New Stedman Collection

The Peal Compositions Committee is putting together a new collection as a successor to the 1983 Collection of Compositions of Stedman Caters and Stedman Cinques. This is expected to be somewhat larger in scope than the previous collection, and whilst concentrating on Stedman Caters and Cinques will also include Erin and peals on higher numbers. Such a collection cannot hope to be comprehensive, and emphasis will be given to more recent material, although it is hoped to include a wide range of composition styles of different vintages.

I am co-ordinating the collection, and will be pleased to receive any submissions for inclusion. The preferred means is by , preferably as SPAFT input (which will allow me to paste directly into the database), but any format, electronic or paper, is acceptable.

The raw material for the new collection is stored as a number of Compbase files. This can be exported in various formats. The latest data are available here:


Stedman Triples Collection

The draft was removed from the Web before the 1998 Central Council meeting, when publication was imminent. Copies finally appeared at the 1999 meeting. It is now back at

The complete database is still available here.

I am still interested in collecting anything new. Please send any contributions to . I am particularly interested in anything that is based neither on a 60-course plan nor on B-blocks.

Stedman Triples

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