Sentinel 1st January 1957 Late p1
Photograph of two old pit shafts that had opened and merged. There had been heavy rain. Same date and edition page 8 the death was announced of Mr L J Cox a clerk at Wolstanton.

Sentinel 2nd January 1957 Late p5
1956 coal production in North Staffs highest since 1947. Local pits produced 6,414,000 tons with fewer men. Men on books down from 19855 to 19800.

Sentinel 3rd January 1957 Late p4
Article by Mr J Henshaw DIV chief mining inspector suggesting local pits should consider adopting methane drainage.

Sentinel 5TH January 1957 Late p5
A scheme was to be introduced to mix colliery methane with coal gas.

Sentinel 9th January 1957 Late p5
Mr A Clarke engineer at Florence colliery collapsed and died at the colliery on the 8th of January.

Sentinel 10th January 1957 Late p7
An article by West Midlands chairman Mr E H Brown said the development of the North Staffs coalfield was vital to the division.

Sentinel 14th January 1957 city final p1
National Coal Board to recruit graduates from Germany. Same date an edition p6. Mining students at North Staffs Technical College discuss the link between pay and accidents.

Sentinel 16th January 1957 Late p4
Editorial on the pros and cons of the employment of Hungarians in the pits. The local N. U. M. were in agreement.,

Sentinel 18th January 1957 Late p12
Photograph of boxers from the Leek parish church amateur boxing club during a friendly competition with North Staffs miners at Berryhill gymnasium.

Sentinel 25th January 1957 late p6
Miners from Holditch honour colleagues at a dinner. Long serving Mr Harry Bentley, and Mr Ezra Clarke O.B.E. Mr Clarke was also the holder of the Edward Medal, and was one of the hero's of the 1937 Holditch disaster.

Sentinel 29TH January 1957 late p4
Day by Day reported there would 50,000 miners at the midlands gala at Tamworth Castle on the 22nd June this year.

Sentinel 1st February 1957 Late Final p1
Idris Jones age 51 killed in a roof fall At Parkhouse. He had only been at the colliery for six months after transferring from South Wales.

Sentinel 4th February 1957 Late p5
N.C.B. Forced to repair the roads around Lycett colliery Same page record production expected at Parkhouse colliery stated in a speech made by Mr A C Beaton at the staff dinner .

Sentinel 4th February 1957 Late p4
Photograph of the sixth annual Stafford colliery veterans party at the Jubilee Hall Stoke. Prominent in the Photo are Mr J Hulland age 70yrs and Mrs P Owen age 74 yrs.

Sentinel 4th February 1957 Late p4
Death announced in Leigh on Sea, Essex of the Reverend Frank H Chambers. In the early 1900 hundreds he was employed at Hanley Deep. He came to prominence when he spoke out against a strike, and was thanked by Enoch Edwards M.P. The Reverend Chambers officiated at the Providence Methodist Church in upper Hanley.

Sentinel 5th February 1957 Late p5
Newcastle local authority are asked by the N.C.B. to consider the housing of 35 Hungarians at the Knutton Hostel.

Sentinel 8th February 1957 Late p7
North Staffs production in January 1957 increased from 536,052 tons last year to 542,941 this year. Manpower also up to 20,689 some 850 more than last year.

Sentinel 14th February 1957 Late p1
Mr J McGuckin aged 48yrs was killed at Victoria colliery , crushed by a coal cutter. Mr McGuckin who had only been at the pit for four weeks left a wife and ten children at the family home in Falkirk.

Sentinel 20th February 1957 Late p4
the death was announced at his daughter home in Middlesex of Mr Charles Greatbatch. Mr Greatbatch was a hero of the Minnie Pit disaster when he was instrumental in the saving of some 40 men. He used his knowledge of ventilation to remove foul air. He was presented with the Carnegie Certificate.

Sentinel 23rd February 1957 city Final p1
Inquest into the death of Mr Wilfred Foster surface electrician at Florence colliery. Sentinel 4th March 1957 late p5
Photograph and write up on the BACM dinner at the North Staffs hotel. Mr J A Bullock National President gave the address.

Sentinel 6th March 1957 late p5
Output in North Staffs over the four weeks ending 23 February by 49,472 tons over previous year.

Sentinel 9th March 1957 late p3
Photograph and description of a presentation to Mr R Mayer of a television. He was retiring from Chatterley Whitfield after 51years. During his service he had been a fireman for27 years, and captain of the rescue team.

> Sentinel 26th March 1957 late final p5
Photograph of a presentation at the North Staffs mining institute to third year student Levi Knapper. Mr Knapper went on to hold many important posts in the area, including manager at Florence Colliery.

Sentinel 30th March 1957 late p5
The Pit Pony Protection Society where they laid out minimum conditions for ponies working underground. They were. 1) No pony over the age of 15 yrs to be underground. 2) Ponies under 14 hands or blind in one eye, or with broken wind to work underground. 3) No horse to work more than one shift in 24 hours. 4) There must be better clearances above the horse's backs. 5) All horses to be examined every three months. 6) All redundant horses to be sent to a retirement home. 7) Horses to be brought to the surface at holiday times.

Sentinel 1ST April 1957 late final p5
Victoria colliery's first aid team wins the North Staffs competition for the 10th year. Runners up were Norton, with Mossfield third. Hem Heath juniors won the Wynne Cup. There is a photo of Ron Smith receiving cup on behalf of the Hem Heath team. The competition was held at the Heron Cross primary school. On the same page there is a story on the reopening of the Goldenhill Institute. They had spent some 16,000 on an extension.

Sentinel 5th April 1957 late p9
A talk by Mr P Smallman at the A G M of National Association of Colliery Managers. His topic was increased production from fewer pits.

Sentinel 8th April 1957 city final p1
Strike at Parkhouse colliery. Workers on the Peacock seam strike over loss of wages. 1000 tons of coal lost.

Sentinel 8th April 1957 late p
Photograph of the presentation of long service certificates to employees at Great Fenton colliery. The recipients were Mr H Billington, Mr P Clarke, Mr J Bromfield, with 50yrs service. Mr F Penance with 41 years service.

Sentinel 10th April 1957 late p5
North Staffs output up by7.5% over the five-week period ending 30th March 1957. Actual tonnage was 712,589 tons. Manpower was also up from 20,064 to 21,122.

Same edition photograph of Lord Mayor Mr W Bailey at Hem Heath. The Mayor later visited Florence colliery. Sentinel 11th April 1957 late p5
Sneyd colliery welfare club reopens after extension. Mr H Lockett N.U.M. Secretary opened the club in Moorland Rd Burslem. A photograph of the ceremony is shown in the same edition page 6.

Sentinel 15th April 1957 final p5
N.U.M. conference in Stoke town hall Arthur Baddeley of Norton colliery President. Among the matters discussed was safety and manpower.

Sentinel 16th April 1957 16th late edition page one
There was a report on the possibility of employing Hungarian Refugees.

Sentinel 16th April 1957 late p8
Mr J G Bromilow N.C.B Chief Ventilation Engineer gave a talk to the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers at the Technical College. Mr Bromilow used to be the manager at Parkhouse Colliery.

Sentinel 16th April 1957 final p1
Photograph of members at the N.U.M. Conference at Stoke town hall.

Sentinel 17th April 1957 late p7
Two old pit shafts found under the playground at Brookhouse Green Primary School. N.U.M. Conference at Stoke rejects the employment of Hungarian Refugees.

Sentinel 1st July 1957 late p4
Photograph of a rescue team winning a competition, there was no name.

Sentinel 1st July 1957 late p
Mineworkers pension scheme becomes compulsory for all new entrants. The minimum pension would be i.00 a week.

Sentinel 2nd July 1957 late p4
Inquest into the death of Parkhall mineworker Denny Cotton. He was struck by a runaway tub.

Sentinel 3rd July 1957 city final p1
The sudden death was announced of former mine owner Mr Alfred Birchall aged 66. He had set up the Birchall Colliery Ltd at Dale Hall in 1937.

Sentinel 8th July 1957 late p4
Photograph and article on a presentation at Silverdale colliery of long service certificates to 12 men who had each completed at least 50yrs service. Colliery manager Frank Allen was present. Their names were, Harry Birkin, Joe Whalley 55yrs, George Rhodes, William Moulton, Joe Dowling, Herbert Lewis 53yrs, Joe Wainwright, Sam Jervis, David Whitehurst, Frank Maskery 52yrs, Joe Thoombs 51yrs, and Weston Billington 50yrs

Sentinel 16th July 1957 late p6
Pit accident figures show that mining is 5 times more dangerous than other industries. This was a statement from the Staffordshire College of rehabilitation.

Sentinel 17th July 1957 late Final p4
44 year old Mr Fredrick Gibson collapsed and died while at work at Chatterley Whitfield on the 16th July.

Sentinel 17th July 1957 late p7
Notice was given of a miner's sports day to be held Knypersley Cricket Club. There were to be many events, including a boxing tournament. Among the boxers were John and Tommy Beardmore from Coalville Estate. The Coal Queen was Miss L M Ankers of Porthill.

Sentinel 22nd July 1957 late p4
Photograph of veteran mineworkers from Norton Colliery receiving long service certificates from the manager Mr S Hacking. There is a long list of recipients.

Sentinel 22nd July 1957 late p7
Photograph of the successful Victoria tug of war team at the North Staffs Sports day

Sentinel 24th July 1957 late p5
In an article by Mr R W Scurfield N C B area production manager (planning) he forecasts that although there would be major problems with heat and gas production in N Staffs could be increased to 9,000,000 per annum. In the Sentinel next day another article by Scurfield on the merits of stowing

Sentinel 2nd August1957 late p7
In the first quarter N Staffs collieries made a profit of 553,793 from 1.5 Million tons.

Sentinel 4th August1957 late p5
Numbers of mineworkers in North Staff over the first 30 weeks increase by 1297 to 21440. Output over the same period up by 4.3% at 4,033,751 tons compared to last year.

Sentinel 13th August1957 late p4 editorial
Parkhouse colliery break down prejudice by employing 4 Hungarians Refugees. Additional information on page 4.

Sentinel 13th August1957 City Final p8
the death was announced of Mr John Jackson of Leonard St Burslem. Mr Jackson who was 82yrs old worked at Sneyd colliery for 52yrs.

Sentinel 26th August1957 late final p5
North Staffs coal queen Miss Lucy Ankers opened Stramshall fate.

Sentinel 30th August1957 late p1
Headlines N.C.B. announces the closure of Madeley colliery. In operation since 1860 the pit employs 437 men. There are 112 face workers, 176 elsewhere underground, and 149 on the surface.

Sentinel 1st September 1957 late p6
Photograph of veteran miner Joss Cooper at a fire-fighting exercise at Wolstanton.

Sentinel 4th September 1957 late p5
There is a great story of a lady called Mrs Elizabeth Esbley. This lady who was 78years old had just retired from Holditch. The daughter of a farmer she was born in Dilhorn. Although good in school she had to leave early and take over the milk round when her father died. When her mother died she became head of the house. Her first husband was killed in the 1914/18 war. She then became the cook to a family 1n High Lane, where she stayed for 27 years. Her second husband died on the day the 1939/45 war started. She applied for the job of cook at Holditch when she was 65 years old, known as "mother" she worked at the pit for further 13 years.

Sentinel 6th September 1957 late p7
Wolstanton colliery was to commence drilling for Methane. The gas would be piped direct from the coalface to the consumer.

Sentinel 9th September 1957 late p5
Small fire reported in the workshops at Hanley Deep.

Sentinel 18th September 1957 late p1
Plans were unveiled for the North Staffs coalfield showing new areas of extraction using horizon mining. Coal would be worked down to a depth of 4000 feet.

Sentinel 18th September 1957 late p1
A report into an accident at Parkhall colliery on the 25th July when a face worker was blinded in a shot-firing incident.

Sentinel 19th September 1957 late p6
Photograph of Mr and Mrs W Smith who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Mr Smith who works as a winding engine man at Hem Heath started in the mining industry 62years ago when he was earning one shilling (5p) a day.

Sentinel 21st September 1957 late p5
last coal from Lycett colliery. After 100yrs of production Lycett closed today. The present manpower of 437 u/g and 112 surface will eventually be transferred to other North Staffs pits i.e. Hem Heath, Wolstanton, Silverdale, and Holditch. 100 men will be kept back for salvage, which should take between 6 and 12 months. A further 5 men will produce sufficient coal to keep the boilers going.

Sentinel 23rd September 1957 late p9
Full-page spread on the closure of Lycett. There is a poignant photograph of 78 years old Mr Sam Brooks M.B.E., who had been at the colliery for 66yrs. He started work as a pony driver in 1891, and was paid 0.45 for six days work. Another man mentioned was Mr Delves who had been at the pit since 1911. He remembers that before the Clarke's shaft was sunk a whole shift of men had been sent home because of gassing. A Mr Jabez Broadhead told the Sentinel that he had three brothers at the pit.

Sentinel 2nd Oct 1957 late p4
Gardening competitions held on N.C.B. estates produced the follow winners. Baddeley Green Mr G R Millward, Brown Edge Mr R Pepper, Galley's Bank Mr A Lambert, Park Lane Mr G Ermisz, Park Site Mr L Glover, Coalville Mr S Sieminski.

Sentinel 2nd Oct 1957 late p7
Lord Mayor at a party at Stoke town hall for 200 retired mineworkers. Hanley Deep male voice choir provided the entertainment. The colliery manager E Johnson, and the Chairman of the welfare society were in attendance.

Sentinel 5th Oct 1957 late p4
Photograph of the Hanley Deep football team who played in the half-holiday league.

Sentinel 8th Oct 1957 late p4
Details of a talk given by Mr S Rogers on mechanisation in the pit. It followed his election as president of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. There is a photograph of a presentation to the retiring President Mr J W Dean.

Sentinel 9th Oct 1957 late p4
Research by Keele University suggest Coal seam can be found by studying fossils.

Sentinel 12th Oct 1957 late p4
James Galloway 40 years old coalface packer was killed at Florence colliery on the 11th Oct. He left a wife and 3 children.

Sentinel 12th Oct1957 football final p5
Photograph of the Kemball T.C. football team who played in the half-holiday league. The captain was B Turner.

Sentinel 14th Oct 1957 late p5
Article and photograph of a presentation to Mr Albert Moffatt he had retired as undermanager from Stafford number 2 pit where he had worked for 55 years. The event was held at the Crown and Anchor Hotel Longton. Barry Lindop N.A.C.O D.S. was also present.

Sentinel 19th Oct 1957 late p1
the cages at Glebe colliery crash 780yds into the pit bottom. Some men will be transferred, repairs should take two weeks.

Sentinel 28th Oct 1957 late p5
Silverdale wins fire fighting cup in competition at Sneyd. Stafford was second, with Hanley Deep third. There were over 200 competitors.

Sentinel 28th Oct 1957 late p6
The deadly gas methane is to be harnessed. Wolstanton, and Holditch are to remove 5,000.000 cubic feet of gas per week. Article and photograph.

Sentinel 28th Oct 1957 late p8
Mineworkers pension now has 97,000 members with an annual income of 13.5

Sentinel 31ST Oct 1957 late p10
Hugh Fraser M.P said we must get the Hungarian refugees more quickly into the pits. At present there are 482 employed 249 in colliery services and 644 in training centres, and are a major cost to tax payers.

Sentinel 5th Nov1957 late p7
Karol Sosna a 40 years old face worker was killed at Chatterley Whitfield buried by a fall.

Sentinel 6th Nov1957 late p5
Production in North Staffs up by 117,964 tons during the first 43 weeks of this year. It stood at 5,369,818 tons. There had been a flu epidemic which had cost the West Mids division 105,000 tons.

Sentinel 11th Nov1957 late p4
there is a photograph of the Asst Area Gen Manager A.C.Beaton making a presentation to Mr A Mansfield who was still working at Berryhill colliery after 56years. Also a presentation was made to Mr J Mountford of Parkhouse colliery who was retiring after 51 years service. Mr J R Ball did the honours.

Sentinel 11th Nov1957 city final p8
Results of the Hanley Deep Flower show. Among the winners Mr Parker, and Mr Shepherd.

Sentinel 12th Nov1957 late p6
In the article call Day By Day, three men were awarded scholarships they were J Bacharach, J Mawdsley, and F Mitchell. There was also a letter which said that visitor don't like the local pit mounds, horizon mining and foreign miners.

Sentinel 14th Nov1957 late p4
A civil defence exercise at Lycett colliery considered the effects of a nuclear bomb falling, trapping some 600 men. There is a photograph of North Staffs rescue teams in action.

Sentinel 15th Nov1957 late p6
Mr Harry Pugh a surface worker at Berryhill was killed when he caught up in some machinery in the coal prep plant

Sentinel 15th Nov1957 late p6
Article on opencast workings at Cheadle and Diglake.

Sentinel 18th Nov1957 late p6
Mr and Mrs Albert Williams of Sneyd Colliery celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mr Williams had worked at Hanley Deep colliery for 50 years, he was also delegate for the deputies union and acting personal officer. He had also led Deep pit first aid team in many successful competitions.

Sentinel 20th Nov1957 late p5
Plan to employ disabled miners in local factories. Figures show there are 145 deployed on two sites

Sentinel 23rd Nov1957 football final
Photograph of N.C.B. boxers including Tommy Beardmore.

Sentinel 3rd Dec 1957 late final p1
French lady interpreters were welcomed by Rowland Bennett to Kemball Training Centre. They had been at a Coal and Steel conference. In the afternoon they visited Hanley Deep.

Sentinel 6th Dec 1957 late p5
The flu epidemic slows down coal production, even so North Staffs output goes up by 1.96% over the first 47 weeks. Now stands at 5.9 million tons. Manpower up by 5.6% to 21,263

Sentinel 6th Dec 1957 late p10
Photograph of Hem Heath rescue team. The photograph was taken on behalf of Reg Haywood who was retiring as captain.

Sentinel 11th Dec 1957 late p7
Two mining photographs one of a pre war football team from New Hayden football team, the second is of the recent N.C.B. boxing team.

Sentinel 16th Dec 1957 late p5
At a dinner in the Princes hall in Burslem Mr W Simcox Area Production Manager said Chatterley Whitfield would be second to none.

Sentinel 19th Dec 1957 late p1
Great Fenton Colliery on strike due to the poor quality of concessionary coal. 700 tons were lost with 200 men on strike.

Sentinel 19th Dec 1957 late final p1
Due to a heating in an old district at Hanley Deep all the men were withdrawn.