Evening Sentinel Jan 2nd 1969 Page 9. F.
The funeral of Mr. James Spooner, a surface superintendent at Wolstanton colliery takes place at St. Andrews tomorrow. Mr. Spooner began working at Wolstanton colliery, before that he worked at Holditch and Mossfield.

Evening Sentinel Jan 3rd 1969 Page 13. F.
An inquest on a 58 year old miner who died following an accident in October at Victoria colliery. He was Mr. J.W. Jukes and was struck by a fall of rock. The inquest was adjourned. Page 16. Photo of Hanley Deep pit being demolished and broken up for scrap.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 6th 1969 Page 12. F.
List of mourners at funeral of Mr. J. (Reg) Spooner. He was a Power Group representative of the NUM.

Evening Sentinel Jan 6th 1969 Page 12. C.F.
About 400 retired miners attended a dinner and social evening at the Florence colliery canteen on Saturday. 40 members received souvenir miniature lamps.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1969 Page 13. F.
Coal face workers at Wolstanton colliery hit a record productivity rate of 196.5 cwt. Last week and Stafford colliery face workers also estabkished a new record of 220. 3 cwt. Per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Jan 15th 1969 Page 7. F.
Medical staff at the N.S.R.I. were cleared of any blame at an inquest at stoke yesterday for the death of a 58 year old Biddulph miner. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr W.A. Jukes, a miner at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 18th 1969 Page 10. F
Wolstanton was in record breaking form last week. For the second week running coal face workers raised their productivity by 9 cwt. to 205.8 cwt per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Jan.20th 1969 Page 1. F
Photo of Mr. T. Ackerley, who has served the mining industry for 52 years with his long service certificate at the Holditch colliery presentations on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 21st 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Stoke-on-Trent Lord Mayor Mrs D. Robinson wearing a safety helmet and overalls as she tours the mock coalface exibition at Hem Heath colliery , Trentham.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 29th 1969 Page 12. F.
Workings under the village of Barlaston from Hem Heath colliery were causing subsidence in various parts of the village. Barlaston Parish Council were told last night.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 5th 1969 Page
Full page supplement on local industry on coal mining safety, productivity and employment in North Staffordshire pits.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 6th 1969 Page 10 C.F.
More than a 1,000 men in the NCBs North Staffs area were sacked last year. The area’s highest redundancy figure for one year since the industry was nationalised more that 20 years ago. (Full story) Page 11. In the 21st century the coal mining industry of Britain will produce between 66 and 70 percent of the total energy requirements in the country. This for-cast came from Mr W.L. Miron, the Midland’s regional chairman of the NCB.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 24th 1969 Page 5. F.
At a dinner for retired miners and their wives at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke, organised by the Hem Heath sports and social club on Saturday, 28 members were presented with long service certificates by Mr G.L. Beard the colliery manager.

Evening Sentinel March 1st 1969 Page 10. F.
Mr. W.L. Miron, Midlands regional chairman presented the first awards of the NCB’s top apprentices scheme at Trentham Gardens last night. (Full list of winners)

Evening Sentinel March 12th 1969 Page 14. F.
Team-work and colliery teach-ins are helping to boost output at Norton colliery were in their third consecutive week of record breaking. The 800 men have topped an output of 3 tons a man-shift for the first time.

Evening Sentinel March 13th 1969 Page 18. L.F.
A minor earth tremor at Silverdale threw a man from a chair in his sitting room in May Street. There was no damage. The tremor is believed to have been caused by an underground movement due to old mine workings.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1969 Page 18 C.F.
Mr. G. Beard, manager of Hem heath colliery, yesterday handed over £100 in prize money to the winners and runners up in a spot the mistake safety competition. First prize went to Mr. George Welch an underground brick-layer from 104 Penkridge, Blurton. (Photo on page 8)

Evening Sentinel April 14th 1969 Page 7. F.
Photo of Holditch colliery interdepartmental football competition. Mr. D. Alcock is seen presenting the trophy to Mr. D. Ellis, captain of the mechanical dept, as team members watch.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1969 Page 10 F.
Photo at annual dance and presentation awards of the NCB Staffordshire area’s first aid competition at Trentham ballroom last night. Mr. H.J. Widdowson, area director presenting the runners up cup to Mr. J. McElhone, captain of Hem Heath team. (Full list on same page)

Evening Sentinel April 24th 1969 Page 7. F.
Mr. L.W. Fletcher, the NCB chief mining engineer for the Stafforshire area, presented premium bonds to the winners and finalists in a safety quiz at Hem Heath colliery last night.

Evening Sentinel April 24th 1969 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of an old 10 feet high colliery wheel from Victoria colliery being erected at the entrance to the proposed Hanley Forest Park.

Evening Sentinel April 26th 1969 Page 10. F.
Officials and workers at Chatterley Whitfield colliery said fond fair-well with gifts to two old friends last night. Mr G.A. Hazlett who has taken up a new post as a consultant engineer with the NUM at Stafford after 11 years as assistant manager. Also Mr. S. Powell age 64 who has retired as assistant engineer at the colliery because of ill health. He has worked there for 50 years.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1969 Page 1 C.F.
Lord Robbens, this afternoon planted a sycamore tree to mark the start of the £20.000 phase one of a massive project to create a forest park in Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1969 Page 7. C.F.
“Craftsmen make all those horse powers work” urged Lord Robbens, chairman of the NCB, in a quick fire address to the annual conference of the Power Group NUM before it concluded in Hanley yesterday (More on this)

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1969 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Mr. W. Rowley, retired as assistant manager of Silverdale colliery after 45 years in the industry, seen receiving gifts from Mr. Guy Cumberbatch, area productivity manager at a ceremony last night.

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1969 Page 1. F.
Following a meeting of development workers at Hem Heath colliery, members of the NUM sent a telegram to the Head Quarters in London complaining of the third wage structure.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1969 Page 10. C.F.
Warning that if urgent action is not taken, it will be impossible for the NCB and miners in North Staffs to continue their business on rational lines. Mr, Jack Ashley, MP has written to 3 senior Cabinet Ministers today about the continuous shortage of railway wagons in the area.

Evening Sentinel May 29th 1969 Page 16. F.
Productivity at collieries in the Staffordshire area last week, reached a record level of 52.6 cwt a man-shift, more than 8cwt above the national average.

Evening Sentinel June 7th 1969 Page 10 F.
A coal miner was rushed to hospital with arm and pelvis injuries last night after being injured in an accident at Hem Heath colliery. He was Mr. G. Martin age 54.

Evening Sentinel 10th June 1969 Page 7. F.
Thirty four miners from North Staffs are taking part in a five day summer school at Wedgwood Memorial College organised by the WEA. A TUC economic review is being led by Mr. Peter Coyte, a WEA lecturer.

Evening Sentinel 11th June 1969 Page 1. L.
Chatterley Whitfield colliery, with a manpower of more than 1,000 men has been officially placed in “jeopardy” by the NCB.

Evening Sentinel June12th 1969 Page 1. F.
The NUM are confident that the plans they have, will put Chatterley Whitfield colliery back on its feet if the Coal Board are prepared to discuss them in the interests of retaining the colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1969 Page 16. L.F.
Mr. N. Winterton, prospective conservative candidate visited Silverdale colliery today. He said he saw a revolutionary retreat mining process in operation.

Evening Sentinel June 18th 1969 Page 1. L.
Photo of a party of Trade Unionists from Austria who are staying at Wedgwood Memorial college, visited Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel June 28th 1969 Page 8. F.
Through Mr. H.J. Widdowson who yesterday retired as area director of NCB Staffordshire area, mining in the district has been placed on a good foundation to go forward into the 1970s. Mr. Widdowson has been succeeded as area director, by Mr. J.R. Hunter age 45.

Evening Sentinel June 30th 1969 Page 14. F.
Fifteen NCB apprentices from North Staffs, Cannock and Shropshire collieries are spending this week at Ludlow training centre for the National Boy’s Clubs.

Evening Sentinel July 1st 1969 Page 9. F.
The threat to employment in North Staffs collieries, caused by a shortage of railway wagons seems to have receded.

Evening Sentinel July 4th 1969 Page 13. F.
Mr. W. Rowley age 59 collapsed and died while he was working on the coal screening plant at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 8th 1969 Page 14. L.F.
Efforts to make Chatterley Whitfield colliery a viable pit in an endeavour to have removed from the NCBs official “jeopardy” list, have been taken a further stage.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of the 250 feet high chimney at Sneyd colliery being brought down by explosives yesterday.

Evening Sentinel July 25th 1969 Page 1. F.
A contract, of a supply of between 10 and 15 million therms of mine drainage gas annually until at least 1982 was signed today. The gas will be piped from six North Staffordshire collieries and will replace about six million gallons of imported fuel oil.

Evening Sentinel July 31st 1969 Page 14. L.F.
Two North Staffs collieries broke records. Overall productivity at Norton reached 61.2 a man-shift. Victoria added nearly 2 cwt to a 3-week record by reaching 54.2 cwt a man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Aug 6th 1969 Page 1 L.
Photo of a champagne party of the Norton colliery consultative committee yesterday, to celebrate the breaking of the colliery’s productivity and tonnage records last. (Write up on page 7. F.)

Evening Sentinel Aug 7th 1969 Page 14. F.
Coal production at Apedale colliery drift mine at Chesterton, will continue a little longer than anticipated, production will now continue until October. Apedale employs 112 men.

Evening Sentinel Aug 19th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of the old Hanley Deep pit taken on its new look, in transforming into Hanley forest park.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1969 Page 7. F.
Productivity records were set up at Chatterley Whitfield colliery. Output for all employees last week rose to 47.5 cwt a man-shift. Coalface workers also achieved a record of 203.6 cwt a Man-shift, 13 cwt above the previous record level.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1969 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Canadian visitors descending Wolstanton colliery

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd 1969 Page 10. F.
The overall winners of the Staffordshire area fire fighting competitions were West Cannock first, Florence second, Lea Hall third.

Evening Sentinel Aug 28th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Liberal prospective candidate for Newcastle, visiting Wolstanton colliery. Page 14 In the next 12 months 1.000 Wolstanton colliery underground workers will have the chance of winning a holiday abroad. To enter the colliery safety competition a man must have been accident free for 3 months and have 100) attendance record

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th 1969 Page 7. F.
A coroner’s jury yesterday returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. T. Rhodes age 63. He was killed at Florence on Aug 18th.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1969 Page 22 F.
Miners returning to Holditch colliery after the holidays next Monday will find that two and a half ton mine cars have replaced 18 cwt tubs for carrying coal up the shaft.

Evening Sentinel Sep 9th 1969 Page 1. L.
Photo of Mr. John Golding prospective Labour candidate and his wife with officials of Silverdale colliery on a visit yesterday (Write up in C.F. p. 14)

Evening Sentinel Sep. 10th 1969 Page 12. C.F.
Photo of Members of the North Staffs branch of the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at the presidential address last night at Staffordshire House.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1969 Page 12 F.
A live detonator was found in house-hold coal at Brown Edge yesterday. The coal was traced to Chatterly Whitfield colliery whose security officer took charge of the detonator.

Evening Sentinel Sep 19th 1969 Page 1 F.
Photo of Mr. N. Winterton, prospective conservative candidate for Newcastle a he visited Wegwood colliery, Red St. yesterday. Page 16 Florence colliery, Longton, one of Britain’s top long life pits, could join the industries elite this year, by producing for the first time one million tons of saleable coal. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Sep 23rd 1969 Page 7. F.
The NCB are to be asked to allow members of the City reconstruction committee to inspect Stafford colliery, with a view to redevelopment of the site.

Evening Sentinel Sep 25th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mrs. E. Ashley, prospective parliamentary conservative candidate for Stoke-on-Trent central, visiting Florence colliery yesterday. (Write up page 11)

Evening Sentinel Sep26th 1969 Page 24. F.
Prompt and effective action by the NCB has brought them back in favour with more than 600 residence, who this month complained about the nuisance of a waste tip at Florence colliery was causing. The residence had complained to their labour MP Mr. Jack Ashley.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1969 Page 18. F.
Tributes were paid and presentaion made to Mr. H.W. Rowley who for 47 years served the North Staffordshire mining industry in an electrical capacity. (Write up.)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1969 Page 14. F.
The Staffordshire area of the NCB, are aiming for an overall output of three tons per man-shift. Florence and Hem Heath collieries were the sought of things which inspired confidence.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1969 Page 1. F.
Mr. J. McNancy, age 53 was fatally injured at Hem Heath colliery yesterday, he was trapped against machinery when a chain, which is part of the coal face equipment broke on Moss 14s coal face.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 14th 1969 Page 1 F.
A one day token stappage of ming craftsmen of the Power Group NUM could bring North Staffs pits virtually to a stand still. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 15th 1969 Page 1 F.
A hole appeared in Hand St. Tunstall, it was thought that the subsidence might have occurred as a result of old shallow workings from about 1878.

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1969 Page 1. F.
About 2.000 men on the day shift at North Staffs collieries had to be sent home today because of the one day token strike of mining craftsmen in the Power Group NUM.

Evening Sentinel Oct 20th 1969 L.
As normal production resumed at North Stafffordshire pits today, the strike in South Wales spread to 23 collieries. (This was the Power group Strike)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th 1969 Page 14. L.F.
Photo of Silverdale colliery retirement tea. Mr. C. Toplass who retired after 51 years service was one, with others received long service certificates.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1969 Page 5. F.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs H.O. Biggs of Fenton, celebrating their golden wedding on Saturday. Mr. Biggs spent nearly 50 years in the mining industry at Fenton collieries as a deputy and overman.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1969 Page 7. F.
In spite of loosing output last Friday through the Power Group strike, Silverdale colliery, last week reached a productivity record of 75.7 cwt a man-shift for all employees.

Evening Sentinel Nov 8th 1969 Page 2. L.F.
Workers at Victoria colliery have pushed record production to a new peak by an output of 69.4 cwt a man-shift last week.

Evening Sentinel Nov 14th 1969 Page 14. L.F.
Photo and full write up of the new extension to the Holditch colliery sports club, which are to be opened tomorrow.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 17th 1969 Page 12. C.F.
The annual presentation of prizes by the Hem Heath sports and social club was held in the Jubilee Hall, Stoke on Saturday. (Full list of winners)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 21st 1969 Page 1 C.F.
Coal production ceased today at Apedale drift mine, Britain’s one-time top production pit.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Apedale drift mine, which closed yesterday, the last shift of miners going down.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 27th 1969 Page 7. F.
At an inquest yesterday a seven man jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. John Coxford, age 35 of Blurton. He was killed on November 13th when he was trapped by a fall of rock on Moss 14s face at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 2nd 1969 Page 7 F.
Some essential coalface aids, vital to the drive towards higher face outputs and productivity, were described to members of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers by Mr. J.H. Trolley, senior mechanisation engineer Staffordshire area NCB.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 5th 1969 Page 1. F.
There were two coalface records at North Staffs collieries. Chatterley Whitfield, 204.4 cwt and Holditch, 221.8 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1969 Page 12 F.
Hem Heath colliery have joined the elite band of British mines with a coalface to produce 10.000 tons in a week. Others in the Staffordshire area are Silverdale and Lea Hall. Last week Great Row 16s at Hem Heath produced 10,387 tons, the highest face output in the colliery’s history.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1969 Page 12. C.F.
Beer flowed freely for 150 employees of Hem Heath colliery at their sports and social club Fenton on Saturday. It was a special celebration party for achieving a coalface output record of over 10.000 tons from one coalface in a week.

Evening Sentinel Dec 16th 1969 Page 5. F.
Friends from the mining industry and Stoke City Football Club, mourned Mr. W. Brayford yesterday. He died age 71, he spent all of his life in the mining industry from the age of 14. By the time he retired, he owned several small mines. (List of mourners)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 18th 1969 Page 8. L.F.
Yesterday’s inquest on Mr. J. Bloor, who died at Silverdale colliery on December 9th was adjourned till January 6th.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 18th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of guests at Silverdale’s colliery welfare over 60s club, at the annual Christmas party held in the miner’s institute yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Dec 18th 1969 Page 18 F.
Holditch colliery achieved their highest ever 5 day week output by raising 9,066 tons and broke two productivity records. Coalface workers at Silverdale colliery reached an output a man-shift of 803.1 cwt, beating the week old record by 79 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 23rd 1969 Page 1. F.
The Midlands miners, including North Staffs have declared their support for nurses in their campaign for improved wages and conditions.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 31st 1969 Page 7. F.
A recommendation that the general design of the conveyor chain used on the mining machinery be reviewed, was made at a Stoke inquest yesterday. The chain caused the death of Mr. J. Mac Nancy age 58 at Hem Heath colliery.