Evening Sentinel Jan 7th 1991 Page 7.
Miners’ leader, Arthur Scargill will be present at the unveiling of the sculpture to commemorate the miners’ strike of 1984/85. Alan Taylor, keeper of social history at the City Museum said, it commemorates a piece of recent social history and has value as a work of art in itself.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 7th 1991 Page 9.
Retired pit pony Medie, has swapped life from Ellington colliery for a working retirement at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. Medie comes from Britain’s last surviving pit to use pit ponies. In 1914, 70.000 worked in Britain’s coalmines.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 12th 1991 Page 9. Cheshire
A job boosting business plan for former Holditch colliery site looks set to get the go-ahead Staffordshire Co. Council officers revealed today.

Evening Sentinel Jan 19th 1991 Page 8.
Mr. Job Ball celebrated his 90th birthday in style with a party at the Western Coyney Arms. He worked as a Blacksmith at the Glebe colliery for 48 years.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 22nd 1991 Page 7.
A pay deal, which has been accepted by the UDM will be imposed on the NUM. Joe Wills, North Staffs miners’ spokesman said, we want a better deal on basic pay not this so called settlement.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th 1991 Page 20.
Joe Wills NUM Midlands Area Secretary said Silverdale colliery could be in jeopardy after British Coal figures revealed that one of two faces at the pit had problems. Unless the figures improved in the next six months, the colliery would be put under review.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 12th 1991 Page 11.
The Rev. T. Thake read a commemoration lesson at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum on the 110th anniversary of a disaster at the pit at which 24 men were killed.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 26th 1991 Page 10.
Article in “Sentinel Women” about the miner’s wives on a week long major events as the 6th anniversary of the 1984/85 strike draws near.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1991 Page 29 Cheshire.
Silverdale colliery angling society are topping up their 30 peg Furnace pool with Carp, Roach, Bream, Perch and Tench. Their annual meeting will be held at the Vine Inn, Silverdale on April 14th.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1991 Page 5.
Fresh search for coal reserves is being planned in a bid to protect the future of Silverdale colliery. British Coal are to sink test bore holes at Whitmore Rd. Keel.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1991 Page 9. Co.
John Abberley column, “In my Opinion” recalls the miner’s strike of 1984/85 on its 7th anniversary.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1991 Page 13. Moorlands.
A sculpture made of coal has been unveiled to commemorate the year long strike of 1984/85. Denis Skinner was there and a week of events was organised by the miner’s wives action group.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1991 Page 12 Newcastle.
Ten new jobs will be created at Podmore hall colliery if plans to extend coal workings are given the go ahead. The plan is to increase annual output from 40.000 to 70.000 tonnes.

Evening Sentinel March 13th 1991 Page 39 Moorlands.
A retired colliery worker, G.A. Brown age 53 died after plunging down the shaft at Florence colliery. The inquest heard he could not come to terms after leaving the pit.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1991 Page 16.
Pupils at Park Middle School, Knypersley were treated to a mine of information when an education team visited them from Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel March 20th 1991 Page 18 Newcastle.
New fears have been voiced that Silverdale colliery faces closure. The pit has been forced to stockpile 8.000 tonnes of coal because power companies are not accepting supplies as they are getting coal from European sources.

Evening Sentinel March 28th 1991 Page 22 Co.
British coal today vowed to go-ahead with their controversial plans on open cast mining at Berryhill. Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel April 3rd 1991 Co.
Coal chiefs are to be given a strong warning after they contravened strict work patterns at the huge open cast site at Silverdale, after complaints from families that their peace has been shattered by noise from the drilling.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1991. Page 14 Co.
Visitors at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum will see a new mural painted by David Light, a Stoke-on-Trent mural painter, who has another mural wall painting in the Potteries shopping centre.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1991. Page 9. Co.
A drama group, specifically formed to stage the life of campaigning communist councillor Fanny Deakin, brought a touch of realism to rehearsals at Chatterley Whitfield, by acting out episodes of here life.

Evening Sentinel April 25th 1991. Page 22. Co.
Veteran pit pony Blackie, age 35 went to town to invite Stoke-on-Trent shoppers to a steam extravaganza at his home Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum to publicize the event on May 11th and 12th.

Evening Sentinel May 2nd 1991. Page 7. Co.
Miners at Super pit, the amalgamation of Florence and Hem Heath have set a new weekly productivity record of 61.462 tonnes. This is 3.000 tonnes more than the pit’s previous record set two months ago.

Evening Sentinel May 10th 1991. Page 13. Co.
Two coalmines that ceased production last year have been put up for sale. Acers Nook and Draycott Cross, he two collieries closed with the loss of 70 jobs at Kidsgrove and 40 at Draycott.

Evening Sentinel May 10th 1991 Page 1 Moorlands.
British Coal has stepped up their battle to mine open cast coal at Berryhill, by persuading a farmer to sell his 180 acres of prime land.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1991. Page 20. Co.
A mew open cast mining plan at New Haden, Cheadle has been given the go-ahead.

Evening Sentinel June 4th 1991. Page 19. Co.
Lewis and Gladys Lavic of Meir are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Mr. Lewis worked in the coal industry for 40 years.

Evening Sentinel June 1991. “Special” accident.
The way we were series, Thomas Holland, the unfortunate victim of a million to one accident on December 3rd. 1903 when an old pit shaft opened up directly under his feet. He disappeared down the hole in John Street, Hanley and was never seen again. There is a photo of the funeral service at the hole.

Evening Sentinel June 17th 1991 Page 3. Moorlands
Five Florence miners went on an underground walk of 8 kilometres to raise funds for Kemball special school.

Evening Sentinel June 18th 1991 Page 1. Moorlands.
British Coal is to submit a revised planning application for a smaller opencast mine at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel June 20th 1991 Page 3. Cheshire.
British Coal are to pull out of its new £1m regional headquarters at Northwhich less that two years after moving from North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1991 Page 1 Sentinel Plus.
A group of school children were called to re-enact the inquest into the deaths of 24 miners killed in an explosion at the Insitute pit, Chatterley Whitfield. in 1881.

Evening Sentinel June 25th 1991. Page 25. Co.
Harry and Dorothy Hassall celebrated 50 years of marriage. Harry age 73 was a miner and NUM delegate before his retirement.

Evening Sentinel July 12th 1991 Page 63 Cheshire.
Vincent and Ellen Locket celebrated their golden wedding. Vincent worked as a miner for 47 years.

Evening Sentinel July 24th 1991 Page 29. Moorlands.
As British Coal announced their profits, Joe Wills, NUM North Staffs spokesman said we now hope to negociate a decent living wage and sick pay for workers. But he believed this is a run up to the privatisation.

Evening Sentinel July 29th 1991 Page 7. Co.
NUM leader, Arthur Scargill, praised the North Staffs miner’s wives support group, when he visited a monument to the yearlong strike.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 7th 1991 Page 14 Co
The government have appointed a firm of technical consultants to privatise the coal industry. Midland area miners’ union leader, Joe wills said it was another step in the Tory campaign to privatise the industry “come hell or high water”.

Evening Sentinel Aug 12th 1991. Page 23 Co.
Jack and Caroline Pepper, are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary at Sneyd Green. Jack worked for British coal for 52 years as a Loco driver and engineer.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 13th 1991. Page .25 Co.
Former colliers were among the winners in an art competition aimed at promoting the coal industry at Chatterley Whitfield Mining museum.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 27th 1991. Page 14.
Angry families are calling on British Coal to control noise and pollution coming from lorries at an open cast site at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 2nd 1991. Page. 23. Co. Golden wedding celebrations were held for B. and E. Brice of Kidsgrove. Mr. Brice was a miner for 41 years.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 5th 1991 Page 15. Co.
Visitors to Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum could soon be seeing how colliers worked hundreds of years ago, if a unique scheme is given the go-ahead.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 7th 1991 Page 2.
A retired pit pony is leading a road show aimed at promoting Staffordshire, as a tourist attraction. Medie a pit pony from Chatterley Whitfield mining museum is touring East Anglia.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 16th 1991 Page 8. Co.
The two remaining coalmines in North Staffs will have new senior management in the next few days. Trentham super pit, (Florence and Hem Heath) and Silverdale are becoming part of Midlands and Wales group.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1991 Page 43 Co.
A trip down memory lane for Harry Holdcroft age 78. He is a retired miner and pony driver from Chatterley Whitfield and was visiting the Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 7th 1991 Page 29 Moorlands.
Politicians and trade union leaders today staged a protest over the importation of South African coal to power stations. Amoung the delegates were, Joe Wills NUM North Staffs, Joan Walley MP Stoke North and George Stevenson Euro MP.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1991 page 1 Co.
North Staffs oldest pit, 117-year old Florence colliery is to close next year. The workshops are to close next month and the men transferred to Hem Heath. NUM Secretary, Roy Ward said the workforce were stunned by the news, we new it was likely to happen but were told it would be over the next 5 or 6 years.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 9th 1991. Page. 1. Co.
North Staffs two remaining pits will close within 3 years, leaving 3.000 miners on the dole if the government adopt plans for the privatisation of the industry. A list has been drawn up of just 14 pits out of the present 61 mines it says are saleable.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 9th 1991 Page 11. Co.
Joe Wills Num leader in north Staffs today claimed plans to import South African coal into Britain would kill off North Staffs mining industry.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 10th 1991.Page. 5. Co.
John Abberley’s column on “History proves that Arthur Scargill was right”. Page 10 moral in the coal industry is said to at an all time low, worse than during the 1984/85 strike. There is also an article on the decline and fall of a vital coal region.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 14th 1991. Page. 14. Co.
Miners in North Staffs threatened pits are to be balloted on industrial action over a pay claim. British Coal has negotiated pay rises with the UDM which have then been imposed on the NUM.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1991 Page 1. Newcastle.
Miners at closure threatened Florence colliery have helped achieve record- breaking productivity, joint with Hem Heath 2 years ago, they recorded the fastest time for mining 1.5 million tonnes of coal. Florence NUM said we have produced at least 1 million tonnes of the record figure.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 4th 1991. Page. 5. Co.
A public inquiry into the proposed open cast mine at Berryhill could cost the poll tax payers £100.000.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1991 Page 11. Co.
Miner’s leader Arthur Scargill has condemned plans to close Florence colliery. The NUM president said after a meeting at Hem Heath social club. There is no case to close Florence colliery or any pit in Britain. He said at the meeting we are not arguing for you to go on strike, but for an overtime ban, if British Coal do not sit down and talk to us.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 12th 1991 Page 16 Co.
Some photos of ex-Bevin boys, on a visit to Chatterley Whitfield Mining museum. Page 25 Fifty Bevin boys from all over the Britain who were conscripted to work in coal mines during the last war, relived their experiences at Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 13th 1991 Page 3. Co.
Miners who start voting tonight on an overtime ban have been warned they face a 50% pay cut in the run up to Christmas. It could also lead up to reduced redundancy pay. Joe Wills, NUM said British Coal have never discussed wages with the NUM which represents 90% of miners.

Evening Sentinel Nov.13th 1991 Page 39 Co.
Celebrating their golden wedding at Bradwell, Stan and Eve Simpson. Stan worked in the mining industry foe over 40 years.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 18th 1991 Page 3. Cheshire.
Midland miners voted 2 to 1 against an overtime ban.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1991 Page 10. Co.
British Coal have issued assurances over the future of its two remaining pits, Hem Heath and Silverdale, both have long-term futures.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1991 Page 26. Newcastle.
Planning chiefs have rejected a scheme to double productivity at the privately owned Podmore hall colliery, Leycett.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1991 Page 1. Newcastle.
A pitman today died due to an underground accident at Hem Heath colliery. He died after being brought to the surface. He has not been named until relatives have been informed.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1991 Page 3. Co.
The pitman who died after an accident at Hem Heath has been named. Mr. Raymond Pearce age 33 married with two children, was trapped in air doors. He was freed by his colleagues but suffered serious head injuries.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1991 Page 9. Co.
R. Pearce, who was killed at Hem Heath colliery on Monday had spent 12 years on the surface, but had taken an underground job at the pit after being faced with redundancy 3 months ago.

Evening Sentinel 31st 1991. Page. 12.
Full-page article on the 50th anniversary of the Sneyd colliery disaster when 57 men made the ultimate sacrifice in the drive to boost war time production.