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1) Technical details (4 Mb)

Files/1.Technical details from Jawa manual.pdf

2) Engine details(9 Mb)

Files/2.Engine Details from Jawa manual.pdf

3) Chassis details (6 Mb)

Files/3.Chassis Details from Jawa Manual.pdf

4) Electrical details (4 Mb)

Files/4.Electrical Details from Manual.pdf



Files/1 634 technical.pdf  (4 Mb)

Files/2 634 Engine.pdf  (10 Mb)

Files/3 634 GearboxCrank.pdf  (3 Mb)

Files/4 634 ChassisElectrical.pdf  (3 Mb)



In 2004 the JAWA-CZ Owners Club celebrated its 50 year Golden Jubilee year! Apart from the GREAT rally we had, we had produced by Ian Bridge (ic_bridge@lineone.net) of the Swindon Branch, a very special Edition of Torque that was produced to celebrate this very important event. A lot of work went into the production of this special issue, so by special permission of Ian I have now been able to post it here in PDF format to enable our WORLD-WIDE brethren of JAWA-CZ enthusiasts to be able to download it and read it. Since this very special year, many new members have joined, and will no doubt have missed out on this special treat. So for new members and old, and our ever increasing number of world-wide JAWA-CZ friends, please download and enjoy this magazine!

JAWA-CZ Owners Club-GB

Files/Golden Jubilee.pdf (7Mb)


Spark Plugs list (4K)


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