Sentinal. January 13TH 1948 City Final. Page 1.
Mr William Clay of 146 North St., Stoke. Has been a miner for 64yrs., and is still working. He has worked at Hem Heath, [Homer] Sutherland, [Pender] Kemble and Bourne Collieries.[Photo in E. S.]

Sentinal. March 25th 1948 City Final. Page 1.
Stafford No 2 raised there target by 600 tons a week, after passing it for 8 consecutive weeks.

Sentinel May 27th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr. Owen Wilson, aged 49, of 19, Wakefield Road, Oakhill, an underground worker at Stafford Coal Board Unit, Great Fenton, was admitted to the N.S.R.I. with multiple injuries in a roof fall

Sentinel May 31st 1948. City Final.Page 4.
Mr. Owen Wilson, whom had an accident on the 26th May, died yesterday the 30th of his injuries

Sentinel June 2nd 1948. City Final.Page 1.
In Inquests held on two miners, each died in roof falls at seperate colleries. A verdict of accidental death was recorded, on Owen Victor Wilson, aged 48, of 19 Wakefield Road, Trent Vale, who worked at Sutherland pit, of Stafford Coal and Iron, Fenton and Frederick A. Pool;e, aged 36, of 38 Cliff Street, Smallthorne, who worked at Chatterley Whitfield colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 21st 1949 Page 1.
Some 1,000 workers at Great Fenton colliery resumed work today after being idle through Friday and Saturday owing to a spontaneous heating, which developed in the yard seam and has now been sealed off.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1949 Page 1.
While working at Stafford colliery early today S. Wisniakowski, a Polish subject was fatally injured.

Evening Sentinel May 13th 1949 Page 5.
Photo of Sir Ben Smith visiting Kemball pit, to open the pithead baths there yesterday.

Evening Sentinel June 9th 1949 Page 3.
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas received the congratulations of a wide circle of relatives and friends on the occasion of the golden wedding. For the past 45 years Mr. Lucas has been employed at Great Fenton colliery. (Photo on page 6.)

Evening Sentinel June 23rd 1949 Page 5. Write up on Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Smith on 60 years of married life. He left school at 13 and worked at Berryhill, then went to Great Fenton in 1889.

Evening Sentinel Aug 11th 1949 Page 4.
As there are no coalmines in their country, the party of Finnish scouts now visiting Stoke-on-Trent were more than usually interested in what they saw when they were taken down Stafford colliery yesterday afternoon.

Evening Sentinel Aug 19th 1949 Page 5.
Mr. F.F. Vitta, age 46 a Stoke City councillor, was killed about noon yesterday at Stafford colliery pit bottom. His head was crushed between a tub and a wall.

Sentinel 9th June 1951
N.C.B. announced the retirement of the asst to the area-planning engineer Mr B Gardine. His work history was as follows. 1902 to 1908 engineer at Florence colliery.
From 1908 to 1912 working as a manager of some small mines owned by the Duke of Sutherland in Brora Scotland.
Then 1912 to 1919 under manager at Stafford colliery
then as manager from 1919 until 1945 when he went to area staff.

Evening Sentinel. February 4th 1952. Late Edition Page 5.
Many friends and relatives in the mining industry attended the funeral of, Mr. Daniel Ansell, of 257, Moorland Road, Burslem, who was the Manager of Kemball Training Centre, Fenton, Mr. Ansell who was 63, spent 50 years in the North Staffordshire Coalfield, and rose from pit boy to Colliery Manager.

Evening Sentinel. September 15th 1952 City Final Page 1.
Photograph of Mr. Henry Price M. P. Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister for Fuel and Power, awaiting to go down Kemball pit. Mr. Price is spending a week at Kemball training Centre, and also living in a miners hostel.

Evening Sentinel. September 20th 1952 City Final Page 5.
M. P. Full of praise for Kemball Training Pit. See September 15th City Final Page 1.
Late Edition. Photograph of Mr. H. Price M. P. Parliamentary Private Secretary To the Minister for Fuel and power, saying Au Revoir at Kemball Training Pit

Evening Sentinel. September 26th 1952 City Final Page 1.
Photograph of life in a miners hostel. Mr. H. Price lived in for four days in this hostel. Story and more photograph's on Page 4.

Evening Sentinel. November 13th 1952 Late Page 6.
Lit cigarette in pit. A 32 year old miner pleaded guilty to endangering life, and was fined £5 plus costs. Mr. Snow was working in the Sutherland pit of Stafford colliery Fenton. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel. December 1st 1952 Final Page 6.
At an Inquest yesterday on Samuel Ernest King, aged 66, of 2 Nelson Road, Heartshill, a retired Colliery underground Manager. A verdict was recorded that death was caused by Cardiac failure, due to Bronchitis, and Emphysema with Pneumoconiosis. Mr. King, had retired from his work at Great Fenton colliery in 1940.

Sentinel 25th Jan 1954 late Final, page 4.
Photo of Mr A.J.Preston manager of Stafford Colliery making a presentation to Mr Barry Lindop N.A.C.O.D. union secretary who was leaving Stafford colliery to take up a the area secretary's post.

Sentinel 19th May 1954, late, page 5.
Stafford Colliery shaftsman Mr Ellis Oakes celebrates 50yrs of marriage.

Sentinel 20th Sept 1954 (late p 5)
Instructors at Kemball Training Centre make a presentation of a dinner and coffee service to the unit manager Mr W I Cain, who was leaving to take up the managers position at a training centre in Cannock.

Sentinel 22nd Sept 1954 (late p 1)
Photograph of Mr Harry Furnival age 67 upon his retirement as an instructor at Kemball T. C. Mr Furnival had 55yrs service in the industry. He started Lycett in 1899. He then worked at various collieries before returning to Lycett in 1914. He did 43 years at the pit most of it as a underground deputy. In1937/8 he became president of North Staffs N.A.C.O.D.S., he was also their treasurer from 1947.

Sentinel 21st Oct 1954 (late p5)
upon his retirement from Kemball T.C. Mr H Furnival (instructor) was presented with a fountain pen by his friends from the Wolstanton Jubilee Methodist church.

Sentinel 7th February 1955 L p8
At an old folk’s dinner held in the canteen at Stafford colliery on the 5th Feb, long service certificates were presented to Mr A Shenton 60yrs, Mr D Cartlidge 58yrs, Mr T W Price 53yrs, Mr E Durber, Mr H Myatt, and Mr J P Williams all 51yrs. Mr William was still working. The two oldest employees, Mrs Power age 78yrs, and Mr Wilcox cut a special cake. There were approximately 180 people present.

Sentinel 28th February 1955 L p7
many local boxers win championships at the N.C.B. tournament. There was Tony Cotterill from Parkhall, Harold Brown and Alec Atkin from Chatterley Whitfield, Ernie Ball from Victoria, Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton, John Stanway from Berryhill, G Cataldi from Stafford, and George Shufflebottom From Glebe.

Sentinel 28th April 1955 L p7
The shortage of miners in North Staffordshire was highlighted at Westminster in a question by Harold Watkinson to the minister of labour. It was agreed that the N.C.B. must start a recruitment drive. On the same page there is a photograph of members of the local fire service on a visit to Kemball T.C. Mr T Westlake training an education officer represented the brigade. The colliery manager Mr L Hull was also present.

Sentinel 8th September 1955 LF p1
Photograph of Berryhill and Great Fenton collieries football teams playing on the pitch at Berryhill

Sentinel 22nd October 1955 L p5
Hanley inquest into the death of Mr Franciszk Czerwinski who died at the N.S.R.I. from injuries he received in an u/g roof fall at Stafford colliery. Full details in the city final p1 24th October. Date of Death 19/10/55.

Sentinel 7th Jan 1956 (late Page 6)
Latvian miner Valdenars Bogdanouis age 34 dies in roof fall at Stafford Colliery

Evening Sentinel. January 10th 1956. City Final. Page 7.
A fall of more than a 100 tons of dirt at Sutherland pit Great Fenton, buried and killed a Latvian miner the coroner was told today. A verdict of accidental death was returned on Veldomars Bogdanovs, a underground conveyer mover, of 24, Grove Place, Heron Cross, Fenton, the court was told that he been picking at a middle set just before the fall. There’s more on this article on this page.

Evening Sentinel. April 23rd 1956 City Final Page 1.
The N.C.B. office in London today have stated that at least four North Staffordshire collieries are to receive major reconstruction, they are, Stafford, Holditch, Wolstanton and Chatterley Whitfield collieries. There’s more on this article on this page.

Sentinel 30th April 1956 Page 10
The funeral took place at Christ Church, Coalville, Leicestershire, on Saturday of Mr. Joseph Edward Homer, a former colliery manager and Potteries building contractor, who died at his home at, 180 Forest Road, Coalville, at the age of 85. Son of one time owner of the Homer pit Fenton, He was born at Stockton Brook and educated at Giggleswick School, North Yorkshire. There’s more on this article on this page.

Sentinel 7th June 1956 Front Page
Mr Arthur Beardmore of Cheadle has retired. He spent 40years in the pit at. He became an instructor at the Fenton training centre in 1943 to help tutor "Bevan Boys".

Evening Sentinel. June 7th 1956 Late Page 5.
Stoke-on-Trent mass X-Ray unit is to visit every pit in North Staffordshire starting with Fenton colliery on June 18th. The unit is being sponsored by the N.C.B. and the N.U.M.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1956 Late Page 8.
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs J.W. Walters, of Holydene, Birkholm Drive Meir Heath, who have been married for 60 years. Mr. Walters retired in 1926, after being a pit deputy at Great Fenton. He started work at the age of 13 for a weekly wage of 4s.0d. Mr. Walters worked at Leycett, Holmer end, and Apedale collieries, before going to Great Fenton.

Evening Sentinel. June 25th 1956 Supplement, for Careers Page 2.
There is a quarter page advertisement including a photograph of two trainees and a instructor at Kemball training colliery.

Sentinel 4th February 1957 Late p4
Photograph of the sixth annual Stafford colliery veterans party at the Jubilee Hall Stoke. Prominent in the Photo are Mr J Hulland age 70yrs and Mrs P Owen age 74 yrs.

Sentinel 8th April 1957 late p
Photograph of the presentation of long service certificates to employees at Great Fenton colliery. The recipients were Mr H Billington, Mr P Clarke, Mr J Bromfield, with 50yrs service. Mr F Penance with 41 years service.

Sentinel 28th Oct 1957 late p5
Silverdale wins fire fighting cup in competition at Sneyd. Stafford was second, with Hanley Deep third. There were over 200 competitors.

Sentinel 12th Oct1957 football final p5
Photograph of the Kemball T.C. football team who played in the half-holiday league. The captain was B Turner.

Sentinel 14th Oct 1957 late p5
Article and photograph of a presentation to Mr Albert Moffatt he had retired as undermanager from Stafford number 2 pit where he had worked for 55 years. The event was held at the Crown and Anchor Hotel Longton. Barry Lindop N.A.C.O D.S. was also present.

Sentinel 3rd Dec 1957 late final p1
French lady interpreters were welcomed by Rowland Bennett to Kemball Training Centre. They had been at a Coal and Steel conference. In the afternoon they visited Hanley Deep.

Sentinel 19th Dec 1957 late p1
Great Fenton Colliery on strike due to the poor quality of concessionary coal. 700 tons were lost with 200 men on strike.

Evening Sentinel. January 30th 1958. Late. Page 5.
A record of 322 years service in the mining industry is completed by the retirement of Mr. George King, of No 1 Hazel Close, Trent Vale, an Overman at Stafford colliery, Fenton, whose personal record totals more than half a century. Mr. King is the last of seven brothers, six of whom have completed more than fifty years service in the pit. There father too was a miner, and their grandfather lost his life in the pit.

Evening Sentinel. February 5th 1958. Late. Page 5.
Norton colliery had its highest output in its history, and two more colliery’s had their highest output in resent times. Norton’s output was 472,540 tons in addition it won the Area safety award league competition for 1957. Silverdale had an output of 364,355 tons, which was its best year since 1939. Stafford colliery’s output was 351,882 tons, its best since 390,882 tons in 1942.

Evening Sentinel. February 13th 1958. Late. Page 4.
200 retired miners and their wives will be entertained to a party and concert by Stafford colliery (Fenton) Goodwill committee in the Jubilee Hall, Stoke, on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel. February 17th 1958. Late. Page 4.
Photograph of Mr. I.W. Cumberbatch, presenting long service awards to veteran mineworkers of Stafford colliery, in the photo’ is Mr. Albert Moffitt, former underground Manager of the Sutherland pit.

Evening Sentinel. April 25th 1958. Late Final. Page 1.
At the inquest on Mr. Gordon Reginald Bailey, a 42 year old colliery ripper of 2, Selby Street, Weston Coyney, who was killed in a roof fall, which also buried two other miners at Stafford colliery, Fenton. After the verdict of accidental death was recorded, the coroner paid tribute to the two men who were buried with Mr. Bailey, in refusing to leave the scene, and that of a ripper who tried to free him, before leaving to fetch help. There actions he said showed courage and valour, which we have come to expect from our miners in North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel. April 28th 1958. Late. Page 4.
Approximately 20 miners from Stafford colliery, Fenton, are organising a Gala stated to be the first of its kind in the district, it will be held in Longton Park on July 12th and will be in aid of the Health memorial Convalescent Home.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1958. Late. Page 5.
There is a report on manpower in the pits, plus North Staffordshire’s outlook in the collieries. Recruitment in the coalmines in the division continued to improve and they general position was more satisfactory. A new shaft at Wolstanton had started, where the deepening of the existing one completed, these two shafts are to be taken lower still where they would link up with the Deep pit and Sneyd collieries. The new shaft at Hem Heath, the first in the country to use the twin rope friction winding system would service the development down to 1,062 yards was commissioned. A new drift mine was started by the N.C.B. at Apedale. Referring to training and education a new surface provision was completed at Kemball training centre.

Evening Sentinel. June 17th 1958. Late. Page 3.
Two boys caused damage to signalling wires and cables at Campbell colliery, Fenton. This is probably Kemball colliery Fenton.

Evening Sentinel. July 10th 1958. Late. Page 7.
With £50 they won in the N.C.B. group safety competition the surface workers at Stafford colliery Fenton, bought furniture and electrical appliances, which last night they presented to ward 10 of the N.S.R.I.

Evening Sentinel. July 14th 1958. Late. Page 5.
Although 4,000 people thronged Longton Park on Saturday, for a Gala and Gymkhana organised by Stafford colliery Fenton, the event raised nothing at all for the Health Memorial Convalescent Home, at Llanfairfechan, the receipts were down because of the bad weather.

Evening Sentinel. October 13th Late. Page 5.
A canteen of cutlery was presented to Mr. J.S. swift, the former manager of Fenton colliery at the annual dinner of the North Staffordshire Branch of N.A.C.O.D.S. held at the Crown and Anchor Hotel, Longton, on Saturday. Mr. Swift as been appointed, Power stowing Engineer for Stoke-on-Trent Area of the N.C.B.

Evening Sentinel. December 31st 1958. Late. Page8.
Two miners a Pole and a West Indian, were stated by the Stipendiary Magistrate (Mr. R. N. McGregor Clarkson) to have behaved in a thoroughly brutal manner, when they assaulted each other underground at Stafford colliery, Fenton, when they were fined at Fenton today. The Pole was taken to the N.S.R.I. and remained there for fourteen days, the West Indian was also hospitalised for eight days.

Evening Sentinel. January 1st 1959. Late. Page 7.
In a report of a case heard at Fenton Stipendiary Court, yesterday, two miners were summoned for assaulting each other underground at Stafford colliery, it is incorrectly stated that one of the men, is a West Indian.

Evening Sentinel. January 6th 1959. Late. Page 8.
The death has accord of the former agent of Hem Heath and Stafford collieries, Mr. Leonard Smithurst, of 317, Stone Road, Handford, at the age of 63. Mr. Smithurst was born in Leicestershire, but was at the Hem Heath and Stafford collieries for 14 years, until his retirement due to ill health. He had been employed has a consultant at the, Small Mines collieries.

Evening Sentinel. February 2nd 1959. Late. Page 5.
Photograph of Mr. Genders being presented with an inscribed cigarette case on behalf of colleagues of Kemball Training Centre, at the Grand Hotel Hanley, on Saturday night. Mr. Genders, head of training, at the industrial relations department at Stoke, said in his retiring speech, that 20% of boy’s leaving Kemball, were capable of a, Technical Education. The other 80% were in need of further education.

Evening Sentinel. March 18th 1959. Late. Page 7.
Damages of £3,400. plus costs, were awarded against the N.C.B. to a 26 year old former coal-cutter who was seriously injured in roof fall at Stafford colliery, Fenton, in February 1956. The plaintiff was Mr. Maurice James Edwards, of 16, Gate Street, Weston Coyney, There is more on this item on this page.

Evening Sentinel. February 1st 1960 Final. Page 5.
Hem Heath won two of the contests, and Kemball a third when teams from 5 collieries in the N.C.B. No 4 group took part in the first round of the "Boards" First Aid competition, at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel February15th 1960 Late. Page 5.
Mr G.W. Royal, head of Industrial Training for the West Midlands Division, of the N.C.B. forecast on Saturday, that Kemball Training Centre Fenton, would be concentrating on juvenile face training in 1960.

Evening Sentinel March 8th 1960 Late. Page 7.
Long service awards were presented to twelve, Stafford colliery miners at the Victoria Hall, Stoke.

Evening Sentinel March 25th 1960 Final Page 6.
Coroner calls in detective to hear evidence. (Someone may be lying over colliery notice,) and adjourns Inquest on Wasyl Autonius, a charge hand at Stafford colliery, of 10, Matlock Place, Silverdale, who's neck was broken when he was travelling in a tub at the colliery on 14th March 1960. A verdict of Accidental death was returned. More on this article is on this page in the "Sentinel".

Evening Sentinel May 8th 1962 Page 12.
After the summer holidays, miners at Stafford colliery will have reached an important stage in the pit’s one and a quarter million pound deveopment. Operations will be transferred to the Lower East Moss. The whole re-construction will produce350,000 tons of coal a year. It is estimated there are more than 40 million tons in reserves.

Evening Sentinel Aug.1st 1962 Page 5.
Big changes as North Staffordshire pits go on holiday. It will be full speed ahead during the holidays at several pits where major change over or istalation schemes have been planned, at Victoria, Norton, Sneyd, Wolstanton. Stafford, and Great Fenton. (more details)

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1962 Page 5.
Mr George Wood age 57 was killed today at Stafford colliery. He received fatal injuries when he fell 20ft from a pit-head ramp.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1963 Page 8.
The NCB held their annual first aid competitions at the Kemball training centre on Saturday. Kemball won and go on to area finals. The Wynne cup was won by Florence colliery and Hem Heath won the Junior Cup.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 25th 1963 Page 4.
Mr. H.B. Green, who has retired as an under manager at Stafford colliery, Fenton, after 46 years service received a presentation from Mr. Lindop of NACODS at a social evening at Longton.

Evening Sentinel July 10th 1963 page 10.
Photo of John Berry, Captain of Stafford colliery football team being presented with the League Challenge Cup at the Victoria Hotel last night.
Page 16 Coalface trainees at Kemball pit threatened to go on strike today over a dispute regarding carrying powder cans. There was a meeting with the training officer and NUM representative. Thirty-six of them continued their work and three left the colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 28th 1963 Page 5.
3,000 men at three pits, Hem Heath, Florence and Stafford said they will go on strike if talks go past the deadline of 14 days.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1964 Page 1. L.
Photo of Colliery fire fighting teams in action at Kemball Training centre on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1964 Page 20.
Soon Kemball pit, with a surface gallery equipped with a mock coalface and self-advancing roof supports will provide the area with one of the most complete training centre in the industry.

Evening Sentinel Feb 16th 1965 Page 12
The reconstruction of Florence colliery’s No2 shaft, sunk in 1874 and deviated considerably from the vertical, was described in a paper given by the men responsible for the job at last night’s meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. The finished diameter of the shaft was originally 14 feet, but this had increased to 18 feet at a depth of 853 yards and continued as such to the bottom. Films and slides were shown by Mr. T. Walker, the area shaft sinking engineer.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1965 Page 4.
The 120-yard surface coalface for training in mechanised mining, which was inaugurated at Kemball Training Centre, Fenton yesterday, is equipped with the type of machines and roof supports in daily use at West Midland’s collieries.

Evening Sentinel Aug13th 1965 Page 7.
The first method study course in the West Mindlands is to be held at the Kemball Training Centre at Fenton beginning on Monday and running for a fortnight. The object of the course is to train union branch secretaries and chairmen.

Evening Sentinel Oct 1st 1965 Page 1 L.
The closure today of worked out Foxfield colliery, Dilhorne,was the end of the road for deep mined coal in the Cheadle coal field, whose 13,000 acres have yielded an estimated 37,500,000 tons of coal during several centuries of working. (more on this)
Page 20 Funeral of Freemason, Mr. A.R. Mason, who was mechanical engineer to Holditch, Apedale, Parkhouse and Silverdale group of collieries. (Full list of mourners)

Evening Sentinel Oct 4th 1965 1965 Page 7 F.
Photo of Hem heath colliery First Aid Captain Mr. J. McElhone treating a causality at a competition held at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. (Details of competition at bottom of page.)

Evening Sentinel Dec.20th 1965 Page 7
The £13.500 sports and social club building for Stafford and Hem Heath collieries was opened on Saturday at the club’s ground in Grove Rd. Fenton by Mr. Jack Lally. (Photo plus full story.)

Evening Sentinel June 28th 1966 Page 12.
An experimental four-years intensive training course for apprentices in the NCB North Staffs area has been in operation at the Kemball Training Centre since April. A group of 30 youth employment officers and careers masters visited the centre today. .

Evening Sentinel March 26th 1966 Page 10.
A Stoke inquest jury yesterday, returned a verdict of accidental death on a former colliery cutter who had been paralysed from the waist down since an accident at Stafford colliery in September 1952. He was Mr. Jack Colclough and was injured by a roof fall. .

Evening Sentinel April 23rd 1966 Page 10 F.
A man who served the mining industry for 48 years was guest of honour at a social evening at the Trentham Hotel last night, Mr. F.M. Ball, manager of The No 4 group at Stafford colliery. Received a retirement gift from Mr. Richard Boote, general manager of Florence colliery. .

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd. 1966 Page 11.
Eight colliery teams from North Staffs took part in the National NCB first aid competition at Kemball. Florence colliery won the Wynne cup and Hem Heath were runners up. (Photo on page 1 F.) .

Evening Sentinel Feb 20th 1967 Page 20. L.
Photo of Hem Heath colliery first aid team, captained by Mr. Joe. McElone. They won the senior team test at the annual first aid competition, north staffs’ area at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. (Photo on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Oct 5th 1967 Page 6. F.
Stafford colliery broke their productivity record in the week ending 23rd Sep with 46.6 cwt nearly one cwt above the previous best. Page 8 Photo Parkhall colliery receiving the H. Lockett savings trophy.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1967 Page 12 C.F.
Photo of annual dance and presentation of prizes of the Stafford and Hem heath colliery sports club, held at the King’s Hall, Stoke, on Saturday.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 1968 Page 4. F.
A number of new mining appointments have been announced by the NCB. Mr. D. Alexander formally manager of Parkhouse colliery has moved to Staffordshire House HQ. Mr. G. Morris former manager of Holditch has gone to Parkhouse. Mr D. Alcock has taken over at Holditch and his place as manager of Stafford is taken over by Mr. R. Louth Mr. Ken Barber who was on under manager’s duty at Holditch becomes the under manager. Mr. P. Kane formally Holditch under manager is now under manager at Florence.

Evening Sentinel March 19 1968 Page 14. C.F.
In a statement an NCB spokesman said, A total of 42 men had become surplus to requirements at Stafford colliery, in consequence of there being now only one operational face at the colliery. The men will be offered alternative employment at Hem Heath and Florence collieries.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 18th 1968 Page 1. F.
Stafford colliery, Fenton, whose future was a source of speculation and rumour, is to close at the beginning of January.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1969 Page 13. F.
Coal face workers at Wolstanton colliery hit a record productivity rate of 196.5 cwt. Last week and Stafford colliery face workers also established a new record of 220. 3 cwt. Per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Sep 23rd 1969 Page 7. F.
The NCB are to be asked to allow members of the City reconstruction committee to inspect Stafford colliery, with a view to redevelopment of the site.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1969 Page 5. F.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs H.O. Biggs of Fenton, celebrating their golden wedding on Saturday. Mr. Biggs spent nearly 50 years in the mining industry at Fenton collieries as a deputy and overman.

Evening Sentinel Jan 16th 1970 Page 9. F.
Coal mining in the Staffordshire area is evolving from labour intensive to capital-intensive structure. The tunnel drivage at Hem heath will open up more coal reserves in deep seams in the area of the former Stafford colliery. There will be more investment in Silverdale and Florence.

Evening Sentinel April 6th 1970 Page 6. F.
Photo of Mr. Jack Jones age 92 of Fenton is believed to be the oldest surviving under official in Britain, at the Jubilee Hall, Stoke, on Saturday. He received a cheque from the Stafford good will committee at the annual dinner for retired miners.

Evening Sentinel May 4t 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of young pupils from Blessed Thomas Mayfield, Newcastle to learn about a coal shearing machine when they visited the NCB training centre at Kemball yesterday, as part of the centre’s open week.

Evening Sentinel July 12th 1971 Page 10. F.
Mr. I.W. Cumberbatch, former NCB chief, in West Midlands died yesterday in the NSRI. He was a member of a Silverdale family. Began his career at Florence colliery, Longton. Was appointed manager at Stafford Coal and Iron Co. Ltd. In 1919 and in 1925 became manager of Hanley Deep. In 1934 he was made general manager of Sneyd collieries Ltd. On nationalisation he was appointed North Staffs area manager. He retired in 1955 after 50 years service to mining, was awarded the OBE in 1950 and the CBE in 1955.

Evening Sentinel Aug 23rd. 1971 Page 4. F.
Photo Florence colliery fire fighting team were the overall winners of the NCB Staffordshire area fire fighting competition held at Kemball training centre on Saturday. (Details on page 5)

Evening Sentinel Page Oct. 9th 1971 Page 1. F.
Photo of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Stoke-on-Trent, making a tour of Kemball pit training centre yesterday. Write up on page 5.

Evening Sentinel. January 20th 1972. Final Page 1.
200 trainees in the North Staffordshire area of the N.C.B. have been sent home, this is due to the number of trainee instructors who have joined the strike, and are members of N.A.C.O.S.A.

Evening Sentinel. July 25th 1972. Final Page 7.
The funeral took place yesterday of Mr. Bertram Leonard Hall, aged 68, who died on holiday in Paignton last week. He was a retired colliery cashier, having spent all his life in the mining industry, he started work at Florence colliery, he was then transferred to Stafford colliery, and then ending his carrier at Hem Heath colliery. Mr. Hall lived at 22, Forest-road, Lightwood Longton.

Evening Sentinel. December 5th 1972. City Final Page 10.
“The dust problems in the mines were curable” the N.C.B. Staffordshire area Director Mr. Ray Hunter said yesterday. Mr. Hunter was among official and miners at a ’Keep Dust Down’, exhibition at Kemball training centre Fenton.

Evening Sentinel March 19th 1973 Page 7. F
Lea Hall won the Staffordshire area first aid competition at Kemball Training Centre on Saturday. Hem Heath were runners up.

Evening Sentinel May 23rd 1973 Page 21 F.
In their bid to attract more than 300 school leavers and suitable young men up to the age of 18 to take up apprenticeships and training schemes this year, the Staffordshire area of the NCB today placed emphasis on their two main training centres, Kemball at Fenton and Valley at Hednesford.

Evening Sentinel Aug 20th 1973 Page 5 F.
Florence colliery, Longton were pipped on the post in their bid to win the NCB North Staffs area fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre, Fenton on Saturday. They were second with 47 points to Lea Hall with 53 points.

Evening Sentinel Sep 19th 1975 Page 9. Crewe
West German miners on a visit to North Staffordshire were guests at Florence colliery welfare are club last night. They also went down Holditch colliery and in the afternoon they toured Kemball Training Centre.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1977. Final. Page 7.
Florence colliery picked up the first three awards in the N.C.B. Western area fire fighting competition. Miners from five coalfields took part at Kemball training centre on Saturday. There is a full list of winners.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1979 Page 9 Crewe.
Mr. k. Dunn, who worked all his life in the North Staffs coal field has retired. He joined the industry at Victoria colliery as a mineworker. Later went to Wolstanton as safety and training officer then to Chatterley Whitfield and Great Fenton colliers as assistant under-manager.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1979 Page 9 F.
A £70,000 scheme to landscape Stafford colliery has been given the thumbs up by the City Land Reclamation Committee.