Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1968 Page 24. F.
Cecil Williams age 55 was found dead by his motorcycle in the grounds of Florence colliery last evening. He was clerk to the colliery manager and had been employed on the administration side for many years. The NCB said Mr. Williams collapsed as he was leaving the colliery. Artificial respiration was tried for three quarters of an hour without success.

Evening Sentinel Jan 15th 1968 Page 6. F.
Lord Robbens, chairman of the NCB will tomorrow, distribute prizes at the Northern College of Further Education, Burslem.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1968 Page 10. F.
Photo of an invited panel of NCB officials answering questions submitted by members of the junior section of the Institute of North Staffs College of Technology last night.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 18th 1968 Page 9. F.
Photo of Lord Robbens leaving Florence colliery pithead after an underground tour.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 20th 1968 Page 1 F.
North Staffs miners have unofficially backed Britain by smashing their productivity record.

Evening Sentinel Jan.22nd 1968 Page 10. L.F.
Photo of Mr. J. Allington of Red St. receiving an NCB long service certificate in recognition of 51 years in the mining industry from Mr. G. Morris, a former manager at Holditch colliery. The presentation was made at the social evening at Holditch miners institute on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th 1968 Page 5. F.
The supporting girders at present used in the pits were more liable to “spring” out of position than girders used six or seven years ago. This was stated by Mr. Perter Smallman, manager at Chatterley Whitfield colliery at a Stoke inquest yesterday on Mr. E.J. Statham who died after an accident at the colliery on Jan 8th. Verdict accidental death.

Evening Sentinel Jan.26th 1968 Page 8. F.
A forest clothing the mining scars surrounding Hanley Deep pit was envisaged by Mr. A. Chorleton, Chairman of the Reconstruction Committee, when he paid tribute to the NCBs co-operation in the city council’s land reclamation programme. Evening Sentinel Jan. 31st 1968 Page 12. F. Despite improved performances recently, Wolstanton colliery faces an expected loss, including interest of approaching £1m in the current financial year ending in March.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 5th 1968 Page 4. F.
A number of new mining appointments have been announced by the NCB. Mr. D. Alexander formally manager of Parkhouse colliery has moved to Staffordshire House HQ. Mr. G. Morris former manager of Holditch has gone to Parkhouse. Mr D. Alcock has taken over at Holditch and his place as manager of Stafford is taken over by Mr. R. Louth Mr. Ken Barber who was on under manager’s duty at Holditch becomes the under manager. Mr. P. Kane formally Holditch under manager is now under manager at Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 6th 1968 Page12. C.F.
More than 250 members and their wives at Holditch colliery saw presentations made to the former manager at the colliery social welfare club on Saturday. He was Mr. G. Morris manager for 6 years until he became of Parkhouse colliery in January.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th 1968 Page 6. L.F.
Photo of North Staffs area coal queen, Miss P. Smith pictured handing out national savings leaflets at Chatterley Whitfield colliery yesterday as miners came up from the day shift.

Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1968 Page6. F.
Photo of North Staffs junior section of mining engineers at their dinner dance at the George Hotel, Burslem.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1968 Page 9. F.
For the seconded successive week, Norton colliery beat their productivity record last week. Output a man-shift for all employees rose to 56.5 cwt. Another North Staffs colliery, Holditch, reached 46.2 cwt beating an 11 month record. The Staffs area as a whole equalled its previous week’s record of 49 cwt a man-shift. ? p Evening Sentinel March15th 1968 Page 1. F.
The North Staffordshire collieries, Apedale and Holditch are among three in the NCB Staffordshire area who have set up new productivity records. Apedale’s output per man-shift per man-shift at the coalface shows a dramatic 76 cwt. At Holditch A new record was established with an overall output per man-shift of 46.2 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 19 1968 Page 14. C.F.
In a statement an NCB spokesman said, A total of 42 men had become surplus to requirements at Stafford colliery, in consequence of there being now only one operational face at the colliery. The men will be offered alternative employment at Hem Heath and Florence collieries. Evening Sentinel April 1 1968 Page 12. F.
When A. Shepard went to work at Silverdale colliery in the grim days of the First World War, he began courting a girl who also worked there. Today Arthur and that young lady, Lucy Anne are Mr. and Mrs Shepard and yesterday they celebrated their golden wedding. They have 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls, 30 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Evening Sentinel April 5. 1968 Page 13. F.
Organisation within the National Union arising from the changing pattern of the mining industry will be discussed at the inaugural conference of the Power Group area of the NUM in Hanley next Monday. (Photo April 8th Page 1. F.)

Evening Sentinel April 9 1968 Page 1 F.
Mr W. Paynter, at the Power Group conference said; any action that increased the already suicidal rate of pit closures and consequent redundancy would mean the collapse of the industry and intense hardship in mining communities. Page 9. The present mineworkers pension of £1 per week was described as criminal and insult after a life time service in the industry by delegates at the conference.

Evening Sentinel April 10 1968 Page 5 F.
With all the changes taken place in the mining industry, how much reorganisation, streamlining and mergers, is likely between and with in the unions? Was the topics discussed at the Power Group conference yesterday in Hanley.

Evening Sentinel April 11 1968 Page 7 F.
Grammar school boys in a three-day NCB career course were impressed by the high degree of mechanisation they had seen on the visits to local collieries, but found some working conditions rather primitive.

Evening Sentinel April 22 1968 Page 1. F.
Fiercely slamming the Government for using the coal industry as a pawn in the national economy, Mr. Jack Lally, president of the Midland’s Area NUM, said today “it was high time the Government informed the ming labour force whether or not there was a future for them in the industry. (more on page 7)

Evening Sentinel April 24 1968 Page 5 F.
When miners are transferred from one colliery to another, they have to bear the cost of the consequent increase in the travelling expenses, which in fact represents a drop in wages. This was stressed at the Midlands conference at Burslem yesterday.

Evening Sentinel May 9th 1968 Page 10 F.
A number of Newcastle councillors and officials made a tour of inspection yesterday at Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 25th 1968 Page 1 F.
Originally scheduled to close by the end of October, Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, will now close in just a months time, June 21st. the reason increasingly wet conditions on the only coal face available.

Evening Sentinel May 30th 1968 Page 10. F.
“We are only a small team, but everyone pulls together”. This remark by the manager of Apedale Drift Mine, the smallest NCB pit in the West Midlands, typifies the spirit, which enabled 125 men to set a new productivity record, with an exceptionally high output of 161.9 cwt a man-shift. They easily topped the previous national record of 140 cwt held by Bullcliffe Wood colliery Yorkshire. A “little giant” is a very apt description for a wonderful pit and the men who work there.

Evening Sentinel June 21st 1968 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of miners at Parkhouse colliery breaking up for holidays.

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1968 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mr. A. Asprey with Friends leaving Hanley Deep pit after 51 years service in the mining industry.

Evening Sentinel July 3rd 1968 Page 1. F.
Photo. Parkhouse colliery has closed but Lamp-house Lizzie looks like staying on. The NCB has a problem, for Lizzie seen in the picture with lamp-man Jack Thomas, is a ginger and white cat with a productivity record of 110 kittens. She has been at the colliery for 14 years.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1968 Page 6. F.
Photo of Silverdale colliery fire fighting team, who won the overall shield for the third time in succession at the Staffordshire area NCB fire fighting competitions on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel July 31st 1968 Page 7. F.
After 46 years association with surveying in north Staffs mining, Mr. H. Ogden retired today as area chief surveyor of the NCBs Staffordshire area. Page 14 Mr. George Morris, manager of Parkhouse colliery, Chesterton, which closed recently, retires today after holding managerial posts in mining for 22 years.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 9th 1968 Page 1. C.F.
Staffordshire miners have set up a new record by working a full year with out loss of coal through disputes. This was the message as North Staffs miners went back to work after there weeks holiday.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 11th 1968 Page 1. F.
The president of the North Staffs branch of the Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers delivered his presidential address at Staffordshire House, Fenton, last night. He said the NCB had condemned the longer term fuel policy which proposes transition from a two fuel to a four fuel economy. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Sep. 13th 1968 Page 10. F.
The disclosure by Lord Robbens that between 68 and 72 more pits will be closed in the current year, and that by next March the number of men employed would be down by 57,800 to 307.000, makes unpleasant reading for those employed in the industry.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 20th 1968 Page10. F.
Mr. Joe Gormley is the Midlands nominee for the position of national secretary of the NUM when Will Paynter retires in December.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 23rd. 1968 Page 1. F.
The funeral took place in Burslem today of Mr. A. Badderley of Norton. He was a former president of the Midlands Area NUM. He was age 70 and retired in 1962. In his early years he worked at Chatterley Whitfield age 14 and also worked at Norton colliery. (Service and list of mourners Sep 24th page 7. F.)

Evening Sentinel Sep.26th 1968 Page 1. C.F.
Summoned to Hem Heath colliery for 5.45 am today Mr. Sid Fox, NUM agent in North Staffs was exhilarated by a pep talk given to 400 day-shift workers by the colliery manager, Mr. Beard. He received an ovation by the men.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1968 Page 12. F.
Mr. P. Hulme age 46, a miner at Wolstanton colliery had to have his left foot amputated after an underground accident at the colliery yesterday. The accident occurred at the end of the shift. He was run over by a mine car.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 12th 1968 Page 4. F.F.
Dr. Astbury, who was proposing a toast to the Institute of Mining Engineers at a joint annual dinner with NACODS, said he was at one with those who believed it would be a major economic tragedy to run down the coal industry prematurely.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 18th 1968 Page 1. F.
Stafford colliery, Fenton, whose future was a source of speculation and rumour, is to close at the beginning of January.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 19th 1968 Page 10. F.
The death occurred last night of Mr. J. Hargreaves age 56 who recently retired as the NCBs North Staffs area industrial relations officer. He joined the industry as an office-boy at Florence colliery at the age of 14.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1968 Page 6. F.
An intensive nine months campaign aimed at improving safety standards of North Staffs miners will get a civic send off by the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent on Wednesday at the Hem Heath colliery. Page 7 Hem Heath was runner up in the final of North Staffs area competition for rescue teams. Granville 1st. Hem Heath 2nd. Holditch 3rd.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 24th 1968 Page 9. F.
Article on Mr. J.Hargreave, former Industrial Relations officer, also full list of mourners at Longton.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 25th 1968 Page 9 F.
A European tunnel record is claimed by the men at Silverdale colliery for the type of machine they are using. They extended a tunnel thirteen feet wide and seven feet six inches high by 136 yards. This beat an advance of 110 yards achieved in Germany, (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 14th 1968 Page 13, F.
Photo of 15 members of Manchester Methodist College on a visit to Norton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov19th 1968 Page1. F.
An imaginative reclamation scheme for Hanley Deep pit, to be known as Hanley Forest Park came a step closer today.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1968 Page 20. C.F,
A miner at Hem Heath was fatally crushed when he was caught between a mine-car and an over-head conveyor belt while working at the colliery last night. He was Mr. T. White age 47.

Evening Sentinel Dec 3rd 1968 Page 6. F.
Mr. Harold Davies M.P. is to visit Victoria colliery next Monday to officially open a colliery face, which has been built on the pit surface as part of the pit’s nine months intensive safety campaign. (Photo in Dec. 10th on page 8)

Evening Sentinel Dec 9th 1968 Page 10 L.F.
Once more zooming to new records, the coal-face men at Silverdale colliery. Productivity shot up by fifteen and a half cwt from the previous week record to 460.7 cwt. Same page Mr. Sid Bloor, North staffs NCB mines rescue superintendent died in hospital last night. He was 58 and was superintendent for South Staffs until he moved to Berryhill in 1960. His career began at Chatterley Whitfield colliery in 1944.

Evening Sentinel Dec 11th 1968 Page 1. L.
Photo plus write up of miners at Silverdale colliery, with their manager Mr John Belcher after their record-breaking feat, 10.500 tons of coal in five days.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 13th 1968 Page 22. F.
The Midlands area of the NUM, appointed as mining engineer Mr G.A. Haslett age 42. At present he is assistant manager at Chatterley Whitfield. He takes his new appointment on Jan. 6th.

Evening Sentinel Dec 28th 1968 Page 1 F.F.
Photo of Mr. F. Bentley of Norton colliery receiving the third prize of the NCB draw for employees in the national savings scheme from Mr. Charles Barlow.

Evening Sentinel Dec 30th 1968 Page10. F.
Photo of Mr. John Cummings who celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday. He worked at Berryhill colliery for 40 years until he retired at the age of 72.