Eat out, an expression used when a level coal drift is turned to the dip, in order to take advantage of (or "eat out") an upthrow fault, (N.East).

Earth or Earthy coal, an early term for coal to differentiate it from charcoal, or a term used for lignite, an earthy brown coal; or shale or clay, generally in association with a coal seam. (Lancs.).

Ebb pit, a pit or shaft sunk to a shallow seam. (Scot.).

E.B.G., or Elsewhere below ground, a statistical term applied to all personnel working underground other than at the coalface.

Edge coal or edge seams, highly inclined seams, which are set at an almost vertical angle.

Eimco, a small tracked bucket loader, often used in headings.

Elliott, a hand operated drilling machine for drilling shot holes in hard coal or rock.

End (of the coal). In driving roads parallel to the ‘cleat’ or ‘grain’ of the coal, they are said to be ‘on the end of the coal’.

End face, a face advancing in approximately the same direction as the line of the main cleat. Also called a ‘headways face’

Endings, narrow strike roadways in coal in the ‘Narrow’ system of working; or the extreme boundaries of a mine. (Yorks.).

Eenie coal, coal that is slightly altered in appearance due to the presence of a ‘whin’. The broken edge of the coal has bright circular spots, which look like eyes. Also known as ‘peacock coal’. (Scot.).

Endless rope haulage, a system of haulage, normally double track, employing a moving endless rope to which the tubs are clipped either individually or in sets.

Endways, Ends or Headways, headings driven in the direction of the cleat, or driving ‘on the end’.

Engine pit/shaft or Pumping pit, a pit or shaft, the whole or part of which was used for pumping, in which a pumping engine was placed.

Engineman, the person who operates a haulage system, i.e. operates the engine/motor.

Entry, certain roadways in the coal in Room and Pillar mining.

Espley Rock, multi-coloured, coarse lenticular sandstones found in the Etruria Marl. Exhausted, a word used to describe reserves of coal that have been ‘worked out’.

Exposed Coalfield, the area of the coalfield where coal measures are present at the surface. -See also ‘Concealed Coalfield’.

Extraction, the process of mining and removal of coal or stone (rock) from a mine.

Eye, the top or mouth of a shaft; or the opening out of the mainway to the foot of the shaft. (Yorks.); or the central or intake opening of a radial-flow fan.

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