Evening Sentinel Jan 8th 1976 Page 1. F.
Sir Derek Ezra, Chairman of the NCB, speaking at Florence colliery following an underground visit, disclosed a massive coal exploration programme in Britain adding to the proved reserves in the countyís energy store. (Photo page 24)

Evening Sentinel Jan 9th 1976 Page 13 F.
A rigorous recruitment drive in the coal industry involving North Staffs pits is planned by the NCB over the next decade, this was stated by Sir D. Ezra following his visit to Florence colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 30th 1976 Page 11. F.
North Staffs pits were to be congratulated for the pioneering work in cutting down the air-bourn dust hazard in mines, said Mr. W. Wilson, Chairman of Britainís Health and Safety Commission at Newcastle yesterday. (Photo page 22)

Evening Sentinel Feb. 4th 1976 Page 4. F.
The cost of capping disused mineshafts in the area where children play, could cost more than £130.000 Newcastle Borough Council were told last night.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 6th 1976 Page 13. F.
Miners at Holditch colliery have won a national prize for their efforts in improving safety at the pit. In a competition between 80 collieries throughout the country they were judged to have the most improved record of safety.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 13th 1976 Page 1. F.
Resentment at the narrow decision by the National Executive of the NUM to ban overtime in the pits, and fears that it could jeopardise the future of at least two North Staffs pits, Norton and Victoria, were mounting today.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 16th 1976 Page 16. C.F.
From Stoke-on-Trent Headquarters of the Power Group, went a telegram and a letter to the NUM London office, demanding a recall of the National Executive on the miners overtime ban.

Evening Sentinel Feb 18th 1976 Page 1. F.
The unpopular miners overtime ban could be officially called off in its first week, following mounting pressure from a number of areas. Mr. Joe Gormley, who was on a meet the lads visit at Chatterley Whitfield, said he will deal with it on his return to London.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 19th 1976 Page 1. F.
The minersí union called off the overtime ban immediately and an individual ballot on the issue is to be taken. Mr. Jack Lally, President of the Midlands area said, I feel this is a wise decision and reflects the feelings of the membership.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 20th 1976 Page 9. Crewe.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on C.L. Dyer age 21 after being crushed by a tub only two weeks after starting work in the new Peacock Drift at Apedale.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1976 Page 24. F.
Two fitters were injured today while carrying out maintenance work underground at Victoria colliery, Biddulph. Joe Heath age 33 and John Young age 19, both men have leg injuries.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1976 Page 13. F.
Victoriaís miners created a new overall face productivity of 375.6 cwt. Florence miners increased face productivity by more than 70 cwt this year, breaking the record 4 times.

Evening Sentinel March 31st 1976 Page 9. F.
Two North Staffs mining men, D. Broom age 37, assistant superintendent at Berry hill Rescue station and P. Moxon age 33, his part-time rescue colleague, who is fire officer at Chatterley Whitfield colliery have received a total of £1.000 from the invention awards panel for designing a personnel recovery stretcher.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1976 Page 13. F.
The ninety feet high Wedgewood monument, built more than 100 years ago in memory of a local pit owner, was reduced to a twenty feet stump during a fierce gale earlier this year, came under discussion at a Kidsgrove Town council meeting. They want the owners, the NCB to pay the £20.000 costs of repair. The NCB have offered £2.000. Page 13. For the second week running, Florence and Victoria collieries broke productivity records.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1976 Page 20. F.
Three North Staffs pits have set new productivity records. Silverdale produced 680.686 tons in the financial year, 9.000 above the previous year. Florence set a new overall record of 54.3 cwt compared with 52.9 cwt in 1970/71. Holditch output was 401.000 tons, the best since 1950.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1976 Page 12. F.
Florence colliery has increased coalface production by more than 7 tons so far this year and a new peak of 507.8 cwt per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel April 16th 1976 Page 16. Crewe
Convalescent facilities for miners had been a bone of contention in North Staffs for a number of years said Florence delegate, Jim Dowling at the Power Group NUM conference at Blackpool.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1976 Page 7. Crewe
A former manager in 1926 and joint General manager in 1932 of Chatterley Whitfield, Captain R.C. Wain has died at the age of 83.

Evening Sentinel April 27th 1976 Page 27. F.
The 612 miners at Victoria colliery have just smashed their forth face output per man-shift record in five weeks. Face teams have now at the 120-year-old pit, boosted productivity to a new peak of 444.4 cwt per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1976 Page 24 F.
Face output per man-shift productivity, yardstick of the coal industry at the 612 man Victoria colliery, Biddulph has been increased by more than 5 tons since the beginning of March.

Evening Sentinel May 15th 1976 Page 5. L.
Seven must be a lucky number for miners at Victoria colliery who have hit the productivity jackpot for the seventh time in eight and have topped a seven-year old individual face output record into the bargain. Florence colliery miners have produced 10,448 tons off Rowhurst 4s face for the same week beating the previous individual face record of 10.269 tons set in the coxhead seam in January.

Evening Sentinel May 20th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
North Staffs coalfield received a further massive boost today with the announcement of a £20 m. development scheme for Silverdale. (Full details)

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1976 Page 9 L.
For the eighth week out of nine Victoria colliery have set a new overall face productivity record by producing 7.041 at an output rate of 375.8 cwt established in March.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd 1976 Page 9 F.
Because of soaring costs, under use and similar facilities else where, the Russell Hotel, Blackpool, the welfare convalescent home for North Staffs miners since 1951 is to close in March.

Evening Sentinel June 21st 1976 Page 12 C.F.
The 620 men at Holditch colliery who, in the financial year just ended produced 401.000 tons of coal at a record productivity of 60.8 cwt per man-shift, won the NCB safety competition for medium sized collieries and won the national improvement title.

Evening Sentinel June 21st 1976 Page 7. Stafford
A five-man team from Silverdale won a Cup for the surface team test in the NCB Western area fire fighting competition in Lancashire.

Evening Sentinel June 24th 1976 Page 18. C.F.
Colliers at Britainís safest pit, Holditch, have broken 5 output and productivity records it was revealed today. (1). New output record of 15.125 tons. (2.) Record of 102.4 cwt per man-shift. (3.) Individual record 11.410 tons off face in the Hams seam. (4.) Created a new face output per man-shift of 725.4 cwt. (5.) boosted the individual face per man-shift by more than 10 tons.

Evening Sentinel July 3rd 1976 Page 1. L.
While a team of contractors were searching the area for old disused mine shafts, a hole 130 feet deep suddenly appeared at the rear of Great Chell cricket ground.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1976 Page 6. Crewe
Natural gas from the underground workings of Holditch collieryis being piped through a one-mile pipeline to D.H. Downing, brick and tile manufacturer at Chesterton. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Crowned with a minersí helmet, by last yearís Queen the 17-year old C. Hambleton was chosen as the Holditch Queen. She will now go forward to the Staffordshire Coal Queen final.

Evening Sentinel July 23rd 1976 Page 9. Crewe
Two min union officials have written to four local MPs alleging that missing medical records are hindering or preventing the treatment of examination of members.

Evening Sentinel July 28th 1976 Page 16. F.
Mr. John Hepplethwaite, age 80, a prominent North Staffs mining engineer, who led rescuers in a bid to find survivors in the Sneyd colliery explosion of January 1st 1942 has died in hospital.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1976 Page 1. Stafford
Norton colliery is expected to close next year when a new face is worked out at the century old pit.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 7th 1976 Page 7. Stafford
The discovery of two disused pit shafts at Chell, one 800 feet and the other 600 feet in depth were discovered, have cost £31.000 to treat.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 23rd 1976 Page 11 F.
Only one North Staffs colliery, Hem Heath, made it to the finals of the NCB Western area junior safety quiz, but were beaten by Agecroft colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 28th 1976 Page 1. F.
Carbon Monoxide tests are being taken every half hour by miners at a fierce underground fire at Hayling Wood, Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 1st 1976 Page 24 F.
An outbreak of fire in a disused mineshaft at Silverdale has been isolated, and it is hoped that the blaze near the workings of the privately owned Great Row Colliery Co. will be put out during the weekend.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1976 Page 11 C.
John Henshall, safety officer, received the BME yesterday. He has spent a life time in the coal mining industry apart from his war service, since starting work at Hanley Deep pit in 1933. He was appointed safety officer at Stafford colliery until it closed in 1968 and took up a similar job at Florence colliery. For 17 years he was a part time rescue man, and was secretary of the NACODS.

Evening Sentinel Oct 13th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Work on a coal preparation plant at Hem Heath colliery, part of a £20m. expansion scheme for Hem Heath and Florence has stopped because of a strike by construction workers.

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1976 Page 1. C.
NCB chairman, Sir D. Ezra comes to North Staffordshire on Tuesday to launch the £20m. New mine project at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Oct 19th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Sir D. Ezra today said productivity levels in the mining industry had fallen, but held out a bright hope for the future, because of performances of pits such as Silverdale., one of Europeís most successful collieries. (Full Story)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 4th 1976 Page 18. Crewe
Silverdale colliery whose first shafts were sunk more than a hundred years ago, a pile of money, the latest tunnelling, mining techniques, and a lot of hard graft are going into creating by 1983, a new mine on the site of the old one. (Full article)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 12th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
The Western area of the Coal Board is to be the subject of a productivity probe in the course of the next few weeks. However a number of pits in the North Staffs are ahead of target and could point the way to improvements elsewhere. Page 24 Five North Staffs mining students were among eleven congratulated today after completing a degree course at the North staffs Polytechnic.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th 1976 Page 9. Crewe
New mining techniques currently being studied by the NCB have already been tried in the North Staffs coalfield, at Chatterley Whitfield, Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
John Butcher, the prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate for Crewe made an underground visit to Florence. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Mr. A. Eadie, Under Secretary of State for Energy, during a tour of Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries, said some of the pits in the Western area have a productivity record to be envied by coal industries throughout Europe.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 2nd 1976 Page 22 C.F.
The General Manager of Wolstanton colliery, Mr. G. Irwin, led a party of Russian mining delegates to the pithead at the start of their visit to the colliery today. They are on a fact-finding mission.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1976 Page 7 Crewe
Coalminers from Mossfield colliery met yesterday to wind up a club, which has been founded by employees at the pit

Evening Sentinel Dec. 14th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
A link has been established between mining and activity at Hem Heath and the earth tremors, which have shaken wide areas of North Staffs. It was indicated there was a casual relationship between mine activity and the tremors.