Sentinel 30th August 1947
Florence Colliery The cage fell down the Homer shaft?(stafford C.&.I.)

Sentinal. April 21st 1948. City Final. Page 3.
A description of "Koepe" winding gear, which is used extensively in Germany and Holland, and to a lesser degree in France and Belgium, was given last night by, Mr. G. W . Alexander Bsc, of Metropolitan Vickers Electric Co., to members of North Staffordshire branch, of the Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. This type of winding gear was later used at Hem Heath, Florence and Wolstanton collieries More information can be obtained from the E. S. If required.

Sentinel June 22nd 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. Raymond Tabbinor,aged 17, of Uttoxeter Road, Longton was yesterday treated at the N.S.R.I., after being trapped between two wagons at Florence colliery.

Sentinel July 7th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Three miners were injured at different collieries, whilst working underground yesterday, and admitted to the N.S.R.I. They were Prokop Matiyeio a Pole, living at the Knutton Miner's Hostel, who had injuries to his head and right leg, when struck by falling coal, while working at Madeley colliery.
Mr. Frank Seaton, aged 34, of 5 Orchard Street, Wolstanton. employed at Wolstanton colliery, was admitted with a broken ankle.
Mr. James F. Beatty, aged 63, of 6a, Lovatt Street, Stoke, recieved a spinal injury after falling from a tub, at Florence colliery.

Sentinal. November 10th 1948. City Final. Page. 1.
North Staffordshire Coalfields output was 139,808 tons, against 139,612 tons, a year ago, an increase of 2,245 tons [0.14%]. Florence colliery is one of eight pits in the division to attain their highest production since vesting day.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1949 Page 5.
A verdict of death due to left ventricular failure, following amputation of his leg, on Mr F.A. Toft age 62. He had been employed at Florence colliery and stumbled against a bogey and injured his leg. He played cricket for Florence.

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1949 Page 6.
Pit head output for the week ending Dec 17th were; Parkhall 5,820 tons (An all time record) Parkhouse 5,820 tons (Best output since 1938) Madeley 4,822 tons Silverdale 7,203 tons and Florence 9,542 tons. All of which were the best since vesting day.

Sentinel June 20th 1950 page 5
Mr Cumberbatch 46 years in mining. Born in Silverdale,worked at Florence,was Manager at Staffs Coal and Iron till 1925.after at Hanley Deep Pit.

Sentinel 9th June 1951
N.C.B. announced the retirement of the asst to the area-planning engineer Mr B Gardine. His work history was as follows. 1902 to 1908 engineer at Florence colliery.
From 1908 to 1912 working as a manager of some small mines owned by the Duke of Sutherland in Brora Scotland.
Then 1912 to 1919 under manager at Stafford colliery
then as manager from 1919 until 1945 when he went to area staff.

Sentinel 12th June 1951 page 5
William Bennett of Royden Avenue Hanley fractured his arm in an accident at Florence Colliery.

Evening Sentinel. March 3rd 1952. City Final. Page 3.
Damages claim by Latvian miner fails. Huseklis Bisenieks aged 29, of4 Havelock place, Shelton, who had to have is leg amputated after an accident at Florence colliery, Longton, on December 11th 1950,was unsuccessful in his claim for damages against the N.C.B. at Stafford Assizes.

Evening Sentinel. August 23rd 1952 Football Final Page 5
A verdict of accidental death was returned at Hanley Inquest on Mr. Lawrence Lincoln Buxton a 22 year old miner, of 46, Seddon Road, Meir, who was buried by a fall of dirt underground at Florence colliery. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel. September 10th 1952 City Final Page 5.
Florence colliery had a very successful flower and vegetable show on Saturday. In attendance at the Show was the Colliery Manager and was accompanied by the Area General Manager Mr. R. Bennett.

Evening Sentinel. November 17th 1952 City Final Page 6.
Presentations to 38 retired miners from Florence colliery, who had between them 2,032, years service received a certificate and a cheque at the Portland Hotel, Longton, Saturday Evening. There is a Photograph of Mr. Rowland Bennett, North Staffordshire Area Manager presenting a certificate to Mr. J.T. Edwards, who had completed 67 years service. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel. February 12th 1953. Late. Page 7.
A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mr. William Lander aged 70, of 208, Normacot Road Longton, who died when falling from a wall at Florence colliery which he was dismantling and fell onto a pile of bricks last Friday the 6-2-53

Evening Sentinel. April 15th 1953. Late Final Page 5
A colliery packer Mr. Arthur Shemilt, aged 58, of 18 Tean Road, Cheadle, collapsed while working at Florence colliery yesterday, and when he was brought to the surface, he was found to be dead.

Sentinel 12th Jan 1954 City Final, page 1.
Three men working for private contractors at Florence Colliery injured in explosion. Sam Bryan, of 42 Harcourt Ave Meir (Shock and Burns). George Joins, of 76 Duke Street Fenton (Burns) and Joe Wisinski, of 43 Finstock Ave Blurton. (Burns). They were all taken to Hospital

Sentinel 5th May 1954, late page 5.
There is a photo of some big wigs visiting Florence and Hem Heath.

Sentinel 14th May 1954, late.
Two page article on the development of Florence colliery. Many photographs.

Sentinel 13th July 1954.
Photograph of mens athletic race at Florence colliery.

Sentinel 27th July 1954, late, page 5.
The inquest into the death of Mr F Dale of Blythe Bridge found he had died of coronary atheroma. He had been discovered in a state of collapse at 4.30 am in Florence Colliery.

Sentinel 28th January 1955 L p7
Mr Roy Spendilow, age 23 of Back Meir View, Longton, was killed at Florence colliery yesterday. Mr Spendilow was working on the coalface when he was buried by a fall of dirt. He leaves a widow. Further details of the accident can be seen in the Sentinel of Feb 2nd late edition page seven.

Sentinel 23rd April 1955 f p6
there was details of a visit to Florence colliery by the local Soropimists Miss I Warn. She was accompanied by Mr A.E.Nicklin (Agent) and Mr Richards safety officer.

Sentinel 13th June 1955 L p7
Local collieries successful at the miners’ gala in Tamworth. Victoria won the tug of war; Holditch came runners up in the relay. Representing Chatterley Whitfield, the Noveljettes won the dance competition, with Berryhill second, and Florence third.

Sentinel 15th June 1955 L p1
A unofficial strike at Chatterley Whitfield over price lists for rippers causes a loss of 1500 tons of coal.

Sentinel 23rd August 1955 C F p1
A accident was caused when two loaded coal wagons broke loose from sidings at Florence colliery and collided with a locomotive. The loco driver Mr Joseph Hanley although flung from the cab was thankfully unhurt.

Sentinel 22nd September 1955 L p5
At the N.C.B. playoff bowling finals on the green at Florence Colliery, Madeley colliery beat Foxfield colliery. In another competition, Chatterley Whitfield beat Madeley to win the knockout final for the second successive year (full tables shown) the trophies were presented by N.U.M. area secretary Mr H Lockett.

Sentinel 16th January 1956, late, page 5.
High standard in pit first aid competition at Florence Colliery. Senior 1st H. Davies. Junior 1st R. sanders

Evening Sentinel. January 27th 1956. Late. Page 7.
A clock was presented to Mr. R. Deakin of 161, Chaplin Road, Longton, on his retirement after 52 years service at Florence colliery, Longton.

Evening Sentinel. March 19th 1956 Late Page 7.
Seven North Staffordshire miners each with more than 50 years service in the industry were given long service certificates, by Mr. Fred Ball, (Berry Hill Group Manager) at the annual dinner of Mossfield colliery’s social, welfare and sports club. The reciprocants were: Mr. Percy Hollingshead, who started work at Mossfield colliery in 1903, Mr. John Thomas Hincks, who began work at Hulme colliery in 1901. Mr. William W. Burgess, Florence colliery, 1902. Mr. John Thomas Griffiths, 1903 at Parkhall colliery. Mr. Harry Forrester, Ubberley pits in 1903. Mr. James E. Lowe, Mossfield colliery, 1905. Mr. Thomas Edwin Poole, Talke o’ th’ hill colliery 1905.

Evening Sentinel. April 7th 1956 Late Page 5.
A 22 year old works contractor, Mr. John Hughes, of 156, Chaplin Road, Longton, was taken to the N.S.R.I. yesterday with a suspected fracture of the spine, after he had fallen into a bunker while on demolition work at Florence colliery. He was stated to be rather ill.

Sentinel 19th April 1956 Late page 11
Photograph of Florence Colliery and Berry Hill football team. Florence won 6-0

Sentinel 14th June 1956 Late page 6
Photograph of Mr. H. Jackson receiving retirement gifts, he worked at Florence Colliery for 52years

Evening Sentinel. August 27th 1956 Late. Page4.
Photograph of the opening of the fifth Florence colliery, flower and vegetable show.

Sentinel 9th January 1957 Late p5
Mr A Clarke engineer at Florence colliery collapsed and died at the colliery on the 8th of January.

Sentinel 23rd February 1957 city Final p1
Inquest into the death of Mr Wilfred Foster surface electrician at Florence colliery.

Sentinel 26th March 1957 late final p5
Photograph of a presentation at the North Staffs mining institute to third year student Levi Knapper. Mr Knapper went on to hold many important posts in the area, including manager at Florence Colliery.

Sentinel 10th April 1957 late p5
North Staffs output up by7.5% over the five-week period ending 30th March 1957. Actual tonnage was 712,589 tons. Manpower was also up from 20,064 to 21,122.

Same edition photograph of Lord Mayor Mr W Bailey at Hem Heath. The Mayor later visited Florence colliery.

Sentinel 12th Oct 1957 late p4
James Galloway 40 years old coalface packer was killed at Florence colliery on the 11th Oct. He left a wife and 3 children.

The new situation in the mining industry represents the end of a period of abnormality, for it could not regarded as normal for the industry in full continuingly to meet demand, Mr. Brown said in Birmingham yesterday, but the change had been a sudden one. It had arrived because of a fall in consumption, and not because of an increasing dispute. He also spoke of different North Staffordshire Collieries where improvements were in hand, namely, Sneyd, Hem Heath, Florence, Wolstanton and Hanley Deep pit, collieries. More of his speech can be seen on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 18th 1958. Late. Page1.
The strike at Florence colliery as cost 3,000 tons of coal, since it started on Thursday morning.

Evening Sentinel. January 20th 1958. Late. Page 5.
Florence colliery was back to normal today, after a strike of 250 men in the great row sixes face.

Evening Sentinel. March 25th 1958. Late. Page 5.
The City coroner will hold an inquest at Hanley Town Hall, on Thursday, on Mr. Thomas William Rowe, killed in an accident at Florence colliery. P.S. The Sentinel, on the 24th gave the colliery as Mossfield. I do not know which one is correct! The inquest on Mr. Albert Adams, who was killed at Norton colliery, is likely to be held later on in the week.

Evening Sentinel. March 28th 1958. Late. Page 1.
At the inquest on Thomas William Rowe, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Death was caused by Asphyxiation with lung Haemorrhage was given by Dr. E.C. Myott. There is a full report on the inquest on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 2nd 1958. Late. Page 5.
The body of 56 year old miner, Mr. Joseph Herrod, of 19, Goodwin road, Meir, was discovered at Florence colliery, yesterday, 3 hours after he had been buried by a roof fall. Evening Sentinel. April 11th 1958. Late. Page 7.
A week after being involved in roof fall at Florence colliery, which killed a colleague a Fenton colliery supervisor died in hospital from his injuries an inquest heard in Hanley yesterday. They returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. Edward Reid aged 55, of 98, Vivian road, Fenton, after a witness formerly collaborated evidence given at a previous inquest, when a similar verdict was returned on, Mr. Joseph Herrod, of Goodwin road, Meir. Mr. Reid’s death was due to Bronical Pneumonia and Pneumothorax following multiple crush injuries, with Pneumonoconiosis as a secondary cause. There is a full report on this inquest on this page.

Evening Sentinel. June 12th 1958. Late. Page 7.
A claim for £193 loss of earnings by Binnui Heron, of 11, Card Street, Burslem, against the N.C.B. was adjourned to a date to be fixed. Mr. Heron is a haulage hand at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel. July 22nd 1958. Late. Page 8.
A verdict of accidental death was returned yesterday at Stoke Town Hall on Mr. James William McSporron, a 48 year old ripper of 8, Carnation Close, Weston Coyney, who was killed in a fall of roof at Florence colliery on July 16th. Dr. E. Myott said death was due to compression asphyxiation, there were no fractures.

Evening Sentinel. January 8th 1959. Late. Page 10.
A fight at Florence collier, between two miners, one a coloured one, and a Scotsman, resulted in the coloured man, who pleaded not guilty, being fined £5, with £3-12s-9d costs. The case against the Scotsman was adjourned for 14 day’s as he was in Greenock, in Scotland, and could not attend the court.

Evening Sentinel. February 16th 1959. Late. Page 5.
The new Florence colliery sports and welfare club, was officially opened on Saturday by Mr. Harold Lockett, area secretary of the West Midlands Branch, of the N.U.M. It cost £8,000 to build.

Evening Sentinel. October 15th 1959. City Final. Page 16. Stop Press. One man was killed and another was injured in an explosion at Florence colliery this afternoon. The dead man was a 40 year old Italian Antonio Sivoli, of 21, Cross Street, Weston Coyney. Mr. Eric William Forrester, a 28 year old, of 16, Highfield Close, Blythe Bridge, was taken to the N.S.R.I. injured.

Evening Sentinel. October 16th 1959. Late. Page 5.
More on the death of Mr. A. Sivoli. Mr. Sivoli had been in this country for 16 years after being a prisoner of war. His wife had been celabrating her 34th birthday yesterday when the news of her husbands death was broken to her.

Evening Sentinel. November 17th 1959. Late. Page 5.
The City Coroner (Mr. Frederick Hales) told the inquest jury at Stoke Town Hall today that he could accept that their verdict that a miner killed in a pit explosion had met an accidental death, but, he could not accept that their rider, that death was brought about by negligence. The inquest was on former prisoner of war, Mr. Antonio Sivoli, of 21, Cross Street, Weston Coyney, who was killed at Florence colliery, Longton, on October 15th this year.

Evening Sentinel. December 16th 1959. City Final. Page 1.
A Shotfirer at Florence colliery who, it was alleged ignored safety regulations in respect of an explosion which killed an Italian miner was fined a total of £40.0.0. at Fenton Stipendiary Court today. A full report of the court proceedings is on this page.

Evening Sentinel February11th 1960 Late. Page 1.
A 57 year old workman, Mr. Thomas Blundred, of 33, Barcley Street, Ashwood, Longton, was killed today when he was crushed to death by railway wagons at Florence colliery sidings. The Inquest Mr. Blundred was held on the 16th February, and returned an Accidental Death verdict. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel February 27th 1960 Late. Page 1.
Florence colliery Club was broken into, where a number of Cigar's and a bottle of mineral water was taken. Entry was gained through a broken window.

Evening Sentinel May 10th 1960 Late. Page 7.
A 20 year old Longton miner, who had only been married for 6 months, was killed yesterday at Florence colliery, Longton. Mr. Leslie Shenton, of, 12, Railway Terrace, Longton. He was killed in a roof fall. The Inquest on Mr. Shenton is in Late Edition on May 13th Page 5.

Evening Sentinel June 10th 1960. Late Final. Page4.
A 40 year old widower with one son, Mr. Stanley Forrester, Of Stonyview, Uttoxeter road, Blythe Bridge, was killed, when a large piece of coal fell on him underground, at Florence colliery yesterday. Mr. Forrester a coalface worker lived with his widowed Mother and 13 year old son. At the Inquest on Mr. Forrester, who was killed in a roof fall, a verdict of Accidental Death was recorded. A report of the Inquest is in the Late Edition, on the 15th June, on page 5

Evening Sentinel August 31st 1960. Late. Page 5.
A colliery bus taking 30 miners from Florence colliery to Longton bus station failed to negotiate a roundabout at Lightwood road, and collided with a lamp standard, two people were injured but not seriously.

Evening Sentinel Jan 18th 1962 Page 1.
Verdicts of death due to industrial decease were recorded on T.G. Hancock who worked at Florence colliery and retired in 1947 also W.H. Parry who worked at Hanley deep pit all his working life.

Evening Sentinel Feb 16th 1962 Page 16.
Florence colliery was one of four pits where productivity records were achieved in the week ending Feb 3rd. Overall output per manshift advanced by more than a cwt to 46 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1962 Page 1.
Parkhall to close, seams to be mined from Florence.

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1962 Page 1
Transport rules at Florence colliery were criticised by an inquest jury today on the death of Albert Jones.

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1962 Page 7.
Presentations were made last night at the Mossfield Sports Club to Mr. Harry Carson, cheques totalling £24 and electrical equipment were presented. Harry entered the industry in 1911 as an apprentice electrician at Florence colliery. In January 1924 he moved to Mossfield and after nationalisation in 1947 went to Foxfield as electrical engineer, 7 years later he was appointed Group Electrical Engineer, a position he held until his retirement.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1963 Page 8.
The NCB held their annual first aid competitions at the Kemball training centre on Saturday. Kemball won and go on to area finals. The Wynne cup was won by Florence colliery and Hem Heath won the Junior Cup.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1963 Page1.
The North Staffordshire area of the NCBs annual inter colliery first aid competition was held at Heron Cross. Mr. H. Nicholson, Capt of Florence team was presented with the wynne cup as winners. Mossfield were winners of the senior trophy and Hem Heath won the junior trophy.

Evening Sentinel Jan 30th 1963 Page 1.
Photo of the Coal Queen on underground visit with Florence manager, Mr. Dicky Boote.

Evening Sentinel Feb 27th 1963 Page 10.
Mr. Thomas Ernest, deputy at Florence pleaded guilty to firing a shot without ensuring that all persons were withdrawn from the zone, he was fined £10. One workman was injured.

Evening Sentinel Sep 9th 1963 Page 7.
Florence colliery won the North staffs NCB area rescue competition at Berryhill by a clear margin on Saturday. The team was R. Hollings, Capt, A. Plant, W. Tarbuck, E. Shaw, R. James and R. Baskerfield.

Evening Sentinel Oct 28th 1963 Page 5.
3,000 men at three pits, Hem Heath, Florence and Stafford said they will go on strike if talks go past the deadline of 14 days.

Evening Sentinel Dec 16th 1963 Page 1.
Voluntary Saturday shift working at seven North Staffs pits yielded an estimate 5,479 tons of coal. Chatterley Whitfield, 1,807, Wolstanton, 1,626, Hem Heath 915, Foxfield 328, Holditch and Silverdale 300 tons each Florence 198 tons.

Evening Sentinel Dec 17th 1963 Page 1.
Because of a major unofficial stoppage, production at Florence was at a standstill today Tuesday. The stoppage began yesterday because men on one coal face worked the voluntary shift, producing 198 tons of coal. The loss in production was 3,000 tons of coal due to the strike. The voluntary Saturday shift was contrary to a previous decision taken by the NUM branch not to work the Voluntary shift.

Evening Sentinel Dec 18th 1963 Page 1
Normal work was resumed at Florence colliery today, after the two day stoppage meant the loss of 6,550 tons of coal.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 12th 1964 Page 10. F.
Mr C.L. Eveson, age 40 received appalling injuries, while driving an underground locomotive at Florence colliery in April 1960, was awarded £12.527 damages against the coal board at Stafford assizes today.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1964 Page 12.
A 23-year-old steel erector, Mr. B.P. Kerr was killed in a 150 feet fall into the No 2 shaft sump, at Florence colliery today.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1964 Page 12. F.
For steel erectors to walk across a six-inch wide girder in a pit-shaft without safety belts was “As reckless as playing Russian roulette” commented the City coroner at an inquest at Stoke. A verdict of accidental death was returned on Mr. B.P. Kerr. All the steel erectors had walked across the same girder and one witness said, if safety belts were worn at all times, it would be regarded as “working to Rule” by the employers.

Evening Sentinel July 4th 1964 Page 5.
The last of the major pit-shaft schemes, that at Florence, so far planned for North Staffs by the NCB, is nearing completion. The enlarged and relined No. 2 shaft which will enable the colliery to achieve its planned 1.250.000 a year, is expected to be ready for coal winding at the end of October.

Evening Sentinel Sep 24th 1964 Page 1. F.
Because miners complained about the amount of slack in their concessionary coal, instructions were given at Florence colliery coal should be put into bags by fork instead of a shovel. Transport drivers protested it would take two and a half times longer to load their vehicles and wanted payment. The Drivers went on strike, but returned to work as instructions about forks were shelved pending talks on the subject.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1964 Page 10. F.
At the annual first aid presentations of North Staffs area, winners of the senior shield were Hem Heath colliery, Norton were second. Junior Cup winners were Victoria colliery, Hem Heath were second. Wynne Cup winners were Hem Heath B and second were Hem Heath A. Individual winner was M. Latty of Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 16th 1965 Page 12
The reconstruction of Florence colliery’s No2 shaft, sunk in 1874 and deviated considerably from the vertical, was described in a paper given by the men responsible for the job at last night’s meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. The finished diameter of the shaft was originally 14 feet, but this had increased to 18 feet at a depth of 853 yards and continued as such to the bottom. Films and slides were shown by Mr. T. Walker, the area shaft sinking engineer.

Evening Sentinel March 29th 1965 Page 4.
Photo of the annual First Aid Competition of North Staffs area of NCB was held at Heron Cross school on Saturday. Florence colliery team were winners of the Senior Ambulance Shield.

Evening Sentinel April 17th 1965 Page 1 L.
Four of eight miners caught in the path of a fire damp “flash” at Florence colliery yesterday are still in hospital, but reported to be fairly comfortable.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1965 Page 5
Photo, a presentation was made To Mr. T. Buttler who is retiring after 42 years as Blacksmith at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov15th 1965 Page 5. F.
Florence colliery gardening club held their annual show in the colliery canteen on Saturday. (Full report.)

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1966 Page 10.
The future of Foxfield miner’s club is in jeopardy. Since the colliery closure of Foxfield the responsibility for the miner’s welfare there had been passed to Florence colliery. Mr. Boote, Florence manager, said it would be a shame if the site became derelict, but he could offer no immediate solution. C.I.S.W.O. said Mr. Boote provided the buildings and grounds, but the running and maintenance was out of his hands. .

Evening Sentinel April 23rd 1966 Page 10 F
. A man who served the mining industry for 48 years was guest of honour at a social evening at the Trentham Hotel last night, Mr. F.M. Ball, manager of The No 4 group at Stafford colliery. Received a retirement gift from Mr. Richard Boote, general manager of Florence colliery. .

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1966 Page 11
Florence colliery won the Wynne cup, in the North Staffs area first aid competitions at Kemball Training Centre. Hem Heath were runners up. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd. 1966 Page 11.
Eight colliery teams from North Staffs took part in the National NCB first aid competition at Kemball. Florence colliery won the Wynne cup and Hem Heath were runners up. (Photo on page 1 F.) .

Evening Sentinel Jan 23rd 1967 Page 8. F.
National NCB first aid competition for No 4 section of the North Staffs area was held at Florence colliery on Saturday. Winners in the senior section were Hem Heath and the junior section Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1967 Page 8. F.
A former chief engineer at Wolstanton colliery, Mr. W.C. Cartledge, has died in hospital. He also worked at Great Fenton, Hanley Deep, and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1967 Page14 C.F.
A city jury today returned an “accidental death” verdict on 30 year old Mr. R. May who died following an underground accident at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1967 Page 5 F.
Long service awards for colliery rescue work and prizes won at the NCBs annual rescue competition finals last September, were presented on Saturday, by Mr. C. Bishop, district rescue station manager. The competition was won by Hem Heath, (Photo) followed by Holditch, Wolstaton and Florence. Florence miners received pocket watches were, R. James, R. Baskerfield, S. Clowes, J. Lumsdon, E. Keay and C. Shaw.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 18th 1967 Page 5. F.
Mr. R. Boote, manager, presented nine miners at Florence colliery, Longton, with safety awards, at a special presentation yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1967 Page20. F.
Regarding the proposed abandonment of top horizon working at Wolstanton colliery, pit consultation will begin after Christmas. It is possible that start on transferring men to Florence and Hem Heath will take place.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1968 Page 24. F.
Cecil Williams age 55 was found dead by his motorcycle in the grounds of Florence colliery last evening. He was clerk to the colliery manager and had been employed on the administration side for many years. The NCB said Mr. Williams collapsed as he was leaving the colliery. Artificial respiration was tried for three quarters of an hour without success.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 18th 1968 Page 9. F.
Photo of Lord Robbens leaving Florence colliery pithead after an underground tour.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1968 Page 4. F.
A number of new mining appointments have been announced by the NCB. Mr. D. Alexander formally manager of Parkhouse colliery has moved to Staffordshire House HQ. Mr. G. Morris former manager of Holditch has gone to Parkhouse. Mr D. Alcock has taken over at Holditch and his place as manager of Stafford is taken over by Mr. R. Louth Mr. Ken Barber who was on under manager’s duty at Holditch becomes the under manager. Mr. P. Kane formally Holditch under manager is now under manager at Florence.

Evening Sentinel March 19 1968 Page 14. C.F.
In a statement an NCB spokesman said, A total of 42 men had become surplus to requirements at Stafford colliery, in consequence of there being now only one operational face at the colliery. The men will be offered alternative employment at Hem Heath and Florence collieries.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 19th 1968 Page 10. F.
The death occurred last night of Mr. J. Hargreaves age 56 who recently retired as the NCBs North Staffs area industrial relations officer. He joined the industry as an office-boy at Florence colliery at the age of 14.

Evening Sentinel Jan6th 1969 Page 12. C.F.
About 400 retired miners attended a dinner and social evening at the Florence colliery canteen on Saturday. 40 members received souvenir miniature lamps.

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd 1969 Page 10. F.
The overall winners of the Staffordshire area fire fighting competitions were West Cannock first, Florence second, Lea Hall third.

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th 1969 Page 7. F.
A coroner’s jury yesterday returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. T. Rhodes age 63. He was killed at Florence on Aug 18th.

Evening Sentinel Sep 19th 1969 Page 16 F.
Florence colliery, Longton, one of Britain’s top long life pits, could join the industries elite this year, by producing for the first time one million tons of saleable coal. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Sep 25th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mrs. E. Ashley, prospective parliamentary conservative candidate for Stoke-on-Trent central, visiting Florence colliery yesterday. (Write up page 11)

Evening Sentinel Sep26th 1969 Page 24. F.
Prompt and effective action by the NCB has brought them back in favour with more than 600 residence, who this month complained about the nuisance of a waste tip at Florence colliery was causing. The residence had complained to their labour MP Mr. Jack Ashley.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1969 Page 14. F.
The Staffordshire area of the NCB, are aiming for an overall output of three tons per man-shift. Florence and Hem Heath collieries were the sought of things which inspired confidence.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1970 Page 9. F.
Coal mining in the Staffordshire area is evolving from labour intensive to capital-intensive structure. The tunnel drivage at Hem heath will open up more coal reserves in deep seams in the area of the former Stafford colliery. There will be more investment in Silverdale and Florence.

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1970 Page 10. F.
Last week there were coalface productivity records at Hem Heath colliery 275.6 cwt and Florence 236.6 cwt.

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1970 Page 13. F.
There was a coalface productivity record at Florence colliery of 252.3 cwt, which was nearly 16 cwt above the previous record. At Silverdale, 2s Winghay face set a record for the colliery by producing 12.012 tons last week.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1970 Page 14. F.
The North Staffs coalfield promises to have another million tonner in Florence colliery, Longton. The 1,644 pitmen at the 96-year-old colliery have stepped up weekly output to 21.000 tons and made a good start to the year, with new productivity records. Further more £ 1.25,000 development programme has forged ahead to make Florence a long life pit.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1971 Page 12. C.F.
132 miners from Florence colliery were at Keele University today getting to know about a new coalface, Coxhead 8s from which it is hoped to produce between 7,000 and 8.000 tons per week. It is to be opened at the pit in about a fortnight’s time.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 6th 1971 Page 16. F.
Photo of Florence miners at Keele University, on a course to learn about a new coalface, the Coxhead 8s and how best to operate it.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 3rd 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of Mr G. Gillett, manager of Florence colliery, presenting Mr. H. Brunt with a certificate for his 100% attendance record for the past two years.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 8th 1971 Page 6. F.
Photo of Mr. A. Morse who has retired after 46 years in the mining industry receiving an inscribed safety lamp from Mr. A. Richards, surface superintendent, at Florence colliery branch of NACODS annual dinner dance held at Longton Town Hall on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 19th 1971 Page 24. F.
Sixteen hundred pitmen at Florence colliery, Longton, the pit with sites on a million tons of coal this year, have smashed four productivity records only a month after the introduction of a new 200 yards long face. A new record has also been established at North staffs largest colliery, Hem Heath which employs 18,000 men an overall face output of 303.9 cwt a man-shift.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1971 Page 1. F.
Normal working is hoped to be resumed at Florence colliery, Longton early next week following yesterday’s underground fire.

Evening Sentinel July 12th 1971 Page 10. F.
Mr. I.W. Cumberbatch, former NCB chief, in West Midlands died yesterday in the NSRI. He was a member of a Silverdale family. Began his career at Florence colliery, Longton. Was appointed manager at Stafford Coal and Iron Co. Ltd. In 1919 and in 1925 became manager of Hanley Deep. In 1934 he was made general manager of Sneyd collieries Ltd. On nationalisation he was appointed North Staffs area manager. He retired in 1955 after 50 years service to mining, was awarded the OBE in 1950 and the CBE in 1955.

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd. 1971 Page 4. F.
Photo Florence colliery fire fighting team were the overall winners of the NCB Staffordshire area fire fighting competition held at Kemball training centre on Saturday. (Details on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Sep. 3rd 1971 Page 1. C.F. Photo of Florence colliery fire fighting team who have won, for the second successive year the NCB Staffordshire area competition.

Evening Sentinel. January 10th 1972. City Final Page 1.
Photograph of striking miners on picket duty at Florence colliery today.

Evening Sentinel. January 24th 1972. Late Page 1.
The N.C.B. have asked the N.U.M. for more assistance at Florence colliery to help to combat the heating problem in the pit, one area as been dug out, but three of the four separate places in the pit, are now causing concern.

Evening Sentinel. January 26th 1972. Final Page 1.
The N.U.M. Strike committee at Florence colliery today told the N.C.B. they were not prepared to provide men, to take remedial action to combat underground heating at the pit.

Evening Sentinel. January 27th 1972. Final Page 1.
A grim warning was issued by the N.C.B. to striking miners at Florence colliery, that the pit needs extra attention to avoid serious underground fire. They also expressed serious concern over Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel. January 31st 1972. Final Page 1.
The N.C.B. have sealed off two pit faces, one is the nineteen’s face in the Great Row seam at Florence colliery, the other is the North Bambury at Chatterley Whitfield, and it will cost £250,000 in lost machinery. There is also intensive heating at three other faces at Florence colliery and in the eighteens face at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel. February 1st 1972. Final Page 1.
The N.C.B. Area Director Mr. Ray Hunter, Appealed to striking miners At Florence colliery for help in fighting underground heating problems.

Evening Sentinel. February 2nd1972. Final Page 1.
The N.C.B. today accused local miners at Florence colliery of irresponsibility in refusing to help with safety work.

Evening Sentinel. February 3rd 1972. Final Page 1.
There was a glimmer of hope today that the N.U.M. might agree to supply men to help combat the underground heating at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel. February 10th 1972. Final Page 1.
Allegations that Florence colliery managers have been hiring blackleg labour with fake union cards were today made by the N.U.M. officials.

Evening Sentinel. April 20th 1972. Final Page 18.
The Florence colliery team won the N.C.B. Staffordshire area safety competition last night at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel. June 28th 1972. Final Page 1.
Two new coal faces are being opened each about 200 yards long, replacing those which were lost during the miners strike earlier this year. They will have modern power supports and sheerer loaders and will cost about £250,000. The one at Chatterley Whitfield colliery is to be in the “hard mine” seam, the other one is to be at Florence colliery, and it will bring the total number of faces to five.

Evening Sentinel. July 3rd 1972. Late Page 14.
The mining industry was virtually back to normal, Florence colliery which as a new face, reported a very good turn-out for the day shift. Chatterley Whitfield was another colliery with a new face reported a good turn-out.

Evening Sentinel. July 25th 1972. Final Page 7.
The funeral took place yesterday of Mr. Bertram Leonard Hall, aged 68, who died on holiday in Paignton last week. He was a retired colliery cashier, having spent all his life in the mining industry, he started work at Florence colliery, he was then transferred to Stafford colliery, and then ending his carrier at Hem Heath colliery. Mr. Hall lived at 22, Forest-road, Lightwood Longton.

Evening Sentinel. August 3rd 1972. Final Page 8.
Photograph of the Lord Mayor (Councillor Bill Austin) on his way to descending Florence colliery yesterday. Also in the photograph is Mr. John Wilkinson. (Deputy Director.) Mr. Gordon Gillatt. (General Manager) and Mr. Ron Price (Production Manager) Evening Sentinel. August 17th 1972. City Final Page 18.
A Hem Heath colliery junior safety team came out top last night at Florence colliery Social and Welfare club in the N.C.B. Staffordshire area junior safety Quiz.

Evening Sentinel. September 2nd 1972. Final Page 10.
Two men were fined and discharged with costs of £4.00 each for the theft of coal from Florence colliery at the Stipendiary court at Fenton, yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. September 28th 1972. Final Page 8.
A major breakthrough in land reclamation may have been achieved by the N.C.B. following three years of experiments on the huge waste tip at Florence colliery, Longton. Officers have developed a method of getting grass to grow on the mounds without the expense of having to import thousands of tons of top soil.

Same Page.
Two unique land reclamation schemes in Stoke-on-Trent were visited yesterday by Representatives and Officials of the City Council and the department of the Environment. The schemes are at Florence colliery and Norton colliery which are being landscaped, Norton colliery tip is 112 years old and Florence colliery tip is 98 year old.

Evening Sentinel. October 4th 1972. Final Page 11.
Former World snooker champion, Mr. Ray Reardon, officially opened a safety campaign at Florence colliery. Ray worked in the industry for more than 11 years, until he had a serious accident himself and stressed the need for safety in the industry.

Evening Sentinel. October 4th 1972. Final Page 16.
There is to be a recruiting drive by the N.C.B. for 200 men to be employed by five collieries in North Staffordshire, the collieries are Hem Heath, Silverdale, Holditch, Victoria and Florence.

Evening Sentinel. October 20th 1972. Final Page 1.
Photograph of the Lady Mayoress, Mrs. W. Austin, who was making her first visit underground at Florence colliery yesterday. Seen with her are the Town Clarks wife Mrs. K. Robinson, and women members of the colliery staff plus guides, after they retuned to the surface.

Evening Sentinel. October 25th 1972. Final Page 5.
The N.C.B. have launched a safety drive, fifty pits throughout the country are involved, Florence and Norton collieries have already started, Chatterley Whitfield is the next to start.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1973 Page 1. F.
About a hundred men are needed at Florence colliery, Longton, where important development work, designed eventually to make the pit a million tonner.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1973 Page 12. F.
It was the fifth time that Hem Heath had produced more than a million tons in a year. Florence produced 803.000 tons whilst the three Newcastle area pits produced more than 1.500.000 tons between them.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1973 Page 13. F.
Florence colliery won the Staffordshire area senior safety quiz finals last night at Trentham Gardens. Florence team, C. Todd, M. Wood, J. Todd, G. Dean and J. Dowling.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1973 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of North Staffs Aqua Club, on a visit to Florence colliery last night Fire officer, Peter Follows led the tour.

Evening Sentinel Aug 20th 1973 Page 5 F.
Florence colliery, Longton were pipped on the post in their bid to win the NCB North Staffs area fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre, Fenton on Saturday. They were second with 47 points to Lea Hall with 53 points.

Evening Sentinel Sep 29th 1973 Page 1 L.
Mr. Cyril McGinness, a power support maintenance worker, was brought to the surface of Florence colliery last night unaware that his son had died in another part of the pit. His 22-year-old son, a trainee locomotive driver was killed when he struck his head on a three-inch water pipe.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1973 Page 1 F.
Photo of Stoke-on-Trent coroner, Mr. F. Hails, dressed ready to go down Florence colliery with officials to inspect an accident scene, where a young trainee locomotive driver died on Friday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 10th 1973 Page 24 C.F.
The NCB should install, free of charge, double-glazing in homes near Florence colliery, claims Stoke-on-Trent MP Jack Ashley, on noise and nuisance.

Evening Sentinel Feb 26th 1974 Page 1 Crewe
Underground heating that was detected at Florence colliery yesterday afternoon was contained today and there is no question of a dangerous emergency.

Evening Sentinel Feb 28th 1974 Page 24 L.
Underground heating which was detected on Monday at Florence colliery, was likely to be put right today. There was an immediate response by the NUM branch to supply men covering all shifts.

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1974 Page 1 Crewe
Hem Heath colliery was the focal point today of detailed news of the NCBs largest single investment in a coal project for 20 years, in a £19m scheme to link up Hem Heath with Florence. (More on page 10)

Evening Sentinel Sep 3rd 1974 Page 22 F.
Experienced gained at Florence colliery show that the future potential for the development of the track reactive haulage system is extremely encouraging.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1974 Page 14 Crewe.
Florence colliery were pipped by two points in the Staffordshire NCB fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. Same page, More than 300 miners, wives and friends applauded as a six-man team from Hem Heath colliery received the rescue-man trophy as winners of the NCB area rescue competition at the Clayton Lodge Hotel, Newcastle. Evening Sentinel Feb. 3rd 1975 Page 16. Crewe.
A miner collapsed and died underground at Florence colliery today. He was Ivan Ostrochow, said to be in his fifties.

Evening Sentinel Feb 25th 1975 Page 1 Crewe.
The coal preparation building at Florence colliery was evacuated today because of an explosion threat.

Evening Sentinel June 20th 1975 Page 24 Crewe
Productivity records which have stood for more than 4 years and another lasting only a week have been smashed by 2 North staffs pits. Miners at the 1.600 men Florence colliery, Longton, have created a new overall face production record of 319.8 cwt per man-shift, the best since 1971. For the third successive week miners at holditch colliery have smashed their overall face record with a weekly average of 543.7 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Sep 19th 1975 Page 9. Crewe
West German miners on a visit to North Staffordshire were guests at Florence colliery welfare are club last night. They also went down Holditch colliery and in the afternoon they toured Kemball Training Centre.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1975 Page 1. C.F.
Marie Silk was elected the Coal Queen of North Staffs miners. Her father works at Hem Heath and her brother at Florence.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 1st 1975 Page 16. F.
Chatterley Whitfield, Tunstall, set another record today with an overall output of 57.4 cwt. About 12 cwt above the national average. At Florence colliery miners responded to the drive for more coal by setting a new face output per man shift record of 332.6 cwt. The previous best was 319.8 cwt in 1971.

Evening Sentinel Jan 8th 1976 Page 1. F.
Sir Derek Ezra, Chairman of the NCB, speaking at Florence colliery following an underground visit, disclosed a massive coal exploration programme in Britain adding to the proved reserves in the county’s energy store. (Photo page 24)

Evening Sentinel Jan 9th 1976 Page 13 F.
A rigorous recruitment drive in the coal industry involving North Staffs pits is planned by the NCB over the next decade, this was stated by Sir D. Ezra following his visit to Florence colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1976 Page 13. F.
Victoria’s miners created a new overall face productivity of 375.6 cwt. Florence miners increased face productivity by more than 70 cwt this year, breaking the record 4 times. < p Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1976 Page 13. F.
The ninety feet high Wedgewood monument, built more than 100 years ago in memory of a local pit owner, was reduced to a twenty feet stump during a fierce gale earlier this year, came under discussion at a Kidsgrove Town council meeting. They want the owners, the NCB to pay the £20.000 costs of repair. The NCB have offered £2.000. Page 13. For the second week running, Florence and Victoria collieries broke productivity records.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1976 Page 20. F.
Three North Staffs pits have set new productivity records. Silverdale produced 680.686 tons in the financial year, 9.000 above the previous year. Florence set a new overall record of 54.3 cwt compared with 52.9 cwt in 1970/71. Holditch output was 401.000 tons, the best since 1950.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1976 Page 12. F.
Florence colliery has increased coalface production by more than 7 tons so far this year and a new peak of 507.8 cwt per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel April 16th 1976 Page 16. Crewe
Convalescent facilities for miners had been a bone of contention in North Staffs for a number of years said Florence delegate, Jim Dowling at the Power Group NUM conference at Blackpool Evening Sentinel May 15th 1976 Page 5. L.
Seven must be a lucky number for miners at Victoria colliery who have hit the productivity jackpot for the seventh time in eight and have topped a seven-year old individual face output record into the bargain. Florence colliery miners have produced 10,448 tons off Rowhurst 4s face for the same week beating the previous individual face record of 10.269 tons set in the coxhead seam in January.

Evening Sentinel Oct 13th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Work on a coal preparation plant at Hem Heath colliery, part of a £20m. expansion scheme for Hem Heath and Florence has stopped because of a strike by construction workers.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th 1976 Page 9. Crewe
New mining techniques currently being studied by the NCB have already been tried in the North Staffs coalfield, at Chatterley Whitfield, Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1977. Final. Page 7.
Florence colliery picked up the first three awards in the N.C.B. Western area fire fighting competition. Miners from five coalfields took part at Kemball training centre on Saturday. There is a full list of winners.

Evening Sentinel Jan 23rd 1978 Page 7. F.
Florence colliery first aid team were 3rd at the Miner’s competition at the North Staffs Polytechnic. They were the most successful of North Staffs teams.

Evening Sentinel Feb 12th 1978 Page 7 F.
Photo of members of Florence colliery junior first aid team, who took part in the Western area competition.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1978 Page 13 F.
Production ground to a halt at Florence colliery today when the entire day shift walked out over bonus payments. The dispute came just 24 hours after miners at Holditch miners returned to work after a similar dispute.

Evening Sentinel Feb 12th 1979 Page 7 F.
Photo of members of Florence colliery junior first aid team, who took part in the Western area competition.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1979 Page 16 Crewe
Miners at Florence colliery set a brand new record from a single face and smashed a previous best. They produced 11.178 tonnes in a week, which was 240 tonnes more than in 1976.

Evening Sentinel May 25th 1979 Page 1 Crewe.
Miner’s picture half-a-mile underground at the historical link-up at Florence and Hem Heath collieries. (Story on Page 7.)

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1979 Page 1 F.
Britain’s deepest mining museum opened to the public for the first time today. Parties from the Isle of Wight and Wolverhampton were among the first tourists to Chatterley Whitfield museum. Page 6 Article on ancient and modern, the link up of Florence and Hem Heath and Chatterley Whitfield museum.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
At an inquest today on D. Philpott age 37 who was killed by a rock fall at Hem Heath colliery, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
The last coal-bunker at Norton colliery is blasted to the ground. Story plus pictures. Page 11 Mr. D. Hodgkinson has been appointed National chairman of the junior section of the Institute of Engineers. He has worked at Silverdale, Holdich, Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Sep 24th 1979 page 11 Crewe.
Miners at the 1,500 man Florence colliery have set a new record for individual coal face output. The Yard Ragman seam produced 11,853 tonnes for the record week. Output from the colliery’s 4 faces totalled 20,789 tonnes.

Evening Sentinel Nov 30th 1979 Page 24 Crewe
Photo of Florence colliery miners today, for the pay vote.

Evening Sentinel Jan 18th 1980 Page 13 F.
Miners at Florence colliery have beaten poor underground geological conditions to score to their highest weekly output in 9 years by mining 24.140 tonnes, the best since 1971.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1980 Page 20 C.F.
Mr. Jack Mason age 61 died in hospital hours after he was struck by an empty mine car at Florence colliery. He died of multiple injuries.

Evening Sentinel March 18th 1980 Page 14 Crewe
An industrial review on the coal industry includes an investment of £20m ffor production boosting the Trentham project, which involves the linking of Hem Heath and Florence and building a new coal preparation plant. £20m for what is virtually a new mine at Silverdale and £5m to boost production at Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 25th 1980 Page 1 Crewe
Mitchelin tyre works today piped in waste pit gas to drive their production machines. Five collieries contributed to this. They are Florence, Hem heath, Holditch, Silverdale and Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1980 Page 6 Crewe.
Seven Staffordshire men meet on Friday at Hem Heath colliery sports club in the final of the safety mind competition. The seven included. D. Wickstead from Victoria colliery, P. Foggerty from Hem Heath, M. Bissel from Wolstanton and Con Todd from Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1980 Page 1. L.
Mr. John Brian, age 44, sustained fatal injuries yesterday at Florence colliery. He had serious head injuries and was rushed to the surface where he was certified dead by a doctor.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 18th 1980 Page 9. Crewe.
A cheque for £475, the proceeds of a sponsored bed push by Florence colliery youth, was presented to the Duke St. home for the handicapped.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 24th 1980 Page 12. Crewe.
Electrician John Brian, age 44 died in an underground rock fall at Florence colliery. At the inquest, the jury recorded a verdict of accidental death yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1980 Page 22 C.F.
Sir D. Ezra toured the surface of Hem Heath colliery and saw the entrance of the new Drift, part of a £30m project linking Hem Heath and Florence, North Staffs largest pits.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1980 Page 14. Crewe
Mr. John Bygott, age 60 has retired after 24 years with the coal board. He was involved in pit schemes such as Hem Heath and Florence link up and Silverdale’s new pit project. Mr Ron Ford has hung up his pit boots after 44 years service to the coal industry, the last seven as safety engineer at Florence colliery

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1981 Page 24 F.F.
Florence colliery was working normally today after 40 miners were sent home for safety reasons. There was a fault on the winding gear at No.2 shaft.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1981 Page 11. F.
Six North Staffs men have retired after clocking up a total of two centuries in the coal industry. Hem Heath R. Bailey and G. Mottram. Florence H. Buttany. Silverdale R. Mayer. Staffordshire H. Q. F. Bailey and S. Pieroni.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1981 Page 9 Crewe.
Stoke-on-Trent Lord mayor Mr. John Wallis held up miners as a shining example to British industry, after he emerged from a three and a half hour tour underground at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug 13th 1981 Page 1. Crewe.
Miners at Florence colliery agreed to have 50p deducted from their pay to help a 4 year old boy with a kidney complaint. The cheque was handed over br Mr. Sam Brookes, ass personal manager. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Aug 14th 1981 Page 13. F.
Miners at Florence colliery have smashed a productivity record, which has stood for a decade. Output per man-shift hit a new peak of 3.71 tonnes. They produced 21.660 tonnes from three production faces,

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1981 Page 7. F.
The NCB Western Area junior safety quiz started with young miners from Florence, Hem Heath and Victoria taking part.

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1981 Page 24. C.F.
Sam Brooks age 61 retired after 47 years service. Five days after he got married, he missed the force of an explosion at Sneyd colliery that killed 57 men. For the past 5 years he has been personnel manager at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 30th 1981 Page 24.
Miners at Florence colliery have smashed an output record for the second time in a month. The pit’s 1,340 men produced 26,829 tonnes – 515 tonnes more than before, plus the best ever overall productivity rate of 4. 60 tonnes per man each shift.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1982 Page 7. F.
Mr. J. Trolley, mechanisation engineer, has retired after 41 years service in the mining industry. He was responsible for the introduction of heavy duty equipment at Holdich, Hem heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Jan 15th 1982 Page 24 C.F.
Miniture lamps and cheques were handed over to Mr. J. Love, C. Cooke, and H. Babski who have retired from Florence colliery. < p> Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1982 Page 22 F.
Thousands of tonnes of coal have to be stockpiled at North staff’s pits as the train drivers dispute continues. Worst hit are Hem Heath, Florence and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1982 Page 1. C.F.
More than 50 miners downed tools at lunchtime at Florence colliery . The colliery had produced its first million tonnes of coal in a year. The first in its 108-year history. A special reception to mark the occasion was hastily called off after the protest, which was about who was invited.

Evening Sentinel March 24th 1982 Page 14. C.F.
Production was back to normal today at Florence colliery, following yesterday’s walkout in a row over celebrations to mark the pits 1m. tonne record. The NCB said it was a misunderstanding.

Evening Sentinel March 29th 1982 Page 1 Crewe.
A group of young miners from Florence colliery, took two nurses on a charity bed push through the streets of Longton to raise money for ward 52 at the North Staffs maternity hospital.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1982 Page 16. Crewe.
Mr. & Mrs C.E. Price celebrated their golden wedding, he was a boiler man at Leycett colliery for 28 years, also Mr. & Mrs L. Chiled, and he had completed 48 years service at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1982 Page 1 Crewe.
Miners at Florence colliery produced a million tonnes of coal for the first time in the pits 108-year history. Output per man-shift was 8.68 tonnes. Hem Heath also smashed records with 1,240,192 tonnes at 8.39 tonnes per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel June 4th 1982 Page 14 Crewe.
Miners of Florence colliery have beaten pitmen from Staffordshire, Lancashire, North Wales and Cumbrian coalfields to win the NCB Western area fire fighting standards competition.

Evening Sentinel July 8th 1982 Page 7. Crewe.
Mr. D. Hodgkinson age 37 has taken over the job as manager of Point of Ayr colliery. He was deputy manager of Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 15th 1982 Page 1. Crewe.
Workers at Victoria colliery, which is coming to the end of its life are understood to be discussing the vacancies at the weekend. Jobs are being provided at Florence and Hem Heath. Page 17 The Hem Heath “A” frame is getting a face-lift. They are grit blasting it and will use 6,000 gallons of grey paint.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1982 Page 13 Crewe.
More than a hundred miners start at Florence and Hem Heath on Monday, following the cease of production at Victoria. About two hundred will remain to carry out salvage work, and will be transferred to other collieries later. Page 16 The EEC will be funding some of the redundancy payments to the men who lose their jobs as a result of the Victoria closure

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd 1982 Page 1. Crewe
Coal board officials rejected claims that Florence and Holditch collieries were included in a list of 46 in jeopardy.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th1982 Page 3 L.
Mr. Alan Plant has been appointed the new manager of West Cannock 5 colliery. He began his mining career at Park Hall then moved on to Florence 10 years later. He then became under-manager of at Hem Heath in 1968.

Evening Sentinel Sep 17th 1982 Page 17 Crewe.
Four North Staffs collieries, Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Wolstanton each have new under-managers.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 29th 1982 Page 5.
Pitmen at Florence won the NCBs area fire fighting standards competition for the second year running, beating twenty teams. (Photo with banner and shield.) Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1983 Page 4. L.
Mr. Mark Fisher, the prospective Labour parliamentary candidate visited Florence colliery today. Photo with J. Lockett, NUM branch president, and under-manager E Sellars.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1983 Page 1. C.F.
Ten of the Board’s 17 collieries in the area had overall productivity records in excess of 3 tonnes per man-shift last week. They included Hem Heath, Florence, Silverdale and Holditch.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1983 Page 7. Crewe.
Eddie Preece, Florence colliery received the Webber Shield for being apprentice of the year and Garry Wolford, Florence, was the best mining craft apprentice.

Evening Sentinel June 23rd 1983 Page 6. Crewe.
NCB bosses gave the thumbs up sign to a land scapping venture to transform Florence colliery pit heap into sheep grazing land for 500 ewes and a number of lambs.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1983 Page 1. F.
There are no plans to close Florence or Hem Heath collieries. Stoke South MP Jack Ashley has been told by the NCB.

Evening Sentinel Sep 10th 1983 Page 4. L.
Two North Staffs colliery’s will be represented in the area finals of a TV style safety quiz, Florence and Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel Feb 1st 1986 Page 1. F.
A row erupted in North Staffs today after John Lockett, President of Florence branch NUM claimed that coal board officials closed down a pit wharf without consultation.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1986 Page 1. C.F.
An investigation began when 30 miners were trapped for 2 hours half way down the 3.000 feet shaft at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1986 Page 20. F.
Two men, are believed to have been suspended on full pay as inquiries go on into how 30 miners became trapped in the cage for 2 hours at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 25th 1986 Page 1. Extra.
The inquiry into why 30 men had been trapped in a cage half way down the shaft at Florence colliery has led to a man been disciplined and transferred to other duties.

Evening Sentinel Nov 29th 1986 Page 7. Extra.
Mr. George Davies has retired as shift under-manager at Florence colliery after 43 years in the industry. He received a long service award from Mr. A. Plant the manager.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 12th 1986 Page 1. Extra
One hundred miners at Florence colliery refused to train on life-saving equipment, because of the killer AIDS scare. Six hundred men have completed the course.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1986 Page 1. F.
Four North Staffs pitmen started a sponsored trek 3.500 feet below ground at Florence colliery and will donate the cash raised to local children’s charities.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 18th 1987 Page 1. Extra.
Hanchurch Homes and Duke St. League of Friends have benefited by £1.400 by a sponsored walk underground by Florence miners.

Evening Sentinel March 27th 1987 Page 11. F.
Pitmen at Florence colliery have joined the exclusive millionaires club for the second time in the pit’s 110-year history. The millionth tonne came to the surface yesterday.

Evening Sentinel June 27th 1987 Page 1. Extra.
Florence colliery miners have smashed the 5 tonne per man barrier for the first time in the pit’s history. They produced 28.000 tonnes in a week, 1.500 tonnes more than the previous best 2 years ago.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 8th 1987 Page 1. Extra.
Miners at Florence colliery have set a new overall productivity record of 5.07 tonnes per man. This is the second time in the pit’s history output has topped the 5 tonne mark. Page 9. A memorial to the miners killed at the Minnie pit is so choked up with weeds, people cannot get near it. It was agreed to organise a clean up.

Evening Sentinel Dec 11th 1987 Page 15 C.
Gordon Tuck Florence miner, went underground on a surprise visit in the capacity of Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 14th 1987 Page 3. C.
Florence colliery pitmen are to pull a Dray, normally drawn by a horse, the complete length of the Potteries. It is to raise cash for underprivileged children. They will set off from the Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel Jan 6th 1988 Page 9 C.
Mr. Jon Walsh, Yorkshire pitman challenging Arthur Scargill for the leadership of the NUM has been invited to speak at Florence colliery on Sunday.

Evening Sentinel Jan 21st 1988 Page 1. C.
An 8-man coalface team at Florence colliery staged a walkout in a row over bonus payments. British Coal spokesman said official talks would not take place because the action was unofficial.

Evening Sentinel Jan 26th 1988 Page 11. C.
Trevor Holloway was the toast of Florence colliery today after 6 years at the Open University. He will soon be swapping his pit clothes for gowns and mortarboard to receive his degree.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1 1988 Page 1. C.
A 24-hour strike by 400 deputies over a pay claim left North Staffs 4 major collieries at a stand still today. Miners from Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Silverdale were sent home with loss of a days’ pay.

Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1988 Page 11. Co.
Photo of G. Tuck, Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent being presented with a mining plate at Florence colliery retired miners association, when he attended their annual dinner.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 20th 1988. Page 1. Co.
North Staffs deputies were split over their overtime ban. Florence and Holditch, supported the ban, Hem Heath, and Silverdale did not. The dispute began 4 weeks ago with a weekend overtime ban; British Coal reacted by imposing continental duty rosters, at many pits. NACODS hit back with banning overtime at weekends.

Evening Sentinel March 9th 1988 Page 11. Co.
Miners at Florence were given a pat on the back after achieving record coal output for the second year running, one million tonnes in eleven months.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1988 Page 30 Special
Industrial review. British Coal sinks £50 million into pits, including Hem Heath, Silverdale, Holdtich and Florence.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1988 Page 3. Co.
Two weeks ago pitmen at Florence raised production to an all time high of 5.17 tonnes per man shift. They have now reached a record of 5.28 tonne per man shift.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1988 Page 3. Co.
From January 1st the area’s 4 collieries Hem Heath, Silverdale, Florence and Holditch will become part of the new group, which will include pits in Lancashire and North Wales. Mr. Middleton age 54, the current boss of the Kent coalfield will be group manager for the newly created area.

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1988 Page 3. C.
The NUM in North Staffs is steadily gaining the members it lost to the UDM during the miners strike. This was revealed by Joe Wills following the union’s first Midlands area conference since the year-long strike in 1984-5. Same page. Florence and Hem Heath collieries will have a £5 million investment package to transform the two pits into a 2.5 million tonnes a year complex.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 11th 1988 Page 3 Co.
A special safety squad has sent accidents tumbling at Florence colliery. It has maintained a 100% accident free record since the start of a new surface safety push. Page 5. British Coal is installing machinery worth 2.5 million pounds, which will almost double the output of prepared coal from Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Jan 25th 1989 Page 1 Co.
A pit electrician, A. Bereton age 47 has died in an accident at Florence colliery today. He is believed to have been crushed by either a vehicle or machinery.

Evening Sentinel Jan 26th 1989 Page 14. Co.
British Coal today defended its safety record after the forth fatal accident in nine months in North Staffs. A Brereton age 47 father of two died yesterday when he was crushed between wagons in an underground roadway at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 18th1989 Page 3. Co.
Miners at Hem Heath and Florence had a dead heat in the race to produce a million tonnes of coal.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1989 Page 14. Moorlands.
British Coal said the closure of Holditch colliery is essential to the future of the mining industry in North Staffs. The three remaining deep mines; Florence, Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries now have a secure long-term future.

Evening Sentinel March 23rd 1989 Page 1 Cheshire.
Peter Vukovic age 30 was fighting for his life in intensive care today after suffering horrific injuries in a rock fall at Florence colliery. This follows 5 fatal pit accidents in the last year.

Evening Sentinel July 29th 1989 Page 4.
Hundreds of hard working miners at Florence colliery have hit a new weekly output record. They are now mining 35.089 tonnes of coal a week. 3.000-tonnes more than their previous record.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 28th 1989 Page 5. Cheshire.
Signalman’s Diary, through this column John Lumsdon, an ex-Florence colliery miner, and secretary of the WEA Industrial branch appealed for memorabilia relating to the Old Sal and other mining tragedies in the area.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 29th 1989 Page 24. Co.
A verdict of accidental death has been returned on miner A. Brereton when he was pinned against a wall by a derailed wagon at Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 12th 1989 Page 26. Cheshire.
A special service to mark the centenary of the Mossfield colliery disaster is to be held at St. Chad’s. Sandford Hill on Sunday and will be attended by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Stan and Marg Bate and on Monday John Lumsdon ex-Florence colliery miner, will gave a talk on the disaster at Adderley Green club.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 13th 1989 Page 1. Moorlands.
Methane gas has halted production at the record breaking 505 seam at Florence colliery, which employs 1.000 men.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 14th 1989 Page 6. C.
Full production could re-start tomorrow at Florence colliery that was hit by a build up of explosive methane gas. Work at the pit has been halted since last Wednesday.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 4th 1989 Page 16. Newcastle.
Talks were continuing today at Florence colliery in a bid to avert an all out strike by 159 pit craftsmen over their bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 6th 1989 Page 22. Co.
Joe Wills, union leader, claims North Staffs pits are still under threat despite assurances from British Coal chiefs. Jack Ashley MP was told both Hem Heath and Florence collieries had long-term futures.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1989 Page 1. Moorlands.
Miners at Florence colliery produced the fastest million tonnes in the pit’s history. It’s the forth year in a row they have smashed the million tonne barrier.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1989 Page 1. Moorlands.
Production at Florence colliery was badly hit as men refused to go down over a pay row.

Evening Sentinel Dec.12th 1989 Page 3. Co.
A North Staffs leader called for talks to settle disputes, which hit production at Hem Heath and Florence collieries, but British Coal said that pit management would not hold discussions while industrial action was taken place.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 16th 1989 page 3 Moorlands.
Craftsmen from Silverdale are to hold a mass meeting tomorrow to decide whether to end their dispute with British coal over bonus payments. Hem Heath have banned overtime in a similar dispute. Florence colliery dropped plans for an all out strike after accepting a new offer.

Evening Sentinel Jan.24th 1990 County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath 1990 and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th 1990 County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath 1990 and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Evening Sentinel Oct. 25th 1990 Moorlands Page 1.
Armed Police officers staked out a pit wages office in an attempt to foil a suspected payroll snatch at Florence colliery site of Trentham Super Pit, Longton.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 31st 1990 Cheshire Page 1.
A North Staffordshire Pit at a stand still today after a mass walkout by miners over a dispute about bonus payments. The row blew up at the Florence site of the Trentham Super pit, when about 60 haulage workers staged a lightning strike. Evening Sentinel March 13th 1991 Page 39 Moorlands.
A retired colliery worker, G.A. Brown age 53 died after plunging down the shaft at Florence colliery. The inquest heard he could not come to terms after leaving the pit.

Evening Sentinel May 2nd 1991. Page 7. Co.
Miners at Super pit, the amalgamation of Florence and Hem Heath have set a new weekly productivity record of 61.462 tonnes. This is 3.000 tonnes more than the pit’s previous record set two months ago.

Evening Sentinel June 17th 1991 Page 3. Moorlands
Five Florence miners went on an underground walk of 8 kilometres to raise funds for Kemball special school.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 16th 1991 Page 8. Co.
The two remaining coalmines in North Staffs will have new senior management in the next few days. Trentham super pit, (Florence and Hem Heath) and Silverdale are becoming part of Midlands and Wales group.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1991 page 1 Co.
North Staffs oldest pit, 117-year old Florence colliery is to close next year. The workshops are to close next month and the men transferred to Hem Heath. NUM Secretary, Roy Ward said the workforce were stunned by the news, we new it was likely to happen but were told it would be over the next 5 or 6 years.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1991 Page 1. Newcastle.
Miners at closure threatened Florence colliery have helped achieve record- breaking productivity, joint with Hem Heath 2 years ago, they recorded the fastest time for mining 1.5 million tonnes of coal. Florence NUM said we have produced at least 1 million tonnes of the record figure.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1991 Page 11. Co.
Miner’s leader Arthur Scargill has condemned plans to close Florence colliery. The NUM president said after a meeting at Hem Heath social club. There is no case to close Florence colliery or any pit in Britain. He said at the meeting we are not arguing for you to go on strike, but for an overtime ban, if British Coal do not sit down and talk to us.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1991 Page 10. Co.
British Coal have issued assurances over the future of its two remaining pits, Hem Heath and Silverdale, both have long-term futures.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 15th 1992. Page 1. C.
Two hundred jobs are to be axed from Trentham super pit. The jobs will go because of the closure of workshops at Florence colliery. The redundancies, 150 at Florence, and 50 at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 22nd 1992 Page 1. Co.
Miners at Trentham super pit to day smashed a national productivity record, while the long-time future of the pit is still in doubt. The pit broke through the 2 million tonnes barrier in just 42 weeks today, the fastest ever pit to produce the output in Britain.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1992 Page 3. Co.
George Stevenson, Euro MP for Staffordshire East, called on British Coal to come clean on the future of deep coal mining in North Staffs to end the present massive uncertainty in the industry. He believed secret negotiations between British coal and the electricity generating companies would end with just 12 super profitable pits in Britain. He added Silverdale and Trentham would be closed because of government dogma, not because of any desire to improve the industry as a whole.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1992 Page 8 Cheshire.
“Signalman’s Diary” A talk on mining history has been organised by the WEA at Florence colliery. John Lumsdon the principle speaker will embrace the broader mining scene in North Staffs including the Chartist riots of 1842 and Bob Anderson will talk about the more modern Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov 25th 1992 Page 3 Co
Thousands of miners have opted for redundancy rather than wait for their pits to close. NUM branch secretary Roy Ward, at the Florence site of the Trentham complex, said pitmen want to get out because they can’t trust British Coal. They have no heart to carry on.

Sentinel July 19th 1993 Page 8 Cheshire
HappySmiles from Bill and Lily Harding as they drink a toast to celebrate their 50 years of marriage. Bill worked 42 years in the coal industry, retiring from Florence colliery.

Sentinel June 2nd 1994 Page 4 Co
Families are cleaning up today after coal-dust engulfed their cars and homes. Problems started when clouds of dust were blown out by ventilation fans when operating at Florence colliery, while the shaft was being filled in with limestone.

Sentinel 29th July 1994 Page 14 Co
Full page about best stories about coal mining, including Florence, Wolstanton, Sneyd and Minnie pits.

Sentinel 6th Oct 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Thousands of families are being given the chance to help shape the future of the 153 acre Florence colliery pit site.

Sentinel 26th Nov 1994 Page 5 Co
A new swimming pool and leisure facilities have been called for by the community on the former Florence colliery site, in a partnership with Stoke City Council and a private company.

Evening Sentinel 11th Dec 1995 Page 5 Cheshire
“Coal Investments” could lose millions of pounds if plans to mine coal under Barlaston are thown out. Same page, the former Florence colliery site is expected to fetch millions after being put on the market by British coal.

Evening Sentinel 31st Jan 1996 Page 9 News
Today, John Lockett president of former Florence colliery, said it was “stupid” that pits had been closed and generation stations mothballed in a rush for gas generation.

Evening Sentinel 30th Nov 1996 Page 5 The way we were.
The story of George Shufflebotham, who worked at 5 pits in North Staffs. He rose from shotfirer at Berry Hill colliery to senior overman at Florence colliery. He tells of his life as a young face worker at Berry hill colliery.

Evening Sentinel 22nd 1997 Page 12 News
Dave Nullis Florence colliery miner, who is now landlord of the Globe public house in Hanley is one of the nine former miners’, included in a test case for vibrating white finger, will know shortly the level of compensation.

Evening Sentinel 27th Sep 1997 Page 15 The way we were
Concluding the series, mining memories by George Shufflebotham. George worked at Berry Hill, Mossfield, Wolstanton, Hem Heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel 7th Sep 1999 Page 17 Cheshire
The Machin diaries 7-9-76. The NCB announced today that Norton colliery is to close. Miners will be offered jobs at Holditch, Hem Heath and Florence. An NCB spokesman said its the first North Staffs closure since Apedale and we are confident there will be no more.

Evening Sentinel 15th March 2000 Page 15 News
John and Amy Heath celebrate their diamond wedding. John worked at Florence colliery for 45 years.

Evening Sentinel 13th Dec 2000 Page 13 F
Irene and Ernest Copestake celebrated 60 years of marriage. Ernest worked as a carpenter at Florence colliery for 44 years.