Evening Sentinel 1st Jan 1996 Page 1 Extra
Miners’ at Hem Heath colliery defied superstition today and worked a coal face on New Years day, to extract vitally needed coal, after permission to mine under Barlaston village had been refused.

Evening Sentinel 3rd Jan 1996 Page 27 Business
Volunteer miners’ working their Christmas break produced £750.000 worth of fuel at Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries.

Evening Sentinel 8th Jan 1996 Page 3 Cheshire
After more than 100 years service, 4 canaries at Silverdale colliery have been made redundant. They will stay at the pit till the end of their natural lives, cared for by the lamp house staff.

Evening Sentinel 16th Jan 1996 Page 4 Cheshire
A high court judgement has left British Coal facing compensation claims from thousands of miners’ suffering from vibration white finger disease.

Evening Sentinel 31st Jan 1996 Page 9 News
Today, John Lockett president of former Florence colliery, said it was “stupit” that pits had been closed and generation stations mothballed in a rush for gas generation.

Evening Sentinel 6th Feb 1996 Page 4 North
“Coal Investments” today revealed it was discussing a multi million pound cash injection from National Power to help it though financial difficulties.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Feb 1996 Page 1 Special
Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries are to be put up for sale as administrators battle to save the last two deep mines in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 7th Feb 1996 Page 28 Business
Full page spread on “King Coal’s crown starts to slip”.

Evening Sentinel 8th Feb 1996 Page 4 North
Miners’ at threatened Silverdale colliery are confident they can secure their futures after breaking all productivity records. But the future of Hem Heath looks bleak as industrial experts claim it needs a massive investment.

Evening Sentinel 9th Feb 1996 Page 13 Cheshire
A memorial honouring the victims of the Minnie pit disaster 1918 will not be restored to its former glory, because of the cost.

Evening Sentinel 9th Feb 1996 Page 9 Moorlands
Newcastle MP Llin Golding claims administrators brought in to take over the running of “Coal Investments”, which own Silverdale colliery are pleased with the mines performance.

Evening Sentinel 13th Feb 1996 Page 5 Newcastle
Miners’ at Silverdale colliery have re-launched work to bring a new seam into production at the pit. There is 1.2 million tonne of reserves.

Evening Sentinel 20th Feb 1996 Page7 City
A bid to overturn a planning decision banning mining under Barlaston is set to fail. County lawyers say the decision must stand.

Evening Sentinel 21st Feb 1996 Page 1 North
Councillors are demanding a full environmental impact study into a scheme to opencast coal in the Biddulph area.

Evening Sentinel 21st Feb 1996 Page 1 Newcastle
A tremor hit parts of Newcastle last night shaking homes. Keele university believe it was caused by the collapse of old mine workings.

Evening Sentinel 23rd Feb Page 4 North
The future of Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries was looking brighter today after MPs met the administrators in the House of Commons to discuss the viability of Hem Heath and Silverdale pits.

Evening Sentinel 27th Feb 1996 Page 7 CF
A management team from failed “Coal Investments” is putting together a bid to buy Silverdale colliery it was revealed today.

Evening Sentinel 7th March 1996 Page 14 Cheshire
Organisers of a tribute to the mining history of Silverdale want to trace the identity of the men who perished down the pit.

Evening Sentinel 13th March 1996 Page 7 City
More than 50 households have given Stoke City Council evidence to use in their effort to secure government help for families living in homes blighted by mine shafts.

Evening Sentinel 15th March 1996 Page 15 North
The closure threatened Hem Heath colliery could be saved after it was revealed that a new coal face is set to open.

Evening Sentinel 19th March 1996 Page 1 City
New equipment worth £1.2 m is to be installed at Silverdale colliery, bringing fresh hope the mine will be saved from closure.

Evening Sentinel 9th April 1996 Page 7 City
A government inquiry is to be urged compensation for householders whose property has been blighted by nearby pit shafts.

Evening Sentinel 13th April 1996 Page 9 Extra
The North Staffs coal industry received a second boost this week after administrators at Hem Heath revealed they were in discussion with at leased one potential buyer.

Evening Sentinel 19th April 1996 Page 4 North
Miners’ at Hem Heath and Silverdale were warned their shares are likely to be worthless.

Evening Sentinel 22nd April 1996 Page 1 City
A consortium headed by Newcastle united football chairman John Hall, is considering buying Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 26th April 1996 Page 1 City
Former “Coal Investments” John Warwick is among a consortium bidding to take over Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries.

Evening Sentinel 3rd May 1996 Page 14 +15 City
There is a two page spread on, the future of Hem Heath colliery still hangs in the balance.

Evening Sentinel 14th May 1996 Page 1 C F
Hem Heath colliery is set to close in the next two weeks. The final coal has been cut and it will be reduced to care and maintenance.

Evening Sentinel 15th May 1996 Page 1 City
A management team at Hem Heath is facing a race against time to put a bid together to take over the pit.

Evening Sentinel 16th May 1996 Page 1 C F
The future of Hem Heath looks uncertain today after the leaders of a management team buy-out said the bid was doomed to failure.

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1996 Page 1 City
Two hundred jobs were axed at Hem Heath colliery today with a warning that the pit will be sealed off for good in 10 days. (More on page 4) the pit has reserves of between 100 and 150 million tonnes.

Evening Sentinel 23rd May 1996 Page 4 City
Silverdale colliery has taken on an extra 21 men from the doomed Hem Heath pit.

Evening Sentinel 24th May 1996 Page 75 News
Great grandmother Hilda Fox age 90, was only 12 years old when her father and Uncle were killed in the Minne pit explosion in 1918. She recalls the day.

Evening Sentinel 28th May 1996 Page 5 News
Closure threatened Hem Heath colliery will probably be handed to a new operator for a pepper corn rent, a coal industrial expert said today.

Evening Sentinel 29th May 1996 Page 1 City
The fate of Hem Heath colliery could be decided in the next 24 hours as engineers consider sealing off a coalface hit by an underground fire.

Evening Sentinel 30th May 1996 Page 1 City
Equipment worth £1.5 m is being installed to increase production at Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 31st May 1996 Page 13 Cheshire
Two years of funding and research will come to fruition next week with the unveiling of a tribute to the mining history of Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 1st June 1996 Page 1 Extra
Hem Heath colliery has been thrown a lifeline by a group headed by former pit manager Mike Horton. His group has made an expression of interest just 24 hours before the deadline.

Evening Sentinel 3rd June 1996 Page 7 North
A leading councillor has called upon the Coal Authority to reject a last ditch bid to save Hem Heath colliery and turn it into an industrial park.

Evening Sentinel 8th June 1996 Page 21 Relax
An article by John Abberley, on mining at Silverdale include the names of those killed, are inscribed on a memorial unveiled today.

Evening Sentinel 10th June 1996 Page 10 Cheshire
The future of Silverdale colliery is guaranteed for the next 10 years, according to its new owners.

Evening Sentinel 10th June 1996 Page 5 News
A new memorial unveiled by the Newcastle MP Llin Golding, will provide a lasting history to the mining of the former pit village of Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel 10th June 1996 Page 7 News
More that 1.500 people tuned up in the blazing sunshine to watch a tribute to a village’s mining past unveiled at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 8th July 1996 Page 5 Cheshire
Discussions are continuing with the Coal Authority and a group biding to take over the coal-rich Hem Heath pit, which is now under care and maintenance by 100 workmen.

Evening Sentinel 11th July 1996 Page 13 News
A County councillor today demanded the immediate closure of Hem Heath colliery unless the new operators guarantee never to mine under Barlaston.

Evening Sentinel 12th July 1996 Page 74 News Special
Staffordshire County Council has applied for European cash For the first stage of the planned redevelopment of the former Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 24th July 1996 Page 5 City
Leaders of a group aiming to take over Hem Heath colliery were today meeting finance companies in London, in a bid to raise funds in-order to re-open the mine.

Evening Sentinel 10th Aug 1996 Page 10
During the 1926 strike, miners’ crawled down little home-made pits on open land now covered by Hanley Forest Park.

Evening Sentinel 26th Aug 1996 Page 7 Special
A deal for a new company to take over Hem Heath colliery, could be clinched within the next month.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Sep 1996 Page 1 C F
More than £750.000 of European cash was today handed to North Staffordshire tp create jobs aimed at helping areas hit by pit closures.

Evening Sentinel 7th Sep 1996 Page 19 Relax
All our yesterdays. It was during the August week in 1956 that two old pit shafts opened on the floodlit training area at Northwood playing fields, used by schools.

Evening Sentinel 11th Sep 1996 Page 4 News
Families were jubilant today after being told plans to reopen Hem Heath colliery will not involve mining under their homes.

Evening Sentinel 12th Sep 1996 Page 9 North
A row on bonus payments at Silverdale colliery could be settled by workers being balloted on industrial action. The men are being forced to work 7 days a week to qualify for full bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel 14th Sep 1996 Page L Extra
Miners’ at Silverdale are about to hold talks tomorrow to decide whether to go ahead with a ballot over industrial action. They want incentive payments on 5 days a week not 7.

Evening Sentinel 16th Sep 1996 Page 5 North
Miners’ at Silverdale colliery have called off today’s planned ballot over industrial action at the 11th hour. The management have tabled 3 alternative schemes in a bid to resolve the row.

Evening Sentinel 17th Sep 1996 Page 4 North
Hem Heath colliery has been closed by the Coal Authority. This just comes 6 weeks before a final package to save the pit was expected to be agreed.

Evening Sentinel 18th Sep 1996 Page 10 Cheshire
Full page spread on the closure of Hem Heath colliery and the story of the fighjt to save it which started 4 years ago.

Evening Sentinel 18th Sep 1996 Page 5 North
The developers behind the massive Trentham Lakes business park are prepared to bid for the Hem Heath colliery site.

Evening Sentinel 18th Sep 1996 Page 5 Newcastle
A deputation, fighting to keep Hem Heath open is to hold crisis talks with the Coal Authority tomorrow.

Evening Sentinel 20th Sep 1996 Page 1 Newcastle
Hem Heath colliery today was given an eleventh hour stay of execution. Workmen were due to move into the pit tomorrow to begin capping the 3.000 feet deep shafts.

26th Sep 1996 Page 33 News
Fred and Minnie Caruthers of Longton were taken to the Draycott Arms for a party on their golden wedding anniversary with their 5 children and 13 grandchildren. Fred worked at Hem Heath until his retirement in 1981.

Evening Sentinel 30th Sep 1996 Page 5 North
Dozens of new jobs are to be created at Biddulph after the transformation of the former Victoria colliery site.

Evening Sentinel 13th Oct 1996 Page 3 Cheshire
Keith Meeson has amassed thousands of exhibits chronicling the areas heritage and believes his collection is one of the largest in Britain. He is drawing up a business plan for a mining museum in the Newcastle area.

Evening Sentinel 14th Oct 1996 Page 11 News
The group bidding to take over Hem Heath colliery said it remains confident of raising the finance before the deadline set by the Coal Authority.

Evening Sentinel 24th Oct 1996 Page 7 News
The future of Hem Heath colliery hung in the balance on the eve of the closure deadline set by the Coal Authority.

Evening Sentinel 25th Oct 1996 Page 4 Staffs
Eleventh hour talks aimed at preventing the immediate closure of Hem Heath colliery were set to resume for the third time today.

Evening Sentinel 28th Oct 1996 Page 4 North
Talks resumed today at the Coal Authority to decide the future of Hem Heath colliery amid suggestions there maybe disputes over the terms of licence.

Evening Sentinel 29th Oct 1996 Page 4 North
Talks over the future of Hem Heath colliery resumed today. The consortium bidding to take over tne mine have had four meetings with the Coal Authority with out any decision emerging.

Evening Sentinel 30th Oct 1996 Page 7 News
The consortium bidding for Hem Heath colliery has been given an extra two weeks to raise the £11.5 m it needs to start mining.

Evening Sentinel 30th Oct 1996 Page 4 North
A run down former village is on course a 2.400 jobs boost after planners gave the go ahead a £6.8 m industrial estate at Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel 31st Oct 1996 Page 5 North
The man leading the fight to restart Hem Heath colliery said today he was increasingly hopeful the bid would be successful.

Evening Sentinel 8th Nov 1996 Page 1 North
Fresh hopes have been given to hundreds of families whose houses are faced with mine shaft blight. A 20 metre rule could be scraped as part of an investigation.

Evening Sentinel 8th Nov 1996 Page 5 North
The future of Hem Heath colliery is to be set today.

Evening Sentinel 12th Nov 1996 Page 4 Cheshire
The dead line for the take over of Hem Heath colliery has been extended until tomorrow to allow the consortium more time to finance its arrangements.

Evening Sentinel 13th Nov 1996 Page 1 North
MPs today demanded a change of rules to allow hundreds of North Staffs miners’ compensation for the crippling lung disease contracted while working down the pit.

Evening Sentinel 18th Nov 1996 Page 4+5 News
The Sentinel joins campaign to seek justice for former pitmen suffering from chest disease. This is a two page spread.

Evening Sentinel 20th Nov 1996 Page 1 North
A government announcement over compensation for ex-miners stricken with severe lung disease is imminent said Mp Joan Walley today.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Nov 1996 Page 1 Cheshire
Former miner’s suffering from Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are today celebration the government climb down on compensation for lung disease sufferers. More on news page 3.

Evening Sentinel 30th Nov 1996 Page 5 The way we were.
The story of George Shufflebotham, who worked at 5 pits in North Staffs. He rose from shotfirer at Berry Hill colliery to senior overman at Florence colliery. He tells of his life as a young face worker at Berry hill colliery.

Evening Sentinel 4th Dec 1996 Page 9 Cheshire
MPs fighting for pitmen who have been struck down with chest problems have stepped up their campaign to get retrospective compensation for miner’s families.

Evening Sentinel 7th Dec 1996 Page 1 Extra
The axe has finally fallen on Hem Heath colliery after the collapse of a rescue deal for the colliery. More on page 5.

Evening Sentinel 9th Dec 1996 Page 4 North
The businessman heading the consortium to save Hem Heath colliery is considering legal action against Electricity Company for pulling out of a deal to buy coal from the pit. Same page, Workers of the Little Sheriff mine, Silverdale said the news of their pit closure came as a bolt out of the blue.

Evening Sentinel 10th Dec 1996 Page 5 North
The family of 78 year old Sam Mountford have told of his long struggle for compensation before chronic lung disease finally claimed his life.

Evening Sentinel 11th Dec 1996 Page 3 Business Week
Experts explain why we struggled to compete and why the Hem Heath deal collapsed.

Evening Sentinel 16th Dec 1996 Page 1 Newcastle
A major plan to regenerate a former mining village in Newcastle today won £3.3 m of government aid.

Evening Sentinel 18th Dec 1996 Page 3 Business News
The directors of Aurora Mining, that operates Apedale colliery has called on the Coal Authority to sell them their land at a reasonable price.