Evening Sentinel Jan. 4th 1964 Page 1. F.
In Lord Robens report for 1963, coal sales were 200m tons. Wolstanton had produced 1m tons for the first time. And there was a record production at Norton colliery of face output of 132.5 cwt. Victoria colliery achieved an overall productivity of 40.8 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 10th 1964 Page 9 F.
Mr. Stefan Bugala, age 49 was taken ill while working as a washery attendant at Hem Heath colliery and died there.

Evening Sentinel Jan 11th 1964 Page 9 F.
A misadventure verdict was returned at the resumed inquest in Newcastle yesterday on Mr. H. Machen age 45. He was killed on December 30th 1963 while servicing a cage and gantry at Wolstanton colliery. He struck on the head by part of the mechanism at the side of the shaft.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 15th 1964 Page 1 F.
Following a recent sealing off, because of a heating of a coalface at Glebe colliery, there has been a temporary transfer of men to Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 17th 1964 Page 1. L.F.
The Glebe colliery, which until recently employed about 450 men, is to close. But with transfers and offers of work at neighbouring collieries. No redundancies are anticipated.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 20th 1964 Page 5.
After the bath superintendent had been unable to get in because of smoke, firemen from Stoke-on-Trent, Biddulph and Kidsgrove, wearing breathing apparatus to tackle the fire in the smoke loaded dirty section of the baths at Victoria colliery, Biddulph yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 20th 1964 Page 8. F.
A miner injured in an accident at New Haden colliery 24 years ago died on New Year’s Day. As a result, a Stoke inquest decided today. He was Mr. J.H. Bentley age 58.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 21st 1964 Page 10.
Some aspects of surge bunkering, described as fairly recent development in the field of underground transport were discusses at last night’s meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers.

Evening Sentinel Feb 3rd 1964 Page 5 F.
The eventual amalgamation of three local branches of NACODS was foreseen during a dinner at the Grand Hotel, Hanley on Saturday. The event was the first annual dinner of the Sneyd, Deep Pit and Wostanton. The three collieries are now amalgamated into the Wolstanton concentration.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1964 Page 8.
A former member of the North Staffordshire NCB amateur boxing club and of Meir Air Training Corp, Neil Shea, is hoping to win honors in the FAF.

Evening Sentinel Feb 12th 1964 Page 10. F.
Mr. C.L. Eveson age 40 received appalling injuries while driving an underground locomotive at Florence colliery in April 1960, was awarded £12.527 damages against the Coal Board at Stafford assizes today.

Evening Sentinel Feb 13th 1964 Page 16. F.
Mr. S. Skeding age 28 was paralysed from the knees down as a result of an accident by a roof fall at Norton colliery in January 1960. He was awarded £3.750 damages at Stafford assizes today.

Evening Sentinel Feb 15th 1964 Page 5.
Three North Staffs pits are among 5 in the West Midlands area with new productivity records. Norton had 38.6 cwt, Victoria with 40.9 cwt and Hem Heath with 44.1 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 15th 1964 Page 1. F.
North Staffs miners today recorded their congratulations to Sir Bernard Stross MP for Stoke Central, on receiving a knighthood.

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1964 Page 1. L.F.
Silverdale colliery was one of three West Midland pits which broke productivity records at the end of February, with an output per man-shift of 55.1 cwt for all employees.

Evening Sentinel Feb 24th 1964 Page 1 L.
Coalface workers at Holditch colliery, who went home on Friday because of a pay dispute were back to work today. It involved 24 hand fillers, resulting in a loss of 300 tons of coal.

Evening Sentinel Feb 29th 1964 page 3.
A gold wristwatch was presented to Mr. John Foy, to mark his retirement after 50years service in the mining industry, most of it at Chatterley Whitfield colliery. He began as a pony driver at Brown lees colliery when he was 14 and came to Whitfield in 1916. He became a junior official and later an overman, a position he held for 15 years. (Photo on page 8)

Evening Sentinel Feb. 29th 1964 Page 7.
Photo of guests at NCB Central Workshops and area stores social evening at Jubilee Hall, Stoke. Secretary of NUM Power Group was there.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1964 Page 10. F.
Because of the delay in settling the wage claim of pit craftsmen, a Hanley delegate meeting decided to ask the National Executive of the Power Group to give the Group’s General Secretary plenary powers to take action he considers necessary to expedite the claim.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
In February, workers at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, with an overall output of 41.2 cwt a man-shift were among those at 3 pits in the Division who set up new records.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1964 Page 20. F.
Mr. A. Howard age 45 was injured at Wood Lane colliery yesterday when a lump of stone fell on him. He was taken to the NSRI suffering from a back injury.

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1964 Page 1. L.F.
Annual output from the greatly reconstructed North Staffs coalfield, on which £25.500.000 has been spent in the last 17 years and which has vast reserves of the richest workable seams in Great Britain, is to be stepped up in the next 4 years. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel March 13th 1964 Page 9 1964
Full page, with the spotlight on North Staffs coal industry. Twenty five and a half million pounds outlay in 17 years and plans for the future growth.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1964 Page 5
Hem Heath colliery set a new coalface record of 157 cwt and Glebe 147.2 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1964 Page 16.
Mr. J. Burton was killed in an accident at the coalface of Foxfield colliery, Dilhorne. He was married with a son and married daughter.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1964 Page 12.
A 23-year-old steel erector, Mr. B.P. Kerr was killed in a 150 feet fall into the No 2 shaft sump, at Florence colliery today.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1964 Page 1 C.F.
The NCB workmen were, today filling a ventilation shaft to a 110-year old pit shaft at Adderley Green, following the discovery by City firemen at the weekend of a burning methane gas leak. The shaft was at the disused old Meadow pit, Adderley Green, were the firemen made their discovery while attending a grass fire. The gas was still burning today as the men filled in the open shaft with earth. The leak is in a shaft serving one of two shafts, which were sunk in 1885 and last used in 1915.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1964 Page 12. F.
For steel erectors to walk across a six-inch wide girder in a pit-shaft without safety belts was “As reckless as playing Russian roulette” commented the City coroner at an inquest at Stoke. A verdict of accidental death was returned on Mr. B.P. Kerr. All the steel erectors had walked across the same girder and one witness said, if safety belts were worn at all times, it would be regarded as “working to Rule” by the employers.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1964 Page 8. F.
Eighty two per cent of NCB North Staffs drivers were presented with safe driving awards at the Dimsdale Hotel, Wolstanton last night.

Evening Sentinel April 17th 1964 Page 11. L.F.
An unofficial strike at Norton colliery has so far involved a total of 101 men and caused the loss of 700 tons of coal productivity.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1964 Page F.
Output from North Staffs pits in the quarter totalled 1.503.768 tons, an increase of 32.842 tons or 2.23% on the same time last year. The total amount of men on the books of local pits at the end of the quarter was 14.375 – 418 less than a year ago.

Evening Sentinel April 17th 1964 Page 1. C. F.
Accidental death was recorded at an inquest on Mr. J. Burton age 51 who died from asphyxia due to pressure on the chest after a fall of roof at Foxfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1964 Page 1. L
To mark the closing of Glebe colliery, Fenton, the North staffs branch of the NACODS, held a dinner dance at the Donrobin Hotel on Saturday, at which long service certificates and miniature miners’ lamps were presented to 5 members. (Photos and names)

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1964 Page 10. C.F.
Normal work was resumed at Norton colliery today following last weeks strike, which, spread over two days and lost the pit 1.100 tons in of coal

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1964 Page 5.
Hem Heath collieries senior first aid team gained second place with 382 marks in the NCB West Midlands Division first aid competitions held at Wolverhampton. Victoria colliery was place third in the junior competition with 410 marks. North staffs area workshops A. and B. were forth and fifth in this section.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1964 Page 1 L.
Mr J.B. Wood, Deputy Chairman of the West Midlands Division of the NCB, congratulated Mr. E. Savage, Capt of Norton colliery civil defence team, after the team representing North Staffs, won the annual competition at Mossfield colliey, Longton, yesterday. They now go on to the National finals at Easingwood, Yorks in June.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1964 Page 8.
Photo of Lord Robens, Chairman of the NCB, with Jack Lally, President of the West Midlands NUM and delegates at the annual area conference held in Birmingham.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1964 Page 1 L.
An unofficial stoppage by some men at Hem Heath colliery had lost about 900 tons of coal. A spokesman for the miners said that the man concerned was on piecework. He was a man who always demanded his rights 100% and because of this, the management had given him his notice.

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1964 Page 7. F.
Photo of meeting of miners in progress, in an attempt to resolve the dispute, which had arisen at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham. Some loss of production has resulted from the stoppage.

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1964 Page 1. L.
Because 219 men on the day shift still failed to report for work at the Hem heath colliery today, 212 day wage-men had to be sent home. But the unofficial strike is over. 10.000 of coal have been lost.

Evening Sentinel May 14th 1964 Page 6.
In his annual report covering the West Midlands. Mr. G. Millar, Divisional Inspector, deals at length with the circumstances of the explosion, which occurred last year in the Coxhead seam of Fenton (Glebe) colliery. He said, there is little doubt that the successful functioning of the stone dust barriers prevented the spread of the explosion and probably saved the lives of 38 men, who were in the near-by district.

Evening Sentinel May 20th 1964 Page 1. L.F.
Miners in North Staffs pits returned to work today after the Whitsun holiday. Attendance was good said the NCB.

Evening Sentinel May 28th 1964 Page 1. L.F.
Mr. D. Dobson age 62 was found unconscious below ground at Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, last night with serious internal injuries. Workmates found him lying on the side of the roadway near the endless rope haulage system. Infirmary said he was seriously ill.

Evening Sentinel May 28th 1964 Page 7. F.
A new social welfare centre for the mining population of Silverdale was officially opened last night. The instigators of the project are the trustees and committee of the Silverdale colliery sports and welfare scheme.

Evening Sentinel May 29th 1964 Page 16. C.F.
An inquest returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. J. Eardley who was buried by a roof fall at Snyde colliery Tuesday 26th May.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1964 Page 1. L.
Mr. C. Howson, prospective conservative candidate for Stoke South, yesterday went on a visit down Hem Heath. He said, “It has been a fascinating experience.”

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1964 Page 18. L.F.
The standard of safety was appallingly low at Parkhouse colliery, judging from the evidence they had heard, an inquest jury at Birmingham said today. They returned a verdict of misadventure on Mr. D. Dobson age 62. He died on June 2nd five days after an underground accident at the colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 30th 1964 Page 12. F.
An accident at Norton colliery, in which a 45 year old, Mr. J. Biddulph was killed, was what some would call an act of God declared the City coroner. The cause of death was a fractured skull.

Evening Sentinel July 4th 1964 Page 5.
The last of the major pit-shaft schemes, that at Florence, so far planned for North Staffs by the NCB, is nearing completion. The enlarged and relined No. 2 shaft which will enable the colliery to achieve its planned 1.250.000 a year, is expected to be ready for coal winding at the end of October.

Evening Sentinel July 12th 1964 Page 1. L.F.
Driver T.R. Griffiths, receiving Blue Circle Trophy from the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent at a lorry driver of the year competition at Chatterley Whitfield colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel July 16th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
Announcing the first step with schemes at Norton and Silverdale collieries, in the introduction of electronics into North Staffs mining, Mr. H. J. Widdowson, said today that no matter what manpower saving devices, automation and push button equipment there might be, they would still need men. (Full story, cont on back page.)

Evening Sentinel July 20th 1964 Page 3 supplement
Full article on, coal today is a matter of more brains, less sweat. New methods, new ideas.

Evening Sentinel July 22 1964 Page 5.
Two major underground operations, one at Norton and one at Silverdale are planned by the NCB during the August holiday close down of pits in the North Staffs area.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1964 Page 6.
The NCBs residential engineering training course is being held at Keele university for two weeks.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1964 Page 1. L.
Photo of Colliery fire fighting teams in action at Kemball Training centre on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel July 29th 1964 Page 8.
Two North Staffs miners won prizes in a safety competition. Mr. H. Bolderson, a Sneyd colliery worker won first prize, a saloon car and Mr. C. Whitehurst second prize, a trip to Paris for two.

Evening Sentinel Aug 6th 1964 Page 7.
Despite a fall in manpower of 1.002 men, output in the North Staffs coalfield in April-June quarter rose 2% and productivity for all workers was up 9%.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 11th 1964 Page 5.
One of Stoke-on-Trent’s best land marks is gradually disappearing. The pithead gear of Glebe colliery, Fenton, is being demolished following the closure at the colliery and the plugging of the pit shafts. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug 13th 1964 Page 7.
The first miners method study course in the West midlands is to be held at the Kemball Training Centre on Monday.

Evening Sentinel Aug 17th 1964 Page 5.
Mr. H. M. Spanton, assistant general manager of the North staffs area is to become general manager of the Kent coalfield from October.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 17th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
In the mining industry, attendances were regarded as up to average for the post holiday shifts.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 18th 1964 Page 4.
The annual summer school for young miners from the West Midlands Division including North Staffordshire is taking place at Keele University this week. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug. 27th 1964 Page 14. F.
With a saleable tonnage of 6.999.000 North Staffs area was the highest producer in the Division. The total figure was 18.730.000 tons.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 3rd 1964 Page 7.
An accident, which happened 26 years ago, was ruled by the inquest jury at Audley yesterday, to have caused the death of a 70-year-old retired coalface worker last July. A verdict of accidental death was returned on Mr. Thomas Lawton who died on July 18th. He was seriously injured by a roof fall in 1938.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 9th 1964 Page 6.
Mr. D. Painter, President of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers delivered his presidential address at a meeting of the Branch, held at NCB offices at Stoke last night.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 17th 1964 Page 11.
Members of the North Staffs area of the NCB are on a three-day residential course for apprentices in the West Midlands Division at Keele University.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 21st 1964 Page 4.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager of the NCB congratulated Mr. P. Lightfoot, Capt. Of the Hem Heath colliery team, who won the area NCB mines rescue competition at Berry hill rescue centre on Saturday. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Sep. 22nd 1964 Page 6.
The president of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Colliery Managers, Mr. R. Boote, gave a presidential address at the NCB offices at Stoke last night.

Evening Sentinel Sep 24th 1964 Page 1. F.
Because miners complained about the amount of slack in their concessionary coal, instructions were given at Florence colliery coal should be put into bags by fork instead of a shovel. Transport drivers protested it would take two and a half times longer to load their vehicles and wanted payment. The Drivers went on strike, but returned to work as instructions about forks were shelved pending talks on the subject.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 28th 1964 Page 4.
Presentations of inscribed wristlet watches to retired members of Chatterley Whitfield branch of NACODS were made at a buffet dance at the Grand Hotel, Hanley, on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1964 Page 11. F.
The death has occurred of Mr. F. Barns, a retired coal board engineer. He was 68 and held the post of Chief Engineer for Sneyd colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 5th 1964 Page 10.
In the finals of the West Midlands miners rescue competitions held at Madeley colliery on Saturday, Cannock Wood were winners, Birch Copice second and Hem Heath third.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 16th 1964 Page 9. F.
Visitors from the Far East will be coming to North Staffs next week to see something of the Potteries and Mining industries and they will visit Holdtich and Hem Heath colliers.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1964 Page 10. L.F.
About 20 members of the Stoke-on-Trent Metallurgical Society visited Hem Heath colliery. Mr. W. Crossland, Agent and Manager told the visitors there was enough coal, mined at 1m tons a year for the next 200 years.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1964 Page 10. F.
At the annual first aid presentations of North Staffs area, winners of the senior shield were Hem Heath colliery, Norton were second. Junior Cup winners were Victoria colliery, Hem Heath were second. Wynne Cup winners were Hem Heath B and second were Hem Heath A. Individual winner was M. Latty of Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 28th 1964 Page 12 F.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. L.J. Boughey, lorry driver, as he walked back to his vehicle a 14 cwt bucket of an excavator fell on him and crushed him to death at Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
Fifteen young miners left the group training face at Chatterley Whitfield colliery today and came up the pit, when a dispute developed over haulage work. Five of the miners said that when they were asked to go on the haulage, they were given to understand there wages would not drop, but in fact they lost eleven shillings a day.

Evening Sentinel Oct 31st 1964 Page 5.
Photo of colliers coming off the dayshift for the last time at the 104 year old Glebe colliery, as it is to close today.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1964 Page 20.
Soon Kemball pit, with a surface gallery equipped with a mock coalface and self-advancing roof supports will provide the area with one of the most complete training centre in the industry.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 13th 1964 Page 1. L.
Mr. H. Allison age 35, haulage worker at Holditch colliery. Was fatally injured in an underground haulage accident yesterday afternoon. He was crushed between tubs and died while been taken to the NSRI. He was married with two children aged eight and four and a half.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 17th 1964 Page 14. F.
After falling off the back of a lorry at Wolstanton yesterday, Mr. W. Dale was taken to the NSRI with a suspected fracture of the skull.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 21st 1964 Page 5.
At the North Staffs branch of the Institute of Marketing and Sales, held at the North Staffs Hotel, it was said Britain is now leading the world in mining techniques.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1964 Page 16.
Mr. E. Comber age 42, a face stower was killed yesterday by a fall of roof at Hem Heath colliery. He leaves a widow and five-year old son.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
A piece of mining equipment was missing at Hem Heath colliery, two witnesses alleged that it had been stolen and the use of another device in its place possibly caused the death of Mr. E. Comber, a Stoke inquest heard today.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 14th 1964 Page 8.
A cheque and a miners’ miniature lamp were presented to Mr. G. Northwood of Foxfield colliery. He was secretary of the Cheadle branch of the NACODS. He retired after 51 years work in the mines.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 16th 1964 Page 1. L.
Detectives today went underground at Silverdale colliery in an effort to solve the mystery of the death of Mr. W. Ward age 58, who died of chest injuries on Monday afternoon.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 18th 1964 Page 1. L.
The inquest was opened today at Newcastle and adjourned till January 15th provisionally, on Mr. W. Ward of Silverdale colliery. The coroner said death was caused by injury to the heart due to a penetrating wound of the thorax.

Evening Sentinel Dec 19th 1964 Page 5.
Director’s wives and officials at the Red Street Collieries Co. Ltd. Had a Christmas dinner held at the Dimsdale Hotel Wolstanton. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 22nd 1964 Page 1. L.
Fellow miners from Silverdale colliery were among the mourners at the Sacred Heart RC Church yesterday, for the funeral of Mr. W. Ward who was fatally injured at the mine on Monday last week.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 23rd 1964 Page 8.
Mr. E. Steel, former Agent-Manager presented a prize to Mr. Ken Johnson, winner of the Norton colliery sports table tennis individual championship at a dance at Trentham Gardens last night.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 28th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
Attendance at North Staffs pits today was reported to be below a normal Monday, but up to the average for the first day after a holiday.