Evening Sentinel 15th Jan 1997 Page 7 Moorlands
The failure of a bid to take over Hem Heath colliery has led to the closure of another pit. Little Sheriff pit, Silverdale has been pot up for sale by the liquidators after it closed in December with the loss of 39 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Jan 1997 Page 3 Business week
The closure of Hem Heath colliery could cost a Tunstall tile maker thousands of pounds a year in extra fuel costs.

Evening Sentinel 24th Jan 1997 Page 1 City
The former Hem Heath colliery has been earmarked to become the UKs first rail freight distributing centre.

Evening Sentinel 25th Jan 1997 Page 4 Extra
Plans to retain Hem Heath colliery “A” frame as a memorial have been snubbed by miners’. Others say it should be kept as an epitaph, a lasting reminder that there is 300 million tonnes of coal buried under there.

Evening Sentinel 25th Jan 1997 Page 9 Extra
Work is set to begin shortly on a new business park, on the site of former Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel 25th Jan 1997 Page 5 The Way We Were
The story of Geordie miners’ coming from County Durham due to pit closures and moving to North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 27th Jan 1997 Page 4 North
Managers at Silverdale colliery have dismissed fears that the pit could close within the next 5 years.

Evening Sentinel 31st Jan 1997 Page 67 br? Stan and Freda Hawksworth celebrate 50 years of married life this week. Fred worked at Hem Heath colliery as an official for 22 years.

Evening Sentinel 12th Feb 1997 Page 7 C F
Organisers from an ambitious scheme to create a new mining museum, want to erect the machinery from Hem Heath colliery on the site.

Evening Sentinel 19th Feb 1997 Page 14 Cheshire
Families living in homes blighted by pit shafts could know by the end of the month whether an end to their nightmare is in site.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Feb 1997 Page 5 The Way We Were
More mining memories from George Shufflebotham, telling when he moved from Berry Hill and Mossfield, to Hem Heath colliery in 1963.

Evening Sentinel 6th March 1997 Page 11 News
Collector, Les Oakes from Cheadle has offered to save the doomed Hem Heath “A” frame and put it in his back garden.

Evening Sentinel 7th March 1997 Page 13 News
The famous Hem Heath “A” frame will be demolished before the end of the year, the Coal Authority revealed today.

Evening Sentinel 7th March 1997 Page 9 Newcastle
Pit officials sparked a row with villagers at Silverdale after announcing plans to raise the height of the colliery waste tip by 45 feet.

Evening Sentinel 15th March 1997 Page 8 Extra
The harsh realities of life working underground are brought To the stage tonight “Old King Coal” traces the lives of coal miners from 1850 to 1995.

Evening Sentinel 17th March 1997 Page 13 Cheshire
Golden wedding couple Frank and Margaret Roe celebrate with dinner at the Plough. Frank 78 was a face worker at Hem Heath colliery for 45 years.

Evening Sentinel 31st 1997 Page 7 Special
Former miners suffering from Emphysema and chronic bronchitis can start claiming for compensation from tomorrow.

Evening Sentinel 1st April 1997 Page 11 Cheshire
Former miner Jack Pearce, intends to be one of the first to claim compensation under new rules introduced today. Jack age 77 started work at Hem Heath colliery in 1946.

Evening Sentinel 24th April 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
An article on Keith Meeson, collecting mining relics from the closed mines rescue station at Berry Hill.

Evening Sentinel 26th April 1997 Page 26 North
The way we were. George Shufflebotham continues his story of working down the mine.

Evening Sentinel 2nd May 1997 Page 85 News
A coal-cutting shearer from Hem Heath colliery has been donated to the Big Pit museum near Abergaveny. Most of the machinery at Hem Heath is now sealed underground.

Evening Sentinel 5th May 1997 Page 7 Special
Angry residents from Alsagers Bank are fighting plans from Silverdale ccolliery to raise the height of spoil mounds to 45 metres.

Evening Sentinel 6th May 1997 Page 7 Moorlands
A tribute to miners’ who perished around Silverdale has been completed. It was officially unveiled last June but the names of the 141 victims over the last 123 years were not fitted.

Evening Sentinel 8th May 1997 Page 14 News
Sydney Phillips miner, feels that he will not live to see the results of his claim for compensation for severe lung disease. Former miner, Jack Pearce age 77 died just days after lodging his claim.

Evening Sentinel 8th May 1997 Page 1 Newcastle
A bumper £100.000 fund designated to improve the quality of life in a former pit village Chesterton, is up for grabs.

Evening Sentinel 16th May 1997 Page 21 News
Thousands of former Staffordshire miners’ are to reap the benefits of a 20% pension increase, due to the surplus in the funds.

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1997 Page 9 Newcastle
Nobby Clarke former miner donned the civic robes to become the new Mayor of Newcastle Borough, taking over from another miner, George Cairns.

Evening Sentinel 26th May 1997 Page 5 The way we were.
George Shufflebotham recalls some of his mining experiences.

Evening Sentinel 2nd June 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
Hundreds of families are fighting a move by Silverdale colliery to dump thousands of tonnes of spoil near their homes. Colliery managers say it could save 400 jobs at the pit.

Evening Sentinel 3rd June 1997 Page 14 news
The proposed Apedale museum has been given the Hem Heath winding engine on a long term loan.

Evening Sentinel 21st June 1997 Page 4+5 The way we were
Two pages on the Holditch colliery explosion 1937 with pictures. Fred Leigh local historian recalls the tragedy. Page 15 George Shufflebotham continues his memories in mining.

Evening Sentinel 25th June 1997 Page 14 Cheshire
A £7m business park will be ready for development by next spring on the former Holditch colliery site.

Evening Sentinel 26th June 1997 Page 11 Cheshire
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, will be asked to intervene in a dispute over tipping colliery waste from Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 1st July 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
Work on a £7m project to regenerate the huge Holditch colliery site gets under way today.

Evening Sentinel 3rd July 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
Fred Taylor relives some of his memories of the 1937 Holditch disaster as he visits the site on the day work started on a redevelopment scheme.

Evening Sentinel 26th July 1997 Page 7 Extra
The amount of derelict land in Stoke-on-Trent has increased by 225 acres over the last 3 years because of the closure of Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel 26th July 1997 Page 15 The way we were
George Shufflebotham continues his memories on life in the pits.

Evening Sentinel 28th July 1997 Page 1 Newcastle
Managers at Apedale colliery want to take up to 33 extra workers to increase production. They said they want to double production in the next 6 months.

Evening Sentinel 29th July 1997 Page 4 Moorlands
A £250.000 scheme for future restoration of Apedale colliery has been approved. The pit will operate for the next 5 years. The plans are for its eventual closure.

Evening Sentinel 7th Aug 1997 Page City
Management at Silverdale colliery have branded as “Commercially useless” an offer to dump spoil in the neighbouring High Lane void.

Evening Sentinel 20th Aug 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
Reginal Starkey age 86 was one of the first men to travel down Hem Heath pits initial shaft when it opened 71 years ago. After being there at its birth he would have liked to see the final act when it was blown up. But no one told him, it was attended by only a few demolition experts.

Evening Sentinel 20th Aug 1997 Page 1 North
Storm rages over destruction of Hem Heath “A” frame. Police say, we didn’t tell them to blow it up in secret. The Coal Authority said they did. (More on page 3)

Evening Sentinel 21st Aug 1997 Page 17 News in Focus
Mourning the ending of an era of prosperity, hope and danger, at Hem Heath colliery. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 25th Aug 1997 Page 1 Special
A company headed by multi millionaire Stan Clarke, is poised to buy the former Hem Heath colliery site.

Evening Sentinel 26th Aug 1997 Page 15 The way we were
George Shufflebotham recalls his memories of pit life and recreation of miners’. Also page 18, what made the news 50 years ago, miners’ want £2 a week increase.

Evening Sentinel 28th Aug 1997 Page 24 News
John and Marjorie Probyn celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. John worked in the mines for 30 years.

Evening Sentinel Sep 2nd 1997 Page 8 Extra
Dozens of photos were found by Philip Leese scouring the dusty corners of the library at Kidsgrove including Berchinwood colliery and documents of Bunkers Hill, Talke in 1875.

Evening Sentinel 22nd 1997 Page 12 News
Dave Nullis Florence colliery miner, who is now landlord of the Globe public house in Hanley is one of the nine former miners’, included in a test case for vibrating white finger, will know shortly the level of compensation.

Evening Sentinel 26th Sep 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
With a mighty explosion and a huge cloud of dust another part of Hem Heath colliery was brought to the ground, it was the high tower winder over the up-cast shaft.

Evening Sentinel 27th Sep 1997 Page 15 The way we were
Concluding the series, mining memories by George Shufflebotham. George worked at Berry Hill, Mossfield, Wolstanton, Hem Heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel 29th Sep 1997 Page 10 Cheshire
Around 200 former miners’ from all over the UK are due to visit North Staffs next Saturday, its the ninth annual reunion of the Bevin Boys association.

Evening Sentinel 29th Sep 1997 Page 13 Cheshire
Les and Marjorie Harrison celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with champagne. Les age 72 worked as a fireman and later as an overman at collieries all over North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 11th Oct 1997 Page 9 Cheshire
North Staffs only remaining deep coal mine Silverdale, has been forced to write off 3m tonnes of its coal reserves because of serious geological problems.

Evening Sentinel 25th Oct 1997 Page 7 Cheshire
A long term car park could be the answer to Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium parking crisis.

Evening Sentinel 11th Nov 1997 Page 4 North
Dozens of former miners in North Staffs were given advice by legal experts on how to claim compensation for injury to their hands suffered while working underground.

Evening Sentinel 12th Nov 1997 Page 10 Cheshire
Full page article, a legal test case is currently under way in the high court respiratory illness. A decision over British Coal’s liability to those affected is expected soon.

Evening Sentinel 18th Nov 1997 Page 1 CF
Former coal land renamed the “Mossfield Corridor” could be turned into a low-cost business park providing a 1.000 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Nov 1997 Page 4 Late Extra
British Coal is to appeal against a high court award of damages to 7 former miners’ suffering from vibration white finger.

Evening Sentinel 25th Nov 1997 Page 13 Cheshire
The profitability of North Staffs only deep coal mine, Silverdale could be put under threat, by proposed environmental regulations.

Evening Sentinel 1st December 1997 Page 4 City
Owners of Silverdale colliery are today emerging as front runners in a bid to save 5 pits from closing.

Evening Sentinel 3rd Dec 1997 Page 2 Newcastle
Joe Wills NUM Midlands area secretary will tomorrow give evidence to the inquiry into the future of the coal industry. He said today “With a proper energy policy the industry would be safe guarded.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Dec 1997 Page 4 Extra
Silverdale mine officials and Keele University seismology experts are to investigate a series of earth tremors which have rocked parts of Newcastle Borough.

Evening Sentinel 29th Dec 1997 Page 8 The way we were
To mark the 80th anniversary of the Minie pit disaster 1918, Fred Leigh looks back at North Staffs worst pit tragedy.