Evening Sentinel Jan 3rd 1978 Page 9. Crewe
A Cabinet meeting in 1947 revealed that the Clem Atlee Government were getting exasperated with falling output and staged a get tough confrontation with the miners. In August the 17th 10 Downing St. minutes read: It was the Cabinetís conclusion that a firmer line must now be taken with minerís representatives.Ē (More on this)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 10th 1978 Page 9 F.
J.W. Hall received fatal injuries while working underground at Wolstanton colliery last night. He received head injuries whole installing powered supports on 104s Banbury face.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1978 Page 12 Crewe
A postage stamp of Hem Heath colliery headgear is to represent coal, in a 4 stamp new issue which spotlights Britainís energy resources.

Evening Sentinel Jan 17th 1978 Page 5 Crewe.
The 60-year-old Holditch colliery, Chesterton, has won a major commendation in the business and industry awards for the environment in 1977, for its surface improvement scheme.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 23rd 1978 Page 14 Stafford.
Photo of Victoria colliery, first aid team who took part in the Western area seniorís minerís competition at the North Staffs Polytechnic on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Jan 23rd 1978 Page 7. F.
Florence colliery first aid team were 3rd at the Minerís competition at the North Staffs Polytechnic. They were the most successful of North Staffs teams.

Evening Sentinel Feb 21st 1978 Page 18 C.F
Two colliery canteen women today won the latest round of their battle for equal pay and free coal. Mrs Pearl Sherwin and Mrs Edith Spruce.

Evening Sentinel Feb 21st 1978 Page 1. F.
Hem Heath colliery reached a face productivity record of 421 cwt. the previous record was 410 cwt set in January last year. Total production 22.500 tons.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1978 Page 13. F.
Earth tremors could threaten parts of Newcastle if plans to extend coal mining goes ahead it was claimed last night. < p> Evening Sentinel March 3rd 1978 Page 11 Crewe
The inquest jury returned a verdict of accidental death on J.W. Hall age 51 who died in hospital of brain lacerations due to a fractured skull in an accident at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1978 Page 24 C.F.
Production was hit at Victoria colliery when men stopped work because of a manning dispute. The dispute could affect the entire workforce 600.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1978 Page 24. Crewe.
Work at Victoria colliery was back to normal today after a dispute.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1978 Page 13. F.
Hem Heath colliery, for the second time in a month smashed the productivity record with an overall face output per man of 440.7 cwt. the previous was 421. cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 13th 1978 Page 7. F.
Ten acres of outdoor sports facilities at Northwood have been closed, following the discovery of 11 old mine shafts under the site, it was announced today.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1978 Page 16 C.F.
A complete investigation of the Northwood centre playing fields will have to be carried out, because officials cannot be sure if 11 mine shafts were capped when the land was reclaimed. The sports centre was built on the site of the former Northwood colliery, which closed in 1916.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1978 Page 1 Crewe
Dissatisfaction with the NCBs incentive scheme at Wolstanton colliery came to a head today resulting in a strike by 700 day shift miners.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1978 Page 13. F.
The 1.798 men at Hem Heath colliery had an output of 26.332 tons last week. The highest for 10 years.

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1978 Page 24. Stafford
A 220 name petition was handed in last night in protest at the plan to open a foot rail coal mine at Harriseahead.

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1978 Page 1.Crewe
Photo of the town Mayor of Biddulph, Mr. F. Hancock helping his wife to clean up when they returned to the surface at Victoria colliery after a trip underground.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1978 Page 1 F.
Coal production was at a stand still today at Victoria colliery Biddulph after a walk out by the day shift. They are in dispute with the management over a new productivity scheme.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1978 Page 14 F.
Talks between the union and management brought the pitmenís strike at Victoria colliery to an end.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1978 Page 1 C.F.
A full-scale inquiry was launched this morning following a coal fall, which killed a man at Hem Heath colliery last night; he was Mr. M. Cotton age 23.

Evening Sentinel April 22nd 1978 Page 4 L.
Photo of the President, Mr. F. Knowles, of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors on an underground visit at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 25th 1978 Page 7 Crewe.
A strong call for the implementation of permanent and adequate security at the pits to safe guard memberís property was made at the Midlands annual NUM conference yesterday.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1978 Page 24 C.F.
On top of the £50m currently being invested in the North staffs coal field, a further major output boosting project costing almost £5m was officially announced today at Holdtich colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 16th 1978 Page 9 F.
Councillors last night gave the thumbs down to a plan to set up a drift mine in the green belt at Harriseahead.

Evening Sentinel May 17th 1978 Page 11 Stafford.
Coal miner, G. Humphries, became the town mayor of Biddulph last night. He has been secretary of Victoria colliery of the NUM for the past 11 years.

Evening Sentinel June 5th 1978 Page 16 F.
A strike by 500 miners at Holditch colliery brought the pit to a stand still today. The strike is centred on the controversial incentive scheme.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1978 Page 1 C.F.
Striking miners at Holditch colliery were holding a mass meeting this afternoon whether or not to end the two-day stoppage.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1978 Page 13 F.
Production ground to a halt at Florence colliery today when the entire day shift walked out over bonus payments. The dispute came just 24 hours after miners at Holditch miners returned to work after a similar dispute.

Evening Sentinel June 16th 1978 Page 24 C.F.
Plans for opencast coal mining operations on the Stoke-on-Trent boundary should be opposed heart and sole, a councillor at Kidsgrove declared last night.

Evening Sentinel June 17th 1978 Page 14 Crewe
A former pit pony named Jim, a 30-year-old skewbald in working harness for the first time since his retirement from Chatterley Whitfield colliery, 20 years ago proved to be an attraction for the many horse lovers in an estimated 3.000 crowd at Bridgemere sports fair.

Evening Sentinel July 13th 1978 Page 24 C.F.
An enquiry was being carried out today into the death of Mr. T. Okonski age 53. He was struck yesterday while working on an underground conveyor at Wolstanton and suffered chest injuries. He was rushed to hospital and died later that day.

Evening Sentinel July 25th 1978 Page 9 F.
Despite a loss situation in the western area, the North Staffs pits overall made a profit of more that £1m.

Evening Sentinel Aug 8th 1978 Page 5 Crewe
North Staffs coroner Mr. F. Hails, said at an inquest yesterday on Mr. A. Brough age 71, ďIím afraid this is a familiar picture of people who pay the penalty of woking in the pit. Mr. Brough died of industrial disease.

Evening Sentinel Aug 17th 1978 Page 1 Crewe
Photo of Holditch colliery Coal Queen, mother of three, June Jackson of Boon St Audley, with the pit helmet crown. Also a photo of Australian mining official Mr. Jack woods on a visit to the North staffs coal field.

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd 1978 Page 17 Crewe
A link with Barnum and Baileyís circus is one of the memories of life at Chatterley Whitfield colliery for Mr. F. Vodrey in the first of three features at the pit. The collier takes a look at the First World War and his problems of travelling to work.

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd 1978 Page 1 F.
Safety checks were being carried out on a North Staffs housing estate after old mine workings collapsed, at the Woodshutts estate, Kidsgrove.

Evening Sentinel Aug 25th 1978 Page 1 C.F.
More than 250 children have been given an extra weeks holiday at their Jackfield First School, Burslem. The school was fenced off following the shock discovery of an old mine-shaft under the premises.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 15th 1978 Page 24 C.F.
A 70-year old mine shaft at Chatterley Whitfield colliery is to be reopened and used to dump 90,000 gallons of liquid pottery slip every day.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1978 Page 13 Stafford
Staffordshire Co. council have refused planning permission for the erection of surface buildings for an underground coal mine at Callow Hill near Dilhorne, Cheadle.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1978 Page 9 Crewe
A request from the trustees of Chatterley Whitfield mining museum to the Staffordshire County Council for an interest free loan of £20,000 will be considered on Friday.

Evening Sentinel Sep 22nd 1978 Page 9 Crewe
Councillors at Kidsgrove voiced opposition to a proposed coalmine at Acres Nook, last night.

Evening Sentinel Sep 23rd 1978 Page 5 Late
Photo of the last cage removed from the Hesketh shaft at Chatterley Whitfield lie in front of the pithead gear after being removed from the shaft.

Evening Sentinel Oct 4th 1978 Page 1 Crewe
Photo of pit spoil heap, overshadowing houses on Chell Heath estate. There is to be a £1m reclamation scheme.

Evening Sentinel Oct 18th 1978 Page 11 F.
Mr Jack Evans, Chief Engineer of the Western area, described Silverdale colliery, the safest pit in Britain as a credit to the coal industry, also the most profitable.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1978 Page 16 L.
Of the 180 drivers employed by the NCB at their Berryhill base, 149 were awarded with diplomas, bars or medals associated with driving.

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1978 Page 11 Stafford.
Fifty metres of firing cable and an exploder unit with key, together worth £55 have been stolen from Peacock Hey colliery, Talke.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd 1978 Crewe
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnstone of Bignall End, who are celebrating their golden wedding. Mr. Johnstone was a miner for 46 years.

Evening Sentinel Dec 6th 1978 Page 1 C.F.
A unique project to convert Chatterley Whitfield colliery into Britainís first underground museum, has a new director, Mr. J. Bryant age 26. He succeeds the late Geoffrey wood as director of the museum.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 21st 1978 Page 1 C.F.
A 37 year-old miner, D. Philpotts is seriously ill in hospital with injuries received in an accident at Hem heath colliery. He was working on the coalface when a roof fall occurred. He has a fractured skull and other injuries.

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1978 Page 1 C.F.
Mr. David Philpotts the 37 year-old miner who was involved in a pit accident at Hem Heath colliery has died in the NSRI. He leaves a wife and tow young sons.