Evening Sentinel January 19th 1990 Cheshire. page 8.
Full Page. “Coal chiefs reveal the face of things to come” A article on opencast at Berry Hill including a map.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 19th Cheshire Page 47.
An Ombudsman may be appointed by the government to deal with subsidence claims against B.C. which includes Newstead.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 19th County. Page 3.
A private meeting to outline proposals for the heart of the City was dramatically halted for several minuets last night families opposed to the opencast at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 22nd Newcastle Page 23
The value of houses in the proposed opencast area in the centre of the City will rise significantly in the coming years said Mr John Guyan.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 22nd City. Page 3.
Chatterly Whitfield mining museum as launched a new group to help the race against time to restore a Victorian loco for its 100th birthday. (photo)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 23rd Moorlands Page3.
Berry Hill opencast a “guinea pig plan” said M.P. Mark Fisher.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th Newcastle Page. 3.
There’s a mixed reaction over plans to build a mini-power station next to Hem Heath Colliery M.P.s and E.M.P.s were impressed by the idea but, anxious to ensure there Would be no danger to the environment.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 26th Cheshire Page 7.
British pits are on the back of boom, said Sir Robert Haslam, but this has angered N.S. miners leader Joe Wills, who claimed the boom would come about because the loss of 140,000 mining jobs, like Holditch colliery which as closed down.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 27th Cheshire Page 9.
B.C. opencast operation in Staffordshire have been fiercely attacked by councillors Who wanted the county could become a “Black Hole” Mike Tappin said the coal chiefs were not to be trusted.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 30th City Page 19.
Leisure schemes for the opencast site, ski-slopes, motor-cross areas, fishing pools and a visitor centre could be included in a multi-thousand pound plan for Apedale opencast area.

Evening Sentinel. February 6th 1990 Cheshire Page5.
Three Hem Heath miners appeared on T.V. The program “Busmen’s Holliday”, they Were, Malcolm Carruthers, Stephen Wood and Glenn Lilley.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th Moorlands Page 43.
Plan for the privatisation of B.C. could wipe out N.S. pits with the loss of 3,000 jobs a report claimed today.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 14th City Page18.
Families fighting B.C. plans for opencast in the heart of the City are to launch a high profile campaign to defeat the proposals.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 22nd County Page 24.
Cheap imports from abroad are plaguing private mines in N.S. into a financial crisis. This problem has been high-lighted by N.U.M. Reg. Sec. Joe Wills.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 27th Moorlands Page 3.
A junior Environmental Minister has turned down a plan from M.P. Mark Fisher to visit the proposed opencast site in the centre of the City.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1990. Page 18.
Stars of the Regent Theatre stage show “Evita” put on miners clothes to visit Chatterly Whitfield mining museum. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Mar. 6th County Page 3
Angry families have told B.C. they will fight plans to turn a huge opencast site near their houses into a tip for colliery waste. B.C. have applied for permission to put waste from Silverdale colliery into two voids of 80 acres of High Lane opencast site at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 8th Moorlands Page3
Jim Dowling leader of the Hanley based Power Group demanded a probe into claims of misuse of union funds.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 14th Newcastle Page16
More than a hundred families have joined the fight against the controversial plans for an opencast mine in the centre of the City. The meeting was at Queens School, Fenton, it was one of series organised by Berry hill action group.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 16th Newcastle Page45
Planning officials in Staffordshire have dismissed claims that Silverdale colliery could close, and the future of silverdale colliery is safe.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 17th County Page3
B.C. today dismissed claims that the change to conventional coal industries bill would hit plans to opencast at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 23rd Cheshire Page 20
(photo) Opencast protests have inspired a new musical.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 24th Cheshire Page17
A N.S. councillor and former Silverdale colliery miner George Cairnes has demanded a statement from the Energy Minister Cecil Parkinson, on the future of Silverdale Colliery.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 27th Moorlands Page 29
Public money should be invested to buy the redundant site of the former N.S. colliery and create hundreds of jobs for the area. The proposal was made after a detail planning brief for the future developers of the 110 acre site of Holditch colliery was submitted to Newcastle Borough Council.

Evening Sentinel Mar. 31st County Page 1
Photograph of Jack Holdcroft as he finely hung up his mining boots after 11years of service at Chatterly Whitfield mining museum.

4th April 1990 Cheshire Page 9
A new housing scheme is to be named after a coal seam that runs beneath it, Burnwood court, Burnwood was a seam of coal at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 9th County Page 25.
Up to £1 million a year will be injected into Stoke-on-Trent economy through the creation of a huge opencast mine in the centre of the City, say B.C.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 11th Cheshire Page 13.
A new working exhibition which will bring to life the modern face of mining industry is set to go on show at Chatterley Whitfield mining museum. The Lea Horse minor heading machine has been installed with an aid of £37,000 donation from the M.E.B.

Evening Sentinel Same Page.
Families fighting the planned opencast site at Berry Hill as attract B.C. claimed that the City would be £1 million better off.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 11th County Page 31.
Three Londoners are to take a trip down a N.S. mine as part of an attempt to travel around Britain, to use 216 forms of transport in just 16 day’s, they plan to travel on a railway at Chatterley Whitfield colliery mining museum. They also plan to use horses while in N.S. as they were an intricate part in mining in N.S.

Evening Sentinel As from now Hem Heath and Florence collieries are to be known as Trentham colliery Super Pit.
Apr. 13th Special edition Page 1.
Production was severely disrupted today by a lightning strike at N.S. Super pit, Trentham colliery over pay, an estimated 300 miners took part in industrial action over a £20 a week cut.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 14th Cheshire Page 9.
B.C. are poised to act to halt the flood of cheap coal imports which have been blamed for the loss of 1,000’s of jobs in N.S. and the rest of the U.K.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 16th Special Page 3.
Liberal Democrats in S-o-T claim that B.C. plans to opencast in the heart of the City Is linked to the controversial plan for a mini-power station project, and the plans are not honest.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 18th Cheshire Page 3.
Peace talks are to be held at the dispute-hit Trentham colliery in a bid to end the row over pay.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 19th Moorlands Page 20
Union leaders and Management held talks today aimed at ending the row over pay.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 20th County Page 3
Miners at Trentham colliery are to hold a mass meeting to discuss B.C. offer in a row over pay.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 20th Moorlands Page 49.
County Councillors in Staffordshire are to visit an opencast coal mine at Cheadle which as not worked for more than a year. Planning permission for the 21 acre Brookhouse site was granted in 1987, but the operating company has gone into receivership leaving an eyesore in the area.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 23rd City Page 23.
Coal chiefs today were preparing to hold new talks with the pitmen over a row over bonuses at Trentham Super pit.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 24th City Page 24.
Union Officials today were holding talks with Management to try to resolve a pay strike which resulted in a lightning strife.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 25th Newcastle Page 16
Pupils of Berry Hill School are opposed to the opencast mine at Berry Hill (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Apr. 26th Cheshire Page 7.
Fears for the failure of N.S. collieries were mounting today following that 40,000 pit jobs and 40 mines throughout the country face the axe.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 26th County Page 3.
Miners go back at Trentham Super pit.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 26th Newcastle Page 1.
A former N.S. miner today celebrated his 45 birthday with an out of court settlement of £100,000, father of two John Morrey of Blurton Rd, Blurton lost all his fingers in an accident at Hem Heath colliery three years ago.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 28th Moorlands Page 1.
Miners at Trentham Super pit, today were considering a new offer from Management in a row over bonuses, it follows tow days of talks between Union and Management

May1st County Page1.
B.C. as revealed plans for an opencast mine on a 326 acre plot in N.S. almost 6years after the proposals were abandoned. The Board is considering the Great Oak site near Bignall End. It intends to extract 750,000 tons over the next 6 years.

Evening Sentinel May. 2nd City Page 35.
Residents near the proposed site at Bignall End are going to fight B.C. over permission to get planning approval for the opencast site nearby.

Evening Sentinel May. 4th County Page 1.
60 miners stormed out of Silverdale colliery today after a row over bonus payments boiled over, it’s expected to escalate with another 130 miners joining the dispute later today.

Evening Sentinel May. 4th City Final Page 1.
A lighting strike at Silverdale colliery ended at lunch time today after Management admitted they had made an error in calculating bonuses.

Evening Sentinel May. 10th Cheshire Page 12.
Photograph of the eyesore left by the opencast site at Brookhouse colliery Cheadle.

Evening Sentinel May. 21st City Page 14.
Parish councillors are refusing to hold a public debate on a controversial plan for an opencast plan until B.C. submits firm proposals for the scheme. Families at Bignall End and Audley are furious at B.C. has revised plans for an opencast mine.

Evening Sentinel May. 22nd Newcastle Page 1.
More than 6,000 jobs are likely to be axed over the next 3 years Sir Robert Haslam Said today. A, B.C. spokesman said he could not rule out redundancies in N.S.

Evening Sentinel May. 23rd Cheshire Page 8.
“Blackie” the retired pony from Chatterley Whitfield mining museum will take part in the Lord Mayor’s parade next weekend.

Evening Sentinel May. 23rd Cheshire Page 11.
A major? Hangs over the jobs of every pitman in N.S. Sir Robert Haslam is expected to announce more than 6,000 job redundancies, 2,700 at Trentham and Silverdale are expecting the axe to fall on them. (Photo of Silverdale colliery)

Evening Sentinel May. 23rd County Page 3.
A miner’s leader today dismissed threats of strike action over a new wave of redundancies as “pie in the sky” N.U.M. Power leader Jim Dowling said it would be virtually impossible to persuade pit men to defend jobs by industrial action.

Evening Sentinel May. 25th County Page 1.
A snub to B.C. by S-on-T City Council, they have throne out an application to drill extra bore holes at Berry Hill.

21st June County Page 3.
A midlands miner’s leader Joe Wills today acted angrily to the news that 32,000 pitmen’s jobs could go by the year 2003.

Evening Sentinel Jun. 28th County Page 1.
Today B.C. asked the Government to intervene in its dispute with S-on-T City Council. B.C. claim the dispute as degenerated into a “Bitter and Spiteful Wrangle”

Evening Sentinel Jun. 29th Cheshire Page 14
Staffordshire planning chiefs today forecast proposals for an opencast in Newcastle village would be submitted within a minimum of two years. Bill Hughes claims that approaches made to firms about leasing and selling the land at Bignall End where there is known to be reserves of coal. B.C. is applying to work the giant High Lane site.

Evening Sentinel Jun. 29th Moorlands Page 1.
Euro cash to the tune of £16 million has been secured for the long term future of Silverdale colliery in a bid to increase output. B.C. is pumping £32.5 million into the major expansion at the colliery.

5th July City Page 3.
N.U.M. to probe the riddle of missing Roubles. Joe Wills said there was no evidence of the missing £1,000,000 of Russian cash had been misused.

Evening Sentinel Jul. 9th County Page14.
Joe Wills hit out at claims that up to £10,000,000 allegedly given by Russian counterpart should be returned; he said Yuri Butchanko had no right to speak for the majority of soviet pitmen.

Evening Sentinel Jul. 11th Cheshire Page 8.
Part of the former colliery site could be one of the first pieces in a jigsaw which helped pieced together N.S. Roman past, the site former Holditch colliery near Newcastle. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Jul. 11th County Page 14.
Plans to move huge coal heaps away from homes at Silverdale have been welcomed by families angry at the nuisance from noise and dust, a total of £1.8 million is to be invested in the way coal stocks are handled.

Evening Sentinel Jul. 12th County Page1
A major new discovery of coal could secure the future of N.S. Super pit as been reviled today.

Evening Sentinel Jul. 25th Cheshire Page 10
A full page on the opencast site at Bignall End. (2Photo’s)

Evening Sentinel Jul. 25th County Page 16.
Hundred of acres of land earmarked for opencast will be used this weekend for a gala day by families apposed to the controversial project.

1st August Moorlands Page 1.
Chris Patton the government minister today sparked a storm by throwing out plans to limit the number of opencast mines operating in N.S. It means B.C. stands a better chance of pushing through plans to create a giant mine in the heart of the City.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 1st City Page 33.
Councillors have approved a new plan to build more than 100 starter homes on the site of former opencast mine. Rivermead Homes originally wanted to build 118 homes at Waterhays farm, Red St. Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 6th City Final Page 14
A N.S. M.P. Joan Walley has called for urgent legislation to protect people whose homes have been hit with mining subsidence.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 7th County Page 3.
Angry families today pledged to protect a N.S. valley which is under threat from opencast coal mine speculation for the second time in 12 months. The future of the 500 acre Chatterley valley between Goldenhill and Kidsgrove has been put at risk just days after Environment Secretary Chris Patton rejected calls for a limit to opencast coal mining in the County.
Aug. 7th County Page 14.
Miner’s leader Arthur Scargil as received a vote of confidence from Staffordshire pitmen amid renewed allegations over the handling of Union funds during the year long strike.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 10Th County Page 20.
The Union of Democratic miners today said they were confident of a deal to buy Power Gen would succeed. U.D.M. leader Roy Link announced yesterday that Hanson Corporation was the generating the grant.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 10th City Page 20.
Ex-Miner George Stephenson aged 80, of Holly Place, Fenton, died of acute Bronchial Pneumoconiosis a inquest heard. Verdict, death due to industrial disease.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 13th County Page 3.
A group of pitmen are pulling a mining tub from Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum to Wrexham to raise cash for a loco restoration. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug. 14th County Page1.
There is a land tussle going on in S-on-T between B.C. opencast and Allia U.K. Ltd, the site owners who want to develop the area for office and warehousing as a major project to boost employment in the area. The land is of Dewsbury Rd. Fenton. Both will go before Councillors in the next few weeks.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 20th County Page 3.
Prospecting is to start for opencast coal reserves on the edge of a N.S. beauty spot, it was revelled today, and experts believe there could be 50,000 tons of coal for extraction on a 44 acre site near Talke Pits, Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 23rd Cheshire Page 9.
Staffs’ planning Chairman warned the County it is set to be flooded with application for opencast mining, because of controversial modifications to the County structure plan.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 23rd Cheshire Page 18.
A mining firm is to start opencast coal operation on a site in N.S. which as been a subject of dozens of complaints from people living nearby. The former mining United Mining opencast site at Draycott Cross Rd. Cheadle.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 27th Special Page 12.
Miner’s leaders claim victory despite the failure of their bid of £1.5 million to buy Power Gen.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 28th County page 3.
Thousands of acres of Staffordshire countryside face being ripped apart following a explosion of applications for opencast mining on an area of Newcastle. It is now under threat from more than a dozens of applications.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 30th Cheshire Page17.
Plans have been approved for opencast mining in the Bateswood North area. Newcastle Borough Council planning committee have recommended that the plans should be approved.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 31st Newcastle Page3.
M.P. has renewed his demand for safeguards of miner’s jobs in N.S. after B.C. announced losses of £441 million today.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 31st County Page 1.
B.C. may be forced to scrap its controversial plan in the heart of the City if Labour wins the next General Election it was revealed today.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 31st County Page 41.
Colliery job losses were inevitable after B.C. announced £441 million loss; miners leader George Cairns said there would be job losses at Silverdale colliery.

3rd September County Page 14.
Figures released by B.C. today, revealed in the N.W. Group, in which N.S. has two pits, it made a loss of £1 million, compared to a profit of £36 million last year.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 3rd Newcastle Page3.
Figures released today by B.C. revealed in the N.W. grouping which N.S. has two pits it made a loss of £1,000,000 compared to a profit of £36,000,000last year.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 7th Moorlands Page 47.
Sep. 11th Cheshire Page 5.
Gateshead loss will be S-on-T gain when equipment from the National Garden Festival is moved to Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. One will be a new “Pit Head Gear” while a smaller one is a “Victorian Bell Pit”.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 12th County Page3.
S-on-T traders are backing objectors fighting the controversial opencast mining plans at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 14th County Page20.
B.C. has scaled down mining activities under the subsidence hit Newstead Estate

Evening Sentinel Sep. 18th County Page 1.
Noise experts are being drafted in by S-on-T City Council to help against the proposed opencast site at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 19th County Page 20.
B.C. is seeking permission for a 4,000 foot borehole to search for coal which is vital to Trentham Super Tit, and to take it into the 21st century.

Oct. 3rd October Cheshire Page7.
Campaigning protesters have presented B.C. a 130 page objections list to Mr. K. Jukes, Chairman and a 7,000 signature protest at Stoke Town Hall.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 4th Moorlands Page Page20.
An M.P. has pledged support by a new Labour Government in the spread of opencast coal mining. Shadow Energy Minister Frank Dobson, claimed opencast was out of control and there was increasing evidence that the Conservative Government using its power to permit extraction of coal at unwanted sites.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 9th County Page 3.
Miners in N.S. been recommended to vote for industrial action over a £50 per week Pay rise.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 9th Moorlands Page 16.
A company (Allia) is set to get the go ahead for a business park on land at the centre of a controversial opencast coal mine scheme. S-on-T City Council are expected to grant permission for the job boosting office and warehouse plan off Dewsbury Rd. Fenton.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 16th Moorlands Page 16.
The Labour party has published a green policy plan for which could mean the axe for massive opencast mining in the heart of the City. The new document is called “An Earthly Chance” lays down strict guide lines for the controls of all opencast mining.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 17th Moorlands Page 29.
Protesters plan a mass lobby over an opencast mining scheme at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 18th County Page 45.
A N.S. based miner’s leader today rejected B.C. call for the N.U.M. to negotiate only at pits where it had a majority membership. N.S. branch secretary Joe Wills spoke out after B.C. Deputy Chairman Mr. John Northard said management would only talk to the union only if it able to negotiate solidly at pits where most workers were represented by the N.U.M.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th Late Extra Page 3.
Staffordshire planning leader praised the strength of public lobby against the controversial Berry Hill opencast mining plan as councillors inspected the site (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th Late Extra Page 5.
Major repair work on a subsidence hit Council Estate is to be resumed after a change as B.C. mining plans. The City Council imposed a £5,000 limit on a Council property on Newstead Estate a year ago; they feared it would be a waste of money carrying out expensive repairs because of subsidence on the estate, but yesterday they learned B.C. don’t plan to carry out further mining under the estate after September. Some properties have dropped by up to three foot.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 23rd County Page 9.
A British Coal delegation will visit N.S. Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum with the opening of its exhibitions gallery. The Secretary of B.C. Mr. Martin Shelton will lead the group.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 23rd Cheshire Page 3.
The breakaway U.D.M. has drawn up a pay and package deal which could add £20 per week to the pitmen’s wages.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 23rd Moorlands Page 1.
The N.U.M. are to pay libel damages of more than£100,00 U.M.M. official David Prendergast over a forged letter which suggested he had betrayed union members.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 25th Moorlands Page 1.
Armed Police officers staked out a pit wages office in an attempt to foil a suspected payroll snatch at Florence colliery site of Trentham Super Pit, Longton.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 31st Cheshire Page 1.
A North Staffordshire Pit at a stand still today after a mass walkout by miners over a dispute about bonus payments. The row blew up at the Florence site of the Trentham Super pit, when about 60 haulage workers staged a lightning strike.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 31st Cheshire Page 12.
Almost a full page on miners claims a £50 rise.

1st November County Page1.
Production today resumed at N.S. Super pit after miners staged a walkout over bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 2nd County Page 72.
Port Vale Chairman Bill Bell told shareholders at last nights A.G.M. that the discovery of further mine shafts at Vale Park was stunting the clubs progress. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 5th County Page 3.
Haulage workers at a N.S. colliery have rejected the latest offer from management aimed at settling a dispute over bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th County Page 3.
B.C. have promised to investigate a package of proposals designed to cut down noise and nuisance caused by heavyweight Lorries carrying opencast coal. (Photo of residence)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th City Page 16.
Talks are to resume tomorrow (Wed) in a bid to settle the row over bonus payments which have led to a shutdown at Trentham Super pit.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th Moorlands Page 20.
A City Councillor today called for Public Inquiry into the controversial opencast mining scheme to be scrapped after the applicants made a last minute changes to their plans. Opencast mining Co. Ward Brothers informed S-on-T City Council of their revised plan to their Goldenhill scheme just four days before yesterday’s Inquiry.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 8th County Page 19.
Workers building a new car-park in S-on-T have uncovered the remains of an 18th century mine working. The 20 foot deep hole appeared on the site of the new City Council multi-storey car-park off Bethesda St. near Hanley’s Victoria Hall.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 8th Moorlands Page 3.
Union Officials at N.S. Super pit have settled a dispute with management over bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th Moorlands Page 3.
Families have told a Government inspector they have enough from mining and heavy industry. Residents turned out in force at a special session of a Public Inquiry into plans at Goldenhill for an opencast site of 13 acre where a school is only 40 metre’s away.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 10th Extra Page 5.
A shire and three ponies have been given five months free feed by a local Co. The animals are based at Chatterley Whitfield mining museum. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 13th County Page13.
Remembrance Sunday was tinged with sadness, for more than fifty former “Bevin Boy’s” when they held their second reunion at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 14th County Page 3.
Miners voting on a proposed overtime ban at N.S. pits have been warned against industrial action which could force pit closures and job losses.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th County Page 3.
B.C. has been accused of “Blackmail” by N.S. N.U.M. leaders after miners rejected an overtime ban. Voting was 23,181 against the ban and 17, 654for the ban.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th Moorlands Page 3.
County Councillors in Staffordshire are being urged to official reject controversial B.C. plans to opencast 350 acre site in the heart of S-on-T.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd City Page 45.
Plans for B.C. to opencast in the centre of S-on-T have been unanomsly rejected by S-on-T City Council.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd County Page 12.
In a bid to bring back an antique steam engine to Chatterley Whitfield mining museum a former worker has written a book. The book is titled “A short history of railway development to Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd County Page 22.
Opencast protesters are “ready to fight on” (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 27th County Page1.
Miners at Trentham Super pit are in a bitter row over the collection of union subscriptions. The union claim

Evening Sentinel 6th December 6th County Page 3.
B.C. today denied snubbing union leaders at N.S. largest pit on talks over bonus dispute.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th County Page 5.
In “Signalman’s Diary” there is an article on a new book on the railway at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th County Page 24.
B.C. are to reclaim a giant spoil heap at Newcastle to create new land for development, they hope to extract 1,000 tons of coal from the tip at the former Holditch colliery, near Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th County Page 43.
Miners at N.S. biggest pit are to be balloted a week today on industrial action over a long running bonus dispute.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 13th Moorlands Page 39.
Union leaders at N.S. biggest pit are to call off a ballot on industrial action due to take place tomorrow; it follows two days of talks between B.C. management and N.U.M. union officials.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 18th Cheshire Page 7.
M.P. warns B.C. that the game is up. B.C. has been urged to drop the plans for opencast mine in the centre of S-on-T and develop the land for industrial use and leisure instead.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 24th Xmas Extra Page9.
The long running bonus payment dispute at Trentham Super pit is set to continue after the Xmas holiday.

Evening Sentinel