Veal or Voan, a box or chest, usually mounted on wheels, for transporting water. (Scot.).

Veerer, the banksman who unloaded the hudge using a crane. By using the crane he could move the hudge by veering it from side to side, hence his name. (Som.).

Vein, a term used in the South West and South Wales for a coal seam.

Veize, Vees and Viese, a type of soft earth found in the line of fracture of a fault or hitch. (Scot.). -see also Leather bed.

Vend, the proportion of saleable coal in the run-of-mine.

Ventilation door, a wooden or steel door to direct the flow of air.

Vestry, refuse, colliery waste. (N.East).

Viewer or Coal viewer, an early term for the general manager or mining engineer of one or more collieries.

Virgin coal, an unworked area of coal in a mine or an unworked deposit of coal within a coalfield.

Vitrain, the bright jet-like layers of coal with a high lustre, which are brittle and break with a conchoidal fracture, consisting mainly of coalified woody material.

Vitiated air, foul air after it has been circulated around the mine workings. Also called ‘return air’.

Vye dams, dirt dams or stoppings constructed of a barrier of fine dirt held up at the back by building up a pile of rocks or other suitable material. Fine sand is then piled up infront. (S.Staffs.).

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