Evening Sentinel Jan 4th 1988 Page 5 C.
North Staffs worst pit disaster may be commemorated with a new memorial. Villagers at Halmerend want to build a combined plaque and seating area in memory of the 156 men and boys killed in the 1918Minnie pit disaster.

Evening Sentinel Jan 6th 1988 Page 9 C.
Mr. Jon Walsh, Yorkshire pitman challenging Arthur Scargill for the leadership of the NUM has been invited to speak at Florence colliery on Sunday.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 7th 1988 Page 3. C.
Councillors at Newcastle have earmarked £750 towards the cost of building a specially designed plaque and seating area at Halmerend for a memorial of the 1918 Minnie pit disaster.

Evening Sentinel Jan 11th 1988 Page 3. C.
An angry onslaught was launch on NUM boss Arthur Scargill by John Walsh. He condemned Scargill’s 6-year regime as an unmitigated disaster. Mr. Walsh is the only rival in the NUM election against Arthur Scargill.

Evening Sentinel Jan 21st 1988 Page 1. C.
An 8-man coalface team at Florence colliery staged a walkout in a row over bonus payments. British Coal spokesman said official talks would not take place because the action was unofficial.

Evening Sentinel Jan 22nd 1988 Page 1. C.
Around 6.000 Staffordshire miners were to vote today in a National pit head ballot to decide whether Arthur Scargill will continue his reign of power as leader of the NUM.

Evening Sentinel Jan 22nd 1988 Page 13 C.
Despite the three month partial overtime ban, Hem Heath colliery have proved they are top of the league, by digging out one million tonnes of coal in little more than nine months.

Evening Sentinel Jan 25th 1988 Page 1. C.
Miners’ leader Arthur Scargill narrowly retained his top post in the NUM, despite an overwhelming vote by Staffordshire miners in favour of challenger, John Walsh.

Evening Sentinel Jan 26th 1988 Page 11. C.
Trevor Holloway was the toast of Florence colliery today after 6 years at the Open University. He will soon be swapping his pit clothes for gowns and mortarboard to receive his degree.

Evening Sentinel Jan 27th 1988 Page 9. C.
Miners in North Staffs could soon be asked whether to end the partial overtime ban or escalate it said Joe Wills, North Staffs area agent. British Coal warned that escalation would threaten 20 pits.

Evening Sentinel Jan 30th 1988 Page 1. C.
A 24-hour strike planned by 400 deputies will cost thousands of tonnes of coal production and be a disaster for North Staffs. At Silverdale 100 men were sent home because, deputies, who carry out safety checks, had not reported for work.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1 1988 Page 1. C.
A 24-hour strike by 400 deputies over a pay claim left North Staffs 4 major collieries at a stand still today. Miners from Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Silverdale were sent home with loss of a days’ pay.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 2nd 1988 Page 1. C.
More than a thousand miners in North Staffs were sent home without pay, for the second time in 2 days as a result of a strike by pit deputies. There was a loss of £1.4 million in lost production. (Same page) Mr H. Clow died instantly when he was struck by a coal tub yesterday at the Bank Top drift mine.

Evening Sentinel Feb.3rd 1988 page 3. City.
A bitter row has been sparked off between miners and Coal Board policy of sending men home without pay when pit were hit by industrial action. The miners claim the non-payment policy is an attempt to drive a wedge between the NUM and NACODS.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 3rd 1988 Page 1. Moorlands.
British Coal sparked off a new row today after they revealed they were scrapping a closed shop agreement with pit deputies, and would train members of the breakaway union the UDM. North Staffs NUM leader warned his members would not work along side UDM men who took over deputies Jobs. NACODS received a letter from British Coal, warning that unless their industrial action ended, they could be made to pay for any damage to the industry.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 9th 1988 Page 1. Cheshire.
C. McClaren, Hem Heath, a sacked miner during the year-long strike, at a court of appeal in London before 3 judges, upheld a decision that he should have a fresh hearing before an industrial tribunal

Evening Sentinel Feb. 12th 1988. Page 3. Newcastle.
Joe Wills, North Staffs NUM leader said the union is now preparing to take legal action against British Coal to recover lost earnings due to the deputy’s strike.

Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1988 Page 11. Co.
Photo of G. Tuck, Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent being presented with a mining plate at Florence colliery retired miners association, when he attended their annual dinner.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 20th 1988. Page 1. Co.
North Staffs deputies were split over their overtime ban. Florence and Holditch, supported the ban, Hem Heath, and Silverdale did not. The dispute began 4 weeks ago with a weekend overtime ban; British Coal reacted by imposing continental duty rosters, at many pits. NACODS hit back with banning overtime at weekends.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 27th 1988 Page 3. Newcastle.
Silverdale colliery have smashed their way through the million tonnes barrier for the second year running, 3 weeks ahead of last year’s performance.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 29th 1988 Page 1. Co.
North Staffs collieries returned to full production today for the first time since the pit deputies began industrial action more than 4 weeks ago. The case is now at the industries arbitration board.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1988 Page 15. Co.
A row has erupted over plans to erect a statue outside Staffordshire House, Fenton, dedicated to James Anderton, a leading inventor.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1988 Page 1. City.
Officials at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum have helped Jimmy Savile “fix it” for a 12-year old Cardiff girl to visit the museum.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1988 Page 3 Newcastle
NACODS pit deputies, has lost the latest round of its pay dispute. The tribunal has ruled British coal’s 4.28% pay offer, fair.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1988 Page 3 City
The miners have decided to end their 6-month partial overtime ban, which has cost the industry £20 million in lost production and are considering new ways of opposing the controversial disciplinary code imposed on members by British Coal.

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1988 Page 11. Co.
Miners at Florence were given a pat on the back after achieving record coal output for the second year running, one million tonnes in eleven months.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1988 Page 1. Co.
North Staffs miners’ leader, Joe Wills, condemned British coal’s decision to impose a 4.28% pay rise on NUM members. British coal has refused to backdate the rise although members of the UDM have been paid the new rates since November.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1988 Page 7. Co.
Sacked Hem Heath miner, C. McLaren accused British Coal of carrying out a personal vendetta against him after a three-year battle to get his job back. An appeal court upheld his case, but British Coal said they did not intend to re-employ him.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1988 Page 9 Co.
For two successive years men have mined half a million tonnes of coal, which is a record at Holditch, and now they are aiming to achieve the same standard in 1988-89.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1988 Page 11 Moorlands
NUM official, Joe Wills, said the areas collieries produced coal in record amounts throughout the overtime ban by the NUM and NACODS, and blamed British coal of cooking the books to suit themselves.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1988 Page 1. Co.
A massive opencast mining scheme, which critics say will create a living hell on earth for hundreds of families, was today given the go ahead by the government on the former site of Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1988 Page 3 C.
A high court appeal may be launched against the opencast mining scheme at former Victoria colliery site, 24 hours after the government gave the go ahead.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1988 Page 1. Co.
Miners’ today branded a report calling for women to be allowed to work down the pits, as a step backwards for womankind. John Connon, Hem Heath branch president, said we are not being sexist but women should be glad they don’t have to work down the mines.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1988 Page 30 Special
Industrial review. British Coal sinks £50 million into pits, including Hem Heath, Silverdale, Holdtich and Florence.

Evening sentinel April 21st 1988 Page 1 Co.
Joe Wills NUM warned that British Coal’s shock decision to axe white-collard workers jobs, in a major shake up would pave the way for privatisation of the industry. Same page, Sacked miner from Hem Heath, C. McLaren, during the year long strike, has won substantial compensation from British Coal. Mr. McLaren said, “my name has been cleared, in my mind, this means that the Board were wrong to have sacked me”.

Evening Sentinel April 23rd 1988 Page 1 Co.
A full investigation was underway to day after S. Watson age 28 was killed at Hem Heath by a girder, which dislodged from the roof of a 12- foot high roadway near the coalface.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1988 Page 6. Co.
Councillors have given up hope of halting a giant opencast mining project on 368 acres of land on the former Victoria colliery site.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1988 Page 4. Co.
It was a trip into the past for youngsters, when they visited the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum annual heritage carnival.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1988 Page 15. Co.
Nearly 400 mourners packed the Emanual Hall, Knypersley, for the funeral of Steward Watson, who was killed at Hem Heath colliey. Some watched from the adjoining room by video, others stood outside.

Evening Sentinel May 14th 1988 Page 1. Co.
Sacked Hem Heath miner, father of 4, Garry Dillett has been campaigning for almost 4 years for re-instatement. He is now taking his case to the House of Lords.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1988 Page 3. Co.
Two weeks ago pitmen at Florence raised production to an all time high of 5.17 tonnes per man shift. They have now reached a record of 5.28 tonne per man shift.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1988 Page 3 Moorlands
Two disused mineshafts were discovered on land used by Halmerend Workingman’s Club that caused concern. British Coal fenced the area off until the shafts were dealt with.

Evening Sentinel May 23rd 1988 Page 8. Co.
Bone china plaques commemorating Staffordshire’s worst mining disaster, the Minnie pit 1918, will soon be available.

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1988 Page 1. C.
Movie moguls are switching from the oil of Dallas to the coal of Chatterley Whitfield, for their latest film blockbuster. They plan to tell the story of a pitman who made it from the mines of North Staffs to the razzmatazz of Hollywood.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1988 Page 3. Co.
From January 1st the area’s 4 collieries Hem Heath, Silverdale, Florence and Holditch will become part of the new group, which will include pits in Lancashire and North Wales. Mr. Middleton age 54, the current boss of the Kent coalfield will be group manager for the newly created area.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1988 Page 9. Co.
A 5 strong team from Silverdale won an award for their skills at first aid at a contest organised by British Coal for pits in the Western area.

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1988 Page 3. C.
The NUM in North Staffs is steadily gaining the members it lost to the UDM during the miners strike. This was revealed by Joe Wills following the union’s first Midlands area conference since the year-long strike in 1984-5. Same page. Florence and Hem Heath collieries will have a £5 million investment package to transform the two pits into a 2.5 million tonnes a year complex.

Evening Sentinel June 15th 1988 Page 3. Co.
North Staffs NUM leader Jim Colgan, at the annual conference has slammed a controversial plan, which could lead to the scrapping of fixed annual holidays for miners’.

Evening Sentinel June 25th 1988 Page 7. Co.
Bill and May Douglas of Rookery near Kidsgrove celebrated their golden wedding. Bill was a miner and potter for 50 years.

Evening Sentinel June 27th 1988 Page 5. Co.
Mr. And Mrs. Tom Caddy of Brown Lees celebrated their golden wedding. Tom was in the mining industry at Victoria and Chatterley Whitfield collieries for 34 tears.

Evening Sentinel July 5th 1988 Page 3. Newcastle.
Mining jobs in North Staffs could be put at risk, if plans to build a multi million pound cargo terminal on Humberside, claims Newcastle MP Llin Golding.

Evening Sentinel July 6th 1988 Page 5. Co.
Coal Board chiefs are planning to mount a major safety campaign in a bid to cut pithead accidents in Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1988 Page 5. Co. Latest Coal Board figures show two North Staffs collieries among the countries top 20 league of safety high flyers, Hem Heath and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel July 15th 1988 Page 8. Co.
A row flared today after Coal bosses blamed a £37 million loss by pits in the West Midlands, including North Staffs. Num leader hit back at the accusation and denied their members were responsible. British Coal said, had it not been for the overtime ban over the disciplinary code, and NACODS pay dispute, the area would have broken even.

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1988 Page 11. Moorlands.
Planning chiefs have urged swift action to clean up the derelict Norton colliery site; it’s been a terrible eyesore for many years.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 4th 1988 Page 1. Co.
Employees at a transport depot fear their jobs could be in jeopardy because of plans to sell off the fleet to private haulage firms. British Coal confirmed this. Jim Dowling, NUM Power Group claimed management had refused to discuss details.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 5th 1988 Page 1. C.
British Coal revealed today that work is to start on a massive £30 m investment to make Silverdale colliery one of the most productive in the West Midlands area.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 13th 1988 Page 3. Co.
The Coal Board is facing a multi million pound compensation pay-out to North Staffs pitmen suffering from hearing defects caused at work it was revealed today.

Evening Sentinel Aug 24th 1988 Page 8. Co.
A safety barrier at a drift mine failed to stop a runaway coal tub, crashing into Mr. H. Crow a jury heard today. The accident happened in February at the Bank Top mine near Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 23rd 1988 Page 9 Co.
Mr. Jim Colgan NUM leader slammed a new agreement, which could lead to the introduction of a flexible six-day coal production at new pits. He said this would be opposed.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 1st 1988 Page 3. Newcastle
Families have post their fight to stop British coal reclaiming a former spoil heap near the site of the Minnie pit, the scene of North Staffs worst pit disaster in 1918.

Evening Sentinel Sep 13th 1988 Page 3 Newcastle
Proposals to extend a private mine on the outskirts of Newcastle have been branded as totally unacceptable by councillors. The owners of the Little Sheriff pit at Silverdale said it would involve extracting up to a million tonnes coal over the next 30 years.

Evening Sentinel Sep 13th 1988 Page 3 Newcastle
Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum has picked up the Sandford and Educational award, the Oscar of the tourist industry. 40.000 plus, school children visit the museum each year.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1988 Page 1 Co.
More than 70 pitmen had to be evacuated from the pit bottom of No. 2 shaft Hem Heath after a blaze broke out at the top of the shaft. Miners’ used their personal rescue gear to help them breath.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 1st 1988 Page 7 Co.
The Mayor of Newcastle, Mr. H. Broad, who has spent his working life as a miner, was in his element when he took part in a civic visit to Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd 1988 Page 1 Newcastle
Miners’ Silverdale have been praised after smashing existing production records. For the first time the pitmen have pushed output beyond 8 tonnes per man in a single shift. Also produced 33.000 tonnes, almost 800 tonnes above the highest previous amount.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 11th 1988 Page 3 Co.
A special safety squad has sent accidents tumbling at Florence colliery. It has maintained a 100% accident free record since the start of a new surface safety push. Page 5. British Coal is installing machinery worth 2.5 million pounds, which will almost double the output of prepared coal from Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 17th 1988 Page 3 Co.
General Secretary of the NUM, Peter Heathfield, spoke out against government plans to privatise the coal industry, during a visit to Newcastle. He was speaking at Halmerend during the unveiling of a new memorial to the Minnie pit explosion. Photo with J. Hubbert age 85, one of the survivors.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 19th 1988 Page 9 Co.
Families fighting against an opencast mining scheme near their homes, look set to win their battle at Cheadle.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th 1988 Page 1 Newcastle
Paul Taylor age 25 was crushed when a tub, in an underground accident at Acres Nook mine, Kidsgrove, trapped him. Doctor at NSRI said his condition was satisfactory.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1988 Page 5 Co.
A team of miners from Hem Heath colliery propose to rum 300 miles in approximately 3 days. There is a photo of the group.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1988 Page 11 C.
An overtime ban could hit Staffordshire pits because of a row over who should negotiate the annual pay rise. The NUM face having the UDM negotiated pay settlement imposed on their 30.000 members. Bob Anderson, Hem Heath NUM secretary said the union was set to take industrial action as the most likely option.

Evening Sentinel 25th Oct. 1988 Page 11 Co.
A plan to double output from a private pit and create 25 new jobs has been given approval. It gives Apedale Hall colliery Co. a twenty-year extension to mining in Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 31st Oct. 1988 Page 9. Co.
Coal chief’s spokesman today admitted the closure of British Coal’s regional headquarters in North Staffordshire would lead to considerable job losses.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1988 Page 11. Co.
A group of marathon miners plan to raise thousands of pounds for needy youngsters, by running 300 miles in 36 hours. They will run the roads between all 11 collieries in British coal’s Western area, starting from Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 8th 1988 Page 3 C.
Ancient maps have revealed mine shafts beneath Tunstal Town Hall and Market. The voids would be less than 30 feet from the surface, and may be the cause of subsidence.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 10th 1988 Page 1. Co.
The family of Steward Watson, miner at Hem Heath who was crushed in an accident, may sue for compensation. A spokesman for British Coal said a number of officials had been disciplined.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 15th 1988 Page 3 Newcastle
Joe Wills North Staffs miner’s leader said that no pit was safe in the wake of a warning from British Coal of a new round of cost cutting in the industry.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 16th 1988 Page 1 C.
Mr. E.W. Tennant age 23 was crushed to death between 2 coal trucks at Hem Heath colliery, an inquest heard today.

Evening Sentinel Nov.19th 1988 Page 5 Co.
Hem Heath miners’ have raised 5.000 pounds for children in need after their 300 mile relay race.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1988 Page 3. Co.
NUM president, Arthur Scargill is coming to Stoke-on-Trent and will be speaking at Hem Heath colliery on the overtime ban in response to British Coal’s negotiations with the UDM on wages. He claims the NUM represent 80% of the work force and will no longer be threatened with contempt.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 29th 1988 Page 3. Co.
Jim Colgan NUM claimed British Coal are preparing to axe 20.000 jobs and warned of possible redundancies in North Staffs. He said this was the prelude to a new round of job cuts in the industry over the next 18 months.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 1st 1988 Page 1. Moorlands
Pit craftsmen at Hem Heath colliery were voting on whether to start an overtime ban over a row on the bonus scheme, which is less than 35p per week.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 2nd 1988 Page 1. Newcastle.
Pit craftsmen at Hem Heath have voted for an overtime ban in a ballot 114 out of 163 who took part were in favour of industrial action. A British Coal spokesman said, talks with the union were continuing, it was a local dispute and management were hopeful that it would be resolved before the threatened overtime ban began.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1988 Page 1. Co.
A massive opencast coalmine extending over three and a half miles in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent is under consideration by British Coal early in the new-year.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 12th 1988 Page 3. Co.
Miner’s leader Arthur Scargill, speaking at Hem Heath colliery warned that a vote against the national overtime ban would give British Coal the green light to plan more pit closures. He said they wanted to shrink the industry to 50 collieries and 50.000 men, from the current 94 mines and about 100.000 work force.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 13th 1988 Page 5. Co.
Jack Ashley MP. Claimed a plan to create a huge open cast mine near a housing estate would be an environmental disaster and would fight the proposals with other objectors.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 13th 1988 Page 3. Newcastle.
Attitudes hardened among North Staffs miners in favour of industrial action today following a threat from British Coal. Management gave the NUM an ultimatum that any pay increase will not be back-dated if any overtime ban goes ahead.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 19th 1988 Page 3. Co.
British Coal today hailed the miners’ overtime ban ballot, which rejects industrial action, as a victory for common sense. Miners’ rejected the industrial action by 29.386 votes to 28.650.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1988 Page 9. Co.
Mark Fisher MP is to meet British Coal chiefs in an effort to head off plans for a massive opencast mine in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1988 Page 3. 1988 Newcastle.
Midland area miners including North Staffs voted by a majority of 214 not to take industrial action on a national overtime ban.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 22nd 1988 Page 7. Co.
Jack Evans, the coal boss who had the job of closing Staffordshire pits in a cost cutting exercise following the bitter year long strike, in 1984/85 has retired.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 30th 1988 Page 1 C.
Angry councillors have launched a campaign to stave off plans for a massive opencast mine. They are seeking all residence to sign a petition, which they will use to oppose British Coal’s application for permission on the Berryhill site.