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The website is undergoing some major tidying up!  My apologies if you can't find stuff for sale.  But come back soon - there will be new stuff!


Are you looking for belly dance costumes? If so, why not visit for a while?

R U abellydancer? is a site run by a belly dancing dressmaker, for belly dancers.   If you are looking for budget costumes, costume alterations, or arts and crafts inspired by this wonderful dance,  you have come to the right place,

 I love the dance and I love sewing and making things.  One seems to breed the other and thus I have a house full of stuff I need to share - this is a place I can do that.   

I offer a number of services: teaching, dressmaking and costume refurbishment and I have a number of costume and craft items for sale.  Follow the souk or teaching links to find out more.  Have a browse - window shopping is free!


Who is Rita?

Rita Williamson is an Essex girl who moved north to the Cumbria fells in 1995.

I started belly dance classes in Penrith with Tine Valois in 1998 and have been dancing and listening to Middle Eastern music ever since.  I live with my husband (Mark, a Space Technology Consultant) and two boys (15 and 11) in the Eden Valley in an old house with a huge garden in sight of the Pennine Hills.

I am (and have been for 20 years) self-employed as a dressmaker and writer.  What do I sew?  Bridal wear and belly dance wear.  What do I write?  Romantic fiction and stuff on belly dancing.

In 2007, I changed direction in my dance, partly because Tine moved to Denmark, but also because you canít be a student all your life!  I took the JWAAD Teacher Training Foundation Course and now teach beginners' and improvers' classes at the local Adult Education Centres in Cumbria.

When not working, gardening or ignoring the housework, I dabble in a variety of crafts from salt dough modelling to silk painting.  I am a regular speaker at local WIís and womenís groups, talking on a variety of subjects which include wedding superstitions and belly dancing.

The world according to Rita::

Lifeís too short to iron.  Kids are worse than bosses.  No sequin is too large.  Mills & Boon donít know what theyíre missing.   Dancing is IMPORTANT.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or queries, just email and I'll answer as soon as I can.  If you want to speak directly to me, please phone after 6pm when you can usually get hold of me.  I respect  'snail mail' and love the thump of letter on doormat - so don't be afraid to put pen to paper.

017683 61040
017683 61040
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