Sentinal. March 4th 1948 City Final. Page 1.
Newcastle under Lyme Corporation, oppose Wolstanton colliery plan to mine beyond the great row seam.

Sentinal. April 21st 1948. City Final. Page 3.
A description of "Koepe" winding gear, which is used extensively in Germany and Holland, and to a lesser degree in France and Belgium, was given last night by, Mr. G. W . Alexander Bsc, of Metropolitan Vickers Electric Co., to members of North Staffordshire branch, of the Association of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. This type of winding gear was later used at Hem Heath, Florence and Wolstanton collieries More information can be obtained from the E. S. If required.

Sentinel June 15th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Mr, Frank Bailey age 41, of 8 Westlands Avenue, Newcastle under lyme, an underground worker at Wolstanton Colliery was admitted to the N.S.R.I., with bruises and shock after a roof fall

Sentinel June 16th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Two miners were injured yesterday, one at Glebe colliery, Fenton Mr William Davis, aged 48, of 42, Linden Place, Blurton. and Mr. Jphn Lawton, aged 38 of 66, Lilly Street, Wolstanton, who worked at Wolstanton Colliery, both were admitted to the N.S.R.I., with head injuries.

Sentinel June 16th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
An inquest took place on Mr. James Brick, age 61, of 117 Dimsdale Parade, Wolstanton. who was killed when a roof collapsed on him, on the 14th June, another man, Frank Bailey aged 41, of 8 Westlands Avenue, was also injured, and detained in the N.S.R.I. The Inquest was adjourned until Mr. Bailey could give evidence.

Sentinel July 7th 1948. City Final.Page 1.
Three miners were injured at different collieries, whilst working underground yesterday, and admitted to the N.S.R.I. They were Prokop Matiyeio a Pole, living at the Knutton Miner's Hostel, who had injuries to his head and right leg, when struck by falling coal, while working at Madeley colliery.
Mr. Frank Seaton, aged 34, of 5 Orchard Street, Wolstanton. employed at Wolstanton colliery, was admitted with a broken ankle.
Mr. James F. Beatty, aged 63, of 6a, Lovatt Street, Stoke, recieved a spinal injury after falling from a tub, at Florence colliery.

Sentinel July 10th 1948. Final.Page 4.
Inquest held yesterday at Newcastle - under - Lyme, that a roof fall caused the death of Mr. James Brick, aged 61, of 117 Dimsdale Parade, Wolstanton, the Jury returned a verdict of, accidental death.

Sentinal. November 17th 1948. City Final. Page. 4.
Two miners injured at different collieries were admitted to the N. S. R. I. Mr. Reginald Poole, aged 35, of 46, Peel Street, Longbridge Hayes, employed at Wolstanton colliery, he as a suspected fractured leg. Mr. Walter Whitby, aged 47, of 45, Russell Road, Sandyford, injured at Norton and Biddulph colliery, he has a fractured rib.

Evening Sentinel April 12th 1949 Page 4.
A paper on mine ventilation has won for Mr. K. Dunn, a mining student, the Wain prize for 1949 at a meeting of the North Staffs Institute of Mining Engineers. Mr. Dunn works at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 3rd 1949 Page 5.
A verdict of accidental death was returned by a jury at a resumed inquest on J.T. Martin, age 57 who was buried by a fall of roof while working underground at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 28th 1949 Page 5.
The NCB has delayed its application for permission to work other seams in the Wolstanton area, but there is no reason to expect that the application will not be made sooner or later.

Evening Sentinel Sep. 15th 1949 Page 5.
Mr. J.T. Cliff, age 47 a miner, was admitted to the NSRI with severe lacerations and fracture of the right arm sustained when he was buried by a fall of waste at Wolstanton colliery. .

Sentinel May 9th 1950
16 Wolstanton Awards,miners for 50 years list of names.

Sentinel December 6th 1950 page 5
Wolstanton Collierys record output at the coalface.

Sentinel 21st April 1951
New plan for Wolstanton put to the council.
Same date N.C.B. Ambulance competition the Wynne cup won by Wolstanton. Runners up were Norton with Whitfield third. In the Challenge cup Victoria came first Hanley Deep were second.

Sentinel 29th June 1951 page 1 final
Wolstanton colliery apply for permission to mine Peacock, Spendcroft, and Cannel Row seams on certain land under N.U.L. Also the Great Row seam under other areas.

Evening Sentinel. January 23rd 1952. City Final. Page 6.
A plea by the N.C.B. for Wolstanton colliery to work more coal seams. If this is not allowed, it could lead to men being thrown out of employment. This plea was made by the N.C.B. in an application being heard in the Chancery Division. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel. January 24th 1952. City Final Page 6.
Many house's were likely to be rendered inhabitable by the workings of two or three more coal seams, was made by a consulting mining Engineer, in an affidavit read in the Chancery Division today. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel. February 1st 1952. Final Page 1.
Re- Wolstanton Colliery Inquiry. There is a report on today's proceedings on page 1, and yesterday's on page 5.

Evening Sentinel. February 20th 1952. Late Page 5.
The N.C.B. has been given the right to work more seams at Wolstanton colliery for the next 50 years. More on this can be seen on this page in the "Sentinel"

Evening Sentinel. October 2nd 1952 City Final Page 2.
Wolstanton colliery last week had it's highest output since vesting day producing 7,268 tons, it's previous best performance was in November '48, the new record was 273 tons more.

Evening Sentinel. October 9th 1952 Late Edition Page .4
Wolstanton colliery broke last week record output, by creating a new record this week, which was 403 tons higher.

Evening Sentinel. November 13th 1952 Late Page 4.
All time record for Wolstanton colliery, last week produced 7,847 tons, It's the fourth time in seven weeks that it's overtaken it's previous best Evening Sentinel. November 21st 1952 Late Page 8.
Photograph of men at the end of their shift leaving Wolstanton colliery.

Sentinel 1st May 1954, late page 5.
90 Wolstanton veterans all over 65yrs hold a party at the Plough Inn. The colliery manager Mr J Wood was in attendance.

Sentinel 1st July 1954, late, page 1 Durham miner Mr E Nicholson given the keys to is new home on the Parkside Estate Silverdale. He worked at Wolstanton colliery and was the 175th tenant to come into the area. There is a photograph in the late edition on page 6.

Sentinel 1st Oct 1954 (late p 1)
Phillip Edmunds age 38yrs was killed in a shot firing accident at Wolstanton. The inquest on the12th Oct, it was explained that Mr Edmunds from South Wales had been living in Knutton Hostel. His wife and children were to have moved to the potteries the day after his terrible accident.

Sentinel 28th February 1955 L p7
many local boxers win championships at the N.C.B. tournament. There was Tony Cotterill from Parkhall, Harold Brown and Alec Atkin from Chatterley Whitfield, Ernie Ball from Victoria, Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton, John Stanway from Berryhill, G Cataldi from Stafford, and George Shufflebottom From Glebe.

Sentinel 2nd May 1955 L p10
Photograph and full results of the N.C.B. boxing tournament held at the Victoria Hall Hanley. Ernie Ball of Victoria colliery is seen shaking hands with Eddie Edwards of Wolstanton colliery, both b had won through to the finals.

Sentinel 5th May 1955 Lfp1
Mr Sidney Adams of Penkhull was recovering in hospital today after falling 30fet from a scaffolding at Wolstanton colliery

Sentinel 16th May 1955 L p10
Boxer Ernie Ball of Victoria colliery became N.C.B. heavyweight champion at the finals held in Edinburgh. Others in The Staffordshire team were Eddie Edwards from Wolstanton lost in a close contest with J. Milton of Scotland, while 23years old John Stanway a trainee at Berryhill was voted gamest loser.

Sentinel 24th November 1955 L p 9
Photograph of Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Manager making a presentation to bowls team captain Mr R Steel for winning the area championship.

Evening Sentinel. April 23rd 1956 City Final Page 1.
The N.C.B. office in London today have stated that at least four North Staffordshire collieries are to receive major reconstruction, they are, Stafford, Holditch, Wolstanton and Chatterley Whitfield collieries. There’s more on this article on this page.

Sentinel 1st January 1957 Late p8
The death was announced of Mr L J Cox a clerk at Wolstanton.

Sentinel 1st September 1957 late p6
Photograph of veteran miner Joss Cooper at a fire-fighting exercise at Wolstanton.

Sentinel 6th September 1957 late p7
Wolstanton colliery was to commence drilling for Methane. The gas would be piped direct from the coalface to the consumer.

Sentinel 21st September 1957 late p5
last coal from Lycett colliery. After 100yrs of production Lycett closed today. The present manpower of 437 u/g and 112 surface will eventually be transferred to other North Staffs pits i.e. Hem Heath, Wolstanton, Silverdale, and Holditch. 100 men will be kept back for salvage, which should take between 6 and 12 months. A further 5 men will produce sufficient coal to keep the boilers going.

Sentinel 28th Oct 1957 late p6
The deadly gas methane is to be harnessed. Wolstanton, and Holditch are to remove 5,000.000 cubic feet of gas per week. Article and photograph.

Evening Sentinel. February 24th 1958. Late. Page 4.
Photograph of the wife of Mr. Rowland Bennett, North Staffordshire’s Area General Manager, presenting the trophy to Wolstanton colliery, the wining team in the Area rescue compaction.

Evening Sentinel. June 20th 1958. Late. Page 5.
There is a report on manpower in the pits, plus North Staffordshire’s outlook in the collieries. Recruitment in the coalmines in the division continued to improve and they general position was more satisfactory. A new shaft at Wolstanton had started, where the deepening of the existing one completed, these two shafts are to be taken lower still where they would link up with the Deep pit and Sneyd collieries. The new shaft at Hem Heath, the first in the country to use the twin rope friction winding system would service the development down to 1,062 yards was commissioned. A new drift mine was started by the N.C.B. at Apedale. Referring to training and education a new surface provision was completed at Kemball training centre.

Same Page. Photograph of Wolstanton colliery miners receiving a certificate from Mr. E.H. Browne, (Divisional Chairman). In the photo’ is Mr. Harry Lear who as completed 59 years service at the colliery. There is a list of miners who have completed 50 years or more on this page.

Evening Sentinel. March 11th 1958. Late. Page 6.
A 69 year old miner was startled by the sound of a motor cycle that he jumped, but unfortunately he jumped the wrong way, into the track of the machine, it was said at a resumed inquest in Hanley. The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death on Mr. Leonard Arthur Dabbs, of Wolsay Road, Wolstanton, who died in the N.S.R.I. after being in collision with a light-weight solo motor cycle in a private colliery Road at Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel. July 28th 1958. Late. Page 5.
Staffordshire County Council will be asked to approve a draft term of settlement with the exception of condition regarding compensation payable for mining subsidence and damage concerning the N.C.B. application for the right to work further seams in the northern half of Wolstanton, Westlands and Clayton.

Evening Sentinel. October 13th Late. Page 5.
Coal output at Wolstanton colliery was 7,862 tons, which was the best since the colliery open in 1916.

Evening Sentinel. October 15th Late. Page 4.
Wolstanton colliery will represent North Staffordshire Area in the mining rescue competition at Birmingham University on Saturday for the divisional shield.

Evening Sentinel. November 4th 1958. Late. Page 7.
The new pit shaft now being sunk at Wolstanton colliery is sunk at the rate of 75 yards a month, the aim is to increase this to 100 yards a month.

Evening Sentinel. December 23rd 1958. Late. Page4.
Miners at “Peacocks 3” face at Wolstanton colliery, who won a cash prize in a “Safety and Tidy” competition, decided that instead of shearing the money between them, that, they would help to bring a brighter Christmas to less fortunate then themselves who are spending Christmas in hospital. The money is to go to the N.S.R.I. and to the men’s eye ward.

Evening Sentinel. January 7th 1959. Late. Page 1.
The new situation in the mining industry represents the end of a period of abnormality, for it could not regarded as normal for the industry in full continuingly to meet demand, Mr. Brown said in Birmingham yesterday, but the change had been a sudden one. It had arrived because of a fall in consumption, and not because of an increasing dispute. He also spoke of different North Staffordshire Collieries where improvements were in hand, namely, Sneyd, Hem Heath, Florence, Wolstanton and Hanley Deep pit, collieries. More of his speech can be seen on this page.

Evening Sentinel. March 9th 1959. Late. Page 1.
“A real work of Art” that is what Czechoslovakian Deputy Fuel Minister, Jaromir Matusck, called Hem Heath colliery headgear, the Minister is leading a delegation to North Staffordshire, to see the coalfield recon structure program and, modern mining methods. They will also visit Sneyd and Wolstanton collieries. A full list of Their party and our accompanying party, is listed on this page.

Evening Sentinel. May 1st 1959. Late. Page 8.
Photograph of Wolstanton colliery long service award presentation of certificates, to miners who had been employed at the colliery for 50 years or more. They are Mr. T. Smith, Mr. R.J. Beech, Mr. C. Malbon, Mr. L. Maddock, Mr. H. Mottram, and Mr. W.T. Foster. The presentation was made by Mr. J.T. Seabridge, No.1 Group Manager.

Evening Sentinel. May 12th 1959. Late. Page 7.
A 12 day, international conference is being held at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire; It is being held by the Cementation group of company’s. Senior executives, from twelve countries are in the group, with a small party of technical writer’s. They will be going to Wolstanton colliery, to view the installations that have taken place. They will be lowered 1,785 ft. in an 85 ft. cubic hoppit, (a bucket, to carry passengers in). More information is on this page.

Evening Sentinel. Sentinel Supplement. Page 1. June 2nd 1959. Late.
Page XV of Supplement Photograph of the new collar at the top of the shaft at Wolstanton colliery. There is also an article entitled “Good progress in the fight for coal” by Mr. R.W. Scurfield. (Production Manager (planning) in the North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel. July 7th 1959. Special Edition. Page 3.
At Sneyd colliery sports ground on Saturday, Holditch colliery were the champion colliery, with Chatterley Whitfield colliery second and Wolstanton colliery third. All the results are on this page.

Evening Sentinel. September 8th 1959. Late. Page 4.
A career in mining which spans half a century, ends this week with the retirement of Mr. Tom Horan, of 65, Edward Street, May Bank, who his best remembered as a local athlete. Mr. Horan began work at Silverdale colliery, then he moved to Hanley Deep Pit, and for the last 31 years, during which he has been the winding engineman at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel. December 1st 1959. Late. Page 5.
Almost half of North Staffordshire miners have had their chest X-rayed this year. There is a Photograph of miners of Wolstanton colliery and the Medical Sister, (Sister I. B. Calthorpe) at the N.C.B. mobile chest X-Ray unit.

Evening Sentinel. December 2nd 1959. Late. Page 8.
Photograph of Hem Heath colliery and Wolstanton colliery’s Koepe Tower. It is notable for being the deepest shaft in North Staffordshire at 3,420 feet.

Evening Sentinel January 1st1960 Late Final Page 1
Photograph of Mr. George Henry Eggerton, a Wolstanton colliery worker and Union Official, was awarded the B.E.M. in the New Years honours list. See page 9 of this Edition of the Sentinel.

Evening Sentinel July 21st 1960. Late. Page 6.
Photo of retiring mining engineer, Mr. G. F. Barnes who has retired after 51 years in the mining industry, he has worked at Sneyd, Hanley Deep and Wolstanton collieries, where he was the group mechanical engineer.

Evening Sentinel October 6th 1960. Late. Page12.
Photo of Wolstanton colliery's modern winding gear towers, where a £10 million of reconstruction is taking place.

Evening Sentinel October 31st 1960. City Final. Page10.
Wolstanton colliery Angling Society in their first competition lost to Burslem Isaac Walton.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 5th 1961 Page 7.
Three sports grounds in North Staffordshire, costing £43,000 are among major items in this years West Midlands programme of the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation. The grounds are associated with Wolstanton, Chatterley Whitfield and Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel March 5th 1962 Page 5.
Mr. H.J. Widdowson, North Staffs area General Manager, presented prizes at the area rescue competition at Tunstall town hall. He said during the past year none of the local colliery rescue teams had been called upon. Parkhouse won the trophy, Hem Heath were runners up, Wolstanton were 3rd. and Holditch 4th.

Evening Sentinel July 6th 1962 Page 1.
Coal was being wound up the shaft of Sneyd colliery for the last time today, before Monday’s output link up with Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1962 Page 1.
The first winding at Wolstanton colliery today of all coal from three pits set seal on North Staffordshire’s biggest tunnelling project and beat the schedule by several weeks.

Evening Sentinel July 30th 1962 Page 5.
Mossfield won the area trophy in the NCB finals at Berryhill on Saturday. Victoria was 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd. More than 500 men took part.

Evening Sentinel Aug.1st 1962 Page 5.
Big changes as North Staffordshire pits go on holiday. It will be full speed ahead during the holidays at several pits where major change over or istalation schemes have been planned, at Victoria, Norton, Sneyd, Wolstanton. Stafford, and Great Fenton. (more details)

Evening Sentinel Nov 8th 1962 Page 10.
NCB division and area safety competition awards were presented at Chatterley Whitfield colliery and Wolstanton yesterday. (Photo and details)

Evening Sentinel March 2nd 1963 Page 4.
Wolstanton colliery is one of the three pits in the West Midlands Division producing coal at the rate of a million tons a year.

Evening Sentinel Oct 25th 1963 Page 1.
Hem Heath colliery was paralysed by a strike of 1,300 men. Miners aggrieved by a six-shilling a day drop in the shift rate.
Page 16 the civic heads of Newcastle-under Lyme and Newcastle N.S.W. Australia, for the first time in their lives, saw miners at work at the coal-face at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec 13th 1963 Page 8
Wolstanton colliery which is among the most up to date in the country will, next week draw its millionth ton of coal this year, the first time since nationlisation, that any colliery in North staffs has achieved this target. The millionth mark was achieved by Chatterly Whitfield colliery in 1937, 1938 and 1939 but it has not been hit since then.

Evening Sentinel Dec 16th 1963 Page 1.
Voluntary Saturday shift working at seven North Staffs pits yielded an estimate 5,479 tons of coal. Chatterley Whitfield, 1,807, Wolstanton, 1,626, Hem Heath 915, Foxfield 328, Holditch and Silverdale 300 tons each Florence 198 tons.

Evening Sentinel Dec 18th 1963 Late final Page 1.
The first colliery in the West Midlands area since nationalisation to produce a million tons of coal in one year is Wolstanton, and today this record breaking load was given a civic reception as it arrived at the top of the shaft. (Photo) The Area General Manager, H.J. Widdowson, Lord mayor of Stoke-on-Trent Ald. J. Westwood, the Mayor of Newcastle, Ald T. Bethel, plus others.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 4th 1964 Page 1. F.
In Lord Robens report for 1963, coal sales were 200m tons. Wolstanton had produced 1m tons for the first time. And there was a record production at Norton colliery of face output of 132.5 cwt. Victoria colliery achieved an overall productivity of 40.8 cwt.

Evening Sentinel Jan 11th 1964 Page 9 F.
A misadventure verdict was returned at the resumed inquest in Newcastle yesterday on Mr. H. Machen age 45. He was killed on December 30th 1963 while servicing a cage and gantry at Wolstanton colliery. He struck on the head by part of the mechanism at the side of the shaft.

Evening Sentinel Feb 3rd 1964 Page 5 F.
The eventual amalgamation of three local branches of NACODS was foreseen during a dinner at the Grand Hotel, Hanley on Saturday. The event was the first annual dinner of the Sneyd, Deep Pit and Wostanton. The three collieries are now amalgamated into the Wolstanton concentration.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1964 Page 8.
A former member of North staffs NCB amateur boxing club and Meir Air Training Corp, Neil Shea, is helping to win honors in the RAF.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 13th 1964 Page 16. F.
Mr. S. Skelding age 28 was paralysed from the knees down, as a result of an accident by a roof fall at Norton colliery in January 1960. He was awarded. Mr. Skeldon was awarded £3.750 damages at Stafford assizes today.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 17th 1964 Page 14. F.
After falling off the back of a lorry at Wolstanton yesterday, Mr. W. Dale was taken to the NSRI with a suspected fracture of the skull.

Evening Sentinel Jan8th 1965 Final page 9.
Overall productivity in the West Midlands Division rose by 1.5 cwt to 36.3 cwt with two North Staffs pits, Wolstanton and Hem Heath close on the 1 million tons mark. The chairman said that they were also pressing on as fast as they were able with more powered supports particularly in North staffs.

Evening Sentinel Feb24th 1965 Page 5. F
Photo of Mayor of Newcastle, Ald B.G, Vernon, and his brother Harold on a visit to Wolstanton colliery with Mr. E. Maudsley, No 2 group manager and Mr. A.S Harper, architect.

Evening Sentinel April 8th 1965 Page 9.
At the inquest yesterday on W. Drobot, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. He died of multiple injuries caused by a rock fall at Wolstanton colliery. It was said unfortunately that such accidents happened in an industry as great as mining.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1965 Page 10. F.
Staffordshire County Council ambulances will probably be made available to several coalmines in the near future. The pits include Holditch, Apedale, Silverdale, Victoria and Wolstanton. The cost would be £6,000 and this would be repaid by the Coal Board.

Evening Sentinel June 2nd 1965 Page 14.
A 42 year old Wolstanton Crutter, A. Mallinowsky was awarded £15,000 against the NCB at Stafford assizes today.

Evening Sentinel July 25th 1966 Page 5
Wolstanton have won the cup in the NCB North Staffs area fire fighting competition for the third year running in succession. Chatterley Whitfield were 2nd and Silverdale 3rd.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1966 Page 10.
Hem Heath colliery team won the NCB area rescue competition, Holditch were runners up, Victoria were third and Wolstanton fourth. .

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1966 Page 5.
A 58-year-old on-setter, was killed in an underground accident at Wolstanton colliery last night. He was Mr. James Lucas who was crushed between a mine car and a girder. .

Evening Sentinel April 30th 1966 Page 8. F.
For the first time ever a woman figured in the annual long service awards presentation for Wolstanton colliery. She was Mrs. Ethel Shaw, managers typist for 15 years to whom a special presentation was made. Long service certificates were presented to 25 miners with an average length of service of more than 40 years. .

Evening Sentinel May 18th 1966 Page 7 F.
At the inquest on Mr. James Lucas age 58, it was said that modifications to a system of load trucks into a pit cage are being tried at Wolstanton colliery after the fatal accident.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 9th 1967 Page 6. F.
Photo of the Lord Mayor, Ald. J. Evans, who was an ex-miner before he retired. Yesterday returned to the pit for a day when he went underground at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Feb 11th 1967 Page 8. F.
A former chief engineer at Wolstanton colliery, Mr. W.C. Cartlidge, has died in hospital. He also worked at Great Fenton, Hanley Deep, and Florence.

Evening Sentinel April 28th 1967 Page 11. F.
Photo of Mr. G.A. Schofield Gen. Manager of Wolstanton colliery presenting NCB 50 years service certificates to Mr. A. Cooper and W. Dodd at the Wolstanton colliery retired miner’s annual dinner.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1967 Page 10. F.
Photo of Wolstanton colliery football club at their 21st dinner and prize presentations at Kidsgrove.

Evening Sentinel Aug 5th 1967 Page 5. F.
Mr. Jan List age 43 was killed instantly when he broke his neck, ribs and breastbone in an underground accident at Wolstanton colliery on Wednesday.

Evening Sentinel Sep 4th 1967 Page 5. F.
Silverdale won the fire fighting competition at Kemball Training Centre on Sat 2nd Sept, Wolstanton were 2nd and Stafford 3rd. Photo on page 10.

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1967 Page 1. F.
Photo. Wearing pit helmets and overalls, four new office staff workers of the NCB get a close look at the workings of a colliery underground when they visited Wolstanton colliery yesterday.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 6th 1967 Page 5 F.
Long service awards for colliery rescue work and prizes won at the NCBs annual rescue competition finals last September, were presented on Saturday, by Mr. C. Bishop, district rescue station manager. The competition was won by Hem Heath, (Photo) followed by Holditch, Wolstanton and Florence. Florence miners received pocket watches were, R. James, R. Baskerfield, S. Clowes, J. Lumsdon, E. Keay and C. Shaw.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 14th 1967 Page 5. F.
The Wolstanton mine welfare club held their 4th annual Christmas dinner. Nearly 50 paraplegic miners and their families enjoyed the dinner provided by the club. Gifts included cigarettes for the men, chocolates for the wives and games and sweets for the children.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 19th 1967 Page 10 C.F.
The NCB have decided to cease operations in the top horizons at Wolstanton colliery and concentrate on lower horizon workings.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 20th 1967 Page20. F.
Regarding the proposed abandonment of top horizon working at Wolstanton colliery, pit consultation will begin after Christmas. It is possible that start on transferring men to Florence and Hem Heath will take place.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 22nd 1967 Page 1 L.
Photo of the opening of the new £33.000 extension to Wolstanton miners’ welfare club, Smallthorne by Mr. H.J. Widdowson.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 29th 1967 Page 6 F.
More takes on working Wolstanton colliery to improve production, involving ceasing production of general-purpose coal and concentrate on coking coal. Area NUM officials were present.

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1968 Page 12. F.
Mr. P. Hulme age 46, a miner at Wolstanton colliery had to have his left foot amputated after an underground accident at the colliery yesterday. The accident occurred at the end of the shift. He was run over by a mine car.

Evening Sentinel Jan 2nd 1969 Page 9. F.
The funeral of Mr. James Spooner, a surface superintendent at Wolstanton colliery takes place at St. Andrews tomorrow. Mr. Spooner began working at Wolstanton colliery, before that he worked at Holditch and Mossfield.

Evening Sentinel Jan 12th 1969 Page 13. F.
Coal face workers at Wolstanton colliery hit a record productivity rate of 196.5 cwt. Last week and Stafford colliery face workers also estabkished a new record of 220. 3 cwt. Per man-shift.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1969 Page 1. C.F.
Photo of Canadian visitors descending Wolstanton colliery

Evening Sentinel Aug 28th 1969 Page 1. F.
Photo of Liberal prospective candidate for Newcastle, visiting Wolstanton colliery. Page 14 In the next 12 months 1.000 Wolstanton colliery underground workers will have the chance of winning a holiday abroad. To enter the colliery safety competition a man must have been accident free for 3 months and have 100) attendance record

Evening Sentinel April 29th 1970 Page 7. F.
Wolstanton, Chatterley Whitfield and Victoria colliery’s are three of North Staffs pits about which the NCB are having discussions with the unions. It was stressed that the plans had not been finalised.

Evening Sentinel May 21st 1970 Page 8. F.
Chatterley Whitfield colliery, have been awarded the Harold Lockett Trophy, by the NCB for their thrift during the last year. Wolstanton was in second place.

Evening Sentinel July 13th 1970 Page 10. C.F.
Hem Heath colliery, last years winners un the Staffordshire area rescue competitions, could only manage 4th place in the 1970s event, held at West Cannock No 5. The winners were Lea Hall No1. Lea Hall No 2 were 2nd and Wolstanton 3rd.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 2nd 1970 Page 22. C.F.
An extensive safety campaign is being launched at Wolstanton colliery, the deepest pit in the country, in ten days time the nine-month campaign is aimed at cutting the number of accidents in the colliery. Wolstanton is one of 50 taking part.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 9th 1970 Page 1. C.F.
Unofficial strike action flared at one of North Staffs pits, Wolstanton today despite recent appeals by the union for normal working pending the out come of next week’s ballot.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 12th 1970 Page 1. F.
With more men reporting back to work at Wolstanton, colliery the Coal Board described the improved position today as a partial unofficial stoppage.

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1971 Page 6. F.
Photo. Long service presentations were made at the dinner at the Grand Hotel, of Wolstanton colliery branch of NACODS.

Evening Sentinel Oct 22nd 1971 Page 17. F.
Photo of Mr. H. White, chairman of North Staffs industrial sports federation, presenting Les Hall, captain of Wolstanton Miners welfare club, the champion club trophy at a presentation last night.

Evening Sentinel. February 15th 1972. City Final Page 1.
A 21 year old miner from Wolstanton colliery began a 170 mile walk to London to protest at the governments handling of the miners dispute, he his Mr. Chris Goodwin of 12, Wrenbury-crescent, Berryhill. There is a photograph of Mr. Goodwin on Page 1of the Evening Sentinels 16th City Final Edition.

Evening Sentinel. June 12th 1972. City Final Page 10. Stop Press.
A School boy aged about 13, from Warslow Secondary School, Nr. Leek, collapsed and died, as a school party nearing the pit bottom at Wolstanton colliery, this afternoon after an Educational visit. A male Nurse and a Doctor were summoned. A Coal Board spokesman said “there was no accident”. Besides Wolstanton there were three school visits taking place today, the others were Norton colliery and Kemball training centre. Several thousand children pay visits to Staffordshire collieries each year.

Evening Sentinel. June 13th 1972. Final Page 7.
Arrangements are being made to-day for an autopsy on 13 year old schoolboy who died during an educational underground visit to Wolstanton colliery. Trevor Below, of the Old Cheese Factory, Astonfield, was among a party of fifteen pupils from the Warslow Secondary school, when he collapsed after visiting a coalface.

Page 14.
Staffordshire is the fourth safest of all the eighteen N.C.B. areas a Coal Board Spokesman said, and that the accident rate of 2,260days lost per 1,000 man shifts worked was well below the National average of 2,988. Wolstanton colliery finished eighth overall with 39% reduction in woke days lost.

Evening Sentinel March 28th 1973 Page 7. F.
The manager of Victoria colliery, in which 22 year old, D. Brookes was killed, told a Burslem inquest yesterday that he was satisfied the man was following the regulations for roof supporting when the accident happened. Page 8 NCB coal queen Margaret Dominak, visited Wolstanton colliery yesterday and went to the Bowling Ally seam 1.150 yards below ground. Photo page 11.

Evening Sentinel May 12th 1973 Page 7
Photo of Wolstanton miners’ welfare angling section, receiving prizes. The Major trophy winners were, Jim Gregory, Don Simms and David Goddard.
Evening Sentinel June 11th 1973 Page 16. C.F.
NCB Coal Queen, Margaret Dominiak made a 100-mile dash to be in time for the start of Wolstanton colliery open week.

Evening Sentinel June 13th 1973 Page 1 F.
Under the guidance of Mining instructor Mr. Mr. A. Scott, girls the Newcastle College of further education see a mock coalface at Wolstanton colliery, which is open to the public this week. Page 16. There have been 16.050 visitors at the pit this week.

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1973 Page 1 F.
Proposals by the Coal Board for the incorporation, in about 2 years time, of operations at Chatterley Whitfield colliery, with adjacent collieries, notably Wolstanton are now under discussion with the NUM.

Evening Sentinel July 26th 1973 Page 13 F.
A group of 19 Coal Board apprentices are to visit Ruhr pits in west Germany. Included is R. Jenkins age 19, an engineering craft apprentice (Electrical) from Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1973 Page 17 F
The Power group NUM headquarters have returned to their original offices in 4 Broad St. Hanley, from where they became fully operational today. Mr. N. Webb age 34 a coal ripper, was taken to the NSRI with groin injuries yesterday. The accident occurred underground at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1973 Page 1 F.
Miners sat out a three hour vigil today after a fire broke out in a 2,700 feet deep ventilation shaft. Men at Wolstanton colliery were ushered into an underground passage and had to stop work as the minor blaze started in the disused Sneyd collier several miles away. By midday they were working as normal.

Evening Sentinel July 18th 1974 Page 13 L.
The long expected integration of Chatterley Whitfield colliery with Wolstanton colliery, confirmed by the Coal Board yesterday, means that about 140 of the 680 men will be surplus to requirements at the Tunstall pit.

Evening Sentinel July 19th 1974 Page 24 F.
A former official of the Chatterley Whitfield NUM alleged discrimination in the compilation of the list of 137 miners due to be transferred to other pits as a result of integration of Chatterley with Wolstanton

Evening Sentinel Oct 2nd 1974 Page 24 Crewe.
Seven German mining engineers are to visit Wolstanton, Silverdale and Hem Heath collieries this week.

Evening Sentinel May 1st 1975 Page 9. Crewe.
By resolution from Wolstanton colliery branch, the Midlands area conference, called on the National Executive to carry out periodic inquiry into the effects of the productivity scheme in the industry in the safety and health of the members.

Evening Sentinel May 1975 page 1 C.F.
A young miner was killed at Wolstanton colliery today. He was working on an exploratory seam when the accident, believed to have involved machinery occurred.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 18th 1975 Page 12. L.
The NCB said the life expectancy of Victoria colliery, Biddulph, was between 7 and 10 years, also the workforce at Chatterley Whitfield colliery would be reduced from 600 to 386 when merged with Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 5th 1975 Page 12 Crewe
Underground roadways, to link Chatterley Whitfield and Wolstanton, were spot on. The new 590 yards long tunnel 18 feet wide and 15 feet high connected the collieries. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 2nd 1976 Page 22 C.F.
The General Manager of Wolstanton colliery, Mr. G. Irwin, led a party of Russian mining delegates to the pithead at the start of their visit to the colliery today. They are on a fact-finding mission.

Evening Sentinel. July 27th 1977 Final. Page 9.
Safety curtains had not been installed at Wolstanton colliery when a middle aged miner was killed, an inquest jury heard at Kidsgrove yesterday. Polish born John Dolezy died instantly, after he was struck on the head by a piece of coal. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Mr. Dolezy aged 56, of 37 Queens-Drive Biddulph, had been transferred from Chatterley Whitfield colliery earlier this year.

Evening Sentinel. July 27th 1977 Final. Page 9.
Safety curtains had not been installed at Wolstanton colliery when a middle aged miner was killed, an inquest jury heard at Kidsgrove yesterday. Polish born John Dolezy died instantly, after he was struck on the head by a piece of coal. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Mr. Dolezy aged 56, of 37 Queens-Drive Biddulph, had been transferred from Chatterley Whitfield colliery earlier this year.

Evening Sentinel. October 22nd 1977 Football Final. Page 4.
Wolstanton colliery miners at a mass meeting today unanimously rejected the N.C.B. incentive pay offer.

Evening Sentinel. November 3rd 1977 Late Crewe Final. Page 1.
Men at Wolstanton colliery through their branch officials today expressed strong resentment at the apparent official support being given at the midlands N.U.M. Head Quarters to the introduction of localised incentive scheme, and the disregarding of the national ballot decision.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 10th 1978 Page 9 F.
J.W. Hall received fatal injuries while working underground at Wolstanton colliery last night. He received head injuries whole installing powered supports on 104s Banbury face.

Evening Sentinel March 3rd 1978 Page 11 Crewe
The inquest jury returned a verdict of accidental death on J.W. Hall age 51 who died in hospital of brain lacerations due to a fractured skull in an accident at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel March 17th 1978 Page 1 Crewe
Dissatisfaction with the NCBs incentive scheme at Wolstanton colliery came to a head today resulting in a strike by 700-day shift miners.
Evening Sentinel July 13th 1978 Page 24 C.F.
An enquiry was being carried out today into the death of Mr. T. Okonski age 53. He was struck yesterday while working on an underground conveyor at Wolstanton and suffered chest injuries. He was rushed to hospital and died later that day.

Evening Sentinel March 7th 1979 Page 1 Crewe.
A shortage of coal has been caused in North Staffs by geological faults at Wolstanton colliery. An NCB official said the difficulty had been made worse because of peak demand season.

Evening Sentinel April 4th 1979 Page 11 F.
Miners at Wolstanton colliery has the least number of accidents in the county for the three months ending December last year. A plague marking the achievement was presented to Mr. G. Irwin, General Manager.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1979 Page 18 C.F.
Union leaders were meeting management officials for discussions after trouble flared up at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel June 12th 1979 Page 18 F.
Barry Dale, an NUM official was today seriously ill after a road accident. He was the safety engineer; prior to that he was safety engineer at Wolstanton. Colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 9th 1979 Page 9 Crewe.
Mr. k. Dunn, who worked all his life in the North Staffs coal field has retired. He joined the industry at Victoria colliery as a mineworker. Later went to Wolstanton as safety and training officer then to Chatterley Whitfield and Great Fenton colliers as assistant under-manager.

Evening Sentinel Aug 2nd Page 1 Crewe
There was deficit in the Western area of £24.8 m. It was brought about by bad weather and a winter rail and road strike. There has been major geological problems in several pits including Holditch, Wolstanton and Hem heath.

Evening Sentinel Aug 14th 1979 Page 14 C.F.
Mr. L. Bolderson, a Wolstanton colliery worker has won the colliery competition called safetymind. He received a cheque for £25 and now goes to the Staffordshire area final in September.

Evening Sentinel Aug 30th 1979 Page 7. Crewe.
Coal output in the western area was up by 100,000 tonnes, but several North Staffs pits were being plagued by geological faults. Wolstanton’s new face is now yielding good results and some improvement at Victoria colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov 15th 1979 Page 1 C.F.
Production has cut by half at Wolstanton colliery due to spontaneous combustion. A 1,000 tonnes a day will be lost.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 28th 1979 Page 1 Stafford
Mining machinery worth more than £3m could be lost, following the sealing off of a section of the pit at Wolstanton colliery due to spontaneous combustion.

Evening Sentinel March 25th 1980 Page 1 Crewe
Mitchelin tyre works today piped in waste pit gas to drive their production machines. Five collieries contributed to this. They are Florence, Hem heath, Holditch, Silverdale and Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel March 31st 1980 Page 9 Crewe.
Chris Kent, a technical assistant at Wolstanton colliery is to spend several weeks in the U.S., thanks to a scholarship award.

Evening Sentinel July 17th 1980 Page 6 Crewe.
Seven Staffordshire men meet on Friday at Hem Heath colliery sports club in the final of the safety mind competition. The seven included. D. Wickstead from Victoria colliery, P. Foggerty from Hem Heath, M. Bissel from Wolstanton and Con Todd from Florence colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd 1980 Page 7. Crewe.
Three miners who have devoted a life times work to the North Staffs coalmining industry have just retired. Don Palnter age 61 gave 47 years service, he started at Wolstanton. R. Chadwick age 60. He started work as a pony driver. J. Millward age 60 clocked up 34 years.

Evening Sentinel March 18th 1981 Page 1. Crewe.
Newcastle Mayor, Jack Beech went on a fact-finding tour of a new coalface at Wolstanton colliery. (Photo) Page 3. An article in “Women’s World.” about Chatterley Whitfield mining museum.

Evening Sentinel July 28th 1981 Page 1. C.F.
Angry workers walked out and production was halted at Wolstanton colliery. The men on the day shift went home in an incentive bonus scheme row.

Evening Sentinel Aug 12th 1981 Page 7. Crewe.
Wolstanton colliery has carried off another award in the NCB safety league competition for the second year running. (Photo of Mr. G. Irwin, manager, receiving the shield.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 17th 1981 Page 13.
Retired Wolstanton miner, Mr. W. Mottram received a 51 years long service award from Mr. G. Irwin, colliery manager. (Photo)

Evening Sentinel Dec. 24th 1981 Page 15. Special
Sportsman voted for Joe Wills, Wolstanton colliery, among the top ten who enjoyed remarkable success in charge of both Hanley town and Sunday club, Red House football teams.

Evening Sentinel June 26th 1982 Page 1. L.
Firemen launched an emergency operation early today after a freak lightning bolt struck the main power room at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 17th 1982 Page 17 Crewe.
Four North Staffs collieries, Hem Heath, Florence, Holditch and Wolstanton each have new under-managers.

Evening Sentinel Oct 18th 1982 Page 1. Crewe.
The miners’ overtime ban led to 240 men being sent home from Wolstanton colliery, where shaft and underground maintenance inspections, normally done at weekends had not been completed said an NCB official. Page 10 A. Scargill told a Power Group meeting in North Staffs that the Union did not have the money to pay pitmen on strike.

Evening Sentinel Nov 26th 1982 Page 24 Crewe.
Miners at Wolstanton colliery have, for the second time in two weeks achieved a record overall face production of 14.2 tonnes. The previous week was 13.21 tonnes. The pit produced 11.836 tonnes from two faces in the Coxhead seam.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 27th 1982 Page 1. C.FF.
Wolstanton colliery has been named as one of the pits on the NCBs “hit list” just hours after its miners had set new productivity record. Mr. G. Bentley, NUM branch secretary said there are certainly plenty of coal reserves, if it were to close, it would be a government decision.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 29th 1982 page 29. F.
A claim that Wolstanton pit was on a NCB hit list was today condemned as farcical by Roy Ottey, Sec. of the NUM Power Group.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 10th 1982 Page 24
Wolstanton is to close, insists Arthur Scargill. The NUM president personally stepped into the row over the future of the pit, saying that it was definitely on the coal boards hit list.

Evening Sentinel Jan 7th 1983 Page 1. Crewe.
An inquiry was launched today after Mr. M Koseckie died in an underground accident at Wolstanton colliery. He had internal injuries and a broken leg and died last night in the NSRI.

Evening Sentinel April 19th 1983 Page 14. F.
Craftsmen down Wolstanton colliery want thermal under-ware for use at the pit bottom.

Evening Sentinel June 7th 1983 Page 14. C.F.
Mr. M. Koceki age 58 died a few hours after an underground accident at Wolstanton colliery. He died from bleeding due to crushing injury of the abdomen. ?Inquest

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1983 Page 11. Crewe.
Mining experts are to hold special talks next week to tackle working difficulties facing pitmen at Wolstanton colliery. The talks will centre on dust, gas and heating problems at the pit,

Evening Sentinel Aug 16th 1983 Page14. C.F.
A key meeting takes place tomorrow to discuss job-cutting measures aimed at giving loss-making Wolstanton pit a new lease of life.

Evening Sentinel Aug 17th 1983 Page 1. F.
Miners leaders are to seek permission to ballot the entire workforce at Wolstanton colliery following threats to job cutting.

Evening Sentinel Aug 19th 1983 Page 4. Crewe.
A mass meeting takes place at Hanley tomorrow to discuss the future of Wolstanton pit.

Evening Sentinel Aug 20th 1983 Page 1. L.
Miners at Wolstanton have yet to decide whether to fight Coal Board plans to cut 350 jobs at the pit. The meeting was to bring the men up to date with what is happening.

Evening Sentinel Sep 10th 1983 Page 4. L.
Two North Staffs colliery’s will be represented in the area finals of a TV style safety quiz, Florence and Wolstanton.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1983 Page 9. Crewe.
A key vote on the future of Wolstanton colliery could be held by miners there in the next few days.

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1983 Page 1. C.F.
Voting was underway on the Coal Board package aimed at giving a new lease of life to loss making Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 21st 1983 Page 1. F.
Two hundred miners were evacuated from Wolstanton colliery early today during an underground fire scare. A dramatic rise in the air temperature, sparking off fears of spontaneous combustion.

Evening Sentinel Oct 28th 1983 Page 24. C.F.
Peace talks were underway at Wolstanton colliery today after a lightning walkout by more than 400 pitmen over bonus payments.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 13th 1983 Page 13. F.
Miners in North Staffs could be short of coal this Christmas because of their overtime ban. The industrial action is hitting the concessionary coal deliveries. Page 9. Talks were taking place today following a pay row, which led to 300 men being sent home at Wolstanton colliery. Mr Joe Wills said management had jumped the gun and acted too hastily.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1986 Page 1. C.F.
A miner who faces the rest of his life in a wheel chair after an accident at Wolstanton colliery, was awarded £280.000 damages in a two minute hearing Stafford today, 6 years after the accident.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 12th 1986 Page 10. Extra.
British Coal are being urged to reveal their plans for the future development of the now defunct Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel May 7th 1987 Page 5. Extra.
A former North Staffs pitman, Alex Brown is to become only the second ever lay-person to be commissioned as a Methodist industrial Chaplin. He took early retirement as safety officer at Wolstanton colliery last year. Now he is all set to be sole mining as pit Chaplin at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel May 27th 1987 Page 1. C.F.
British Coal has earmarked two sites in North Staffs for dumping up to 20.000 of coal a week. The locations are at former Wolstanton colliery and Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 14th 1987 Page 1. Extra.
Controversial plans for a massive shopping development on the site of the former Wolstanton colliery are poised to get the go ahead.

Evening Sentinel Dec 30th 1987 Page 1. C.
School children, Stephen and David Marshall aim to bring in the new year with a bang. They have been selected to blow up derelict colliery buildings at Wolstanton pit.

Evening Sentinel March 21st 1989 Page 5. Co.
Holdtich colliery is to close later this year following British Coal’s announcement that it has no viable future. Tim Bevington looks at the background to the decision, which comes just after 3 years since Wolstanton was axed.

Evening Sentinel April10th 1992 Page 10 Cheshire.
The Wolstanton miner’s welfare club closed in 1982. The financial affairs are now to be wound up 10 years after it closed.

Sentinel 29th July 1994 Page 14 Co
Full page about best stories about coal mining, including Florence, Wolstanton, Sneyd and Minnie pits.

Hanley Deep Sentinel 16th Nov 1994 Page 11 Cheshire
Article on Hanley Deep pit site, past and present.

Evening Sentinel 27th Sep 1997 Page 15 The way we were
Concluding the series, mining memories by George Shufflebotham. George worked at Berry Hill, Mossfield, Wolstanton, Hem Heath and Florence.

Evening Sentinel 3rd March 2000 Page 79 News
An ex soldier from Poland has been married for 50 years to the pottery woman he met in 1946. Bruno Kilin was a miner at Wolstanton colliery.

Evening Sentinel 1st Sep 2000 Page 73 News
Nancy and William Gibson celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. William worked at Wolstanton colliery.