
Page 6. The funeral took place on Saturday of Mr. John Goodwin, of 23, Hannah Street, Tunstall, who in 1952 was awarded the B.E.M. medal for services to the coal industry. Mr. Goodwin who was 81, retired from Chatterley Whitfield colliery, at the age of 78, after 64 year of unbreakable service.

Evening Sentinel. August 20th 1956 Late. Page5.
There were proportionally more miners who returned to work after the “wakes fortnight” than there were last year.

Evening Sentinel. August 24th 1956 Late. Page5.
Coal winding operation began this week from the 612 landing of the new1,136 yard, deep shaft at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham, just six years, seven months, Sir Ben Smith then Chairman of West midlands Division of N.C.B. cut the first sod for the shaft.
Page 7. An Irish miner, of the miners hostel Knutton, Newcastle, was committed on bail, for trial, at the Borough Quarter Sessions, by Newcastle Magistrates yesterday, and faces three charges of unlawful possession of explosives, the property of the N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. August 27th 1956 Late. Page4.
Photograph of the opening of the fifth Florence colliery, flower and vegetable show.

Evening Sentinel. August 29th 1956 Late. Page5.
Stoke-on-Trent Council who have earmarked farmland between Goldenhill and Newchapel, for three new housing estates. They would have been used to re-house people displaced by slum clearance in Tunstall and Burslem, but the N.C.B. say that building should be delayed until they have extracted hundreds of thousand tons of coal by opencast mining.

Evening Sentinel. August 30th 1956 Late. Page5.
Photograph of Northwood playing fields pit shaft, which is still widening.

Evening Sentinel. September 4th 1956 Late. Page5.
At a meeting of North Staffordshire Institute of Mining Engineers, tributes were made by Mr. F.W. Tideswell, Senior Principle Scientific Officer, of Safety in Mines Research Establishment, on a lecture, “Control of Drainage in Firedamp from old workings into a Firedamp drainage system”, at Wolstanton colliery, Great Row seam, given by Mr. J.E. Wood, and Mr. D.C. Yates.

Evening Sentinel. September 7th 1956 Late. Page5.
On a visit to the area Mr. Robert Carr, M.P. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour said, “there were encouraging signs in the North Staffordshire coalfield where the decline in manpower had been halted.

Evening Sentinel. September 8th 1956 Late. Page5.
North Staffordshire coalfields output was 217,130 tons, against 244,927 tons a year ago, so far this year, in the eight months, output is 4,083,882 tons, compared to 3,978,907 tons, last year.

Evening Sentinel. September 11th 1956 Late. Page5.
Photograph of some 50 young miners from technical colleges in the west midlands, who are taking summer school at Keele University.

Evening Sentinel. September 13th 1956 Late. Page5.
Thirty four young sons of City miners are carrying on their Fathers tradition in music by playing in a colliery band, 4 times a week they meet in Chatterley Whitfield colliery canteen to practice.

Evening Sentinel. September 19th 1956 Late. Page7.
Although Britain maybe preparing to offer the Industrial crown to Oil or Atomic power, she is in no position to give coal the “Go-By yet, declared Mr. E.W. Viggars, in a presidential address to the North Staffordshire Branch off the Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, at last nights meeting.

Evening Sentinel. September 19th 1956 Late. Page5.
“Be safety conscious in the pits.” is launched, these are the words of Mr. E.H. Brown, Divisional Chairman of the West midlands, N.C.B. although time off per accident, in North Staffordshire, were less than other areas.

Evening Sentinel. September 21st 1956 Late. Page1.
When the N.C.B. close Madeley colliery the N.U.M. want them to replace it with a drift mine in the area, to work the seams of coal that are near the surface. There is more on this article on this page.
Page 5. The best output pits are often the safest, said, Mr. J Smillie, Production Director of the West midlands Division at the “Be Safety Conscious in the pits” Conference.

Evening Sentinel. September 27th 1956 Late. Page5.
The Ministry for Fuel and Power have abandoned plans for opencast mining in the Colclough Lane and Goldenhill sites. Stoke-on- Trent Council were informed at their meeting today. The land includes 35 acres for housing development. There is more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. September 27th 1956 Football Final. Page4.
Nineteen teams fished in the Cobridge Angling Societies water at Congleton, for the North Staffordshire Miners Welfare Angling Trophy, which was won by Norton colliery, second was Sneyd colliery, and third was Parkhouse colliery.

Evening Sentinel. October 2nd 1956 Late. Page7.
Photograph of the North Staffordshire Engineers who held their 84 annual meeting at North Staffordshire Technical College yesterday. In the photograph is Mr. J.G. Brimilow. (Past President) Mr. S. Rogers. (Vice President) Mr. E Steele. (President) Mr. W.G.Cumberbatch. (Vice President) and Mr. J.W. Dean (Secretary)

Evening Sentinel. October 10th 1956 Late. Page7.
North Staffordshire coalfields output was for the five weeks ending September 29th, 639,206 tons, this was 5,728 tons lower than the same period last year, but the figures for the first 39 weeks of this year show that coal production is nearly 100,000 tons up compared to the corresponding period of last year of 4,732,088 tons. The manpower average was 20,294 compared to the corresponding period of last year of 19,636. Average for the year is 20,085 against 19,791 of last year.

Evening Sentinel. October 10th 1956 Late. Page7.
The destinity of North Staffordshire area of becoming the most important single area in the country said Mr. E.H. Browne Chairman of the West midlands Division of the N.C.B. at last nights Dinner of the North Staffordshire Institute of Mining Surveyors. There is a photograph of the officials with the Lord Mayor.

Evening Sentinel. October 17th 1956 Late. Page4.
Over the next 20 years Britain will need all the coal it can produce, Said Dr. A. Parker, Fuel Research Director, at the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Centre, at the annual Mitchell Memorial Lecture, held at the Victoria hall last night in Hanley. There is a photograph of the dignitaries and principle guests.

Evening Sentinel. October 22nd 1956 Late. Page8.
There is a photograph of Cups, Shields and assorted trophies which were presented to more than 300 to North Staffordshire miners at the annual Sports awards of North Staffordshire Area of the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organization, held at the Jubilee Hal, Stoke, on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel. October 23rd 1956 Late. Page1.
The Coal industry is not dying yet said Mr. J. Latham, Deputy Chairman of the N.C.B. Oil and Atomic energy are partners.
Page 4. A fine of £5 was imposed at Tunstall Stipendiary Court yesterday on a man keeping 73 lbs of explosive powder at the Omar colliery, Kidsgrove, in contrary to regulations.
Page 6. Colliery Cameo. Like Blackpool Pleasure Beach. By W.H.C.
Page 7. Newcastle-under-Lyme Rural council, refereed back for further consideration, the proposed development of a footrail at Townsfield, Audley.

Evening Sentinel. October 25th 1956 Late. Page4.
The funeral took place at the United Methodist Church, Silverdale, of Mr. Wilfred Bloor, aged 72, of 41, Abbey Street, Silverdale, who worked for 53 years in the mining industry. There is a full list of mourners on this page.
Page 5. The City Council were asked to suspend the provision of building houses for miners, coming into the City from outside the area. There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 9. Following the success of last years service, a service for miners employed at Hanley Deep Pit. This year’s service will be held at the Providence Methodist Church, Upper Hanley, on Sunday.

Evening Sentinel. October 25th 1956 Late. Page4.
Before a recommendation of the suspension of the provision of further houses for miners was approved at yesterday’s meeting, of the City Council Housing Committee, it asked to make note, that the Committee had not taken this matter light-heartedly.

Evening Sentinel. November 6th 1956 Late. Page. 7.
This years ‘coal Queen’ Yvonne Burgess, of Bradwell, as been successful in an audition for the B.B.C. and is now in London busily working out her plans for the future.

Evening Sentinel. November 7th 1956 Late. Page. 8.
North Staffordshire Coalfield output was 525,766 tons, 5,055 tons, less than the same period last year. Manpower was up to 20,355 this is against 19,656 for the same period last year.

Evening Sentinel. November 8th 1956 Late. Page. 5.
A borer at Hanley Deep Pit, Mr R. Heath, aged 49, of 62, Seaford Street, Shelton, collapsed and died while returning to the surface after finishing his shift. The inquest is reported below.

Evening Sentinel. November 10th 1956 Late. Page. 5.
“A blow to the head from a piece of coal which struck Mr. R Heath, was in no way the cause of any injury to the brain or skull,” said, the City Coroner. In returning a verdict, in accordance with medical evidence, Mr. Heath died from heart failure due to coronary arteriosclerosis, with widespread pneumonoconiosis as a contributing factor.

Evening Sentinel. November 12th 1956 Late. Page. 10.
Two hundred colliery employees attended with their wives at Hem Heath colliery canteen, to present nurse Doris Booth, a member of the surgery staff, with a chiming clock. Nurse Booth is leaving to become a Midwife.
Late Final Page 10. Photograph of recipients of long service certificates who attended asocial evening organised by Parkhouse colliery Sports, Social and Welfare club at Chesterton, on Saturday. Two brothers, Mr. George Hilditch and Mr. Thomas Hilditch, who have served the coal industry for 60years and 50 years respectively, they can be seen with Mr. L.W. Fletcher.
City Final Page 10. With six first’s including four classes in which he won all prizes, Mr. I Shepard, won awards for most points in the employees section of the annual Chrysanthemum Show of the Hanley Deep Pit Welfare Social club held in the staff canteen on Saturday. A full list of winners is on this page.

Evening Sentinel. November 13th 1956 Late. Page. 5.
A former City miner died the same evening, after having his left foot amputated, Mr. Henry Cooper, Aged 51, of 39, Slater Street, Middleport. The City Coroner recorded a verdict in accordance with medical evidence, that death was from, heart failure, Pneumoconiosis and the after effects of amputation for gangrene in his left foot.

Evening Sentinel. November 20th 1956 Late. Page. 7.
The need to restore old mine workings to it’s former original state, before going on with some more opencast coal mining at Alsagers Bank, was stressed at a meeting of, Newcastle-under-Lyme Rural District Council, last night. Subject to conditions, the Council recommend that, the County Council should grant permission for opencast coalmining.

Evening Sentinel. November 21st 1956 Late. Page. 4.
Many ex-miner and miners over retirement age attended the, Hanley Deep Pit Welfare Society’s, first veterans party, held at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke, last night. A list of mining officials and union representatives were present, and are listed on this page.

Evening Sentinel. November 24th 1956 Late. Page. 8.
Celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary today are Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dulson of Mill Lane, Madeley, both aged 82, Mr. Dulson who retired 12, years ago spent 20 years at Silverdale and Leycett pits, Mr. Dulson recalls the Penny Farthing and Queen Victoria’s Jubilee calibrations.

Evening Sentinel. November 26th 1956 Late. Page. 5.
Forty four miners and former miners at Madeley colliery, each having more than 50, years service to the mining industry, which had an aggregate total in excess of 2,300 years service, were honoured at a special social tea, in the canteen on Saturday night. Eighteen of them are still working.

Evening Sentinel. December 1st 1956 Late. Page. 3.
Photograph of Mrs. E.H Browne, wife of the Chairman of the West midlands Division of the N.C.B. presenting the North Staffordshire Ambulance Shield, to Mr. H. Gibson, captain of the Victoria colliery team.

Evening Sentinel. December 6th 1956 Late. Page. 9.
North Staffordshire Coalfield Output for the week ending 24th November was down 9,003 tons. Hem Heath colliery as been increasing it’s output slowly, week by week, a few tons at a time, but, the week ending December 1st output was 7,100 tons, beating the previous week by 370 tons. In the first 47 weeks of the year, North Staffordshire pits produced 8,509 tons of coal than in the same period last year.
City Final Page 16. A pit accident which happened 14 years ago, was held responsible at an Hanley Inquest today, to have caused the death, last Sunday, 2-12-56 of, Mr. Thomas Harris, a 51, year old colliery ripper, of 53, Rothsay Road, Longton. His widow said he had suffered spinal injuries in the accident resulting him to be paralised below the waist, and for the last two years he had been bedfast. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel. December 11th 1956 Late. Page. 5.
A lecture was given last night by Mr. E.H. Oakwell, of the Morgan Crucible Co. of Battersea London. On “Collection and Communication.” to the North Staffordshire Branch, of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
Page 7. The Midlands Area Committee of the N.U.M. decided at Stafford yesterday to accept in principle the employment of Hungarian refugees in mines in the midlands pits. There is more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. December 13th 1956 Late. Page. 7.
Two miners on their way to work at Chatterley Whitfield colliery were injured in a road accident in Colliery Lane, the approach road to the colliery early today, the men both surface workers were 25, year old motor cyclist, Geoffery Yardley, of 6, Railway Street, Tunstall, and, Thomas Farrington, aged 21, of 45, Broomhill Street, Tunstall, who was walking to work. Both were taken to the N.S.R.I. where they were detained with Concussion and Head injuries.

Evening Sentinel. December 15th 1956 Late. Page. 6.
Miner- Boxer, John Sternway of Norton colliery, will miss the Divisional Championships of the N.C.B. Amateur Boxing Assosation at Wolverhampton on Friday. He had a walk-over in the Area Final last night, but, appeared in a special contest, and received a broken jaw and had to retire.
Football Final. Page 4. Photograph of North Staffordshire mineworkers competitors in the Boxing Championships in Wolverhampton who won the Viscount Hyndley Trophy.

Evening Sentinel. December 17th 1956 Late. Page. 4.
Photograph of retired mining employees of Norton colliery who attended a party organised by the colliery social and welfare committee on Saturday night. In the Photograph is Mr. J. Lawton, Mr. J. Mountford, Mr. E. Beardmore, and Mr. R. Lacey. There is a list of Guests and Officials on page 8.

Evening Sentinel. December 18th 1956 Late Final. Page. 8.
The fear that petrol rationing could lead to loss of coal production in North Staffordshire was expressed by Harold Davis M.P. for Leek, in the commons yesterday. There is more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. December 19th 1956 Late. Page. 5.
At the end of a four day hearing at Birmingham assizes a claim was dismissed by a Newcastle-under- Lyme man for damages of £17,000 from the N.C.B. The judge also dismissed the N.C.B. counter-claim and awarded them 4/5th costs. The plaintiff Mr. William Owen Jones, aged 65, of Grove House, Abbott’s Way, Newcastle-under-Lyme, who claimed damages for alleged breach of contract, wrongful dismissal and arrears of salary. Mr. Jones was formally the manager of Tower hill mine, Mow Cop, which is owned by the North Midland Colliery Co. There is more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. December 20th 1956 Late. Page. 8.
The highest output for any week since vesting day, was achieved by west midlands miners, the total output was 414,470 tons, which was 5,000 tons, better than the previous record, which as stood since Christmas 1949.
Late Page 5. A Chell man failed at Stafford assizes in an action against the N.C.B. in injuries he received in an accident at Victoria colliery Biddulph, in October 1953. The plaintiff, Mr. James Allen, a 42 year old colliery ripper of 3, Crouch Avenue, Mill Hill Estate, Chell, who was injured in a shotfiring operation at the pit. He alleged negligence and breach of security by his employers.