Evening Sentinel Jan 1st 1994 Page 23 Relax
Article on the Sneyd colliery explosion when 57 men and boys died in the blackest day in the Potteries history.

Evening Sentinel Jan 4th 1994 Page 7 Cheshire
The site of the former Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum is to be redeveloped as a park land. The Museum went into liquidation n August last year.

Evening Sentinel Jan 5th Page 14 Cheshire
A former Staffs miner who published his first novel at the age of 87 has died. Harold Brown was a pit boy 70 years ago after being born in Victoria St. Silverdale in 1906.

Evening Sentinel Jan 5th Page 3 Moorlands
Private buyers are showing interest in taking over two Staffordshire pits it was revealed today, Silverdale and Littleton.

Evening Sentinel Jan 6th 1994 Page 16 Cheshire
An advanced party of union leaders is due to meet magnate Malcolm Edwards this month to try to shape the future of the revived Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan 7th 1994 Cheshire
A mining company today accused City councillor leader of snubbing an offer to reopen cash-strapped Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1994 Page 3 Cheshire
A hero of a mining disaster that killed 32 men today pleaded for the rescue team captain’s medal to be saved for the people of Newcastle. The pitmen died in an explosion at Holditch colliery in1937.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1994 Page 15 Cheshire
A private company has lost the first round of a battle for its survival. J.A. Knight has failed to convince Newcastle Borough Council that it should be allowed to continue mining at Haying Wood colliery near Crackley.

Evening Sentinel Jan 19th 1994 Page 16 Cheshire
A private drilling company wants to reopen the North Staffs coalfield to produce gas.

Evening Sentinel Jan 20th 1994 Page 10 Cheshire
Generous Silverdale miners have handed over £3.050 to families bidding to launch a new youth club and community centre.

Evening Sentinel Jan 21st 1994 Page 1 Newcastle
Private buyers have shown considerable interest in taking over Silverdale colliery British Coal revealed today. But the company set to take over Hem Heath, Edward Energy, has pulled out of the race for Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Jan 26th 1994 Page 1 Co
British Coal is delivering imported fuel to the doorsteps of miners made redundant less than 6 weeks ago.

Evening Sentinel Feb 4th 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
Miners’ leaders are demanding guarantees that unions will be allowed to operate at the revived Hem Heath pit.

Evening Sentinel Feb 12th 1994 Page 5 L E
More than 80 jobs are to be lost with the closure of 2 private pits, Podmore Hall at Leycett and Great Row colliery at Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel Anymore for Feb????? Evening Sentinel March 1st 1994 Page 4 Moorlands
British Coal have arranged terms with Malcolm Edwards to re launch production at Trentham colliery, they plan to change the name back to Hem Heath. It last produced coal in Oct 1992.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
British Coal confirmed today it had received tenders from private firms wishing to restart production at Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1994 Page 29
Auctioneers at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum have revealed that 80 items of machinery and plant have been sold off, to try and obtain cash to meet some of the £166.000 debt.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1994 Page 13 Cheshire
The full impact of the closure of Hem Heath colliery has still not hit the local economy, an industrial expert warned today.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1994 Page 16 + 17 Cheshire
Two page article looks back through the history of the action and investigates the long-term effects of the 1984/85 miners’ strike.

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1994 Page 1 Co
Former pitmen snubbed a rally at Silverdale colliery to mark the 10th anniversary of the miners’ strike. The low turnout was blamed on the despondency in the pit village following the closure of of the mine 3 months ago. (More on page 5)

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1994 Page 10 Cheshire
Full page spread on the George Cross awarded for rescue work in the 1937 Holditch disaster. The story of how the medal was won nearly lost and finally saved, in the honour of those brave men.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1994 Page 4 L E
J.A. Knight has been granted permission to work a new coal seam at Haying Wood colliery, Silverdale for the next 15 years.

Evening Sentinel March 28th Page 13 Cheshire
A private mining company poised to takeover Hem Heath colliery is in the running for neighbouring Silverdale it was revealed today.

Evening Sentinel March 29th1994 Page 1 Co
Miners’ leaders claimed union officials were black-listed by British Coal after the closure of Hem Heath colliery when the pit was put on care and maintenance programme.

Evening Sentinel April 1st 1994 Page 5 Extra
Former TV soap stars Jean Alexander and Tony Watts went to the now closed Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum to see a colliery for themselves.

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1994 Page 10 Extra
Full page spread. From the stroke of midnight tonight the future of coal in the North Staffs coal field will be in the hands of Malcolm Edwards as he takes over the running of Hem Heath. He is now hoping to add Silverdale colliery to his growing coal empire.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1994 Page 1 Co
Two thousand jobs are set to be created with the sale of former Holditch colliery 110 acre site for just £1.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1994 Page 4 C.F
Hem Heath saviour Malcolm Edwards, arrived at the gates of the colliery today to usher in a new era of mining in North Staffs. He announced recruitment would begin on April 18th and he predicted could begin as early as the end of June.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1994 Page 1 Extra
Miners could be back producing coal at Silverdale colliery by January next year it was revealed today, creating 300 new jobs.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1994 Page 7 L E
A business consortium trying to put together a last minute rescue package for the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum is to meet with Stoke-on-Trent city council next week. Page 11 a unique collection of historic exhibits from the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum is to go under the hammer this week in the most controversial sale ever in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1994 Page28 Business
Article on Hem Heath gearing up to beat off foreign competition, that will displace imports of sized coal, coal which is above half inch.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1994 Page 5 Co
A last ditch attempt to save Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum has failed after a business consortium pulled out of an 11th hour rescue bid.

Evening Sentinel April 15th 1994 Page 14
Historic artefacts from Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum Will leave North Staffs after being snapped up by private dealers. The sad occasion was brightened up cheers, as Foxfield railway secured a Robert Heath saddle tank steam locomotive. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel April 16th 1994 Page 5 Extra
A historic collection of exhibits at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum is set to be saved at the 11th hour after charity commissioners blocked a sale.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1994 Page 1 Moorlands
More the 500 miners have so far joined the scramble for jobs at the new Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 22nd 1994 Page 19
Building could start on a new business park at the former Holditch pit site in 1997.

Evening Sentinel April 26th 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
More than 1.500 miners have joined the rush for jobs at the new Hem Heath colliery. There are now more than 10 applications for each of the 130 jobs.

Evening Sentinel May 4th 1994 Page 4 Cheshire .
The new owners of Hem Heath are set to give away 10.000 tonnes of coal in a bid to find markets for the fuel. There are coal reserves for 50 years.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1995 Page 10 Cheshire .
Full page spread on coal investments Hem Heath colliery. The new coal mine is rapidly becoming a different place from the one British Coal announced closure in 1992.

Evening Sentinel May 11th 1994 Page 11 Business.
Hem Heath colliery is expected to be opened in August with a team of 130 miners hoping for a secure future for at least 15 years.

Evening Sentinel May 16th 1994 Page 8 Cheshire .
Although Silverdale may survive on a small scale, its already been decided to establish a permanent memorial to 150 years of mining in the village.

Evening Sentinel May 27th 1994 Page 14 Cheshire.
Coal has been mined at Hem Heath for the first time in 18 months as the owners test the surface and underground machinery.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd 1994 Page 4 Co
Families are cleaning up today after coal-dust engulfed their cars and homes. Problems started when clouds of dust were blown out by ventilation fans when operating at Florence colliery, while the shaft was being filled in with limestone.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1994 Page 22
Thousands of miners’ including many from North Staffs suffering from lung decease have had hopes of compensation dashed. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 15th June 1994 Page 9 Cheshire
A memorial is to be built to commemorate the days of gone by days of mining in Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 17th June1994 Page 7 C F
A woman is recovering in hospital after falling through some rotten floor boards at the Chatterley Whitfield colliery. The museum is still in receivership.

Evening Sentinel 22nd June 1994 Page 4 Co .
Former British Coal director Malcolm Edwards could make the final decision to take over Silverdale colliery within the next 4 weeks.

Evening Sentinel 23rd June 1994 Page 28 Business .
Relatives of pitmen who lost their lives at Silverdale colliery are being rged to come forward as part of a plan to erect a memorial.

Evening Sentinel 23rd June 1994 Page 4 Co.
A company to take over the axed Silverdale colliery has launched a recruitment drive.

Evening Sentinel 29th June 1994 Page 4 Moorlands
Coal Investments Co. Have expect to sign lease and licence agreements with British Coal on 18th July 1994 the gates of Silverdale were locked on December 3rd with the loss of 650 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 30th June 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
A new bid to open the doomed Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum has been dashed by energy minister Tim Eggar. Same page. Hundreds of pitmen have joined the scramble for jobs at Silverdale colliery. They plan to take on 140 men by the end of the year.

Evening Sentinel 1st July 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Rats are running wild in a garbage strewn hedge grove at the closed Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 2nd July 1994 Page 5 Extra
Silverdale could be in for a multi million pound upgrade as Malcolm Edwards clinched a take-over deal. The cash will come from a £7.5m stock market bid by his company.

Evening Sentinel 4th July 1994 Page 9 Cheshire
Redundant North Staffs miners are flooding a hotline for jobs with Cementation Mining, which is trying to win contracts at Dawmill colliery.

Evening Sentinel 5th July 1994 Page 5 Midlands
Miners’ leader Joe Wills said today he hoped to avoid confrontation at the two private pits in North Staffs. The manager of Hem Heath said, he was fully prepared to accept the NUM at the mine.

Evening Sentinel 6th July 1994 Page 4 Newcastle
Malcolm Edwards, the man who opened Hem Heath has started to recruit miners to re-launch coal cutting at Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 12th July 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
The first fuel to be produced at Hem Heath pit since it closed down has been sold. New mining equipment is to be delivered in the next few weeks.

Evening Sentinel 16th July 1994 Page 9 Extra
Farmland close to Bentilee is under threat from opencast mining.

Evening Sentinel 19th July 1994 Page 1 Co
A massive plan to create 7.500 jobs at Sideway and parts of Hem Heath colliery was unveiled today.

Evening Sentinel 21st July 1994 Page 14 Cheshire
A new era has dawned at Silverdale colliery with Malcolm Edwards taking on the 200 year old site. His company has identified 90m tonnes of coal reserves and will lease the site until 2009.

Evening Sentinel 22nd July 1994 Page 20 Cheshire
Work starts again to carry on 150 years of tradition of coal mining at Silverdale. Yesterday the miners’ finished their first shift.

Evening Sentinel 29th July 1994 Page 14 Co
Full page about best stories about coal mining, including Florence, Wolstanton, Sneyd and Minnie pits.

Evening Sentinel Aug 5th 1994 Page 9
E. Clarke’s George Cross medal for bravery at the Holditch colliery explosion in 1937, on display at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum is to be sold.

Evening Sentinel 5th Aug 1994 Page 1 Co
A Tory MP who fought to save closure threatened mines had a trip underground at the reprieved Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel 9th Aug 194 Page 10 Cheshire
Fred Taylor, one of the 5 strong pit rescue team of Holditch colliery said he was “astonished” that a George Cross medal awarded to his colleague is to be sold, from Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 10th Aug 1994 Page 1 Business
A doomed drift nine, Apedale colliery known as Great Row has been saved and started coal production again.

Evening Sentinel 11th Aug 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
Up to 200 miners could be working at reopened Silverdale colliery by November it was revealed today.

Evening Sentinel 12th 1994 Page 1
Miners’ at Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries are set to reap a cash bonus after share value rose. They currently pay up to a third of their wages in shares.

Evening Sentinel 17th Aug 1994 Page 37 Business
Full page story with pictures of Aurora Mining Ltd. An article on the saving of Apedale colliery, where the mining of minerals in the Apedale valley goes back to the mid 18th century.

Evening Sentinel 18th Aug 1994 Page 4 Cheshire
British Coal is set to buy coal from Hem Heath pit it condemned to the scrapheap almost 2 years ago. Miners’ who fought for 18 months to save the pit, today claimed their fight had been vindicated.

Evening Sentinel 19th Aug 1994 Page 14 Cheshire
The jubilant daughter of hero Ezra Clarke of Holditch colliery today praised Newcastle Borough Council for rescuing his George Cross medal for the people of North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel 19th Aug 1994 Page 9 Newcastle
The George Cross medal awarded to hero Ezra Clarke of Holditch was given pride of place in its new home in Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel 24th Aug 1994 Page 12 Business
Coal merchants queued up for their first supply of Hem Heath coal for delivery to home in North Staffs and beyond.

Evening Sentinel 26th Aug 1994 Page 1 Moorlands
Scores of miners’ in North Staffs have lost thousands of pounds after switching to personal pension schemes.

Evening Sentinel 27th Aug 1994 Page 1 Extra
British Coal employees were paid cash “bribes” by financial advisors for the names of their fellow pitmen with redundancy money to invest, it was claimed today.

Evening Sentinel 6th Sep 194 Page 1 Co
Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum could be re-opened soon, as part of a plan to transform 350 acres of derelict the land into a major tourist and leisure complex.

Evening Sentinel 7th Sep 1994 Page 16 Co
An international design and technology centre could be built among the historic buildings of the crashed Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 10th Sep 1994 Page 5 Extra
Two awards presented following the 1937 Holditch disaster have been put on show together for the first time, the George Cross and the Sevres Vase, given by the President of France.

Evening Sentinel 10th Sep 1994 Page 5 Extra
Winners of the competition on coal mining stories, run by the Sentinel and the owners of Hem Heath have been presented with their trophies.

Evening Sentinel 13th Sep 1994 Page 7 Co
The company behind the opening of Hem Heath colliery is poised to lodge a multi million pound bid to buy two of England’s major coal-fields.

Evening Sentinel 16th Sep 1994 Page 1 Moorlands
Two proposed opencast sites in Newcastle are being put up for sale by British Coal the Great Oak site near Audley and Biddulph South.

Evening Sentinel 24th Sep 1994 Page 3 Extra
Smoked salmon and chandeliers greeted miners at the re-opening of Silverdale colliery, Lord Ezra performed he ceremony.

Evening Sentinel 28th Sep 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Miners’ at Hem Heath colliery gave a cheer when they got their first glimpse of the machinery they are shortly to be using. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 3rd Oct 1994 Page 10 Cheshire
Silverdale is tripling its workforce to meet orders from National Power. A planned expansion at the colliery is now almost complete.

Evening Sentinel 6th Oct 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Thousands of families are being given the chance to help shape the future of the 153 acre Florence colliery pit site.

Evening Sentinel 7th Oct 1994 Page 9 Moorlands
Ninety percent of former miners are being denied cash pay-outs for crippling chest illness, it was claimed today.

Evening Sentinel 8th Oct 1994 Page 1 Extra
penny from the sale of its artefacts and equipment.

Evening Sentinel 13th Oct 1994 Page 33
Silverdale colliery is to boost its workforce by 30 to bring the total workforce at the pit to 180.

Evening Sentinel 15th Oct 1994 Page 7 Extra
British Coal has lost its final bid to operate hundreds of acres of land in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel 21st Oct 1994 Page 21 Cheshire
Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of two medals and a gold watch, awarded to Walter Clifford. He was honoured with 4 medals, 9 bars and the inscribed Hunter watch after launching the Berryhill Mines Rescue Station in 1911.

Evening Sentinel 26th Oct 1994 Page 31 Business
Major changes in the mining industry mark the end of 47 years of the NCB, whose demise comes on Monday with the launch of a new regulatory body.

Evening Sentinel 26th Oct 1994 Page 13 Cheshire
Creditors of the failed Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum could have been paid in full if Stoke-on-Trent City Council had not stood in the way, the liquidators claimed today.

Evening Sentinel 26th Oct 1994 Page 29 Business
The official start on Monday of a new body, totally responsible for the mining- industry in Britain, will signal the end for British Coal.

Evening Sentinel 31st Oct 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Pioneering research could provide hope of compensation for hundreds of ex-miners suffering from lung disease.

Evening Sentinel 16th Nov 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Article on Hanley Deep pit site, past and present.

Evening Sentinel 16th Nov 1994 Page 32 Business
Coal Investments, the company that runs Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries, has reported an operating loss for the first half year of £10.2 m.

Evening Sentinel 24th Nov 1994 Page 38 News in focus
Full page article on Silverdale colliery, Poised to erect a Stirling memorial to the pit.

Evening Sentinel 26th Nov 1994 Page 5 Co
A new swimming pool and leisure facilities have been called for by the community on the former Florence colliery site, in a partnership with Stoke City Council and a private company.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Dec 1994 Page 23 Cheshire
Miners’ at Silverdale colliery were given new jobs as pantomime stars, when TV star Keith Ghegwin dropped in, for them to play in Snow white.

Evening Sentinel 5th Dec 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
Management at Silverdale colliery predicted a bright future for the mine on the anniversary of its closure.

Evening Sentinel 7th Dec 1994 Page 35 Business
A row has broken out between the owners of 2 North Staffs pits and the company set to take over the majority of British Coal.

Evening Sentinel 16th Dec 1994 Page 19 Cheshire
Miners’ at Hem Heath colliery are set to produce one fifth of the colliery’s former output level with just one tenth of the original workforce.

Evening Sentinel 28th Dec 1994 Page 22 Business
Full page spread, featuring “Coal Investments”. This company has been entered for the business of the year award.