Evening Sentinel Jan 9th 1967 Page 10. F.
North Staffordshire made an out standing productivity contribution with a rise of 11.7 % to 143.3 cwt in the coalface figure, and with an increase of 9.2 % to 41.6cwt for all workers.

Evening Sentinel Jan 10th 1967 Page 4. F.
Photo of the principal of North Staffs College of technology, Dr. W.E. Lewis, was the question master at last night’s quiz, held by North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers at the college.

Evening Sentinel Jan 11th 1967 Page 1. F.
Changes in the mining industry on the colliery engineering side, during the last half-century, were reviewed by Mr. J.W. Mould in an illustrated talk to fellow members of the North Staffs Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers last night. Slides illustrated the changes over from steam to electrical and major developments in underground and surface equipment. (Photo on page 2)

Evening Sentinel Jan 19th 1967 Page 14. F.
The underground manager of Silverdale colliery was killed when a runaway tub struck him underground yesterday. He was Mr.W. Bridgewood age 46 a married man with 3 children.

Evening Sentinel Jan 23rd 1967 Page 8. F.
National NCB first aid competition for No 4 section of the North Staffs area was held at Florence colliery on Saturday. Winners in the senior section were Hem Heath and the junior section Florence.

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1967 Page 10. F.
When a fractured wrought iron link on a box wagon broke under the strain of a haulage rope, the wagon and following wagon careered down a 1 in 3 gradient at Silverdale colliery killing the under-manager who was making a routine inspection underground, an inquest heard at Newcastle yesterday. The verdict was accidental death.

Evening Sentinel Jan 27th 1967 Page 16 F.
A miner was killed when he was buried by a roof fall at Holditch colliery yesterday. He was Mr. J.R. Walters age 39.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 9th 1967 Page 6. F.
Photo of the Lord Mayor, Ald. J. Evans, who was an ex-miner before he retired. Yesterday returned to the pit for a day when he went underground at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1967 Page 8. F.
A former chief engineer at Wolstanton colliery, Mr. W.C. Cartledge, has died in hospital. He also worked at Great Fenton, Hanley Deep, and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 20th 1967 Page 20. L.
Photo of Hem Heath colliery first aid team, captained by Mr. J. McElone. They won the senior team test at the annual first aid competition, north staffs area at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. (Photo on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1967 Page 14. C.F.
A 36-year-old Trentham man with an elementary school education, who began work as a colliery screen hand 20 years ago, was told today by Lord Robens that he has been appointed colliery general manager at one of Britain’s top pits, Hem Heath. He is Mr. G.L. Beared. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Feb 23rd 1967 Page 6. L.
Photo of Lord Robens, chairman of the NCB as he visited Hem Heath yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 27th 1967 Page 6. F.
Photo of colliery officials and branch members of the NACODS at their annual dinner at the Grand hotel, Hanley on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel March 1st 1967 Page 1. F.
Two men were injured when a stove exploded in a corrugated iron shed at the pit-head at P. and E. J. Peacock’s Hay colliery, Talke today. Both men were admitted to the NSRI with multiple injuries. Mr. H. Jackson age 52 fireman, was said to be very ill, and Mr. C. Millett age 49, a fireman was fairly satisfactory.

Evening Sentinel March 3rd. 1967 Page 11. F.
One of the two injured in a pit explosion at Talke has died in the NSRI last night. He was Mr. H. Jackson age 52.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1967 Page 5 L.
Productivity at North Staffs collieries during the last week in February reached a record level of 43.7 cwt a man-shift for all employees. This was nearly half a cwt above the previous best. Silverdale broke their own productivity record with 67.9 cwt a man-shift.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1967 Page 7. L.
Sir Humphrey Brown, a top mining personality well known in North Staffordshire is leaving the NCB of which he is Deputy Chairman, to take a new job in a private industry.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1967 Page 6. L.
Photo of Mr. John Brass chairman of the West Midlands division NCB who is leaving to take up a job in the Yorkshire coal field, receiving a gift from North Staffs College of Technology.

Evening Sentinel March 15th 1967 Page 1. C.F.
There are no fairies at the bottom of Ex-miner Percy Wood’s garden in Longton. But he has his own pit shaft. Mr. Wood of 5? Green Dock St. was told that the shaft was one of a number in the area.

Evening Sentinel March 27th 1967 Page 5 F.
From today the new Staffordshire area of the NCB came into being with the Head Quarters at Staffordshire House, Berryhill, Fenton, with Mr. H.S. Widdowson the former North Staffs AGM as the Director. It was evident on the latest productivity figures that the men in the North Staffs coal-field had been pulling out all the stops in the pre-change over period. This ensuring that the old, strictly local area took its bow with flying colours.

Evening Sentinel April 3rd.1967 Page 4. F.
Photo of Mr. J. Lowe, president of North staffs NACODS, presenting an inscribed watch to Mr. W. Wilcox who is retiring after 45 years service in the mining industry.

Evening Sentinel April 18th 1967 Page 1. F.
A 48 year old miner died in an accident at the Victoria colliery, Biddulph early today. He was a face worker, Mr. E. Whiston.

Evening Sentinel April 25th 1967 Page 1. F
An underground loco driver, Mr. S.N. Jones, a married man age 57, was fatally injured in a shutting accident at Hem Heath colliery last night.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1967 Page 11. F.
Photo of Mr. G.A. Schofield Gen. Manager of Wolstaanton colliery presenting NCB 50 years service certificates to Mr. A. Cooper and W. Dodd at the Wolstanton colliery retired miner’s annual dinner.

Evening Sentinel May 12th 1967 Page 6. F.
Victoria colliery, Biddulph, set up a productivity record of, 48.1 cwt per man-shift during the week ending 29th April. This was more than 1.5 cwt above the previous best. A recent installation of powered roof supports helped in the achievement.

Evening Sentinel May 25th 1967 Page 1 C.F.
A pit deputy Mr. A. Howard age 48 was killed underground at Apedale Hall colliery yesterday. He was trapped by a fall of stone.

Evening Sentinel June 3rd 1967 Page 8. F.
A jury returned a verdict of accidental death at an inquest at Audley yesterday on Mr. A. Howard who died in a mining mishap on the 24th. The mine manager, Mr. C.J. Ellington, said he went into the footrail of the mine at 9.30 am and found Mr. Howard lying on the floor with 3 cwt piece of shale lying across his back. He had gone down the mine about 8 am. on his own.

Evening Sentinel June 16th 1967 Page7. F.
A 39 year old miner died when a 30 cwt rock tumbled from the coal-face and pinned him down. He was Mr. W. Gibson a Chatterley Whitfield miner. Page 13. The story of “Life in a North Staffs Miner’s Home” 50 years ago.

Evening Sentinel June 26th 1967 Page 1 L.
Photo of Mrs. E. Stanyer of 4 Hand St. Tunstall, with others looking into a 12 feet hole that appeared in Hand St. due to subsidence.
Page 5 Ex-coal miner Ald. J. Evans, deputy Lord mayor of Stoke-on-Trent criticised the Coal Board on Saturday for allowing the construction of “miner’s gettos”.

Evening Sentinel June 28th 1967 Page 1 F.
Face worker M. Palin injured his leg while working at the coal face at Silverdale colliery last night.

Evening Sentinel July 8th 1967 Page 1. F.
Approaches have been made to the North Staffs branches of the NUM to support an unofficial strike at Lea Hall colliery over triple shift working on selective power loading faces.

Evening Sentinel July 11th 1967 Page 10. C.F.
Safety ropes that should have in use when a miner was killed at Hem Heath colliery were provided soon after his death it was claimed at a Stoke inquest today. A 2 cwt girder propping up the three-foot high seam where he was working “flew out” and crushed Mr. 36 year old Mr. Wade.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1967 Page10 F.
Photo of three Russian miners, guests for two weeks, of the Association of the NACODS are spending tree days in North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1967 Page 10. F.
Photo of Wolstanton colliery football club at their 21st dinner and prize presentations at Kidsgrove.

Evening Sentinel Aug 5th 1967 Page 5. F.
Mr. Jan List age 43 was killed instantly when he broke his neck, ribs and breastbone in an underground accident at Wolstanton colliery on Wednesday.

Evening Sentinel Aug 30th 1967 Page 1 F.
Pits in North Staffordshire made a profit of £3. 402. 000

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th 1967 Page 5. F.
Silverdale won the fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre on Sat 2nd Sep , Wolstanton were 2nd and Stafford 3rd. Photo on page 10.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1967 Page 7 F.
Photo of Mr. J. Birch and others who was formally divisional method study engineer, spoke on machine utilisation at a general meeting of the North Staffordshire Institute of Mining Engineers held at Stoke last night.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 6th 1967 Page 1. L.
In North Staffs this week officials of the NUM have taken the unprecedented step by of recommending the dismissal of 3 miners for persistent absenteeism.

Evening Sentinel Sep 13th 1967 Page 5, F.
In his presidential address to the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Mr. D. C. Bath said, confidence that capable engineers, applying their particular skills to the production of coal, would not only make the coal mining industry a more serious competitor to the fuel market, but would tend to reverse the present demand for a run down of the industry. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1967 Page 16. F.
Miners at Holditch colliery are responding magnificently to the recent call for improved attendances to minimise the risk of the pits closure on economic grounds.

Evening Sentinel Sep.21st 1967 Page 1. F.
Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, which is successfully operating its first mechanical coal face, has broken its productivity record four weeks running. Output per man-shift reached 51.5 cwt for all employees and in the next fortnight 56.7 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 27th 1967 Page 10. L.F.
Photo of North Staffs area NCB fire fighting cup presentation won by Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1967 Page 6. F.
Photo. Hem Heath rescue team with the trophy the received for winning the Northern section competition of the North staffs area. W. Entwhistle captain. (Write up on page 7)

Evening Sentinel Oct 5th 1967 Page 6. F.
Stafford colliery broke their productivity record in the week ending 23rd Sep with 46.6 cwt nearly one cwt above the previous best. Page 8 Photo Parkhall colliery receiving the H. Lockett savings trophy.

Evening Sentinel Oct 10th 1967 Page 8. F.
Photo plus story. Mr. E. Mawsley, production manager in the NCB Staffordshire area, following his election as president of the Institute of Mining Electrical and Engineers, speaking on manpower and output from 1900.

Evening Sentinel Oct 10th1967 Page 14 L.F.
The North Staffs miners along with the rest of the country have voted to accept the NCBs latest pay offer.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1967 Page 6. F.
Photo. 51 years service certificates were presented to retired employees of Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1967 Page 12 C.F.
Photo of annual dance and presentation of prizes of the Stafford and Hem Heath colliery sports club, held at the King’s Hall, Stoke, on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1967 Page 1. F.
Photo. Wearing pit helmets and overalls, four new office staff workers of the NCB get a close look at the workings of a colliery underground when they visited Wolstanton colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 19th 1967 Page 12 C.F.
Parkhouse colliery Chesterton, last week beat three tons a man-shift for the first time with 60.5 cwt. Overall output a man-shift of 44.2 cwt was more than the previous best.

Evening Sentinel Oct 20th 1967 Page 7. F.
More than 200 Midland miners including 70 from North Staffs will be attending a national demonstration meeting at Central Hall, Westminster on Monday Nov 6th.

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1967 Page 12. F.
Winners of Holditch colliery’s cricket knock out competition, the officials’ eleven received the cup from Mr. G. Morris, manager of Holditch colliery at the annual presentation dance, at the George Hotel, Burslem, on Saturday. Mechanics dept were runners up. (Photo Page 12 C.F.)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1967 Page14 C.F.
A city jury today returned an “accidental death” verdict on 30 year old Mr. R. May who died following an underground accident at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1967 Page 5 F.
Long service awards for colliery rescue work and prizes won at the NCBs annual rescue competition finals last September, were presented on Saturday, by Mr. C. Bishop, district rescue station manager. The competition was won by Hem Heath, (Photo) followed by Holditch, Wolstaton and Florence. Florence miners received pocket watches were, R. James, R. Baskerfield, S. Clowes, J. Lumsdon, E. Keay and G. Shaw.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1967 Page 1. F.
Miners 500 feet underground at Norton colliery had a new companion for the last few days – a tiny Robbin. All attempts so far to catch it have failed and the men bring packets of birds’ seeds to ensure it dose not go hungry. The manager Mr. Gillitte, gave one man an extra shift this weekend to try and catch it. Page 4 photo of North Staffs miners in London for lobby of MPs.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 10th 1967 Page 1 F.
Along with the rest of the country’s coalfields, North Staffs was stunned today by Lord Robben’s reported forecast of the industries labour requirements covering the next 13 years, to match the governments fuel policy. The estimate run down of labour in the West Midland pits, currently employing 28,600 is 21,800 by 1971. 13,000 by 1975 and 7,000 by 1980. In North Staffs 11 pits alone, there are employed almost 11,400 men, 4,000 more than the labour force envisaged for all the remaining pits in the West Midlands by 1980.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 15th 1967 Page 5 F.
Deputy Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Stoke-on-Trent were present at the annual dance and presentation of prizes at Hem Heath colliery sports and social club held at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 18th 1967 Page 5. F.
Nine miners at Florence colliery, Longton, were presented with safety awards, at a special presentation yesterday, by Mr. R. Boote, manager.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 20th 1967 Page 10. L.F.
NCB officials were today trying to discover how a six-inch stick of explosive came to be among coal delivered to a Abbey Hulton house-wife.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1967 Page 18 L.F.
Hem Heath colliery reached its millionth ton output during November, a fortnight earlier than last year when it became a “million tonner” for the first time.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 29th 1967 Page 16. F.
Mrs. I.W. Cumberbatch, wife of Mr. I.W. Cumberbatch, formally one of the outstanding figures in mining circles, died at the NSRI last night age 77.

Evening Sentinel Dec 1st 1967 Page 13. F.
37 year old miner at Chatterley Whitfield was killed yesterday after he was trapped by a roof fall. He was Mr. T.W. Wilkinson, the accident occurred while a supporting roof girder was being re-set. He was quickly freed but was found to be dead.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1967 Page 4 F.
Photo. Long service certificates were presented at the Norton colliery social welfare council annual retired miners Christmas party. (Write up Page 5)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 14th 1967 Page 5. F.
The Wolstanton mine welfare club held their 4th annual Christmas dinner. Nearly 50 paraplegic miners and their families enjoyed the dinner provided by the club. Gifts included cigarettes for the men, chocolates for the wives and games and sweets for the children.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 19th 1967 Page 10 C.F.
The NCB have decided to cease operations in the top horizons at Wolstanton colliery and concentrate on lower horizon workings.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1967 Page20. F.
Regarding the proposed abandonment of top horizon working at Wolstanton colliery, pit consultation will begin after Christmas. It is possible that start on transferring men to Florence and Hem Heath will take place.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 22nd 1967 Page 1 L.
Photo of the opening of the new £33.000 extension to Wolstanton miners’ welfare club, Smallthorne by Mr. H.J. Widdowson.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 29th 1967 Page 6 F.
More takes on working Wolstanton colliery to improve production, involving ceasing production of general purpose coal and concentrate on coking coal. Area NUM officials were present.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 30th 1967 Page 4. F.F.
In the last working week before Christmas, Silverdale colliery reached a new productivity peak at 72.1 cwt. A man-shift for all employees. This was more than a 1 cwt above the previous best.