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Evening Sentinel January 11th Final Page 18.
An old mine shaft opened up near a newly built houses at Whitehill. The eight foot deep shaft opened up near the old Birchenwood mining site on a footpath leading from housing estate, off Whitehill-road. Council workmen have been called in to fence it off the hole.

Evening Sentinel January 15th Late Page 5.
The inquest on a man whose death was apparently due to a mining accident thirty five years ago was opened and adjourned at Hartshill yesterday. The City Coroner was told that Mr. Harold Allen, aged 67, of 64, McDonald–crescent, Meir, had been involved in a mining accident in 1942, and since then his legs had been paralised. The City Coroner Mr. Fredrick Hales said “that Mr. Allen death was probably due to the mining accident” and adjourned the inquest for twenty eight day’s for reports.

Same page.
The energy secretary Mr. Tony Benn is to step in personally to speed up the Park Farm colliery development project at Goldenhill. The move follows a meeting with City M.P.s Mr. Bob Cant and Mr. John Forrester in the commons.

Evening Sentinel January 17th City Final Page 14.
It is not Park colliery Goldenhill, but a new colliery east of Stafford Park.

Evening Sentinel January 21st City Final Page 24.
For the first time ever, having a year where there were no fatalities in mining in the extensive Newcastle-under-Lyme based Mines and Quarries Inspectorate of the west midlands division and the north western district.

Final Page 24.
Evening Sentinel January 22nd Final Page 12.
An accidental verdict was recorded by the Stoke-on-Trent City Coroner on a seventy year old retired miner, Mr. Josiah Holdcroft, of flat 1, Galley-Bank, Kidsgrove. He died from Pneumonia, chronic Bronical emphysema and silicosis with other contributing factors.

Evening Sentinel January 26th City Final Page 16.
On the retirement issue, the midland area of the N.U.M. urged their men to reject the proposal and the power group urged their members to accept the proposal.

Evening Sentinel January 27th City Final Page 8.
Mr. Stanley Hopwood, aged 67, of 213, Crackley Bank, Chesterton, who as worked as a shot borer in drift mine in North Staffordshire, became exposed to nitrous fumes which was a factor in his death.

Same Page.
A sixty year old Goldenhill man “out of the frying pan into the fire when he left the mining industry after a accident and joined the pottery industry” the City Coroner said when he recorded a verdict of Industrial disease on Mr. Leonard Grimshaw Catling, of 876, High-street, Goldenhill.

Page 9.
Death due to industrial disease was recorded on two former miners at an Inquest, they were Mr. William Alfred Millington, aged 83, of 22, Pool Dam, Newcastle-under-Lyme, and Mr. Fredrick Capewell Rowley, aged 77, of 423, London-road, Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel January 27th City Final Page 1.
The parliamentary ombudsman Sir Idwel Pugh is to investigate the case of a Longton miner was refused treatment for two months at the N.S.R.I. The man had suffered the effects of spinal fracture for 20 years, and was refused treatment because his case notes had been mislaid. The Stoke-on-Trent South M.P. is to take up his case.

Evening Sentinel February 3rd Crewe Ed. Page 5.
Death due to industrial disease was recorded on former retired collier, Arron Boote of 7, St. Lukes-close, Silverdale.

Page 7. A natural causes, verdict was recorded on former miner Mr. Samuel Steele, of St. Michaels Home, Chell.

Page 16. There is an article of the Anniversary of Chatterley Whitfield mining disaster, which killed 21 men.

Evening Sentinel February 8th Crewe Ed. Page 5.
A talk was given on the mining industry of China, at a meeting of the North Staffordshire branch of the Institute of Mining Engineers at Stoke last night the speaker, was Mr. P.J. Griffiths, Deputy Director (mining) of the N.C.B. western area, who recently visited China.

Evening Sentinel February 8th City Final. Page14.
Stoke-on-Trent City Council is to open negotiations with the N.C.B. over 40 acre’s of land at the former colliery site at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel February 14th City Final. Page8.
A verdict of death due to industrial disease was recorded on retired miner Mr. James Mellor, aged 70, of Endon-road, Norton Green, who died at his home on Christmas day as a result of pneumonia and pneumoconiosis. Evening Sentinel February 18th City Final. Page1.
Visiting Silverdale colliery today Mr. Joe Gormley, president of the N.U.M. expressed concern at the latest coal price increase and alarm at the falling trend in production. There is a photograph of Mr. Gormley and the Silverdale manager Mr. Belcher.

T.V. viewers in Japan will soon see a documentary program about the N.U.M. which features the west midlands area. They filmed Silverdale colliery, the men in consultation and safety committee meetings with management. The team saw the work of the N.U.M. branch secretary, Mr. John Austin, and the N.U.M. Safety Officer, Mr. George Cairns. The team has visited numerous N.C.B. offices and Kemball training centre.

Evening Sentinel February 21st City Final Page1.
Photograph of Mrs. Gladys Jones of Norton, who is retiring as cook, at Norton colliery, who is being kissed goodbye by miners Mr. Jack Hurst and Mr. Tom Preece.

Evening Sentinel February 23rd City Final. Page1.
Photograph of the locomotive which has been bought from Wolstanton colliery by the North Staffordshire Railway Society, who paid £1,000 for it, it is to go to Cheddleton Railway Station.

Evening Sentinel February 26th Final. Page1.
Production at Florence colliery was at a standstill when miners launched an overtime ban.

Evening Sentinel February 28th City Final. Page18.
The N.U.M. leaders at Florence colliery called off their overtime ban, after talks with management. Mr. Cyril Cook N.U.M. branch Secretary, said “the union officials are quite satisfied with what they have to date”.

Final Page 9.
A team from Hem Heath failed to qualify on Saturday for the National final of the N.C.B. junior First Aid competition at the North Staffordshire Polytechnic at Stoke.

Evening Sentinel March 1st City Final. Page14.
The Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme Mr. Brian Westrup, who is by profession a Motel Owner put on a pit helmet and spent three hours at the coalface at Silverdale colliery, he headed a party of ten, which included Councillors and Council Officers. They were shown how coal is mined 600 yards below ground in the “retreat face” in the Winghay seam, which produces 12,000 tons of coal each week. There is a photograph in tomorrows Sentinel.

Final Page 7.
The western area of the N.C.B. which embraces North Staffordshire is to a pit when it comes to safety, it is heading the National table for safety charts. Silverdale colliery is the safest medium size pit, Holditch colliery is in 4th. In the big pit charts (over 1,000 men) Wolstanton colliery is 10th Hem Heath is 8th in the most improved pit.

Evening Sentinel March 11th Late Crewe Final. Page1.
The N.C.B. still want a super pit at Stafford, but there are more talks with Mr. Tony Benn, M.P.

Evening Sentinel March 21st Crewe Edition. Independent Review Page lV.
Photograph of a coal cutting machine at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 24th Crewe Edition Page 6.
‘Support for miners’ call for early retirement has come from the City coroner Mr. Fredrick Hales. “When one has a morning like today, you realise why miners want early retirement” said Mr. Hales, after conducting inquests on five former miners. In each case Mr. hales recorded a verdict of death due to industrial disease, on hearing all the men had suffered from pneumoconiosis. The five men were, Mr. Stanley Vernon, aged 60 of 5, Bursley Way, Bradwell. Mr. Jonah Lawton aged 76, of 14, Castle View-road, Kidsgrove. Mr. Alfred Turner aged 69, of 49, Cumberbatch-Avenue, Fegg Hayes. Mr. Alfred Fairbrother aged 75, of 17, Oldcroft-crescent, Kidsgrove. Mr. George Leigh aged 73, of 77, Thornley-road, Stanfields.

Evening Sentinel April 1st Final Page 13.
Mr. John Tams, managing director of Salter’s-Lane colliery Ltd, as put forward proposals to mine about 250,000 tons of coal near the village of Hulme, details of the project near the site of the proposed Park Hall country Park are to go before Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The Council as rejected the proposal three times.

Evening Sentinel April 4th Final Page 7.
Whether there is a social contract or not there as to be an increase in production in mining and other industries to defeat inflation. This was the view expressed at the annual conference of the Stoke-on-Trent based Power Group N.U.M. meeting at Blackpool.

Evening Sentinel April 5th Final Page 9.
The Sub committee of Newcastle-under-Lyme expressed concern over an opencast mine at Chesterton farm and urged the County Council not to allow further extension to their permitted time at Mitchell’s wood farm after September. The owners of the workings Mill Hollow, Construction Ltd said “that the unprecedented bad whether stopped the production for ten weeks, and have asked the County Council to extend planning permission, due to expire in six months time.” The committee also recommended approved of the plans for two mines one 100 foot and the other 400 foot deep by six foot, off the High-street, at Leycett. They were told that the proposed pit owned by Podmore Hall colliery Co. Ltd. would extract 3,000 cubic metres of coal per year for the next ten years from land forming a part of the upper farm, Finney Green.

Evening Sentinel April 6th City Final Page 18.
The Power Group of the N.U.M. should stand four-square behind the T.U.C. economic committee’s attempt to continue the social contract. This view was expressed by Mr. Roy Ottey general secretary of the Power Group.

Evening Sentinel April 7th Crewe Edition Page 8.
A call for the Nationalisation of the distribution industry, under the N.C.B. was made at the Power Group’s conference at Blackpool. The resolution came from the Brindley Ford branch.

City Final Page 24.
City M.P. Mr. Jack Ashley today launched a major campaign for fair compensation for the victims of dust disease (pneumoconiosis) Final Page 24.
A man who has worked all his life in the coal mines, died from heart disease with pneumoconiosis as a contributing cause said the City Coroner Mr. Fredrick Hales on an inquest on 76 year old Mr. Walter James Edwards, of 86, High-street, Harriseahead. The city Coroner recorded a verdict of death due to industrial disease.

Page 12.
City Coroner recorded a verdict of death due to industrial disease on Mr. Frank Richard Walton, aged 72, of Ludlow-street, Hanley. Death was due to Bronchopneumonia due to chronic bronchitis and emphysema with pneumoconiosis as a contributing cause.

Evening Sentinel April 13th Final Page 7.
Twenty four collieries in the Western Area of the N.C.B whose headquarters is based in Stoke-on-Trent, maintained their safety record by completing the 1976-77 financial year without a fatal accident.

Evening Sentinel April 14th Crewe Edition Page6.
Stoke-on-Trent City Coroner Mr. Fredrick Hales, recorded a verdict of death was due to industrial disease on 63 year old Mr. Thomas Sherratt of 66, Bond-street, Tunstall. Mr. Sherratt had worked has both as a potter and a miner, he had gradually deteriorated has he was disabled in 1973. Death was from cardiac failure due to pneumoconiosis with coronary atheroma as a contributing cause.

Evening Sentinel April 18th Final Page 7.
Two women canteen workers at Hem Heath colliery were seeking equal pay with their male colleagues at an independent tribunal at Shrewsbury as what is regarded as a test case.

Evening Sentinel April 19th City Final Page 1.
Scientists now seem to set the blame at the feet of the N.C.B. for the tremors at Trent Vale. This announcement by Mr. Dennis Howell said “the scientific opinions are beginning to harden towards the coalmining being the problem in the area”.

Stafford Edition Page 7.
The independent inquiry at Shrewsbury is continuing where Mrs. Edith Spruce, of Thackeray-Drive, Blurton, and Mrs. Pearl Sherwin, of Causley-road Bucknall, who work at Hem Heath colliery canteen, they are seeking equal pay with male colleagues.

Evening Sentinel April 20th City Final Page 1.
A top level inquiry into a middle aged miner at Wolstanton colliery died and another miner was also injured three miles underground, the dead miner who was later named as 36year old, Jan Dolezy of Queen’s-drive, Biddulph. Mr. Dolezy and his colleague Mr. Thomas Adams aged 32, of Greenfields-road, Brown-Edge. They were helping to drive a new tunnel at the collieries No.3 south in the Holy Lane seam. Mr. Adams is in the N.S.R.I. with head injuries. Both had been transferred from Chatterley Whitfield when it closed down.

Page 7.
Stoke-on-Trent City Coroner Mr. Fredrick Hales explained at the inquest how the death of a retired miner who was suffering from cancer was hastened by pneumoconiosis. Mr. Charles Morrison aged 69, of 15, Essex-drive, Kidsgrove, died at his home. The Coroner recorded that death was due to industrial disease.

Evening Sentinel April 22nd Final Page 12.
Photograph of Harold Brown with others, Mr. Brown is the author of the book “Most splendid of men” which is about Silverdale colliery and Silverdale people, he his returning where he worked for five years as a boy. Mr. Brown now lives in Poole in Dorset.

Evening Sentinel April 23rd Late Page 1.
An application to work by opencast mining methods at Whitehurst Farm, Dilhorne is being recommended for refusal. The application is due to go before Staffordshire Moorland District Council Planning Committee at their meeting next Thursday at Leek.

Evening Sentinel April 25th Crewe Edition Page 5.
Mr. Jack Lally, in is Presidential address speech to the midlands area N.U.M. annual conference at Blackpool. He declared, that unless they ceased playing politics with member’s wages and conduct of work, and do the job they were elected to do, there will be a mass uprising of the membership, he addressed this remarks to the so called militant leaders.

Page 14.
Mr. Jack Lally claimed at the present phase of the ‘social contract’ offset by increased outgoings as resulted in the “Irish man’s rise” for his members.

Evening Sentinel April 26th Crewe Edition Page 5.
By an overwhelming majority at the midlands area of the N.U.M. conference at Blackpool yesterday, they approved a composite resolution declaring opposition to any ‘social contract’ on any form of wage restraint that does not include a positive protection against inflation.

Evening Sentinel April 27th Crewe Edition Page 9.
Concern that so far no application had been made for the sinking the proposed the new Park colliery at Hopton near Stafford was expressed at the midlands area N.U.M. annual conference.

Evening Sentinel April 28th Final Page 11.
Grave concern was expressed at the midlands area N.U.M. annual conference at Blackpool yesterday, on the alleged health hazard of chemical compound used in new pumping packing systems, to prevent spontaneous combustion underground.

Evening Sentinel May 4th Final Page 7.
A Meir man Mr. Samuel Hawley, aged 62, of Redwood-Place Meir, retires tomorrow after forty six years working at Florence colliery. He will be presented with a drill and a digital clock by his colleague, Mr. D. Tomason on behalf of his fellow workmates in the afternoon.

Evening Sentinel May 5th Final Page 1.
Two years after co-operation between the Victoria Theatre and Hem Heath colliery which culminates tomorrow, when the first performance of a unique variety show featuring pit safety, will be given a Hem Heath Sports and Social club. The show “Jowl, Jowl and Listen Lads” will be performed by miners. There is a photograph of Mr. Ray (Tottie) Brown and five other members of the cast.

Page 6.
Death from industrial disease was recorded by Mr. Fredrick Hales the Stoke-on-Trent City Coroner, on a North Staffordshire collier Mr. Winston Proctor, aged 61, of 22, Milan-drive, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Mr. Proctor died of bronchitis, emphysema and pneumoconiosis.

Page 12.
There is an article on this page in the day by day with signalman, on the Hem Heath production of “Jowl, Jowl Listen Lads”.

Evening Sentinel May 9th City Final Page 9.
More incentive in the mining industry to boost pay and production a working party of union officials including two from the midlands area have come up with a proposal for a locally based pit scheme.

Evening Sentinel May 12th Final Page 16.
A former colliery worker collapsed and died while digging in his garden, the City Coroner was told. Mr. George William Bradshaw aged 72, of 189, Abbey-road Bucknall. Mr. Bradshaw died of heart disease, chronicle bronchitis, emphysema and pneumoconiosis, the Coroner recorded a verdict of death due to industrial disease.

Same Page. Death from industrial disease on Mr. Frank Richard Walton aged 72, of No1 Ludlow-street. Hanley. He had a history of Pneumoconiosis. He died of Bronical pneumonia due to chronic bronchitis, emphysema with pneumoconiosis a contributing factor.

Evening Sentinel May 14th Late Page 5.
Modern mining techniques pioneered in North Staffordshire coalfields may soon be introduced in Australian coalmines. Stoke-on-Trent based area director Mr. Ray Hunter, has just returned from a two week trip to down under. Where he advised the massive Electricity Union Commission in New South Wales on modern longwall retreat techniques

Evening Sentinel May 17th Late Page 9.
Hope of an early end to the Trent Vale tremors dispute received a setback today a senior expert investigating the cause of the quakes said “his final decision was impossible before October”.

Evening Sentinel May 18th Final Page 8.
A sixty year old bronze plaque has stood unnoticed on a wall of a disused colliery for more than a decade was unveiled for the second time at a special ceremony. It has been discovered at the Mossfield colliery, Longton, which closed in 1963. It was badly weathered and bearing the names of Staffordshire pitman who died in the Great War is back in mint condition, it was given a special place of honour at Berry hill and Hanley Royal British Legion club.

Evening Sentinel May 19th Final Page 17.
The dominant need of the coal industry is one of it’s economic efficiency in order to combat continuingly rising costs stressed, Mr. Ray Hunter area director of the Stoke-on-Trent based western area of the N.C.B. at Blackpool today he was giving the opening paper at the annual conference.

Evening Sentinel May 20th Final Page 17.
The bronze plaque which remained unnoticed at Mossfield colliery for more than a decade, was unveiled by Mr. Jim Worgan a western area official last night, at the royal British Legion at Bentilee.

Evening Sentinel May 21st Final Page 14.
Who pay what dispute has left bricklayer Mr. William Williams faced with the cost of running two homes he claimed today. Since he had to evacuate his own home at 40, Grosvenor-avenue Oakhill, six months ago following he alleges is earth tremor damage. He as been paying £16-50p a month mortgage and Council house rent and he has now been told to pay half the rates on his empty house. He has been trying to get compensation from the N.C.B. for the cost of the repairs estimated at £5,000.

Evening Sentinel May 27th Final Page 13.
Miners at Holditch colliery have smashed their own coal production record. The overall face output per manshift at the 650 man colliery has been boosted to 730 cwt. over 5 cwt. more than their previous record of last June. Output during the record week was 10, 122 tons.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd Final Page 24.
Conservative M.P. for Macclesfield Nicholas Winterton today appealed to the miners of the four counties to drop their mean and selfish attitude over the extension of the scheme to provide free coal to miners widows.

Evening Sentinel June 9th Final Page 9.
A North Staffordshire colliery recently smashed their annual coal output record has now been named as the safest pit in Britain. Silverdale colliery whose history dates back two hundred years has been named the safest medium sized colliery in the country.

Evening Sentinel. June 17th . Final. Page 24.
Because of the intervention of the local holiday fortnight, beginning a week this weekend North Staffordshire miners will be casting their pithead votes next Wednesday on the forthcoming ballot on the concessionary coal issue.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th . Final. Page 7.
Florence colliery picked up the first three awards in the N.C.B. Western area fire fighting competition. Miners from five coalfields took part at Kemball training centre on Saturday. There is a full list of winners.

Evening Sentinel. June 21st. Crewe Ed. Page 7.
Newcastle Borough Council sub committee said that the authority had no intention of purchasing the 450 houses from the N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. June 23rd Crewe Ed. Page 9.
Yesterday a party of 16 German mining engineers came to visit two North Staffordshire collieries, to see British mining techniques. The collieries they are to visit are Hem Heath and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel. July 2nd Final. Page 1.
Stoke-on-Trent M.P is to arrange a meeting between the local authority and the N.C.B. in a bid to defuse a row over dust, dirt and noise. The company is a coal distribution plant is in Kendrick-street, Longton, should move to the disused Norton colliery site.

Evening Sentinel. July 5th Crewe Ed. Page 1.
Miners have put in a pay claim for £135-00 per week.

Evening Sentinel. July 6th Crewe Ed. Page 12.
N.C.B. mining methods will have to change throughout the country once the link between tremors and colliery activity are proved it was disclosed today. A working party is probing the link between the mini-quakes in the South of Stoke-on-Trent and colliery activity.

Same Page.
Jack Ashley today blamed a misunderstanding over a row of his attempts to move a Longton coal plant. It was a Longton resident who proposed the moving to Norton colliery not Mr. Ashley or the N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. July 8th Final. Page 11.
Objections have been received to a controversial plan to site a new coal mine employing 12 men at Hulme, on the edge of Parkhall Country Park.

Evening Sentinel. July 11th City Final. Page 14.
Investigations today were being made into a fire at Chatterley Whitfield colliery which wooden supports were set ablaze. Children were thought to be responsible for the fire

Evening Sentinel. July 12th Final. Page 14.
A wildlife haven as been established only a few hundred yards from North Staffordshire biggest colliery Hem Heath, it was announced today.

Evening Sentinel. July 13th City Final. Page 18.
There is speculation that some coalfields may go it alone on the question of locally based productivity or incentive schemes.

Same Page.
The future of Stafford’s badly needed multi-million pound District General Hospital hangs in the balance amid reports that it could be hit by mining subsidence.

Evening Sentinel. July 14th Crewe Ed. Page 1.
Miners today rejected the N.C.B. offer of free coal deal.

Evening Sentinel. July 15th City Final. Page 13.
Residents of Trent Vale are making a plea to Tony Benn, to get coal working beneath the Trent Vale area to cease as the area is being rocked by earth tremors.

Evening Sentinel. July 16th Late. Page 12.
A coalmine boss today warned that twelve men could loose their jobs if planning permission for a new drift mine at Hulme, nr Werrington was refused.

Evening Sentinel. July 19th City Final. Page 1.
A big sigh of relief were emanating from Trent Vale today when it was learned that coalmining in the area would cease in three weeks time.

Evening Sentinel. July 19th Stafford Ed. Stop Press. Page 1.
West Midlands Health Authority today agreed to mount a major publicity campaign to persuade the N.C.B. to modify their mining plans in the Stafford area which could delay the construction of the purpose built £5 million hospital.

Evening Sentinel. July 21st Final. Page 12.
N.C.B. Chairman Sir Derek Ezra warned today that unless coal production increased that there would be a house coal shortage this winter.

Same Page.
Overall Staffordshire pits made a profit it slashed last year’s previous loss of £12.1 million to £4.6 million.

Page 7.
The N.C.B. officials will be asked to forfeit two million tons of coal, to enable the £15 million hospital at Stafford to go ahead.

Page 24.
Stoke-on-Trent based power group renewed a call foe a incentive bonus scheme to aid pay at the pits.

Evening Sentinel. July 22nd Final. Page 13.
A public meeting is to be held at Kidsgrove Town Hall to outline financial advice and assurances to families in N.C.B. houses in the town.

Evening Sentinel. July 23rd Final. Page 1.
Residence in the Trent Vale and Handford area were awoken in their sleep for a second time in a week by a heavy earth tremor. It is only days since My Ray Hunter of the N.C.B. said that the ten Foot seem at Hem Heath, would close in three weeks.

Page 4.
Stoke-on-Trent based Western area of the N.C.B. have topped the N.C.B. safety league.

Evening Sentinel. July 26th Final. Page 12.
A third application for a drift mine at Hulme, Weston Coyney was turned down at a meeting of the strategic planning sub committee of Staffordshire County Council yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. July 27th Final. Page 9.
Safety curtains had not been installed at Wolstanton colliery when a middle aged miner was killed, an inquest jury heard at Kidsgrove yesterday. Polish born John Dolezy died instantly, after he was struck on the head by a piece of coal. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Mr. Dolezy aged 56, of 37 Queens-Drive Biddulph, had been transferred from Chatterley Whitfield colliery earlier this year.

Evening Sentinel. July 29th Final. Page 13.
The N.C.B. is to reconsider a number of proposals for mining in the Staffordshire area following the representations by the R. H. authority.

Evening Sentinel. August 1st City Final. Page 5.
Pit rescue hero Mr. Harry Wilson, already the proud owner of the George Cross has received the Queen’s Silver Jubilee medal. Mr Wilson, 74, was awarded the Edward VII medal more than fifty years ago by King George V for his bravery in rescuing a trapped miner in the old Harriseahead colliery which was flooded in 1924. When the Edward VII medals were called in Mr. Wilson was presented with the George Cross in 1968.

Evening Sentinel. August 2nd City Final. Page 12.
The N.C.B. told the West Midlands Regional Health Authority last August, precautions against subsidence should be taken in the design of the new hospital at Stafford.
Evening Sentinel. August 8th Final. Page 14.
Production at Hem Heath colliery was at a standstill today as talks continued into the type of disciplinary action to be taken an official involved in a row with an electrician. Nearly 900 underground workers were sent home. As a result the pit will lose about 4,000 tons of coal production. The N.U.M. President at Hem Heath, Mr. James McMillain refused to comment on the dispute.

Evening Sentinel. August 9th Final. Page 1.
Talks between N.C.B. local top management and N.U.M officials were continuing this afternoon in a bid to call of a strike at Hem Heath colliery. Midlands Area President of the N.U.M. Mr. Jack Lally visited Hem Heath colliery in a bid to try to solve the dispute.

Evening Sentinel. August 10th Final. Page 7.
Industrial peace returned to Hem Heath colliery today when leaders of the N.C.B. and the N.U.M. agreed to hold an inquiry into the underground assault Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel. August 11th Crewe Final. Page 7.
The N.C.B. are continuing with their preparation for submitting a planning application for the New Park Mine project at Hopton near Stafford.

Evening Sentinel. August 11th Final. Stop Press.
Stafford Mining Decision. The N.C.B. is to reduce the area of the proposed coal mining site at the new General Hospital. Evening Sentinel. August 12th Crewe Final. Page 10.
The N.C.B. yesterday agreed to modify plans for the proposed coal mine east of Stafford, so work could start on schedule on the first £15 million phase of Stafford’s new £30 million General Hospital.

Final Page 24.
Work on the new coal preparation plant at Hem Heath was disrupted today when about 40 men of the sub-contractors at the site went on strike.

Stafford Edition Page 13.
Leaflets publicising a meeting for tenants of N.C.B. homes at Kidsgrove caused a row between Independent and Labour town councillors.

Evening Sentinel. August 17th Crewe Final. Page 7.
Photograph of seven former managers of Norton colliery, of an historic unique reunion, they are the present manager George Ward, Ernest Steele, Ray Thorneycroft, John Blaiklock, Gordon Gillette, Stan Hacking and John Bacharach.

Evening Sentinel. August 24th Final. Page 1.
Silverdale colliery is the safest pit in Britain, and they have a trophy to prove it. There is a photograph of Mr. Jack Evans, N.C.B. western area chief mining engineer handing the trophy to Mr. Arthur Hill, the colliery’s deputy manager.

Evening Sentinel. August 26th Final. Page 13.
Tenants of N.C.B. houses at Kidsgrove attended a public meeting in the town hall last night, held to give them financial advice.

Evening Sentinel. August 26th Late Final. Page 14.
A team of miners swapped overalls for stage costumes last night in a bid to clinch a check for £100 first prize in a regional drama contest but the eight strong, cast from Hem Heath just failed to win the top prize in the western area regional final.

Evening Sentinel. September 7th City Final. Page 1.
The N.C.B. officials have accepted a report which blames the mining activity for more than 1,000 tremors in the Trent Vale area.

Evening Sentinel. September 21st Crewe Edition. Page 11.
Miners at Holditch colliery have chalked up another award to keep them on top of the safety league, the pits reputation for being safe and tidy as been boosted by part-time rescue team who won the rescue competition in Lancashire.

Evening Sentinel. October 6th Crewe Edition. Page 13.
An Industrial Disease verdict was recorded on former miner Mr. John Mason aged 79, of 14, Wilding – road, Ball Green, who died from internal haemorrhage due to a perforation of a gastric ulcer with tuberculosis and pneumoconiosis as a contributing factor.

Evening Sentinel. October 8th Final. Page 4.
Today the N.C.B. refuted claims made at Newcastle-under-Lyme council meeting that up to 70% of N.C.B. drivers were not adhering to instruction when dumping colliery waste at Downing’s marl hole.

Evening Sentinel. October 15th Late. Page 4.
A special meeting of the N.U.M. midlands area executive committee met at Stafford yesterday to discuss the proposed National incentive scheme, the scheme as already been recommended for acceptance by the National executive committee.

Evening Sentinel. October 21st City Final. Page 1.
Thousands of North Staffordshire miners were last night urged to accept a production offer from the N.C.B. which could put an extra £23 a week in their pay packets.

Page 13.
A 34 year old Burslem mineworker said in London yesterday that he decided to leave the coal industry after he was burnt in an explosion, but, Mr. Peter Lythgoe of Bowdon-street told an, appeals insurance commissioners, that poor wages outside the coal industry forced him to reconsider that decision. He was appealing against barring him from receiving, special hardship allowance. There is more on this on this page and the result of the outcome is in the Evening Sentinel on 2nd November City Final Page 20.

Evening Sentinel. October 22nd Football Final. Page 4.
Wolstanton colliery miners at a mass meeting today unanimously rejected the N.C.B. incentive pay offer.

Evening Sentinel. October 25th City Final. Page 1.
National acceptance of the self-financing pit level incentive scheme which will give miners more pay for more coal could mean a welcome lump sum in pay packets for Staffordshire miners in time for Christmas. It was recommended for acceptance by the N.U.M. National Executive, the midlands area Executive and the Power Group N.U.M.

Evening Sentinel. November 1st Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Britain’s miners rejected the N.C.B. proposed incentive production scheme, it was rejected by 110,634 to 87,901votes. It was described by a N.C.B. spokesman “as very disappointing”.

City Final Page 1.
“Rejection of the incentive scheme will almost effect coal stocks and leave us in deep trouble” say’s Ray Hunter, director of the midlands N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. November 2nd City Final. Page 1.
In a dramatic statement to the Evening Sentinel today, Mr. Jack Lally president of the midlands area of the N.U.M. said “that if that was what it was the men wanted he was prepared to go to the pit heads and negotiate such deals”.

Page 20.
Mr. Peter Lythgoe, a Burslem miner won his fight for special hardship allowance over a 22 month period up to December 27th. See October 21st City Final Page 13.

Evening Sentinel. November 3rd Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Men at Wolstanton colliery through their branch officials today expressed strong resentment at the apparent official support being given at the midlands N.U.M. Head Quarters to the introduction of localised incentive scheme, and the disregarding of the national ballot decision.

Evening Sentinel. November 8th Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Photograph of Europe’s biggest mining family, the Welsh family, John and his eight sons who work at Silverdale colliery.

Page 7.
There is a need for Mining Engineers of a high calibre, which was stressed at the North Staffordshire Branch of the Institute of Mining Engineers at Stoke yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. November 10th Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Miners may vote again. The midlands area N.U.M. has sent overnight by hand, a three point resolution following a special three hour area Executive meeting.

Final. Page 13.
Miners at Holditch colliery have set up a new European record for underground tunnelling. The men at the 65 year old colliery archived the after driving a seven feet high “face line” tunnel 237 yards in one week, which is 2 feet longer than the previous record.

Page 24. Stop Press.
Miners executive, regret N.C.B. letter in refusing to brake pay rule.

Evening Sentinel. November 11th Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Photograph of miners at Holditch colliery, who are the European tunnelling champions.

Page 24.
Midland miners are planning their next move in their call for the introduction of a local payment incentive scheme.

Evening Sentinel. November 11th Late Crewe Final. Page 5.
“Staffordshire would be backing a winner with the creation of a national mining museum at Chatterley Whitfield colliery” these comments were made by Mr. John Brown, director of the Heart of England tourist board, at their annual conference at the Wedgwood College, Barlaston.

Evening Sentinel. November 17th Late Crewe Final. Page 5.
In his annual report, the senior district inspector of mines and Quarries, Mr. E.J. Raines paid tribute to the N.C.B. engineers, management, officials and the workforce in that no one had been killed in the area during 1976.

Evening Sentinel. December 8th Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Britain’s miner’s leaders today backed the government and T.U.C. and voted 14-10 to accept the 12 month rule which includes area incentive scheme.

Page 6.
Chesterton families have decided to fight a plan for opencast mining in the area of Waterhays, in Red Street, they have tabled four main objections.

Evening Sentinel. December 9th Late Crewe Final. Page. 1
North Staffordshire pits and others in the midlands area of the N.U.M. will be among the first to introduce production schemes following yesterdays go ahead by the union’s national executive.

Final. Page 13.?
The N.C.B. cannot say when they able to put forward planning application for the proposed Park coalmine east of Stafford. There is a more detailed article on page 13 of the Stafford edition.

Evening Sentinel. December 10th Late. Page. 5.
Mr. Ray Hunter chairman of the Stoke-on-Trent based western area of the N.C.B. said he was hoping for a 10-15% increase in coal production.

Evening Sentinel. December 14th Late Crewe Final. Page. 9
A board of trustees are to be established to administer the proposed mining museum at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel. December 23rd Final. Page. 7
The N.C.B. are extremely concerned over the amount of coal picking in the region, they said through their solicitor the situation was very hazardous and the N.C.B. are worried over the safety, and sixteen people are to be in court over coal picking at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.