Evening Sentinel Jan. 1st 1973 Page 5. F.
Staffordshire Co. Council may set up a cross data base section of old mine workings at the county museum, Shugborough. This follows the findings of important industrial relics at Apedale colliery, Newcastle. The relics consist of a wooden sledge, wooden rails and a wooden wheel, plus other small items. They maybe pre- 19th century.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1973 Page 1. F.
About a hundred men are needed at Florence colliery, Longton, where important development work, designed eventually to make the pit a million tonner.

Evening Sentinel Jan 19th 1973 Page 1. F.
Photo, safety officer, Jim Mills, displays a safety lamp to electrical engineering students on their visit to Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan 29th 1973 Page 1. F.
The 13 collieries in the Staffordshire area of the NCB have set up a new coalface record.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 6th 1973 Page 1. F.
Employment prospects in the mining industry in North Staffs gained a useful fillup to day, when the NCB announced more than a hundred jobs at three pits, caused by the retirement of older men. (Same page) Mr D. Brookes age 22, a coal face worker at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, died in hospital today only a few hours after being trapped by a large fall of stone.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 21st 1973 Page 12. F.
Last week overall output per man-shift at Silverdale colliery reached 102.3 cwt. The first time a local deep mine has achieved more than five tons per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Feb 27th 1973 Page 8. F.
Photo. Mr. H. Walton, deputy electrical engineer at Hem Heath is retiring after 40 years in the mining industry.

Evening Sentinel March 3rd 1973 Page 4. F.
Ex-miners at Hem Heath colliery were officially thanked for their long service in the pits. 21 men received long service certificates having served a minimum of 30 years.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1973 Page 12. F.
On top of an estimate of 100 vacancies at three North Staffs pits, the Staffs area of the NCB are seeking to attract 300 school leavers. < b> Evening Sentinel March 19th 1973 Page 7. F.
Lea Hall won the Staffordshire area first aid competition at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. Hem Heath were runners up.

Evening Sentinel March 27th 1973 Page 18. C.
A proposal to start open-cast coal mine operations on about 15 acres of land at Peggy’s Bank was approved by Newcastle Planning Committee last night.

Evening Sentinel March 28th 1973 Page 7. F.
The manager of Victoria colliery, in which 22 year old, D. Brookes was killed, told a Burslem inquest yesterday that he was satisfied the man was following the regulations for roof supporting when the accident happened. Page 8 NCB coal queen Margaret Dominak, visited Wolstanton colliery yesterday and went to the Bowling Ally seam 1.150 yards below ground. Photo page 11.

Evening Sentinel March 30th 1973 Page 1. F.
Hem Heath, Trentham, hit the million-ton output today, with only a few hours to spare before the closure of the Coal Board’s fiscal year.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1973 Page 12. F.
It was the fifth time that Hem Heath had produced more than a million tons in a year. Florence produced 803.000 tons whilst the three Newcastle area pits produced more than 1.500.000 tons between them.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1973 Page 13. F.
Florence colliery won the Staffordshire area senior safety quiz finals last night at Trentham Gardens. Florence team, C. Todd, M. Wood, J. Todd, G. Dean and J. Dowling.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1973 Page 12. F.
Photo of Victoria Theatre Company, visiting Silverdale colliery yesterday, to study work procedure and atmosphere for their forthcoming production of the new play, “Kelly’s Winder.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1973 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of North Staffs Aqua Club, on a visit to Florence colliery last night Fire officer, Peter Follows led the tour.

Evening Sentinel April 20th 1973 Page 11 F.
The 579 miners at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, have smashed the colliery overall productivity record for the second time in a month.

Evening Sentinel May 2nd 1973 Page 1 CF.
Photo of Mr. Derek Ezra, Chairman of the NCB making a tour of Hem Heath colliery surface, with Mr. J.H, Hunter, area director and Mr. G. Beard, colliery manager. Page 11 Mr. Ezra officially opened the newest area of public open space, Glebedale Park, once an eye sore of colliery spoil.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1973 Page 11 F.
Photo of Mr. Jim Colgan presenting a cheque for £66, the proceeds of a concert at Hem Heath colliery club to Mr. P. Owen, chairman of Stoke-on-Trent district physically handicapped voluntary aid group.

Evening Sentinel May 12th 1973 Page 7
Photo of Wolstanton miners’ welfare angling section, receiving prizes. The Major trophy winners were, Jim Gregory, Don Simms and David Goddard.

Evening Sentinel May 15th 1973 Page 16
The 14.000 miners in the Staffordshire area of the NCB have set up a new productivity record. The overall output per man-shift for last week was 57.6 cwt.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1973 Page 20 F.
Angling trophies and prizes for the past season were presented to members of the Parksite and Silverdale colliery angling clubs at a joint ceremony at the club in Scot Hay Rd. on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel May 22nd 1973 Page 9 F.
Award winning Central Forest Park, maturing rapidly on the outskirts of Hanley will be the showpiece reclamation scheme which the Queen and Prince Phillip will inspect during their visit to Stoke-on-Trent on Friday. Formally Hanley Deep pit.

Evening Sentinel May 23rd 1973 Page 21 F.
In their bid to attract more than 300 school leavers and suitable young men up to the age of 18 to take up apprenticeships and training schemes this year, the Staffordshire area of the NCB today placed emphasis on their two main training centres, Kemball at Fenton and Valley at Hednesford.

Evening Sentinel May 25th 1973 Page 1 C.F.
Photo of the Queen, planting a tree at Hanley Forest Park to commemorate her visit.

Evening Sentinel May 30th 1973 Page 22 C.F.
Tributes to his 41 years service in the mining industry were paid to Mr. W.G. Cumberbatch, production manager in the Staffordshire area. He was former president of the one time North Staffs branch of the National association of Colliery Managers and President of the former North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. He retires tomorrow.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1973 Page 24 F.
Granville colliery has been recommended for closure, it is expected that alternative employment will be available in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1973 Page 1 F.
Further speculation on the future of Chatterley Whitfield colliery, with a labour force of around 834 has flared up this week. Once the Banbury seam is closed it would become a two-face pit.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1973 Page 16. C.F.
NCB Coal Queen, Margaret Dominiak made a 100-mile dash to be in time for the start of Wolstanton colliery open week.

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1973 Page 1 F.
Under the guidance of Mining instructor Mr. Mr. A. Scott, girls the Newcastle College of further education see a mock coalface at Wolstanton colliery, which is open to the public this week. Page 16. There have been 16.050 visitors at the pit this week.

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1973 Page 1 F.
Proposals by the Coal Board for the incorporation, in about 2 years time, of operations at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, with adjacent collieries, notably Wolstanton are now under discussion with the NUM.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1973 Page 1 F.
Miners sat out a three hour vigil today after a fire broke out in a 2,700 feet deep ventilation shaft. Men at Wolstanton colliery were ushered into an underground passage and had to stop work as the minor blasé started in the disused Sneyd collier several miles away. By midday they were working as normal.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1973 Page 17 F
The Power group NUM headquarters have returned to their original offices in 4 Broad St. Hanley, from where they became fully operational today. Mr. N. Webb age 34 a coal ripper, was taken to the NSRI with groin injuries yesterday. The accident occurred underground at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1973 Page 13 F.
A group of 19 Coal Board apprentices are to visit Ruhr pits in west Germany. Included is R. Jenkins age 19, an engineering craft apprentice (Electrical) from Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 27th 1973 Page 13 F.
North Staffs pits are doing better than expected. List of collieries, tonnage, manpower and output per man shift.

Evening Sentinel July 28th 1973 Page 1 C.F.
Stoke-on-Trent Lord mayor, Mr. A. Cotton, told delegates of NACODS at a council meeting, that he firmly believed that the future of North Staffs coalfield is rosy.

Evening Sentinel Aug 8th 1973 Page 1 F.
Photo of 49 strong Knabenkbpelle children’s brass band from West Germany, visiting the Potteries, today visited Norton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug 20th 1973 Page 5 F.
Florence colliery, Longton were pipped on the post in their bid to win the NCB North Staffs area fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre, Fenton on Saturday. They were second with 47 points to Lea Hall with 53 points.

Evening Sentinel Aug 22nd 1973 Page 17 F.
Mr. P. Smallman, manager of Chatterley Whitfield presented a long service certificate for 51 years to Mr. W. Bradbury at the presentations to miners of the colliery at Fegg Hayes miners’ welfare last night.

Evening Sentinel Aug 24th 1973 Page 13 F.
At 5 am a mishap involving a protruding empty materials car caused damage to the shaft and as a result 400 men on the day shift were sent home. Repair work was done in the upcast shaft of Hem Heath colliery in time for the noon shift.

Evening Sentinel Aug 30th 1973 Page 11 F.
Controversy over the move to carry out open cast coal mining at “Peggy’s Bank” has brought a reply from the land owner concerned, who has given the ultimatum “Come and see how beautiful my view of Apedale Valley is”.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1973 Page 24 C.F.
North Staffs branch members of the Institute of Mining Engineers staged an open forum at the North Staffs Hotel, Stoke, dealing with the interrelationship of mechanisation, coal preparation and marketing.

Evening Sentinel Sep 19th 1973 Page 13 F.
In their desire to recruit unlimited numbers of men to strengthen manpower in all North staffs pits, the NCB have attracted 30 men from the North East, but they have hit a snag of accommodation shortage.

Evening Sentinel Sep 26th 1973 Page 13 F.
The 650 man Norton colliery, Stoke-on-Trent is currently the safest pit in Britain, according to the Coal Board statistics, and Staffordshire is the third safest of the Board’s 16 areas.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1973 Page 1 L.
Photo of miners at Hem Heath colliery receiving rump stakes, part of 50 stakes given to the colliery from a party of Butchers when they visited the pit yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Sep 29th 1973 Page 1 L.
Mr. Cyril McGinness, a power support maintenance worker, was brought to the surface of Florence colliery last night unaware that his son had died in another part of the pit. His 22-year-old son, a trainee locomotive driver was killed when he struck his head on a three-inch water pipe.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1973 Page 1 F.
Photo of Stoke-on-Trent coroner, Mr. F. Hails, dressed ready to go down Florence colliery with officials to inspect an accident scene, where a young trainee locomotive driver died on Friday.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 5th 1973 Page 1 C.F.
More than 200 lorry delivery drivers walked out indefinitely at the Berry Hill complex today. They are in dispute with management on working conditions.

Evening Sentinel Oct 6th 1973 Page 1 L.
Angry drivers voted to continue a snap strike today and put domestic supplies in jeopardy.

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1973 Page 24 C.F.
There were strong indications today, that the striking NCB delivery drivers may get support of the North Staffs miners to their stoppage.

Evening Sentinel Oct 9th 1973 Page 1 F.
The strike by the drivers was called off today. The decision was taken at a mass meeting at Berry Hill before breakfast, pending negotiations.

Evening Sentinel Oct 10th 1973 Page 24 C.F.
The NCB should install, free of charge, double-glazing in homes near Florence colliery, claims Stoke-on-Trent MP Jack Ashley, on noise and nuisance.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1973 Page 1 F.
A century old site at Talke, a popular haut for children has been cordoned off after part of an old pit shaft caved in at the weekend. The 25 foot hole, thought to be between 100 and 200 feet deep, stands in the centre of the old Talke o th Hill colliery which closed in the early 1940s

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1973 Page 24 C.F.
A chance to retain the old pithead gear at Hanley Deep pit as a monument to the Industrial revolution was today turned down by the City land reclamation committee.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 5th 1973 Page 1. F.
As decision time approached at NUM Power Group headquarters in Hanley, Mr. M. Carey, Assistant General Secretary, said so far there is no doubt that the majority of members are in favour of an overtime ban. Jack Lally, President of the NUM Midlands area, said it is already clear that members are overwhelmingly in supporting the N.E.C.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 13 1973 Page 7. F.
The City’s reconstruction committee has held up a final decision to the future of the controversial pithead gear in the Central Forest Park, Hanley.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th 1973 Page 1. F.
Headlines, North Staffs pits hit as miners ban bites deeply. Full story.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 20th 1973 Page 6 F.
A question mark still hangs over the future of the giant pithead gear in Hanley Central Forest Park. The NCB said Stoke-on-Trent have the equipment as a gift and as no other city in Britain has similar gear so close to its heart, it is regarded as a unique monument to its industrial heritage.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 20th 1973 Page 1. F.
Coal production in North Staffs yesterday compared with a normal Monday was down by an estimated 55% due to lack of maintenance over the weekend.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 21st 1973 Page 14. F.
At an inquest yesterday at which the jury returned a verdict of accidental death on a young trainee miner, Mr. A.V. Mcginness, an NCB official said that experiments were being made to find means of preventing such accidents again.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1973 Page 1. C.F.
North Staffs coal output has slumped by 25% as a result of the miners’ overtime ban, it was reported today by the NCB.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd 1973 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of bulldozers on Mossfield colliery tip, being removed to allow land-scaping by Stoke-on-Trent Corporation Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1973 Page 1. F.
One of the five members of the NUM Executive Committee who voted for a ballot of members on the Coal Board’s pay offer at 10 Downing St. yesterday, thus supporting the view of the president, Mr. Joe Gormley, but not of the majority, was as expected, Mr. Roy Ottey, North Staffs NUM Power Group secretary.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 2nd 1973 Page 1. C.F.
Pits in the Staffordshire area had a brisker Monday start up today, following the third weekend of the overtime ban. This was in contrast to last Monday, when 3 pits were at a standstill on the day shift.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 5th 1973 Page 1. F.
A dispute flared up at Victoria colliery, Biddulph, yesterday on pay deductions to 10 men and all together 65 men refused to work.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 8th 1973 Page 1. L.
Two North Staffs union officials, Mr. Roy Otty, Power Group, and Mr. Sid Fox, NUM called for a ballot on any pay dispute on the National pay claim.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1973 Page 1. F.
North Staffordshire miners stand solidly behind the NUM National Executive in their conduct of present wage negotiations. Page 24. All pits in North Staffordshire area got off to a reasonably good start as the miners overtime ban entered the fifth week today. At Holditch colliery the day sift was at a stand still and 120 men went home, due to the detaching hook being replaced.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1973 Page 1 F.
Mr. A. Pratt, the longest serving official member of the NUM in the country who is retiring as Secretary of the Midlands Area, was presented with a miners’ lamp by Mr. Ray Hunter. Page 11. Miners stand firm on the wage issue. North Staffs pits would support action.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 17th 1973 Page 1. C.F.
The miners overtime ban entered its 6th week today as the biggest loss of production so far.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 21st 1973 Page 7. L.
More than 200 miners and colliery officials attended a dinner at the Grand Hotel, Hanley, last night. The function was for miners from four North Staffs pits, Silverdale, Norton, Holditch and Chatterley Whitfield. Each of these pits has gained honours in the NCB safety campaigns and competitions.