Evening Sentinel 1st Jan 2000 Page 14 Special Edition
The old Steward factory at Longport was recently demolished, but instead of the old steel structure being scraped, it was offered to Apedale museum. It will be reconstructed to house locomotives.

Evening Sentinel 4th Jan 2000 Page 9 CF
Work to begin on a £1.5 m project to restore historic Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum this month.

Evening Sentinel 13th Jan 2000 Page 13 Cheshire
The industrial face of North Staffordshire has changed beyond all recognition Steel works, Ceramics, Textiles and Coal. The last mine, Silverdale colliery closed on Christmas Eve 1998 marking the end of a period of decline started in the 1960s.

Evening Sentinel 24th Jan 2000 Page 14 Cheshire
Work began this week repairing leaking roofs, guttering, installing fencing and making the site safe to run electricity. This is the first stage of saving the mining heritage at Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel 31st Jan 2000 Page 12 Cheshire
Power and heat to drive the regeneration of empty mining buildings could be supplied from the Sun, Wind, and Wood under a new radical plan at Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel 7th Feb 2000 Page 10 Special Report
The pits have closed the steel industry is all but gone the pot banks employ a fraction of the previous workforce they had. The mining family give their views in this article.

Evening Sentinel 15th Feb 2000 Page 8 CF
Former miners seeking compensation for Vibration White Finger today won a fight for a medical test centre in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 17th Feb 2000 Page 19 News
Eight houses are to be demolished on a former mining estate next month as part of a £625.000 regeneration scheme.

Evening Sentinel 3rd March 2000 Page 79 News
An ex soldier from Poland has been married for 50 years to the pottery woman he met in 1946. Bruno Kilin was a miner at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel 15th March 2000 Page 15 News
John and Amy Heath celebrate their diamond wedding. John worked at Florence colliery for 45 years.

Evening Sentinel 27th March 2000 Page 2 Moorlands
An action plan is being drawn up to safeguard a picturesque valley in Uper Tean which has been blighted by the threat of open cast mining.

Evening Sentinel 28th March 2000 Page 13 News
Celebrating their golden wedding at home were Emma and Walter Williams. Walter worked at Holditch colliery for 38 years.

Evening Sentinel 30th March 2000 Page 2 CF
Developers have unveiled £50m plans to redevelop the disused former colliery site at Norton.

Evening Sentinel 17th April 2000 Page 4 North
A multi million pound rescue package for the coal industry is to be unveiled by the government this week. There are just 17 deep mines left.

Evening Sentinel 16th May 2000 Page8 Cheshire
Miners who lost out on their pension rights after being sacked during the 1984/85 strike could soon have their full entitlement restored. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 20th May 2000 Page 11 News
English Heritages’ at risk register lists 1.500 buildings nation wide with Chatterley Whitfield at greatest risk.

Evening Sentinel 26th May 2000 Page 10 News
North Staffs miners sacked during the bitter 1984/85 strike are still confident they will receive their lost pensions.

Evening Sentinel31st May 2000 Page 17 News
“Wetley Moor Reminiscences” During the miner’s strike in 1926 the common was full of holes. People were after coal. My Dad had one and went down in it filling a little tin bath.

Evening Sentinel 3rd June 2000 Page 13 News
Fred and Irene Hill celebrated their diamond wedding with a family party; Fred spent all his working life at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel 14th June 2000 Page 16 News
Some of Staffordshire’s finest buildings are in danger of being lost to decay; action needs to be taken now. The list includes Chatterley Whitfield.

Evening Sentinel 15th June 2000 Page 16 News
The people of Silverdale have had just about enough with dust and noise, colliery, marl holes, open casting, , now the local authority wants to turn part of Silverdale colliery into a pioneering gas power plant.

Evening Sentinel 22nd June 2000 Page 3 Cheshire
Campaigners are launching a petition of plans to convert part of Silverdale colliery into a pioneering gas power plant.

Evening Sentinel 24th June 2000 Page 3 Cheshire
Ray and Jessie Lovatt celebrate their golden wedding; Ray worked for the NCB for 40 years.

Evening Sentinel 26th June 2000 Page 15 Business News
The second phase of an ambitious redevelopment programme of the former Hem Heath colliery is now finished.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Aug 2000 Page 19 News
A 7 tonne former pit wheel is being restored to its former glory as the centrepiece of the soon to open Apedale Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel 7th Aug 2000 Page 2 CF
Territorial Army troops from Stoke-on-Trent turn a training exercise into a kind hearted gesture as they helped to construct of around 100 tonnes of machinery, the centrepiece of the Apedale Heritage Centre.

Evening Sentinel 7th Aug 2000 Page 11 CF
Bill and Ivy Hulme from Fenton Stoke-on-Trent marked 80 years of marriage with a family get together. Bill worked at Hem Heath colliery for 46 years.

Evening Sentinel 7th Aug 2000 Page 13 CF
Red tape wrangle has sparked fears that 1.400 North Staffs miners could die before they receive the cash they are entitle to.

Evening Sentinel 16th Aug 2000 Page 19 News
Volunteers at Apedale Heritage Centre, dedicated to mining are appealing for relatives of men and boys killed in pit disasters to help mark a lasting memorial to them. Fred Leigh has 800 so far.

Evening Sentinel 19th Aug 2000 Page 8 News
An appeal to help create a memorial to men and boys killed in North staffs pits has sparked a huge response from their relatives and workmates.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Aug 2000 Page 13 News
On a cold November day in 1950, Thomas Potts went to work at Holditch colliery as usual, while his 11 year old son Graham went to school. But when Graham returned to the family home, it was to the news that his father would never be coming back.

Evening Sentinel 1st Sep 2000 Page 22 News
Members of the public are being given a sneak preview of what is in store at Apedale Mining Museum, to open shortly.

Evening Sentinel 1st Sep 2000 Page 73 News
Nancy and William Gibson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. William worked at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel 6th Sep 2000 Page 5 CF
Miners’ leader has pledged to support residence campaign to stop a proposal to generate electricity by burning coal underground at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel 6th Sep 2000 Page 21 News
Visitors are being invited to check on progress on the development of Apedale Mining Museum this Saturday and Sunday.

Evening Sentinel 15th Sep 2000 Page 16 News
Guided tours of the historic Chatterley Whitfield are being offered to the public this weekend.

Evening Sentinel 16th Sep 2000 Page 10 Newcastle
A County Councillor is demanding talks with the coal Authority over the regeneration of the former Silverdale colliery site after plans for a gasification scheme was dropped.

Evening Sentinel 19th Sep 2000 Page 2 CF
Coal Authority bosses are being urged to transfer the ownership of the former Silverdale colliery site, to Stafford County Council.

Evening Sentinel 28th Sep 2000 Page 29 News
Stephen Lee got a perfect 90th birthday gift when his daughter and grandson travelled from Portugal to visit him. Stephen was a former first aid attendant at Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel 29th Sep 2000 Page 71
Thomas and Margaret Storey are celebrating their golden wedding, they both worked at Hem Heath colliery, Margaret in the canteen.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Oct 2000 Page 1 North
Hundreds of North Staffs miners waiting for compensation for illness could die before they receive any money after it was revealed payments could take up to three years to materialise.

Evening Sentinel 7th Oct 2000 Page 3 F
The Coal Authority is prepared to sell large parts of Silverdale colliery sites to pave the way for the creation of new jobs.

Evening Sentinel 8th Oct 2000 Page 3 Sunday Sent
Malcolm Jackson age 64 is on the verge of giving up his fight for compensation as his case gets bogged down with yet more layers of red tape.

Evening Sentinel 20th Oct 2000 Page 11 News
One of the world’s mobile cranes has been brought to Chatterley Whitfield colliery to carry out survey works.

Evening Sentinel 25th Oct 2000 Page 16 North
The drift mine at Apedale County Park near Chesterton has been opened to the public between 10 and 3 on Saturday and Sunday.

Evening Sentinel 8th Nov 2000 Page 2 Business
The pros and cons of developing contaminated and derelict land in North Staffordshire are being outlined in a special seminar. Holditch colliery is a typical site.

Evening Sentinel 10th 2000 Page 5 CF
The government today promised fresh moves to try to speed up compensation payments to miners who suffer lung diseases.

Evening Sentinel 20th Nov 2000 Page 9 F
Former miners in North Staffs are being advised to reject new compensation offers of up to £14.500 and hold out for more.

Evening Sentinel 5th Dec 2000 Page 17 R
A cliff where the exposed rock face tells the story of coal formation three hundred million years ago, is under threat from a developer. It is a regional important geological site (RIGS) at Kidsgrove.

Evening Sentinel7th Dec 2000 Page 21 News
Exposed rock faces which tell the story of coal formation in North Staffordshire, have been safeguarded by councillors.

Evening Sentinel 13th Dec 2000 Page 13 F
Irene and Ernest Copestake celebrated 60 years of marriage. Ernest worked as a carpenter at Florence colliery for 44 years.

Evening Sentinel 26th Dec 2000 Page 8 Special
A mining cottage which depicts life more than half a century ago has been officially been unveiled at the Apedale Heritage Centre North Staffs.