Evening Sentinel Jan 8th 1965 Final page 9.
Overall productivity in the West Midlands Division rose by 1.5 cwt to 36.3 cwt with two North Staffs pits, Wolstanton and Hem Heath close on the 1 million tons mark. The chairman said that they were also pressing on as fast as they were able with more powered supports particularly in North staffs.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1965 Final Page 5
A verdict of death, accelerated by pneumoconiosis was recorded by the City coroner Mr, F. G . Hails at an inquest on Mr. William Stonier. Mr. Stonier had worked underground at Sneyd colliery from the age of 13 until he was 60. The last 5 years he had spent on the surface.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1965 Final Page 4.
The North Staffordshire mining industry now has need for 700 more men. This was on top of the need for continuous recruitment to replace normal losses of men due to retirements and other causes. Last year 5.33 million tons of coal were mined locally. By 1970 output will have to rise to 6.5 m to 7m to meet demand.

Evening Sentinel Jan19th 1965 Final Page 5.
North Staffs face productivity for the year averaged 115.58 cwt a drop of 0.42 cwt. But overall output per man shift at 34.54 cwt was up by 1.26 %. Manpower stood at 13.731 men, as reported there is a need of 700 more men.

Evening Sentinel Jan 30th 1965 Final Page 5.
There was no evidence that anyone was wielding a pick which killed 58 year old Mr. William Ward at Silverdale colliery, it was said yesterday. The explanation was that he was using the pick to prevent a steel cutter rope from coming off the top of a “peg” anchoring a moving coal cutter.

Evening Sentinel Feb 8th 1965 Final Page 5.
Underground tubs are to go for their last ride at Norton colliery. At the end of July, under one of the schemes, costing £119.000 aimed at boosting production and efficiency. Work will take place in the fortnight’s holidays. A £77.000 conveyor system is to be installed to replace the rope haulage. There will be a £42000 surface reconstruction scheme.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1965 Page 7 F
Mr. S. J, Ayres, H.M. Mechanical Inspector of Mines, said that the mining industry had experienced an unusual number of over-winds. Mr. Ayres who was addressing members of the North Staffs Branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was giving his 1963 report. He also touched on Diesel Locomotives and the increase of conveyor fires.

Evening Sentinel Feb 13th 1965 Page 1. L.
North Staffs miners achieved a record output of 38.5 cwt per man-shift at the week ending Feb 2nd. This was almost a hundredweight than the previous figure reached three weeks earlier.

Evening Sentinel Feb 16th 1965 Page 12
The reconstruction of Florence colliery’s No2 shaft, sunk in 1874 and deviated considerably from the vertical, was described in a paper given by the men responsible for the job at last night’s meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. The finished diameter of the shaft was originally 14 feet, but this had increased to 18 feet at a depth of 853 yards and continued as such to the bottom. Films and slides were shown by Mr. T. Walker, the area shaft sinking engineer.

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1965 Page 6 F.
Article, plus photos on mining apprenticeship scheme in the West Midland’s division at Kemball Training Centre, second to none in the country.

Evening Sentinel Feb24th 1965 Page 5. F
Photo of Mayor of Newcastle, Ald B.G, Vernon, and his brother Harold on a visit to Wolstanton colliery with Mr. E. Maudsley, No 2 group manager and Mr. A.S Harper, achitect.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1965 Page 8.
Output and solid stowing operations to safe guard the district against subsidence are to be steped up at Silverdale colliery before the end of the year at a cost of £178.000. Also photo of NCB department dinner dance.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1965 Page 14.
The challenge in the mining industry is to deploy men to the best advantage. This was the theme of a paper at a North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical Mechanical Engineers on remote control applied to underground conveyors.

Evening Sentinel March 15th 1965 Page 7 F.
Photo North Staffs area NCB Rescue Committee held their annual distribution of the rescue competition prizes and long service awards at a dance held at the Jubilee Hall.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1965 Page 6.
Barry Fowler was parking his car at piece of waste ground near his home at 10 Denison St. Longton when the front of the car sunk. A quick examination revealed a dark damp underground chasm. The coal board filled it in. It seems likely that it was a shallow mine shaft, probably more than a hundred years old.

Evening Sentinel March 27th 1965 Page 10 F.
In week ending March 13th Wolstanton established two new productivity records. Output per man shift at the coalface was 124.84 cwt which was 176 cwt higher than the previous face record set up in November 1963. Overall productiviry was 38.79 cwt also an improvement.

Evening Sentinel March 27th 1965 Page 5 FF
A 42 year old Polish miner, Mr. W. Drobot was killed by a fall of rock at Wolstanton last night.

Evening Sentinel March 29th 1965 Page 4.
Photo of the annual First Aid Competition of North Staffs area of NCB was held at Heron cross school on Saturday. Florence colliery team were winners of the Senior Ambulance Shield.

Evening Sentinel March31st 1965 Page 6
Disposal of pit waste heaps. One case can be quoted of the Hanley project involving the clearing of a 10-acre derelict pit mound and the plans for constructing in its place of 270 houses.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1965 Page 9.
At the inquest yesterday on W. Drobot, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. He died of multiple injuries caused by a rock fall at Wolstanton colliery. It was said unfortunately that such accidents happened in an industry as great as mining.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1965 Page 1 L.
Silverdale has set up two new productivity records in the last fortnight. In the week ending March 27th productivity for all employees reached 55.2 cwt oer man shift. Coal face output rose from 205.5 cwt in April 1963 to 222.7 cwt. The figure for all employees was 58.2 cwt.
Page 24 Mr. C. Edwards, secretary of Sneyd cricket club told members at their annual meeting last night, that the help they received from the Sneyd colliery welfare club for many years, may be cut off.

Evening Sentinel April 14th 1965 Page 8.
Photo of Mr. R.L. Clarke being installed as President, by the retiring President Mr. D. Painter, of the N/S Mining Engineers at the annual meeting at Stoke last night. (Write up on page 9.)

Evening Sentinel April 17th 1965 Page 1 L.
Four of eight miners caught in the path of a fire damp “flash” at Florence colliery yesterday are still in hospital, but reported to be fairly comfortable.

Evening Sentinel April 26th Page 1. L.
Jack Lally, president of the west Midlands area NUM called for the withdrawal of particular machines in order to produce better working conditions for members. Also to streamline pit safety organisation.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1965 Page 1 C.F.
Mr. C. Barlow, one of North staffs two full time Agents was appointed Vice Chairman of the Midlands area of the NUM today

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1965 Page 10.
Coal Queen Norma Hodgkiss, on a visit to Holditch colliery with others.

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1965 Page 11.
The North Staffordshire area staff of the NCB are to be brought together for the first time in a new £300,000 office block which will be the NCBs first air-conditioned area headquarters at Berry Hill colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 8th 1965 Page 1. L.
Eleven and a half acres of what was once rolling farmland, officially became Chatterley Whitfield colliery’s new £19.000 sports and welfare centre today.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1965 Page 10. F.
Staffordshire County Council ambulances will probably be made available to several coalmines in the near future. The pits include Holditch, Apedale, Silverdale, Victoria and Wolstanton. The cost would be £6,000 and this would be repaid by the Coal Board.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd 1965 Page 14.
A 42 year old Wolstanton Crutter, A. Mallinowsky was awarded £15,000 against the NCB at Stafford assizes today.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1965 Page 5
Photo, a presentation was made To Mr. T. Buttler who is retiring after 42 years as Blacksmith at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 14th 1965 Page 5.
Amos Holdcroft, president of North Staffs area of Colliery Overmen Deputies and Shotfirers Association at Chatterley Whitfield colliery received the BEM in the Queen’s honors. (more on this)

Evening Sentinel June 19th 1965 Page 5.
Silverdale colliery broke a 3 week old record by more than 2 cwt with 65.1 cwt a man-shift for all employees in week ending June 5th.

Evening Sentinel July 6th 1965 Page 1 LF.
A jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. I. Vockovic age 39. He was struck by a piece dirt and died from asphyxia due to multiple injuries in tunnelling operations at Hem Heath colliery. (Photo on Page 5 of funeral.)

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1965 Page 4.
The 120-yard surface coalface for training in mechanised mining, which was inaugurated at Kemball Training Centre, Fenton yesterday, is equipped with the type of machines and roof supports in daily use at West Midland’s collieries.

Evening Sentinel July 20th 1965 Page 3.
Article on new technology and techniques in North Staffs coalmining. Plus photo.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1965 Page 1. L
Photo of colliery fire fighting teams in action at Kemball training pit on Saturday, when North Staffs area NCB annual competitions were held.

Evening Sentinel July 31st 1965 Page 3.
Holditch colliery achived a productivity record in the week ending July 13th with 36.4 cwt a man-shift for all colliery employees.

Evening Sentinel Aug 6th 1965 Page 7. F
Despite a fall in manpower of 1,002 men, output in North staffs coal field in the April – June quarter rose 2.3% and productivity for all workers was up 9% at 1,348,621 tons. The output from all pits in the area advanced 30.000 tons.

Evening Sentinel Aug 11th 1965 Page 5.
One of Stoke-on-Trent’s best known landmarks is gradually disappearing. The pithead gear of Glebe colliery, Fenton in Victoria place is being demolished following the closure of the colliery and the plugging of the pit shafts. (photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug13th 1965 Page 7.
The first method study course in the West Mindlands is to be held at the Kemball Training Centre at Fenton beginning on Monday and running for a fortnight. The object of the course is to train union branch secretaries and chairmen.

Evening Sentinel Sep 1st 1965 Page 5.
Photo of North Staffs area coal queen Miss K. Jones, as guest at the Norton colliery sports dance at Trentham Gardens ballroom last night.

Evening Sentinel Sep 2nd 1965 Page 1 L.
A profit of £1.197,000 was made by North staffs area of the NCB in the financial year ending March this year. (more on this)

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1965 Page 6.
Photo of the NCB Victoria rescue team in the competition at Berryhill. Hem Heath were the winners. Write up on page 12.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1965 Page 5
The NCB propose to undertake a major improvement scheme to alleviate flooding at Ford Green, caused by subsidence. Flooding has affected the 17 century Ford Green Hall.

Evening Sentinel Oct 1st 1965 Page 1 L.
The closure today of worked out Foxfield colliery, Dilhorne,was the end of the road for deep mined coal in the Cheadle coal field, whose 13,000 acres have yielded an estimated 37,500,000 tons of coal during several centuries of working. (more on this)
Page 20 Funeral of Freemason, Mr. A.R. Mason, who was mechanical engineer to Holditch, Apedale, Parkhouse and Silverdale group of collieries. (Full list of mourners)

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1965 Page
Photo of Mr. Ron Salt and Mr. John Heath as they come up in the cage for the last time at Foxfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 4th 1965 Page 7. F.
Photo of Hem Heath colliery First Aid Captain, Mr J. McElhone treating a casuality at a competition held at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. Details at bottom of page.

Evening Sentinel Oct 5th Page 7
Photo of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers annual meeting. (Full Story underneath)

Evening Sentinel Oct 11th 1965 Page 10.
For the second year running Hem Heath were placed third in the final of the West Midlands annual mines rescue competition which took place at Chatterley Whitfield colliery on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 12th 1965 Page 4.
Photo of coal queen, Miss K. Jones and seven City girls during their visit to Norton colliery, where Miss Jones is a clerk. They are seen collecting their lamps.

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1965 Page 8.
NCB first aid praised by Dr. W.H. Oldershaw last night at a dance in the Kings Hall, Stoke, where winners were presented with prizes. (Full list of winners.)

Evening Sentinel Nov 4th 1965 Page 16.
Port Vale’s player manager, Jackie Mudie presented prizes to the winners and runners-up of sneyd collieries sports and welfare club’s seven a side football competition at Sneyd welfare club. The winners were “Sneyd Sparks” (Electricians) (Also a Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov 13th 1965 Page 6
Chatterley Whitfield colliery anglers received trophies won during the season at the Norton Arms. (Further details.)

Evening Sentinel Nov 15th 1965 Page 1 L.F.
North Staffordshire, like the rest of the countries coal field, awaits the results of a vital pit by pit survey being undertaken by the NCB. This will set the pattern for the future streamlining of the industry and greater consentration on production at economic pits. (More on this.)

Evening Sentinel Nov15th 1965 Page 5. F.
Florence colliery gardening club held their annual show in the colliery canteen on Saturday. (Full report.)

Evening Sentinel Nov 18th 1965 Page18.
Mr. D. Grey age 39 years was fatally injured when he was struck by an empty wagon at Hem Heath colliery last night. He received injuries to the arm, was taken to hospital where he died,

Evening Sentinel Nov 30th 1965 Page 12.
North Staffs miners reached a new productivity peak in the week ending Nov 20th. Output per man-shift for all colliery employees rose to 30.2 cwt. Coalface productivity reached 135.4 cwt., more than 3 cwt. above the previous best.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 16th 1965 Page 6. C.F.
Two hundred miners and their wives were entertained to a five-course turkey dinner and concert by the Sneyd colliery sports and welfare club at the Princess Hall, Burslem last night. Each miner received Ten Shillings to spend at home.

Evening Sentinel Dec.20th 1965 Page 7
The £13.500 sports and social club building for Stafford and Hem Heath collieries was opened on Saturday at the club’s ground in Grove Rd. Fenton by Mr. Jack Lally. (Photo plus full story.)

Evening Sentinel Dec 31st 1965 Page 9. F.
About 2.500 engineering workshop and craftsmen in the North staffs coal field could become involved in the threatened official strike over the delay in settling with the Coal Board, a pay claim.