Evening Sentinel Jan 1st 1966 Page 10
A prominent mining engineer died yesterday, Mr. H.J. Crofts age 80. Mr. Crofts was a joint managing director of Chatterley Whitfield colliery. He was awarded the C.B.E. in June 1948 for his services to mining.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1966 Page 1. L.
Photo of Mr. Roy Austin, coalface instructor at Sneyd colliery being presented with a complete tool chest by Mr. John Belcher, manager, along with the colliery consultative committee. Mr. Austin won the NCB safety competition. .

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1966 Page 1 L.
The West Midlands Division of the NCB, for the second year running, was third in the list of productivity records for the eight Coal Board divisions. Output per man shift in the area was 38.9 cwt an increase of 7% on last year. .

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1966 Page 10.
The future of Foxfield miner’s club is in jeopardy. Since the colliery closure of Foxfield the responsibility for the miner’s welfare there had been passed to Florence colliery. Mr. Boote, Florence manager, said it would be a shame if the site became derelict, but he could offer no immediate solution. C.I.S.W.O. said Mr. Boote provided the buildings and grounds, but the running and maintenance was out of his hands. .

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1966 Page 11.
Player manager of Port Vale, Jackie Mudie, has accepted the presidency of Sneyd colliery youth club, which is situated at the welfare club, Smallthorne. .

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1966 Page 1.
Photo of workmen filling tons of rubble into a hole 9 feet across and 7 feet deep, which suddenly appeared in Cheltingham Rd. Parksite, Silverdale. (An old pit shaft?) .

Evening Sentinel Feb 3rd 1966 Page 7. F.
Two coal getting records were broken at Holditch colliery in week ending Jan 22nd. The previous face record of 141.74 cwt set up last August was beaten with a figure of 145.59 cwt. For all employed the new record of 39.79 cwt was better by more than 2 cwt. .

Evening Sentinel Feb 10 1966 Page 14 F.
Problems arising from over-speed on a colliery electric winder were outlined to members of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at a meeting at Stoke last night. .

Evening Sentinel Feb 21st 1966 Page 5 F.
Mr. Sam Brooks, a miner at Madeley colliery for more than 65 years has died at the age of 86. In recognition of outstanding service to the mining industry, he was awarded the BEM in 1953. (Photo plus more.) .

Evening Sentinel March 1st 1966 Page 7. F.
Productivity at Chatterley Whitfield colliery reached record performance of 39.6 cwt a man shift in the levels for a second week running. The figure for all employees was 39.7 cwt a rise of almost 1 cwt. .

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 page 4
Photo of Mr. W. Entwistle, captain of Hem Heath colliery mines rescue team, holding the trophy up as winners of the NCB area rescue competition, at the Queen’s hall Burslem last night. (More on page 10) .

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 Page 10.
Hem Heath colliery team won the NCB area rescue competition, Holditch were runners up, Victoria were third and Wolstanton fourth. .

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 Page 10 C.F.
Photo of Mr. Whimpanny, who recently retired after 45 years service in the mining industry, receiving a watch from Mr. J. Gleaves on behalf of the Chatterley Whitfield branch of the N.A.C.O.D.S. at the Grand Hotel, Hanley, on Saturday. Mr Whimpanny was an overman at the colliery for 30 years. .

Evening Sentinel March 15th 1966 Page 12. C.F.
Ald. James Evans. A miner is to be Lord mayor of Stoke-on-Trent. A pneumoconiosis victim has not been able to work since 1957. .

Evening Sentinel March 16th 1966 Page 1 C.F.
Photo of miners at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, at the end of their shift after breaking a two-year productivity record. (Full story on page 12) .

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1966 Page 10.
A Stoke inquest jury yesterday, returned a verdict of accidental death on a former colliery cutter who had been paralysed from the waist down since an accident at Stafford colliery in September 1952. He was Mr. Jack Colclough and was injured by a roof fall. .

Evening Sentinel March 28th1966 Page 10
In the North Staffs area first aid competitions held at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday, Hem Heath won the Senior Shield and Victoria won the Junior Cup. (Photo on Page 10 C.F.) .

Evening Sentinel April 5th 1966 Page 6.
After the Norton development, Silverdaale will be the second North Staffs colliery to have remote control and monitoring systems for underground equipment costing £66.000. It should be ready by mid summer. .

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1966 Page 1. L.F.
Photo of Leycett colliery spoil heap. It is now a shale quarry producing hard core for building products. .

Evening Sentinel April 15th 1966 Page 7.
Photo of miners walking up McLlenins’s colliery, Black Bank, Knutton, after completing the day shift. (Full story began in the 1920s.) .

Evening Sentinel April 23rd 1966 Page 10 F.
A man who served the mining industry for 48 years was guest of honour at a social evening at the Trentham Hotel last night, Mr. F.M. Ball, manager of The No 4 group at Stafford colliery. Received a retirement gift from Mr. Richard Boote, general manager of Florence colliery. .

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1966 Page 5.
A 58-year-old on-setter was killed in an underground accident at Wolstanton colliery last night. He was Mr. James Lucas who was crushed between a mine car and a girder. .

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1966 Page 8. F.
For the first time ever a woman figured in the annual long service awards presentation for Wolstanton colliery. She was Mrs. Ethel Shaw, managers typist for 15 years to whom a special presentation was made. Long service certificates were presented to 25 miners with an average length of service of more than 40 years. .

Evening Sentinel May 2nd.1966 Page 7
Manpower is the main problem facing the mining industry today, said Mr. Jack Lally in his presidential address to the opening of the 18th annual conference of the Midlands area of the NUM at Stafford today. .

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1966 Page 5
In the week ending May 23rd Hem Heath colliery reached a new productivity peak of 56.8 cwt a man shift. This was 3cwt higher than the previous best performance five weeks earlier. Coal face productivity was also a record at 213.4 cwt a man shift. .

Evening Sentinel May 18th 1966 Page 7 F.
At the inquest on Mr. James Lucas age 58, it was said that modifications to a system of load trucks into a pit cage are being tried at Wolstanton colliery after the fatal accident, .

Evening Sentinel May 20th 1966 Page 5
On May 25th Mr. James Evans will become the first pitman, connected all his life with mining, who will be made Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent. He and his wife were married in April 1926. A few days later the miners lock out began. For the next 32 weeks while soldiers with fixed bayonets guarded the pit-heads, he was out of work. Since going underground at 14 he worked at every job including becoming an official. The cost to his health has included breaking his leg five times and having his spine fractured. He was down Sneyd colliery on new years day in 1941 when 58 of his comrades were blasted to eternity. He left the pit with 100% disability pension for pneumoconiosis. .

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1966 Page 12
The death has occurred at his home of Mr. J. Tellwright age 87 a member of a prominent North Staffs family associated for many years with the districts mining and pottery industries. He was a director of Sneyd colliery before nationalisation. .

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1966 Page 1 L.F.
Photo of the Lord Mayor, Ald. James Evans being presented with an inscribed miners lamp by the North Staffs area Coal Queen, Miss K. Jones. .

Evening Sentinel May 31st 1966 Page 5.
The NCB intend to go ahead with their plans to open-cast coal extraction at Golden Hill: but after presentations by the City Council they proposed to cut the operation from 4.5 years to 3 years.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd 1966 Page 10. F.
Forty members of Sneyd colliery retired members club left this morning for a holiday at Rhyl. The Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Ald. James Evans, who is, himself a retired miner, saw them off. (Photo also July 4th page 8.) .

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1966 Page 10.
Besides the miner’s lamp in his civil parlour, the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent now has one on his tie, presented to him from old colleagues of N.A.C.O.D.S. .

Evening Sentinel June 16th 1966 Page 1 F.
Photo of a large pit shaft that opened up early that morning near the junction of Dividy Rd. and Anchor Rd. at Adderley Green, Longton. The shaft was 300 feet deep, is heavily contaminated with methane gas. It shows the open shaft with the fan drift shaft on the far side. Page 8. In North Staffs a total of 3.000 pitmen need to be recruited. .

Evening Sentinel June 17th 1966 Page 1 F.
Photo of a bulldozer at work filling in the 300 feet deep pit shaft which opened up at the junction of Divity Rd. and Anchor Rd. yesterday. .

Evening Sentinel June 24th 1966 Page 1. F.
Mr. Marsh, Minister of Power, told N.A.C.O.D.S. conference that coal remains a natural source of wealth and one that the national interest requires, should be exploited to the full economic potential. .

Evening Sentinel June 25th 1966 Page 6.
Photo of the annual dinner at the Borough Arms Hotel, Newcastle, of Holditch colliery football club. .

Evening Sentinel June 27th 1966 Page 12. L.F.
Norton colliery civil defence team won the NCB civil defence championships at Essingwold, Yorkshire at the week-end. .

Evening Sentinel June 28th 1966 Page 12.
An experimental four-years intensive training course for apprentices in the NCB North Staffs area has been in operation at the Kemball Training Centre since April. A group of 30 youth employment officers and careers masters visited the centre today. .

Evening Sentinel July 2nd 1966 Page 4.
More than 400 people saw pretty Irene Tams crowned North Staffs area Coal Queen at the annual dance held in the Top Rank Suite, Hanley, last night. (Also a photo) .

Evening Sentinel July 4th 1966 Page 8.
Photo of 70 year old Mr. Joe Bourne, who was one of 40 members of Sneyd colliery welfare, sports and social club, being seen off by the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Ald. J. Evans, for a week’s holiday at Rhyl on Saturday. .

Evening Sentinel July 20th 1966 page 4.
Photo of NCB Engineering Trainees on a course at Keele University. .

Evening Sentinel July 25th 1966 Page 5
Wolstanton have won the cup in the NCB North Staffs area fire fighting competition for the third year running in succession. Chatterley Whitfield was 2nd and Silverdale 3rd. .

Evening Sentinel July 27th + 28th 1966
Two pages with photos on Staffordshire House, the new NCB headquarters built on the site of the former Berryhill colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 28th 1966 C. F.
Photo of Dr. J. Bray, Secretary Minister of Power, with NCB officials as they return to the surface during yesterdays visit to Hem heath colliery. .

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1966 Page 5
The late arrival of the ceremonial golden key, delayed for an hour yesterdays official opening of Staffordshire House, the new £380.000 headquarters of north Staffs area of the NCB. .

Evening Sentinel Aug 5th 1966 Page14.
Photo of Mr. And Mrs. William till, Adderley Green, celebrating their diamond wedding. Mr. Till was a miner all his life and was at the Glebe colliery for 36 years. .

Evening Sentinel Aug. 16th 1966 Page 5 F.
Stoke-on-Trent coroner, Mr. F. Hails, opened and adjourned the inquest on a miner, Mr. E. George age 53 of Bucknall. He was forced to leave the pit in 1947 after an accident. He died on Tuesday and the accident could have been a contributory cause. .

Evening Sentinel Aug. 17th 1966 Page 1 L.
The names of two witnesses to Mr. George’s accident were handed in after a few hours of publication in last nights Sentinel. .

Evening Sentinel Aug. 18th 1966 Page 14 L.F.
Photo of presentation of NCB trophies won by mining members at Victoria Hotel Stoke. Mr. H. Stockton of Parkhouse colliery won the cup. .

Evening Sentinel Aug. 26th 1966 Page 16.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hill, celebrating their golden wedding today. Mr. Hill worked at Maderley colliery for 51 years and for the last 30 years has been a colliery fireman. .

Evening Sentinel Aug, 26th 1966 Page 16 C.F.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Whitebrook who celebrated their golden wedding on Sunday. He worked at Parkhall for 46 years. .

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th1966 Page 8
Photo of Silverdale colliery football club held at a social evening in the colliery canteen on Saturday to celebrate their success, winning tree major trophies by senior and junior teams. .

Evening Sentinel Sep 7th 1966 Page 14 F.
Mr H.E. Collings, NCB, was at the presentations of the National Civil Defence trophies at the Clayton Lodge Hotel last night. He described the Norton colliery team who won the NCB National competition as “truly worthy winners”. Mr George Taylor was leader of the Norton team. Page 7 photo of Mr. A. Ford’s presentation after 51 years service at Silverdale. .

Evening Sentinel Sep. 8th 1966 Page 5.
Mr. F.G. Hails, city coroner, said at an inquest on Mr. E. George, a miner of Sneyd colliery where he was run over by tubs in 1947, said it would be better if the records of all accidents be kept at least until the victim died.
Same page a new productivity record for all employees at the colliery was set up by Victoria colliery in the week ending Aug 27th. Output per man shift was 44.75 cwt, up by more than 2.5 cwt. .

Evening Sentinel Sep 12th 1966 Page 1 L.F.
Photo Holditch colliery were winners of the NCB area rescue competition at Berryhill on Saturday. Captain was Mr. W. Entwhistle. .

Evening Sentinel Sep 14th 1966 Page 7 F.
Photo of members of North Staffs branch of the Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at the general meeting at Staffordshire House. (Write up on same page col 5) .

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1966 Page 1. L.F.
Two miners were killed and one injured in a fall of roof at Victoria colliery today. Mr J.W. Armitt age 49, Deputy and Mr E. Stanier age 57, both were married men. .

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1966 Page 7 F.
A Tunstall man, wife, and six children left the City for the goldfields of West Australia. He is Mr. F. Crook age 33 and was a deputy at Sneyd colliery. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 1st 1966 Page 5 L.
A mass meeting of pit craftsmen at Stoke last night unanimously endorsed a decision of the Midlands and North Staffs districts of the power Group instructing their 7.000 members to withdraw their labour from Monday Oct 10th from all power loaded faces. .

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1966 Page 11
Florence colliery won the Wynne cup, in the North Staffs area first aid competitions at Kemball Training Centre. Hem Heath were runners up. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd. 1966 Page 11.
Eight colliery teams from North Staffs took part in the National NCB first aid competition at Kemball. Florence colliery won the Wynne cup and Hem Heath were runners up. (Photo on page 1 F.) .

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1966 Page 8 F.
Confidence in the coal industry and the City of Stoke-on-Trent would continue to be of benefit, one to the other for many years to come was expressed by Mr. J. Bass, chairman of the West Midlands Division at Stoke last night. In the past five years the North Staffs coalfield had increased its productivity by about 29%..

Evening Sentinel Oct 10th 1966 Page 1.
About 7,000 Midlands craftsmen including almost 3,000 in North Staffs, did not withdraw their labour today as had been officially threatened. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 13th 1966 Page 2. F.
Problems exercising the attention of the mining industry were put to a four-man panel of H.M. Inspectors at a meeting of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Stoke last night. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1966 Page 1 C.F.
Pit craftsmen in the Midlands who threatened to withdraw the labour, have won their fight for recognition of their traditional negotiation rights in the industry. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1966 Page F.
Photo of Mr. L. Riley who is retiring after 50 years service in the mining industry receiving a gold watch yesterday from Mr. George Morris, manager of Holditch colliery, Chesterton. Mr. Riley worked for 30 years as safety officer. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 2nd 1966 Page
While output fell in other parts of the West Midlands Division of the NCB during last quarter, output increased by 2.5% in North Staffordshire and is continuing at a high rate. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th 1966 Page 2 F.
North Staffs mining industry will advance into a new stage of development in the next twelve months with the installation of electronic equipment to measure and record coalface work. .

Evening Sentinel Nov 15th 1966 Page 5 F.
Photo of Mr. T. Goodwin, a haulage hand at Chatterley Whitfield colliery who retired recently after 45 years service in the mining industry. He received an inscribed gold wristwatch from Mr. T. Heath on behalf of his colleagues. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 17th 1966 Page 6. F.
Pneumoconiosis causes more deaths than any other condition in this City, said the coroner, Mr. F.G. Hails at the inquest on two retired miners yesterday. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 18th 1966 Page 6. F.
After 51 years service in the North Staffs mining industry, Mr. W.C. Colclough, area coal preparation engineer is to retire at the end of this month. (Full story) .

Evening Sentinel Nov.22nd 1966 Page 12 F.
Awards for the best rescue teams won in the NCB competitions held earlier this year were presented at Tunstall Town Hall on Saturday. Holditch first, Hem Heath second, Wolstanton third and Florence fourth. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1966 Page 13 F.
Miners from Norton colliery have formed an archery club. It is the first club connected with any pit in North Staffs. Paraplegic ex-miners and half a dozen from North Staffs men are showing how well it can be done from wheel chairs. .

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1966 Page 10. F.
Former officials from the now closed Parkhall colliery, held their first reunion party on Saturday at the Simplex social club, Blyth Bridge. Mr. W.P. McNeal, who was under manager for 20 years, was presented with a miniature miner’s pit lamp.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 30th 1966 Page 12. C.F.
Photo of the 2.000th miner to arrive in the City from Co. Durham to work in North Staffordshire mines, being welcomed by the Lord mayor. .

Evening Sentinel Dec. 3rd. 1966 Page 1. L.
One of four miners, all married, who were struck by an underground fall of roof at Holditch colliery, Chesterton, last night, was still in hospital today. .

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th 1966 Page 7 F.
Hem Heath colliery, Trentham; hit the productivity jackpot today by raising its millionth ton within the year. .

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1966 Page 10 F.
Whilst not accepting ownership or responsibility for its 130 year old Wedgwood monument on Bignall Hill, the NCB have now agreed to pay half the cost of the fencing that has to be erected round the monument at a cost of £170 because of the dangerous condition of the column.
Page 13. Silverdale colliery miner’s sports pavilion on the football ground was destroyed by a mystery blaze today. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 12th 1966 Page 5 F.
Colliery manager Mr. W.S. Jones had two duties to perform at the Apedale social club annual dinner on Saturday. Mr. Jones has been manager at Apedale for the past 11 years, is retirering at the end of the year after a lifetime as a mineworker. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 14th 1966 Page 1. L.
Hem Heath colliery is becoming a strong challenger in the battle of colliery giants. In 1965-66 Lea Hall was the pride of the NCB West Midlands Division. Hem Heath is now surging forward, it has lifted its productivity well above the level expected of it. Output per man-shift is above 57 cwt and shows prospects of doing still better. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 16th 1966 Page 11. F.
Mr. F. Hickman, age 40 and father of two, died after being buried by a fall of roof at Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, last night, only a month after being transferred from a colliery in Sunderland. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 20th 1966 Page 5 F.
Mr. K. Berzniek, was killed earlier today at Chatterley Whitfield colliery by a fall of roof. He was married with 2 children. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1966 Page 7.
After hitting a jackpot productivity record in North Staffs with 66.7 cwt per man-shift, miners at Silverdale colliery have scored a further success in their own particular business enterprise. For 4 years they have been operating successfully a concessionary coal delivery scheme, with a profit of £3.100. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 29th 1966 Page 4 F.
Mr. W. Nicholson age 33, a Jamaican, broke colliery safety regulations and died, a Stoke inquest was told today. Mr Nicholson was working at the face at Chatterley Whitfield colliery when he was trapped by a roof fall. Workmates rescued him but he died the next day in hospital. .