Rose Seber BA Hons Fine Art, SGFA

Rock Climbing and Mountain Art


Most of my work is pure landscape - often Icelandic or Scottish, with an emphasis on coastal scenery and rock faces.

Since October 2007 I have been working in the Print Room at the City and Guilds of London Art School and have created a series of soft ground etchings based mainly on mountain scenery.

I also sometimes do stone lithography with Simon Burder at the Oaks studio, near Sutton, and have done various courses at the Ochre Print Studio in Guildford.

After touring Iceland's North Western Fiords in a camper van in June 2010 I made a series of etchings and stone lithographs based on that area.


In September 2011 I visited Spitsbergen on a sailing ship, and my work after that was suggested by glaciers, fiords and icebergs. An etching combining four views of fiords won the James Hockey Award for Drawing in the Farnham Art Society Annual exhibition in April 2012. The following year I joined a sailing ship in the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway, where Trollfiord was especially inspiring.






In May 2012 I was accepted as an Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Arts, and as a full member in November 2014. I exhibit with them regularly at the Menier Gallery in London and in their Biennial at the Bankside Gallery in London.

On 29th and 30th April 2017 I exhibited in Printfest at Ulverston in the southern Lake District. It was an enjoyable and valuable experience.

I also exhibited at Sheffield Print Fair in November.

Welsh waterfall, painted 'en-plein-air' on a very cold day in February.

Same waterfall painted from a photo at home.






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