Evening Sentinel. January 1st 1959. Late. Page 7.
New Year Honours list, C.B.E. to Mr. J.E. Henshaw, former, Her Majesties Inspector of Mines and Quarries, for the West Midland Division of the N.C.B.
Same Page. In a report of a case heard at Fenton Stipendiary Court, yesterday, two miners were summoned for assaulting each other underground at Stafford colliery, it is incorrectly stated that one of the men is a West Indian.

Evening Sentinel. January 6th 1959. Late. Page 5.
North Staffordshire has two problem pits, Fenton and Berry Hill. One colliery may have to close in the near future. This was stated by Mr E.H. Browne, Chairman of the West midlands Division, of the N.C.B. at a press conference held at Birmingham.

Evening Sentinel. January 7th 1959. Late. Page 1.
The new situation in the mining industry represents the end of a period of abnormality, for it could not regarded as normal for the industry in full continuingly to meet demand, Mr. Brown said in Birmingham yesterday, but the change had been a sudden one. It had arrived because of a fall in consumption, and not because of an increasing dispute. He also spoke of different North Staffordshire Collieries where improvements were in hand, namely, Sneyd, Hem Heath, Florence, Wolstanton and Hanley Deep pit, collieries. More of his speech can be seen on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 8th 1959. Late. Page 10.
A fight at Florence collier, between two miners, one a coloured one, and a Scotsman, resulted in the coloured man, who pleaded not guilty, being fined £5, with £3-12s-9d costs. The case against the Scotsman was adjourned for 14 day’s as he was in Greenock, in Scotland, and could not attend the court.

Evening Sentinel. January 13th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” “What’s in Store” by W.H.C.
Page 5. While both Berry Hill and Fenton pits have been described has problem pits, no decision has been taken on the dates that they might close, with a view to transferring men to other pits in the district. This was stated by Mr. Browne, in a letter reply to Mr. Ellis Smith M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent South.
Same Page. Mr. William Hope a timberer of 13, Whitehall Avenue, Kidsgrove, was killed in an underground accident at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, earlier today. Mr. Hope was employed, working behind a coal-cutting machine, when he slipped off the conveyer. The Coal-cutter trapped and amputated his leg, he died almost immediately. He leaves a widow and four children.
Same Page. A warning was given last night to the North Staffordshire Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, by Her Majesties principle Electrical Inspector of Mines and Quarries, in his annual report of the dangers of Electrical gearing in mining.
Same Page. Restoration is to begin on the ‘eye sore’ site of the opencast coal site in the Alsagers Bank, near to the church. It will start within days, it was reported at the meeting of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Rural District Council.
Page 8. The death has accord of the former agent of Hem Heath and Stafford collieries, Mr. Leonard Smithurst, of 317, Stone Road, Handford, at the age of 63. Mr. Smithurst was born in Leicestershire, but was at the Hem Heath and Stafford collieries for 14 years, until his retirement due to ill health. He had been employed has a consultant at the, Small Mines collieries.
City Final Page 1. All miners are being asked to have X-Ray’s during the next five years, as part of the N.C.B.s £140,000, a year campaign against Pneumoconiosis, it as been announced.

Evening Sentinel. January 14th 1959. Late. Page 7.
Hero of the ‘Minnie pit disaster’ of 1915, is now 91 years of age, and is the oldest male inhabitant of Silverdale. Mr. George Robert Stanley, of 10, Brid Street Silverdale, one of his proudest possessions is the medal which he won for “Heroic Service” during the great catastrophe, the second of his life. He took part in the disaster at Silverdale colliery in 1913.

Evening Sentinel. January 15th 1959. Late. Page 5.
A clock was presented to Mr. John W. Simcock, to mark his retirement from Chatterley Whitfield colliery, Mr. Simcock is, a City Councillor.

Evening Sentinel. January 16th 1959. Late. Page 4.
An inquest at Biddulph heard how a 37, year old Kidsgrove miner, working at Victoria colliery, slipped into a coal-cutting machine. He was given first-aid by a deputy but appeared to be dead when released. It appeared that Mr. Hope was walking along a stationery conveyor and slipped. A verdict of accidental death was recorded. Death was due to haemorrhaging, following extensive lacerations of an artery.

Evening Sentinel. January 17th 1959. Late. Page 5.
The funeral of Mr. Leonard Smithurst, of 317, Stone Road, Handford, who died on Monday, aged 63. There’s a list of mourners on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 19th 1959. Late Final. Page 5.
More than 2lb, of explosives and 60 detonators were stolen last night from the explosive store at Norton colliery.

Evening Sentinel. January 20th 1959. Late. Page 1.
About £26 was stolen, when a wall safe, was blown open with explosives at, W. &H.S. Emery Co. Ltd. builders merchants, Copland Street, Stoke. Last night. Police are considering the theory, that the theft of explosive on Sunday night at Norton colliery is connected to this theft.
Page 10. Photograph of Mr. J. Leach, who retired as overman, at Silverdale colliery after 40 years service, is seen receiving a grandmother clock from Mr. F. Tilsley, at the Borough Arms, Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel. January 21st 1959. Late. Page 1.
Stoke-on-Trent Police are now reasonably certain, that the explosives stolen from Norton colliery on Sunday night, was used in the safe blowing at a Stoke firm, on Monday.

Evening Sentinel. January 22nd 1959. Late. Page 1.
A paper by Mr. E. J. Kimmins, and Mr. B. L. Medcalf, dealing with colliery communications systems, was presented to a meeting of the North Staffordshire Institute of Mining.
Page 11. Record entries for the N.C.B. Armature boxing championships for whom North Staffordshire boxers defend the National Championship title, for the forth year in a row. The full list of entries is on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 26th 1959. Late. Page 5.
“Economy is the thing in mining today” said Mr. E.H. Browne Chairman of the West midlands Division of the N.C.B. speaking at a Diner Dance of the North Staffordshire Sub-Branch of colliery Management, on Saturday at the North Staffordshire Hotel in Stoke.

Evening Sentinel. January 27th 1959. Late. Page 4.
For the forth successive year, Stoke–on-Trent is to be the venue for the annual conference of the Midlands Area N.U.M. and is to staged over 2-3 day’s.
Same Page. “Colliery Cameo” “ A Good Name” by W.H.C.
Page 5. Miners may be asked to retire at 68 years of age: N.U.M.
City Final Page 8. Mr. Roland Bennett, General Manager of the North Staffordshire Area of the N.C.B. is ill in hospital.

Evening Sentinel. January 28th 1959. Late. Page3.
At an inquest held at Kidsgrove yesterday, a Gillow Heath miner, was said have been killed in a tub accident at a Harriseahead footrail. A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. Leonard Lancaster a 33, year old married man, with one child, of 30, Wedgwood Lane, Gillow Heath. The cause of death was haemorrhaging due to a compound fracture of the skull, coupled with shock from the fracture, and a fracture to his left leg.

Evening Sentinel. January 29th 1959. Late. Page 7.
Firedamp, the miner’s enemy is now being used to make ‘pots’ for the table, said Mr. Farnworth, Deputy Division Manager of North Staffordshire Division of the Midlands Gas Board. Methane gas obtained from local pits is used to enrich the local gas supply.
Page 11. N.C.B. honour for North Staffordshire miner-boxers. North Staffordshire holders of the Viscount Hyndley Championship Trophy for the past three year’s, are to receive a special shield from the N.C.B. Amateur Boxing Association, to commemorate their achievement.

Evening Sentinel. January 30th 1959. Late. Page 12.
The coal industry mourned former N.C.B. welfare officer at a funeral at Carmountside yesterday. Mr. Samuel Lloyd, a welfare officer in the industrial relations department of the N.C.B. office at Stoke, who died on Sunday, aged 67, of 67, Clayton Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, who had spent all his life in the coal industry. For many years he has been engaged in mines rescue work. There is a list of mourners on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 2nd 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. Genders being presented with an inscribed cigarette case on behalf of colleagues of Kemball Training Centre, at the Grand Hotel Hanley, on Saturday night. Mr. Genders, head of training, at the industrial relations department at Stoke, said in his retiring speech, that 20% of boy’s leaving Kemball, were capable of a, Technical Education. The other 80% were in need of further education.

Evening Sentinel. February 4th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” The Magic Wind by W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. February 6th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Chatterley Whitfield colliery are getting sick to death of this kind of offence” said Superintendent Shepard at Burslem Stipendiary court yesterday, when six people, four women and two men, were fined for stealing coal from the tip. More on the court case, the names and fines are on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 9th 1959. Late. Page 5.
The challenge cup and prizes, won by the N.C.B. North Staffordshire Area mines rescue competition, held last July, were presented on Saturday, at a Diner Dance at Tunstall Town Hall. A list of winners, and long service awards, are on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 10th 1959. Late. Page 3.
Features and advantages of a portable coal-cutting machine, which cuts costs to about one-sixth of the conventional price, was discussed at a meeting of the North Staffordshire branch of the Association of Mining , electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Stoke, last night.
Page 5. A 30 year old Sicilian was killed in an accident at Chatterley Whitfield colliery last night. He was Guieppe Baio of 276, Waterloo Road, Burslem, a married man who had been in this country since 1951. Mr. Baio was trapped by a large stone, approx nine feet by four feet, during a fall of dirt. When he was released, he was found to be dead. He was a packer at the Hesketh pit, Chatterley Whitfield.
Same page. North Staffordshire mineworkers numbering on average, almost a thousand less than at this time last year, increased their five day working week output by 13,500 tons, or 2.75% in the four weeks ending the31st of January.
Late Final Page 1. An unemployed Bucknall man said to have previous convictions for stealing, pleaded guilty to stealing 4 cwt, of coal, worth 30s, from Berry Hill colliery. He was sent to prison for two months.

Evening Sentinel. February 12th 1959. Late. Page 1.
The body of Giuseppe Baio, a Sicilian miner, killed in a pit accident at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, was discovered in a strictly forbidden area of the pit, said the colliery deputy manager, Mr. J. Mountford at the inquest into the death of Guieppe Baio. The jury returned a verdict that, Mr. Baio, died following a fall of roof. Death was due to Asphyxiation, with heavy haemorrhaging to the lungs, and fractured ribs.

Evening Sentinel. February 13th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Former head timekeeper at Sneyd colliery, Mr. Joseph Eardley, was last night presented with a television set, sub-scribed by his colliery colleagues, to mark his retirement from the colliery, after 55 years service at Sneyd colliery. Mr. Eardley lives with his wife at 135, Moreland Road, Burslem.
Page 7 About thirty people were picking coal when suddenly a police car arrived, they all scattered in all directions, a man started walking through the colliery gates with a sack of coal. The man, John Arthur Pennington, aged 34, of 4, Shelley Road, Abbey Hulton, Bucknall, pleaded guilty to stealing 34 lbs of coal, worth 5s-3d. He was granted condition bail, and was discharged on payment of costs to the value of 17s-6d.

Evening Sentinel. February 16th 1959. Late. Page 5.
The new Florence colliery sports and welfare club, was officially opened on Saturday by Mr. Harold Lockett, area secretary of the West Midlands Branch, of the N.U.M. It cost £8,000 to build.

Evening Sentinel. February 23rd 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of North Staffordshire Area Financial Department, of the West Midlands N.C.B. who held their annual dinner at the North Staffordshire Hotel on Saturday.
Page 8 Boxers from the North Staffordshire area of the N.C.B. won six out of eight contests at Wolverhampton on Saturday, and with a little luck would have had a 100% success. There’s a list on contestants winners and losers on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 25th 1959. Late. Page 10.
Knutton’s oldest inhabitant died on Monday, he was 96 year old Mr. Samuel Ashmore, of 169 Knutton Road. Mr. Ashmore was born in Madeley and lived in Knutton for 62 year’s. He started work at Madeley Wood colliery, at the age of nine. Could he be the areas youngest known miner?

Evening Sentinel. March 2nd 1959. Late. Page 5.
Information was given in a to the cases of Pneumoconiosis in Stoke-on-Trent, in the House of Commons by the Private Secretary to the Minister for Pensions and National Insurance, W.H.F. Vane, for the figures for 1957. There were 79 cases, between miners aged 55-64, of which 75 resulted in death.

Evening Sentinel. March 7th 1959. Football Final. Page 1.
Sneyd colliery Welfare club, held their annual presentation at the Sneyd Arms Hotel, Sneyd Green, last night. Mrs. S.T. Seabridge, wife of the Group Manager, presented the Cumberbatch Cup, to the, General Office team, winners of the inter-departmental K.O. cricket competition.

Evening Sentinel. March 9th 1959. Late. Page 1.
The funeral takes place tomorrow of Mr. John Moreton, of 395, Ford Green Road, Norton, he was 78, and had spent all his working life at Norton colliery, where he rose from pit boy, to Under Manager, a post he held for 25 years.
City Final Page 1. “A real work of Art” that is what Czechoslovakian Deputy Fuel Minister, Jaromir Matusck, called Hem Heath colliery headgear, the Minister is leading a delegation to North Staffordshire, to see the coalfield recon structure program and, modern mining methods. They will also visit Sneyd and Wolstanton collieries. A full list of Their party and our accompanying party, is listed on this page.

Evening Sentinel. March 10th 1959. Late Final. Page 5.
The needs of the mining industry was one of the major factors in the rapidly increasing demand for electricity in the area said Mr. C.C. Pimmble, North Staffordshire sub-area Manager of the M.E.B. at a meeting of the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Evening Sentinel. March 16th 1959. Late. Page 10.
Ernie Ball, the Victoria colliery coal face worker, won the Midlands A.B.A. heavyweight title in Birmingham on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel. March 18th 1959. Late. Page 7.
Damages of £3,400. plus costs, were awarded against the N.C.B. to a 26 year old former coal-cutter who was seriously injured in roof fall at Stafford colliery, Fenton, in February 1956. The plaintiff was Mr. Maurice James Edwards, of 16, Gate Street, Weston Coyney, There is more on this item on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 6th 1959. Late. Page 7.
Ernie Ball, the Victoria colliery miner, was stopped by the referee in the third round, by a cut, accidentally received by a clash of heads. Ernie was in the quarter finals of the A.B.A. Championship, heavyweight division.

Evening Sentinel. April 9th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of miner, Mr. Joseph Griffiths, who gets a good morning kiss from his wife, as he leaves home at 166, Moorland Road, Burslem, for work at Sneyd colliery today, because tomorrow, Mr.& Mrs. Griffiths celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Page 7 As above. Mr. Griffiths aged 71 as worked at Sneyd colliery for 59 years. There is more on Mr. Griffiths on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 11th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of Mr. Rowland Bennett, North Staffordshire Area General Manager, of the N.C.B. since 1950, who has died today, at his home in Leycett, aged 60. There is more on this in the Football Final Edition on page 1, of this date.

Evening Sentinel. April 13th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. W. Williams, District Secretary of the National Union of Enginemen, Firemen, Mechanics and Electrical workers, presenting a 50, year union service medal to, Mr. William Dale, a retired colliery fitter from Berry Hill colliery, at a social evening held at Tunstall Town Hall, on Saturday night.
Same Page The funeral of Mr. Rowland Bennett, (Re-April 11) will be held at Madeley church on Wednesday.

Evening Sentinel. April 14th 1959. Late. Page 6.
Photograph of Mr. J.W. Tudor, former secretary of the North Staffordshire Branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, being inaugurated as president at a meeting last night.

Evening Sentinel. April 15th 1959. Late Final. Page 12.
Three North Staffordshire Boxers who are taking part in the N.C.B. A.B. Championship at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Saturday are, Ernie Ball, heavyweight, Victoria colliery, Harold Brown, featherweight, Hanley Deep pit, and Cyril Harte, a joiner at Hem Heath colliery. Hem Heath miners have charted a bus to take a load of supporters to Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel. April 16th 1959. Late. Page 9.
More than 500 people attended the funeral of Mr. Rowland Bennett, at Madeley church yesterday. There’s a full list of the mourners on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 17th 1959. Late. Page 9.
There’s a ‘Tribute’ to Mr. Rowland Bennett on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 18th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. L.W. Fletcher, No. 3 group Manager of North Staffordshire Area of the N.C.B. presenting the Safety Shield to Mr. L.S. Jones, Manager of Glasshouse colliery, Chesterton, last night.

Evening Sentinel. April 20th 1959. Late. Page 9.
Photograph of Ernie Ball. Two records were established at the N.C.B. Amateur Boxing Championship Finals, at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Saturday. Heavyweight Ernie Ball, of Victoria colliery, was the first in history to win a National Championship title four times in successive years. North Staffordshire Boxers performed equally as well in winning the Viscount Hyndley Trophy, for the forth year running, this is awarded for the best overall Area performance. There is a full report on all the contests in this edition.

Evening Sentinel. April 21st 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of the North Staffordshire Area Boxing team, who won the, Viscount Hyndley Shield, in the photograph are: Ernie Ball, Peter Kelly, and Harold Brown.

Evening Sentinel. April 27th 1959. Late Final. Page 1.
Cyril Harte, the Hem Heath joiner, and Welterweight boxer, who is a member of the Stoke-on-Trent A.B.A. found form on Saturday, at Coventry that would have won him the N.C.B. title, at Newcastle the previous Saturday.
Late Final Page 1 “Coal stocking has reached the limit,” said Mr. Arthur Baddeley of Norton in his Presidential address, at Stoke Town Hall at the Midlands Area N.U.M. conference which opened today. There is an account of all of today’s proceedings in this edition.

Evening Sentinel. April 28th 1959. Late. Page 4.
As soon has the N.U.M. conference ended last night, Mr. H. Locket left for Geneva, for this afternoon meeting of the Coal Committee, of the International Labour Organisation, which is in conference for three weeks.
Page 6 Photograph of North Staffordshire delegates and officials at the Midlands area of the N.U.M. conference at Stoke.
Same Page At the Midland conference of the N.U.M. it was stated that, ‘when at holiday time, there will be no guarantee of work for those who do not have a full quota of holiday pay’, when Mr. W. Jones, a North Staffordshire delegate asked the question. There is an account of all of yesterday’s proceedings in this edition.
City Final Page 1 A call for more investigation by Government, into spending schemes by the N.C.B. was made by Mr. S. Fox, a Silverdale colliery delegate, at the Midlands Area N.U.M. conference.

Evening Sentinel. April 29th 1959. Late. Page 1.
“It was crucial importance to hold and reduce the cost of coal if possible,” Mr. E.H. Browne, said, at the Midlands N.U.M. conference.
Page 5 At the Midlands Area conference held at Stoke. It was decided that to insist that a full enquiry has to be held before any future colliery closure in this area.

Evening Sentinel. May 1st 1959. Late. Page 8.
Photograph of Wolstanton colliery long service award presentation of certificates, to miners who had been employed at the colliery for 50 years or more. They are Mr. T. Smith, Mr. R.J. Beech, Mr. C. Malbon, Mr. L. Maddock, Mr. H. Mottram, and Mr. W.T. Foster. The presentation was made by Mr. J.T. Seabridge, No.1 Group Manager.
Same Page North Staffordshire Area has been chosen as the venue for a “Press Party” who are being brought by the N.C.B. to Hem Heath colliery on the 14th&15th May, to inspect the modern method of “Firedamp” drainage.

Evening Sentinel. May 4th 1959. Late. Page 4.
Parkhall colliery Male Voice Choir, are at present in rehearsal at Lytham St. Ann’s, for the music festival to be held in June. In the last eight years they have raised more than a £1,000 for good causes.
Same Page “Colliery Cameo” All Change by W.H.C.
Page 8 Photograph of Silverdale colliery football team, Championship and K.O. cup winners, of division II of the Newcastle-under-Lyme, district football league.
Same page There is also a photograph of North Staffordshire Coal and Ironstone Workers Permanent relief societies, 89th annual meeting at Stoke, in the Photograph are Mr. J. Warren, Mr. W.G. Cumberbatch, Mr. K. Steele, Mr. E. Mawdsley and Mr. R.G. Leese.

Evening Sentinel. May 5th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Berry Hill colliery, football team lost 4-0 in the final of the North Staffordshire Alliance league cup competition, at Meakin’s sports ground, Hanley, last night.

Evening Sentinel. May 8th 1959. Late. Page 8.
Mossfield colliery will represent North Staffordshire area in the senior section, and Victoria colliery will represent the junior section, in the West Midland Division of the N.C.B. first-aid competition, at Bushbury, Wolverhampton tomorrow.
Same page Colliery Cameo Home Win by W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. May 12th 1959. Late. Page 7.
A 12 day, international conference is being held at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire; It is being held by the Cementation group of company’s. Senior executives, from twelve countries are in the group, with a small party of technical writer’s. They will be going to Wolstanton colliery, to view the installations that have taken place. They will be lowered 1,785 ft. in an 85 ft. cubic hoppit, (a bucket, to carry passengers in). More information is on this page.
Late Final Page 1 Inch by inch Newcastle-under-Lyme Firemen were lowered over a 200 Ft. colliery waste heap at Holditch, Chesterton, this afternoon to rescue two dogs trapped on a ledge 100 ft. up. The firemen retrieved the dogs successfully. There is a photograph on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 13th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Mr. H.J. Widowson, who held a similar post at Cannock, will succeed Mr. Rowland Bennett, as Area General Manager of the North Staffordshire Area of the N.C.B. his Appointment will take effect from the 1st June.
Page 5 A revision of pit supports is rules may be needed said Mr. F.S. Pollard, inspector of Mines and Quarries, of the West Midlands and Southern Division, in his report published today. It follows an increase in accidents of 41.5% of serious casualties. A full report is on this
page. Same Page A report of one colliery, that there were an unusually abnormal large number of emissions of Firedamp from the floor brakes on a mechanised coal face. The unusually outburst was of 3,000 cubic feet per minute. The Sentinel Correspondent say’s the colliery is probably Holditch.

Evening Sentinel. May 16th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Four miners were injured in a small explosion at Sneyd colliery today, two are rather ill in the N.S.R.I. with burns. The explosion happened in No 7 waste during the night shift. There was little damaged caused, and the fire was put out. The two miners in the wall of the blast were Mr. William Colclough, aged 47, of 3 Rivington Road, Fegg Hayes, the other man was Mr. Thomas Stocker, aged 43, of 5 Lincoln Road Galley’s Bank, Kidsgrove, who were detained in the infirmary. The two other men were, Mr. Alfred Barker, aged 48, of 21, Rivington Road, and Mr. Antonio Schischi, aged 28, of 15, Cotteran Place, Stoke-on-Trent. They were treated for shock in hospital. A N.C.B. spokesman said “that was no Saturday working, and an investigation is to be carried out”.

Evening Sentinel. May 18th 1959. Late. Page 5.
North Staffordshire pits show their Methane pioneering work. Increasing Qualities of Methane gas or Firedamp, (enemy No.1 one in the pit) are being lined by the N.C.B. and being made available for use on the surface. At Present 104 million cubic feet is being drained weekly, of which 42 million is utilised every week.

Evening Sentinel. May 21st 1959. Late. Page 4.
A meeting is to be called between Newcastle-under-Lyme, Housing, and House Management Committee, and representatives of the N.C.B. to discuss the rent of houses on Coal Board Estates, it was announced at yesterday’s annual meeting of the Town Council.
Same Page Approval was given by Newcastle-under-Lyme Council, to an application by the N.C.B. for permission to tip surplus excavated material on land at the rear of Thompstone Avenue, on the Wilmot Drive Estate.
Page 10 Mr. James Macpherson, aged 45, of 38, Southbourn Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, collapsed and died while working at Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. May 23rd 1959. City Final. Page 4.
The N.C.B. sports, which local athletes had hoped that it might develop into a major open meeting, it is to have no open events this year.

Evening Sentinel. May 25th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Under-Manager at Hanley Deep Pit until his retirement last January, Mr. Thomas Boardman, received an inscribed gold watch at a ceremony on Saturday.
Same Page. Four retired miners received long service awards, and cheques from their former colleague’s at Fenton Colliery, at a presentation at the Copland Hotel on Saturday, they were Mr. J.D. Bentley, 52 year’s, Mr. S. Welsby, 37 year’s, Mr. T.H. Martin, 34 years, Mr. T. Hobson.

Evening Sentinel. May 26th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” By Numbers by W.H.C.
City Final Page 7 An application is to be heard in the High Court by the N.C.B., into deep mining for coal under the City of Stoke- on- Trent, and Newcastle-under-Lyme, districts. It is being opposed by both Councils.

Evening Sentinel. May 29th 1959. Late. Page 7.
North Staffordshire Area, of the N.C.B. made a loss of £227,674, last year.
Same Page About 40 members of the North Staffordshire Branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, last night visited the Derby works of John Davis and Sons, manufacturers of mining equipment.

Evening Sentinel. May 30th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Newcastle-under-Lyme Council, have decided not to increase the rent of N.C.B. tenants. The tenants expected a rise.

Evening Sentinel. Sentinel Supplement. Page 1. June 2nd 1959. Late.
There is a large Photograph of Hem Heath colliery in the supplement named Industry and Commerce.
Page XV of Supplement Photograph of the new collar at the top of the shaft at Wolstanton colliery. There is also an article entitled “Good progress in the fight for coal” by Mr. R.W. Scurfield. (Production Manager (planning) in the North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel. June 3rd 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” “Symbolism” by W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. June 6th 1959. Late. Page 1.
A hundred years and a £33,000,000 plan for the reorganisation and Modernisation of the North Staffordshire coalfield was mentioned by, Sir Andrew Clark Q.C. in the Chancery Division yesterday, in outlining an application by the N.C.B. for the right to work certain seams of coal, and to let down the surface, in land under Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme. There are 64 objectors, including the two councils. There’s more on this article on this page.
Page 6 Mr. Ernest Barnes, aged 38, of Harbourne Road, Cheadle, was fatally injured in an underground accident yesterday at Foxfield colliery, Cheadle. It is understood that Mr. Barnes, a roadman, at the colliery, was trapped between a tub and the side of the dip, on the Dilhorne main haulage roadway. He was married with two children.

Evening Sentinel. June 8th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Two miners in a party of five were killed, when a car in which they were in collided with a tree in Caverswall Road, Weston-Coyney, on Saturday afternoon. They were Mr. William Phillips, aged 40, of 33, Harvey Road, Meir, who was killed instantly, and Mr. Albert Vitta, aged 38, of 11, Springwood Grove, Meir, who died yesterday in the N.S.R.I. The three other miners that were injured were Mr. Robert Cook, aged44, of 138, Brookwood Drive, Meir, Mr. Harry Herod, aged 29, of 238, Brookwood Drive, Meir, and Mr. Francis Crossley aged 37, of 88, Leason Road, Meir, are all detained in the N.S.R.I.

Evening Sentinel. June 9th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Evidence was given by mining engineers and industrial experts, was read out in the High Court, in the N.C.B. application to work the seams under North Staffordshire, they say it could cause possible damage to pottery kilns, gas and water installations, plant, machinery and numerous buildings, by letting down the surface through mining subsidence.
Late Final Page 1 There is more on the High Court application.

Evening Sentinel. June 10th 1959. Late. Page4.
“Colliery Cameo” “In the aisle.” by W.H.C.
Page 5 The Inquest on the two miners that were killed in a car accident, at Weston-Coyney, was provisionally adjourned until the 22nd June.
Late Final Page 1 There is more on the High Court application.
Same Page The Inquest on Mr. Ernest Barnes, the Cheadle miner who was killed at Foxfield colliery, returned a verdict of accidental death. He was found by his brother crushed by a tub at the pit bottom.

Evening Sentinel. June 12th 1959. Late. Page 1.
When a Silverdale miner failed to leave the Silverdale colliery, at the end of the day shift yesterday, a search for him began immediately, and he was found dead under a fall of roof. Mr. Edward J. McGovern, a packer, of 119, Bath Road, Parksite. He was working on No.14 Chalky face. He is married with four children.
City Final Page 1 After three hours of argument, Mr. Justice Upjohn ruled in the Chancery Division of the High Court today, that the N.C.B. must pay the cost of all, except one of the objectors, on the application to work new coal seams under North Staffordshire.
Same Page A former Chief Clerk of Holditch colliery told the police, that he had appropriated nearly £4,000 from two colliery funds to build up his farm. He was committed for trial at Stafford Assizes.

Evening Sentinel. June 13th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of 62 year old Mr. Hugh Carp, Of 43, Badderley Green Lane, Badderley Green, has been employed at Chatterley Whitfield colliery since 1920.
Page 3 Crocks and Crazes. Go ahead for the Coal Board’s long term plans for North Staffordshire now assured of major roll.
Final Page 6. At an inquest a Longton miner took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed. Because his family had left him and because he was suffering pain from a colliery accident he had received at Parkhall colliery.

Evening Sentinel. June 15th 1959. City Final. Page 1.
Eight disabled miners along with their wives and families from north Staffordshire are among a party of west midlands division of the N.C.B. miners who are on a two weeks holiday at Prestatyn Holiday Camp.

Evening Sentinel. June 16th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of Mr. Jack Dean, who has recently retired after 52 years in the mining industry, can be seen with his colleagues from Berry Hill colliery. Mr. Dean has been an official at Berry Hill Colliery for 40 years.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of Berry Hill colliery spoil tip.

Evening Sentinel. June 23rd 1959. Special Edition. Page 1.
Photograph of Silverdale colliery football team with their trophies, winners of the Newcastle-under- Lyme and district Division II Championship and Challenge Cup.

Evening Sentinel. June 30th 1959. Special Edition. Page 1.
Miners in North Staffordshire are to have X-ray’s and Tuberculosis checks.
Same Page The inquest on Mr. Edward John McGovern, of Silverdale, who was killed in a roof fall at Silverdale colliery on the 11th of this month, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel. July 1st 1959. Special Edition. Page 2.
The N.C.B. is at present prospecting in 56 acre’s in 22 counties, including Staffordshire to gain information on the reserves of opencast coal available. This was stated in the House of Commons by Sir Ian Horibin, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Power.

Evening Sentinel. July 2nd 1959. Special Edition. Page 4.
After a break of one year, North Staffordshire miners will again hold their annual sports day on Saturday. The venue will be Sneyd colliery sports ground.

Evening Sentinel. July 7th 1959. Special Edition. Page 3.
At Sneyd colliery sports ground on Saturday, Holditch colliery were the champion colliery, with Chatterley Whitfield colliery second and Wolstanton colliery third. All the results are on this page.

Evening Sentinel. July 15th 1959. Special Edition. Page 1.
The manpower in the North Staffordshire Coalfield declined by 579, in the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year.

Evening Sentinel. July 17th 1959. Special Edition. Page 2.
Photograph of nearly 100 Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are on a fortnights training coarse at Keele University.

Evening Sentinel. July 20th 1959. Special Edition. Page 2.
Chatterley Whitfield colliery, won the West Midlands No1 Area Mines Rescue competition at Stoke on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel. July 22nd 1959. Special Edition. Page 2.
“Colliery Cameo”. “For the Ladies”. By W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. July 23rd 1959. Special Edition. Page 4.
Inquest on the two miners, who were killed in a car crash at Weston Coyney, on the 6th June.

Evening Sentinel. July 30th 1959. Special Edition. Page 1.
Three cages crash at Hem Heath’s new wonder shaft, no one was hurt, but 250 men were brought safely to the surface. Production was halted, and a loss of coal production is about 4,000 tons. The cages were used for drawing dirt at two levels at the time of the accident. No coal production will be possible this week. The loss would have been mush worse except for the colliery closes for the annual wakes holiday at the end of this week. There is a photograph of Hem Heath Colliery.

Evening Sentinel. July 31st 1959. Special Edition. Page 2.
Photograph of Mr. Jack Milward, who retired yesterday as an Engineer at Parkhall colliery, after forty five years in the mining industry. Mr. Milward is seen receiving a portable radio from Mr. F.M. Ball, No 5 Group Manager, West Midlands N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. August 7th 1959. City Final. Page 1.
Hem Heath cage crash. Reassurance as been given, that in the incident, in which three cages crashed in the shaft, could not have happened while man winding was in operation.

Evening Sentinel. August 10th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo”. “Moving Parts”. By W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. August 11th 1959. Late. Page 4.
Photograph of the first ever Silverdale colliery Gymkhana, in which over 3,000 people attended. On Page five of this edition there is the list of the results of all the competitions.

Evening Sentinel. August 14th 1959. Late. Page 10.
North Staffordshire miners are among other miners, in the West Midlands who are to vote on a proposal to retire at 65, this weekend.

Evening Sentinel. August 18th 1959. Late. Page 5.
West Midlands miners are in favour of retirement at 65.

Evening Sentinel. August 22nd 1959. Late. Page 5.
A 44 year old Norton miner was so depressed over an X-ray he had had, that he took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.
Page 6. His mate told him that if he had any more time off work, he would get his cards, after he returned to work after an operation on his tonsils, and this perturbed him so much that he took his own life. A verdict that a 33 year old miner from Biddulph took his own life was recorded.

Evening Sentinel. September 7th 1959. Late. Page 5.
The Daughter of the Managing Director of Watermills colliery Co. Ltd. Chesterton, was married in St. Giles church, Newcastle-under-Lyme, on Saturday.
Late Final Page 1. A record number of miners 700, have already been this year to the Russell Hotel, Blackpool rehabilitation Hotel for miners of North Staffordshire, this was revealed by the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, (Alderman H. Clowes) who visited the Hotel yesterday.
Page 8. The Stramshall Fate was opened by the North Staffordshire Coal Queen, Miss Gwenneth Duckworth.

Evening Sentinel. September 8th 1959. Late. Page 4.
A career in mining which spans half a century, ends this week with the retirement of Mr. Tom Horan, of 65, Edward Street, May Bank, who his best remembered as a local athlete. Mr. Horan began work at Silverdale colliery, then he moved to Hanley Deep Pit, and for the last 31 years, during which he has been the winding engineman at Wolstanton colliery.
City Final Page 12. Fears that the N.C.B. are about to increase the rent of miners houses at Madeley Moss, are premature, Sir James Bowman, N.C.B. Chairman makes clear in a letter to Stephen Swindler, M.P. for Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Evening Sentinel. September 9th 1959. Late. Page 5.
A verdict of accidental death was returned on 54 year old Mr. Herbert Riley, of 9, Tenby Grove, who died from shock and haemorrhaging due to multiple injuries sustained when he was accidentally struck by a tub at Parkhouse colliery Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel. September 10th 1959. Late. Page 7.
North Staffordshire coalfields production fell by almost 5% in the holiday period, and there was a drop of 500 men on the divisional books.

Evening Sentinel. September 23rd 1959. Late. Page 8.
Next year is the Jubilee year of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and Mr. Tudor in his Presidential address to the North Staffordshire Branch at the N.C.B. offices in Stoke last night, gave the history of the Branch which was in at the beginning.

Evening Sentinel. September 24th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Back to the Potteries this week came the familiar figure of Mr. Sam Middip, who is to fight his third election campaign in Stoke-on-Trent North. This could be his last attempt as he retires next month at 65, as his job as mines official.

Evening Sentinel. October 1st 1959. Late. Page 4.
A Silverdale colliery welder was so disturbed by rumours that the pit may close down, and was anxious to leave that kind of employment, yesterday appealed against the refusal of Newcastle-under-Lyme Rural Council, (acting for Staffordshire County Council) to permit the erection of a bungalow in connection with poultry farming in a proposed green belt area.
Page 9 While cycling to work in the early hours of the morning a 51 year old Newcastle-under-Lyme miner, Mr. Elijah Clewlow, of 93, Hemstalls Lane, Chesterton, was struck by a car and died in hospital the same day.

Evening Sentinel. October 2nd 1959. Late. Page 8.
Mr. Barry Lindop, secretary of North Staffordshire Branch of the National Association of Colliery, Deputies and Shotfirers is flying to Moscow, with three fellow Area Secretaries, from Scotland, Northumberland and Lancashire for a fortnight, the visit is an invitation of the Soviet Mineworkers union.
City Final Page 1 A 52, year old Irish packer, Mr. Daniel Kiley, of 30, High Street Knutton, was killed when he was crushed by a fall of roof at Holditch colliery, Chesterton, early today.

Evening Sentinel. October 6th 1959. Late. Page 7.
Discussing the mining industry today, “It may have to contract, it may have to reorganise, but it will remain one of the great industries in the countries for years to come” said Mr .W.G. Cumberbatch in his presidential address to the North Staffordshire institute of Mining Engineers.
Same Page On land that was formerly a City “eyesore” of colliery waste and pit mounds, is now a £40,000 extension to Fenton Park, more than doubling its size to 35 acre’s.

Evening Sentinel. October 10th 1959. Late. Page 1.
The revised National plan for coal is to be published next Thursday. The west Midlands will be the “odd man out”, Mr. E.H. Browne Chairman of the Division revealed at Stoke last night at the annual dinner of the, North Staffordshire Institute of mining Engineers, in his referral to the problem of manpower.
Page 5 A Dresden funeral for Mr. Vernon S. Littlejones, aged 68, of 76, Drubbery Lane Dresden, who died last Saturday. He had been a member of the National General Council of the N.U.M. (Colliery, Officials and Staff Area).

Evening Sentinel. October 15th 1959. Late. Page 9.
There will be no unexpected closure of any pits in North Staffordshire, the mining program remains the same as it was before today’s announcement by the N.C.B.
Late Final A new look approach and a brighter future for the coal industry was in a “revised plan for coal”, issued by the N.C.B. today.
City Final Page 16 Stop press One man was killed and another was injured in an explosion at Florence colliery this afternoon. The dead man was a 40 year old Italian Antonie Sivoli, of 21, Cross Street, Weston Coyney. Mr. Eric William Forrester, a 28 year old, of 16, Highfield Close, Blythe Bridge, was taken to the N.S.R.I. injured.

Evening Sentinel. October 16th 1959. Late. Page 5.
More on the death of Mr. A. Sivoli. Mr. Sivoli had been in this country for 16 years after being a prisoner of war. His wife had been celabrating her 34th birthday yesterday when the news of her husbands death was broken to her.

Evening Sentinel. October 24th 1959. Late. Page 6.
A particularly encouraging picture of the future of the coal industry in North Staffordshire was drawn last night by the Chairman of the West Midlands Division of the N.C.B. Mr. E.H. Browne, speaking at the Kings Hall in Stoke, at the distribution of first aid prizes.

Evening Sentinel. October 26th 1959. Late. Page 6.
Photograph of Mr. M. Lindop, in a Siberian miners flat. Mr. Lindop has just returned from a 14,000 mile trip to Russia.
Late Final Page 1 North Staffordshire came last in a 4 team N.C.B. Divisional mine rescue competition in Birmingham on Saturday. They were represented by Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel. October 28th 1959. Late. Page 6.
“Colliery Cameo” “Keeping it tidy below” by W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. November 6th 1959. Late. Page 8.
“Colliery Cameo” “Old and New” by W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. November 6th 1959. Late. Page1.
Berry Hill colliery is to close next year it employs 662 of whom 503 work underground. All men under the age of 65 will be offered jobs at Hem Heath colliery, or neighbouring collieries, the remaining coal reserves will be worked out at from the adjoining Stafford colliery.
City Final Page 1. Photograph of the afternoon shift at Berry hill colliery, reading about the closure of the pit in the “Sentinel”.
Page 12. Berry Hill men, criticise the pit closure plan.

Evening Sentinel. November 12th 1959. Late. Page 8.
The number one priority task, of Mr. R. Job, Industrial Relations Officer, of the North Staffordshire Area, of the N.C.B. is to look after the men made redundant by the closure of Berry Hill colliery Fenton.

Evening Sentinel. November 17th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Following complaints of nuisance from the operations of Watermills colliery Co. Ltd. at Apedale, Newcastle-under-Lyme borough Council have queried the N.C.B. policy on licensing of small mines in north Staffordshire. Sir James Bowman Chairman of the N.C.B. said as a general rule, no new licences will be issued to work small mines, but, existing licences may be renewed to work for a further 10 years when they expire.
Late Final Page 1. The City Coroner (Mr. Frederick Hales) told the inquest jury at Stoke Town Hall today that he could accept that their verdict that a miner killed in a pit explosion had met an accidental death, but, he could not accept that their rider, that death was brought about by negligence. The inquest was on former prisoner of war, Mr. Antonio Sivoli, of 21, Cross Street, Weston Coyney, who was killed at Florence colliery, Longton, on October 15th this year.

Evening Sentinel. November 18th 1959. Late. Page 10.
In a written commons reply to a parliamentary question by Mr. Ellis Smith M. P., for Stoke-on-Trent, South, the local government Minister, of Housing and local Government, said he was prepared to consider an application for a subsidy to help to provide more houses for miners in North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel. November 20th 1959. Late. Page 8.
“Colliery Cameo” “Haul Away”. By W.H.C.

Late Final Page 1. In the House of Commons, Mr. Barnard Stross M.P. for Stoke-on-Trent Central, spoke of great mounds in his constituency “which looks like the pyramid Guzah, and is just as high. These mounds could not be moved by local effort and Government intervention would be welcome.

Evening Sentinel. November 25th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” “Coasting along”. By W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. December 1st 1959. Late. Page 5.
Almost half of North Staffordshire miners have had their chest X-rayed this year. There is a Photograph of miners of Wolstanton colliery and the Medical Sister, (Sister I. B. Calthorpe) at the N.C.B. mobile chest X-Ray unit.

Evening Sentinel. December 2nd 1959. Late. Page 8.
Photograph of Hem Heath colliery and Wolstanton colliery’s Koepe Tower. It is notable for being the deepest shaft in North Staffordshire at 3,420 feet.
Page 9. Mr. J.H. Southall of Stafford, the Midlands Area Secretary of the N.U.M. is one of four candidates standing for election, for the Presidency of the N.U.M.

Evening Sentinel. December 3rd 1959. Late. Page 8.
“Colliery Cameo” “Up above”. By W.H.C.
Page 9. The Newcastle-under- Lyme Borough Council Chairman say’s “that the Borough should stand firm against the N.C.B. in their possible increase of rents in miner’s houses in Betley and Silverdale”.

Evening Sentinel. December 9th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” “Operation Santa”. By W.H.C.

Evening Sentinel. December 10th 1959. Late. Page 5.
In the North Staffordshire coalfield the output was almost 30,000 tons less than last year, which makes the first 47 weeks of the year 143,000 tons below last years output for the corresponding weeks. The total manpower was also down, to 19,014, which is 1,593 less than the same period last year.

Evening Sentinel. December 12th 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rowley, of Audley, who celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Monday, Mr. Rowley who is 69, works at Glasshouse colliery, and has been employed there for the past 35 years.
Page 8. There has been a program of boxing arranged between the North Staffordshire N.C.B. boxing team and a team from Liverpool area, and it is to take place on Thursday at the Kidsgrove Town Hall. A list of participating boxers is given.

Evening Sentinel. December 16th 1959. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of W. Morris, (N.C.B.) Fighting R. Halsall, (S-on-T. A.B.C.) in a special lightweight contest held at Kidsgrove Town Hall. Page 8. Only nine of the scheduled fourteen bouts took place. The vehicle which the boxers from Liverpool were travelling broke down. A list of the bouts which took place, and the results are on this page.
City Final. Page 1. A Shotfirer at Florence colliery who, it was alleged ignored safety regulations in respect of an explosion which killed an Italian miner was fined a total of £40.0.0. at Fenton Stipendiary Court today. A full report of the court proceedings is on this page.

Evening Sentinel. December 18th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” “In Luck”.

Evening Sentinel. December 18th 1959. Late. Page 4.
“Colliery Cameo” “Past and Present”.