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News: Thanks to all those who have sent contributions since the last update - apologies for the long delay in including them.

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Previously listed items are gathered in the News-archive.


Obituaries: There is now (sadly perhaps) an “Obituaries” item on the main menu pointing to a page listing the names of RGOS members who are known to have died since the closure of the RGO in 1998. Please inform Roger Wood of any omissions, updates or errors.

For some of the more recent entries there are links to obituary notices elsewhere on this site. If anyone has, or would like to write, or has weblinks to, an obituary of any of the other names listed, please let Roger Wood know.


Future contributions: Send any material for inclusion to Roger Wood. Please also report any glitches, broken links or suggestions for improvement. There have been suggestions that there should be more cheerful news – births, marriages, successful projects, personal reminiscences, etc. – please send them in!