Evening Sentinel January 5th 1961 page 6.
Retirement of Mr. J. Hebblethwait, deputy area production manager received, Salmon fishing tackle, a 400 day clock and a transitory radio. He led rescuers in the Sneyd colliery explosion in January 1952.

Evening Sentinel January 9th page 5.
N.U.M. President, Mr. Sid Ford, warned coal production was potentially low, due to falling manpower.

Evening Sentinel January 10th 1961 page 5.
Mr. S.J. Ayres, Inspector of Mechanical Engineering, Warned the neglect of maintenance might lead to an increase of accident rates. There was a shortage of craftsmen in the industry.

Evening Sentinel January 11th 1961 page 5.
Mr. T. Shaw, of Harriseahead, who was awarded the B.E.M. 13 years ago after completing 60 years in the pit, died at his home at the age of 86.

Evening Sentinel January 12th 1961 page 1
Sir Jim Bowman, chairman of the N.C.B. said more miners were needed in the Midlands, Yorkshire and South Wales.
page 4.
Profile of Mr. Hebblethwait, deputy area production manager, on his retirement.

Evening sentinel January 16th page 5.
Record output at sneyd colliery could mean a bright future.

Evening Sentinel January 18th 1961 page 1.
Coal output in the West Midlands was 14.3 million tons. Sold in all markets 15.1 million tons. Manpower declined by 6,300 to 43,000 men.

Evening Sentinel January 19th 1961 Page1.
Pay agreement will cost £7.5 million per year 8/6 per week for day wage men, 11/ and 15/ for craftsmen and winding enginemen. Coal prices will not go up.
Page 7
Reconstruction schemes being contemplated at Holditch and Stafford collieries, in addition to major projects at Florence, Hem Heath and Wolstanton now well advanced.

Evening Sentinel January 20th 1961 Page 1.
Saturday pit work may be resumed to ensure steady supplies.

Evening Sentinel January 23rd 1961 Page 1.
Robens orders inquiry into complaints of shortage of coal supplies.

Evening Sentinel January 27th 1961 Page 1.
Home coal supply has reached a serious stage in North staffs.

Evening Sentinel February 7th 1961 Page 10.
Mr A. Robens, NCB chairman, said the board are confident that we shall see through the winter without any serious shortage of coal.

Evening Sentinel February 9th 1961 Page 7.
Output records and more stabilised manpower are an encouraging upward trend.

Evening Sentinel February 15th 1961 Page 1.
Miner dies and two hurt. H. Stringer age 40 was buried by a roof fall at Wolstanton and died. Page 4 H. Locket, NUM who was elected full time officer agent in 1941 is to retire in May on reaching the age of 65.

Evening Sentinel February 20th1961 Page 5.
Hem Heath win 2 area NCB first aid trophies. Both Senior and Junior.

Evening Sentinel February 1961 Page 16.
Boxers win titles in West Midlands Divisional Coal Board. John Beadmore, (Kemball) Harold brown (Hanley Deep) E. Edwards, (Hanley Deep) John Stanway, (Chatterly Whitfield) Ernie Ball, (Victoria)

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1961 Page 8.
H.A, Stringer, age 40 was killed at Wolstanton colliery. At the inquest it was stated a fall occurred just as a supporting girder was going to be replaced.

Evening Sentinel March 16th 1961 Page 10.
Colliery Cameo. Discription of first day in the workshops at the Burley Pit.

Evening Sentinel March 23rd Page 5.
Verdict accidental death. Pit inquest on W. Harrison, age 53. Roof fall at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 25th 1961 Page 5.
Inquest accidental death on Mr. C. Magee age 32 at Hem Heath cave in. (Also in F. Ball final page 4)

Evening Sentinel March 27th 1961 Page 5.
Parkhouse colliery old folks treat. Twenty long serving certificates presented by H. Lockett.

Evening Sentinel April 5th 1961 Page 5.
A. Robens, Chairman of the NCB, in launching a massive sales campaign said, we are determined to fight for a major share in the fuel and power markets for coal, based on a modern progressive coal industry.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1961 Page12.
NCB boxers successful on their first visit to Weston Coyney village hall.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1961 Page 5.
To mark their retirement, after a total of 99 years at the coalface, two Fenton colliery firemen were presented with chiming clocks. John Williams and Henry Biggs.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1961 Page 5.
North Staffs 3 pit plan will produce one and a quarter million tons per year. Wolstanton, Sneyd and Hanley Deep.
Page 7
Mr J. Sutton of Blyth Bridge was elected president of North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical Engineers.

Evening Sentinel April 12th Page 5.
Big coal sales drive starts in the West Midlands.

Evening Sentinel April 17th 1961 Page 5.
Mr. S. Wood age 58 collapsed and died while working at Chatterley Whitfield colliery on Saturday, natural causes.
Late final Page 1
Pits output must improve. The gap between demand and production must be faced. Same page, North Staffs pits have most dust victims in the Midlands. More on Page 5

. Evening Sentinel April 19th 1961 Page 5.
Mr Sid Fox, Silverdale branch, at the Midlands Area annual conference, alleged people at pit level were “sick to death” of jobs being “created”. The men at the coal face were being “bogged down” by this growth of non-productive labour. (More on this conference)

Evening Sentinel April 22nd 1961 Page 4.
The sole remaining North Staffordshire colliery manager who was in office at vesting day, when the industry was nationalised, has retired. He is Mr. J.R. Preston who completed sixteen and a half years as manager of Stafford colliery, Fenton. (More on this.)

Evening Sentinel April 24th Page 10.
Eddie Edwards, Hanley Deep Pit reached the NCB boxing finals when he won his welterweight contest in South Wales.

Evening Sentinel April 25th 1961 Page 1.
Coal still vital to steel industry, but price must be kept down.

Evening Sentinel April 27th 1961 Page 6.
North Staffordshire coalfield has a bright future ahead of it but it will only flourish and remain competitive if the closure of small collieries is put into operation at the most opportune time. (More on this)

Evening Sentinel May 8th 1961 Page 1.
Midland miners’ are concerned about the application to import U.S. coal. Mr. J.H. Southall, Midlands area secretary said, We think it is a tragedy that the industry should consider importing coal because it is a few shillings a ton cheaper in price, when there is plenty of coal in this country, and when we are striving to establish a future for the coal mining industry. (More on May 9th Page 1)

Evening Sentinel May 9th 1961 Page 4.
Tributes to Harold Lockett on his retirement after nearly 20years as a full time official. Charles Barlow will fill his position.
Late Final Page 1.
Fight to stop U.S. coal plan.

Evening Sentinel May 11th 1961 Page 5.
North Staffordshire M.P.s to see Minister about dust disease. Same page Mines rescue superintendents visit North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel May 13th 1961 Page 1.
Robens warns on union conflict between NUM and Colliery Winding Enginemen. (Membership dispute)

Evening Sentinel May 16th 1961 Page 4.
Dust hit miners work conditions adequate says Minister of Power. North Staffs pit productivity up at face. (Statistics shown)
City Final Page 1.
Mr. Sid Ford, president of NUM accused private enterprise of blackmailing coal board on threat to get a licence to import cheap foreign oil or coal.

Evening Sentinel May19th 1961 page 6.
Funeral of Minnie pit hero. C.H. Weaver was under manager at the time of the disasters in 1915 and 1918. He was awarded the Carnegie Certificate for his heroic work during these disasters. Internment was at St. Johns church Alsagers Bank.

Evening Sentinel May 27th 1961 Page 7
Mr. A.E. Nicklin Florence colliery Progress engineer, retired after 52 years in the mining industry. He received an inscribed wristlet watch from Mr. D Plant on behalf of Florence colliery social welfare club. Mrs Nicklin received a china tea set.

Evening Sentinel May 29th 1961 Page 5.
The Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Alderman W. Hancock attended a ceremony at Kemball Pit, where several hundred youths are receiving underground craft apprenticeships training. (full details plus back page)

Evening Sentinel May 31st 1961 Page 1.
Mr. F. Handley age 28 fell to his death down the shaft at Stafford colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1961 Page 5.
The National Dairy Queen visited Kemball today.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd 1961 Page 1.
N.C.B. lost over £20 million bringing the Boards total deficit to £77,700,000 since its inception in 1947. West Midlands Division of the N.C.B. profits were up but production down. In North Staffordshire manpower fell from 18,900 to 16,800.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1961 Page 1.
Coal Board must pay way says deputy head of N.C.B. when he attended the Association of Colliery Managers conference. Production is below demand and stocks have been reduced. (more on this)
Page 5
Ex-miners must quit home say N.C.B. because houses are needed for incoming miners.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1961 Page 9.
The greatest threat to the future of the coal industry was the consumers fear of rising prices said Mr. Robens, Chairman of the N.C.B.
City Final Page 1
Winding Enginemen are to receive 1/9 per shift instead of a reduction a quarter of an hour in their shift time.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1961 Page 5
The North Staffordshire coal industry is taking the lead in the field of fire control. The Divisional Inspector commented on the appointment of full time officials at seven collieries in the area. Work was started on a installation of a new winding engine for No.1 shaft. Wolstanton colliery completed a new tower to house a friction winding engine.

Evening Sentinel June 14th 1961 Page 6.
Over the next five years the North Staffordshire coal field is to raise output above that of 1960 by some 20% from five and a half million tons to six and a half million tons in 1965.
Page 7.
With manpower down by 7.2% North Staffs miners have produced nearly 6.5% more coal.

Evening Sentinel June 20th 1961 Page 1.
Inquest on F.R. Hanley age 28 accidental death. He fell 135 feet down the shaft at Stafford colliery. He was a sinker working without a safety harness.

Evening Sentinel July 3rd 1961 Page 5.
Resolve mining differences without strike war. An appeal to employers and employees, in the mining industry, by Sid Ford in his presidential address to the NUM conference. Since nationalisation about 20 million tons have been lost through unofficial action, while over the same period the NCB has had to import 26 million tons.

Evening Sentinel July 4th 1961 Page 1.
A resolution calling on the N.E.C. to submit a claim for a substantial increase in wages for 300,000 day wage workers was approved at the NUM conference. It was also agreed to continue the fight for a 7 hour day for all underground workers and a 40 hour week inclusive of mealtimes for surface workers.

Evening Sentinel July 5th 1961 Page 1.
A new agreement with the NCB to provide special payments for men working in difficult conditions at collieries, was announced by Will Paynter, General Secretary of the NUM.

Evening Sentinel July 6th 1961 Page 1.
Robens lashes out at absenteeism. It costs the mining industry £40 million a year. Attack on wildcat strikes too.

Evening Sentinel July 13th 1961 Page 9.
West Midlands miners break more records. Although reduced in numbers, miners hewed more coal in June than in the same period last year.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1961 Page 10.
Mr. J.J. Bowe age 34 who is now a mental patient following an accident at Hem Heath in March 1958 received £2.500 damages with costs.

Evening Sentinel July 27th 1961 Page 1.
The NUM today decided to go a head with their wage claim despite the appeal by the Chancellor of the Exchequer for wage restraint.

Evening Sentinel Aug 1st 1961 Page 4.
Scouts visit Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Aug 3rd 1961 Page 12.
Two shaft men were fined at Fenton stipendiary court for offences involving their work examining and reporting on the state of Florence colliery No. 3 pit, regarding the shaft and guides. They were fined £7 each.

Evening Sentinel Aug 4th 1961 Page 7.
A new one and a half million pound coal preparation plant will soon be in operation at Wolstanton handling the combined output of three North Staffs collieries.
Page 12
City magistrate retires after 52 years at pit. Mr. E.T. Averill worked Chatterley Whitfield for 52 years apart from his service during WW1 which he gained the Military Medal.

Evening Sentinel Aug 7th 1961 Page 5.
1,250,000 tons of coal per year, the total planned output of three mines, will be drawn up the new shaft at Wolstanton colliery. No ugly pit mounds will mark the spot of this £10.m. concentration scheme, expected to be completed in 1962/3.

Evening Sentinel Aug 12th 1961 Page 5.
North Staffordshire coal output of 449,412 was up 24,322 tons or 5,72% on the same month last year. Manpower was 16,050 a drop on the year of 1,139.

Evening Sentinel Aug 15th 1961 Page 5
When the new pit head baths at Florence colliery are brought into use next Monday there will be accommodation for 2,256 men. Ultimately they will be equipped for 2,880, over a 1,000 than the old baths would hold.
Late Final Page 8.
Lord Robens, Chairman of the NCB said that there were tremendous opportunities to sell coal in Europe if the UK joined the Common Market.

Evening Sentinel Aug 28th 1961 Page 3.
A group of miners from sneyd colliery are helping to bring happiness into the homes of some of North Staffs lonely old folks. They are repairing, during their spare time, radios sent in to the Council of Social Security.

Evening Sentinel Aug 31st 1961 Page 10.
More than £2,250 has been spent on Silverdale colliery football club’s ground which was opened and used for the first time last night for the May Bank cup tie.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th 1961 Page 1.
Miners at Florence colliery beat targets set for their new pit, after their £8,500,000 reconstruction scheme. Face output per man shift has rocketed from 75 cwt to nearly 130 cwt. Overall output has doubled to 43 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1961 Page 5.
The introduction of methane drainage into a district where active combustion exists, should be done only in very special circumstances and after very careful consideration, said Mr. W.M. Robertson, local NCB Area Chief Scientist.

Evening Sentinel Sep 12th 1961 Page 4.
President of the mining engineers urges the need for greater safety, in his address to the North Staffs Association of Engineers.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1961 Page 5
At a Stoke inquest yesterday on Mr. F. Shuffelbothem age 53, a conveyor mover, died in the NSRI after a fall of dirt at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 1961 Page 8.
Berryhill rescue station was praised, as when completed should have rescue facilities second to none in the country.

Evening Sentinel Sep19th 1961 Page 7
In common with other areas the Midlands NUM increased contributions to meet rising costs. Sixpence full members, three pence under 18s. This was still one of the cheapest areas in the country.

Evening Sentinel Sep 27th 1961 Page 1.
Miners agree to voluntary work Saturday shifts in the coming winter.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1961 Page 10.
Eight ex-miners from Hanley deep pit with a total of 408 years were presented with NCB 50years long serving certificates at the Queens Hall, Burslem.

Evening Sentinel Oct 4th 1961 Page 7.
North Staffs coal profit margin was £942,027. Average earnings for all workers were sixty-three shillings and four pence. Surface workers forty-eight shillings and six pence and face workers eighty-three shillings.

Evening Sentinel Oct 11th 1961 Page 9.
A start will be made next Monday on winding Hanley Deep pit coal, up the new shaft at Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel Oct 14th 1961 Page 1.
Miners’ object to the appointment of a former manager to the post of Industrial Relations Director to replace Mr. J. Jones, a former miners’ agent.
Page 5.
Mr. R.A. Moore, president of the Institute of Mining Engineers warned colleagues that unless efficiency could be increased still further, the industry was going to be in trouble with the electricity market.

Evening Sentinel Oct 18th 1961 Page 7.
The NCB and NUM agree that West Midland pits are ready to start voluntary working on Saturdays.

Evening Sentinel Oct 19th 1961 Page 1.
Miners seek an extra £1 a week. Also ask for adult rate to be paid to 18 year olds instead of 21.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1961 Page 1.
S. Davies age 61 was killed at Florence colliery today. He was moving materials and was struck by a mine car.

Evening Sentinel Oct 27th 1961 Page 9.
A petition, calling on Silverdale branch of the NUM to withdraw their political levy has disappeared from the pit notice board. It is understood that about 300 members had signed the petition.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1961 Page 12.
Boxers from North Staffordshire NCB won one of their three contests at Coventry on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1961 Page 5.
The decision to close the Foxfield colliery coal face under Brookhouses, Cheadle will mean that the eventual life of the colliery at Dilhorn, will be shortened by six weeks.
Also page 7
Entry by Britain into the Common Market would be a gradual process and among its effects, it would help the coal industry to recover to some extent its export trade.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 8th 1961 Page 7.
Productivity in North Staffs reached 104.02 cwt at the face, an increase of 5.49 cwt on the same month last year.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th 1961 Page 4.
Initially only a small proportion of North staffs 15,878 miners will qualify to have their concessionary coal replaced by solid smokeless fuel from January next. But as smoke control areas spread, the new national agreement is expected to apply to more and more.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th 1961 late final Page 8.
Colliery Cameo. NCB celebrating 14years in public ownership, when on 1st January 1947 the flag was broken from thousands of mastheads and a new era of coalmining began.

Evening Sentinel November 10th 1961 Page 5.
With substantial mining development in North Staffordshire, the level of mining in the area should equal or exceed the present level for quite a long time, forecasts Lord Robens, Chairman of the NCB.
Page 16
Photo of Ray Shenton and Alan Waters in action during North Staffs area NCB boxing club at Kemball Training centre.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 14th 1961 Page 6.
Massive North Staffs three pit scheme is surging ahead at Wolstanton. (Big write up plus photo above and underground)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 15th 1961 Page 1.
Five North Staffs pits agree to Saturday work. (Same page) Miners put in claim for £1 rise.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 17th 1961 Page 5.
Woman hurt while visiting Hanley Deep pit was awarded £62 from the NCB. She fell into a ventilating shaft.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1961 Page 16.
Seven North Staffs pits to work Saturday shift. Norton was unable to work because of a shortage of coalface workers.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 4th 1961 Page 4.
Three new managers have been appointed, Mr. R.F. Louth moved from Victoria to Foxfield. Mr. C. Hopcroft, acting manager at Foxfield, was appointed manager at Parkhall. Mr. G. Morris a former undermanager at Granville, became manager at Holditch.
Page eight
2,636 tons of coals was raised in North Staffs pits on Saturday as a result of the voluntary shift for the winter.

City Final Dec.4th 1961 Page 8.
A substantial wage increase is needed to prevent the drain of pit manpower, declared Mr. Hough Gateskell, leader of the opposition. Over 150,000 men have left the industry over the last few years.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1961 Page 6.
Norton colliery Social Welfare held their annual Christmas party for retired miners on Saturday. Mr. Harold Lockett, presented long service certificates.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 12th 1961 Page 1.
Stoke-on-Trent pottery industry is short of 1,094 workers and the coalmines need a 1,000 men a Minister of Labour told a Sentinel reporter.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1961 Page 9.
Mr. Charles Mitchell was found severely injured last night, lying between some empty mine cars at Sneyd colliery and was dead on reaching the surface.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 16th 1961 Page 8.
Mr. Cecil Wright age 60 was killed at Foxfield colliery today by a roof fall.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 19th 1961 Page 10.
Inquest today on Charles Mitchell age 61 was accidental death. He was a haulage hand and had worked at Sneyd colliery for 40 years.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 22nd 1961 Page 12.
Pit launch drive for an era of safety in North Staffordshire. Mr. J. Smylle, Production Director, explained apart from averting family hardship and distress, a reasonable reduction in the accident rate would mean that 30,000 more manshifts would be worked in the year, 50,000 more tons of coal worth £250,000 would be produced, and an extra £75,000 would be earned in wages. Compensation payments would also be reduced by £40,000.