Evening Sentinel Feb 12th 1979 Page 7 F.
Photo of members of Florence colliery junior first aid team, who took part in the Western area competition.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1979 Page 1 Crewe.
A shortage of coal has been caused in North Staffs by geological faults at Wolstanton colliery. An NCB official said the difficulty had been made worse because of peak demand season.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1979 Page 10 Crewe
Chatterley Whitfield museum, scheduled to take their first visitors in May are looking for as many as 60 retired miners to act as part time guides.

Evening Sentinel March 22nd 1979 Page 13 F.
Minerís wives in North Staffs will soon be relieved of cleaning their husbands work clothes. Next year the NCB plan to foot the bill for the countryís 255,000 mineworkers.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1979 Page 15 Crewe
Staffordshire still has millions of tonnes of good quality coal reserves, although mining has been going on for seven centuries.

Evening Sentinel March 29th 1979 Page 15 Crewe
The once thriving Norton colliery closed on June 23rd 1977 and when the final pithead workings are removed, there will be nothing left on the surface as a reminder of the great days. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel March 29th 1979 Page 1 Stafford.
Europeís first underground mining museum at Chatterley Whitfield is due to open in about a month. Full story in weekly sentinel.

Evening Sentinel March 30th 1979 Page 1 Crewe
The men from Hem Heath colliery wound their millionth tonne of coal on the last normal production day of the financial year. This is only matched by 19 of the Boards 230 pits.

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1979 Page 11 F.
Miners at Wolstsnton colliery has the least number of accidents in the county for the three months ending December last year. A plague marking the achievement was presented to Mr. G. Irwin, General Manager.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1979 Page 16 Crewe
Miners at Florence colliery set a brand new record from a single face and smashed a previous best. They produced 11.178 tonnes in a week, which was 240 tonnes more than in 1976.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1979 Page 18 C.F.
Union leaders were meeting management officials for discussions after trouble flared up at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 15th 1979 Page 11 Crewe
Article on Cowlishaw Walker centenary. They claim they can handle anything for the mining industry; there is a list of equipment.

Evening Sentinel May25th 1979 Page 1 Crewe.
Minerís picture half-a-mile underground at the historical link-up at Florence and Hem Heath collieries. (Story on Page 7.)

Evening Sentinel May 25th 1979 Page 7 C.F.
Chatterley Whitfield was Britainís first million tonne coal mine. It also boasts on of Europeís biggest spoil heaps. The colliery will be turned into a mining museum. (Full article)

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1979 Page 1 F.
Britainís deepest mining museum opened to the public for the first time today. Parties from the Isle of Wight and Wolverhampton were among the first tourists to Chatterley Whitfield museum. Page 6 Article on ancient and modern, the link up of Florence and Hem Heath and Chatterley Whitfield museum.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
At an inquest today on D. Philpott age 37 who was killed by a rock fall at Hem Heath colliery, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
The last coal-bunker at Norton colliery is blasted to the ground. Story plus pictures. Page 11 Mr. D. Hodgkinson has been appointed National chairman of the junior section of the Institute of Engineers. He has worked at Silverdale, Holdich, Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1979 Page 18 C.F.
There was a call last night from a Parish council in North Staffordshire, that residents whose homes have been hit by mining subsidence should be guaranteed fair compensation.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1979 Page 18 F.
Barry Dale, an NUM official was today seriously ill after a road accident. He was the safety engineer; prior to that he was safety engineer at Wolstanton. Colliery.

Evening Sentinel 13th 1979 Page 22 Crewe
A plan to establish a new coalmine at Gallow Hill, Dilhorne, was subject to a daylong public inquiry in the town yesterday. (Report)

Evening Sentinel June 21st 1979 Page 12 Crewe.
One month after opening Chatterley Whitfield mining museum is being tipped as a potential museum of the year winner. Reaction from the first 3,000 visitors has been impressive.

Evening Sentinel July 2nd 1979 Page 7. F.
A group of Morris dancers toured the City in their annual day of dance a later travelled to entertain visitors at the Chatterley Whitfield mining museum.

Evening Sentinel July 5th 1979 Page 1. Crewe.
More than 1,000 visitors every week, many from overseas are visiting the Chatterley Whitfield mining museum. But costs are running at £103,000 a year and about 2,000 visitors per week are needed to break even. The full story is in this weekís Weekly Sentinel.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1979 Page 9 Crewe.
Mr. k. Dunn, who worked all his life in the North Staffs coal field has retired. He joined the industry at Victoria colliery as a mineworker. Later went to Wolstanton as safety and training officer then to Chatterley Whitfield and Great Fenton colliers as assistant under-manager.

Evening Sentinel July 13th 1979 Page 9 Crewe
City councillors yesterday turned down a plan to sink a private colliery near Bentilee. It was the third attempt by the Salters Lane colliery Co.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1979 Page 6 Crewe
More than 5,500 visitors have past through the turnstiles of Britainís unique Chatterley Whitfield mining museum since it opened earlier this year. (Full article plus photo)

Evening Sentinel July 18th 1979 Page 9 Crewe.
The giant 70-year- old winding engine at the Chatterley Whitfield mining museum is being cleaned by volunteers from the National Conservation Corps based at Birmingham. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug 2nd Page 1 Crewe
There was deficit in the Western area of £24.8 m. It was brought about by bad weather and a winter rail and road strike. There has been major geological problems in several pits including Holditch, Wolstanton and Hem heath.

Evening Sentinel Aug 9th 1979 Page 11 Crewe.
The funeral of Mr. J. Beardmore, age 74 takes place on Monday. He was awarded the BEM a decade ago for his services to the coal industry. He retired as colliery engineer at Silverdale colliery, where he worked all his life from the age of 14.

Evening Sentinel Aug 14th 1979 Page 14 C.F.
Mr. L. Bolderson, a Wolstanton colliery worker has won the colliery competition called safetymind. He received a cheque for £25 and now goes to the Staffordshire area final in September.

Evening Sentinel Aug 30th 1979 Page 7. Crewe.
Coal output in the western area was up by 100,000 tonnes, but several North Staffs pits were being plagued by geological faults. Wolstantonís new face is now yielding good results and some improvement at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug 31st 1979 Page 7 Crewe.
The NCB are seeking planning permission for opencast coal mining in the Knypersley area. No objections have been received from the Planning committee, but some restrictions have been laid down.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 5th 1979 Page 7 Crewe.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. H. Dixson who are celebrating their diamond wedding. Mr. Dixson worked at Silverdale colliery for 52 years.

Evening Sentinel Sep 8th 1979 Page 4 F.F.
Hem Heath colliery deputy M. Corruthers, is the winner of the NCBís Staffordshire safety mined competition, he won a cash prize of £50 and goes through to the final to be held at Trentham Gardens in September.

Evening Sentinel Sep 22nd 1979 Page 16 F.
Hem heath deputy M. Corruthers was pipped at the post last night in his bid to win the western area safety mind competition. It was not until the last question of the evening with two seconds left on the clock, he was pushed into second place.

Evening Sentinel Sep 24th 1979 page 11 Crewe.
Miners at the 1,500 man Florence colliery have set a new record for individual coal face output. The Yard Ragman seam produced 11,853 tonnes for the record week. Output from the collieryís 4 faces totalled 20,789 tonnes.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1979 Page 9 F.
A £70,000 scheme to landscape Stafford colliery has been given the thumbs up by the City Land Reclamation Committee.

Evening Sentinel Oct 5th 1979 Page 24 C.F.
The development of Chatterley Whitfield mining museum is going ahead with confidence. Museum director, J. Bryant said we are planning for the future. There has been 20,000 visitors since it opened.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1979 Page 1 C.F.
Mrs. Eliza Hermitage age 101 realised her lifelong ambition to go down a coal mine today. She comes from Kent and was shown round the mine by Mr. D. Alexander the manager of Chatterley Whitfield mining museum. Photo, Elisa is seen holding a Davy lamp while underground. Page 13 The interest free five-year loan to Chatterley Whitfield mining museum of £67,000 should be increased by £8,000, members of the City policy committee agreed today.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1979 Page 12 Crewe
Members of the Kidsgrove Townswomen guild visited Silverdale colliery and were shown around by Safety Officer Bob Wood. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Oct 26th 1979 Page 10 Crewe.
Colliery manager Mr. M. Owens formerly under-manager at Chatterley Whitfield colliery has been installed as the new President of the Manchester Geological and Mining Society, who have more than 300 members in the North West.

Evening Sentinel Oct 26th 1979 Page 13 F.
Opencast mining was the best solution to problems on the controversial Birchenwood site at Kidsgrove, a public meeting heard last night. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Oct 27th 1979 Page 1 L.
Modern technology has helped miners at Hem Heath colliery smash their record for coal output. 28,245 tonnes was the best for 29 years, from two faces.

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
Chatterley Whitfield mining museum attracted 350 visitors one day and a record 408 the next day to the 700 feet below ground Holly Lane seam.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1979 Page 13 F.
Safety lamps to mark their service to the mining industry were presented to seven men at Hem Heath colliery last night. They had given 28 years to 45 years service.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 5th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hulse celebrated their diamond wedding. They have four children, seven grand children and four grate grand children. Mr. Hulse worked at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov 15th 1979 Page 24 Crewe
An urgent plea to miners not to strike this winter was voiced by Roy Ottey, of North Staffs based Power Group.

Evening Sentinel Nov 15th 1979 Page 1 C.F.
Production has cut by half at Wolstanton colliery due to spontaneous combustion. A 1,000 tonnes a day will be lost.

Evening Sentinel Nov 17th 1979 Page 9 L.
Photo of a pithead and coal barge, a familiar scene in North Staffordshire, but where is it?

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd 1979 Page 7 Crewe
Moves to end the miners pay row were being considered today following a peace formula drawn up by the North Staffs Power Group.

Evening Sentinel Nov 23rd 1979 Page 1 C.F.
The Midlands area NUM leaders, at a critical meeting at Stafford today, backed industrial action by the pits.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 26th 1979 Page 10 Crewe.
The North Staffs coalfield is one of Europeís richest, with 20 workable seams. A life like replica in glass fibre was on the stage at Victoria Hall in a lecture.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 27th 1979 Page 1 Crewe
A major split in support for industrial action at the pits was highlighted in North Staffs today. There was mixed reaction from the ariaís 6,000 miners.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1979 Page 1 Stafford
Mining machinery worth more than £3m could be lost, following the sealing off of a section of the pit at Wolstanton colliery due to spontaneous combustion.

Evening Sentinel Nov 29th 1979 Page 1 Crewe
A full sized replica of a giant coal-cutting machine was made by NCB Engineers, which was erected on the stage at the Victoria Hall yesterday. It was for the Faraday lecture by the Institute of Mining Engineers.

Evening Sentinel Nov 30th 1979 Page 24 Crewe
Photo of Florence colliery miners today, for the pay vote.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 1979 Page 1 Crewe
Miners accept 20% pay offer by 51.25% nationally. Jack Lally. Midlandís area President said he hoped the ballot would lead to a speedy settlement, plus a better deal for the miners.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th 1979 Page 13. Crewe.
Hem Heath colliery pitmen produced a record weekly output for the third time in two months. The new output record is 92 tonnes higher than the previous, set in Oct.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1979 Page 4. L.
Eleven mine rescue men from North Staffs received long service certificates at the NCB rescue station Berryhill yesterday. They also received miniature pit lamps.