At last on the 25th August 2007 a permanent memorial was built at Swan Bank, Burslem. Over the 65 years since the disaster, there must have been times when it looked as if there would be never be any recognition of the price paid by those brave men. Without the dedication of a small but determind band of people it is likely the mememorial would never have been completed. We would like to put on record our thanks to those who have given their time and hard work to this project.

We should never forget the crucial part played by the late Joe Hulme. In 1999 Joe said "its been 57 years since those 57 men and boys were killed at the Sneyd, and I am determined to establish a lasting memorial to them." Then at his own expence he commissioned a wonderful Brass Plaque. His generosity and respect for his fellow man was the only spark needed to show the way. Joe's memorial can be seen in the Methodist Church, Hamil Road, Burslem.

Over the summer while the Memorial was being built, photorgaphs were taken to plot its progress.

Early spring the ground is marked and the foundations laid

The sandstone blocks arrive and the first four are placed in position

Progress is slow due to the incessant rain

A break in the weather gives James Hawkes from C J Bayley's the chance to re-start the build

Back comes the rain, but James and his mate persevere

Another break in the weather and James pushes on

Almost there

Just the wheel and axel left to fit

Ready for the big day


The Lord Mayor Mr Bagh Ali cuts the red tape

The Memorial was unvailed by three ladies who's families were linked by the Sneyd explosion. Barbara Limer nee West lost her father Ernest, Agnes Burgest nee Bennett lost her father James and her brother Robert. Mrs Beryl Royal's father Albert Ansell was a member of the Sneyd Rescue Team and was among the first to entre the disaster area

Mr Trevor Jones introduces the speakers. Mrs Beryl Royal paid tribute to those who were killed and to the rescue teams

On the right is the Rev Jeff Short who led the prayers with him is the Rev Keith Bamford

The Lord Mayor together with Mrs Beryl Royal, Mrs Agnes Burgess, Mrs Barbara Limer and her Grandson Matthew who laid the wreath

In the center is Mr Derek Hulme brother of Joe Hulme, to his left is Agnes Burgess and her Great Grandson Mitchell

The two inscribed tablets


Among the sponsors were Trevor Jones of the Stoke-on-Trent Housing Association, Jeff Goodfellow of Johnson Welsh and Bridestone, Ivan Ash Nettlebank Memorial Masons, Dave Smith of Smith Davies Press, Chris Bayley of C.J.Bayley Builders, Johnson Walsh Shot Basters, David Carr of Architects Hulme Upright Manning,Gary Leggett Photographer, Professor Ray Johnson Media Studies Staffordshire University, Keith Meeson and his wife Cynthia and James Hawkes builder.