to the June issue of the S.D.H.S.G. newsletter.

Heading towards us faster than Barry Sheen, (former 70s motorcycle racing star) is our annual motorcycle fundraising event at the Thruxton Race Circuit Andover. The star attraction this year is Maggie riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, (only joking Maggie).  Our first soiree to Thruxton in 2001 raised 1,920-12 at the Superbikes meeting in a single day.  Last year we collected at the Saloon Cars Championship and raised 1,018-12 over two days!  Our conclusion has to be that Bikers are by far the most generous spectators!

The 2003 Collection Details

We are thus delighted to be returning to the Superbikes race on SUNDAY 20 APRIL 2003 with an opportunity both prove our theory about generous bikers and possibly raise even more money.  To do this we need as many volunteers as possible to come on the day and hold the collection buckets with a disarming smile and a winning chat up line!  As ever it will be a long day and, with our friendly bikers arriving as early as 7.30 a.m., we need collectors manning every entrance gate from around 8 O'clock.  We generally collect up until the start of the racing so we will be at it for around 5 hours.  It is appreciated that some potential collectors may not be able to give up the whole day, but even if you can only manage 2 hours we will be very grateful.

Support for the Collectors

As in previous years we will be erecting a HSG tent, hopefully with some of the cardiac care sisters demonstrating some cardiac equipment and providing advice.  As a bonus the tent serves as a secure area for volunteer collectors to leave any private possessions, and a very welcome place to sit down for ten minutes and have a cup of tea!

How do I Volunteer

Ken Lawes has very kindly once more volunteered to run the event and, in order that he can mastermind the strategy for the day, would be very grateful if you could either write or phone him to volunteer.  If you intend to drop him a line please advise him of:

  • Your Names & Address details.

  • Your contact Tel No.

  • How many in your party.

  • If you cannot do the full 5 hours, what hours you can do.

Ken will ask you similar questions when you phone him.  Remember Ken needs as much notice as possible in order that he can secure your free entrance tickets on the day.

Kens details are:

Mr Ken Lawes
82 Hamilton Road

Wilts SP1 3 TQ

Tel: 01722-321263 - After 6.30 p.m. please

What's in it for me

What you will get out of the day is:

  • Free entry to Thruxton and an opportunity to watch some thrilling motorcycle racing.

  • The opportunity to meet a very generous biking fraternity, many arriving carrying tent, folding chairs, cool bag and crash hat!  They generally put the lot down and go through at least ten zip up pockets on their leathers before finding their stash of silver!

  • A lovely warm feeling that you played no small part in raising funds to help both patients and the cardiac care staff..


How to get there:

Thruxton is easily found on the A303 West of Andover.
From the North -  From Swindon and J15 M4 take the A346 South, then A338 until the A303 intersection. Take the A303 NE.
From the South -  Take the A3057 North from Southampton to Andover, then A303 West.
From the East -  Leave the M3 at junction 8 South of Basingstoke, then A303 past Andover.
From the West - From Shepton Mallet take the A361 NE to Devizes, then A342 to Andover, then A303 SW.


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