Evening Sentinel 2nd Jan 1998 Page 58 News
Earth tremors which shook parts of North Staffs earlier this month were recorded as far away as Leicester, Hereford and South Wales.

Evening Sentinel 23rd Jan 1998 Page 1 Staffs
A land mark High Court ruling today opened the flood gates to tens of thousands of claims for compensation from former miners. The final bill could top £1b and hundreds of retired pitmen from North Staffs could get a slice of the cash.

Evening Sentinel 24th Jan 1998 Page 8 Extra
NUM Joe Wills, regarding the High Court decision on dust decease said, “we have been fighting for 30 years and we have won.” He has met countless miners’ in those three decades who have been left crippled by lung decease. (Full page spread)

Evening Sentinel 26th Jan 1998 Page7 Moorlands
Thousands of former miners’ including hundreds from North Staffs have been calling the help lines offering legal advice following a High Court victory against the Coal Board.

Evening Sentinel 27th Jan 1998 Page 9 Cheshire
Miner’s leader Joe Wills has warned North Staffs members to be on the lookout for “sharks” aiming to cash in on possible pay-outs for chest illness.

Evening Sentinel 3rd Feb 1998 Page 5 Cheshire
Eight North Staffs pitmen sacked during the miner’s strike are taking the fight to clear their names to Parliament.

Evening Sentinel 4th Feb 1998 Page 26 News
Full page story on how the miners became increasingly bitter as the dispute between the NUM and the Coal Board dragged on.

Evening Sentinel 4th Feb 1998 Page 1 North
A delegation of former miners were today in London to press for reinstatement of their pension rights. C. McClaren and John Connon from Hem Heath were among the thousand who were sacked during the 1984/85 strike.

Evening Sentinel 7th Feb 1998 Page 4 Extra
Former miners received a double boost in their battle for compensation for dust decease and pension rights.

Evening Sentinel 9th Feb 1998 Page 9 Cheshire
Hundreds of former miners in North Staffs are awaiting the outcome of a test case to see if they can claim compensation for pay they lost during the Tory government pit closure programme.

Evening Sentinel 10th Feb 1998 Page 8 and 9
Today the bombshell dropped that Silverdale colliery was to close in September and loss over 300 jobs. Workers were given 90 days warning of redundancy yesterday as they came off shift.

Evening Sentinel 11th Feb 1998 Page 3 Cheshire
There is nothing romantic about being the last of a long line of miners. Its a case of getting on with your life, reflects Darren McClaren, contemplating being laid off at Silverdale. Plus a list of mine closures since 1957.

Evening Sentinel 11th Feb 1998 Page 3 Business Week
Having survived the upheavals of the mining industry over the last 20 years, it is the mine’s poor geological profile which has finally sealed the lid on Silverdale’s future.

Evening Sentinel 11th Feb 1998 Page 1 Newcastle
A union leader and employment service clashed today over job prospects of miners being made redundant from Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 11th Feb 1998 Page 29 Business Week
Workers at Silverdale colliery have been warned there is little prospect of their mine being saved. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 12th Feb 1998 Page 1 North
The NUM is trying to draw up a rescue package for the closure threatened Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 13th Feb 1998 Page 9 City
Staffordshire County Council is to call on the government to hold an inquiry into the proposed closure of Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 14th Feb 1998 Page 5 Extra
Shoppers queued to back a campaign launched yesterday by the “Women against pit closures” to save Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 16th Feb 1998 Page 8 Cheshire
Miner’s leader Joe Wills, talks to John Woodhouse about why he will never give up fighting the forces that have closed every deep mine in North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel 16th Feb 1998 Page 7 Newcastle
Rescue plans for the threatened Silverdale colliery were being discussed today at a private meeting.

Evening Sentinel 17th Feb 1998 Page 7 Cheshire
Miner’s leaders are trying to win a five month reprieve for Silverdale colliery in the hope that a buyer can be found.

Evening Sentinel 20th Feb 1998 Page 19 Cheshire
Newcastle Borough Council have a campaign to save Silverdale colliery. It is supporting the fight by the NUM to find a war of averting the shutdown.

Evening Sentinel 21st Feb 1998 Page 13 News
The disused colliery line branded as “Blight” which runs from Silverdale to Holditch is to be transformed into a landscape pathway for walkers and cyclists.

Evening Sentinel 27th Feb 1998 Page 1 City
Families have vowed to fight any plans for open casting at Silverdale colliery. A specialist open cast firm had applied for details about the struggling pit. (more on page 4 )

Evening Sentinel 3rd March 1998 Page 3 Cheshire
Craig Poole is one of the small team to re-seal the shaft of the Minnie pit. His grand father and uncle both lost their lives in the 1918 explosion there.

Evening Sentinel 17th March 1998 Page 4 CF
The closure of Silverdale colliery moved a step closer today, a 28 day deadline set for a prospective new owner to come forward, came and went with no expressions of interest.

Evening Sentinel 28th March 1998 Page 2 Extra
Hundreds of North Staffs miners battling for compensation for exposure to coal dust could share a £10 m share out.

Evening Sentinel 29th March 1998 Page 9 Extra
Managers at Aurora pit Apedale made a cry for help for investors to stop it closing.

Evening Sentinel 30th March 1998 Page 5 North
An appeal has gone to the government for £1m more regeneration money to cushion the impact of potential job loses at Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 15th 1998 Page 51 News
A major new development designed to improve life for a former pit village gets underway this year. A sports centre, community hall day centre and business unit are all planned at Chesterton.

Evening Sentinel 20th April 1998 Page 9 News
A workshop has been set up for examiners in North Staffs. The CISWO has linked with Willfield community centre to kick start the scheme.

Evening Sentinel 22nd April 1998 Page 5 North
Silverdale colliery will defiantly close later this year it was disclosed today. The deadline for companies interested in taking over the last deep pit in North Staffs passed today with no takers. May 1st to May 21st Missing

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1998 Page 14 News Focus
From his Burslem office Joe Wills is watching over the steady decline of the NUM. He has 350 members compared to around 14.000 in 1988 and by the end of the year, when Silverdale closes the Midland’s office will face closure.

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1998 Page 9 News
The former Hem Heath colliery site will be put on the market within weeks, with Stoke regeneration Ltd likely to put in a bid.

Evening Sentinel 30th May 1998 Page 9 News
Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum dubbed “the most important coal mine in the British Isles, if not Europe” could be rescued with lottery money it was revealed today.

Evening Sentinel 8th June 1998 Page 9 News
Energy Minister John Battle has turned down pleas to meet a delegation fighting to throw a survival life-line to Silverdale colliery.

Evening Sentinel 11th June 1998 Page 11 Cheshire
Interim payments for former miners with lung diseases are to be extended to hundreds of younger men and widows in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 12th June 1998 Page 24 Cheshire
Silverdale colliery NUM chief last night declared “we are as good as shut and bulldozed”.

Evening Sentinel 15th June 1998 Page 7 Cheshire
Plans have been submitted to establish a £1m mining heritage centre at the abandoned Bassey drift mine at Apedale.

Evening Sentinel 30th June 1998 Page 1 North
A delegation from Biddulph is to urge John Prescott to inject cash into a former colliery town.

Evening Sentinel 8th July 1998 Page 8 Cheshire
Retired miner, Eric Snape expects to live his last years crippled by respiratory decease and reliant on oxygen treatment.

Evening Sentinel 26th July 1998 Page 7 Cheshire
Councillors have welcomed the completion of a design brief for a major new employment site, on the reclaimed Holditch colliery site.

Evening Sentinel 31st July 1998 Page 1 City
Thousands of miners suffering from vibration white finger were today celebrating a local victory against the Coal Board. Joe Wills secretary of the Midland’s NUM said its been a long hard fight.

Evening Sentinel 13th Aug 1998 Page 9 Newcastle
Workers at the doomed Silverdale colliery are shunning offers of new mining jobs in Nottingham because it is too far to travel. Production will stop at Silverdale in October.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Aug 1998 Page 9 Extra
The Apedale mine in Chesterton will finish next week. Apedale has been forced to close because it is connected to Silverdale colliery underground and will be flooded when the larger mine ends production.

Evening Sentinel 9th Nov 1998 Page 17 News
Silverdale colliery may be kept open for another two months because of production problems. The manager said the mine will not close until we have brought up the amount of mineral required.

Evening Sentinel 11th Sep Page 23
The Government have refused to step in to save Silverdale colliery from closure despite campaigners taking the fight to Downing St.

Evening Sentinel 23rd Sep 1998 Page 5 North
A bid has been made to secure extra government aid to cushion the impact of the closure of Silverdale colliery. The pit is due to cease production at the end of the year with the loss of 340 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 25th Sep 1998 Page 1 North
A miner is fighting for his life after being crushed by a tonne of coal at Silverdale. He has severe crush injuries and is very poorly, his name is Neville Bloore age 37.

Evening Sentinel 26th Sep 1998 Page 1 Extra
Dr Hussain spoke today how he battled to inflate the lungs of Neville Bloore who was crushed at Silverdale colliery yesterday, 5 miles underground.

Evening Sentinel 7th Oct 1998 Page 8 North
Dr Hussain spoke today how he battled to inflate the lungs of Neville Bloore who was crushed at Silverdale colliery yesterday, 5 miles underground.

Evening Sentinel 7th Oct 1998 Page 8 North
A former railway station at Silverdale has been bulldozed and will be rebuilt at the Apedale mining heritage site.

Evening Sentinel 10th Nov 1998 Page 2 City
The Government has ordered an investigation into the way some of the most deprived areas in North Staffs miss out on lottery cash. The most glaring imbalance is North staffs with its sweeping pit closures.

Evening Sentinel 16th Nov 1998 Page 7 Newcastle
A woman says she has been unable to sell her house because of the old mine workings, today had her hopes of damages payout from the Coal Authority dashed.

Evening Sentinel 19th Nov 1998 Page 15 Cheshire
Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum once described as one of the most important in Europe could be brought back into use under a new initiative.

Evening Sentinel 27th Nov 1998 Page 7 North
A former miner, Victor Parrish age 75 died of an industrial decease more than 50 years after he stopped working in a colliery.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Dec 1998 Page 2 Cheshire
New jobs and houses could be created on former coal-fields in North Staffs after a government pledge to inject cash into the area.

Evening Sentinel 7th Dec 1998 Page 3 Cheshire
School children brought mining history to life to mark the rejuvenation of an abandoned coal-field at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel 10th Dec 1998 Page 3 Cheshire
An exhibition marking the end of deep mining in North Staffs opens tomorrow at the Brampton Museum, Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel 11th Dec 1998 Page 14 Cheshire
Dr. Lativ Hussain and Staffordshire ambulance staff received bravery awards for their work in rescuing Neville Bloor age 37 after he was crushed in a fall of ground at the Silverdale colliery on September 25th.

Evening Sentinel 16th Dec 1998 Page 10 Newcastle
Production will cease at North Staffs last deep coal mine, Silverdale on Christmas eve. The last shift will go down at 6 am 24th December. (same page) An expert is set to be appointed to try to resurrect Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Dec 1998 Page 2 Newcastle
Thousands of former miners could receive long awaited compensation payouts early next year.

Evening Sentinel 24th Dec 1998 Page 1 Special
The last shift at Silverdale colliery came up today marking the end of almost 200 years of mining in the village. (More on page 8 and 9)

Evening Sentinel 26th Dec 1998 Page 8 Special
Nicula Dowling visits a village in mourning. The closure of its colliery, miners young and old are to gather for a poignant reunion to mark the final closure of Silverdale colliery.