Evening Sentinel Jan.2nd 1962 Page 1.
BME for pit deputy. A colliery deputy who served in the Royal Navy and a regular soldier as well as working in a number of industries in North Staffordshire, Mr. John Fradley, age 61 was awarded the BEM in the new years honours list. Since 1947 he has been at Hem Heath colliery and has been a deputy since 1949.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1961 Page 7.
Three sports grounds in North Staffordshire, costing £43,000 are among major items in this years West Midlands programme of the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation. The grounds are associated with Wolstanton, Chatterley Whitfield and Hem Heath.
Page 8. Opencast mining plan is opposed in Kidsgrove.

Evening Sentinel Jan 8th 1962 Page 5.
An old fitters shop at Berryhill colliery, closed in 1960 is to be converted into a colliery craft apprentices training workshop at the cost of £7,000.

Evening Sentinel Jan 9th 1962 Page 5.
Mr. D.E. Fox, H.M. Principal Electrical Inspector, speaking at last nights meeting of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, stressed there was still room for improvement in the number of accidents.

Evening Sentinel Jan.12th 1962 Page 7.
In North Staffordshire, with 844 fewer men, output dropped by 61,190 tons. During the year there were gains in productivity. Output per manshift rose by 7 cwt to 101.94 cwt and overall by 1.8 cwt to 29.7 cwt.
Late Final, Page 1. Following an accident at a private mine at Knutton, Vernon Dyer was taken to the North staffs Royal Infirmary yesterday, where his right hand was amputated. He was employed by McEllins Collieries Co. Blackbank.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 15th 1962 Page 1.
NCB can break even this year with luck. Robens praises productivity rise.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 17th 1962 Page 1.
Miners talks on pay start today. Late final. Miners offered 5/- a week, hours cut too, with strings attached.

Evening Sentinel Jan 18th 1962 Page 1.
Verdicts of death due to industrial decease were recorded on T.G. Hancock who worked at Florence colliery and retired in 1947 also W.H. Parry who worked at Hanley deep pit all his working life.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 19th 1962 Page 7.
The annual party for retired miners at Mossfield last night. (photo)
City Final Page 1 An anonymous £5 gift has been prompted the Vicar of Silverdale, the Rev R. Egerton, to launch an appeal for 19 year old Vernon dyer, who lost his right hand in a pit accident last week.

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1962 Page 10.
New pit schemes are showing excellent results on which we have been working and spending money over the years commented the Divisional Chairman. More details on methane drainage, safety, computer centre, and competition with other fuels.

Evening Sentinel Jan 25th 1962 Page 7.
Plans to streamline pits, show NCBs faith in the industry, said Mr. J. Brass, chairman of the West Midlands Division of the NCB. As he was speaking, before presenting the annual prizes to students, in the mining department of North Staffordshire College of Technology.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1st 1962 Page 1.
Lord Robens joins in pay talks with NUM.

Evening Sentinel Feb 7th 1962 Page 5
Biddulph Urban Council, gave the green light for a scheme to build 213 houses at a cost of £385,380 for the mining community in the area.

Evening Sentinel Feb 8th 1962 Page 9.
The Rev. FLM Ramsden was among the Trentham parish church-men’s fellowship to tour underground at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 12th 1962 Page 5.
Although nuclear energy, oil and imported methane gas would all provide competition in the future, the coal industry markets could still be an easy wicket.

Evening Sentinel Feb 13th 1962 Page 12.
The development of a special type of underground chain conveyors, capable of storing up 50 and 100 tons of coal to offset temporary breakdowns. One system is already in use at Holditch colliery and another about to be installed at Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 14th 1962 Page 4.
Lord Robens, Chairman of the NCB is to visit Stoke-on-Trent in April, when the North Staffordshire area of the N.A.C.O.D.S. celebrate their golden jubilee.
Page 8. Coal output rises in West Midlands pits including 25,000 tons of coal produced by Saturday voluntary working. North Staffs contributed 420,699 tons.

Evening Sentinel Feb 15th 1962 page 7.
The North Staffordshire area NCB boxing team in the finals will be at Wolverhampton next Thursday. J. McConigle (flyweight) T. Beadmore (bantamweight) H. Brown and M. Job (featherweight) J. Beadmore (lightweight) R. Walker (light welterweight) E. Edwards (welterweight) G. Woodcock (light heaveyweight) and D, Shermill (heavyweight)

Evening Sentinel Feb 16th 1962 Page 16.
Florence colliery was one of four pits where productivity records were achieved in the week ending Feb 3rd. Overall output per manshift advanced by more than a cwt to 46 cwt.
Final page 16 A 44 year old deputy at Victoria colliery, Mr Frank Yates, collapsed and died underground today.

Evening Sentinel Feb 17th 1962 Page 8.
After 51 years in continuous service at Parkhall colliery, Mr. Billy Jones retired yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Feb 23rd Page 1.
Miners delegates accepted pay offer today at the special conference in London. The final decision will be made by the area councils. If accepted the increase will be made from April 1st the cost to the NCB will be £8 million a year. Weekly underground rate will be, for day wage workers £10. 18 .6. And top rate £12. 3. 0. Surface rates will range from £9. 18. 6. to £13. 7. 6. Craftsmen’s rate minimum £10. 17. 6.on surface, to £14. 8 6. below ground.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1962 Page 8.
The new home of the North Staffs mines rescue centre at Berryhill will be officially be opened on March 15th by Mr. J. Bass, chairman of the West Midlands of the NCB. The end of the lease on the old Glebe St. premises in Stoke where the rescue station was housed for 40 years almost co-incided with the closure of Berryhill colliery last year and the NCB took the opportunity to adapt part of the site as a new rescue centre.
Page 16 Mr. Frank Howard age 49, a miner at Parkhouse colliery suffered a fracture of the skull when there was a roof fall, it was stated today at the inquest.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1962 Page 5.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager, presented prizes at the area rescue competition at Tunstall town hall. He said during the past year none of the local colliery rescue teams had been called upon. Parkhouse won the trophy, Hem Heath were runners up, Wolstanton were 3rd. and Holditch 4th.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1962 Page 10.
In a settlement of £4,500 damages was awarded to 39 year old John Blairs who has not worked since he received a back injury in an accident at Gillbank colliery, Goldenhill in 1957. It happened in a roof fall at the footrail.

Evening Sentinel March 13th 1962 Page 5.
The view that the demand for automation in the mining industry would gain impetus in the near future was expressed at last night’s meeting of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Evening Sentinel March 15th 1962 Page 14.
New rescue station officially opened at Berryhill. High tribute was paid to the staunch body of men who in various ways were doing so much for one of our great industial services. (full article on this page)

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1962 Page 1.
Parkhall to close, seams to be mined from Florence.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1962 Page 1.
Miners accept wage offer by 3 to 1 as reported on Feb 23rd.

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1962 Page 1.
It is understood that after the closure of Parkhall in Aug, Mossfield was likely to be next possibly next year.

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1962 Page 4.
Mossfield decision to close was deplored, all union members employed at the colliery have been invited to a meeting when the question of closure is to be discussed.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1962 Page 6.
Long service awards to Parkhouse pit veterans at a dinner on Saturday. Plus photo and details.
Page 10 late final, photo of Parkhall colliery first aid team in annual competition.

Evening Sentinel March 31st 1962 Page 1.
Miners to see coal board over pit closures.

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1962 Page 8.
North Staffs NCB boxers once again chasing trophy. (all the details)

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1962 page 4
Mr. E.W. Watson, an electrical engineer at Victoria colliery was elected president of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
Page 10 Hem Heath are leading in the National Safety Competition.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1962 Page 4
N.A.C.O.D.S. at their 3-day conference at Stoke town hall are calling for a shorter working day for deputies, though a four-shift cycle instead of three. Late final page 16. Deputies learned that the NCB had made a final offer of an extra 10/- a week, compared with the 33/-6 sought in their recent demand.

Evening Sentinel April 12th 1962 Page 7.
Inconsistency in reading chest X-ray plates, which led to conflicting medical opinion, was referred to the annual conference of mining officials. City final page 1. NCB to break even this year says Robens.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1962 Page 9.
Stirling quality of miners, praised by Robens. He said one of the outstanding thing about the mining industry that it was built around people, communities and family life. City final page 9. A 50 strong members of Stoke-on-Trent’s watch committee and City fire prevention association visited the new mines rescue station at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel April 16th 1962 Page 7.
Mr. A. Baddereley of Norton urged the need for much care and consultation between the NCB and the unions before any new venture was attempted. He was referring to the new reorganisation schemes and pit closures.

Evening Sentinel April 17th 1962 Page 9.
Will Paynter, Gen. Sec. NUM, addressed the NUM conference at Stoke. (full story)

Evening Sentinel April 18th 1962 Page 1.
North Staffordshire March output was up 18,282 tons to 567,747 tons this was 3.3% up on 1961.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1962 Page 1.
NCB loss cut to £15 million but the West Midlands area shows a profit.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1962 Page 8.
Safety standards in mines. (full story)

Evening Sentinel May 8th 1962 Page 12.
After the summer holidays, miners at Stafford colliery will have reached an important stage in the pit’s one and a quarter million pound deveopment. Operations will be transferred to the Lower East Moss. The whole re-construction will produce350,000 tons of coal a year. It is estimated there are more than 40 million tons in reserves.

Evening Sentinel May 11th 1962 Page 6.
Hem Heath came second in the West Midlands Division for safety, photo plus prizes.
Late final Page 1. Production at Silverdale colliery virtually brought to a standstill today by an un-official strike in which 1,800 tons of coal was lost, spread to three main coal faces. Plus there was a three union bid to stop pit closure. NUM, NACODS, and Power Group.

Evening Sentinel May 14th 1962 Page 1.
Silverdale miners still out on unofficial strike over Power Loading agreement. This concerns 30 men but is affecting 700 men.
Page 5. Staffordshire miners are salt of the earth says Mr. Holdsworth, recorder, at a banquet in Litchfield Guildhall.
Page 10. Tommy Beadmore has won his first national title, the Bantamweight Championship of the NCB. His brother John was also a winner at Leeds in a special Lightweight bout.

Evening Sentinel May 15th 1962 Page 14.
Silverdale miners return to work. Dispute to be discussed.

Evening Sentinel May 16th 1962 Page 14.
Machines boost coal output in West Midlands. In North Staffordshire, April tonnage rose by 22,493 tons to 422,851 on last year. Face productivity up 11.61cwt to 112.17 and overall by 3.31 cwt to 32.12 cwt.
Page 14. Miners up in arms over NCB estate rents rise at Badderley Green, by up to 9/- a week.

Evening Sentinel May 18th 1962 Page 1.
Compensation paid to former coal owners in North Staffordshire totalled £8,517,163. This was revealed in a written parliamentary reply, by the Minister of Power Mr. Richard Wood.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1962 Page 1.
A 100 foot pit shaft opens up by a Tunstall home. With a rumbling and a roar an eight foot circular hole, about a 100 feet deep suddenly appeared. Two boys had been playing football there moments before it caved in. They had gone to recover their ball from the road, when the incident occurred.
Page 8. Tom Beadmore adds the T.A. boxing title to NCB championship.

Evening Sentinel May 31st 1962 Page 4.
West Midlands coal makes a £3 million profit, but interest turns it into a £760,819 deficit. North Staffs area came out as a £1,174,413 profit or 4/6 a ton, on an average production cost of 91/6 a ton.

Evening Sentinel June 4th 1962 Page 10.
William Hammersley age 48 a chargehand, at Sneyd colliery was killed at the pit on Saturday. He received multiple injuries from which he died.
Late final page 12 Tighten pit supervision call after fatal accident.

Evening Sentinel June 14th 1962 Page 12.
Two men were fined £10 each when they admitted tampering with a morphia safe at Hem Heath colliery. It was a final act of malice after they had been given their notice to leave the pit.

Evening Sentinel June 29th 1962 Page 1
Many serious pit accidents are avoidable. Pit accident have arisen from causes which were already known, or which could have been foreseen, had due weight been attached to warnings given by minor accidents. (Safety in mines)

Evening Sentinel June 30th 1962 Page 1.
Mr. Z. Luczynski age 50 was killed at Silverdale colliery yesterday. He was trapped by machinery and fatally injured.

Evening Sentinel July 2nd 1962 Page5.
An increase in the number of accidents in coal mining was described as “particularly distressing” by Mr Sid Ford, president of the NUM in the national safety year.

Evening Sentinel July 5th 1962 Page 1.
Lord Robens, chairman of the NCB, today gave miners assurance about the future of the industry. There would be no whole sale closures. The Board had no intentions of ensuring that each coalfield should be profitable aand no intention to change the wage system.

Evening Sentinel July 6th 1962 Page 1.
Coal was being wound up the shaft of Sneyd colliery for the last time today, before Monday’s output link up with Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1962 Page 1.
The first winding at Wolstanton colliery today of all coal from three pits set seal on North Staffordshire’s biggest tunnelling project and beat the schedule by several weeks.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1962 Page 5.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded at yesterday’s inquest on 50 year old Z. Luczynski, Silverdale colliery trapped under shearer.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1962 Page 1
Coal output up in North Staffordshire last month compared with same time last year. Output per manshift at face was 112.52 cwt, the highest in the division, an increase of 9.68 cwt or 9.41%

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1962 Page 1
Transport rules at Florence colliery were criticised by an inquest jury today on the death of Albert Jones.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1962 Page 1.
A miner received a very severe accident to his hand, when a detonator he was holding, was exploded by an unauthorised person. The manager of Mclling’s colliery, Black Bank, Silverdale, John Porrmy was fined £25 in two cases of breach of regulations. On similar charges, a deputy was fined £20 in each case.

Evening Sentinel 27th July 1962 Page 7.
Claims for subsidence each year in North Staffordshire, 1957, 3,934 – 1958 4,214 – 1959 4,063 – 1960 3,433 – 1961 3,275.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1962 Page 5.
Mossfield won the area trophy in the NCB finals at Berryhill on Saturday. Victoria was 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd. More than 500 men took part.

Evening Sentinel Aug.1st 1962 Page 5.
Big changes as North Staffordshire pits go on holiday. It will be full speed ahead during the holidays at several pits where major change over or istalation schemes have been planned, at Victoria, Norton, Sneyd, Wolstanton. Stafford, and Great Fenton. (more details)

Evening Sentinel Aug 2nd 1962 Page 7.
Forty miners at North Staffs collieries had a pre-holiday bonus yesterday, when they received £5 prize money for the best accident free records over the three months finishing in June. (name and collieries available)

Evening Sentinel Aug12th 1962 Page 12.
North Staffordshire’s productivity showed an increase of 12.45% at the face (12.58 cwt) per man shift and for all workers of 7.67% (32.13 cwt)

Evening Sentinel Aug 17th 1962 Page 8.
A new electric drum winder will replace the steam winder equipment when Norton opens after wakes week holidays. (photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug 24th 1962 Page 19.
The NCB are hoping to obtain a site for 300 houses for the North of England and Scottish miners and their families.

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th 1962 Page 10.
Mr. Herbert Foster age 70 died from industrial decease was recorded by the City Coroner. He had worked in the pits and pottery industry.

Evening Sentinel Sep 1st 1962 Page 1.
Frank Armpitt age 40 yrs was killed at Victoria colliery today after a long fight to save him. He was trapped by a coal cutter underground and died as soon as he was released.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th 1962 Page 7.
North Staffordshire collieries are well placed in the National safe pits competition, Hem Heath are lying 10th in their class and Mossfield are 6th. North Staffs pits are sweeping the board in the West Midlands Division.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1962 Page 5.
A Biddulph doctor who struggled in the light of a cap lamp for one and a half hours, to try and save the life of a miner, (F. Armpitt) trapped by a coal cutting machine at Victoria colliery, told an inquest he thought plasma ought to be available so that doctors could give more help to miners in such cases.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1962 Page 7.
Presentations were made last night at the Mossfield Sports Club to Mr. Harry Carson, cheques totalling £24 and electrical equipment were presented. Harry entered the industry in 1911 as an apprentice electrician at Florence colliery. In January 1924 he moved to Mossfield and after nationalisation in 1947 went to Foxfield as electrical engineer, 7 years later he was appointed Group Electrical Engineer, a position he held until his retirement.

Evening Sentinel Sep 25th 1962 Page 5.
The NCB want 1,000 houses in Stoke-on-Trent to accommodate miners transferred from other areas who are to work in the local mines.

Evening Sentinel Oct 6th 1962Page 4
Mr. A.F. Browning age 44years was killed at Waterfields colliery, Apedale, yesterday when the tram he was riding was derailed. He left a widow and 4 children.

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1962 Page 8.
More the 850 people were at the Kings Hall stoke on Saturday for the annual dance and presentation awards of the Fenton, Stafford and Hem Heath collieries sports and welfare club.

Evening Sentinel Oct 11th 1962Page 5.
Apedale colliery has beaten a weekly productivity record set 13 years ago, in the week ending Sep 29th. Output per man shift overall reached 59.4 cwt 3 cwt higher than the previous best. Coal face workers new record was 186.4 cwt. Apedale is the only Drift mine operated by the NCB in the West Midlands division, the rest are shaft mines.

Evening Sentinel Oct 13th 1962Page 5.
With the current production in the North Stafforshire coal field now running at 33 cwt per man shift, compared with the national average of 32 cwt, Mr J Bass, Chairman of the West Midlands division, called for an all out effort to set the figure up to 34 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1962 Page 7.
A fall in coal mining man-power in the west Midlands division was partly offset by the arrival of men from the declining coal fields in the North.

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1962 Page 1.
West Midlands division of the NCB shows a profit of £2 million for the first half of the year, but interest payments reduced this to a total surplus of £529,000.

Evening Sentinel Oct 18th 1962 Page 5.
An inquest on F.N. Browning, killed at Watermills colliery, Apedale, was accidental death. (full report)

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1962 Page 5.
An inscribed official’s safety lamp was presented to Mr. Alfred Worthington of Trent Vale. The lamp was presented on behalf of the Executive Committee. This was the first time a presentation of a lamp had been made in the area. Alfred worked at Berryhill for 40 years. (more details plus photo)

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1962 Page 10. (Final)
Following a report on Mossfield colliery by their own technical experts, the NUM are to accept the Coal Board’s proposals that the pit should close.

Evening Sentinel Oct 31st 1962 Page 8.
The NCB are considering the re-development of the now overgrown sports ground of the former Berryhill colliery, for re-developing the site.

Evening Sentinel Nov 6th 1962 Page 4.
No objection is proposed by the housing committee, to the suggested rent increases of the NCB houses. The increases are 9/7 a week for three bed roomed houses and 10/2 a week for four bed rooms.

Evening Sentinel Nov 6th 1962 Page 12. (Late Final)
Mr. Arthur Durber, one of the survivors of the Diglake flooding in 1895 has died at his home in Trent Vale. (More details)

Evening Sentinel Nov 8th 1962 Page 10.
NCB division and area safety competition awards were presented at Chatterley Whitfield colliery and Wolstanton yesterday. (Photo and details)

Evening Sentinel Nov 20th 1962 Page 1.
Photo of miner trying on a new self-rescue device containing chemicals to nullify carbon monoxide gas which proves deadly following a pit fire or explosion. The device which can keep a man alive for two hours until rescued, is on trial at Holditch colliery. (story and picture on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Nov 24th 1962 Page 5.
An NCB official described as disappointing the refusal of the city reconstruction committee to give planning permission for a site of 100 residential caravans at Fenton for incoming miners from the North and Northeast. In the next year the NCB hope to place several hundred more men, possible up to a 1,000 in North Staffs pits. Nearly 2,400 houses for miners and their families have been built.

Evening Sentinel Nov27th 1962 Page 7.
Mr. J. Mountford who had worked at Chatterley Whitfield colliery for 40 years was killed in a haulage accident.

Evening Sentinel Nov 29th 1962 Page 4.
The danger of taking foil wrappings below ground is being stressed to everyone in the mining industry, following an explosion at Hapton Valley colliery in which 19 died.
Page 7. A former miner was awarded £1,905 damages and costs when he was severely injured at Chatterley Whitfield colliery on July 25th 1958.

Evening Sentinel Dec 4th 1962 Page 5.
North Staffordshire boxing club will be competing against Liverpool at Butt Lane workingman’s club on Thursday. M. Goodwin will top the programme. (photo)
Page 11 the NCB have informed the Newcastle housing committee that they are interested in obtaining sites in the Borough for houses for incoming miners.

Evening Sentinel Dec 14th 1962 Page 5.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded at an inquest on Mr. Hugh Prout age 55 a colliery deputy who died when he was crushed by an empty coal tub at Mossfield colliery a week ago.

Evening Sentinel Dec 19th 1962 Page 5.
A fixed priced tender of £344,499, for the building of 210 houses for miners, has been put in by Axon and Brown.

Evening Sentinel Dec 20th 1962 Page 1.
NUM to seek a minimum wage of £11 a week for surface workers, in talks on the new wage structures.

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1962 Page 5.
Mr George Wood age 57 was killed today at Stafford colliery. He received fatal injuries when he fell 20ft from a pit-head ramp.

Evening Sentinel Dec 27th 1962 Page 8.
Apedale colliery reach the highest output in its history in the week ending December 15th with 1,976 tons. The previous best figure was 1,918 tons in the corresponding week last year. Apedale is the only drift mine operated by the NCB in the West Midlands Division and has the smallest manpower in the Division.

Evening Sentinel Dec 29th 1962 Page 8.
City coroner, Mr. F.G. Hails, at a Stoke inquest today on the death of Arthur Farr, a retired miner, said one was tempted say that Stoke-on-Trent was built on the lungs of its workers.