Hem Heath (Trentham)

Sentinel. January 13TH 1948 City Final. Page 1.
Mr William Clay of 146 North St., Stoke. Has been a miner for 64yrs., and is still working. He as worked at Hem Heath, [Homer] Sutherland, [Pender] Kemble and Bourne Collieries.[Photo in E. S.]

Sentinal. April 21st 1948. City Final. Page 3.
A description of "Koepe" winding gear, which is used extensively in Germany and Holland, and to a lesser degree in France and Belgium, was given last night by, Mr. G. W . Alexander Bsc, of Metropolitan Vickers Electric Co., to members of North Staffordshire branch, of the Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. This type of winding gear was later used at Hem Heath, Florence and Wolstanton collieries More information can be obtained from the E. S. If required.

Sentinel June 19th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. Charles Stokes, aged 51, of Holmlea, Longton Hall Road, Blurton, an underground worker at Hem Heath colliery, was admitted to the N.S.R.I., with a fractured spine, in a roof fall at the colliery.

Sentinel July 13th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. Jonathon Harrison, aged 48, of Forber Road, Sutton Estate, Trent Vale, a miner at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham, was admitted to the N.S.R.I. with back injuries

Sentinel July 14th 1948. Final.Page 1.
North Staffordshire Coalfields made a profit of 3s-9.5d on every ton of coal sold, and an overall profit of more than a million pounds during 1947, the first year of Nationalisation. North Staffordshire Coalfields produced 6,210,847 tons, of saleable coal. The N.C.B. says "an important reconstruction to Hem Heath colliery is being considered, involving a 24 foot diameter shaft to a depth of 1,200 yards. The mine is to be laid out on a horizontal system , and, it should last for about 150 years".
Plans are being prepared for Stafford Unit No 2. To produce 1,500,000 tons a year.

city Final front page. North Staffordshire pit development. New shaft at Hem Heath .

Sentinel January 25th 1950 front page
Shaft sinking ceremony at HemHeath (photo)

Sentinel May 4th 1950 front page
Photo of new shaft at HemHeath Colliery.diameter of the shaft is 24ft Excavation will take 3 years.

Sentinel July 3rd 1950 page 4
Pit Head baths and also Canteen opened at Hem Heath.

Sentinel November 14th front page
Big North Staffs pit projects photo of sinking of new pit shaft at Hem Heath 24ft in diameter

25/1/52 page 5.
Hem Heath Roof falls and rescue bid, examples of courage. Miners VC for rescueing Joseph Glover.

Evening Sentinel. January 9th 1952. Late Edition. Page 1.
[Photo] The death as been announced of Mr. Tom Yates, of Hem heath House, Trentham, aged 75. Mr. Yates was Managing Director of Settle Speakmen group of collieries, before Nationalisation. More on this article can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel" Mr. Tom Yates, obituary can be seen in the "Sentinel's" City Final Edition of Friday 11- 1- 52 on Page 4. A report on Mr. Tom Yates funeral can be seen on Page 5 of the Late Edition of the "Sentinal" on 12- 1- 51.

Evening Sentinel. March 14th 1952. City Final. Page 1.
[Photo] The Lord Mayor, Alderman Horace Barks, with other dignitaries, descending Hem Heath pit to inspect the progress of the sinking of the new shaft.

Evening Sentinal. March 28th 1952. City Final. Page 7.
Efforts by six men to rescue a Deputy Mr. Joseph Glover, who was trapped and fatally injured by a roof fall at Hem Heath colliery last September, brought an eloquent commendation from the Minister for Fuel and Power. The six men were Dr. I. G. Mott, Mr. Thomas Hawley, Mr. Samuel Barker, Mr. Thomas Degg, Mr. Frederick Beckett, Mr. Jack Ledgar. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel. May 20th 1952. Late. Page 4
Hem Heath Colliery reconstruction, was last night described to member's of the north Staffordshire Institute of Mining Engineer's, by Mr. E. Steele, of the North Staffordshire Area Planing Engineer's West Midland Division of the National Coal Board. More on this in the "Sentinel" on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 28th 1952. Final. Page 5
Nearly £4 million profit by the N.C.B. in the West Midlands Area. North Staffordshire Area contributed £1,928,415. In a section of the report Hem Heath colliery shaft, as already reached 400 yard's out of the 1,140 it as to go. More on this in the "Sentinel" on this page. Evening Sentinel. December 19th 1952 Final Page 6.
Photograph of the Pakistan's Chief Inspector of Mine's, at Hem Heath colliery with Mr.T. Walker (Development Engineer), Mr.W. Mitchell (Area Safety Officer) and Mr.T. Matthew's, Master Sinker. There is also a Photograph of the pit head bath's. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel. October 5th 1953. Late Page 1.
. One Dead, two injured in roof fall at Hem Heath colliery. They were employed by contractors 900 yards down the new No.2 shaft. The dead man was Mr. Benjamin Willmore, aged 27, of 60, Villiers Street, Dresden. In the N.S.R.I. is Mr. James O’Rilley aged 50, of 213, London Road Stoke, who has a fractured lumber spine, and Mr. Cecil Cashmore, aged 20, of 16, Erskine Street, Longton, who has leg injuries, both are fairly comfortable. Photo of Mr. Willmore is on page?

Sentinel 15th Jan 1954 City Final, page 1.
Photo of Mrs Bennett the lady mayoress, before going down the pit at Hem Heath.

Sentinel 16th Jan 1954 City Final, page 5.
Ellis Smith M.P. had an escape while visiting the Great Row seam at Hem Heath. A large piece of coal fell off the face.

Sentinel 10th June 1954, late, page 1.
Hem Heath colliery foreman mechanic Mr John Warren to get M.B.E.

Sentinel 16th December 1954 (late p14)
Photograph of Mr Jack Buxton, mining student. Making a presentation of an electric shaver, to T R Barnard at Stoke technical college. Mr Buxton went on to be an under-manager at Hem Heath.

Sentinel 4th March 1955 L p9
At a meeting of the Hem Heath colliery welfare committee Secretary A. Illsley and C/man J. Warren Gave details of benefits paid in the financial year. There were 150 hardship grants, 97 funeral grants, 250 long service presentations, and 200 Grants to sick and disabled miners who stayed at the Russell Hotel in Blackpool. Despite All these payments the fund was still in good shape.

Sentinel 14th June 1955 L p7
Six miners from Hem Heath with 341 combined years of service were presented with long service certificates at the colliery. The men were William Smith 60 yrs, Jack Warren 59 yrs, Arthur Shenton 57 yrs, and Phillip Clarke, Joseph Bailey, Fredrick Clarke all with 55 yrs.

Sentinel 11th August 1955 L p1
Article and Photos of the reconstruction of Hem Heath colliery. It is likely that the pit will employ up to 3000 men and produce five times its present output, and have the deepest shafts in Britain.

Sentinel 31st December 1955 L p 5
Presentation made by Mr Tom Martin president of the Hem Heath Colliery N.U.M. to the manager Mr Reg Barber. Mr Barber who was the fifth generation of his family to work in the mines was leaving to take up duties of Group manager in the Manchester area. A photograph of this event can be seen on page 5 of the city final same date.

Sentinel 23rd February 1956 City Final page 8
Mr Wilfred Foster, aged 38, a colliery electrician of 26, Poole Street, Fenton, died in the N.S.R.I. from head injuries he received when he fell from a lorry, at Hem Heath colliery. A verdict of Accidental Death was recorded.

Sentinel 10th April 1956 Late page 7
Collieries 9th first aid win. Victoria colliery won welfare shield Madeley were second. Mossfield won the Wynne cup and Hem Heath junior team took the junior challenge cup

Evening Sentinel. April 30th 1956 Late Page 6.
Photograph of Mr. Rowland Bennett, presenting long service certificates to Jack Warren B.E.M. a foreman mechanic at Hem Heath Colliery, who as served the industry for more than 60 years. The presentation took place at the Crown and Anchor Hotel, Longton.

Evening Sentinel. May 4th 1956 Late Page 16.
The group of Devon clay miners also visited Hem Heath, as well as Sneyd.

Sentinel 7th June 1956 Late Final page 7
Photograph of visit of local Employment Committee to Hem Heath colliery on 6th of June including the Mayor of Newcastle Mr.N.F.Bradshaw, Group Manager Mr. W.G.Cumberbach and Mr.E.Mawdesley Manager

Evening Sentinel. July 18th 1956 Late. Page 1.
Photograph of one of the Duke of Edinburgh’s study conference groups held at Hem Heath colliery today. The photo includes Mr. C.A. Harris, (Chairman of the group) Mr. W.G. Cumberbatch (General Manager) Mr. E. Mawdsley (Colliery Manager). There’s a report on this article on page 5 which includes power loading and medical facilities in the pits.

Sentinel 28th July 1956 Late Front Page
Coal Board may close down Madeley pit. Workers send protest to Newcastle M.P. The proposal is, should the pit close to absorb more of the miners at Hem Heath Trentham

Evening Sentinel. August 24th 1956 Late. Page5.
Coal winding operation began this week from the 612 landing of the new1,136 yard, deep shaft at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham, just six years, seven months, Sir Ben Smith then Chairman of West midlands Division of N.C.B. cut the first sod for the shaft.

Evening Sentinel. November 12th 1956 Late. Page. 10.
Two hundred colliery employees attended with their wives at Hem Heath colliery canteen, to present nurse Doris Booth, a member of the surgery staff, with a chiming clock. Nurse Booth is leaving to become a Midwife.

Evening Sentinel. December 6th 1956 Late. Page. 9.
North Staffordshire Coalfield Output for the week ending 24th November was down 9,003 tons. Hem Heath colliery as been increasing it’s output slowly, week by week, a few tons at a time, but, the week ending December 1st output was 7,100 tons, beating the previous week by 370 tons. In the first 47 weeks of the year, North Staffordshire pits produced 8,509 tons of coal than in the same period last year.

Sentinel 1ST April 1957 late final p5
Victoria colliery's first aid team wins the North Staffs competition for the 10th year. Runners up were Norton, with Mossfield third. Hem Heath juniors won the Wynne Cup. There is a photo of Ron Smith receiving cup on behalf of the Hem Heath team. The competition was held at the Heron Cross primary school.

Sentinel 10th April 1957 late p5
North Staffs output up by7.5% over the five-week period ending 30th March 1957. Actual tonnage was 712,589 tons. Manpower was also up from 20,064 to 21,122.

Same edition photograph of Lord Mayor Mr W Bailey at Hem Heath. The Mayor later visited Florence colliery.

Sentinel 19th September 1957 late p6
Photograph of Mr and Mrs W Smith who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Mr Smith who works as a winding engine man at Hem Heath started in the mining industry 62years ago when he was earning one shilling (5p) a day.

Sentinel 21st September 1957 late p5
last coal from Lycett colliery. After 100yrs of production Lycett closed today. The present manpower of 437 u/g and 112 surface will eventually be transferred to other North Staffs pits i.e. Hem Heath, Wolstanton, Silverdale, and Holditch. 100 men will be kept back for salvage, which should take between 6 and 12 months. A further 5 men will produce sufficient coal to keep the boilers going.

Sentinel 6th Dec 1957 late p10
Photograph of Hem Heath rescue team. The photograph was taken on behalf of Reg Haywood who was retiring as captain.

Evening Sentinel. January 13th 1958. Late. Page 5.
The Stoke-on-Trent City Ambulance Division yesterday won the St. John Ambulance Brigade annual competition for Staffordshire teams by a narrow margin of three marks, the runners up were Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel. April 28th 1958. Late. Page 8.
North Staffordshire boxers had a night of triumph on Saturday, when the N.C.B. A.B.A. championships were decided in Leeds. Ernie Ball, (Wedgwood colliery,) retained his championship and Cyril Harte. (Hem Heath) won his first National title. North Staffordshire Area also won the Viscount Hyndley Cup for the third successive year, and the West Midlands again became the joint holders of the Mitchell Hedges Trophy. There’s a full report on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 2nd 1958. Late. Page 1.
Photograph of a group of Stoke-on-Trent Savings Canvassers Committee, whom are mostly women who went down Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1958. Late. Page 5.
There is a report on manpower in the pits, plus North Staffordshire’s outlook in the collieries. Recruitment in the coalmines in the division continued to improve and they general position was more satisfactory. A new shaft at Wolstanton had started, where the deepening of the existing one completed, these two shafts are to be taken lower still where they would link up with the Deep pit and Sneyd collieries. The new shaft at Hem Heath, the first in the country to use the twin rope friction winding system would service the development down to 1,062 yards was commissioned. A new drift mine was started by the N.C.B. at Apedale. Referring to training and education a new surface provision was completed at Kemball training centre.

Evening Sentinel. 29th September1958 Late. Page 8.
About 600 people attended Hem Heath colliery’s sports presentation at Longton Town Hall on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel. January 7th 1959. Late. Page 1.
The new situation in the mining industry represents the end of a period of abnormality, for it could not regarded as normal for the industry in full continuingly to meet demand, Mr. Brown said in Birmingham yesterday, but the change had been a sudden one. It had arrived because of a fall in consumption, and not because of an increasing dispute. He also spoke of different North Staffordshire Collieries where improvements were in hand, namely, Sneyd, Hem Heath, Florence, Wolstanton and Hanley Deep pit, collieries. More of his speech can be seen on this page.

Evening Sentinel. January 6th 1959. Late. Page 8.
The death has accord of the former agent of Hem Heath and Stafford collieries, Mr. Leonard Smithurst, of 317, Stone Road, Handford, at the age of 63. Mr. Smithurst was born in Leicestershire, but was at the Hem Heath and Stafford collieries for 14 years, until his retirement due to ill health. He had been employed has a consultant at the, small Mines collieries.

Evening Sentinel. March 9th 1959. Late. Page 1.
“A real work of Art” that is what Czechoslovakian Deputy Fuel Minister, Jaromir Matusck, called Hem Heath colliery headgear, the Minister is leading a delegation to North Staffordshire, to see the coalfield recon structure program and, modern mining methods. They will also visit Sneyd and Wolstanton collieries. A full list of Their party and our accompanying party, is listed on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 15th 1959. Late Final. Page 12.
Three North Staffordshire Boxers who are taking part in the N.C.B. A.B. Championship at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Saturday are, Ernie Ball, heavyweight, Victoria colliery, Harold Brown, featherweight, Hanley Deep pit, and Cyril Harte, a joiner at Hem Heath colliery. Hem Heath miners have charted a bus to take a load of supporters to Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel. April 27th 1959. Late Final. Page 1.
Cyril Harte, the Hem Heath joiner, and Welterweight boxer, who is a member of the Stoke-on-Trent A.B.A. found form on Saturday, at Coventry that would have won him the N.C.B. title, at Newcastle the previous Saturday.

Evening Sentinel. May 21st 1959. Late. Page 10.
Mr. James Macpherson, aged 45, of 38, Southbourn Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, collapsed and died while working at Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel. Sentinel Supplement. Page 1. May 2nd 1959. Late.
There is a large Photograph of Hem Heath colliery in the supplement named Industry and Commerce.

Evening Sentinel. July 30th 1959. Special Edition. Page 1.
Three cages crash at Hem Heath’s new wonder shaft, no one was hurt, but 250 men were brought safely to the surface. Production was halted, and a loss of coal production is about 4,000 tons. The cages were used for drawing dirt at two levels at the time of the accident. No coal production will be possible this week. The loss would have been mush worse except for the colliery closes for the annual wakes holiday at the end of this week. There is a photograph of Hem Heath Colliery.

Evening Sentinel. August 7th 1959. City Final. Page 1.
Hem Heath cage crash. Reassurance as been given, that in the incident, in which three cages crashed in the shaft, could not have happened while man winding was in operation.

Evening Sentinel. December 2nd 1959. Late. Page 8.
Photograph of Hem Heath colliery and Wolstanton colliery’s Koepe Tower. It is notable for being the deepest shaft in North Staffordshire at 3,420 feet.

Evening Sentinel. February 1st 1960 Final. Page 5.
Hem Heath won two of the contests, and Kemball a third when teams from 5 collieries in the N.C.B. No 4 group took part in the first round of the "Boards" First Aid competition, at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel April 27th1960 Late Final Page 4.
Public open day's are to be held at Hem Heath colliery for a fortnight beginning June 13th. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1960. Late. Page.1
"Hem Heath work show's the industry is not failing, and should impress the public, said Mr. E. A. Brown, Chairman of the West Midlands Division of the N.C.B. at the opening of the fortnight's Exhibition today at Hem Heath Colliery. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel."

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1960. Late. Page 8
Photo of Hem Heath's "A" frame with the Lord Mayor (Mr. G. Dale) colliery Manager (Mr. E. Mawdesley) plus others. There is also an article on the collieries Open Day. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel."

Evening Sentinel June 23rd 1960. Late. Page 1.
Photo of Hem Heath Colliery, and Members of the City Council paying a visit.

Evening Sentinel September 29th 1960. Late Final Page 1.
Photo of the Minister of Fuel and Power (Mr. Richard Wood M.P.) who today visited Hem Heath colliery. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel October 12th 1960. Late. Page5.
Photo of the Civic Party which went down Hem Heath colliery Yesterday

Evening Sentinel Jan.2nd 1962 Page 1.
BME for pit deputy. A colliery deputy who served in the Royal Navy and a regular soldier as well as working in a number of industries in North Staffordshire, Mr. John Fradley, age 61 was awarded the BEM in the new years honours list. Since 1947 he has been at Hem Heath colliery and has been a deputy since 1949.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1961 Page 7.
Three sports grounds in North Staffordshire, costing £43,000 are among major items in this years West Midlands programme of the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation. The grounds are associated with Wolstanton, Chatterley Whitfield and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Feb 8th 1962 Page 9.
The Rev. FLM Ramsden was among the Trentham parish church-men’s fellowship to tour underground at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1962 Page 5.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager, presented prizes at the area rescue competition at Tunstall town hall. He said during the past year none of the local colliery rescue teams had been called upon. Parkhouse won the trophy, Hem Heath were runners up, Wolstanton were 3rd. and Holditch 4th.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1962 page 10
Hem Heath are leading in the National Safety Competition.

Evening Sentinel May 11th 1962 Page 6.
Hem Heath came second in the West Midlands Division for safety, photo plus prizes.

Evening Sentinel June 14th 1962 Page 12.
Two men were fined £10 each when they admitted tampering with a morphia safe at Hem Heath colliery. It was a final act of malice after they had been given their notice to leave the pit.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th 1962 Page 7.
North Staffordshire collieries are well placed in the National safe pits competition, Hem Heath are lying 10th in their class and Mossfield are 6th. North Staffs pits are sweeping the board in the West Midlands Division.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1963 Page 8.
The NCB held their annual first aid competitions at the Kemball training centre on Saturday. Kemball won and go on to area finals. The Wynne cup was won by Florence colliery and Hem Heath won the Junior Cup.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1963 Page 4.
Mossfield colliery ambulance team, for the third year in succession, have won a cup competed for within the Stoke district.
Page 5. For the second time running Park Hall colliery rescue team received the area rescue trophy. Runners up were Hem Heath, Holditch came third. Long service medals and certificates were also presented.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1963 Page1.
The North Staffordshire area of the NCBs annual inter colliery first aid competition was held at Heron Cross. Mr. H. Nicholson, Capt of Florence team was presented with the wynne cup as winners. Mossfield were winners of the senior trophy and Hem Heath won the junior trophy.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1963 Page 1.
Mr. Ron Clennell age 47, an ex-Durham miner was killed at Hem heath yesterday, leaving a widow and three children. He stepped from a moving cage and fell down the shaft.

Evening Sentinel May 17th 1963 Page 11.
Mr. J.P.L. Bacharach, a 28 year old mining engineer who is employed at Hem Heath colliery as an Overman, gave his impression of a 6 week tour of Swedish Iron-oar, Lead and copper mines. He said they are quick to take up new techniques, and every job that can be mechanised, is mechanised.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1963 Page 1
Claiming they are losing between £1/10 and £2 a day each because of working conditions, 31 face workers and packers at Hem Heath colliery today went on strike.

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1963 Page 1.
Hem Heath colliery was paralysed by a strike of 1,300 men. Miners aggrieved by a six-shilling a day drop in the shift rate. Page 16 the civic heads of Newcastle-under Lyme and Newcastle N.S.W. Australia, for the first time in their lives, saw miners at work at the coal-face at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1963 Late Final Page 8.
Strike called off at Hem Heath and negotiations started between the NCB and NUM. There was a loss of 1,550 tons of coal.

Evening Sentinel Oct 28th 1963 Page 5.
3,000 men at three pits, Hem Heath, Florence and Stafford said they will go on strike if talks go past the deadline of 14 days.

Evening Sentinel Dec 16th 1963 Page 1.
Voluntary Saturday shift working at seven North Staffs pits yielded an estimate 5,479 tons of coal. Chatterley Whitfield, 1,807, Wolstanton, 1,626, Hem Heath 915, Foxfield 328, Holditch and Silverdale 300 tons each Florence 198 tons

Evening Sentinel Jan. 10th 1964 Page 9 F.
Mr. Stefan Bugala, age 49 was taken ill while working as a washery attendant at Hem Heath colliery and died there.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 15th 1964 Page 1 F.
Following a recent sealing off, because of a heating of a coalface at Glebe colliery, there has bee a temporary transfer of men to Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 15th 1964 Page 5.
Three North Staffs pits are among five in the West Midlands area with new productivity records. Norton has 38.6 cwt, Victoria 40.9 cwt and Hem Heath 44.1 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1964 Page 5
Hem Heath colliery set a new coalface record of 157 cwt and Glebe 147.2 cwt.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1964 Page 5.
Hem Heath collieries senior first aid team gained second place with 382 marks in the NCB West Midlands Division first aid competitions held at Wolverhampton. Victoria colliery were place third in the junior competition with 410 marks. North staffs area workshops A. and B. were forth and fifth in this section.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1964 Page 1 L.
An unofficial stoppage by some men at Hem Heath colliery had lost about 900 tons of coal. A spokesman for the miners said that the man concerned was on piecework. He was a man who always demanded his rights 100% and because of this, the management had given him his notice.

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1964 Page 7. F.
Photo of meeting of miners in progress, in an attempt to resolve the dispute, which had arisen at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham. Some loss of production has resulted from the stoppage.

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1964 Page 1. L.
Because 219 men on the day shift still failed to report for work at the Hem heath colliery today, 212 day wage-men had to be sent home. But the unofficial strike is over. 10.000 of coal have been lost.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1964 Page 1. L.
Mr. C. Howson, prospective conservative candidate for Stoke South, yesterday went on a visit down Hem Heath. He said, “It has been a fascinating experience.”

Evening Sentinel Sep. 21st 1964 Page 4.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager of the NCB congratulated Mr. P. Lightfoot, Capt. Of the Hem Heath colliery team, who won the area NCB mines rescue competition at Berry hill rescue centre on Saturday. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Oct 5th 1964 Page 10.
In the finals of the West Midlands miners rescue competitions held at Madeley colliery on Saturday, Cannock Wood were winners, Birch Copice second and Hem Heath third.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 16th 1964 Page 9. F.
Visitors from the Far East will be coming to North Staffs next week to see something of the Potteries and Mining industries and they will visit Holdtich and Hem Heath colliers.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1964 Page 10. L.F.
About 20 members of the Stoke-on-Trent Metallurgical Society visited Hem Heath colliery. Mr. W. Crossland, Agent and Manager told the visitors there was enough coal, mined at 1m tons a year for the next 200 years.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1964 Page 10. F.
At the annual first aid presentations of North Staffs area, winners of the senior shield were Hem Heath colliery, Norton were second. Junior Cup winners were Victoria colliery, Hem Heath were second. Wynne Cup winners were Hem Heath B and second were Hem Heath A. Individual winner was M. Latty of Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1964 Page 16.
Mr. E. Comber age 42, a face stower was killed yesterday by a fall of roof at Hem Heath colliery. He leaves a widow and five-year old son.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1964 Page 1. C.F.
A piece of mining equipment was missing at Hem Heath colliery, two witnesses alleged that it had been stolen and the use of another device in its place possibly caused the death of Mr. E. Comber, a Stoke inquest heard today.

Evening Sentinel Jan8th 1965 Final page 9.
Overall productivity in the West Midlands Division rose by 1.5 cwt to 36.3 cwt with two North Staffs pits, Wolstanton and Hem Heath close on the 1 million tons mark. The chairman said that they were also pressing on as fast as they were able with more powered supports particularly in North staffs.

Evening Sentinel 1965 Page 1 LF.
A jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. I. Vockovic age 39. He was struck by a piece dirt and died from asphyxia due to multiple injuries in tunnelling operations at Hem Heath colliery. (Photo on Page 5 of funeral.)

Evening Sentinel Sep 20th 1965 Page 6.
Photo of the NCB Victoria rescue team in the competition at Berryhill. Hem Heath were the winners. Write up on page 12.

Evening Sentinel Oct 1st 1965 Page 1 L.
The closure today of worked out Foxfield colliery, Dilhorne,was the end of the road for deep mined coal in the Cheadle coal field, whose 13,000 acres have yielded an estimated 37,500,000 tons of coal during several centuries of working. (more on this)
Page 20 Funeral of Freemason, Mr. A.R. Mason, who was mechanical engineer to Holditch, Apedale, Parkhouse and Silverdale group of collieries. (Full list of mourners)

Evening Sentinel Oct 4th 1965 Page 7 F.
Photo of Hem heath colliery First Aid Captain Mr. J. McElhone treating a causality at a competition held at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. (Details of competition at bottom of page.)

Evening Sentinel Oct 11th 1965 Page 10.
For the second year running Hem Heath were placed third in the final of the West Midlands annual mines rescue competition which took place at Chatterley Whitfield colliery on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Nov 18th 1965 Page18.
Mr. D. Grey age 39 years was fatally injured when he was struck by an empty wagon at Hem Heath colliery last night. He received injuries to the arm, was taken to hospital where he died

Evening Sentinel Dec.20th 1965 Page 7
The £13.500 sports and social club building for Stafford and Hem Heath collieries was opened on Saturday at the club’s ground in Grove Rd. Fenton by Mr. Jack Lally. (Photo plus full story.)

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 page 4
Photo of Mr. W. Entwistle, captain of Hem Heath colliery mines rescue team, holding the trophy up as winners of the NCB area rescue competition, at the Queen’s hall Burslem last night. (More on page 10) .

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 Page 10.
Hem Heath colliery team won the NCB area rescue competition, Holditch were runners up, Victoria were third and Wolstanton fourth. .

Evening Sentinel March 28th1966 Page 10
In the North Staffs area first aid competitions held at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday, Hem Heath won the Senior Shield and Victoria won the Junior Cup. (Photo on Page 10 C.F.) .

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1966 Page 5
In the week ending May 23rd Hem Heath colliery reached a new productivity peak of 56.8 cwt a man shift. This was 3cwt higher than the previous best performance five weeks earlier. Coalface productivity was also a record at 213.4 cwt a man shift. .

Evening Sentinel July 28th 1966 C. F.
Photo of Dr. J. Bray, Secretary Minister of Power, with NCB officials as they return to the surface during yesterdays visit to Hem heath colliery. .

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1966 Page 11
Florence colliery won the Wynne cup, in the North Staffs area first aid competitions at Kemball Training Centre. Hem Heath were runners up. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd. 1966 Page 11.
Eight colliery teams from North Staffs took part in the National NCB first aid competition at Kemball. Florence colliery won the Wynne cup and Hem Heath were runners up. (Photo on page 1 F.) .

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th 1966 Page 7 F.
Hem Heath colliery, Trentham; hit the productivity jackpot today by raising its millionth ton within the year. .

Evening Sentinel Dec 14th 1966 Page 1. L.
Hem Heath colliery is becoming a strong challenger in the battle of colliery giants. In 1965-66 Lea Hall was the pride of the NCB West Midlands Division. Hem Heath is now surging forward, it has lifted its productivity well above the level expected of it. Output per man-shift is above 57 cwt and shows prospects of doing still better. .

Evening Sentinel Jan 23rd 1967 Page 8. F.
National NCB first aid competition for No 4 section of the North Staffs area was held at Florence colliery on Saturday. Winners in the senior section were Hem Heath and the junior section Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1967 Page 8. F.
A former chief engineer at Wolstanton colliery, Mr. W.C. Cartledge, has died in hospital. He also worked at Great Fenton, Hanley Deep, and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 20th 1967 Page 20. L.
Photo of Hem Heath colliery first aid team, captained by Mr. Joe. McElone. They won the senior team test at the annual first aid competition, north staffs area at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. (Photo on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1967 Page 14. C.F.
A 36-year-old Trentham man with an elementary school education, who began work as a colliery screen hand 20 years ago, was told today by Lord Robens that he has been appointed colliery general manager aat one of Britain’s top pits, Hem Heath. He is Mr. G.L. Beard. (Full report)

Evening Sentinel Feb 23rd 1967 Page 6. L.
Photo of Lord Robens, chairman of the NCB as he visited Hem Heath yesterday.

Evening Sentinel April 25th 1967 Page 1. F
An underground loco driver, Mr. S.N. Jones, a married man age 57, was fatally injured in a shutting accident at Hem Heath colliery last night.

Evening Sentinel July 11th 1967 Page 10. C.F.
Safety ropes that should have in use when a miner was killed at Hem Heath colliery were provided soon after his death it was claimed at a Stoke inquest today. A 2 cwt girder propping up the three-foot high seam where he was working “flew out” and crushed Mr. 36 year old Mr. Wade.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1967 Page 6. F.
Photo. Hem Heath rescue team with the trophy the received for winning the Northern section competition of the North staffs area. W. Entwhistle captain. (Write up on page 7)

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1967 Page 12 C.F.
Photo of annual dance and presentation of prizes of the Stafford and Hem heath colliery sports club, held at the King’s Hall, Stoke, on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1967 Page 5 F.
Long service awards for colliery rescue work and prizes won at the NCBs annual rescue competition finals last September, were presented on Saturday, by Mr. C. Bishop, district rescue station manager. The competition was won by Hem Heath, (Photo) followed by Holditch, Wolstanton and Florence. Florence miners received pocket watches were, R. James, R. Baskerfield, S. Clowes, J. Lumsdon, E. Keay and C. Shaw.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 15th 1967 Page 5 F.
Deputy Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Stoke-on-Trent were present at the annual dance and presentation of prizes at Hem Heath colliery sports and social club held at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1967 Page 18 L.F.
Hem Heath colliery reached its millionth ton output during November, a fortnight earlier than last year when it became a “million tonner” for the first time.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1967 Page20. F.
Regarding the proposed abandonment of top horizon working at Wolstanton colliery, pit consultation will begin after Christmas. It is possible that start on transferring men to Florence and Hem Heath will take place.

Evening Sentinel March 19 1968 Page 14. C.F.
In a statement an NCB spokesman said, A total of 42 men had become surplus to requirements at Stafford colliery, in consequence of there being now only one operational face at the colliery. The men will be offered alternative employment at Hem Heath and Florence collieries.

Evening Sentinel Sep.26th 1968 Page 1. C.F.
Summoned to Hem Heath colliery for 5.45 am today Mr. Sid Fox, NUM agent in North Staffs was exhilarated by a pep talk given to 400 day-shift workers by the colliery manager, Mr. Beard. He received an ovation by the men.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1968 Page 20. C.F,
A miner at Hem Heath was fatally crushed when he was caught between a mine-car and an over-head conveyor belt while working at the colliery last night. He was Mr. T. White age 47.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 21st 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Stoke-on-Trent Lord Mayor Mrs D. Robinson wearing a safety helmet and overalls as she tours the mock coalface exibition at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 29th 1969 Page 12. F.
Workings under the village of Barlaston from Hem Heath colliery were causing subsidence in various parts of the village. Barlaston Parish Council were told last night.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 24th 1969 Page 5. F.
At a dinner for retired miners and their wives at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke, organised by the Hem Heath sports and social club on Saturday, 28 members were presented with long service certificates by Mr G.L. Beard the colliery manager.

Evening Sentinel April 2nd 1969 Page 18 C.F.
Mr. G. Beard, manager of Hem heath colliery, yesterday handed over £100 in prize money to the winners and runners up in a spot the mistake safety competition. First prize went to Mr. George Welch an underground brick-layer from 104 Penkridge, Blurton. (Photo on page 8)

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1969 Page 10 F.
Photo at annual dance and presentation awards of the NCB Staffordshire area’s first aid competition at Trentham ballroom last night. Mr. H.J. Widdowson, area director presenting the runners up cup to Mr. J. McElhone, captain of Hem Heath team. (Full list on same page)

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1969 Page 1. F.
Following a meeting of development workers at Hem Heath colliery, members of the NUM sent a telegram to the Head Quarters in London complaining of the third wage structure.

Evening Sentinel June 7th 1969 Page 10 F.
A coal miner was rushed to hospital with arm and pelvis injuries last night after being injured in an accident at Hem Heath colliery. He was Mr. G. Martin age 54.

Evening Sentinel June 18th 1969 Page 1. L.
Photo of a party of Trade Unionists from Austria who are staying at Wedgwood Memorial college, visited Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1969 Page 14. F.
The Staffordshire area of the NCB, are aiming for an overall output of three tons per man-shift. Florence and Hem Heath collieries were the sought of things which inspired confidence.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1969 Page 1. F.
Mr. J. McNancy, age 53 was fatally injured at Hem Heath colliery yesterday, he was trapped against machinery when a chain, which is part of the coal face equipment broke on Moss 14s coal face.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 17th 1969 Page 12. C.F. The annual presentation of prizes by the Hem Heath sports and social club was held in the Jubilee Hall, Stoke on Saturday. (Full list of winners)

Evening Sentinel Nov. 27th 1969 Page 7. F.
At an inquest yesterday a seven man jury returned a verdict of accidental death on Mr. John Coxford, age 35 of Blurton. He was killed on November 13th when he was trapped by a fall of rock on Moss 14s face at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1969 Page 12 F.
Hem Heath colliery have joined the elite band of British mines with a coalface to produce 10.000 tons in a week. Others in the Staffordshire area are Silverdale and Lea Hall. Last week Great Row 16s at Hem Heath produced 10,387 tons, the highest face output in the colliery’s history.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 15th 1969 Page 12. C.F.
Beer flowed freely for 150 employees of Hem Heath colliery at their sports and social club Fenton on Saturday. It was a special celebration party for achieving a coalface output record of over 10.000 tons from one coalface in a week.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 31st 1969 Page 7. F.
A recommendation that the general design of the conveyor chain used on the mining machinery be reviewed, was made at a Stoke inquest yesterday. The chain caused the death of Mr. J. Mac Nancy age 58 at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1970 Page 9. F.
Coal mining in the Staffordshire area is evolving from labour intensive to capital-intensive structure. The tunnel drivage at Hem heath will open up more coal reserves in deep seams in the area of the former Stafford colliery. There will be more investment in Silverdale and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1970 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Keele University students, yesterday, visiting Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 19th 1970 Page 9. F.
Men at Holditch set up a new record last week. The week’s output of 10,008 tons was 394 tons higher than the previous best figure reached in January. Coalface workers produced 274.9 cwt an improvement of 10 cwt. Total labour force was also a record of 66.4 cwt. Coalface workers at Hem Heath also achieved a new record of 271.1 cwt.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1970 Page 1 L.
Photo of girls, from City College of Building and Commerce, who visited Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel March 16th 1970 Page 1. L.
Photo of a team from Hem Heath colliery, taking part in the NCB Staffordshire area first aid competition at Burslem yesterday. Page 7 gives report and results. Hem Heath won

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1970 Page 10. F.
Last week there were coalface productivity records at Hem Heath colliery 275.6 cwt and Florence 236.6 cwt.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1970 Page 13. F.
Union officials and a mining Inspector were today checking the dust level in one of the seams at Hem Heath colliery. Their action follows yesterday’s alleged dangerous dust levels.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1970 Page 8. F.
Photo of smiling miners at Hem Heath colliery, who shared a £700 safety competition handout yesterday.

Evening Sentinel July 13th 1970 Page 10. C.F.
Hem Heath colliery, last years winners un the Staffordshire area rescue competitions, could only manage 4th place in the 1970s event, held at West Cannock No 5. The winners were Lea Hall No1. Lea Hall No 2 were 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 26th 1970 Page 10.
A mass meeting of more than 200 colliery workers at the Hem Heath pit today decided to ban overtime and weekend working. The unofficial action comes into operation on Monday and is in support of the NUM claim for higher minimum wages. Mr. Jim Colgan said he had never seen the men so militant.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 29th 1970 Page 12. F.
Union notice boards have been re-instated at Hem Heath colliery and threatened strike action withdrawn. But the union Sec. Jim Colgan, said that the ban on overtime would continue. Yesterdays strike call came when union documents were torn from the official notice board by an alleged official of the management. The action was described as Gestapo like.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 5th 1970 Page 5. L.F.
The unofficial overtime ban at Hem Heath colliery will continue for another month at least. (Full Report)

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1970 Page 18. C.F.
Hem Heath colliery is faced with an unofficial strike by about 1,400 miners unless the NUM re-instate 14 suspended pit branch officials. The union have been given until tomorrow to lift the suspension on the officials, including branch secretary Jim Colgan.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 19th 1971 Page 24. F.
Sixteen hundred pitmen at Florence colliery, Longton, the pit with sights on a million tons of coal this year, have smashed four productivity records only a month after the introduction of a new 200 yards long face. A new record has also been established at North staffs largest colliery, Hem Heath which employs 18,000 men an overall face output of 303.9 cwt a man-shift.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1971 Page 18. C.F.
Young miners from Hem Heath colliery became Staffordshire apprentice safety quiz champions after beating teams from Holditch and West Cannock No5 in the final of the quiz last night.

Evening Sentinel March 22nd 1971 Page 7. F.
For the second year running Hem Heath colliery won the NCB area first aid competition for senior miners and will represent Staffordshire in the final at Scarborough in May.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1971 Page 5. F.
An accidental death verdict, was returned by a jury at Stoke inquest yesterday on G. W. Quinton age 56. He died after receiving injuries. He was found lying on the front of a locomotive with his leg crushed, at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 7th 1971 Page 10. F.
Photo of a party of Austrian Trade Unionists, who are on a months visit to this country visited Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1971 Page 4. F.
A new coal seam known as the Ten Feet with an estimate output of, 8.120 tons is to be opened at Hem Heath colliery on Monday.

Evening Sentinel. January 31st 1972. Final Page 1.
The N.C.B. have sealed off two pit faces, one is the nineteen’s face in the Great Row seam at Florence colliery, the other is the North Bambury at Chatterley Whitfield, and it will cost £250,000 in lost machinery. There is also intensive heating at three other faces at Florence colliery and in the eighteens face at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel. May 13th 1972. Late Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. Joe Gormley who is President of the N.U.M. at Hem Heath colliery. Also in the photograph is Mr. J.C. Wehrle, C.I.S.W.O. Mr. J.R Hunter, Area Director N.C.B. Mr. J. Crawford, Sec. N.A.C.O.D.S. and Mr. C Shepard, National joint secretary C.I.S.W.O.

Evening Sentinel. May 31st 1972. Final Page 7.
Instead of an annual dinner dance for their retired colleagues the miners at Hem Heath colliery began a scheme to look after the veteran miners all the year round. The Hem Heath Sports and Social club has 200 retired miners who visit the colliery once a month this will enable them to keep in touch with each other.

Evening Sentinel. June 5th 1972. Final Page 7.
Photograph of the toast being given by Hem Heath’s General Manager Mr. Gordon Beard to the “Great Row 18’s” face workers who doubled the output to 400 tons per man shift, in spite of severe geological faults. Mr. Beard treated the men to 50 gallons of ale during a celebration get together at Hem Heath Sports and Social club at Fenton on Saturday. There is a further account of this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. June 7th 1972. Final Page 7.
Hem Heath’s Assistant Manager Mr. Victor Ankrett, retired yesterday after 45 years in the mining industry. Mr. Ankett of 119 Blurton-road, Fenton, was presented with an N.C.B. long service award certificate, by Mr. Gordon Beard. Mr. Ankrett moved from Walsall to the North Staffordshire coalfield in 1954 as an Under Manager before joining Hem Heath colliery in 1967.

Evening Sentinel. July 25th 1972. Final Page 7.
The funeral took place yesterday of Mr. Bertram Leonard Hall, aged 68, who died on holiday in Paignton last week. He was a retired colliery cashier, having spent all his life in the mining industry, he started work at Florence colliery, he was then transferred to Stafford colliery, and then ending his carrier at Hem Heath colliery. Mr. Hall lived at 22, Forest-road, Lightwood Longton.

Evening Sentinel. August 17th 1972. City Final Page 18.
A Hem Heath colliery junior safety team came out top last night at Florence colliery Social and Welfare club in the N.C.B. Staffordshire area junior safety Quiz.

Evening Sentinel. August 22nd 1972. Final Page 9.
Miners at Hem Heath colliery have smashed their overall coalface production record for week-ending August 12th the colliery which employs 1,640 men produced 22,000 tons.

Evening Sentinel. October 2nd 1972. Final Page 14.
A Newcastle-under-Lyme man Mr. Leslie Hall, of The Westlands, who has spent nearly all is working life in the mining industry was presented with a tea set and a ceramic figure at the Highland Suite, Trentham Gardens, by Mr. G. Beard, General Manager at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel. October 4th 1972. Final Page 16.
There is to be a recruiting drive by the N.C.B. for 200 men to be employed by five collieries in North Staffordshire, the collieries are Hem Heath, Silverdale, Holditch, Victoria and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Feb 27th 1973 Page 8. F.
Photo. Mr. H. Walton, deputy electrical engineer at Hem Heath is retiring after 40 years in the mining industry.

Evening Sentinel March 3rd 1973 Page 4. F.
Ex-miners at Hem Heath colliery were officially thanked for their long service in the pits. 21 men received long service certificates having served a minimum of 30 years.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1973 Page 7. F.
Lea Hall won the Staffordshire area first aid competition at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. Hem Heath were runners up.

Evening Sentinel March 30th 1973 Page 1. F.
Hem Heath, Trentham, hit the million-ton output today, with only a few hours to spare before the closure of the Coal Board’s fiscal year.

Evening Sentinel April 7th 1973 Page 12. F.
It was the fifth time that Hem Heath had produced more than a million tons in a year. Florence produced 803.000 tons whilst the three Newcastle area pits produced more than 1.500.000 tons between them.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1973 Page 11 F.
Photo of Mr. Jim Colgan presenting a cheque for £66, the proceeds of a concert at Hem Heath colliery club to Mr. P. Owen, chairman of Stoke-on-Trent district physically handicapped voluntary aid group.
Evening Sentinel Aug 24th 1973 Page 13 F.
At 5 am a mishap involving a protruding empty materials car caused damage to the shaft and as a result 400 men on the day shift were sent home. Repair work was done in the upcast shaft of Hem Heath colliery in time for the noon shift.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1973 Page 1 L.
Photo of miners at Hem Heath colliery receiving rump stakes, part of 50 stakes given to the colliery from a party of Butchers when they visited the pit yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Jan 7th 1974 Page 1 F.
Although urged by the Coal Board not to precipitate and instructed by the Midlands area NUM not to take uncalled for unofficial action, day shift men at Hem Heath colliery spread a dispute which originated in South Staffordshire on Friday, by staging a walk out.

Evening Sentinel Jan 17th 1974 Page 24 C.F.
A further dispute, which flared up at Hem Heath colliery today, had the pit at a temporary standstill for most of the morning, adding to the overtime ban difficulties.

Evening Sentinel Jan 18th 1974 Page 24 F.
Yesterday’s dispute at Hem Heath colliery, the second within a fortnight resulted in a loss on production of 3.000 tonnes of coal.

Evening Sentinel May 24th 1974 Page 1 Crewe
Hem Heath colliery was the focal point today of detailed news of the NCBs largest single investment in a coal project for 20 years, in a £19m scheme to link up Hem Heath with Florence. (More on page 10)

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1974 Page 9 N. Wales
Pitmen at Hem Heath colliery have broken their own coalface productivity. For the second time in two weeks the new record of 370.1 cwt per man-shift is more than 4 cwt better than the previous best.

Evening Sentinel Aug 5th 1974 Page 18 C.F.
Hem Heath colliery had a coal face productivity record for the third week in succession. Their figure of 386.6 cwt was more than 16 cwt better than the record set up the previous week.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1974 Page 14 Crewe.
Florence colliery were pipped by two points in the Staffordshire NCB fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. Same page, More than 300 miners, wives and friends applauded as a six-man team from Hem Heath colliery received the rescue-man trophy as winners of the NCB area rescue competition at the Clayton Lodge Hotel, Newcastle.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1974 Page 16 L.
Hem Heath miners yesterday gave a £90 boost to the Mayor of Stafford’s appeal for the disabled. They threw their loos change into the collecting buckets.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1974 Page 24 Crewe.
Seven German mining engineers are to visit Wolstanton, Silverdale and Hem Heath collieries this week.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1974 Page 7 Crewe
The commanding officer of the 35th Signal Regiment with others emerged from an extensive underground trip at Hem Heath yesterday. He said it was fascinating and was full of admiration for the pitmen.

Evening Sentinel Nov 1st 1974 Page 11 Crewe
Fifteen men and women members of the North Staffs Red Cross organisation went on an extensive visit to Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov 5th 1974 Page1 Crewe
Hem Heath colliery was being called the Royal pit today, only hours after it was announced that Princess Margaret would visit it next month. Page 20. Mr. George Wynne of Wedgwood colliery retired after 51 years service in the mining industry.

Evening Sentinel Dec 5th 1974 Page 1
There was a unique Royal salute today to the pitmen of North Staffs as Princess Margaret made history with a visit to Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1975 Page 13. Crewe
Mr. G. Beard, manager of Hem Heath, presented framed long service certificates to Mr. M. Brownfield 51 years service and Mr. R. Hawkins, at Hem Heath colliery retired miners annual dinner held at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 15th 1975 Page 4. F.F.
A pitman has died 12 days after being injured in an underground accident, he was 58 year old Mr. Lukaslewsly. He was struck by a pipe while working at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 21st 1975 Page 1. Crewe
Four coalface workers at Hem Heath colliery received burns and suffered shock resulting from an ignition of gas today.

Evening Sentinel May 3rd 1975 Page 1 F.
The colliery manager Mr. G. presented seventeen miners from Hem Heath colliery, with a combine total of 731 years service, yesterday with long service certificates, Beard.

Evening Sentinel June 5th 1975 Page 7. Crewe
A miner was killed at Hem Heath colliery while doing a job that could be done no other way, an inquest heard at Stoke Town hall yesterday. He was Mr. W. Lukasiewicz, age 59. A pipe was attached by a chain and rope to a haulage machine, there was a big bang and a cloud of dust. The pipe swung round and hit Mr. Lukasiewicz in the face. He was bleeding heavily and unconscious and was taken to the NSRI where he died.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1975 Page 6. Crewe.
It was reported that the countryside committee of Staffordshire County Council yesterday that two pit shafts on the site at Bignall Hill, Audley, were unsafe. It was recommended that they be capped and carry out additional work and fencing. Workings in the Great Row seam at Hem Heath colliery at a depth of 600 metres were continuing under Trentham Park.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 23rd 1975 Page 22 C.F.
Officially opening the impressive £250.000 Hem Heath sports and social centre, which covers 8 acres at Trentham last night, Mr. Joe Gormley, NUM president, told a full house that coal mining was the most expansionist industry today. (Full story)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 8th 1975 Page 1. F.
Coal Board officials were today investigating a surface explosion at Hem Heath colliery, Trentham. More than a hundred maintenance men were evacuated when windows in the Fan house were blown out and lubricant oil in the switchgear caught fire.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 23rd 1976 Page 11 F.
Only one North Staffs colliery, Hem Heath, made it to the finals of the NCB Western area junior safety quiz, but were beaten by Agecroft colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 13th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Work on a coal preparation plant at Hem Heath colliery, part of a £20m. expansion scheme for Hem Heath and Florence has stopped because of a strike by construction workers.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th 1976 Page 9. Crewe
New mining techniques currently being studied by the NCB have already been tried in the North Staffs coalfield, at Chatterley Whitfield, Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
Mr. A. Eadie, Under Secretary of State for Energy, during a tour of Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries, said some of the pits in the Western area have a productivity record to be envied by coal industries throughout Europe.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 14th 1976 Page 1. C.F.
A link has been established between mining and activity at Hem Heath and the earth tremors, which have shaken wide areas of North Staffs. It was indicated there was a casual relationship between mine activity and the tremors.

Evening Sentinel. June 23rd 1977 Crewe Ed. Page 9.
Yesterday a party of 16 German mining engineers came to visit two North Staffordshire collieries, to see British mining techniques. The collieries they are to visit are Hem Heath and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel. July 14th 1977 Final. Page 14.
A wildlife haven as been established only a few hundred yards from North Staffordshire biggest colliery Hem Heath, it was announced today.

Evening Sentinel. July 23rd 1977 Final. Page 1.
Residence in the Trent Vale and Handford area were awoken in their sleep for a second time in a week by a heavy earth tremor. It is only days since My Ray Hunter of the N.C.B. said that the ten Foot seem at Hem Heath, would close in three weeks.

Evening Sentinel. August 8th 1977 Final. Page 14.
Production at Hem Heath colliery was at a standstill today as talks continued into the type of disciplinary action to be taken an official involved in a row with an electrician. Nearly 900 underground workers were sent home. As a result the pit will lose about 4,000 tons of coal production. The N.U.M. President at Hem Heath, Mr. James McMillain refused to comment on the dispute.

Evening Sentinel. August 9th 1977 Final. Page 1.
Talks between N.C.B. local top management and N.U.M officials were continuing this afternoon in a bid to call of a strike at Hem Heath colliery. Midlands Area President of the N.U.M. Mr. Jack Lally visited Hem Heath colliery in a bid to try to solve the dispute.

Evening Sentinel. August 10th 1977 Final. Page 7.
Industrial peace returned to Hem Heath colliery today when leaders of the N.C.B. and the N.U.M. agreed to hold an inquiry into the underground assault Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel. August 12th 1977 Final. Page 24.
Work on the new coal preparation plant at Hem Heath was disrupted today when about 40 men of the sub-contractors at the site went on strike.

Evening Sentinel. August 26th 1977 Late Final. Page 14.
A team of miners swapped overalls for stage costumes last night in a bid to clinch a check for £100 first prize in a regional drama contest but the eight strong, cast from Hem Heath just failed to win the top prize in the western area regional final.

Evening Sentinel Jan 13th 1978 Page 12 Crewe
A postage stamp of Hem Heath colliery headgear is to represent coal, in a 4 stamp new issue which spotlights Britain’s energy resources.

Evening Sentinel March 10th 1978 Page 13. F.
Hem Heath colliery, for the second time in a month smashed the productivity record with an overall face output per man of 440.7 cwt. the previous was 421. cwt.

Evening Sentinel Feb 21st 1978 Page 1. F.
Hem Heath colliery reached a face productivity record of 421 cwt. the previous record was 410 cwt set in January last year. Total production 22.500 tons.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1978 Page 13. F.
The 1.798 men at Hem Heath colliery had an output of 26.332 tons last week. The highest for 10 years.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1978 Page 1 C.F.
A full-scale inquiry was launched this morning following a coal fall, which killed a man at Hem Heath colliery last night, he was Mr. M. Cotton age 23.

Evening Sentinel April 22nd 1978 Page 4 L.
Photo of the President, Mr. F. Knowles, of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors on an underground visit at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 21st 1978 Page 1 C.F.
A 37 year-old miner, D. Philpotts is seriously ill in hospital with injuries received in an accident at Hem heath colliery. He was working on the coalface when a roof fall occurred. He has a fractured skull and other injuries.

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1978 Page 1 C.F.
Mr. David Philpotts the 37 year-old miner who was involved in a pit accident at Hem Heath colliery has died in the NSRI. He leaves a wife and tow young sons.

Evening Sentinel March 30th 1979 Page 1 Crewe
The men from Hem Heath colliery wound their millionth tonne of coal on the last normal production day of the financial year. This is only matched by 19 of the Boards 230 pits.

Evening Sentinel May25th 1979 Page 1 Crewe.
Miner’s picture half-a-mile underground at the historical link-up at Florence and Hem Heath collieries. (Story on Page 7.)

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1979 Page 1 F.
Britain’s deepest mining museum opened to the public for the first time today. Parties from the Isle of Wight and Wolverhampton were among the first tourists to Chatterley Whitfield museum. Page 6 Article on ancient and modern, the link up of Florence and Hem Heath and Chatterley Whitfield museum.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
At an inquest today on D. Philpott age 37 who was killed by a rock fall at Hem Heath colliery, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Evening Sentinel June 8th 1979 Page 7 Crewe
The last coal-bunker at Norton colliery is blasted to the ground. Story plus pictures. Page 11 Mr. D. Hodgkinson has been appointed National chairman of the junior section of the Institute of Engineers. He has worked at Silverdale, Holdich, Florence and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Aug 2nd Page 1 Crewe
There was deficit in the Western area of £24.8 m. It was brought about by bad weather and a winter rail and road strike. There has been major geological problems in several pits including Holditch, Wolstanton and Hem heath.

Evening Sentinel Sep 8th 1979 Page 4 F.F.
Hem Heath colliery deputy M. Corruthers, is the winner of the NCB’s Staffordshire safety mined competition, he won a cash prize of £50 and goes through to the final to be held at Trentham Gardens in September.

Evening Sentinel Sep 22nd 1979 Page 16 F.
Hem heath deputy M. Corruthers was pipped at the post last night in his bid to win the western area safety mind competition. It was not until the last question of the evening with two seconds left on the clock, he was pushed into second place.

Evening Sentinel Oct 27th 1979 Page 1 L.
Modern technology has helped miners at Hem Heath colliery smash their record for coal output. 28,245 tonnes was the best for 29 years, from two faces.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1979 Page 13 F.
Safety lamps to mark their service to the mining industry were presented to seven men at Hem Heath colliery last night. They had given 28 years to 45 years service.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th 1979 Page 13. Crewe.
Hem Heath colliery pitmen produced a record weekly output for the third time in two months. The new output record is 92 tonnes higher than the previous, set in Oct.

Evening Sentinel Jan 9th 1980 Page 9 Crewe
The president of the Methodist conference visited Hem Heath colliery for an underground visit. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1980 Page 24 C.F.
Hem heath colliery in the second year in succession reached a 1m tonnes. We have reached a mile stone said the manager Mr. Les hall, after all there is only a dozen or so collieries in the country reach that figure each year.

Evening Sentinel March 18th 1980 Page 14 Crewe
An industrial review on the coal industry includes an investment of £20m ffor production boosting the Trentham project, which involves the linking of Hem Heath and Florence and building a new coal preparation plant. £20m for what is virtually a new mine at Silverdale and £5m to boost production at Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 25th 1980 Page 1 Crewe
Mitchelin tyre works today piped in waste pit gas to drive their production machines. Five collieries contributed to this. They are Florence, Hem heath, Holditch, Silverdale and Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel April 14th 1980 Page 18 F.
Staffordshire miners’ were praised by NCB chief, D. Ezra for their vital contribution to production. He highlighted the success of Hem Heath’s output soared way passed the million tonns, the best for 12 years.

Evening Sentinel May 30th 1980 Page 24 C.F.
Production at North Staffs biggest pit, Hem Heath was due to get back to normal following a 24 hour strike involving 1.600 men, involving bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1980 Page 6 Crewe.
Seven Staffordshire men meet on Friday at Hem Heath colliery sports club in the final of the safety mind competition. The seven included. D. Wickstead from Victoria colliery, P. Foggerty from Hem Heath, M. Bissel from Wolstanton and Con Todd from Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Aug 13th 1980 Page 9. Crewe.
Mr. C. Wilby age 49 suffered a severe fracture of the skull by falling rocks in February at Hem Heath drift mine development. He was unconscious for two months. The inquest verdict was accidental death.

Evening Sentinel Sep 25th 1980 Page 24 C.F.
Seven tunnellers at Hem Heath colliery have lost their claim for redundancy as a result of an industrial tribunal decision yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1980 Page 16. F.
Hem Heath colliery have smashed all weekly output records after only 4 weeks of production on a new face. The Winghay face has produced 18,242 tonnes, beating the previous best of 16,839 tonnes in 1978. The new face is 250 yards long and over eight feet high.

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1980 Page 22 C.F.
Sir D. Ezra toured the surface of Hem Heath colliery and saw the entrance of the new Drift, part of a £30m project linking Hem Heath and Florence, North Staffs largest pits.

Evening Sentinel Oct 18th 1980 Page 6. L.
Former colliery assistant manager at Florence, Mr Levi Knapper ha died at the age of 46. Since 1977 he has been general manager at Lea Hall colliery. Page 16 Three more productivity records have been broken at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 31st 1980 Page 7 Crewe.
Miners at Hem Heath colliery have produced a hat trick of production successes for the second time in three weeks.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1980 Page 14. Crewe
Mr. John Bygott, age 60 has retired after 24 years with the coal board. He was involved in pit schemes such as Hem Heath and Florence link up and Silverdale’s new pit project. Mr Ron Ford has hung up his pit boots after 44 years service to the coal industry, the last seven as safety engineer at Florence colliery

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1981 Page 11. F.
Six North Staffs men have retired after clocking up a total of two centuries in the coal industry. Hem Heath R. Bailey and G. Mottram. Florence H. Buttany. Silverdale R. Mayer. Staffordshire H. Q. F. Bailey and S. Pieroni.

Evening Sentinel March 6th 1981 Page 9 Crewe.
Output from the western area is 40,000 above budget. Several collieries have smashed output records including Hem Heath with 1,056,936.

Evening Sentinel March 13th 1981 Page 7. Crewe.
Peter Cheeseman from the Victoria Theatre visited Hem Heath today and announced the date of a new performance of a new play, “Miner Dig the Coal”

Evening Sentinel March 16th 1981 Page 7. Crewe.
Miners gathered at Hem Heath colliery for the launch of the Victoria Theatre’s “Grand Pit Rhymes Competition” open to all miners and their families.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1981 Page.
Pitmen at Hem Heath colliery have ended the coal board’s financial year with their best ever, annual output. The 1,790 men produced 1,173,370 tonnes.

Evening Sentinel May 6th 1981 Page 17. Crewe
“Miners Dig the Coal” is the 100th world premiere at the Victoria theatre. It is a new Vic musical documentary in the tradition of the Knotty and the fight for Shelton Bar. It tells the tale of the miners at Hem Heath, their work, stories, families and songs.

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1981 Page 7. F.
The NCB Western Area junior safety quiz started with young miners from Florence, Hem Heath and Victoria taking part.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1981 Page 14.
Photo of Mr. R. Moreland, Staffordshire East Euro MP, as he visited Hem Heath colliery today with Mr. L. Hall manager.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1981 Page 7. Crewe
Thousands of Starlings are causing a flap at Hem Heath colliery. They are defying all attempts to shift them from the ‘A’ frame. Officials are concerned that the bird’s favourite roosting place could become a death trap for maintenance workers, with their droppings.

Evening Sentinel Jan 6th 1982 Page 13 Crewe.
Miner Andy Daws age 36 is anxious to establish an athletic club for the men at Hem Heath. He runs in the local marathons.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1982 Page 7. F.
Mr. J. Trolley, mechanisation engineer, has retired after 41 years service in the mining industry. He was responsible for the introduction of heavy-duty equipment at Holditch, Hem heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1982 Page 22 F.
Thousands of tonnes of coal have to be stockpiled at North staff’s pits as the train drivers dispute continues. Worst hit are Hem Heath, Florence and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Feb 5th 1982 Page 14 Crewe
J.A. Smith age 70 died 11 years after being involved in a pit accident. At the inquest it was stated that he had died due to his injuries. He worked at Hem heath.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 18th 1982 Page 21 Crewe.
Hem Heath colliery worker, Cliffe Storey, should be in peak fitness for his return battle with Glasgow featherweight Edie Glencross, when public professional boxing returns to Burslem on March 10th.

Evening Sentinel March 20th 1982 Page 1. L.
Arthur Scargill, in his first visit to Stoke-on-Trent since becoming president elect of the NUM. The miner’s leader was out to win the hearts and minds of a packed Hem Heath colliery social club audience.

Evening Sentinel March 22nd 1982 Page 1. Crewe.
A full-scale inquiry was underway today after a man died in a mystery pit tragedy at Hem Heath colliery. The body of a middle-aged man was recovered from the bottom of the shaft.

Evening Sentinel March 25th 1982 Page 14. Crewe.
Newcastle’s Mayor, Miss E. Mayer led a civic visit to Silverdale colliery to inspect a mining project costing above £30m. Page 18. The miner killed in a 3.000 feet horror Hem Heath plunge was named L. Weston age 44, a father of four. He was identified by finger prints and dental records.

Evening Sentinel April 9th 1982 Page 1 Crewe.
Miners at Florence colliery produced a million tonnes of coal for the first time in the pits 108-year history. Output per man-shift was 8.68 tonnes. Hem Heath also smashed records with 1,240,192 tonnes at 8.39 tonnes per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1982 Page 11. Crewe.
Miners in North Staffs are urging the NUM to support the nurses pay claim. Hem Heath pitman Mr. B. Whitfield, branded the wages as a disgrace.

Evening Sentinel July 15th 1982 Page 1. Crewe.
Workers at Victoria colliery, which is coming to the end of its life are understood to be discussing the vacancies at the weekend. Jobs are being provided at Florence and Hem Heath. Page 17 The Hem Heath “A” frame is getting a face-lift. They are grit blasting it and will use 6,000 gallons of grey paint.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1982 Page 13 Crewe.
More than a hundred miners start at Florence and Hem Heath on Monday, following the cease of production at Victoria. About two hundred will remain to carry out salvage work, and will be transferred to other collieries later. Page 16 The EEC will be funding some of the redundancy payments to the men who lose their jobs as a result of the Victoria closure

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th1982 Page 3 L.
Mr. Alan Plant has been appointed the new manager of West Cannock 5 colliery. He began his mining career at Park Hall then moved on to Florence 10 years later. He then became under-manager of at Hem Heath in 1968.

Evening Sentinel Sep 17th 1982 Page 17 Crewe.
Four North Staffs collieries, Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Wolstanton each have new under-managers.

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1982 Page 9. F.
Pitmen at Hem Heath walked out today because vital safety work had not been carried out. An NCB spokesman said the hold up was just one of many throughout the Western area due to the overtime ban.

Evening Sentinel Feb 10th 1983 page 1. Crewe.
Seven names have been put forward for the post of NUM area secretary including Jim Colgan from Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 17th 1983 Page 22 F.
The 1.892 pitmen at Hem Heath colliery set a weekly output record of 39,232 tonnes and a colliery overall productivity best of 4.78 tonnes per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 28th 1983 Page 7. F.
The 7 candidates for the post of Midlands area secretary of the NUM addressed members at the King’s Hall Stoke. Jim Colgan of Hem Heath colliery was one of the candidates.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1983 Page 1. C.F.
Ten of the Board’s 17 collieries in the area had overall productivity records in excess of 3 tonnes per man-shift last week. They included Hem Heath, Florence, Silverdale and Holditch.

Evening Sentinel June 29th 1983 Page 4. Crewe.
A fire broke out just after midnight in one of the screening sheds at Hem Heath colliery. A team of fire fighters from the colliery dashed to tackle the flames before firemen from Longton arrived at the scene.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1983 Page 1. F.
There are no plans to close Florence or Hem Heath collieries. Stoke South MP Jack Ashley has been told by the NCB.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 28th 1983 Page 13. F.
Miners leader A. Scargill will travel to North staffs on Sunday on the eve of an overtime ban. He will speak at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Jan 17th 1986 Page 1. Crewe.
Pitman C. Ellis who survived 4 hours in a cement tomb revealed today that he was terrified of falling asleep. Mr Ellis was trapped when he fell into a silo of powdered cement at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 7th 1986 Page 13. F.
Hem Heath pitmen are churning out around 30,000 tonnes of coal a week. This years’ total output should be the best since 1981. The manager said the men have pulled together well since the strike.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1986 Page 1. C.F.
Protesting miners’ staged an anniversary strike at Hem Heath today in support of sacked miners.

Evening Sentinel March 20th 1986 Page 1. F.
Coal boss Ian MacGregor’s visit to North Staffs today sparked off allegations that dozens of pitmen have been wrongly convicted during the year-long strike. Demonstrators were outside Hem Heath colliery. Story plus photo.

Evening Sentinel May 29th 1986 Page 11. F.
Hem Heath colliery is throwing its doors open as part of industrial year 1986 on June 7-8. It will be the first time in 13 years the public have the chance to visit the pit.

Evening Sentinel June 5th 1986 Page 6. Mid-day
Six North Staffs pitmen will set off on a mini-marathon on Saturday, trekking 3.000 feet underground at Hem Heath colliery. They will hike nine and a half miles to raise money for the Kemball special school at Fenton.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1986 Page 9. Mid-day
Sacked miners handed out leaflets to the 20.000 visitors at Hem Heath open days to let them know the coal board are not as kind as they make out.

Evening Sentinel July 7th 1986 Page 12. C.F.
Women working in pit canteens have accused British Coal of sex discrimination. Fourteen women from England and Wales including Hem Heath, today, began their battle.

Evening Sentinel July 10th 1986 Page 11. Extra.
Four women from Hem Heath and Holditch collieries attended a tribunal at Chelsea on their battle for equal pay. They were; Mrs Marion Thomas, Hem Heath, Mrs. P. Wilkie, Hem Heath Mrs. Doreen Podmore, Holditch and Mrs. Vera Tagg Holditch.

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd 1986 Page 13. Extra.
Hem Heath team, winners of the miners’ national championship in a race in conjunction with the Potteries marathon, for the third time in succession received a silver salver from J. Belcher, colliery manager.

Evening Sentinel July 10th 1986 Page 6. Extra.
T. Tooth, a 79 year old widower from Blurton has completed a 100th scale model of Hem Heath headgear in match sticks, 9,200 of them which has taken him about a year.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 28th 1986 Page 20 Extra.
Miners’ leader Arthur Scargill will highlight latest developments in the pit pay wrangle, when he speaks at the Hem Heath social club next month.

Evening Sentinel Sep 12th 1986 Page 15. F.
Six miners from Hem Heath colliery have raised £570 to help handicapped children at Kemball special school, Fenton.

Evening Sentinel Sep 13th 1986 Page 1 Extra.
Num President, A. Scargill, addressing members at Hem Heath social club as anger grew about British Coal’s plans to dock the pay of men who joined the yearlong strike. Only miners who worked through the stoppage will have an £8 per week payment backdated to last November. Those who stayed on strike would lose £350 on the deal.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1986 Page 16. Extra.
Three North Staffordshire pitmen with over 100 years service in the coal industry between them have retired from Hem Heath colliery. The pit they helped to develop into one of the Western area’s showpiece production units.

Evening Sentinel Dec 10th 1986 Page 18. C.F.
Santa Clause arrived early this year for a 14-man syndicate at Hem Heath colliery with a £40.000 pools win.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 19th 1986 Page 1. C.F.
Miners’ leaders claim they were snubbed over invitation to mark a 1m tonne production target at Hem Heath colliery. NUM branch secretary, Bob Anderson, said it seems part of the board’s attempts to isolate the union. John Connan branch chairman said we have always been invited before.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 2nd 1987 Page 12. Extra.
Bob Anderson, branch secretary at Hem Heath called for action not words from British coal over reinstatement of miners sacked during the 1984/85-strike

Evening Sentinel March 12.1987 Page 4. Extra.
Miners who have helped Hem Heath colliery to boost area productivity to 4 tonnes per man-shift were presented with special T-shirts to mark the achievement.

Evening Sentinel April 21st 1987 Page 1. Extra.
Striking miners halted coal production at Staffordshire pits today. Some UDM members went to work. At Hem Heath, it was claimed UDM members had turned away and some had stayed at home. Leaders of the NUM said there was 100% support from members. Page 2. New pony arrivals at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum, Dixie and Glen were welcomed by long serving pit ponies, Darkie and Blackie.

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1987 Page 5. Extra.
A former North Staffs pitman, Alex Brown is to become only the second ever lay-person to be commissioned as a Methodist industrial Chaplin. He took early retirement as safety officer at Wolstanton colliery last year. Now he is all set to be sole mining as pit Chaplin at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel June 5th 1987 Page 30. C.F.
Urgent talks were being held today after a walkout by miners at Hem Heath colliery in a row over manning levels.

Evening Sentinel June 6th 1987 Page 14. F.
British Coal today urged miners at Hem Heath colliery to negotiate in-order to avoid a repeat of the lightning walk out at the pit earlier this week. The strike showed a lack of concern felt by a few individuals for the well being of their pit and the industry in general.

Evening Sentinel July 7th 1987 Page 14. Extra.
John Connon of Hem Heath colliery and Midland’s area NUM chairman called on delegates at the NUM conference, to oppose British Coal’s controversial plans for flexible working. A. Scargill claimed that six-day working would axe 31 pits and over 30.000 jobs.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1987 Page 20. Extra.
John Connon, Hem Heath, opened the debate on six-day working at the NUM conference. After the debate delegates voted 49 to 22 against the new work patterns and called for an individual ballot of members.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 10th 1987 Page 3. Extra.
Top miners leaders have urged Staffordshire’s 7.000 pitmen to vote in favour of industrial action against British coal’s controversial disciplinary code. A meeting at Hem Heath were told the code had been imposed on them.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 2nd 1987 Page 1 C
Former face worker at Hem Heath, Garry Dillet age 35 was dismissed several months after an incident at the pit at the beginning of the year long strike in April 1984. Later he won an appeal for the case to be reheard. Today British coal was fighting that decision.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 3rd 1987 Page 1 C
An appeal court in London ruled the case of sacked miner; Garry Dillet Hem Heath was fair and refused the miner leave to appeal to the House of Lords. Now the last chance option to this pitman is to appeal to the European court.

Evening Sentinel Jan 22nd 1988 Page 13 C.
Despite the three month partial overtime ban, Hem Heath colliery have proved they are top of the league, by digging out one million tonnes of coal in little more than nine months.

Evening Sentinel Jan 30th 1988 Page 1. C.
A 24-hour strike planned by 400 deputies will cost thousands of tonnes of coal production and be a disaster for North Staffs. At Silverdale 100 men were sent home because, deputies, who carry out safety checks, had not reported for work.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1 1988 Page 1. C.
A 24-hour strike by 400 deputies over a pay claim left North Staffs 4 major collieries at a stand still today. Miners from Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Silverdale were sent home with loss of a days’ pay.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 9th 1988 page 1. Cheshire.
C. McClaren, Hem Heath, a sacked miner during the year-long strike, at a court of appeal in London before 3 judges, upheld a decision that he should have a fresh hearing before an industrial tribunal

Evening Sentinel Feb. 20th 1988. Page 1. Co.
North Staffs deputies were split over their overtime ban. Florence and Holditch, supported the ban, Hem Heath, and Silverdale did not. The dispute began 4 weeks ago with a weekend overtime ban; British Coal reacted by imposing continental duty rosters, at many pits. NACODS hit back with banning overtime at weekends.

Evening Sentinel March 11th 1988 Page 7. Co.
Sacked Hem Heath miner, C. McLaren accused British Coal of carrying out a personal vendetta against him after a three-year battle to get his job back. An appeal court upheld his case, but British Coal said they did not intend to re-employ him.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1988 Page 1. Co.
Miners’ today branded a report calling for women to be allowed to work down the pits, as a step backwards for womankind. John Connon, Hem Heath branch president, said we are not being sexist but women should be glad they don’t have to work down the mines.
Evening Sentinel April 19th 1988 Page 30 Special
Industrial review. British Coal sinks £50 million into pits, including Hem Heath, Silverdale, Holdtich and Florence. Evening sentinel April 21st 1988 Page 1 Co.
Joe Wills NUM warned that British Coal’s shock decision to axe white-collard workers jobs, in a major shake up would pave the way for privatisation of the industry. Same page, Sacked miner from Hem Heath, C. McLaren, during the year long strike, has won substantial compensation from British Coal. Mr. McLaren said, “my name has been cleared, in my mind, this means that the Board were wrong to have sacked me”.

Evening Sentinel April 23rd 1988 Page 1 Co.
A full investigation was underway to day after S. Watson age 28 was killed at Hem Heath by a girder, which dislodged from the roof of a 12- foot high roadway near the coalface.

Evening Sentinel May 5th 1988 Page 15. Co.
Nearly 400 mourners packed the Emanual Hall, Knypersley, for the funeral of Steward Watson, who was killed at Hem Heath colliey. Some watched from the adjoining room by video, others stood outside.

Evening Sentinel May 14th 1988 Page 1. Co.
Sacked Hem Heath miner, father of 4, Garry Dillett has been campaigning for almost 4 years for re-instatement. He is now taking his case to the House of Lords.

Evening Sentinel May 26th 1988 Page 3. Co.
From January 1st the area’s 4 collieries Hem Heath, Silverdale, Florence and Holditch will become part of the new group, which will include pits in Lancashire and North Wales. Mr. Middleton age 54, the current boss of the Kent coalfield will be group manager for the newly created area.

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1988 Page 3. C.
The NUM in North Staffs is steadily gaining the members it lost to the UDM during the miners strike. This was revealed by Joe Wills following the union’s first Midlands area conference since the year-long strike in 1984-5. Same page. Florence and Hem Heath collieries will have a £5 million investment package to transform the two pits into a 2.5 million tonnes a year complex.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1988 Page 5. Co.
Latest Coal Board figures show two North Staffs collieries among the countries top 20 league of safety high flyers, Hem Heath and Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1988 Page 1 Co.
More than 70 pitmen had to be evacuated from the pit bottom of No. 2 shaft Hem Heath after a blaze broke out at the top of the shaft. Miners’ used their personal rescue gear to help them breath.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1988 Page 5 Co.
A team of miners from Hem Heath colliery propose to rum 300 miles in approximately 3 days. There is a photo of the group.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1988 Page 11 C.
An overtime ban could hit Staffordshire pits because of a row over who should negotiate the annual pay rise. The NUM face having the UDM negotiated pay settlement imposed on their 30.000 members. Bob Anderson, Hem Heath NUM secretary said the union was set to take industrial action as the most likely option.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 7th 1988 Page 11. Co.
A group of marathon miners plan to raise thousands of pounds for needy youngsters, by running 300 miles in 36 hours. They will run the roads between all 11 collieries in British coal’s Western area, starting from Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 10th 1988 Page 1. Co.
The family of Steward Watson, miner at Hem Heath who was crushed in an accident, may sue for compensation. A spokesman for British Coal said a number of officials had been disciplined.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 16th 1988 Page 1 C.
Mr. E.W. Tennant age 23 was crushed to death between 2 coal trucks at Hem Heath colliery, an inquest heard today.

Evening Sentinel Nov.19th 1988 Page 5 Co.
Hem Heath miners’ have raised 5.000 pounds for children in need after their 300 mile relay race.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 24th 1988 Page 3. Co.
NUM president, Arthur Scargill is coming to Stoke-on-Trent and will be speaking at Hem Heath colliery on the overtime ban in response to British Coal’s negotiations with the UDM on wages. He claims the NUM represent 80% of the work force and will no longer be threatened with contempt.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 1st 1988 Page 1. Moorlands
Pit craftsmen at Hem Heath colliery were voting on whether to start an overtime ban over a row on the bonus scheme, which is less than 35p per week.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 2nd 1988 Page 1. Newcastle.
Pit craftsmen at Hem Heath have voted for an overtime ban in a ballot 114 out of 163 who took part were in favour of industrial action. A British Coal spokesman said, talks with the union were continuing, it was a local dispute and management were hopeful that it would be resolved before the threatened overtime ban began.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 12th 1988 Page 3. Co.
Miner’s leader Arthur Scargill, speaking at Hem Heath colliery warned that a vote against the national overtime ban would give British Coal the green light to plan more pit closures. He said they wanted to shrink the industry to 50 collieries and 50.000 men, from the current 94 mines and about 100.000 work force.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 16th 1989 Page 3 Moorlands.
An overtime ban by the pit craftsmen at Hem Heath colliery delayed the start of production at the pit today, because safety checks had not been completed.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 17th 1989 Page 16. C.
A special meeting of the Power group NUM at Hem Heath decided to put a new offer to a vote on Thursday. The committee advised the men to accept the offer.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 20th 1989 Page 16. Co.
Pit craftsmen at Hem Heath colliery voted 127 to 32 to back their leader’s advice and accept the new bonus offer from British Coal and end their overtime ban.

Evening Sentinel Jan 21st 1989 Page 8 Co.
A huge increase in production at 2 privately owned North Staffs mines would create 38 jobs at Drayton Cross, Cheadle and Acres Nook, Kidsgrove at present they employ 50 men. Page 13. Instead of raising £1.000, they were hoping to make, on their marathon run for children in need, the miners of Hem Heath ended up with £5.000.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 18th1989 Page 3. Co.
Miners at Hem Heath and Florence had a dead heat in the race to produce a million tonnes of coal.

Evening Sentinel Feb 21st 1989 Page 16. C.
British Coal land at Hem Heath colliery is being investigated as a site for a new generation power station.

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1989 Page 1. Newcastle
Peter Smith age 25 has been crushed to death in the fifth fatal accident within a 11 months in North Staffs. Peter had only being working for 4 weeks after searching for work for 12 months. It was the third fatal accident at Hem Heath since last April.

Evening Sentinel March 4th 1989 Page 3. Co.
The father of Peter Smith, the miner who was killed in a horrifying pit accident at Hem Heath, collapsed and had to be taken to hospital when he was told of his son’s death.

Evening Sentinel March 14th 1989 Page 14. Moorlands.
British Coal said the closure of Holditch colliery is essential to the future of the mining industry in North Staffs. The three remaining deep mines; Florence, Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries now have a secure long-term future.

Evening Sentinel June 17th 1989 Page 1. Co.
Bob Barnett retired miner from Hem Heath colliery was given the perfect retirement gift, The MBE in honour of the thousands of pounds he has raised for charity.

Evening Sentinel July 29th 1989 Page 1. Co.
Union leaders today reassured miners at Hem Heath colliery their future was safe despite production problems facing the colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1989 Page 1. C.
British Coal are threatening to close Hem Heath colliery and shed more than 2.000 jobs if they are forced to halt mining under a subsidence hit Newstead estate. Page 4. British Coal is to invest £1.5m in a bid to remove noise and dust at Silverdale.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 8th 1989 Page 22. Co.
Hem Heath is having production problems, but British Coal said new developments should put the pit back on target in the next few years. The reserves in the area will provide the pit a good life.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 21st 1989 Page 3. Co.
An inquiry jury returned an open verdict on Peter Smith who was crushed to death whole working alone 2.000 feet underground at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 31st 1989 Page 1. Cheshire.
Miner turned pop star Jon Ottis, took a break from his tour with Kylie Menogue to visit his old colliery Hem Heath. The 24 year old singer give up his job to support top star Kylie. His mates know him as John Pickering from Saxonfields, Longton.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th 1989 Page 26. Newcastle.
Two Staffordshire pitmen have been presented with the MBE in recognition of their outstanding work for the community. Robert Barnett age 58 who worked in the industry for 42 years and was shift charghand engineer at Hem Heath, and Mr. Prein from Lea hall.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 6th 1989 Page 22. Co.
Joe Wills, union leader, claims North Staffs pits are still under threat despite assurances from British Coal chiefs. Jack Ashley MP was told both Hem Heath and Florence collieries had long-term futures.

Evening Sentinel Dec.12th 1989 Page 3. Co.
A North Staffs leader called for talks to settle disputes, which hit production at Hem Heath and Florence collieries, but British Coal said that pit management would not hold discussions while industrial action was taken place.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 16th 1989 page 3 Moorlands.
Craftsmen from Silverdale are to hold a mass meeting tomorrow to decide whether to end their dispute with British coal over bonus payments. Hem Heath have banned overtime in a similar dispute. Florence colliery dropped plans for an all out strike after accepting a new offer.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 18th 1989 Page 1. Co.
Pitmen refused to go underground at Hem Heath as a dispute over bonus pay escalated.

Evening Sentinel Jan.24th 1990 County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath 1990 and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th 1990 County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath 1990 and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Jan 24th 1990 County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath 1990 and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th 1990 Newcastle Page. 3.
There’s a mixed reaction over plans to build a mini-power station next to Hem Heath Colliery. M.P.s and E.M.P.s were impressed by the idea but, anxious to ensure there would be no danger to the environment.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th 1990 Jan. County Page 16.
Mining union fear the loss of 30 management jobs in creating N.S. superpit (Hem Heath 1990 and Florence)

Evening Sentinel Jan. 24th 1990 Newcastle Page. 3.
There’s a mixed reaction over plans to build a mini-power station next to Hem Heath Colliery M.P.s and E.M.P.s were impressed by the idea but, anxious to ensure there Would be no danger to the environment.

Evening Sentinel Evening Sentinel. February 6th 1990 Cheshire Page5.
Three Hem Heath 1990 miners appeared on T.V. The program “Busmen’s Holliday”, they Were, Malcolm Carruthers, Stephen Wood and Glenn Lilley.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 13th 1990 Special edition Page 1.
Production was severely disrupted today by a lightning strike at N.S. Super pit, Trentham colliery over pay, an estimated 300 miners took part in industrial action over a £20 a week cut.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 18th 1990 Cheshire Page 3.
Peace talks are to be held at the dispute-hit Trentham colliery in a bid to end the row over pay.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 19th 1990 Moorlands Page 20
Union leaders and Management held talks today aimed at ending the row over pay Apr. 20th 1990 County Page 3
Miners at Trentham colliery are to hold a mass meeting to discuss B.C. offer in a row over pay.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 23rd 1990 City Page 23.
Coal chiefs today were preparing to hold new talks with 1990 the pitmen over a row over bonuses at Trentham Super pit.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 24th 1990 City Page 24.
Union Officials today were holding talks with 1990 Management to try to resolve a pay strike which resulted in a lightning strife.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 26th 1990 County Page 3.
Miners go back at Trentham Super pit.

Evening Sentinel Apr. 26th 1990 Newcastle Page 1.
A former N.S. miner today celebrated his 45 birthday with 1990 an out of court settlement of £100,000, father of two John Morrey of Blurton Rd, Blurton lost all his fingers in an accident at Hem Heath 1990 colliery three years ago.

Apr. 28th 1990 Moorlands Page 1.
Miners at Trentham Super pit, today were considering a new offer from Management in a row over bonuses, it follows tow days of talks between Union and Management

Evening Sentinel May. 23rd 1990 Cheshire Page 11.
A major? Hangs over the jobs of every pitman in N.S. Sir Robert Haslam is expected to announce more than 6,000 job redundancies, 2,700 at Trentham and Silverdale are expecting the axe to fall on them. (Photo of Silverdale colliery)

Evening Sentinel Jul. 12th 1990 County Page1
A major new discovery of coal could secure the future of N.S. Super pit as been reviled today.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 19th 1990 County Page 20.
B.C. is seeking permission for a 4,000 foot borehole to search for coal which is vital to Trentham Super Tit, and to take it into the 21st century.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 25th 1990 Moorlands Page 1.
Armed Police officers staked out a pit wages office in an attempt to foil a suspected payroll snatch at Florence colliery site of Trentham Super Pit, Longton.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 31st 1990 Cheshire Page 1.
A North Staffordshire Pit at a stand still today after a mass walkout by miners over a dispute about bonus payments. The row blew up at the Florence site of the Trentham Super pit, when about 60 haulage workers staged a lightning strike.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1990 City Page 16.
Talks are to resume tomorrow (Wed) in a bid to settle the row over bonus payments which have led to a shutdown at Trentham Super pit.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 8th 1990 Moorlands Page 3.
Union Officials at N.S. Super pit have settled a dispute with 1990 management over bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 27th 1990 County Page1.
Miners at Trentham Super pit are in a bitter row over the collection of union subscriptions. The union claim 6th 1990 December 6th 1990 County Page 3.
B.C. today denied snubbing union leaders at N.S. largest pit on talks over bonus dispute.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th 1990 County Page 43.
Miners at N.S. biggest pit are to be balloted a week today on industrial action over a long running bonus dispute.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 13th 1990 Moorlands Page 39.
Union leaders at N.S. biggest pit are to call off a ballot on industrial action due to take place tomorrow; it follows two days of talks between B.C. management and N.U.M. union officials.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 24th 1990 Xmas Extra Page9.
The long running bonus payment dispute at Trentham Super pit is set to continue after the Xmas holiday.

Evening Sentinel Evening Sentinel May 2nd 1991. Page 7. Co.
Miners at Super pit, the amalgamation of Florence and Hem Heath have set a new weekly productivity record of 61.462 tonnes. This is 3.000 tonnes more than the pit’s previous record set two months ago.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 16th 1991 Page 8. Co.
The two remaining coalmines in North Staffs will have new senior management in the next few days. Trentham super pit, (Florence and Hem Heath) and Silverdale are becoming part of Midlands and Wales group.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 8th 1991 page 1 Co.
North Staffs oldest pit, 117-year old Florence colliery is to close next year. The workshops are to close next month and the men transferred to Hem Heath. NUM Secretary, Roy Ward said the workforce were stunned by the news, we new it was likely to happen but were told it would be over the next 5 or 6 years.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 1st 1991 Page 1. Newcastle.
Miners at closure threatened Florence colliery have helped achieve record- breaking productivity, joint with Hem Heath 2 years ago, they recorded the fastest time for mining 1.5 million tonnes of coal. Florence NUM said we have produced at least 1 million tonnes of the record figure.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1991 Page 11. Co.
Miner’s leader Arthur Scargill has condemned plans to close Florence colliery. The NUM president said after a meeting at Hem Heath social club. There is no case to close Florence colliery or any pit in Britain. He said at the meeting we are not arguing for you to go on strike, but for an overtime ban, if British Coal do not sit down and talk to us.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 22nd 1991 Page 10. Co.
British Coal have issued assurances over the future of its two remaining pits, Hem Heath and Silverdale, both have long-term futures.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 9th 1991 Page 1. Newcastle.
A pitman today died due to an underground accident at Hem Heath colliery. He died after being brought to the surface. He has not been named until relatives have been informed.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1991 Page 3. Co.
The pitman who died after an accident at Hem Heath has been named. Mr. Raymond Pearce age 33 married with two children, was trapped in air doors. He was freed by his colleagues but suffered serious head injuries.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 11th 1991 Page 9. Co.
R. Pearce, who was killed at Hem Heath colliery on Monday had spent 12 years on the surface, but had taken an underground job at the pit after being faced with redundancy 3 months ago.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 15th 1992. Page 1. C.
Two hundred jobs are to be axed from Trentham super pit. The jobs will go because of the closure of workshops at Florence colliery. The redundancies, 150 at Florence, and 50 at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 22nd 1992 Page 1. Co.
Miners at Trentham super pit to day smashed a national productivity record, while the long-time future of the pit is still in doubt. The pit broke through the 2 million tonnes barrier in just 42 weeks today, the fastest ever pit to produce the output in Britain.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1992 Page 3. Co.
George Stevenson, Euro MP for Staffordshire East, called on British Coal to come clean on the future of deep coal mining in North Staffs to end the present massive uncertainty in the industry. He believed secret negotiations between British coal and the electricity generating companies would end with just 12 super profitable pits in Britain. He added Silverdale and Trentham would be closed because of government dogma, not because of any desire to improve the industry as a whole.

Evening Sentinel April 1st 1992. Page. 3 C.F.
Miners have recorded their biggest increase in productivity as British Coal heads for a profit the second year running. The news comes as at least 200 men were made redundant at Hem Heath super pit.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1992 Page 2
Mine workers leaders today forecast that the Tory election victory would lead to the demise of the deep coal mining in North Staffs. They predicted Trentham super pit and Silverdale collieries would shut over the next 5 years, as the industry is privatised.

Evening Sentinel June. 10th 1992. Page. 5. Co.
Raymond Peace age 33 died last year at Hem heath colliery. An inquest heard he was crushed to death between huge metal doors, despite frantic attempts by workmates to save him. He had walked through pneumatic double doors intended for pit locos only. He should have used smaller doors along side intended for pedestrians.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1992 Page 5 Co.
British Coal is stepping up the search for new seams to help secure the future of North Staffs super pit at the Trentham complex. Planning application to carry out drilling works has been lodged.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1992 page 1 Co.
The future of North Staffordshire remaining pits, Trentham super pit and Silverdale, which currently employs about 3.000 men will be discussed between British Coal and the miners’ union next week.

Evening Sentinel 29th 1992 Page 4 Newcastle
Miners’ leader Joe Wills left a meeting with top British Coal management and declared, we have all got jobs in the future. Trentham super pit has turned the corner, after a difficult patch and Silverdale has been making a profit.

Evening Sentinel Aug 12th 1992 Page 1 Co.
The future of North staffs biggest pit was in doubt today. British Coal officials confirmed a crisis meeting is to be held with union officials over Trentham super pit. Three weeks ago the men were told there were no immediate closure plans.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 19th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Stoke-on-Trent MP Mark Fisher, demanded an explanation for the crisis meeting which threatens 1.400 jobs at Trentham super pit.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1992 Page 62 Cheshire
Pit workers at the Trentham colliery, captained by John Mills have reached the West Midlands area final of the Gardiner Merchant Business golf tournament that could take them all the way to Portugal.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1992 Page 4 Newcastle
Joan Walley Labour MP for Stoke North, called on the government to come clean about the future of Trentham colliery. She fears the colliery could close with the loss of 1.400 jobs.

Evening Sentinel Aug 25th 1992 Page 7 Cheshire
Organisers at Fenton community centre have launched a campaign to keep open Trentham colliery and have collected 600 signatures on a petition in one day. At the end of the campaign, they will present it to George Stevenson MP for Stoke South.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 27th 1992 Page 3 Co.
George Stevenson MP for Stoke South warned that British Coal was planning an act of industrial genocide if Trentham colliery is axed. He said, given the past record of British Coal, people are justified in concluding that a decision to close the colliery may already have been taken.

Evening Sentinel Aug 28th 1992 Page 49 Cheshire
Staffordshire Co Council leader Bill Austin, joined calls for top level talks with British Coal over the closure fears. He said the closure of Trentham colliery could knock the economy of North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Miners have given up their holidays in a last ditch bid to save Trentham colliery. The pit has hit poor geological problems that is affecting production.

Evening Sentinel Sep 1st 1992 Page 3 Co.
An extra shift is being worked at Trentham colliery, threatened with closure, in order to boost flagging production. A forth shift has been added to the normal three.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Miners at Trentham colliery could lose a third of their weekly pay under controversial new working arrangements.

Evening Sentinel Sep 7th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Hundreds of miners at the threatened Trentham pit who volunteered to work through their holidays, were ordered home after British Coal told them they were not needed.

Evening Sentinel Sep 8th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Heavy losses could lead to the closure of Trentham pit it was warned today. There was a predicted loss of £20 million this year, together with a need to reduce costs could lead to British Coal to close the pit.

Evening Sentinel Sep 10th 1992 Page 17 Cheshire.
Trentham colliery could be making £1 million a week profit in just a few weeks time, a miners’ leader claimed today. Miners fear the pit could be closed after a review meeting next week.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1992 Page 1 Newcastle
Trentham pit is closing with the loss of 1.400 jobs. British Coal told union leaders the bleak news at a crunch meeting today.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1992 page 1 Cheshire
A four-page story on the Trentham pit closure, union leaders said Silverdale could be next.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1992 Page 1 Co.
North Staffordshire economy could be devastated by the closure of Trentham pit and the loss of 1.400 jobs. Businesses warned of the impact. More on page three.

Evening Sentinel sep 19th 1992 Page 1 Late Extra
Hundreds of miners today launched a campaign to save Trentham pit from British Coal Axe.

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1992 page 3 Co.
Miners’ leader A. Scargill is to rally pitmen at Trentham pit at a mass meeting next month. He will address a mass meeting on October 3rd

Evening Sentinel Sep 22nd 1992 Page 3 Moorlands
Unions, Councillors and MPs are forming an action group to fight the Trentham colliery closure.

Evening Sentinel Sep 23rd 1992 page 1 Co.
Miners’ leaders at Trentham colliery are to mount a legal bid to force British Coal to keep it open and save 1.400 jobs.

Evening Sentinel Sep 24th 1992 page 3 Co.
Trentham miners will be forced to take compulsory redundancy if the pit closes next year, union leaders warned today. Joe Wills North Staffs Area Secretary said it is defiantly going to be redundancy for the men for the first time.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1992 Page 8 Cheshire.
“Signalman’s Diary” A talk on mining history has been organised by the WEA at Florence colliery. John Lumsdon the principle speaker will embrace the broader mining scene in North Staffs including the Chartist riots of 1842 and Bob Anderson will talk about the more modern Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1992 Page 5 Co.
Miners’ leaders are appealing to wives and girl friends of Trentham colliery pitmen at he doomed colliery to join their fight for survival.

Evening Sentinel Sep 29th 1992 Page 21 Cheshire.
Jackie Whittaker talks to women who feel betrayed by the planned Trentham pit closure. One, here husband and son both work there and another with her boy friend. Her hopes of a new start were shattered.

Evening Sentinel sep 30th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Output has plummeted at Trentham colliery, British Coal revealed today. Production has slumped to a third of the pit’s target level and claimed low moral was probably to blame.

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd 1992 Page 1 Late Extra.
Miners’ leader A. Scargill today issued a rallying call to miners and their families to fight the proposed closure of Trentham colliery. He said the miners union must lead a campaign against threats by the government to massacre the industry.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1992 Page 3 Co.
The UDM and East Midlands Electricity have revealed it plans to bid for control of several pits when British Coal is privatised, and Trentham colliery could be one of the pits it targets.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1992 Page 3 Moorlands.
Energy Minister Tim Egar has agreed to meet a contingent of North Staffordshire politicians to discuss British Coal’s plans to close Trentham colliery. George Stevenson MP will head a deputation of MPs, City and County councillors leaders, who will travel to Whitehall next Thursday.

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
British Rail is about to axe a coal freight depot at Stoke station with the loss of up to 60 jobs, if British Coal close Trentham colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 9th 1992 Page 7 Cheshire
A Tory councillor in Stoke-on Trent has condemned the government over the closure of Trentham colliery and accused British Coal of lying to the miners.

Evening Sentinel Oct 12th1992 Page 1 Newcastle.
Miners at Trentham colliery could lose their jobs by Christmas, union officials fear. Moral at the pit slumped to an all time low as speculation mounts that British Coal is set to announce that the colliery will close within the next few weeks. British Coal will announce tomorrow that 30 of the 50 pits are to close putting up to 25.000 miners out of work.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 14th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Miners at Trentham and Silverdale are being held to ransom over their redundancy payments by British Coal, union leaders warned today. (Full page article plus page 4 and 5)

Evening Sentinel Oct 14th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
Today North Staffordshire woke up to the reality that its traditional coal mining industry has been killed off, by the closure of Trentham and Silverdale pits. (Articles on page 3,4, and 5)

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
A senior Tory MP has accused the government of going “quite doolally” over the decision to close 31 pits, including Trentham and Silverdale in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
Trentham pit is to close tomorrow, a week ahead of schedule, 1.544 workers at the pit will be told to stay at home on full pay next week, as British Coal prepares to serve redundancy notices.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire
Senior Tory, N. Winterton today urged Priminister John Major to reconsider plans to shut 31 pits. He said the pits including Trentham and Silverdale is unethical, illogical, fool hardy and short sited. (What next for the miners) on page 14 and 15.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 16th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Trentham colliery was today given a temporary reprieve from closure just hours before it was due to shut. NUM officials said the stay of execution was until after the weekend.

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1992 Page 1 Late extra
Families in Stoke-on-Trent are being urged to pack trains, busses and cars to get to a mass rally at the House of Commons in a bid to save Trentham pit.

Evening Sentinel Oct 20th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire
Two Cheshire MPs were set today to lead a House of Commons rebellion on pit closures. N. Winterton slammed the government handling of the crises as a “balls up” and called on M. Hesiltine to resign. A. Winterton Congleton MP. said she would vote with her husband against the government in the coal debate.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Miners at Trentham colliery were today, barred from going down the pit by British Coal. The shock move comes after the Board of Trade President, Mr. M. Heseltine told parliament, 10 pits including Trentham would close after a 90-day consultation.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Angry Trentham colliery pitmen claimed today they face losing thousands of pounds in redundancy payments after they were stopped from mining.
Evening Sentinel Oct. 21 1992 Page 1 Co.
British Coal is stopping Trentham miners from boosting production to save their doomed pit, union officials claimed today. The men are being forced to stay at home on full pay, even though the ailing colliery could be making a profit with in four months.
Evening sentinel Oct 22nd 1992 Page 1 C.F.
Miners from Trentham returned home from yesterday mass rally in London with fight in their hearts to save their jobs.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1992 Page 1 Extra
Miners’ leaders today accused British Coal of using blackmail tactics to force frightened miners into taking early redundancy. Dozens of men were yesterday pressured into leaving the pit early and more are expected to follow. British Coal are offering more cash to workers who give up the fight and leave before the pit officially closes in January.

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1992 Page 11 Cheshire
Union leaders at Trentham colliery claim faces are in danger of collapsing, because no coal has been mined. They went underground yesterday to inspect the damage after safety workers reported problems on the new 306s face. The damage could clearly be seen on the 220 yards long, 6 feet high seam, which was only just coming into production, when production ceased about two week ago.

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1992 page 11 Cheshire
Miners battling to save Trentham colliery have set up a fighting fund to help them in their mission. They are appealing for donations from the people of Stoke-on-Trent to keep their campaign going.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 2nd 1992 Page 5 Co.
Dozens of miners at Trentham have been conned into taking voluntary redundancy. The 87 men who left the colliery on Friday may have lost out on up to £300 each say union officials.

Evening Sentinel Nov 6th 1992 Page 15 Cheshire
A government committee probing pit closures will visit Trentham and Silverdale to speak to miners, part of the inquiry is to probe social and economic costs of pit closures.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Almost 500 pitmen at Trentham have ignored their unions appeal to stand and fight, have left the industry for good. There are now just over 900 miners on the books at the pit, where coal production has stopped, pending a government inquiry. Page 5 Silverdale was among Britain’s top producing pits last month when plans to shut it were unveiled.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 12th 1992 Page 5 Co.
Miners’ union leader A. Scargill and Shadow Transport Minister John Prescott are to speak at a rally against the proposed closure of Trentham and Silverdale. The rally is at Kings Hall Stoke on Sunday. Page 5 The financial viability of threatened Silverdale colliery will be examined next week.

Evening Sentinel Nov 17th 1992 Page 4 Newcastle.
The battle to save Trentham was stepped up today as miners met British Coal bosses, and took part in a huge rally. They will press for coal cutting to re-start. The rally will be at Birmingham Town Hall.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Trentham miners, fighting for survival have been given a fresh glimmer of hope after a senior government advisor revealed that the colliery could be making a profit within three years.

Evening Sentinel Nov 25th 1992 Page 17 Cheshire
New mining methods should be introduced to ensure the future of Trentham and Silverdale, says an international expert. Continuous mining would reduce costs to below the price of imported coal.

Evening Sentinel Nov 25th 1992 Page 3 Co
Thousands of miners have opted for redundancy rather than wait for their pits to close. NUM branch secretary Roy Ward, at the Florence site of the Trentham complex, said pitmen want to get out because they can’t trust British Coal. They have no heart to carry on.

Evening Sentinel Dec 1st 1992 Page 5 Newcastle
Angry miners at Tretham colliery are battling to get bonus payments re-instated, NUM leaders claim. The remaining miners have been told they will not get their attendance bonuses in the run up to Christmas, worth about £100. They claim they have attended each shift, but have been sent home by the management without doing any work.

Evening Sentinel Dec 11th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
A coal freight depot in Stoke-on-Trent has become the first casuality of the proposed closure of Trentham colliery. British Rail announced today that it is to axe its depot at stoke station in February.

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1992 Page 1 Newcastle
A decision by the government and British Coal to close 31 pits, including Trentham and Silverdale, were ruled unlawful by two High Court judges today.

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1992 Page 1 City
Mining will not start at Trentham colliery, M. Hesletine announced today. The High Court ruling that the pits closures were unlawful lifted the spirits of the workers at the pit. Now their hopes of a return to work are dashed.

Sentinel Jan 1st 1993 Page 25 Extra
Miners at the threatened Trentham pit today vowed to return to the fight to rescue their mine after the Christmas break

Sentinel Jan 5th 1993 Page 5
Union leaders at Trentham pit joined a call today toScrap a public enquiry into increased coal imports facilities, as this couldSlash the need for coal in the Midland pits.

Sentinel Jan 6th 1993 Page 3 Midlands
Miners at TrenthamSuper pit branded the Coal Board as crazy for refusing miners toStart production.

Sentinel Jan 11th 1993 Page 3
The miners’ wives group todaySet up camp outside TrenthamSuper pit in an attempt toSave the mine from closure.

Sentinel Jan 12th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Government appointed mining consultants have pulled out of a planned visit to the TrenthamSuper pit today. Plus miners’ wives have vowed to fight on against the pit closure afterSpending their first night in a camp outside the pit.

Sentinel Jan 14th 1993 Page 5 Co
Stafford Tory MP Bill Cash today called on the government to conduct an independentScrutiny on the doomed Trentham pit.

Sentinel Jan 16th 1993 Page 1 Extra
A furious row broke out today after a Tory councillor attacked a miners’ wivesSupport group at Trentham pit.

Sentinel Jan 18th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ leader A.Scargill has accused the government of “treachery” and “sabotage” over plans to close Trentham andSilverdale collieries.

Sentinel Jan 19th 1993 Page 5 Moorlands
Stoke-on-Trent conservative leader today claimed the fight toSave Trentham colliery was in danger of being hi-jacked by extremists.

Sentinel Jan 19th 1993 Page 3 Newcastle
Miners’ wives action group fighting toStop the closure of Trentham colliery received a welcome boost from local teachers. The pit is earmarked for closure at the end of the month.

Sentinel Jan 22nd 1993 Page10 Cheshire
Miners were given a glimmer of hope for the Trentham pit after a committee report. (Full page)

Sentinel Jan 25th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ leaders and civic officials wait the arrival of experts from consultants, JT Boyd today on a two day fact finding tour of Trentham colliery.

Sentinel Jan 26th 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners in NorthStaffs are waiting to find out if their pits and jobs will beSaved. A Commons reportSays up to 20 of the 31 pits threatened with closure, among them Trentham andSilverdaleShouldStay open.

Sentinel Jan 28th 1993 Page 11 Cheshire
Miners’ families are to hold a party to mark the day everyone feared Trentham would close. But after a huge public outcry the campaign toSave the pit isSet to rage for months to come.

Sentinel Jan 28th 1993 Page 3 Co
Two engineers begin their ownSurvey on behalf of the NUM toShow British Coal that Trentham mine has a profitable future.

Sentinel Feb 6th 1993 Page 1 Extra
Almost half of the work-force at Trentham colliery have now quit the industry, it was revealed today.

Sentinel Feb 8th 1993 Page 4 Newcastle
Members of theSikh community provided launch for pit protesters camping outside Trentham colliery.

Sentinel Feb 9th 1993 Page 4 Moorlands
Miners and British Coal will meet tomorrow to discuss a lifeline for the threatened TrenthamSuper pit. A 6 man NUM negotiating team will meet British Coal in London.

Sentinel Feb 18th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ wives fighting the pit closure at Trentham colliery received a moral boosting visit from women who travelled from the Tory heartland of Cheltenham.

Sentinel Feb 19th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
A campaign toSave Trentham andSilverdale pits from closure has been frustrated by Britain’s antiquatedSecrecy lawsStoke-on-Trent MP Mark Fisher told the House of Commons.

Sentinel Feb 24th 1993 Page 1 Co
Angry union leaders and politicians today attacked a draft report which blamed poor labour relations for what it called the abysmal performance at TrenthamSuper pit. The pit has reserves of 105m immediately available tonnes, 32m with little or no expenditure.

Sentinel March 2n 1993 Page 1 Moorlands
British Coal was today accused of considering using miner’s pension money to pay their redundancy checks. The move comes as British Coal plan to axe 31 pits including Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel March 3rd 1993 Page 1 Co
More than 7.000 miners have quit the coal industry ahead of the government’s review of its pit closure programme. In NorthStaffs 700 pitmen, just under half the original workforce have left TrenthamSuper pit.

Sentinel March 4th 1993 Page 7 Cheshire
Pitmen at Trentham andSilverdale are joining miners across the country in a ballot tomorrow in a programme of one dayStrikes. Coal production atSilverdale has improved further to 24.000 tonnes.

Sentinel March 5th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
Pitmen at Trentham andSilverdale collieries are taking part in a national ballot today which could lead to aSeries of one-dayStrikes

Sentinel March 11th 1993 Page 3 Co
Miners’ have been warned only 7 out of the 31 threatened pits may beSaved. Pit deputies nationally have turned down a call toStrike. They voted 64% in favour, just 2%Short of their two thirds rule. Trentham NACODS voted 44 to 14 in favour; Florence voted 14 to 1 in favour.

Sentinel March 16th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
ConsultantsSay that TrenthamSuper pit is not economically viable in the foreseeable future and meets British Coal’s criteria for closure.

Sentinel March 18th1993 Page 10
A fire which was burning underground at Trentham colliery is thought to have been put out. It was first discovered last November. Miners’ wives are to hold aSpecial mother’s day event at Trentham onSunday.

Sentinel March 20th 1993 Page 1 L Extra
More than 8.000 pitmen out of a total of 49.000 have left the industrySince the government announced plans for closures last October. Over 700 have left Trentham and 45 leftSilverdale.

Sentinel March 25th1993 Page 1 C F
InformedSourcesSaid today Trentham colliery is to close immediately andSilverdale will be reprieved for market testing.

Sentinel March 27th 1993 Page 7
A private company could buy Trentham colliery if it eventually closes. RGB has already expressed an interest in buying both Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel March 30th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
The closure of Trentham colliery moved closer last night as the government won a comfortable majority over their plans to axe pits. The NUMSaid weShall be calling a meeting to rethink the campaign.

Sentinel March 30th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
British CoalSecurityStaff off a miners’ wivesSupport camp on the Trentham land with the anti pit closure campaigners inside.

Sentinel March 31st 1993 Page 5 Cheshire
A meeting between the NUM and British Coal vital to the future of threatened Trentham colliery is to take place tomorrow. The NUM expect to hear British Coal’s response to proposals for an independent review of the mine. Page 4 Miners’ wivesSupport group today moved a mobile office back on to the protest camp outside the pit.

Sentinel April 14th 1993 Page 11
British coal is pressing for the closure of Trentham colliery in just 5 weeks it was revealed today.

Sentinel April 24th 1993 Page 4 Cheshire
British Coal is poised to announce the closure of Trentham colliery. Joe Wills, NUMSaid he believed the colliery would close forever on May 21st.

Sentinel April 27th 1993 Page 6 Newcastle
Miners’ leaders and British Coal moved aStep closer to legal confrontation after talks on the future of Trentham colliery ended in deadlock.

Sentinel April 28th 1993 Page 3 Newcastle
Members of the breakaway UDM at Trentham are asking for up to £10.000 extra redundancy-pay to quit the pit.

Sentinel April 30th 1993 Page 1 Co
The fate of Trentham colliery will be announced in a week. British Coal executive is to meet on May 7th when the corporation is expected to make a decision on the 10 collieries threatened with immediate closure.

Sentinel May 5th 1993 Page 1 C F
The 100Strong Florence branch at Trentham colliery refused to vote on the British Coal’s cash incentives, which would almost certainly have meant the pit would close.

Sentinel May 6th 1993 Page 1 Co
A decision to close Trentham colliery is expected to be made tomorrow when British Coal meet to rule on theSuper pit. The board is expected to return to the high court to ask judges to confirm closure of the 10 pits in British Coal’s original hit list.

Sentinel May 11th 1993 Page 3 Co
British Coal has given union officials 24 hours to agree to the closure of Trentham colliery or face being taken to the high court.

Sentinel May 12th 1993 Page 1 Cheshire
Miners’ wives todayStaged aSit in at Trentham colliery in a last minute protest against British Coal’s plan to close theSuper pit. They gained entry to buildings at the top of theShaft and chained themselves to machinery and each other.

Sentinel May 14th 1993 Page 3 Moorlands
NUM leader A.Scargill is to visit the 3 miners’ wives chained to machinery inside Trentham colliery. The miners’ leader will lead a 11am rally tomorrow outside the threatened colliery.

Sentinel May 17th 1993 Page 21
They went in defiant and came out triumphant. More than 80 hours of cold, damp, dark environment finally came to an end at 11.05 amSaturday. A.Scargill led the miners’ wives out.

Sentinel May 19th 1993 Page 7 Co
The three women who chained themselves to machinery inside Trentham colliery for 3 days, have been awarded honorary membership of the NUM.

Sentinel May 21st 1993 Page 3 Co
NorthStaffs is facing an unprecedented environmental threat from opencast mining. The warning came as British Coal bosses renewed their legal battle to close Trentham colliery.

Sentinel May 22nd 1993 Page 3 Extra
President of the NUM A.Scargill, lead hundreds of miners and theirSupporters throughStoke-on-Trent in protest at the planned closure of Trentham colliery.

Sentinel May 27th 1993 Page 10
The fate of TrenthamSuper pit wasSealed in the high court yesterday. Two of the country’s top judges ruled that British Coal had complied with consultation procedures laid down at an earlier hearing and would be allowed to go-ahead with the closures. (Three pageSpread on the “Battle for Trentham”)

Sentinel May 27th 1993 Page 1 Co
British Coal is today looking for a buyer for Trentham colliery. The fabric of the mine will be preserved while the prospects for disposal to the privateSector are accessed.

Sentinel May 28th 1993 Page 16
The manager of doomed Trentham colliery is to be transferred to a new management post at a Derbyshire colliery, Markham Main.

Sentinel May 28th 1993 Page 1 Co
Trentham miners who gave up £10.000 enhanced redundancy pay toSave the pit have today been rewarded for their loyalty – with theSack.

Sentinel June 1st 1993 Page 1 Co
Miners at Trentham were today given the “Take it or grieve it” ultimatum. They were told by British Coal to quit by the end of the week, or lose thousands in redundancy pay.

Sentinel June 3rd 1993 Page 3 C F
Stoke-on-Trent is to receive £3.4m toSoften the blow of the Trentham colliery closure. .it will be used to revitalise the city’s economy and help former miners back to work.

Sentinel June 7th 1993 Page 1 Co
One hundred and fifty miners at Trentham colliery today returned to their old jobs at the pit, after picking up a golden handshake. They have been taken on by contractors just a few days after opting for voluntary redundancy.

Sentinel June 10th 1993 Page 28
Advice experts claim they wereStruggling to cope with the effects of the Trentham colliery closure. They want extraStaff and a city office. .

Sentinel June 15th 1993 Page 11
Trentham colliery could be transformed into a prestigious business park if the government grants “enterprise zoneStatus”.

Sentinel June 25th 1993 Page 19 Cheshire
School pupils were given VIP treatment and a tour of Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum after a fun run which raised £300 for museum events. Page 59 British Coal advert inviting offers for licensing the working of coal at a number of collieries, including Trentham.

Sentinel June 29th 1993 Page 1 Co
Former miners at Trentham colliery and a businessman areSetting up plans to buy the licence and lease for the mine. They need 500 ex-pitmen to put up £10.000 each to finance the deal and form a worker’s cooperative.

Sentinel July 5th 1993 Page3 Moorlands
Miners’Supporters were todayStaging a vigil in DowningStreet. A delegation of NorthStaffs miners and miners’ wives action groupSet up camp to highlight the closure of Trentham colliery.

Sentinel July 12th 1993 Page 1 Co
Almost 200 miners are considering investing £10.000 each to take over Trentham colliery in a worker’s buyout. Longton businessman DavidShemilt and former deputy Mick Patterson have called a meeting at Longton town hall tomorrow.

Sentinel July 14th 1993 Page 5 C F
The Potteries businessman is to go-ahead with plans to takeover Trentham colliery despite only 80 miners attended a meeting to express an interest.

Sentinel July 19th 1993 Page 1 Newcastle
Former British Coal director Malcolm Edwards, has put in a rival bid for Trentham colliery, it was revealed today. Mr. Edwards quit his job with British Coal after a public disagreement with Chairman Neil Clarke.

Sentinel July 21st 1993 Page 1Moorlands
British Coal pit closure programme cost the corporation £235m last year. The cash wasSpent keeping 10 pits, including Trentham, which ceased production in October, on a care and maintenance basis and paying miners’ wages while they reported for work and went back home.

Sentinel Aug 12th 1993 Page 1 Co
More than 630 of the former 1.420 workforce at Trentham colliery are now in work. A total of 166 areStill employed by contractors at the pit, carrying out care and maintenance work.

Sentinel Aug 13th 1993 Page 7 Cheshire
British Coal is asking for bid from companies toStrip equipment worth £6m from Trentham colliery. (Same page.)Silverdale is fighting its way back to full production after overcoming geological faults on its newest face.

Sentinel Aug 24th 1993 Page 1 Co
Energy group Kinecita have dropped out of the race to run Trentham colliery as the deadline for the take over bids fell today. Page 5 Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum folded with debts totalling £166.000 and liquidators have revealed the museum has assets of just £8.800.

Sentinel Aug 28th 1993 Page 1 L Extra
Coal production could resume at Trentham colliery if British coal accepts a privateSector bid tabled earlier this week. It was confirmed there were three tenders received for the lease.

SentinelSep 10th 1993 Page 3 Co
AScheme to re launch coal production at Trentham colliery could create around 900 jobs. British Coal has remained tight-lipped over details of privateSector bids to re open the pit.

SentinelSep 17th 1993 Page 20 Cheshire
A group of women who fought toSave Trentham colliery have met the actresses who will bring thereStruggle to life on theStage.

SentinelSep 22nd 1993 Page 3 Co
Coal production couldStart again at Trentham colliery within weeks if British Coal gave the go ahead to lease the pit to a private buyer.

SentinelSep 28th 1993 Page 6 Co
Article entitled “Opinion” by Paul Findley, a former deputy mechanical engineer at Trentham colliery, on why theSuper pit closed.

Sentinel Oct 14th 1993 Page 3 Co

Malcolm Edwards toldSenior Co Councillors he would apply to work Trentham colliery for an extra ten years on top of the ten year lease. He hopes British Coal, will grant for theScheme.

Sentinel Oct 18th 1993 Page 9
British Coal has been accused of dragging their heels over the future of Trentham colliery. County councillor Mike Tapping urged the corporation to move quickly to prevent the pit decaying beyond the point when it cannot be worked again.

Sentinel Oct 26th 1993 Page 3 Co
Hundreds of miners are to put pressure on politicians to re open Trentham colliery. amid fears of a rival business park plan for theSite may go ahead.

Sentinel Oct 28th 1993 Page 39
Mr. Malcolm Edwards, a former market director of British coal wants to open 5 pits including Trentham colliery. He also wants to buy a powerStation.

Sentinel Nov 4th 1993 Page 3 Co
NorthStaffs two remaining pits will beShut in two weeks, the GeneralSecretary of the UDM in Nottinghamshire claimed today. Trentham colliery could be profitable asSoon as mining reStartsSays Malcolm Edwards.

Sentinel Nov 10th Page 11 Cheshire
Staffordshire Co council plans to buy 50 acres of land at the former Holditch collierySite. (Same page) New calls were made today for an end to the uncertainty over the former Trentham pit.

Sentinel Nov 13th 1993 Page 3 Extra
A major row has broken out over theSecrecySurrounding a controversial bid to transform Trentham colliery into a business park.

Sentinel Nov 23rd 1993 Page 3 C F
Miner’s leaders clashed withStoke-on-Trent city council over the future of TrenthamSuper pit. The NUM claim a decision by British coal isSet to be made before the end of the month.

Sentinel Dec 7th 1993 Page 9
Article on new King coal, Mr. Edwards is planning to control one fifth of all deep mined coal, includingSilverdale and Trentham.

Sentinel Dec 10th 1993 Page 1Moorlands
More than 85% of pitmenSacked fromSilverdale colliery will find work, British Coal claimed today.

Sentinel Dec 15th 1993 Page 18
The collapse of the NorthStaffs mining industry has helped underline the areas long-term employment problems. More than two thousand miners have lost their jobs at Trentham andSilverdale.

Sentinel Dec 16th 1993 Page 3 Co
Details of the licence to mine coal at Trentham colliery could be finalised before the end of January, it emerged today.

Sentinel Jan 6th 1994 Page 16 Cheshire
An advanced party of union leaders is due to meet magnate Malcolm Edwards this month to try to shape the future of the revived Hem Heath colliery.

Sentinel Jan 21st 1994 Page 1 Newcastle
Private buyers have shown considerable interest in taking over Silverdale colliery British Coal revealed today. But the company set to take over Hem Heath, Edward Energy, has pulled out of the race for Silverdale.

Sentinel Feb 4th 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
Miners’ leaders are demanding guarantees that unions will be allowed to operate at the revived Hem Heath pit. .

Sentinel March 1st 1994 Page 4 Moorlands
British Coal have arranged terms with Malcolm Edwards to re launch production at Trentham colliery, they plan to change the name back to Hem Heath. It last produced coal in Oct 1992.

Sentinel March 11th 1994 Page 13 Cheshire
The full impact of the closure of Hem Heath colliery has still not hit the local economy, an industrial expert warned today.

Sentinel March 28th Page 13 Cheshire
A private mining company poised to takeover Hem Heath colliery is in the running for neighbouring Silverdale it was revealed today.

Sentinel April 4th 1994 Page 10 Extra
Full page spread. From the stroke of midnight tonight the future of coal in the North Staffs coal field will be in the hands of Malcolm Edwards as he takes over the running of Hem Heath. He is now hoping to add Silverdale colliery to his growing coal empire.

Sentinel April 7th 1994 Page 4 C.F
Hem Heath saviour Malcolm Edwards, arrived at the gates of the colliery today to usher in a new era of mining in North Staffs. He announced recruitment would begin on April 18th and he predicted could begin as early as the end of June.

Sentinel April 13th 1994 Page28 Business
Article on Hem Heath gearing up to beat off foreign competition, that will displace imports of sized coal, coal which is above half inch.

Sentinel April 21st 1994 Page 1 Moorlands
More the 500 miners have so far joined the scramble for jobs at the new Hem Heath colliery.

Sentinel April 26th 1994 Page 5 Moorlands
More than 1.500 miners have joined the rush for jobs at the new Hem Heath colliery. There are now more than 10 applications for each of the 130 jobs.

Sentinel May 4th 1994 Page 4 Cheshire .
The new owners of Hem Heath are set to give away 10.000 tonnes of coal in a bid to find markets for the fuel. There are coal reserves for 50 years.

Sentinel May 5th 1994 Page 10 Cheshire .
Full page spread on coal investments Hem Heath colliery. The new coal mine is rapidly becoming a different place from the one British Coal announced closure in 1992.

Sentinel May 11th 1994 Page 11 Business .
Hem Heath colliery is expected to be opened in August with a team of 130 miners hoping for a secure future for at least 15 years.

Sentinel May 27th 1994 Page 14 Cheshire .
Coal has been mined at Hem Heath for the first time in 18 months as the owners test the surface and underground machinery.

Sentinel 5th July 1994 Page 5 Midlands
Miners’ leader Joe Wills said today he hoped to avoid confrontation at the two private pits in North Staffs. The manager of Hem Heath said, he was fully prepared to accept the NUM at the mine.

Sentinel 6th July 1994 Page 4 Newcastle
Malcolm Edwards, the man who opened Hem Heath has started to recruit miners to re-launch coal cutting at Silverdale colliery.

Sentinel 12th July 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
The first fuel to be produced at Hem Heath pit since it closed down has been sold. New mining equipment is to be delivered in the next few weeks.

Sentinel 19th July 1994 Page 1 Co
A massive plan to create 7.500 jobs at Sideway and parts of Hem Heath colliery was unveiled today.

Sentinel 5th Aug 1994 Page 1 Co
A Tory MP who fought to save closure threatened mines had a trip underground at the reprieved Hem Heath colliery.

Sentinel 12th 1994 Page 1
Miners’ at Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries are set to reap a cash bonus after share value rose. They currently pay up to a third of their wages in shares.

Sentinel 18th Aug 1994 Page 4 Cheshire
British Coal is set to buy coal from the pit it condemned to the scrapheap almost 2 years ago. Miners’ who fought for 18 months to save the pit, today claimed their fight had been vindicated.

Sentinel 24th Aug 1994 Page 12 Business
Coal merchants queued up for their first supply of Hem Heath coal for delivery to home in North Staffs and beyond.

Sentinel 10th Sep 1994 Page 5 Extra
Winners of the competition on coal mining stories, run by the Sentinel and ne owners of Hem Heath have been presented with their trophies.

Sentinel 13th Sep 1994 Page 7 Co
The company behind the opening of Hem Heath colliery is poised to lodge a multi million pound bid to buy two of England’s major coal-fields.

Sentinel 28th Sep 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Miners’ at Hem Heath colliery gave a cheer when they got their first glimpse of the machinery they are shortly to be using. (Full page)

Sentinel 16th Nov 1994 Page 32 Business
Coal Investments, the company that runs Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries, has reported an operating loss for the first half year of £10.2 m.

Sentinel 16th Dec 1994 Page 19 Cheshire
Miners’ at Hem Heath colliery are set to produce one fifth of the colliery’s former output level with just one tenth of the original workforce.

Evening Sentinel 22nd March 1995 Page 22 Ind. Review
Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries were the first of 5 which now comprise the production capacity of “Coal Investments”

Evening Sentinel 11th March 1995 Page 4 CF
Three youngsters studying applied maths at Blythe Bridge High School were on a trip down Hem Heath colliery to investigate how the maths they were learning in nice clean class rooms could be applied in real engineering situations.

Evening Sentinel 25th April 1995 Page 7 Cheshire
The company that owns Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries has taken over its final pit from British Coal. It now operates 6 former British Coal pits and a share in 1 in Scotland.

Evening Sentinel 24th May 1995 Page 34 Business
Hem Heath and Silverdale pits are successfully digging to markets which British Coal failed to exploit. Coal Investment’s success stems from seeking possible markets and the producing the coal that is required.

Evening Sentinel 21st June 1995 Page 1 Business
New developments at Hem Heath colliery will boost production up to the million tonne mark. A new face set to start in September will produce 15.000 tonnes a week. The face will operate with machinery that has been sealed up since a fire there in October 1992.

Evening Sentinel 22nd June 1995 Page 8 Cheshire
Fred Leigh is asking anyone for help with stories or pictures concerning the Minnie pit disaster, for his new book. Page 11 Contractors working on the Hem Heath pit site are to blow up disused buildings at 5 am Sunday July 9th.

Evening Sentinel 23rd June 1995 Page 5 City
Most of the miners thrown out of work at Hem Heath colliery by it’s closure last year have been resettled it was said today.

Evening Sentinel 10th July 1995 Page 4 City
It was third time lucky for demolishing contractors battling against the clock to bring down the disused buildings at Hem Heath colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel 17th July 1995 Page 1 Staffs
The Lord Mayor of London, Sir Christopher Walford put on his hard hat on for a whistle stop underground tour of Hem Heath colliery. His wife Lady Anne is the grand daughter of Silverdale miner John Viggars, visited Silverdale colliery today

Evening Sentinel 26th July 1995 Page 34+35 Business
Why are pits, that were once condemn, Hem Heath and Silverdale, now going from strength to strength?.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Aug 1995 Page 1 City
Joe Wills North Staffs NUM said, miners at Hem Heath and Silverdale are working “long shifts for low pay” and Malcolm Edwards should give them a decent living wage.

Evening Sentinel 4th Oct 1995 Page 28 Business
Company chairman Malcolm Edwards told the firms first annual meeting that sales levels had been higher than expected, leading to a need for increased investment. A second long wall face is expected to start in the future at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel 6th Oct 1995 Page 1 City
Hem Heath colliery, now employing 400 workers has taken on 120 miners’ in in the last week to dig a new seam and take production to a record high.

Evening Sentinel 24th Nov 1995 Page 4
“Coal Investments” who took over Hem Heath colliery warned that up to 130 jobs will be at risk unless it is allowed to resume mining under subsidence hit Barlaston village.

Evening Sentinel 4th Dec 1995 Page 4 Moorlands
Shares in “Coal Investments” who own Hem Heath, plunged 38% on the stock market after the company revealed it needed raise additional cash to hit production targets.

Evening Sentinel 6th Dec 1995 Page 1 Staffs
Mining under subsidence hit Barlston could start in January if Coal Investments get planning permission by December 19th.

Evening Sentinel 19th Dec 1995 Page 1 Newcastle
Plans for mining under Barlaston were thrown out today by County councillors. This means 130 Hem Heath miners’ who prepared the profit making Rowhurst face ready for mining will lose their jobs by Christmas.

Evening Sentinel 20th Dec 1995 Page 5 News
Coal Investments, which owns Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries, has suspended dealings on its shares pending refinancing talks. ( page 4) Hem Heath pitfalls victim to village subsidence fears.

Evening Sentinel 21st Dec 1995 Page 5 News
Staffordshire county councillors were branded hypercrites and turn coats by City labour colleagues for banning mining work, putting Hem Heath colliery under threat.

Evening Sentinel 1st Jan 1996 Page 1 Extra
Miners’ at Hem Heath colliery defied superstition today and worked a coal face on New Years day, to extract vitally needed coal, after permission to mine under Barlaston village had been refused.

Evening Sentinel 3rd Jan 1996 Page 27 Business
Volunteer miners’ working their Christmas break produced £750.000 worth of fuel at Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries.

Evening Sentinel 2nd Feb 1996 Page 1 Special
Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries are to be put up for sale as administrators battle to save the last two deep mines in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel 8th Feb 1996 Page 4 North
Miners’ at threatened Silverdale colliery are confident they can secure their futures after breaking all productivity records. But the future of Hem Heath looks bleak as industrial experts claim it needs a massive investment.

Evening Sentinel 23rd Feb Page 4 North
The future of Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries was looking brighter today after MPs met the administrators in the House of Commons to discuss the viability of Hem Heath and Silverdale pits.

Evening Sentinel 15th March 1996 Page 15 North
The closure threatened Hem Heath colliery could be saved after it was revealed that a new coal face is set to open.

Evening Sentinel 13th April 1996 Page 9 Extra
The North Staffs coal industry received a second boost this week after administrators at Hem Heath revealed they were in discussion with at leased one potential buyer.

Evening Sentinel 19th April 1996 Page 4 North
Miners’ at Hem Heath and Silverdale were warned their shares are likely to be worthless.

Evening Sentinel 26th April 1996 Page 1 City
Former “Coal Investments” John Warwick is among a consortium bidding to take over Hem Heath and Silverdale collieries. Evening Sentinel 3rd May 1996 Page 14 +15 City
There is a two page spread on, the future of Hem Heath colliery still hangs in the balance.

Evening Sentinel 14th May 1996 Page 1 C F
Hem Heath colliery is set to close in the next two weeks. The final coal has been cut and it will be reduced to care and maintenance.

Evening Sentinel 15th May 1996 Page 1 City
A management team at Hem Heath is facing a race against time to put a bid together to take over the pit.

Evening Sentinel 16th May 1996 Page 1 C F
The future of Hem Heath looks uncertain today after the leaders of a management team buy-out said the bid was doomed to failure.

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1996 Page 1 City
Two hundred jobs were axed at Hem Heath colliery today with a warning that the pit will be sealed off for good in 10 days. (More on page 4) the pit has reserves of between 100 and 150 million tonnes.

Evening Sentinel 23rd May 1996 Page 4 City
Silverdale colliery has taken on an extra 21 men from the doomed Hem Heath pit.

Evening Sentinel 28th May 1996 Page 5 News
Closure threatened Hem Heath colliery will probably be handed to a new operator for a pepper corn rent, a coal industrial expert said today.

Evening Sentinel 29th May 1996 Page 1 City
The fate of Hem Heath colliery could be decided in the next 24 hours as engineers consider sealing off a coalface hit by an underground fire.

Evening Sentinel 1st June 1996 Page 1 Extra
Hem Heath colliery has been thrown a lifeline by a group headed by former pit manager Mike Horton. His group has made an expression of interest just 24 hours before the deadline.

Evening Sentinel 8th July 1996 Page 5 Cheshire
Discussions are continuing with the Coal Authority and a group biding to take over the coal-rich Hem Heath pit, which is now under care and maintenance by 100 workmen.

Evening Sentinel 11th July 1996 Page 13 News
A County councillor today demanded the immediate closure of Hem Heath colliery unless the new operators guarantee never to mine under Barlaston.

Evening Sentinel 24th July 1996 Page 5 City
Leaders of a group aiming to take over Hem Heath colliery were today meeting finance companies in London, in a bid to raise funds in-order to re-open the mine.

Evening Sentinel 26th Aug 1996 Page 7 Special
A deal for a new company to take over Hem Heath colliery, could be clinched within the next month.

Evening Sentinel 11th Sep 1996 Page 4 News
Families were jubilant today after being told plans to reopen Hem Heath colliery will not involve mining under their homes.

Evening Sentinel 17th Sep 1996 Page 4 North
Hem Heath colliery has been closed by the Coal Authority. This just comes 6 weeks before a final package to save the pit was expected to be agreed.

Evening Sentinel 18th Sep 1996 Page 10 Cheshire
Full page spread on the closure of Hem Heath colliery and the story of the fighjt to save it which started 4 years ago.

Evening Sentinel 18th Sep 1996 Page 5 Newcastle
A deputation, fighting to keep Hem Heath open is to hold crisis talks with the Coal Authority tomorrow.

Evening Sentinel 20th Sep 1996 Page 1 Newcastle
Hem Heath colliery today was given an eleventh hour stay of execution. Workmen were due to move into the pit tomorrow to begin capping the 3.000 feet deep shafts.

26th Sep 1996 Page 33 News
Fred and Minnie Caruthers of Longton were taken to the Draycott Arms for a party on their golden wedding anniversary with their 5 children and 13 grandchildren. Fred worked at Hem Heath until his retirement in 1981.

Evening Sentinel 14th Oct 1996 Page 11 News
The group bidding to take over Hem Heath colliery said it remains confident of raising the finance before the deadline set by the Coal Authority.

Evening Sentinel 24th Oct 1996 Page 7 News
The future of Hem Heath colliery hung in the balance on the eve of the closure deadline set by the Coal Authority.

Evening Sentinel 25th Oct 1996 Page 4 Staffs
Eleventh hour talks aimed at preventing the immediate closure of Hem Heath colliery were set to resume for the third time today.

Evening Sentinel 28th Oct 1996 Page 4 North
Talks resumed today at the Coal Authority to decide the future of Hem Heath colliery amid suggestions there maybe disputes over the terms of licence.

Evening Sentinel 29th Oct 1996 Page 4 North
Talks over the future of Hem Heath colliery resumed today. The consortium bidding to take over tne mine have had four meetings with the Coal Authority with out any decision emerging.

Evening Sentinel 30th Oct 1996 Page 7 News
The consortium bidding for Hem Heath colliery has been given an extra two weeks to raise the £11.5 m it needs to start mining.

Evening Sentinel 31st Oct 1996 Page 5 North
The man leading the fight to restart Hem Heath colliery said today he was increasingly hopeful the bid would be successful.

Evening Sentinel 8th Nov 1996 Page 5 North
The future of Hem Heath colliery is to be set today.

Evening Sentinel 12th Nov 1996 Page 4 Cheshire
The dead line for the take over of Hem Heath colliery has been extended until tomorrow to allow the consortium more time to finance its arrangements.

Evening Sentinel 7th Dec 1996 Page 1 Extra
The axe has finally fallen on Hem Heath colliery after the collapse of a rescue deal for the colliery. More on page 5.

Evening Sentinel 11th Dec 1996 Page 3 Business Week
Experts explain why we struggled to compete and why the Hem Heath deal collapsed.

Evening Sentinel 15th Jan 1997 Page 7 Moorlands
The failure of a bid to take over Hem Heath colliery has led to the closure of another pit. Little Sheriff pit, Silverdale has been pot up for sale by the liquidators after it closed in December with the loss of 39 jobs.

Evening Sentinel 22nd Jan 1997 Page 3 Business week
The closure of Hem Heath colliery could cost a Tunstall tile maker thousands of pounds a year in extra fuel costs.

Evening Sentinel 24th Jan 1997 Page 1 City
The former Hem Heath colliery has been earmarked to become the UKs first rail freight distributing centre.

Evening Sentinel 25th Jan 1997 Page 4 Extra
Plans to retain Hem Heath colliery “A” frame as a memorial have been snubbed by miners’. Others say it should be kept as an epitaph, a lasting reminder that there is 300 million tonnes of coal buried under there.

Evening Sentinel 31st Jan 1997 Page 67 br? Stan and Freda Hawksworth celebrate 50 years of married life this week. Fred worked at Hem Heath colliery as an official for 22 years.

Evening Sentinel 12th Deb 1997 Page 7 C F
Organisers from an ambitious scheme to create a new mining museum, want to erect the machinery from Hem Heath colliery on the site.

Evening Sentinel 6th March 1997 Page 11 News
Collector, Les Oakes from Cheadle has offered to save the doomed Hem Heath “A” frame and put it in his back garden.

Evening Sentinel 7th March 1997 Page 13 News
The famous Hem Heath “A” frame will be demolished before the end of the year, the Coal Authority revealed today.

Evening Sentinel 17th March 1997 Page 13 Cheshire
Golden wedding couple Frank and Margaret Roe celebrate with dinner at the Plough. Frank 78 was a face worker at Hem Heath colliery for 45 years.

Evening Sentinel 1st April 1997 Page 11 Cheshire
Former miner Jack Pearce, intends to be one of the first to claim compensation under new rules introduced today. Jack age 77 started work at Hem Heath colliery in 1946.

Evening Sentinel 2nd May 1997 Page 85 News
A coal-cutting shearer from Hem Heath colliery has been donated to the Big Pit museum near Abergaveny. Most of the machinery at Hem Heath is now sealed underground.

Evening Sentinel 26th July 1997 Page 7 Extra
The amount of derelict land in Stoke-on-Trent has increased by 225 acres over the last 3 years because of the closure of Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel 3rd June 1997 Page 14 news
The proposed Apedale museum has been given the Hem Heath winding engine on a long term loan.

Evening Sentinel 20th Aug 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
Reginal Starkey age 86 was one of the first men to travel down Hem Heath pits initial shaft when it opened 71 years ago. After being there at its birth he would have liked to see the final act when it was blown up. But no one told him, it was attended by only a few demolition experts.

Evening Sentinel 20th Aug 1997 Page 1 North
Storm rages over destruction of Hem Heath “A” frame. Police say, we didn’t tell them to blow it up in secret. The Coal Authority said they did. (More on page 3)
Evening Sentinel 21st Aug 1997 Page 17 News in Focus
Mourning the ending of an era of prosperity, hope and danger, at Hem Heath colliery. (Full page)

Evening Sentinel 25th Aug 1997 Page 1 Special
A company headed by multi millionaire Stan Clarke, is poised to buy the former Hem Heath colliery site.

Evening Sentinel 26th Sep 1997 Page 3 Cheshire
With a mighty explosion and a huge cloud of dust another part of Hem Heath colliery was brought to the ground, it was the high tower winder over the up-cast shaft.

Evening Sentinel 27th Sep 1997 Page 15 The way we were
Concluding the series, mining memories by George Shufflebotham. George worked at Berry Hill, Mossfield, Wolstanton, Hem Heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel 4th Feb 1998 Page 1 North
A delegation of former miners were today in London to press for reinstatement of their pension rights. C. McClaren and John Connon from Hem Heath were among the thousand who were sacked during the 1984/85 strike.

Evening Sentinel 22nd May 1998 Page 9 News
The former Hem Heath colliery site will be put on the market within weeks, with Stoke regeneration Ltd likely to put in a bid.

Evening Sentinel17th March 1999 Page 7 Cheshire
Stoke-on-Trent regeneration has bought the 152 acre site at Hem Heath colliery to complete the giant Trentham Lakes employment park.

Evening Sentinel 26th April 1999 Page 2 C F
A multimillion pound rail freight terminal has been included in a new master plan for the development of the former Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel15th May 1999 Page 2 Extra
Three hundred and fifty homes are to be built on the former Hem Heath colliery site. The housing scheme was shelved in 1993 when it was thought Hem Heath would remain open in.

Evening Sentinel 7th Sep 1999 Page 17 Cheshire
The Machin diaries 7-9-76. The NCB announced today that Norton colliery is to close. Miners will be offered jobs at Holditch, Hem Heath and Florence. An NCB spokesman said its the first North Staffs closure since Apedale and we are confident there will be no more.

Evening Sentinel 23rd Oct 1999 Page 12 way we were
Extract from Nov 5th 1974. Hem Heath colliery was being called the Royal pit today only hours after it was announced that it will be visited early next month by Princess Margaret.

Evening Sentinel 11th Dec 1999 Page 1 North
A new railway station could be built on the site of the former Hem Heath colliery, as part of the Trentham Lakes regeneration scheme.

Evening Sentinel 3rd June 2000 Page 13 News
Fred and Irene Hill celebrated their diamond wedding with a family party, Fred spent all his working life at Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel 26th June 2000 Page 15 Business News

The second phase of an ambitious redevelopment programme of the former Hem Heath colliery is now finished.

Evening Sentinel 7th Aug 2000 Page 11 CF
Bill and Ivy Hulme from Fenton Stoke-on-Trent marked 80 years of marriage with a family get together. Bill worked at Hem Heath colliery for 46 years.

Evening Sentinel 29th Sep 2000 Page 71
Thomas and Margaret Storey are celebrating their golden wedding, they both worked at Hem Heath colliery, Margaret in the canteen.