Sentinel Jan 1st 1993 Page 25 Extra
Miners at the threatened Trentham pit today vowed to return to the fight to rescue their mine after the Christmas break

Sentinel Jan 2nd 1993 Page 18 Plus
Two page article by Alan Cookman on “What a Horrible Year” including the mine closures.

Sentinel Jan 5th 1993 Page 5
Union leaders at Trentham pit joined a call today toScrap a public enquiry into increased coal imports facilities, as this couldSlash the need for coal in the Midland pits.

Sentinel Jan 6th 1993 Page 3 Midlands
Miners at TrenthamSuper pit branded the Coal Board as crazy for refusing miners toStart production.

Sentinel Jan 7th 1993 Page Cheshire
Miners fighting plans to closeSilverdale were today given a gleam of hope that the pit had a future.

Sentinel Jan 11th 1993 Page 3
The miners’ wives group todaySet up camp outside TrenthamSuper pit in an attempt toSave the mine from closure.

Sentinel Jan 12th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Government appointed mining consultants have pulled out of a planned visit to the TrenthamSuper pit today. Plus miners’ wives have vowed to fight on against the pit closure afterSpending their first night in a camp outside the pit.

Sentinel Jan 14th 1993 Page 5 Co
Stafford Tory MP Bill Cash today called on the government to conduct an independentScrutiny on the doomed Trentham pit.

Sentinel Jan 15th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Miners’ leader A.Scargill willSpeak at a rally in NorthStaffs to keep the heat on Ministers over government plans on pit closures.

Sentinel Jan 16th 1993 Page 3 Cheshire
The present Victorian costume at Chatterley Whitfield is becoming threadbare and replacements are needed for the history drama.

Sentinel Jan 16th 1993 Page 1 Extra
A furious row broke out today after a Tory councillor attacked a miners’ wivesSupport group at Trentham pit.

Sentinel Jan 18th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ leader A.Scargill has accused the government of “treachery” and “sabotage” over plans to close Trentham andSilverdale collieries.

Sentinel Jan 19th 1993 Page 5 Moorlands
Stoke-on-Trent conservative leader today claimed the fight toSave Trentham colliery was in danger of being hi-jacked by extremists.

Sentinel Jan 19th 1993 Page 3 Newcastle
Miners’ wives action group fighting toStop the closure of Trentham colliery received a welcome boost from local teachers. The pit is earmarked for closure at the end of the month.

Sentinel Jan 20th 1993 Page 9 Cheshire
A grim picture of the prospects for NorthStaffs unless pit closures were reversed, was given at a major conference in London.

Sentinel Jan 20th 1993 Page 3 Co
A report on the government pit closure programme to be published tomorrow is expected to criticise British Coal’s lack ofSensitivity and failure of communication.

Sentinel Jan 21st 1993 Page 16 Cheshire
The pit closure programmeShould beScrapped. That’s the verdict of the first of three official inquiries. Damming report details on pages 16-17.

Sentinel Jan 22nd 1993 Page10 Cheshire
Miners were given a glimmer of hope for the Trentham pit after a committee report. (Full page)

Sentinel Jan 23rd 1993 Page 1 Extra
Miners’ leaders in NorthStaffs today called on the government mining experts toStick to their promise and notSound the death knell for the pits with long term reserves.

Sentinel Jan 25th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ leaders and civic officials wait the arrival of experts from consultants, JT Boyd today on a two day fact finding tour of Trentham colliery.

Sentinel Jan 26th 1993 Page 9 Cheshire
The miners’ wives group were presented with a typewriter by Mike Tapping, to help in their campaign.

Sentinel Jan 26th 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners in NorthStaffs are waiting to find out if their pits and jobs will beSaved. A Commons reportSays up to 20 of the 31 pits threatened with closure, among them Trentham andSilverdaleShouldStay open.

Sentinel Jan 28th 1993 Page 11 Cheshire
Miners’ families are to hold a party to mark the day everyone feared Trentham would close. But after a huge public outcry the campaign toSave the pit isSet to rage for months to come.

Sentinel Jan 28th 1993 Page 3 Co
Two engineers begin their ownSurvey on behalf of the NUM toShow British Coal that Trentham mine has a profitable future.

Sentinel Feb 1st 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Union leaders at the doomed Trentham colliery believe the pit has been thrown a lifeline. British CoalSaid pits facing closure would be offered forSale.

Sentinel Feb 4th 1993 Page 9 Cheshire
Pupils fromSneyd HighSchool, Newcastle toured closure threatenedSilverdale colliery, which they have campaigned for. All of the 50 children have relatives who work, or have worked there.

Sentinel Feb 5th 1993 Page 15
Hundreds of people are to take to theStreets later this month in a protest march against pit closures. Two thousand miners face losing their jobs at Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel Feb 5th 1993 Page 1 Co
British Coal are toSeal off a coal face at Trentham colliery where a fire has beenSmouldering underground for almost 4 months.

Sentinel Feb 6th 1993 Page 1 Extra
Almost half of the work-force at Trentham colliery has now quit the industry, it was revealed today.

Sentinel Feb 8th 1993 Page 4 Newcastle
Members of theSikh community provided launch for pit protesters camping outside Trentham colliery.

Sentinel Feb 9th 1993 Page 4 Moorlands
Miners and British Coal will meet tomorrow to discuss a lifeline for the threatened TrenthamSuper pit. A 6 man NUM negotiating team will meet British Coal in London.

Sentinel Feb 10th 1993 Page 41 Cheshire
Mr Jim Twigg and his wife Mary celebrate 56 years of marriage. They have 11 children, 23-grand-chilren and 1 great grand-daughter. Mr Twigg worked as a miner atSeveral collieries in the area.

Sentinel Feb 10th 1993 Page 5 Newcastle
British Coal has announced that work will get underway this month to removeSlag-heaps from Holditch collierySite.

Sentinel Feb 11th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
Coal production hasSlumped at a critical time in its fight forSurvival atSilverdale colliery. A geological fault has resulted in dropping by half to 15.000 tonnes.

Sentinel Feb 15th 1993 Page 5
Coal production atSilverdale has improved after aSlump, caused by a geological fault, to 20.000 tonnes.

Sentinel Feb 17th 1993 Page 3
Miners’ leader A.Scargill is to address a rally organised by NorthStaffs NUM at ParksiteSocial clubSilverdale, in the wake of proposals to closeSilverdale colliery.

Sentinel Feb 18th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ wives fighting the pit closure at Trentham colliery received a moral boosting visit from women who travelled from the Tory heartland of Cheltenham.

Sentinel Feb 19th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
A campaign toSave Trentham andSilverdale pits from closure has been frustrated by Britain’s antiquatedSecrecy lawsStoke-on-Trent MP Mark Fisher told the House of Commons.

Sentinel Feb 23rd 1993 Page 5 C F
Coal production atSilverdale has improved further following itsSlump due to a geological fault to 22.000 tonnes and is expected to get back to normalSoon.

Sentinel Feb 24th 1993 Page 1 Co
Angry union leaders and politicians today attacked a draft report which blamed poor labour relations for what it called the abysmal performance at TrenthamSuper pit. The pit has reserves of 105m immediately available tonnes, 32m with little or no expenditure.

Sentinel Feb 25th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners and rail workers were urged last night to vote in favour ofStrike action at a rally inStoke-on-Trent by miners’ leader AScargill.

Sentinel March 2nd 1993 Page 1 Moorlands
British Coal was today accused of considering using miner’s pension money to pay their redundancy checks. The move comes as British Coal plan to axe 31 pits including Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel March 3rd 1993 Page 1 Co
More than 7.000 miners have quit the coal industry ahead of the government’s review of its pit closure programme. In NorthStaffs 700 pitmen, just under half the original workforce have left TrenthamSuper pit.

Sentinel March 4th 1993 Page 7 Cheshire
Pitmen at Trentham andSilverdale are joining miners across the country in a ballot tomorrow in a programme of one dayStrikes. Coal production atSilverdale has improved further to 24.000 tonnes.

Sentinel March 5th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Pitmen at Trentham andSilverdale collieries are taking part in a national ballot today which could lead to aSeries of one-dayStrikes.

Sentinel March 6th 1993 Page 1 L Extra
Miners’ have overwhelmingly voted in favour ofStrike action in protest at the government’s pit closure programme, 60% in favour.

Sentinel March 9th 1993 Page 3 Co
The full national result of last Week’s ballot by NACODS is expected later today. Pit deputies in the Midlands area have voted narrowly in favour ofStrike action.

Sentinel March 9th 1993 Page 4 C F
Miners’ atSilverdale colliery today broke through the 1m tonne production barrier today. It comes 3 weeks before the end of the financial year.

Sentinel March 11th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ have been warned only 7 out of the 31 threatened pits may beSaved. Pit deputies nationally have turned down a call toStrike. They voted 64% in favour, just 2%Short of their two thirds rule. Trentham NACODS voted 44 to 14 in favour; Florence voted 14 to 1 in favour.

Sentinel March 12th 1993 Page 3 Newcastle
Management atSilverdale gave the go-ahead for miners to take voluntary redundancy, 20 pitmen left as the expiry date for enhanced payments of £10.000 extra approached.

Sentinel March 16th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
ConsultantsSay that TrenthamSuper pit is not economically viable in the foreseeable future and meets British Coal’s criteria for closure.

Sentinel March 18th1993 Page 10
A fire which was burning underground at Trentham colliery is thought to have been put out. It was first discovered last November. Miners’ wives are to hold aSpecial mother’s day event at Trentham onSunday.

Sentinel March 20th 1993 Page 1 L Extra
More than 8.000 pitmen out of a total of 49.000 have left the industrySince the government announced plans for closures last October. Over 700 have left Trentham and 45 leftSilverdale.

Sentinel March 23rd 1993 Page 1 C F
The Cabinet will meet tonight to put the finishing touches to the government White Paper on the future of Britain’s coal industry and the 31 threatened pits.

Sentinel March 24th 1993 Page 1 Moorlands
Miners’ atSilverdale collieryStarted 2 walkouts today in a row over contractors taking over jobs. Forty men accepted voluntary redundancy and two days laterSigned up to private contractors.

Sentinel March 25th1993 Page 1 C F
InformedSourcesSaid today Trentham colliery is to close immediately andSilverdale will be reprieved for market testing.

Sentinel March 25th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
Miners’ ofSilverdale today predicted the pit could have a long future, 160 men have left, taking voluntary redundancy.

Sentinel March 27th 1993 Page 7
A private company could buy Trentham colliery if it eventually closes. RGB has already expressed an interest in buying both Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel March 27th 1993 Page 1 L Extra
Miners are quitting jobs with a contracting firm atSilverdale colliery because of hostility from colleagues employed by British Coal.

Sentinel March 30th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
The closure of Trentham colliery moved closer last night as the government won a comfortable majority over their plans to axe pits. The NUMSaid weShall be calling a meeting to rethink the campaign.

Sentinel March 30th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
British CoalSecurityStaff off a miners’ wivesSupport camp on the Trentham land with the anti pit closure campaigners inside.

Sentinel March 31st 1993 Page 5 Cheshire
A meeting between the NUM and British Coal vital to the future of threatened Trentham colliery is to take place tomorrow. The NUM expect to hear British Coal’s responce to proposals for an independent review of the mine. Page 4 Miners’ wivesSupport group today moved a mobile office back on to the protest camp outside the pit.

Sentinel April 1st 1993 Page 4
Miners face a 48 hour overtime ban if theyStrike tomorrow. British Coal officialsSaid They willStop colliers going downSilverdale colliery at the weekend if having been part of the industrial action organised by the NUM.

Sentinel April 2nd 1993 Page 3 C F
Union leaders at reprievedSilverdale colliery today claim fullSupport for a one dayStrike in protest at the government’s closure plans.Some UDM members passed the low key picket line, but NUMSupport was 100%

Sentinel April 5th 1993 Page 3 Newcastle
Management atSilverdale were today deciding the fate of a face at the pit which has been hit by a geological fault. The face reduced production from 4.500 tonnes in October, to 2.000 tonnes in February.

Sentinel April 6th 1993 Page 1 Co
Furious NUM officials today accused British Coal of plotting toShutSilverdale colliery. Mr. Jim DowlingSecretary of the Power Group,Said it’s a ploy to destroy the moral of the men, making it easier to close the pit.

Sentinel April 14th 1993 Page 11
British coal is pressing for the closure of Trentham colliery in just 5 weeks it was revealed today.

Sentinel April 16th 1993 Page 3 Cheshire
Solidarity in the miners’ dispute atSilverdale colliery began to crack today as around 6 miners crossed the picket line. Miners across the country were taking part in theSecond 24 hourStoppage as the government reprieved just 12 pits out of the 31 on the closure list.

Sentinel April 17th 1993 Page 3 Extra
Miners’ leaders claimed Management intimidation was to blame for a crack in theSolidarity of the pitStrike atSilverdale colliery. The management areStopping their overtime and have told them theStoppage will affect their redundancy payments.

Sentinel April 24th 1993 Page 4 Cheshire
British Coal is poised to announce the closure of Trentham colliery. Joe Wills, NUMSaid he believed the colliery would close forever on May 21st.

Sentinel April 27th 1993 Page 6 Newcastle
Miners’ leaders and British Coal moved aStep closer to legal confrontation after talks on the future of Trentham colliery ended in deadlock.

Sentinel April 28th 1993 Page 3 Newcastle
Members of the breakaway UDM at Trentham are asking for up to £10.000 extra redundancy-pay to quit the pit.

Sentinel April 30th 1993 Page 1 Co
The fate of Trentham colliery will be announced in a week. British Coal executive is to meet on May 7th when the corporation is expected to make a decision on the 10 collieries threatened with immediate closure.

Sentinel May 5th 1993 Page 1 C F
The 100Strong Florence branch at Trentham colliery refused to vote on the British Coal’s cash incentives, which would almost certainly have meant the pit would close.

Sentinel May 6th 1993 Page 1 Co
A decision to close Trentham colliery is expected to be made tomorrow when British Coal meet to rule on theSuper pit. The board is expected to return to the high court to ask judges to confirm closure of the 10 pits in British Coal’s original hit list.

Sentinel May 8th 1993 Page 1 Extra
Silverdale colliery has won aSlice of a 40m tonne contract which could keep the threatened pit in full production until April 1994.

Sentinel May 11th 1993 Page 3 Co
British Coal has given union officials 24 hours to agree to the closure of Trentham colliery or face being taken to the high court.

Sentinel May 12th 1993 Page 1 Cheshire
Miners’ wives todayStaged aSit in at Trentham colliery in a last minute protest against British Coal’s plan to close theSuper pit. They gained entry to buildings at the top of theShaft and chained themselves to machinery and each other.

Sentinel May 14th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
NUM leader A.Scargill is to visit the 3 miners’ wives chained to machinery inside Trentham colliery. The miners’ leader will lead a 11am rally tomorrow outside the threatened colliery.

Sentinel May 17th 1993 Page 21
They went in defiant and came out triumphant. More than 80 hours of cold, damp, dark environment finally came to an end at 11.05 amSaturday. A.Scargill led the miners’ wives out.

Sentinel May 19th 1993 Page 7 Co
The three women who chained themselves to machinery inside Trentham colliery for 3 days, have been awarded honorary membership of the NUM.

Sentinel May 21st 1993 Page 3 Co
NorthStaffs is facing an unprecedented environmental threat from opencast mining. The warning came as British Coal bosses renewed their legal battle to close Trentham colliery.

Sentinel May 22nd 1993 Page 3 Extra
President of the NUM A.Scargill, lead hundreds of miners and theirSupporters throughStoke-on-Trent in protest at the planned closure of Trentham colliery.

Sentinel May 27th 1993 Page 10
The fate of TrenthamSuper pit wasSealed in the high court yesterday. Two of the country’s top judges ruled that British Coal had complied with consultation procedures laid down at an earlier hearing and would be allowed to go-ahead with the closures. (Three pageSpread on the “Battle for Trentham”)

Sentinel May 27th 1993 Page 1 Co
British Coal is today looking for a buyer for Trentham colliery. The fabric of the mine will be preserved while the prospects for disposal to the privateSector are accessed.

Sentinel May 28th 1993 Page 16
The manager of doomed Trentham colliery is to be transferred to a new management post at a Derbyshire colliery, Markham Main.

Sentinel May 28th 1993 Page 1 Co
Trentham miners who gave up £10.000 enhanced redundancy pay toSave the pit have today been rewarded for their loyalty – with theSack.

Sentinel May 29th 1993 Page 2 L Extra
Production atSilverdale’s newest face has got underway, it was revealed today. It is expected to boost production to 28.000 tonnes a week.

Sentinel June 1st 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners at Trentham were today given the “Take it or grieve it” ultimatum. They were told by British Coal to quit by the end of the week, or lose thousands in redundancy pay.

Sentinel June 2nd 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Miner’s leaders are planning to go back to court tomorrow; they want assurances that improvedSeverance deals offered when the pit closure programme was announced.

Sentinel June 3rd 1993 Page 3 C F
Stoke-on-Trent is to receive £3.4m toSoften the blow of the Trentham colliery closure. .it will be used to revitalise the city’s economy and help former miners back to work.

Sentinel June 7th 1993 Page 1 Co
One hundred and fifty miners at Trentham colliery today returned to their old jobs at the pit, after picking up a golden handshake. They have been taken on by contractors just a few days after opting for voluntary redundancy.

Sentinel June 10th 1993 Page 28
Advice experts claim they wereStruggling to cope with the effects of the Trentham colliery closure. They want extraStaff and a city office.

Sentinel June 14th1993 Page 3 Co
Mr. G. McCoskey editor of “International Coal Report”Says prospects for 12 pits put into market testing, includingSilverdale were bleak. HeSaid most people, with the exception of a few Tory MPs whoSaw theSo called pitSaving programme from the government, knew it was a con.

Sentinel June 15th 1993 Page 11
Trentham colliery could be transformed into a prestigious business park if the government grants “enterprise zoneStatus”.

Sentinel June 18th1993 Page 3 Co
Coal production atSilverdale colliery’s newest face has crashed after hitting a geological fault. British CoalSay only 240 tonns has been produced.

Sentinel June 19th 1993 Page 1 Extra
Anger at confusion reigned today atSilverdale as British Coal categorically denied persistent reports thatSilverdale was to close. Closure couldSound the death knell for deep mining in NorthStaffs and mean more than 2.000 mining jobs wiped out of the area.

Sentinel June 21st 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ leaders are convinced thatSilverdale colliery is being primed forSale to the privateSector. NUM officials have accused British Coal of trying to panic miners into quitting.

Sentinel June 21st 1993 Page 1Moorlands
British Coal plans to turn acres of land at Berryhill into opencast mining have been turned down. The Berryhill action group are elated.

Sentinel June 25th 1993 Page 19 Cheshire
School pupils were given VIP treatment and a tour of Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum after a fun run which raised £300 for museum events. Page 59 British Coal advert inviting offers for licensing the working of coal at a number of collieries, including Trentham.

Sentinel June 25th 1993 Page 3 Co
Coal production atSilverdale collieryShould be back on target in two weeks time.

Sentinel June 29th 1993 Page 1 Co
Former miners at Trentham colliery and a businessman areSetting up plans to buy the licence and lease for the mine. They need 500 ex-pitmen to put up £10.000 each to finance the deal and form a worker’s cooperative.

Sentinel July 5th 1993 Page3 Moorlands
Miners’Supporters were todayStaging a vigil in DowningStreet. A delegation of NorthStaffs miners and miners’ wives action groupSet up camp to highlight the closure of Trentham colliery.

Sentinel July 7th 1993 Page 5 C F
Production atSilverdale’s newest face is back to normal after miners’ overcame a geological problem.

Sentinel July 12th 1993 Page 1 Co
Almost 200 miners are considering investing £10.000 each to take over Trentham colliery in a worker’s buyout. Longton businessman DavidShemilt and former deputy Mick Patterson have called a meeting at Longton town hall tomorrow.

Sentinel July 14th 1993 Page 5 C F
The Potteries businessman is to go-ahead with plans to takeover Trentham colliery despite only 80 miners attended a meeting to express an interest.

Sentinel July 16th 1993 Page14 Cheshire
A leading councillor rapped British Coal he re-development of the former Holditch collierySite whichShut down in 1989.

Sentinel July 19th 1993 Page 8 Cheshire
HappySmiles from Bill and Lily Harding as they drink a toast to celebrate their 50 years of marriage. Bill worked 42 years in the coal industry, retiring from Florence colliery.

Sentinel July 19th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
Former British Coal director Malcolm Edwards, has put in a rival bid for Trentham colliery, it was revealed today. Mr. Edwards quit his job with British Coal after a public disagreement with Chairman Neil Clarke.

Sentinel July 21st 1993 Page 1Moorlands
British Coal pit closure programme cost the corporation £235m last year. The cash wasSpent keeping 10 pits, including Trentham, which ceased production in October, on a care and maintenance basis and paying miners’ wages while they reported for work and went back home.

Sentinel July 31st 1993 Page 1 Extra
British Coal is poised to appeal against a decision blocking plans to opencast mine hundreds of acres at Berry Hill.

Sentinel Aug 6th 1993 Page 7 Cheshire
ASwedish company is considering plans which could bring life back to Trentham colliery.\The major development which would use around 400.000 tonnes of coal a year using the latest “clean burn” technology.

Sentinel Aug 10th 1993 Page 3 Cheshire
Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum has gone into liquidation. The award winning museum hasShut down after being hit by cash crises. (Full pageSpread on Aug 11th Page 14)

Sentinel Aug 12th 1993 Page 1 Co
More than 630 of the former 1.420 workforce at Trentham colliery are now in work. A total of 166 areStill employed by contractors at the pit, carrying out care and maintenance work.

Sentinel Aug 12th 1993 Page 5 Co
A private company is making a bid to take over Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum, it was revealed today.

Sentinel Aug 13th 1993 Page 7 Cheshire
British Coal is asking for bid from companies toStrip equipment worth £6m from Trentham colliery. (Same page.)Silverdale is fighting its way back to full production after overcoming geological faults on its newest face.

Sentinel Aug 13th 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners’ atSilverdale face more uncertainty over their future today following a report British Coal wants to close up tp 15 more pits. Sentinel Aug.

Sentinel Aug 14th 1993 Page 9 Extra
A memorial to the Minnie pit disaster is to be restored after being desecrated. Pupils atSt. Thomas Boughey HighSchool raised £162 to help pay.

Sentinel Aug 16th 1993 Page 1 Co
Silverdale and Littleton collieries couldShut before Christmas. A hit list of 15 mines earmarked for closure was revealed in a leaked British Coal document. (More on Page 10 Aug 17th)

Sentinel Aug 24th 1993 Page 1 Co
Energy group Kinecita have dropped out of the race to run Trentham colliery as the deadline for the take over bids fell today. Page 5 Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum folded with debts totalling £166.000 and liquidators have revealed the museum has assets of just £8.800.

Sentinel Aug 27th 1993 Page 18
Liquidators of Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum couldStrike a deal with a potential buyer within the next two weeks.

Sentinel Aug 28th 1993 Page 1 L Extra
Coal production could resume at Trentham colliery if British coal accepts a privateSector bid tabled earlier this week. It was confirmed there were three tenders received for the lease.

Sentinel Aug 30th 1993 Page 1 Extra
Hundreds of NorthStaffs homes could be blighted by disused mineShafts due to British coal mining reports, that used toShowShafts approximately 5 metres from homes, the limit has been extended to 20 metres.

SentinelSep 1st 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
British Coal admitted today that profitable pits have to close because of the dash for gas by powerStations.

SentinelSep 2nd 1993 Page 1 Co
New doubts have been cast over the future ofSilverdale colliery after British Coal admitted there were no new markets for coal. Andrew Horsler, the market director refused to guarantee the future ofSilverdale colliery and 9 other pits which are being market tested.

SentinelSep 10th 1993 Page 3 Co
AScheme to re launch coal production at Trentham colliery could create around 900 jobs. British Coal has remained tight-lipped over details of privateSector bids to re open the pit.

SentinelSep 17th 1993 Page 20 Cheshire
A group of women who fought toSave Trentham colliery have met the actresses who will bring thereStruggle to life on theStage.

SentinelSep 17th 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners’ jobs atSilverdale were under threat after British coal ordered drastic cuts in production. British CoalSays the figure must beSlashed to 850.000 tonnes annually, from over a million tonnes.

SentinelSep 22nd 1993 Page 17 Cheshire
The government’s announcement toSell off British coal todaySparked off new fears of job loses and pit closures.Silverdale colliery, with others is likely to beSold off in a package deal.

SentinelSep 22nd 1993 Page 3 Co
Coal production couldStart again at Trentham colliery within weeks if British Coal gave the go ahead to lease the pit to a private buyer.

SentinelSep 28th 1993 Page 6 Co
Article entitled “Opinion” by Paul Findley, a former deputy mechanical engineer at Trentham colliery, on why theSuper pit closed.

Sentinel Oct 1st 1993 Page 3 Co
Lady Thatcher is pressing the government to reopen closed pits and force electricity generators to accept increased coalStockpiles.

Sentinel Oct 12th 1993 Page 3 Co
British Coal chairman Neil Clarke today warned the remaining closure threatened pits, includingSilverdale willShut. I can’t be optimistic, I can’t hold out false optimism for theSurvival of any of those pits.

Sentinel Oct 13th 1993 Page 1 Co
Up to 160 jobs could be axed in the next 6 weeks atSilverdale colliery. British Coal confirmed jobs would go when coal cutting is halted in the Burntwood face.

Sentinel Oct 14th 1993 Page 3 Co

Malcolm Edwards toldSenior Co Councillors he would apply to work Trentham colliery for an extra ten years on top of the ten year lease. He hopes British Coal, will grant for theScheme.

Sentinel Oct 16th 1993 Page 4 Cheshire
A new report claims today thatSilverdale colliery is being fattened up for privatisation because bosses have delayed the mining of a million tonnes of premium coal

Sentinel Oct 18th 1993 Page 9
British Coal has been accused of dragging their heels over the future of Trentham colliery. County councillor Mike Tapping urged the corporation to move quickly to prevent the pit decaying beyond the point when it cannot be worked again.

Sentinel Oct 21st 1993 Page 3 Cheshire
Miner’s leader A.Scargill has warned thatSilverdale colliery has moved aStep closer to closure. A package of measures was unveiled Energy Minister Tim Eggar yesterday which appeared toSound the death knell for the pit and the privatisation of the rest of the industry. (More on page 14)

Sentinel Oct 21st 1993 Page 17
Plans to re open Trentham colliery will be put to hundreds of former miners at a meeting called by NUM chiefs.

Sentinel Oct 22nd 1993 Page 10
NorthStaffsSeemsSet to loose the last of its deep coal mines. Experts fear the mining industry could be reduced to no more than 12 pits, following privatisation next year and the future ofSilverdale, despiteStringent cost-cutting measures, goes gloomier by the week.

Sentinel Oct 26th 1993 Page 3 Co
Hundreds of miners are to put pressure on politicians to re open Trentham colliery, amid fears of a rival business park plan for theSite may go ahead.

Sentinel Oct 28th 1993 Page 39
Mr. Malcolm Edwards, a former market director of British coal wants to open 5 pits including Trentham colliery. He also wants to buy a powerStation.

Sentinel Nov 4th 1993 Page 3 Co
NorthStaffs two remaining pits will beShut in two weeks, the GeneralSecretary of the UDM in Nottinghamshire claimed today. Trentham colliery could be profitable asSoon as mining reStartsSays Malcolm Edwards.

Sentinel Nov 10th Page 11 Cheshire
Staffordshire Co council plans to buy 50 acres of land at the former Holditch collierySite. (Same page) New calls were made today for an end to the uncertainty over the former Trentham pit.

Sentinel Nov 10th 1993 Page 5 C F
Fears for the future ofSilverdale were growing today after British CoalSounded the death knell for three Yorkshire pits.

Sentinel Nov 13th 1993 Page 3 Extra
A major row has broken out over theSecrecySurrounding a controversial bid to transform Trentham colliery into a business park.

Sentinel Nov 16th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
Silverdale pit was put under a cloud today. The last remaining deep coal mine in NorthStaffs could be closed by Friday it was feared, which could mean that 600 pitmen could find themselves on the jobsScrapheap. (Full pageSpread on Aug 17th page 14)

Sentinel Nov 17th 1993 Page 30 and 40 Business
Two pageSpread on the development of Park House pitSite, after acquiring the land in 1976.

Sentinel Nov 19th 1993 Page 1 C F
Silverdale colliery is to cease coal production from Friday December 3rd it was announced today. British coalSealed the fate of the last remaining NorthStaffs pit at a meeting at the Post House Hotel, Clayton. Joe wills NUMSaid it is utterly disgusting that we are now losing a very good pit, a pit that is profitable with 25m tonnes of reserves.

Sentinel Nov 20th 1993 Page 1 Extra
Union leaders atSilverdale colliery today vowed to fight British coal’s plans to close the pit. (Miners’ reactions page 3) Diary of despair on Pages 4 & 5.

Sentinel Nov 22nd 1993 Page 5 Newcastle
A new bid is being made toSave the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. English heritage has listed the former pit as an ancient monument, in an effort toStop it being demolished.

Sentinel Nov 23rd 1993 Page 3 C F
Miner’s leaders clashed withStoke-on-Trent city council over the future of TrenthamSuper pit. The NUM claim a decision by British coal isSet to be made before the end of the month.

Sentinel Nov 26th 1993 Page 18 Cheshire
Jim Huchinson’s four yearStint as director of the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum, came to a close in August when the liquidators came in. (Full pageSpread)

Sentinel Nov 26th 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners’ atSilverdale colliery have been offered a £7,000Sweetener to quit the pit it was revealed today.

Sentinel Nov 29th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ at closure threatenedSilverdale colliery will vote this week on whether to fight for the future of the pit. They discussed their future at a meeting at ParksiteSocial club.

Sentinel Dec 1st 1993 Page 1 Co
Crisis talks are being held betweenStoke-on-Trent city council and Malcolm Edwards, former British coal marketing director who wants to re open the Trentham pit.

Sentinel Dec 2nd 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners’ atSilverdale have voted overwhelmingly to close their pit. They agreed to accept an enhanced redundancy package instead of fighting British Coal’s closure plans. Miners will clock off for the last time on December 11th.

Sentinel Dec 3rd 1993 Page 10 & 11
“Spotlight onSilverdale” A two pageSpread on theStory and lead up to the closure. December 3rd Pages 1, 10 and 11 Co.

Sentinel Dec 4th 1993 Page 1 Extra
TrenthamSuper pitSet to live again. Miners’ could be back at Trentham and producing coal by next year. Page 9 fullSpread on death knell for the pit villageSilverdale.

Sentinel Dec 7th 1993 Page 9
Article on new King coal, Mr. Edwards is planning to control one fifth of all deep mined coal, includingSilverdale and Trentham.

Sentinel Dec 10th 1993 Page 1Moorlands
More than 85% of pitmenSacked fromSilverdale colliery will find work, British Coal claimed today.

Sentinel Dec 13th 1993 Page 13
Checks will be made in the New Year toSee if derelict Holditch collierySite could be aSuitableSite for a new business park.

Sentinel Dec 13th 1993 Page 5 Moorlands
A poignant messageScrawled on theSide of wagons forming the last coal train to leaveSilverdale colliery. They dubbed the train the “SadSackSpecial”.

Sentinel Dec 15th 1993 Page 18
The collapse of the NorthStaffs mining industry has helped underline the areas long-term employment problems. More than two thousand miners have lost their jobs at Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel Dec 16th 1993 Page 3 Co
Details of the licence to mine coal at Trentham colliery could be finalised before the end of January, it emerged today.

Sentinel Dec 21st 1993 Page 3 Co
Union leaders from NUM and NACODS were due to meet today to hammer out an agenda to present to the coal magnet Malcolm Edwards.

Sentinel Dec 22nd 1993 Page 3 Co
Silverdale and Littleton collieries, which close this month with the loss of 1.000 jobs, have been offered for lease and licence to the privateSector.

Sentinel Dec 29th 1993 Page 4 Newcastle
A British Coal executive, John Longdon, who presided over the close ofSilverdale colliery, was today tipped as a possible leader of a management buyout of the rest of the mining industry includingSilverdale.

Sentinel Dec 31st 1993 Page 3 L Extra
British Coal is planning toSink a new open cast mine just yards away from theShut downSilverdale colliery.