Yakker. A pit yakker. A term once used by pitmen to describe themselves. It was also used by others in the way of an insult. Similar to calling a farm worker a country yokel.
Yankee bonnet, a canvas bonnet with metal lamp-holder used before the introduction of the safety helmet. (Scots.).

Yark, to jerk the winding or haulage rope. (Derbys.).

Yed, a head or heading. (Mids.).

Yep hole, the place where landsale coal was stored in the pit yard. (Bacup, Lancs.).

Yield. Pillars of coal are said ‘yield’ when they begin to break-up due to the effect of weight, or the proportion of a coal seam that is actually worked and wound up the shaft.

Yokes, short lengths of timber placed in a shaft to support the pump trees. -see also Chogs.

Yoking, when two sets of wagons approaching each other on the same line come in to collision. (N.East).

Yolk coal or Yolks, a soft or free coal. Also called ‘apple coal’. (Scot.).

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