Evening Sentinel 7th Jan 1999 Page 13 Newcastle
Apedale mining museum dedicated to the memory of mining in North Staffs is set to open by the end of the year.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Jan 1999 Page 1 North
A scheme to regenerate the former Victoria colliery site and create much needed new jobs could start within weeks.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Jan 1999 Page 4 CF
Thousands of former North Staffs miners crippled by industrial disease are to be awarded payments of between £5.000 and £10.000, it was reported today.

Evening Sentinel 19th Jan 1999 Page 1 North
Forty former Silverdale miners who found jobs in a Nottinghamshire pit 6 months ago, are to lose their jobs, some for the third time.

Evening Sentinel 20th Jan1999 Page 14 North
A film documenting the fight to save coal mining in North Staffs, “We are not defeated” is to receive a special screening next month.

(Feb 9th to 18th missing)

Evening Sentinel 25th Feb 1999 Page 5 North
About 100 former Silverdale miners have found new jobs after receiving training with a £100,000 windfall.

Evening Sentinel 8th March 1999 Page 5 Cheshire
Westminster talks are to be held today aimed at giving hope to hundreds of North Staffs home owners whose properties have been hit by the mine shaft blight.

Evening Sentinel17th March 1999 Page 7 Cheshire
Stoke-on-Trent regeneration has bought the 152 acre site at Hem Heath colliery to complete the giant Trentham Lakes employment park.

Evening Sentinel 18th March 1999 Page 7 F
Families whose homes are affected by mine shaft blight were today given fresh hope. Energy Minister John Battle has agreed to press for action to tackle the problem of North Staffs residents.

Evening Sentinel 22nd March 1999 Page 11 Cheshire
Edward and Rita Dunn celebrated their golden wedding. Edward worked 45 years in the coal industry. Rita was an office cleaner at Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel 22nd March 1999 Page 2 North
Thousands of former miners will learn next week if they will be compensated for dust disease.

Evening Sentinel 25th March 1999 Page 9 Cheshire
A book of memories chronicling one man’s fight against opencast mining in Berryhill has been donated to the community. William Jukes died age 45 just before the mining proposals were scrapped.

Evening Sentinel 26th March 1999 Page 4 First
Former miners could have to wait months for compensation payouts for injury caused by dust in the pits according to Joe Wills the miner’s leader.

Evening Sentinel 27th March 1999 Page 2 Extra
Elderly former miners suffering from lung disease are facing a dilemma over compensation. Whether to take £5.250 under the government’s fast track scheme, or to wait up to a year to claim £50.000.

Evening Sentinel 30th March 1999 Page 26 and 27 Sentinel
Story of Richard Stanley and Lucy Bossoms, married in 1925 and lasted 74 years. Richard was a miner and went through the 1926 strike.

Evening Sentinel 31st March 1999 Page 13 Newcastle F
Plans to tip at a former coal mine at Chesterton have been blocked because the pit is in green belt land.

Evening Sentinel 14th April 1999 Page 2 Newcastle F
An exhibition will run from Saturday to May 30th of photos about Silverdale colliery to make its closure last December. Scenes from above and underground were taken by 4 photographers.

Evening Sentinel 26th April 1999 Page 2 C F
A multimillion pound rail freight terminal has been included in a new master plan for the development of the former Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel 12th May 1999 Page 3 Stafford
Mother Nature has breathed new life into a former colliery site by transforming it into a giant wildlife reserve. This is in Leycett on the site of Bateswood colliery which closed in 1990.

Evening Sentinel15th May 1999 Page 2 Extra
Three hundred and fifty homes are to be built on the former Hem Heath colliery site. The housing scheme was shelved in 1993 when it was thought Hem Heath would remain open in.

Evening Sentinel 19th May 1999 Page 11 First
A £1.2m study is to be launched to find a future use for the crumbling Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1999 Page 9 Extra
A major announcement on the future of Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum has been promised by English Heritage by June 8th.

Evening Sentinel 1st June 1999 Page 2 Newcastle F
Former miners fighting for compensation for lung disease are being forced to travel long distances for medical examinations because the government has nit set up a testing centre in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 5th June 1999 Page 15 Extra
Lawrence and Ivy Bate had a letter from the Queen for their diamond wedding anniversary Lawrence age 81 was a miner for 40 years.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1999 Page 2 Cheshire
English Heritage announced today a £1m rescue package for the former coal mine and museum site at Chatterley Whitfield. (More on page 11)

Evening Sentinel 11th June 1999 Page 18 Cheshire
Sid Boulton is known as the guardian angel of Chatterley Whitfield, for he has watched over the ex colliery and museum site for more than 60 years.

Evening Sentinel 18th June 1999 Page 13 Cheshire
Former miners fighting for compensation for lung disease are a step nearer of getting a medical testing centre in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 24th June 1999 Page 14 Cheshire
A lasting tribute to the men who worked at Silverdale colliery can now be seen in all its glory, even at night. The £45.000 bronze figure has been at the junction of Newcastle St. and Mill St. For 3 years.

Evening Sentinel 25th June 1999 Page 12 Newcastle F
Where once there stood a railway carrying coal from the pit, there will soon be cows and sheep grazing. The railway cutting at Hooters Hall, that used to serve Holditch colliery during its days as a working mine, has become derelict land, and soon to be transformed with a £164.000 restoration.

Evening Sentinel 12th July 1999 Page 2 C F
Almost £90.000 is to be spent to put out a fire which raged underground in old coal workings for decades and has plagued families in the Berryhill area since 1972.

Evening Sentinel 15th July 1999 Page 16 Moorlands
A fire raging underground at Berryhill, it has been revealed today will now cost £700,000; £88.000 had been approved earlier.

Evening Sentinel 30th July 1999 Page 5 First
Former miners in North Staffs have welcomed the news that their compensation payments are to be speeded up.

Evening Sentinel 31st July 1999 Page 16 Newcastle First
A waste firm is considering bringing the former Silverdale colliery rail line back into use if controversial tipping plans are given the go ahead.

Evening Sentinel 24th Aug 1999 Page 3 Cheshire
The story of Joseph Cook, the pit boy from Silverdale who became Prime Minister of Australia in 1913 has been chosen as part of a series celebrating 100 years of Federal Government in Australia.

Evening Sentinel 7th Sep 1999 Page 17 Cheshire
The Machin diaries 7-9-76. The NCB announced today that Norton colliery is to close. Miners will be offered jobs at Holditch, Hem Heath and Florence. An NCB spokesman said its the first North Staffs closure since Apedale and we are confident there will be no more.

Evening Sentinel 8th Sep 1999 Page 12 Newcastle First
Emergency services were swamped with calls after a minor earthquake hit North Staffs yesterday. The tremor was the biggest to hit the area for two years and has been blamed on old mine workings.

Evening Sentinel 10th Sep 1999 Page 5 Cheshire
Plans have been unveiled to transform the former Silverdale colliery into a small industrial estate creating 210 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 25th Sep 1999 Page 25 Way We Were
A full page spread by Bill Ridgeway as he recalls the days of working at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel 29th Sep 1999 Page 5 North
Fred Hayes has been appointed project manager to carry out emergency repairs on the Chatterley Whitfield site after a grant of £1m in June.

Evening Sentinel 30th Sep 1999 Page 12 Newcastle First
Plans to redevelop the site of former Silverdale colliery are set to give the go ahead. The £750.000 scheme will create 200 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 7th Oct 1999 Page 26 News
Plans to turn the former Silverdale colliery into a millennium village attracting millions of pounds have moved a step further.

Evening Sentinel 8th Oct 1999 Page 116 News
The mining village, Silverdale where they came from dose not have a pit anymore but the Daleian singers are still singing as loud and proud as they were 40 years ago.

Evening Sentinel 9th Oct 1999 Page 15 Cheshire
Wesley and Iris Goldstraw celebrated their diamond wedding. Wesley was a retired miner from Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel 9th Oct 1999 Page 2 Newcastle
The Daleien male voice choir is celebrating its roots with a millennium musical history of the former mining village of Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 23rd Oct 1999 Page 12 way we were
Extract from Nov 5th 1974. Hem Heath colliery was being called the Royal pit today only hours after it was announced that it will be visited early next month by Princess Margaret.

Evening Sentinel 27th Oct 1999 Page 9 Cheshire
A heritage lottery fund grant of £463.500 will go towards breathing new life into what was Chatterley colliery, the first mine ever to produce one million tonnes of coal in a year.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Nov 1999 Page 3 Cheshire
Former miner Brian Turner with his daughter Anthea and boy friend Grant Bovey with their guide Sid Boulton visited Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. Brian worked there 40 years ago.

Evening Sentinel 10th Nov 1999 Page 1 North
New jobs could be created for people in Biddulph if industrial development goes ahead at the derelict mining site of Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel 8th Dec 1999 Page 42 Business Week
When Colin Davies was a pit pony driver at Silverdale colliery and other pits, he always new that one day he would be rich and successful. Today age 59 he is a millionaire. (Full page story)

Evening Sentinel 11th Dec 1999 Page 1 North
A new railway station could be built on the site of the former Hem Heath colliery, as part of the Trentham Lakes regeneration scheme.

Evening Sentinel 17th Dec 1999 Page 2 North
Plans for a major redevelopment of the derelict mining site at Victoria colliery, creating scores of new jobs, has been approved.

Evening Sentinel 31st Dec 1999 Page 38 Millennium 2
The closure of Silverdale colliery last year marked far more than just the end of North Staffs mining industry. In the days when coal was King, the region had more than 20 pits, employed more than 40.000 men and was considered the nations powerhouse.