Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1971 Page 12. C.F.
132 miners from Florence colliery were at Keele University today getting to know about a new coalface, Coxhead 8s from which it is hoped to produce between 7,000 and 8.000 tons per week. It is to be opened at the pit in about a fortnight’s time.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 6th 1971 Page 16. F.
Photo of Florence miners at Keele University, on a course to learn about a new coalface, the Coxhead 8s and how best to operate it.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 12th 1971 Page 14. C.F.
NCB tipper trucks filling in operation in the back garden of 223 Ruxley Rd. Bucknall yesterday, the 100 foot deep mine shaft. It opened up two yards from the back door.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 16th 1971 Page 5. F.
The NCB opencast executive has given villagers assurance about the working of opencast mining at the Park farm site which residents opposed.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 19th 1971 Page 10. F.
Two North Staffs pits are jockeying for the No 1 spot in the NCBs safety stakes, as the area’s 15,000 pitmen maintain a 29% improvement to hold their lead in the National area improvement table. The two collieries are Norton and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Jan 20th 1971 Page 5.
Photo. Teams from Hem Heath and Littleton collieries who took part in the Staffordshire area of the NCB safety quiz competition for apprentices at Parksite club Silverdale. Page 14. A think tank of six miners and a miner’s wife last night gave their reasons for the increase in industrial disorder during the last five years. The talks were the first of six under the heading of “Coal and Conflict”. The discussion was at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 3rd 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mr G. Gillett, manager of Florence colliery, presenting Mr. H. Brunt with a certificate for his 100% attendance record for the past two years.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 6th 1971 Page 4. F.F.
Victoria won the safety competition organised by the NCB safety dept. Norton were second.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th 1971 Page 6. F.
Photo of Mr. A. Morse who has retired after 46 years in the mining industry receiving an inscribed safety lamp from Mr. A. Richards, surface superintendent, at Florence colliery branch of NACODS annual dinner dance held at Longton Town Hall on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 15th 1971 Page 6. F.
Silverdale colliery, Newcastle, which broke 3 productivity records recently, is now rated the safest pit in the North Staffordshire area of the NCB.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 19th 1971 Page 24. F.
Sixteen hundred pitmen at Florence colliery, Longton, the pit with sites on a million tons of coal this year, have smashed four productivity records only a month after the introduction of a new 200 yards long face. A new record has also been established at North staffs largest colliery, Hem Heath which employs 18,000 men an overall face output of 303.9 cwt a man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1971 Page 6. F.
Photo. Long service presentations were made at the dinner at the Grand Hotel, of Wolstanton colliery branch of NACODS.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1971 Page 5. F.
Four hundred pit men will be making their way to the Highland suite, Trentham on March 18th for the area finals of the NCB senior safety quiz competition. Victoria, Biddulph, and Holditch, Newcastle will be taking part.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1971 Page 18. C.F.
Young miners from Hem Heath colliery became Staffordshire apprentice safety quiz champions after beating teams from Holditch and West Cannock No5 in the final of the quiz last night.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1971 Page 1. C.F.
Florence colliery, Longton was temporally brought to a standstill today because of an underground fire in a return roadway of the Coxhead 7s face.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1971 Page 13. F.
This weekend, Mr. B. Hargreaves, age 65 retires after a life-time service to the coal industry and from the pit where he was born and has worked all his life, Chatterley Whitfield colliery. He began as a wagon repairer in 1920.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1971 Page 1. F.
Normal working is hoped to be resumed at Florence colliery, Longton early next week following yesterday’s underground fire.

Evening Sentinel March 12th 1971 Page 14. F.
Photo Stoke-on-Trent’s minnie volcano, the still burning Sneyd colliery waste tip is undergoing spectacular reshaping by giant earth-movers in the reclamation project.

Evening Sentinel March 22nd 1971 Page 7. F.
For the second year running Hem Heath colliery won the NCB area first aid competition for senior miners and will represent Staffordshire in the final at Scarborough in May.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1971 Page 13. F.
Photo B. Woodward, head time-keeper at Norton colliery has retired after 44 years mining service, receives gifts from his colleagues.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1971 Page 5. F.
Photo Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hales golden wedding at Norton. Mr. hales was a miner for 52 years before his retirement.

Evening Sentinel April 14th 1971 Page 1. F.
An optimistic view of the future for the Midlands area coal field, including those in North Staffs was given by Mr. W. Miron, he told a news conference. The removal of Chatterley whitfield colliery from the list of pits in jeopardy meant that no Midlands area mines remained in that category.

Evening Sentinel April 26th 1971 Page 16. F.
Four retiring NACODS members with 186 years of working in the collieries between them, were guests of honour at a presentation. All the men had worked at Victoria colliery, Biddulph. They were Mr.W. Allen, Mr. T. Sutton, Mr. R. Dukes, these three have worked for 46 years and Mr. A. Crosby who has completed 48 years.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1971 Page 18. F.
Photo, a party and presentation of long service certificates were given to retired Holditch colliery workers at the mining club last night. Me. Joe Minshall is being presented after 52 years service.

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1971 Page 1. C.F.
Production in a coal district at Chatterley Whitfield colliery was at a stand-still today as fire fighters battled against a “heating” which is threatening the pits productivity records. The heating began four days ago and it has been fluctuating in intensity.

Evening Sentinel May 4th 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of young pupils from Blessed Thomas Mayfield, Newcastle to learn about a coal shearing machine when they visited the NCB training centre at Kemball yesterday, as part of the centre’s open week.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1971 Page 5. F.
Partial production is underway in a coal district at Chatterley Whitfield colliery a week after it was hit by an underground fire.

Evening Sentinel May 11th 1971 Page 1. F.
A large reserve of coal which could exceed 1,250,000 tons have been discovered in a newly sunk mine at Hulme, Werrington. Finds made were relics of a by gone age of mining and indications that the seam was worked more than 150 years ago. The newly sunk mine was by the Salters Lane colliery Co. Ltd. The new workings were producing 160 tons per week for Meaford Power Station and this would increase to 500 tons. Relics found were a home made shovel, Tallow Wax candles, the runner of a sledge used to haul the coal, a rusty axe and a crow bar.

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1971 Page 7. F.
Between £1.500 and £2.000 in safety prize money has been won by Silverdale colliery. The colliery has gained a notable double in the NCB safety competitions.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1971 Page 5. F.
An accidental death verdict, was returned by a jury at Stoke inquest yesterday on G. W. Quinton age 56. He died after receiving injuries. He was found lying on the front of a locomotive with his leg crushed, at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 27th 1971 Page 8. F.
Photo of members of Meir branch of the Co-operative women’s guild as they prepare to go down Norton colliery last night.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1971 Page 11. F.
The pithead gear at the old Hanley Deep pit may be preserved as a permanent monument to the city’s mining history, the Stoke-on-Trent environment studies group recommended yesterday.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1971 Page 12. F.
Photo Mr. Alf Cullinane receiving the cribbage trophy from colliery manager Mr. G.A. Schofield at the annual presentations of indoor sports prizes held at Wolstanton miners welfare institute last night.

Evening Sentinel June 21st 1971 Page 6. F.
Stoke-on-Trent’s imaginative Central Forest Park project has topped the urban land reclamation section of the 1971 conservation awards scheme. photos of the park with Hanley Deep pit in the background, plus the memorial pit wheel at the entrance. (Full write up)

Evening Sentinel July 1st 1971 Page 9. F.
Mr. John Forrester MP for Stoke North, is among the 100 Labour MPs who have signed a Commons motion urging the Government to ensure that if we join the Common Market, Britain will not lose the right to control its own coal industry.

Evening Sentinel July 3rd 1971 Page 4. C.F.
Silverdale has won the National trophy for the safest pit employing 600 to 1.000 men.

Evening Sentinel July 12th 1971 Page 10. F.
Mr. I.W. Cumberbatch, former NCB chief, in West Midlands died yesterday in the NSRI. He was a member of a Silverdale family. Began his career at Florence colliery, Longton. Was appointed manager at Stafford Coal and Iron Co. Ltd. In 1919 and in 1925 became manager of Hanley Deep. In 1934 he was made general manager of Sneyd collieries Ltd. On nationalisation he was appointed North Staffs area manager. He retired in 1955 after 50 years service to mining, was awarded the OBE in 1950 and the CBE in 1955.

Evening Sentinel July 16th 1971 Page 11. F.
Output per man-shift on the coalface at Silverdale colliery last week was 1,564. 9 cwt. The best at the pit since February last year. Silverdale employs 650 men and has one coalface in the Winghay seam.

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1971 Page 8. F.
More than 500 children took part in 24 events at the third annual Silverdale colliery children’s sports day on the Silverdale cricket ground on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1971 Page 11. F.
Miners at Silverdale have achieved a new face productivity record for a deep mine colliery for the second time in two weeks. A fortnight ago Silverdale added to their impressive list of records by obtaining an output per man shift on the coalface of 1.564. 9 cwt. The NCB confirmed today that the colliery face output per man shift has increased to 1.615.6 cwt only 9 cwt short of the British record.

Evening Sentinel Aug 3rd 1971 Page 5. F.
More than 250 new cases of industrial disease was found in Stoke-on-Trent last year, 100 more than lung cancer in the same area, stated the City Coroner during his inquest on a retired coalminer. .

Evening Sentinel Aug. 5th 1971 Page 14. C.F.
The highest productivity pit in the area, Silverdale is to boost output to the total of 750.000 tons a year. This is by a new £1.750.000 investment scheme. .

Evening Sentinel Aug. 7th 1971 Page 10. F.
Photo of a party of Austrian Trade Unionists, who are on a months visit to this country visited Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 13th 1971 Page 20. C.F.
Norton colliery has established a new productivity record. One face at the pit had an output per man shift of 253.9 cwt. The best result at the pit since March 1969. The colliery employs 800 men.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 20th 1971 Page 1. F.
Silverdale colliery has created a new British coalface record. The pit extracted 1.674.9 cwt. It’s the forth time in six weeks that the miners, working on the single retreat face in the Winghay seam have broken the coal face record.

Photo Florence colliery fire fighting team were the overall winners of the NCB Staffordshire area fire fighting competition held at Kemball training centre on Saturday. (Details on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Aug. 26th 1971 Page 9. F.
Photo of group of Silverdale miners, with a mountain of coal in the background, celebrating their productivity record with a pint.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 3rd 1971Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Florence colliery fire fighting team who have won, for the second successive year the NCB Staffordshire area competition.

Evening Sentinel Sep 7th 1971 Page 2. C.F.
The outcome of record paced underground drivages through rock promises to pump new life and fortune into Norton colliery. (Same page) The Institute of Mining Engineers, North Staff’s branch, held their general meeting at the North Staffs Hotel, Stoke yesterday to discuss a paper on spontaneous combustion.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 11th 1971 Page 5. F.
A 65-year-old Madeley man, a collier retired yesterday. He was Mr. A. J. Buckley. He commenced work at Leycett colliery in 1931.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 16th 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of nursing sisters from various industrial concerns in North Staffordshire made a three mile underground tour of Silverdale colliery last night. Page 20 280 representatives of men and management from 50 colliers in all parts of Britain attended the launching of the NCB 50 pit safety campaign at Keele University today.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 18th 1971 Page 10. F.
Delegates representing underground workers in North Staffs mines held their policy making meeting at Hanley Town Hall today. Top on the agenda was the controversial Industrial Relations Act.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 20th 1971 Page 4. F.
Photo of the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Mr. A. Chorleton, receiving a miner’s lamp from the president of the NACODS when he gave a civic welcome to the Association.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 23rd 1971 Page 18. F.
The Power Group NUM area Executive council members decided to support 46-year-old John Sunley to be placed on the NUM parliamentary panel.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 23rd 1971 Page 9. F.
Miners at Silverdale colliery have broken their own British productivity record set up last month. Last week the colliery hoisted the figure to 1.767.3 cwt per man shift. The total output was 14.234 tons and the overall output per man shift was 86.3 cwt. More than twice the national average.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 29th 1971 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Mr. Dudley Smith, Under Secretary of State for the department of employment, as he goes underground on a visit to Silverdale colliery today.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 30th 1971 Page 18. F.
Page on reclamation, including Glebe colliery tip scheme.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 9th 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Stoke-on-Trent, making a tour of Kemball pit training centre yesterday. Write up on page 5.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1971 Page 1. F.
Mr. Jack Lally, president of the Midlands area NUM, urge branches not to take any independent action pending an overtime ban and possible strike.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1971 Page 4. F.
A new coal seam known as the Ten Feet with an estimate output of, 8.120 tons is to be opened at Hem Heath colliery on Monday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1971 Page 17. F.
Photo of Mr. H. White, chairman of North Staffs industrial sports federation, presenting Les Hall, captain of Wolstanton Miners welfare club, the champion club trophy at a presentation last night.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1971 Page 1. C.F.
Miners in the West Midlands were today recommended to ban overtime from Monday November 1st. Page 24. A mining accident to Mr. Z. Kaminski age 46 resulted in the man’s death ten years later a Newcastle coroner’s jury decided today. He was a coalface worker at Parkhouse colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 23rd 1971 Page 5. F.
A total of 12.000 miners in the Stoke-on-Trent area and North Staffs involving 17 pits are to be recommended to ban overtime from Nov. 1st as part of a get tough campaign over pay increases.

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1971 Page 10. F.
A photo of a social evening for retired workmen and their wives was held by Silverdale colliery social welfare benevolent schemes, at the colliery canteen on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1971 Page 24. F.
During the week ending October 23 the 608 miners at Holditch colliery, Chesterton, mined 9.908 tons of coal, a new record output per man shift of 73.2 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 15th 1971 Page 1 C.F.
The newly formed Staffordshire area liaison committee of the NUM officials representing the Midlands area, Power Group and COSA, predicted unanimous support for the miners’ overtime ban coupled with the complete withdrawal from consultation on any matters except safety, today.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 10th 1971 Page 18 C.F.
An emergency ban has been imposed at a City sports ground after discovering 2 disused mine shafts. The shafts were at Sneyd tip sports ground in Sandbach Rd. A ban has been put on all games until the shafts have been filled in.

Evening Sentinel Dec 1st 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mr. & Mrs Cyril Alcock, of Cheadle who celebrated their golden wedding yesterday. Mr Alcock worked in the North Staffs mining industry for 51 years before retirement.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1971 Page 7 F.
Mr Percy Cashmore, who left school at the age of 12, became a prominent North Staffordshire colliery director, died at his home, he was 91 years of age. He was appointed manager at Mossfield colliery in 1911, seven years later he became manager of Berryhill colliery before being transferred in 1931 to Fenton as agent and manager. He retired in 1943. His retirement was short lived for he returned to work as manager of Berryhill and then again to Fenton, finally he took charge of Bignall End colliery before retiring in 1947.

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1971 Page 7. F.
The safety campaign for medium size pits features Silverdale colliery, they are eighth in the safety pits table, with a rate of 1.654 of working days lost per thousand man shifts worked.